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Welcome to Jurass…the best dinosaur games on PS4 and PS5. These ancient beasts never stop to seize our imaginations.

Luckily, many developers have introduced them as the main enemy of their games. If you’ve ever wondered how it would feel about hunting dinosaurs, you’re closer to the answer.

So get your rifles ready, and gather up to find the best dinosaur games on PS4 and PS5.

Selecting Dinosaur Games on PS4 and PS5

The title is self-explanatory, but we need to clarify some rules to find the best dinosaur games on PS4 and PS5.

We’re simply looking for games with dinosaurs. The selection must have fun gameplay mechanics, at least decent graphics, and grateful critics and fan appreciation.

Moreover, the dinosaurs should be an integral part of the game. In other words, the title can’t exist without them. It prevents using the creatures as background or marketing material.

Lastly, we can browse across all genres as long as it’s available for PlayStation consoles. It doesn’t mean we’re looking for exclusives, though.

Dinosaur Games on PS4 and PS5 Jurassic World Evolution 2 

Developer: Frontier Developments

Publisher: Frontier Developments

Release Date: November 2023

Platform: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Windows

Jurassic World Evolution 2 is a management, business, and construction simulator. Following the saga, the story happens after Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. 

Similar to its predecessor, the simulation revolves around constructing a prehistoric park. There’re over 75 prehistoric species, which include various dinosaurs, marine reptiles, and large birds.

Additionally, you build facilities like labs or security areas and recruit people to work in the park. And just like in the movies, the main entertainment is the dinosaurs. So, you play around with DNA collection, study, and manipulation to create new species.

You build aviaries, lakes, rivers, lagoons, walls, gates, enclosures, and other structures to contain the animals. The goal is to make the park safe and fun for visitors, so you can also build stuff like rides. Animals have unique needs, so you must provide the food, habitat, and care they require.

Horizon: Forbidden West

Developer: Guerrilla Games

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: February 2023

Platform: PS4, PS5

Forbidden West, the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, is an open-world action RPG focusing on hunting machine monsters. These AI enemies have the shapes and behaviors of dinosaurs. You hunt them with a spear, bows, slingshots, and other tribal weapons.

More importantly, the enemies have weak points and weaknesses. It encourages you to swap weapons and ammo types to exploit your enemies constantly. Then, loot scraps from their bodies to build more ammo.

The story happens in a post-apocalyptic world, and the setting is the Western United States. An extinction event caused rogue robots to destroy civilization. What remains is lost technology, ruins, and tribes. 

You play as Alloy in a story that takes you to the origins of the extinction event. The setting has various biomes; you can climb, rope-walk, swim, run, and mount to freely explore each area on the map. 

Lastly, you’ll level up as you explore, complete quests, and defeat enemies. It grants you skill points to invest in active and passive skills. These abilities benefit various areas, such as stealth, melee combat, ranged combat, or crafting. 

Ark: Survival Evolved

Developer: Studio Wildcard

Publisher: Studio Wildcard

Release Date: August 2023

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS

First, you select a server (some of which have mods), create an avatar, select a map (an Ark), and a spawn point. Commonly, the southern areas of the map are easier, as the creatures are less aggressive, but resources are less special.

Then, these maps are full of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. You can hunt them for XP and resources or tame them for mounts or security personnel. Hunting creatures requires weapons, so first, you need to craft.

So, the game revolves around exploring resources you can use to craft tools, structures, and weapons. Everything you do can level you up, which grants points you can invest into various stats. Leveling up also unlocks crafting recipes to create better weapons, tools, and structures.

ARK Park

Developer: Snail Games, Studio Wildcard

Publisher: Snail Games, Studio Wildcard

Release Date: March 2023

Platform: PS4 (VR), Windows (VR) – PSVR / Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive, Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality 

This is an immersive and interactive experience. You visit a dinosaur thematic park, which may be a dream come true for many players. Then, you can explore these worlds freely.

The title features hundreds of prehistoric species to meet and see. There’re also different areas, habitats, and scenarios to explore. Aside from exploring, you can also gather natural resources and craft things. 

For instance, you can collect eggs, hatch them, and raise the eggs as your own “pets.” Alternatively, you can play the story mode. It’s a single-player experience revolving around defending a base from dinosaurs with firearms.

Lastly, you can play it online with four additional players. You can travel the thematic park with others and share the excitement of seeing dinosaurs up close. 

Turok (Remastered)

Developer: Iguana Entertainment (original), Acclaim Entertainment (remaster), Night Dive Studios (PS4 Remaster)

Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment

Release Date: December 2024 (Original – 1997)

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows, macOS, Linux

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter is a classic Nintendo 64 that still holds up. It’s currently available for PS4. The newer version has restored graphics and audio, a new graphical engine, and new mechanics. The sequel, Seed of Evil, is also available for PS4, so you may buy the Turok Bundle.

You play as Tal’Set, a Turok warrior. Your goal is to protect the Lost Land, an ancient, hidden, and mystical realm. Vicious monsters, dinosaurs, and aliens are threatening its existence. 

The story is linear, and you play in a first-person perspective. You go through various levels in caves, ruins, and jungles to hunt your enemies. Combat is frenetic and tough and often happens in dark places with no means of cover. Luckily, another NPC will travel will you during most of the story.

Unlike the original title, the game is in full 3D. You’re also free to run, jump, and climb in any direction. Moreover, you can aim in any direction, like any other modern game.

LEGO Jurassic World

Developer: TT Games

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: June 2024 

Platform: PS4, Nintendo Switch, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS 

These challenges may be chases, puzzles, action segments, hide and seek, and more. It’s very much like you’d expect from the movies. And you can play it as any of the 100 unlockable characters and meet over 20 dinosaur species. 

The title also includes movie characters, and you can play with them. Each has special abilities, and the selection includes Ian Malcolm, Owen Grady, Dr. Alan Grant, and even directors Colin Trevorrow and Steven Speilberg. Alternatively, you can create your own avatar and create hybrid dinosaurs.

Lastly, you can play the game alone or play it with another person. The game supports local co-op, and 2 players can play the entire campaign together. That said, using the abilities of each character is a must to progress the story. 

Dino Frontier

Developer: Uber Entertainment

Publisher: Uber Entertainment

Release Date: August 2023

Platform: PS4 (PSVR only)

Dino Frontier is a build and management VR title, but it mixes various elements for its gameplay. For example, the theme is unique: you build a wild west town on canyons and deserts full of dinosaurs as you interact with the game with your hands.

You join the game in VR, as this is a simulation. You play as the “Big Major,” but you’re more like a God. Playing with a top-down perspective, you use your hands to pick up resources, command NPCs, and build structures.

The game is about balancing resources while your town grows and survivors move in. Bandits, as well as dinosaurs, are the main threat. You can pick up NPCs whenever they attack and send them to fight.

These animals can also reward assets and resources in defeat. You can then use these resources to build, develop, and grow your community. Survivors fight them with their fists if they are unnamed, but you can also procure weapons.

Speaking of which, the residents will have needs, and they can grow happy or unhappy depending on your performance. You have to build places like homes, clinics, and bars to keep them around.

Primal Carnage: Extinction

Developer: Circle 5 Studios, Pub Games, Panic Button 

Publisher: Circle 5 Studios

Release Date: April 2024

Platform: PS4, Windows 

Primal Carnage: Extinction is a multiplayer title with an asymmetrical design. It means the two teams are not equal: one team is the dinosaur, and the other is the human. 

Either option has a set of character classes to choose from. Marches support up to 16 players. As a result, you’ll go through a fast-paced dinosaur vs. mercenaries combat.

Dinosaur players can choose from the smallest but faster critters to giant monsters. Then, there’re five human classes, each featuring a weapon loadout, unique gadgets, and special skills. 

There’re also various modes to alter the victory conditions and gameplay. These may be team deathmatches, escaping to specific areas, surviving dino waves, hunting raptors, or capturing dinosaur eggs. 

Lastly, you can play the game offline without a PlayStation Plus account. Your teammates and enemies would be AI bots, but there’s no single-player campaign. The game also supports Remote Play.

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt

Developer: Digital Dreams Entertainment LLC

Publisher: Digital Dreams Entertainment LLC

Release Date: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows

Platform: June 2023 

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt is the most straightforward game on the list. The title explains what you’re going to do, as there’s hardly anything else. But if you want to hunt dinosaurs with realistic mechanics, this is it.

You play in first-person perspective and use a mix of rifles, pistols, trackers, and other tools to hunt and photograph dinosaurs. It’s a hunting simulation about tracking, chasing, and hunting prehistoric animals.

The open-world maps feature harmless prehistoric, as well as the fiercest enemies, like a T-Rex. Speaking of which, you can explore islands, rainforests, jungles, mountains, and more. On either terrain, you can climb, stealth, survey, and use other tactics for hunting. 

Lastly, your most important tool is a GPS radar. It allows you to track and find the animals you need to hunt. Another important tool is a spray to mask your smell. Overall, tools help increase the immersive and realistic elements of the experience.

Island Saver – Dinosaur Island DLC

Developer: Stormcloud Games

Publisher: National Westminster Bank

Release Date: May 2023

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows 

Dinosaur Island is a paid but cheap DLC. It takes you to a new area where you can interact and help dinosaurs. You also meet new NPCs and continue the original game’s story. 

You play from a first-person perspective, and the goal is traversing the area to complete various objectives. In essence, you’re to clean the area from litter, such as goop and scrap. Your companion is the Trash Blaster gun. It allows you to clean the trash.

Cleaning areas help the “bankimals.” These are dinosaur-looking animals that store coins in their bellies. You’ll earn coins, learn how to use a bank account, and learn the concept of paying taxes.

Lastly, the story is about helping Newton, an inventor. You must use the money you collect and your financial knowledge to help your friend pay and escape his debt. 

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11 Best Fishing Games On Ps4 And Ps5

Bonding with your family, relaxing in nature, and accomplishing a difficult feat is part of the activity. But if you don’t want to go out or don’t have the proper gear, why don’t you try the best fishing games on PS4 and PS5? 

These games can hook you instantly, pun intended. But the options for consoles are pretty similar to one another. Fishing games are often part of the simulator genre, just like hunting games. 

Selecting Games On PS4 And PS5

Because the title is self-explanatory, we don’t need many rules to select games on the list. Moreover, there’re not many games available for the sport.

Still, we’re keeping an eye on various key characteristics. Namely, we’d want games that either stand from the crowd or deliver a set of refined gameplay for realistic gameplay.

And as I said, fishing games are mostly realistic sims. Others include arcade elements, open-worlds, or multiplayer.

Fishing Games On PS4 And PS5 Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour

Developer: Dovetail Games

Publisher: Dovetail Games – Fishing

Release Date: September 2023

Platform: PS4, Xbox, Windows

You can play alone or online. Multiplayer admits up to four players in closed competitions. You decide the rules, such as rounds, time limit, and species to catch. And if you play alone, the experience revolves around playing in tournaments.

The offline tournaments take you to 10 distinct locations. As you progress, you can get gear from 50 real-life brands, like RidgeMonkey and Korda. And your goal is to catch the 29 fish species, each featuring behaviors, and habitats. 

The mechanics are easy to understand. You play in a third-person perspective. You select a fishing spot, launch the rod, and control the reel speed. You can also activate the “Troll Mode” and select different rods according to the situation.

Fishing Sim World: Deluxe Edition

Developer: Dovetail Games

Publisher: Dovetail Games

Release Date: September 2023

Platform: PS4, Xbox, Windows

Fishing Sim World is similar to the “Pro” version regarding mechanics. The setting is wider, though. You travel across the U.S. and Europe to experience an extremely detailed fishing simulator.

The mechanics are easy, and the experience is relaxing. This gamer is easily the quietest of the bunch. There’s nothing complex to learn and no economy to manage. Instead, you select a map, go to a fishing spot, and have a calm time in virtual nature. 

Even though the action is subdued, you can learn neat skills to catch the bigger fish. Some of these animals can offer a trophy and action segments that make it more rewarding. Also, the animals, habitats, and challenges are different depending on the map you find. 

We recommend the Deluxe Edition, as the standard game is no longer available on the PlayStation Store. The bundle offers various deluxe boats, hooks, baits, rods, shirts, hats, and more specialized gear. 

Fishing: North Atlantic

Developer: MISC GAMES

Publisher: MISC GAMES

Release Date: October 2023

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Windows

Fishing: North Atlantic offers a commercial fishing experience in the North Atlantic Ocean. The setting is between Canada and Scotland, which offers a vast expanse of sea life, treasures, boats, and gear.

This game is the sequel to Fishing: Barents Sea. AS before, you play as the captain of a fishing ship. So, you can explore the ocean, fish, buy gear, customize your boat, and more.

All of the mechanics work with realistic mechanics. You play in first-person perspective, and mostly, you’d be roaming around your ship. You command the boat, select fishing spots, manage the engines and light, etc. 

You also have a team of fishers, as well as machinery. You manage these elements with various in-game menus. And as you fish, you can trade your cargo to keep improving your boat and gear. 

Fishing: Barents Sea Complete Edition

Developer: Misc Games

Publisher: Astragon

Release Date: December 2023

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Windows

Barents Sea is the first part of the saga, so it features similar mechanics but less powerful graphics. The Complete Edition adds all the available DLCs (King Crab and Line and Net Ships).

You play as the captain of a fishing ship. From a first-person perspective, you can steer the ship, manage the engines, check the GPS, and go to any location you want in an open sea.

The setting is around the Norwegian sea. Your goal is to find the best fishing spots with your grandfather’s boat. You can sell the ships you catch for money to improve your boat and your gear.

Lastly, you manage various systems within your ship and other crew members. The managing game plays a key role during fishing segments, environmental challenges, and trips. 

Fishing Planet

Developer: Fishing Planet LLC

Publisher: Fishing Planet LLC

Release Date: August 2024

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Windows, macOS

Fishing Planet is a free-to-play first-person fishing simulator. It’s a multiplayer-only game, so you can’t play it offline or without a PlayStation Plus account. Moreover, the game will constantly ask you to buy the premium account, which could be a nuisance for free players. 

That said, you join servers with up to 64 players. Then, you select your map, but each “travel” costs money. Moreover, each map has its own species and weather. You also need to buy licenses to fish each species on the map.

Across all maps, you’ll find over 170 fishes. Each has its own behavior and habitat. And when you fish them, they feature weight and a price. You can sell them to buy your permissions, pay for your travels, and get fishing gear.

Overall, the title looks gorgeous, plays great, and features a lot of fishing locations. For example, you can fish on kayaks, motorboats, lakes, and ponds at night or during the day. Alternatively, you can compete with other players alone or as a team. 

Pro Fishing Simulator

Developer: Sanuk Games, RingZero Game Studio Ltd

Publisher: NACON SA

Release Date: November 2023

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

The game delivers nine open-world areas. The developers used real-life places worldwide to create the settings, so the maps look like the Colorado Black Forest or the Corcega islands. Alternatively, you can face over 100 challenges and weekly and online competitions. 

You can dominate six fishing techniques through different game mechanics. These include fishing with hooks, on boats, with a net, with different kinds of baits, and more.

Lastly, there’re over 79 fish types, each featuring realistic behaviors and intelligence levels. There’re also hundreds of real-life gear from brands like KastKing, 13 Fishing, and Strike King. 

Reel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure

Developer: Natsume Inc

Publisher: Natsume Inc

Release Date: September 2023

Platform: PS4, Nintendo Switch, P.C.

You’ll start fishing with simple in-game tutorials. But as the game goes on, you’ll be able to improve your skills. Additionally, you’ll be able to change and improve your gear, such as hooks, rods, and decoys.

Lastly, there’re “battles” against some of the bigger fishes. These are intense struggles and tug-of-war moments where you must prove how much you have learned. 

Legendary Fishing

Developer: SIMS Co., Ltd.

Publisher: Ubisoft, Ubisoft Japan

Release Date: September 2023

Platform: PS4, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS

Legendary Fishing is a blend of a realistic fishing game and an arcade. In particular, the game rates every catch with a scoring system, so the competition is against you.

Here, you play with a first-person perspective. But rather than seeing the hook from above the sea, you actually control the hook above the sea. Then, you move, lure the fish, and catch it through various game mechanics.

The game includes over 20 types of real fish, like the Royal Salmon. And as you play, you can unlock gear, missions, challenges, maps, and more. You also have various skills to improve your chances.

Lastly, you can play alone or co-op with up to four people. Either option can happen in three game modes or across the main playtime with 80 missions to face.

The Catch: Carp & Coarse Fishing

Developer: Dovetail Games

Publisher: Dovetail Games

Release Date: June 2023

Platform: PS4, Xbox One

Carp & Coarse is a third-person fishing simulator game. The game happens in matches, either online or offline. The multiplayer aspect supports 4 people on the server, but you need the PlayStation Plus subscription to join on the console.

Then, the game features a hefty interface to customize and study the area of each map. You get to change and see the map, the setting, the type of environment, and the difficulty level. Similarly, you see the time of day, weather, and other environmental conditions. 

The campaign takes you to several maps to collect small and big fish worldwide. There’re over 35 different specials featuring different difficulty levels. There’re also “boss” fishes on each map, forcing you to refine your abilities.

The gameplay is slow-paced, though, which is to expect. You choose the fishing spot carefully, and you have to determine the proper time of day and weather to choose. Then, take the perfect gear, which you can buy and upgrade, and take your time to capture your prey. 

The Fisherman: Fishing Planet

Developer: Fishing Planet LLC

Publisher: Nacon SA

Release Date: October 2023

Platform: PS4, Xbox, Windows, macOS

The Fisherman is a sports fishing title. It’s perhaps the most complex because it blends specific item stats, a tough in-game economy, and various fishing tactics and strategies. 

The game thrives on its interface, as it’s, in fact, the focus. Through a wide menu screen, you select your mission, customize your gear and shop items, and select various game modes or maps. The items have a ton of specific stats, such as durability, recovery, capacity, and weight.

The stat system, plus the fishing mechanics, delivers a realistic simulation. The simulation starts on the “Shop” menu, as you must buy fishing licenses for each map you visit. That said, the worldwide map features areas in various countries, such as the Czech Republic, Russia, and the USA.

Lastly, you select a location within a map and play from a first-person perspective. There’s not much you can do aside from launching the rod and waiting patiently for your prey.  

Rapala Pro Fishing: Pro Series

Developer: Gamemill Entertainment

Publisher: Gamemill Entertainment

Release Date: October 2023

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch 

Rapala Fishing is a first-person fishing simulator. It offers relaxing playtime, easy-to-learn mechanics, and gorgeous realistic graphics. Also, the experience happens via its campaign mode.

You play as an amateur fisher, and your goal is to rise through the ranks of the sport. The brand “Rapala” is looking to sponsor a great fisherman, and you can fill the role they need.

You play in a third-person perspective on tournament missions. In each tournament segment, you must find and catch a different fish. Mostly, you drive a boat or hike to the spot where you would find the fish.

There’s a timer, though. So, after driving the fish, you need to catch your prey as fast as possible. You aim the rod, select the strength (like a bowling game), and launch the hook. Then, you see the hook below the sea and move it to catch the animals you need.

How To Get Discord On Ps5 And Ps4

In 2023, Sony made a minority investment in Discord and announced its partnership with the messaging giant to bring the Discord and PlayStation experiences closer together. As part of this effort, Discord started rolling out an option to connect your PlayStation Network (PSN) account to Discord for a rich presence in early 2023. However, to make things even better Discord is now officially available on PS5 for everyone to use. In this article, we have explained how you can get Discord on your PS5 and PS4. You will be able to see it happening right from your Discord profile on PC and mobile. So power up your consoles, get the discord app ready, and let’s do this.

Use Discord on PS5 and PS4 (2023)

We won’t run in circles in this article, but instead, tell you right off the bat that there is no native Discord app available for the PS4 and PS5 consoles. You cannot install Discord on your console just yet. But through Sony and Discord’s partnership, we now have official Discord integration for PS5. PS4 users still have to go through some tedious workarounds to get the voice chat working on their console. There’s also a way to read your Discord messages on your PlayStation console (through a workaround). As always, use the table to sort through all the sections.

Connect Your PlayStation Account to Discord Through the Discord App on PC

Before you can talk with friends while playing games on your PS5, you need to connect your PlayStation Network to your Discord account. This will highlight your PS5/Ps4 game status for others to see in the chat app and enable voice calls. Follow the steps below:

5. You will now see your PS account details on Discord’s Connections page. Here, you can choose to display your PSN account on your profile and display your game activity as your Discord status.

Through PlayStation 5

2. Once done with the login process of entering your credentials, you will be met with a screen asking you to either scan a QR code or use the PS5 browser to do so.

3. Scan the QR code shown in the image that appears on your PS5, or you can go to chúng tôi and enter the code you see. And that’s it! Your Discord and PSN accounts are now linked, and the voice chat is ready to use on PS5.

How to Use Discord on PS5 (Easiest Method)

Now that all the steps are done, it’s time to use Discord voice on your console. You can use your desktop or even mobile device to join the call on your PS5. Follow the steps below to do so:

2. If you are on your PC, you will see an icon that looks like a controller along with a smartphone at the bottom left. Tap it and then choose “Transfer to PlayStation” from the pop-up that appears.

4. If you are on your mobile, swipe up to access the voice controls. Here, you will see a new button titled “Join on PlayStation.”

4. Doing so will automatically transfer your voice chat to the PS5, and you will be able to speak with your friends while playing games on your console.

Discord Voice Chat on PS5: First Impressions

While Playstation gamers have been using party chat on their consoles for the longest time, an official Discord integration is breath of fresh air. As a chronic Discord user, I immediately set the connection up and tried out Discord voice chat on PS5. So far, the experience has been amazing with no downsides. The best thing is that I encountered no connection lag or drops when testing Discord voice chat on PS5. The PS5 maintained a steady voice network without issues.

There are also a good amount of controls available. As mentioned, you can quickly adjust the volume of other people, mute everyone in the channel and yourself. As expected, Discord voice chat also works in single and multiplayer games. You can bring up the overlay using the PS5 navigation bar. A handy control I liked is that you can selectively adjust the audio balance for your game and voice chat. So if your friends are getting annoying, you can tone them down easily.

Read Discord Messages on Your PS4 and PS5

While you don’t have a native Discord client on PlayStation 4 and 5, there is a workaround that lets you access Discord in read-only mode on your console. When we tested this method, we were not able to send messages or join voice chats. However, if you are looking for a way to check your Discord messages on PS4 and PS5, follow the steps below:

1. Launch PlayStation Party and open a chat window with your friend.

3. You should now select the link and wait for PlayStation to open the link in a pop-up browser window.

5. And that’s it! You can now read Discord messages right on your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. While this method is not as convenient as a native client, it helps you quickly go through messages from your Discord gaming buddies.

Workaround to Get Discord on PS4

Getting Discord audio on your PS4/PS5 can sure be tricky. However, to make things easier, Discord has now released native voice chat for PS5 beta testers that we will highlight below. For those inclined to try other ways, we stumbled upon two workarounds. If you are adamant about using Discord on your PlayStation console and can go to any lengths for it, then these two methods should work for you. We will not go into too many details about these methods as they are cumbersome and utterly tedious. Instead, we suggest waiting for the native Discord app to start rolling out on PS4 and PS5, which should happen really soon in the next 4-5 months.

1. One of the most popular ways to use Discord, especially to join voice channels, while listening to game audio on your PS4/ PS5 requires you to buy an Astro MixAmp Pro TR ($129.99 on Amazon). You will also need a compatible pair of headphones that you can connect over USB, along with a PC with Discord installed on it.

Once you have all these things, you need to create a cross-platform connection between your PS5 and PC. This way, you can talk to your friends while playing your favorite game on your PlayStation console. Check out this YouTube video for detailed instructions.

Now, you should be able to hear both Discord and console audio via your phone, but you might experience some latency. To reduce latency, the creator suggests using the lowest possible stream quality to free up bandwidth. You can then pick up your PS controller to jump into the action while talking to your friends on Discord.

PlayStation Status on Discord Not Working? Change Privacy Settings on PSN

In case you are not seeing your PlayStation activity on Discord even after linking your PSN account, chances are that it’s due to your PSN privacy settings. Here’s how to change your privacy settings on PlayStation Network:

1. Open Sony’s account management page in a browser and switch to “Privacy Settings” from the left sidebar.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the Discord app is not available on PS5. However, native PS5 voice chat for everyone has started to roll out. Furthermore, as part of Discord’s partnership with Sony, you can link your PlayStation Network account to Discord. This will be used for voice chat and for your friends to see your in-game activity.

Q: How to link the PlayStation account to Discord?

You can link your PlayStation account to Discord from Discord’s Connections page. We have explained the steps involved to connect your PlayStation and Discord accounts in this article.

Q: When is Discord coming to PS4?

Discord Integration on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4

Thanks to an official integration, it’s now that easy to use Discord voice chat on your PS5 console. PlayStation 4 owners who don’t mind jumping through many hoops and buying additional gadgets to use the chat app while gaming can try out one of the workarounds we’ve mentioned above. Once done, check out these best PlayStation 5 games to play while you talk with your mates.

¿Cómo Usar Una Vpn En Ps4 O Ps5?

Sony prohibe las aplicaciones VPN en su plataforma, lo que significa que no puedes abrir la PlayStation Store, encontrar la aplicación de NordVPN o ExpressVPN y configurar una conexión, como harías en cualquier otro dispositivo.

De hecho, ni siquiera se pueden cargar aplicaciones VPN mediante sideload, ya que las consolas no las admiten.

Pero no queremos que te desanimes. Hay varias formas no oficiales de usar una VPN en la PS4 o la PS5 para acceder a otras regiones de Netflix, conseguir acceso anticipado a nuevos juegos, mejorar las conexiones online lentas, entre otras razones.

En este artículo, te explicamos las cuatro mejores formas de usar una VPN en PS4 y PS5.

Ah, y si también tienes una Xbox de última generación, echa un vistazo a nuestra guía para configurar una VPN en Xbox One.

¿Por qué utilizar una VPN en la PlayStation 4 o PlayStation 5? 

Antes de adentrarnos a las varias maneras en las que puedes usar una VPN en tu PS4/PS5, quizás te interese conocer un poco más los beneficios que tiene hacerlo.

Por un lado, puede ayudarte a reducir la demora que se produce cuando se cargan los juegos, y también te protegerá de posibles ataques DDOS si eres un o una streamer.

Además de esta mejora en tu experiencia al jugar online, podrás acceder también a juegos que todavía no están disponibles en tu país. No todos los videojuegos llegan a España o América Latina el mismo día de su lanzamiento, pero con una VPN esto está solucionado.

Similarmente, podrás acceder a otro tipo de contenido limitado por geolocalización, como puede ser Netflix US o Hulu.

Método 1. Cómo configurar una VPN en PS4/PS5 desde tu router

La forma más fácil de usar una VPN en tu PS4/PS5 es configurando una red privada de este tipo en tu router wifi. Puesto que tu consola obtiene la conexión a Internet desde el router, es el primer dispositivo que te puede proporcionar esa conexión VPN.

Muchos routers modernos son compatibles con las conexiones VPN. Bastará con introducir manualmente los datos de tu cuenta en la configuración de tu router.

El problema es que los pasos varían en función de la marca del router y del servicio VPN, por lo que nos resulta casi imposible explicar el proceso. Sin embargo, en términos generales, deberás iniciar sesión en tu router, encontrar el menú de configuración y buscar una página VPN.

Se te pedirá que introduzcas los siguientes datos:

Nombre del servicio

Dirección del servidor

Tu nombre de cuenta o dirección de correo

Tu contraseña

Una clave de cifrado

Si tu router no es compatible con las conexiones VPN, puedes comprar uno que sí lo sea, como un router de ExpressVPN o uno de un proveedor como FlashRouters. No es la opción más barata, pero es, con diferencia, la forma más sencilla de configurar una VPN en tu PS4 o PS5.

Antes de hacerlo, tendrás que decidir qué proveedor utilizar. NordVPN es uno de los mejores y es una buena opción para aquellos que quieran introducir manualmente los detalles de la VPN, ya que hay muchos tutoriales sobre cómo hacerlo en su página web.

Sin embargo, puedes elegir entre muchos proveedores de VPN más. Puedes encontrar nuestros favoritos en nuestro ranking de las mejores VPN. También hay o servicios gratuitos, pero son más limitados.

Ten en cuenta que usar una VPN en tu router significa que todos los dispositivos que se conecten a Internet desde ese router pasarán a usar la conexión VPN, y eso puede causar problemas en algunos dispositivos.

Método 2. Cómo usar Smart DNS en PS4/PS5

Si utilizar un router con VPN no entra en tus planes, existe una forma de cambiar la ubicación en dispositivos que no admiten oficialmente VPN. Se llama Smart DNS y es bastante fácil de configurar. El problema es que no todos los proveedores de VPN ofrecen esta funcionalidad.

No es tan sofisticado como usar una VPN. No permite hacer cambios rápidos de ubicación como una app VPN completa, y no cifra tus datos, pero si hay un territorio específico al que te gustaría conectar tu consola, es una buena opción.

La buena noticia es que ExpressVPN, Surfshark y NordVPN ofrecen la funcionalidad, así que si esta es el método que te gustaría seguir, tendrás que suscribirte a uno de esos servicios. Si utilizas ExpressVPN, encontrarás una práctica guía en su web.

Una vez que hayas obtenido la dirección Smart DNS de tu proveedor de VPN, te explicamos cómo usarla en tu consola:


Ve al menú ‘Configuración’.

Selecciona ‘Red’.

Selecciona ‘Configurar conexión a Internet’ y, luego, LAN o Wi-Fi, según la que utilices.

Selecciona ‘Personalizada’.

Cambia la dirección IP a automática.

Cambia el Host DCHP a ‘No especificar’.

Cambia el DNS a ‘Manual’ e introduce el Smart DNS de tu VPN.

Cambia la Configuración MUT a automática.

Cambia el Servidor proxy a ‘No utilizar’.

Selecciona ‘Probar conexión a Internet’ para verificar la configuración.


Ve al menú ‘Configuración’.

Selecciona ‘Red’.

Selecciona ‘Configuración’.

Selecciona ‘Configurar conexión a Internet’ y elige entre LAN o Wi-Fi, según la que utilices.

Selecciona tu conexión y pulsa el botón ‘Opciones’ para abrir el menú.

Selecciona ‘Ajustes avanzados’.

Configura la dirección IP a automática.

Cambia el Host DCHP a ‘No especificar’.

En la sección de configuración DNS, selecciona ‘Manual’.

Introduce el Smart DNS de tu VPN y pulsa ‘Siguiente’.

Cambia MUT a automático.

Cambia el Servidor proxy a ‘No utilizar’.

Selecciona ‘Probar conexión a Internet’ para verificar la configuración.

Si todo va bien, deberías poderte conectar con éxito a tu Smart DNS y ser capaz de acceder a contenidos desde el extranjero en tu consola.

Método 3. Cómo configurar una VPN en PS4/PS5 desde tu PC

Si tu VPN no ofrece la funcionalidad Smart DNS, también hay una forma de compartir una conexión desde Windows, convirtiendo esencialmente tu PC en un router virtual. Tu ordenador necesitará tanto un puerto Ethernet y Wi-Fi (o un segundo puerto Ethernet), ya que tendrá que poder conectarse a tu router de banda ancha para conectarse a Internet.

Deberás asegurarte también de tener contratado un plan VPN, como ExpressVPN:

1. Instala el programa asociado a tu VPN en tu PC. 

2. Conecta el cable LAN o Ethernet tanto en tu ordenador como en tu PlayStation 4.

3. Abre el ‘Panel de Control’, elige la opción ‘Red de Centro de Intercambio’ y selecciona ‘Cambiar configuración del adaptador’ en la parte de la izquierda de la ventana.

4. Haz clic derecho sobre el icono de la VPN que hayas elegido y selecciona la opción ‘Propiedades’ del menú desplegable.

5. En la pestaña ‘Compartir’, selecciona la opción ‘Permitir a otras redes se conectan’.

6. Selecciona la opción ‘Conexión de red local’ y, desde el menú desplegable, elige aquella conexión que quieres compartir con tu PlayStation 4 o 5. 

7. Es momento ahora de ir a tu PS4. Ve a ‘Ajustes’, seguido de ‘Red’. Selecciona ‘Configurar conexión a Internet’ y después ‘Usar un cable de red LAN’. Deberás escoger el método ‘Fácil’. La configuración se realizará automáticamente.

8. Finalmente, deberás elegir que no quieres utilizar un servidor proxy.

9. Prueba la conexión a Internet para asegurarse que todo ha ido bien y que, efectivamente, tu PS4/PS5 ya está conectada usando la VPN.

Método 4. Cómo configurar una VPN en PS4/PS5 desde tu Mac 

Si no tienes un ordenador con Windows, otra opción es utilizar un Mac y un cable Ethernet, en caso de que tienes ambos a mano. Asegúrate de que tu Mac tiene un puerto Ethernet y conexión Wi-Fi, y de que esté dentro del alcance de tu consola.

Obviamente, también tendrás que suscribirte al servicio de una conexión VPN (de nuevo, recomendamos NordVPN). Una vez estés listo/a, ya puedes seguir el proceso que te explicamos a continuación. 

1. Insta la conexión VPN que prefieras.

2. Conecta un extremo del cable LAN o Ethernet en tu Mac y el otro en tu PS4/PS5. 

3. Ve a ‘Preferencias del Sistema‘ en tu Mac, seguido de ‘Compartir‘ y selecciona la casilla ‘Compartir Internet‘ del menú a mano izquierda.

4. Selecciona la opción ‘Wi-Fi’ del menú desplegable llamado ‘Compartir conexión desde’.

5. Ahora, asegúrate de que la opción ‘Ethernet’ está seleccionada en la lista ‘Con otros ordenadores vía’. 

6. Para permitir que se comparta la conexión a Internet entre tu Mac y tu PS4/PS5, deberás asegurarte también de que está seleccionada la casilla ‘Compartir Internet’. Si se ha compartido con éxito, verás un icono de color verde.

7. A continuación, abre el programa de tu VPN en tu Mac y conecta el servidor que desees.

8. Ve al menú de configuración de tu PlayStation 4/5 y selecciona ‘Red’, seguido de ‘Configurar conexión a Internet’ y ‘Usar un cable de red LAN’. Luego elige el método ‘Fácil’. Verás que la configuración se realizará de forma automática. 

9. Selecciona la opción de que no quieres utilizar un servidor proxy y ya debería estar todo listo.

10. Si quieres, prueba a conectar tu PlayStation a Internet. Si todo ha salido bien, deberías estarlo haciendo mediante tu VPN.

10 Best Battle Royale Games Like Pubg Mobile Or Fortnite On Android

The best battle royale games on Android

Price: Free to play

Call of Duty: Mobile had the largest mobile game release of all time. There’s a reason for it. The game is one of the most polished in the genre with a good amount of content. The game features various PvP modes, including a 100-player battle royale mode. In addition, the game has a ton of weapons, customizations, and other characters to unlock and play with as you grind it out. It’s honestly right up there with PUBG Mobile and Fortnite as among the best battle royale games on mobile and unless the developers really mess up, it should stay that way for a while.

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Creative Destruction

Price: Free to play

Creative Destruction is extremely similar to Fortnite. In fact, we consider it a clone. It’s a decent clone, though. The game includes a large map with varying landscapes and 100-person matches. You can craft and destroy stuff. Additionally, you can play in third or first person perspectives. We thought that was really fun. The game runs terribly on some midrange and low end phones. Additionally, it has the occasional bug. However, the experience was still quite good in our testing.


Price: Free to play

Fortnite had a controversial launch. However, it’s easily one of the best and most popular battle royale games. The game includes a 100-player battle royale like most in the genre. You drop into an island from a plane, build your armaments, find weapons, and take out the other players. It is a cut above most battle royale games because it also includes a crafting element. Additionally, this one lets you sync your data between the console and PC versions so you can bring all of your skins with you. The game has its flaws, but it’s a lot better than it used to be. The game was also launched on the Play Store officially in early 2023 so you no longer have to sideload the app from Epic Games’ store.

Garena Free Fire Max

Price: Free to play

Guns Royale

Price: Free to play

Guns Royale is a fairly standard battle royale title in terms of pure mechanics. You drop down in a massive free for all shootout with a bunch of players in a shrinking game zone. However, the game goes from a first person perspective to a three-quarters isometric style view. This gives you the ability to see your opponents all around you, even behind corners so the game dynamic is a lot different. Additionally, this one has AR elements for an even more unique experience along with some other game features. It’s a free to play game like basically all other battle royale games, but it’s not aggressive with it or anything. Additionally, most IO games have a battle royale feel to them.

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Most IO games

Price: Free to play (usually)

There are a ton of IO games out there with battle royale elements. Some notable examples include chúng tôi chúng tôi chúng tôi chúng tôi and many, many others. The games usually put you in the middle of a massive battle of some sort with a bunch of random players worldwide. The mechanics differ by game. chúng tôi has axes and chúng tôi uses blobs. However, the core premise is the same for most of these games. There are a lot of people with you and you keep going until you or everyone else loses. They are usually freemium titles and they all seem to suffer from similar connectivity and lag issues. However, they are probably the simplest battle royale games available. You can check out our list of the best IO games here.

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

Price: Free to play

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground is a clone of PUBG, obviously. It uses pixel style graphics, but most of the mechanics and controls are the same as other shooter battle royale games. You drop in, find stuff, kill the other players, and survive the longest. This one also features an in-game chat, auto shooting, lower graphics settings for lower end phones, This one has some stability issues that we noticed during our testing. Frankly, if you’re going for something like this, you might as well go with PUBG Mobile itself. Still, it’s better than most of the other PUBG clones on Google Play.

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Rules of Survival

Price: Free to play

Rules of Survival is another PUBG clone. It came out after PUBG Mobile was announced, but before the release date. You drop in from an airplane, find stuff, and kill people as per the norm. This one has some additional weapons, vehicles, and matches with 120 players. It’s a little less composed than most battle royale games, but that also adds an element of chaos for better or for worse. It has stability and lag issues like most other games. Some matches were more fun than others. This one hasn’t aged all that well in the face of more polished competition, but it’s still not bad as an alternative to those titles.

PUBG Mobile

Price: Free to play

PUBG Mobile is one of the two big names in battle royale games on mobile. Most of the other eight games on this copy off of PUBG Mobile or Fortnite. It features 100-person matches on a large map that slowly collapses to get players to engage with one another. There are a variety of weapons, gear, and vehicles to aid in destruction.

It’s a surprisingly stable game that runs fairly smooth as long as you have the right graphics settings for your device. PUBG: New State is the new hotness, but a lot of folks still enjoy regular old PUBG Mobile.

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PUBG: New State

Price: Free to play is an arcade shooter with battle royale elements. You drop into a world with a bunch of players. The goal is to be the last person standing, obviously. It uses simple 2D graphics, simple controls, and simple mechanics. It doesn’t take long to learn. Additionally, there are team play modes, a metric ton of cosmetic stuff, leaderboards, weekly events, and more. This feels more like a mobile game than a console title ported to mobile. That’s perfectly okay, but it does come with a bunch of freemium elements. Plus, the stability is a little rocky on occasion. Otherwise, it’s a decent experience.

Best Free Games On Ea Access In 2023

The service is available in the form of EA Access on Xbox One and Origin Access on PC, but PS4 users are out of luck. According to Sony, EA’s subscription service doesn’t offer the kind of value PlayStation fans have come to expect – especially with such a large PlayStation Now library already available to gamers on the platform.

With a large collection of free games available from EA, which should you focus on? Here’s where we list the best free games currently available on EA Access.

If you’re not an EA Access subscriber, you might be interested in our roundup of great free games or the best Xbox One games. 

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 was hugely popular when it was released at the end of 2024, providing huge-scale multiplayer FPS action and fully destructible environments. The World War 1 setting provides a unique backdrop, and the anthology-style campaign is both incredibly enjoyable and opens your eyes to the futility of war.

It’s a spectacular game with a technically impressive multiplayer – what more could you want from a free game?

Find out more in our Battlefield 1 review.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

2024’s Mirror’s Edge Catalyst was the second in the Mirror’s Edge series, and saw the return of the free-running mechanics loved by many in the first game. You spend your time in the shoes of Faith running, leaping and (of course) fighting in the city of Glass, zipping up walls and making death-defying leaps from rooftop to rooftop to avoid enemy pursuers.

It’s an open world game too, meaning you’re free to explore the entire city at your own pace, slowly upgrading your gadgets and honing the art of free-running and martial arts.

Star Wars Battlefront (and DLC)

There were complaints about the first Star Wars Battlefront game – namely the omission of a single-player campaign – but most agreed that the multiplayer looked gorgeous and provided hours of fun. Unlike the newer Battlefront with a convoluted upgrade system, the first Battlefront provides an easier online experience for casual fans.

Why? Unlike with BF2, Battlefront gamers can randomly come across Heroes during games, allowing lower-skilled players the opportunity to play as their favourite Star Wars heroes without needing a score of 8-10,000 first. Regardless of skill, it’s a visually stunning game with an active community, and you get access to all DLC for free too!

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 aimed to take the vast feedback collected by Titanfall gamers and provide a fast-paced mech-focused first person shooter – and despite relatively low sales, we think the game delivers. While many overlooked Titanfall 2, we’re not quite sure why. The fast-paced multiplayer combat is high-risk, high-reward and the updated combat mechanics provide you with a deadlier Pilot than ever before. And who doesn’t like fighting giant robots?

If multiplayer isn’t your thing, there’s also a single-player campaign full of twists and turns.  

Need for Speed Rivals

If you’re in the mood for a bit of racing, Need for Speed Rivals may *ahem* be up your street. The premise of the game is simple – you drive around an open world taking part in races you come across (both single- and multiplayer) whilst avoiding your number one enemy – the police. The game includes high-intensity police chases that get progressively tougher as you go on, along with a plethora of cars and upgrades to choose from.

Battlefield 4

Admittedly, Battlefield 4 is getting a little long in the tooth now, but it still holds a place in many FPS gamers hearts. It was arguably one of the greatest shooters around when it was first introduced back in 2013, and five years later, DICE still keep a small number of BF4 servers running.

While Battlefield 1 provides a great overall gaming experience, the sheer collection of artillery and weaponry available in Battlefield 4 makes it too tempting to miss for some.

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