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The best Google Nest Home apps

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Netflix and YouTube

Price: Free / $8.99-$15.99 per month

Netflix and YouTube represent your best options for video streaming on Google Home devices. There are a few more options like Viki, CBS (via its All Access app), and CW. However, none of those have the width or breadth of content that Netflix and YouTube does. YouTube TV is also an excellent option, but only if you’re in the United States. Both apps have direct support for the Google Home and Assistant platform. That means you can simply ask it to stream shows or videos you want. Netflix starts at $8.99 per month and ranges up to $15.99 per month. YouTube is free, but it also has optional subscriptions for $12.99 per month. The two together make for some great binge-watching fun with full Google Assistant support. We hope Hulu gets its act together so we can include it here too.

Philips Hue

Price: Free app / Lights cost varies

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Philips Hue and LIFX are two smart light makers. Their lights are arguably the best options when it comes to smart lighting in your home. Their Google Home integration is top-notch as well. In fact, many use one of these two to show off Google Home commands in YouTube videos. Smart lights are a fun way to start a smartphone project. There are other lighting hardware companies like Micron, LIFX, and others that also work with Google Home. However, we found Philips Hue and LIFX to be the most accessible among them.



YouTube TV, HBO Now, STARZ, Google Play Movies and TV

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Basically any Google app

Price: Free

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Here we have the obligatory nod to Google’s own apps. Most of them work on Google Home, including Google Keep, Google Calendar, Gmail, Maps, and many others. Frankly, until these smart speakers become more ubiquitous, we recommend sticking to the platform’s native stuff whenever possible. In other words, you should probably just use Google Calendar, Gmail, Maps, etc because there aren’t a ton of competitors in this space for smart speakers, yet. Additionally, competitors that do work in this space simply don’t do it as well as Google’s apps, yet. In any case, most of Google’s apps are free and relatively easy to use. Support for some features may be limited in some regions, though, so do beware of that.


Uber and other Google Home apps

Price: Free / Varies

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

This list contains a bunch of Google Home apps that also work with Google Assistant on mobile devices. However, there are some Google Home apps that only work on Google Home and not on mobile. We dislike that gap in features between platforms, despite them both being powered by the same thing. However, that doesn’t mean that these apps don’t work well. Some examples include Uber to hail a ride, Domino’s lets you order pizza, and there are a variety of others. Instead of linking an app, we have linked Google’s extensive list of compatible apps, commands, and integrations with the button above. We highly recommend skimming it.

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10 Best Google Tango Apps You Should Definitely Try

1. WayfairView

WayfairView is a really useful (and honestly, kinda fun) app. It uses augmented reality to help you visualise what a product will look like in your house. The app supports a number of different furniture, and lighting attachments that you can place around your house. So, if you were putting off buying that new ottoman for your living room, out of fear that it might not go well with the environment, you can simply use WayfairView to place an AR version of the stool in your living room. You can even rotate, and move the ottoman around, to see where it’d look the best. The app has quite a number of different items you can check out, and with the search option, you can even look for a specific object of interest.

If you’re looking at lighting attachments, you can even adjust the color, and intensity of the light, along with the style of reflections. One of the best features in the app, is that it remembers where you’re placing objects, so if you need to remodel an entire room, you can simply keep on adding products to the places you want them in. Then, when you look around, all the objects will be in their positions, and you can better visualise what the entire room would look like.

2. Dinosaurs Among Us

Dinosaurs Among Us is an app created by the Museum of Natural History, meant as an experiment in augmented reality. The app uses the Tango sensors on your smartphone for depth sensing, and uses that data, to place 3D models of dinosaurs in your environment. The app comes with dinosaurs such as the Velociraptor, Archaeopteryx, and more, right out of the Museum’s “Dinosaurs Among Us” exhibition.

Once you’ve placed a dinosaur, you can resize it, and place it anywhere you want. Plus, for people who’d rather not have dinosaurs all around their living room, even in augmented reality (thanks, Jurassic Park!), the app can also be used to simply place framed photos of the dinosaurs anywhere you want. Dinosaurs Among Us also allows users to learn more about the dinosaurs available in the app.

Download (Free) 

3. Solar Simulator

Tapping on the “three line” button on the bottom of the screen shows options for additional detail to the Solar System. You can enable “other bodies”, to view asteroids, and moons. You can also turn on revolution, which makes the planets revolve around the sun, in speeds relative to their real speeds. The app is very interesting, and you should definitely give it a shot.

Download ($2.99)

4. Tango Vertigo

Tango Vertigo is a really cool app that you can use on your Google Tango enabled smartphone. The app doesn’t serve any real utility, but it’s an amazing experience to have. With Tango Vertigo, you can open a portal to a different world, right through your floor. You can point your phone toward the ground, and tap on it. The app then gives you three options to choose from – Space, Dungeon, and City. Choosing space opens up a “hatch” in your floor, with the Earth visible through it, and City basically gives you a view o f (what I think is) NYC’s skyline, devoid of any real detail. However, my favourite is the Dungeon. It is a very realistically drawn, and artistically lit space, which will definitely leave you wanting to see more of it.

Once you’ve opened a portal, you can walk around, and get closer to the portal to view more of the world beneath your floor. I just wish there was a way to actually enter the portal, and walk around, because that’d be amazing. Either way, the app is on that I’d definitely recommend.

Download (Free)

5. Wally Virtual Notes

Wally Virtual Notes is an app that will let you place virtual notes around your house. The app works by first learning the area – a task that’ll require you to walk around quite a bit… twice (it verifies the area, as well). Once the app has learned the area, though, you can simply tap on the “+” button, and write notes. These notes can then be placed anywhere around your home. The app remembers the locations of these notes between launches, so they are always there. That is, unless you delete them.

Download (Free)

6. Holo

Holo is a fun app that uses augmented reality to place holograms of famous people right inside your living room (or office space, in my case). You get the option to place holograms of people such as Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and a lot more. Plus, the app also offers a number of props, to make the scene even more realistic. You can make the holograms perform one of the preset actions, and I must say, it’s more fun than you’d expect.

There are three different packs in the app, the Sports Pack, the Election Pack, and the Holiday Pack. Each of these packs come packed (no pun intended) with a number of different personalities, and props. If you want my recommendation, you should definitely try out the Election Pack; it’s really quite a bit of fun.

7. MagicPlan

MagicPlan is one of the more serious applications that make use of Google Tango. The app is basically aimed at people like architects, redecorators, etc. It makes easy work of mapping out a room, simply by using the depth sensing capabilities of your Google Tango enabled smartphone. The app allows you to add multiple rooms, floors, and uses the cameras on your phone to map the walls, and even measure the lengths of each of the walls. It’s definitely a great way to quickly create accurate floor plans for your next building.

Once a room has been mapped, you can easily add objects to it, including doors, windows, flooring, furniture, and a lot more. You can even add additional corners to walls, in order to manipulate them easily, and create complex designs. MagicPlan is definitely a very powerful app, but it’s not for everyone, and its target audience is a very select group of people.

Download (Free, with in-app purchases)

8. Matterport Scenes

You can save scanned scenes to view them later, or load them up as you need them. The app comes with an easy to follow tutorial, as well, which will get you started in no time. As great as the app’s functionality is, it’s definitely a lot of fun watching the app scan the environment. However, the scanning takes quite a bit of time, some amount of patience, and a steady hand. You could also use a tripod, but that’s totally your choice.

Download (Free)

9. Lowe’s Vision

Lowe’s Vision is another app that uses AR to help you visualise how furniture, appliances, and other products will look inside your house. The app is not nearly as good as Wayfair View, but it does have some really neat features. You can search for items you want to place around your house. These items are organised by categories, which definitely makes it easier to look for things you want. You can try placing appliances like washing machines, and refrigerators. The app even supports mouldings, and bathroom fittings. You can also try out different types of floorings, all thanks to augmented reality.

You can easily rotate, and move the appliances around, and if you’re trying out flooring, you can define the area where you want the flooring. Lowe’s Vision helpfully shows the length, breadth, and total area of the flooring, so you can easily figure out the amount of raw material needed, along with the approximate cost. Lowe’s Vision also brings other tools such as measures, that can help you plan out a remodel of your house with ease.

Download (Free)

10. Spectra

Spectra is a Tango app that you can use to create art from data. With this app, you can capture your world in 3D with the cameras on your Google Tango enabled smartphone, and then apply a number of filters to transform your video recordings to digital artwork.

Download (Free)

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Use These Apps on Your Google Tango Smartphone

Simple Strategies To Maximize Your Website’s Revenue

As my career progresses in the merchant account space, I’ve had opportunities to observe and monitor sales figures for several major e-commerce sites. In analyzing the figures, I’ve come across a few interesting practices that can help merchants increase their bottom line and conversions with simple strategies. Whether you’re an affiliate, an SEO consultant or account manager, helping the merchant increase revenue definitely benefits all parties involved.

My 10 Point Plan to Maximize Sales

Currency: Offering the standard country currency to your potential website customers allows them to feel as though they’re buying from a local merchant and increases conversion. Moreover, a customer’s credit card issuer could reject transactions simply because it’s a different currency and not part of the consumer’s regular buying pattern. For example, if I’ve never bought anything outside the U.S. on my credit card and attempt to purchase a product on a website which tries to charge in Euros, my credit card company will likely reject the transaction. A simple solution is to request a currency account from your acquiring merchant account bank. Most banks have over 10 currencies available, and there’s a minimal account maintenance fee involved to open it. If you have significant traffic from a certain country, this is definitely worth looking into.

Local Payment Methods: In addition to offering local currencies, there are several localized payment methods. Visa and Mastercard are standard in the U.S., and most consumers have access to these payment methods. But did you know that by not offering debit in Germany, a merchant will lose out on half of the market? Many Germans shy away from credit and don’t even possess a credit card. As for France, in order to remain competitive, merchants must accept the “Carte Bleue”. In China, most consumers use the China UnionPay credit card. Therefore, when entering new markets and analyzing conversions, it’s imperative to ensure merchants are adapting to the local market.

Language: Translating your website is an inexpensive way to speak your customer’s language! In the U.S. alone, offering a Spanish version taps you into a market that most merchants overlook. Furthermore, when translating a website, the “spokespeople” or visuals should adapt to that market. For example, when translating in Spanish for the American market, individuals pictured on the site should reflect a Latin American origin as this will help consumers relate more to the product or service offered.

Confidence Symbols: Adding a familiar logo near the process payment button fosters more trust and security in the transaction. Adding the McAfee symbol, the Verisign logo, or any type of lock and encryption standard symbol increases consumer confidence and increases conversion on the payment page. Placement on the payment page is as important as the logo itself. Position the symbols close to where the consumer is asked for payment details and also definitely above the page fold. Other symbols and tactics to cultivate customer confidence can be found at “9 Trust Symbols You Can Use to Increase Conversions and Customer Confidence“.

Alternative Payment Methods: There are several “alternative” methods of payment that are less common but still effective for closing a sale. In order to avoid diluting sales amongst several payment methods, present these options to your customer upon decline of his/her credit card. A merchant can simply add an extra step for customers wishing to use these payment modes to avoid the extra costs that may result from implementing them. Some examples include online checks, telephone billing or wallet type payments.

Partial Name Match: Every payment gateway has different fraud checks, and most of them have standard default settings for all merchants. Check these to ensure they’re adapted to the business model in question. For example, having a setting where the customer’s name is matched exactly to the one listed on the credit card could cost you some sales. If this setting is for an exact match, a customer who enters his name as Bob Smith will be declined if his credit card registers under Robert Smith. It’s highly recommended to opt for a partial match setting to ensure slight differences are approved at the gateway level.

Address Verification: This is similar to the topic mentioned above. A partial address verification is a better option than an exact match. Many merchants choose to simply match the city, state, and zip of the customer to avoid any differences of syntax in the address. This is in reference to payment fraud checks, of course the address must be verified against the USPS database to ensure a valid address for shipping products.

Cancel Upsell: Even after the best save attempts, some customers decide to cancel their membership or service. In order to maximize revenue from all customers, having a few alternative offers whereby a merchant can receive a CPA might add additional revenue from an otherwise lost customer. For example, if a merchant is selling books at a flat monthly membership fee and a customer decides to cancel, the merchant may offer a membership to an audio book club. This may allow an additional $30 from a customer that’s lost anyway! It’s important for merchants to think of products in the same vertical and to train customer service staff to effectively present these options to customers upon cancellation. This can even be offered at the end of an online cancellation form. Implementing this is inexpensive and can increase revenues with little effort on the merchants’ part.

Avoid Refunds: When selling online, refunds tend to be slightly higher than physical store sales. As such, losses from refunds can be considerable. One way to avoid refunding a customer is to offer a free product or month of service that can complement an existing order. It costs a lot less to give something for free than to refund a purchase or receive a chargeback!

Verify Your Decline Codes: This last one is rarely used by merchants, although reviewing why transactions are being declined can actually help increase approvals. Some decline codes are caused by integration issues between the merchant’s site and the gateway, which can be easily fixed. In addition, some decline codes are simply “more information requests” from the bank. In this case, calling the bank can clear up the issue. Decline code wording is different between various banks, therefore asking the bank for their decline code lexicon can provide insight as to why purchases are being declined. Many merchants can increase sales by 5-10% by understanding and properly responding to decline codes.

10 Best Star Wars Apps For Android

Disney Plus

Star Wars is one of the largest stories humans ever told. It spans multiple decades, multiple movies, multiple books, and multiple video games. You can literally engage in Star Wars content for years and not repeat anything. As such, you would expect a ton of great apps for it, right? Well, there definitely are some good ones to help your Star Wars experience even more. Here are the best Star Wars apps for Android.

The best Star Wars apps for Android

Price: Free trial / $6.99 per month / $69.99 per year

Disney+ is easily among the best Star Wars apps for Star Wars fans. It has all of the movies, The Mandalorian TV show, The Clone Wars, and a bunch of other standalone movies and shows. These movies and shows were all pulled off of other streaming media and placed in Disney+. Thus, those who want to watch the movies should definitely start here.

The app is easy enough to use, includes Chromecast support, and you can even sync the movie with another person watching it so you can watch it together from different TVs. The service runs for $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year. This Hulu, ESPN+, and Disney+ bundle for $12.99 per month is the better deal if you want something other than Star Wars too.


Price: Free / Varies

Facer is a watch face app for Wear OS, Samsung’s smartwatch platform, and Apple’s WatchOS. It lets you find custom watch faces to decorate your smartwatch’s home screen. There are a metric ton of Star Wars options for all three major platforms. Here is a quick list of just some of the options if you want to see it yourself. It’s relatively easy to use. Simply install the app on your phone and then follow the instructions for whatever platform you want. It’s a small thing, but having Vader on your wrist all the time is fun.

Fandom by Wikia


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Jedi Lightsaber Simulator

Price: Free

Everybody likes a good Jedi Lightsaber Simulator. This one is about as good as any other one. You can create your own little lightsaber and change the color if you want to. This isn’t an overly functional app, but it’s fun for a few minutes at a time and great for kids. Disney has a Jedi Challenges app (Google Play link). It lets you engage with the Star Wars universe with augmented reality. However, Disney’s app hasn’t seen an update since 2023 so we’re not sure if it’s abandoned or not.

Movies Anywhere


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Text Crawl

Price: Free

Let’s face facts, you’ve always wanted to do the text crawl at the beginning of Star Wars but with something you wrote. This app lets you do it. You simply open the app, enter all the details, choose your scroll direction, and then let it ride. There is also the option to save the video so you can share it on social media or use it for whatever you want. Obviously, this app has no function, but sometimes apps don’t need a function. They can just be fun to use.

Star Wars Official

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Price: Free / $0.99 per month / $4.99 per year

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10 Best Photo Cut And Paste Apps

10 Best Photo Cut and Paste Apps in 2023

By using these cut-and-paste applications, you can edit images like a pro. These cut-and-paste applications are compatible with both Android and iOS. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Top 10 Photo Cut and Paste Apps in 2023

1. Cut Paste Photos

It is a beneficial photo-editing program that enables individuals to make all the desired image adjustments. You can use this cut-and-paste photo program to get a picture with a celebrity. The backdrop removal tool is the most practical one. With AI or other techniques, you can choose the subjects in the image (artificial intelligence). The app’s AI engine identifies the bounds automatically.

Key Features:

You can add text to your images with the tool’s text in a photo function.

With the help of Auto Backdrop Eraser, you can quickly erase backgrounds and get images you can place on any backdrop.

Refine the margins of the photographs that were clipped with Advanced Photo Editor.

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2. Photo Layers

This application is ideal for creating stunning photomontages. It has a strong function allows you to make the undesirable region translucent or eliminate it. To make a picture montage, you can use the app to mix up to 11 photographs at once. With the help of this cut-and-paste photo app, you can easily cut and paste your pictures onto any backdrop of your choice while also making any undesirable backgrounds translucent.


Key Features:

The image can be divided into layers and edited separately, much as in Photoshop.

There are a total of 11 layers in each image that you can merge at once.

To just remove certain portions of the backdrop, use the eraser as a point eraser.

The application can modify the color tone of your image, improving its aesthetic appeal.

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3. Cupace

It is among the top cut-paste photo apps for Android. You can make amusing face photographs in which you replace your face with the physique of a celebrity or your preferred bodybuilder. Just draw the line around the face’s edge, cut it out of the picture, and then paste it onto the other photo. The phone gallery will have all of the altered images. There is no need to repeatedly clip the face from the original picture because it can also be used on other photographs.


Key Features:

You can save every face you have chosen and cut out using the simple Paste Face function.

You can use the app to magnify the face in the image you wish to modify.

There are many beautiful stickers and emoticons included with it.

With Cupace, you can add text and stickers to photos.

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4. Magicut

MagiCut is a capable photo editor and cut-paste photo app that enables you to synthesize the backdrop of your picture whenever and wherever you want. You can use a background eraser to edit your images like a pro. The image effects produced by the magicut app are extremely clear and work like magic. You can add any meme or emoji you like and use the 3D effect to make your image. The clipped photo can then be pasted on virtually any backdrop.


Key Features:

Give the picture some creative captions. There are several available styles and typefaces.

Create beautiful images by using blurring effects.

Choose from more than 100 layouts and templates made by qualified designers.

There are several grids and frames accessible in the collage maker.

5. Auto Photo Cut Paste

The New generation cut paste photo app, Auto Photo Cut Paste, allows you to automatically cut off any section of an image and place it on another photo or backdrop. Auto photo cut paste offers a quick and simple method for producing fantastic personalized photographs. Simply touch the region of the image you wish to remove. This app will automatically recognize the whole area using color recognition AI and remove that particular section so that you can place that picture on another image or available 30+ HD backdrops.


Key Features:

It contains a restoration tool that you can use to put any picture or manually remove the backdrop back in place.

You can zoom, undo, or redo the image for an accurate result.

Some chosen background portions are removed using the lasso eraser. This tool is helpful if you don’t want to erase every backdrop from your photo.

With the auto-erase feature, all it takes is a single touch to eliminate an undesired image or backdrop immediately.

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6. Adobe Photoshop Mix

Use Photoshop Mix to transform your photos. You can edit your photographs anywhere you are, whenever you want. Just crop, merge and alter colors. It alters your image using its Photoshop mix, combining, pasting, cutting, and producing a highly artistic image. It doesn’t just copy and paste photographs. You can always use the application to alter the colors in your photos and improve them. If you enjoy taking pictures, the Adobe Photoshop Mix offers a tonne of options available.


Key Features:

Can easily publish your edited photographs on any social networking site.

You can use the app to separate and combine numerous images.

Can edit your photos’ colors and contrast or use pre-made FX Looks (filters).

Layers can be combined and superimposed to modify a picture in a seemingly miraculous way.

7. Cut Out, Cut Photo Background

Sometimes we see the ideal setting, but our current images still have a dull backdrop. Why not use that beautiful background in place of that dull one? Install the CutOut image backdrop editing app to accomplish that. With the help of this application, you can effortlessly and precisely crop the topic out of a photograph or erase the backdrop from any image. You can also use the AI-powered automated backdrop removal approach to remove the background.


Key Features:

Artificial intelligence-based automatic cutout part identification.

Save as a PNG image with a transparent backdrop.

There are many lovely backdrop photos.

To make it more unique, users can apply stickers and filters.

8. Cut Paste Photos Pro Edit Chop

You can clip from numerous photographs into one and blend them with this special cut and paste tool. The software has several incredible capabilities, like resizing, flipping, duplicating, rotating, and using other picture editing tools. Utilize the camera on your phone to take and edit pictures. There is also a premium membership option for the cut paste photographs pro software, giving you access to certain premium features.


Version: 6.8.1 on iOS

Key Features:

You can use the app for free for three days to access all of the features and the entire content, which includes stickers, cutting tools, emoticons, limitless cuts, and an ad-free experience.

There are several working tutorial videos right now in the app.

Choose our 40+ ready beautiful and intuitive backgrounds.

Cut from several photographs and combine them into one image.

9. Cut Paste Photos And Video Frames

Cut Paste Photos & Video Frames strikes the ideal balance between ease of use and functionality. Create stunning custom images by chopping any section of an image and pasting it onto another picture or backdrop after capturing the ideal moment on camera, in a video, or by using a snapshot from your camera or gallery. With the video frame capture tool included with Cut Paste Photos & Video Frames, you can choose any frame from the video you’ve decided to use as the basis for your custom image.


Key Features:

Use a photo enhancer to increase the chosen image’s contrast, brightness, saturation, and other aesthetic qualities.

Choose the most suitable frame from the 11 taken during the captured moment.

Save and distribute your masterpiece to your relatives and friends on social media.

Utilize editing tools like Auto Erase, Manual Erase, Extract Erase, and Restore to remove any background or item from a photograph.

10. Fix The Photo Editor & Retouch

When you need to edit images, FixThePhoto App can serve as your go-to resource. A large staff of retouching specialists supports the picture editing program, so any image adjustments you need will be provided. Simply submit a photo of your face and body and give directions to receive a professionally edited image in a few hours. This picture editor can obtain all these alterations, including slimming face and cosmetics fixes, object removal, and hair recoloring.


Version: 1.10.25 on iOS

Key Features:

Results that appear natural.

This phot cut and paste app is appropriate even for novices because of its simple user interface.

Professional retouchers work on the photos.

You can make a special order for object removal or addition, backdrop enhancement, face or/and body retouching, or photo repair.

To Wrap This Up

So there you have it, the top photo cut and paste apps for iOS and Android. Even a 12-year-old child can use these applications to layer pictures since they are so simple to understand. With the available applications above, you should have no trouble finding an app that meets your needs. Give them a try and tell us which one is your favorite.

With these applications, your creativity is the only thing that can hold you back from accomplishing anything. So make a brave move, get the app, and implement all of your ideas.

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Sourabh Baghel

The 10 Best Jailbreak Apps Of 2010

Every year, there are multitudes among multitudes of apps and tweaks released for jailbroken iPhones. Similar to the App Store, some are worth more of your attention than others.

In 2010, we’ve looked in-depth at more apps, more tweaks, and more mods than ever before, with the goal of keeping our readers completely in the know.

Now, we’d like to take some time to reflect on our favorite jailbreak apps of 2010. Being included on this list doesn’t necessarily mean the app was released in 2010, it just means that it was amongst our most utilized of this year. Drumroll, please…

10. Fast Copy

Every so often, a tweak comes around that simply makes the iPhone better to use. Fast Copy is the type of tweak that falls perfectly into that category, taking basic iPhone functionality and improving it.

We’ve been using Fast Copy for a couple of months now, and it’s safe to say that we’d hate to go back to the old, delayed copy and paste.

9. SwitcherPlus

SwitcherPlus is one of our favorite apps, because it allows you to pin favorite applications to the app switcher. This is great, especially when using a password utility program like LastPass, or another often used app that you always want to appear in your list.

As if that wasn’t reason enough to try it, SwitcherPlus also features a build in flashlight utility, and the ability to pick and choose when your media controls appear in the app switcher. A definite must try.

8. ScrollingBoard

ScrollingBoard’s main goal is to make your iOS device’s dock as useful as can be. The tweak allows you to have scrolling, unlimited icons in your dock and folders, and add-ons in your dock (like iPod controls).

We think ScrollingBoard is quite the deal for anyone who would like a little more functionality in their dock; give it a try, and we’re sure you’ll agree.

7. MultiCleaner

MultiCleaner fixes some extremely annoying issues with the way iOS handles multitasking. The app quite literally cleans up your multitasking bar so that it displays only the apps that are actually still running. What a thought, huh?

There are other multitasking alternatives out there, but MultiCleaner brings some features to the table that we haven’t found anywhere else.

6. Action Menu

Hands-down, one of the best jailbreak mods of all time, Action Menu is still heavily in use among the iDB staff. Action Menu enhances the native copy/paste functions of your iPhone by incorporating add-ons such as history, favorites, and even spoken word.

Action Menu is one of those mods that once you try it, you simply can’t live without it.

5. CallLock

It’s no secret that even after a few firmware updates, the proximity sensor issues are still a problem for a lot of people, but CallLock takes these issues head on, and tries to straighten them out.

After a few updates, and some heavy usage, we’re happy to report that CallLock is a viable workaround for those with proximity sensor problems. A tweak that keeps you from accidentally hanging up on the HR lady at that job you applied for? Priceless.

4. RemoveBG

A tweak that Sebastian once labeled as “too extreme” has quietly won him over. (Shhh, just don’t tell anyone.) RemoveBG is great because it effectively kills every app running in the background.

That’s right, no more meticulous task management… just slide open SBSettings, tap the RemoveBG toggle, and BAM! You, one. Stubborn apps, zero.

3. Synchronicity

The premise behind Synchronicity is simple; it allows you to use your iPhone while it’s syncing with iTunes. Nothing more, nothing less.

And that, folks, is why we love it. Even if we’re syncing a whole portfolio of photographs, we’re still able use our iPhones in the meantime. Sheer brilliance.

2. BiteSMS

It’s SMS messaging the way it should have been from the start. Quick reply functionality, cheaper international rates, ringtones, signatures, smileys, contact pics, the list goes on and on.

Plus, the BiteSMS team is always working on new features and upgrades. Text messaging doesn’t get any better than this on the iPhone.




And the Best Jailbreak App of 2010 is…




1. MyWi

Reason enough alone to jailbreak, MyWi effectively gives you a Wifi hotspot anywhere you can get a cell phone signal. That means if you have an iPad, there’s no need to invest in the more expensive 3G version. Tether that bad boy.

MyWi is the sort of jailbreak app that pays for itself many times over. It is the reigning king of jailbreak apps, especially if you do a lot of traveling with your iPad or your laptop; MyWi can get you out of a bind, quickly.

Where is SBSettings?

We figured some of you would be in an outrage over the omission of SBSettings, so let us explain. SBSettings is to jailbreaking, what jailbreaking is to SBSettings; meaning that if you jailbreak without SBSettings, it’s kind of pointless.

You need SBSettings. We think it should be there by default when you jailbreak. So it really goes without saying that we recommend SBSettings.

What are your thoughts on iDB’s 10 Best Jailbreak Apps of 2010? Do you agree? Did we leave out your favorite app? Let us know below…

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