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What are Google Ads ad Extensions? 12 Google Ads Extensions for Better Results Structured Snippet Extension Sitelink Extensions

A sitelink is an ad extension that’s widely used in all kinds of industries and business categories. It’s one of the oldest forms of ad extension, and it can help you connect with your potential customers by displaying additional pages of your website. For instance, if your ad is directed to a landing page, but your sitelinks take users to a different page that provides additional value or information, then that’s a good thing.

Location Extensions

A location extension is a type of app that lets people easily find their current location or a map of their current location. It can also include a call button or a phone number. This extension can be used for businesses that rely on in-person transactions, such as restaurants, barber shops, and beauty salons.

Affiliate Location Extensions

An affiliate location extension is a type of website that allows merchants who sell their goods through major retail chains to show their nearest stores. This helps search engines find you and your products.

Setting up an affiliate location extension is relatively easy. Just select the Google database of auto dealers or general retailers that you want to target. It will then show the closest proximity of these establishments to the searcher.

Product Extensions

Product extensions are helpful tools that allow you to enhance your Google Merchant account listing. They can also be used in campaigns that target keywords.

Call Extension App Extensions

Extensions for Android and iOS are great if you want to show off your app alongside your ad text. They should be especially important if you believe that the app helps drive site purchases, or if you see numerous transactions happening through it.

Seller Rating Extensions

Building trust and showcasing your business’ reputation are two of the most important factors that you can consider when it comes to building a strong online reputation. With seller ratings extensions, you can easily see how your business has been compared to other businesses. These ratings are then combined with the number of reviews to create a single rating.

Price Extension

Have you ever been a victim of an oil change price rip-off? I was able to avoid getting ripped off by a mechanic shop that tried to do it with me ahead of time, as I saw an extension for the price. Price extensions are not about preventing employees from deceiving their customers, but rather setting clear expectations. When users see an extension for the price, they are more likely to make an informed purchase.

Image Extensions Lead Form Extensions (New)

A lead form extension from Google Ads allows users to submit their contact details directly to the search results page. This eliminates the need for them to fill out an application form on your site’s landing page. If the user is a Google account holder, the relevant data can be pre-populated.

Automated Ad Extensions

You can’t manually add these extensions to your ad list. Google automatically chooses the appropriate ones for you based on its evaluation of how they can improve the performance of your ad.


Before you start using an extension, think about its purpose. It’s important to consider the quality of the work that it does and avoid extensions that are not helpful or do not contribute to your main goal. For instance, if you’re planning on using a lot of sitelinks, make sure that they’re not only good for you, but also for the development of your site.

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The Best Dark Mode Extensions For Google Chrome

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Dark mode is pretty popular and occasionally helpful. It can reduce eye strain in low-light conditions for some folks. Plus, it just looks cool. We have a tutorial for Google Chrome’s native dark mode in case you want to try it. There is also an auto dark mode flag you can tick as well. However, many folks use extensions for this, as it can help darken websites that native dark mode doesn’t always work with. Plus, it’s easier to turn an extension on and off than it is to do it natively. Here are the best dark mode extensions for Chrome.

Dark Reader

Pricing: Free

Platforms: Google Chrome (Chrome Web Store)

What we like:

Lets you choose between dark gray and black with the contrast slider.

You can whitelist websites with a native dark mode so it doesn’t invert back to light mode.

Some nice extras, like a Sepia slider that effectively adds a blue light filter, if you’re into that.

What we don’t like:

Like most dark mode extensions, it can sometimes negatively impact a website’s performance.

Dark Reader is one of the more popular and stable dark mode extensions. It uses a basic color inversion technique that most extensions use. It basically flips the white to a dark gray. You can opt for black by adjusting the contrast slider in the extension’s options. We also like that there are Sepia and Grayscale options, along with the option to whitelist websites with their own native dark mode, so it doesn’t get inverted back into white. While it’s not perfect, it’s certainly closer to it than most,

Pricing: Free

Platforms: Google Chrome (Chrome Web Store)

What we like:

Super easy to use.

Includes both a dark mode and a blue light filtering night shift mode.

Extra features like whitelists and scheduling put this a step above most other dark mode extensions.

What we don’t like:

Like all dark mode extensions, this can affect site performance on some websites.

Dark Theme & Night Shift Mode is an excellent dark mode extension, and one we readily recommend. It features easy controls where you can customize your dark theme with lighter or darker backgrounds. We also appreciate the scheduling feature along with the whitelist feature that turns the extension off on the websites you choose. The extension worked on every website we tested, and we couldn’t find hardly anything wrong with it. This is one of those easy recommendations for us.

Midnight Lizard

Pricing: Free

Platforms: Google Chrome (Chrome Web Store)

What we like:

The most customizable dark mode extension on this list, and includes background colors other than black or gray.

Extras include text color, link color, and border color options.

Typical stuff like site whitelists is also appreciated.

What we don’t like:

Busier UI than many others.

Can negatively impact some websites, like all dark mode extensions.

Midnight Lizard is easily the most customizable dark mode extension on the list. It not only gives you the standard gray and black options, but you can actually make the background whatever color you want. From there, you can customize the color of links, text, and other elements to truly theme your whole experience. The extension UI is a bit more busy and harder to learn than most of the others, but it’s not that big of a deal. Some users report some quirks on some sites, but it worked fine in our testing.

Night Eye

Pricing: Free

Platforms: Google Chrome (Chrome Web Store)

What we like:

Includes integration with sites with existing dark themes, reducing the need for a whitelist feature.

Reasonably simple UI with plenty of features, including a scheduling feature.

Granular customization controls let you do a variety of things.

What we don’t like:

Can impact the performance of some sites, like most extensions.

Some extra features can have higher CPU consumption, so keep an eye out for that.

Night Eye is a feature-packed extension with dark mode and several other features. It has some basic stuff like an AMOLED black mode along with dark mode scheduling. However, what makes this one stand apart is its extra features. For example, there is a blue light filter, a dim feature, and an icon and image conversion feature. The only downside is that enabling everything can cause high CPU usage in a browser that is already known for its high resource usage. In any case, it gave us dark mode on all of the sites we tested, and the UI is clean and easy to use.

Super Dark Mode

Pricing: Free

Platforms: Google Chrome (Chrome Web Store)

What we like:

Integrates with popular sites with existing dark themes so it doesn’t turn dark themes into light themes. Barring that, the extension icon works as a quick on/off switch to quickly enable or disable it.

Includes desirable features like a whitelist and scheduling.

Deeper features like custom CSS makes it power-user friendly.

What we don’t like:

Once again, it can negatively impact website performance sometimes.

All of the customizations take place in the options menu. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but most other extensions can be customized through the extension menu.


The native dark mode won’t affect site performance, so generally, yes. However, many websites don’t work with Chrome’s native dark mode, so extensions are the only way to get it to work almost everywhere.

Top 3 Emoji Keyboard Extensions For Google Chrome – Webnots

Emoji is a fun way of communicating with others without language problem. Whether you are using social networking sites, emails, documents, presentation or chats, emoji helps to express your opinions easily. However, when you primarily use desktop computer or laptop for your routine work, it’s not an easy task to use your favorite emoji. Fortunately, you can use extensions to insert your favorite emoticons on Chrome browser. In this article, let us explain how to use free emoji keyboard extensions in Google Chrome.

Using Windows and Mac Emoji Keyboard

Though you can use emoji keyboard or alt code shortcuts for inserting emoji, it will be still difficult task to use within Chrome browser. However, using built-in emoji keyboards does not any third-party extension.

On Windows 10 – press, “Win + Semicolon or Dot” keys to open emoji keyboard. You can type the keyword to filter the relevant emojis.

ROFL Emoji in Windows Emoji Keyboard

On Mac – press, “Command + Control + Space” keys to open Character Viewer app. You can search and insert emoji from this app.

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Best Emoji Extensions for Google Chrome

There are hundreds of emoji extensions available on Chrome Web Store. Some extensions allow you to have extensive features while most of them offer simple insert function. For example, Emoji Keyboard by JoyPixels allows you to search and insert the emoji on Chrome. While extensions such as “Chromoji – Emoji or Google Chrome” has simplified interface that allows you visually pick and insert emoji without searching option.

Let’s discuss the top three emoji extensions for Chrome:

Chromoji – Emoji for Google Chrome

Emoji Keyboard – Emojis for Chrome by Coolsymbols

Emoji Keyboard by JoyPixels

1. Chromoji – Emoji for Google Chrome

Chromoji is a simple extension for Chrome that allows you to copy and insert emoji anywhere on the text input. It offers selection of common emoticons from Unicode categorized into groups for easy selection.

you can paste the emoji anywhere on your documents or chat conversation.

You can choose the Apple and Google style emoji and size from the extension’s setting. Unfortunately, Chromoji extension does not have any search box which means you need to visually search for the symbol. In addition,

Chromoji Extension Options

2. Emoji Keyboards by JoyPixels 3. Emoji Keyboard – Emojis for Chrome

Developed by chúng tôi this light and fun extension allows you to insert emoji in text boxes. It has a wide selection of emojis similar to Chromoji and JoyPixels extension. However, you can install this extension in few seconds as the size is only 1.73MB. You have a search box to look for relevant emoji to insert. In addition, you can also view the selected emoji in the text box inside the extension.

Emoji Keyboard by Coolsymbols

It is very useful that you can type the complete sentence including emojis and copy the sentence to paste on Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp conversations.

How to Install Chrome Emoji Extensions?

Go to the Chrome Web Store extension page and use the search box to look for emoji extensions from the web store. Simply typing “Emoji” or “Emoji Keyboard” will display a list of the top emoji extensions for Chrome.

Search Emoji Keyboard Extensions in Chrome Web Store

Select your desired extension, for example, “Emoji Keyboard – Emojis For Chrome”.

Emoji Keyboard by Coolsymbols

Final Words

The Chrome web store has quite a number of emoji extensions to suit your needs. These nifty keyboards are typically super lite, easy to install, and will completely change the messages you share online when using your computer.

10 Amazing Tips To Write Better Mobile Ppc Ads

In the not-so-distant past, PPC managers created multiple campaigns divided up by device to easily differentiate and customize messages to desktop and mobile users.

But does one size fit all?

For example, someone searching for an Italian restaurant on their desktop might be interested in the menu, so the ad should be written accordingly.

But the same search on a mobile device might be best served by an ad with messaging that includes the restaurant’s location and hours of operation.

Take the Time to Customize Your Mobile PPC Ads

Doing so is incredibly beneficial.

How do you do it?

For example, a mobile ad might include mobile ordering, store locator, connect with customer service, apps/games, mobile appointments, etc.

Both Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising offer the ability to use a mobile URL, allowing you to land searchers on a webpage that is optimized for smaller devices and mobile functionality.

1. Attention-Getting Headline

We always want an attention-getting headline. This is is the first line of the ad and the right place to draw the searcher in, and let them know you have a mobile-friendly offer, product, or service.

A few examples:

Find a location

Shop a sale near you

Stop in for a free quote

Call for friendly assistance

Though this won’t necessarily vary from the desktop headline, often you’ll want to keep the messaging short so that lines aren’t truncated on the small smartphone screen.

Also, the benefits for a mobile searcher might also be location-, distance-, or time-based. For example, “Less than Five Miles from You” or “We’re Open Now.”

3. Call to Action

We want to revisit our mobile value proposition and combine that with some ideas in my other recent post on PPC calls-to-action.

Here are a few CTAs with a mobile twist:

Call today for same day appointment

Visit location near you

Listen to podcast now

Apply now from mobile

Stream from your phone

Download the mobile app

Get Quote

4. Call Extensions

Use these when you want to give searchers the option of calling or visiting your website.

5. Call-Only Ads

Messaging text should be short so that lines don’t get truncated on small mobile screens. The CTA should encourage the searcher to place a phone call (e.g. “speak to a friendly representative”).

Use these when you want to eliminate the option of the searcher going to your website.

These are especially useful for businesses where the engagement with a client necessarily begins with a phone call (e.g. attorney or accounting firms).

6. Sitelinks

The purpose of sitelinks is to drive searchers to deeper content on the site. This is a fabulous opportunity to customize these specifically for mobile devices.

Examples of mobile-customized sitelinks:

Highlight your store locator

In-store deals near you

Hours and directions

Information session locations

7. Promotion Extensions

8. Message Extensions

9. Location

As noted in every example, if you have a physical location you should make it easy for the mobile user to find that location.

Your ad messaging should assume the searcher is including in their search “find a location near me.”

If you have a Google My Business (GMB) page, your call-only ad will automatically include:


Street name and city.

Closing time.

A tap on the included location icon will bring up your GMB page with more information and a link to your website.

10. Communicate Ease of Use

Contrary to intuition, mobile shopping doesn’t need to suffer from small screen size, and is becoming more and more prevalent.

Another way to improve shopper convenience is to utilize a sign-in mechanism that lets the customer begin a transaction on a mobile device and complete it on a desktop device.

This type of mechanism lets the shopper put items into their shopping cart on a mobile device, and then see their cart populated with the products once they sign into their account on a desktop computer.

Amazon shopping is a perfect example of this capability, as is Sephora.


More Resources:

Image Credits

All screenshots taken by author, May 2023

Chatgpt Prompts: How To Garner Better Responses & Results

blog / Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Mastering ChatGPT Prompts: The 5 Best Ways to Write These Prompts

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As our world becomes increasingly digital, more and more industries are turning to chatbots and virtual assistants to enhance their customer service, marketing, and even educational efforts. With ChatGPT, the possibilities for creating engaging, personalized conversations with audiences are vast. Furthermore, knowledge of leveraging this opportunity will surely enhance career growth. This blog will explore the different ways in which ChatGPT prompts can open doors and help brands and working professionals daily.

What are ChatGPT Prompts?

Learning how to harness the potential of ChatGPT is highly recommended at present. Consider the burgeoning popularity of the technology: For instance, according to Similarweb, the chúng tôi website received over one billion visits in February 2023, an increase of 62.5% from 616 million in January. The world of ChatGPT has become critical. 

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How Can ChatGPT Prompts Impact Businesses?

Businesses can benefit from ChatGPT prompts in several ways, such as:

They can provide personalized and efficient customer service. Companies can use ChatGPT prompts to create chatbots that can interact with customers, answer their questions, and provide support 24/7 

Moreover, this reduces the human agents’ workload, allowing them to focus on more complex tasks 

Furthermore, ChatGPT prompts can be customized for specific industries, enabling businesses to provide targeted solutions to their customers

Additionally, these prompts can be used to gather customer feedback, which can then improve products and services

Businesses can improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiency, and ultimately improve their bottom line by incorporating ChatGPT prompts into their customer service strategy.

What Skills are Required to Write the Best ChatGPT Prompts?

Professionals who know how to create ChatGPT prompts are an asset for companies since this task requires specific skills. These include:

Audience understanding:

Grasping the target audience’s language, tone, and interests 

Knowledge of ChatGPT:

Assessing the chatbox’s capabilities and limitations, including its language processing and response generation algorithms

Writing skills:

Strong writing skills that incorporate proper grammar, syntax, and vocabulary


Creating unique and innovative prompts that stand out and capture users’ attention

Research skills:

Conducting research and gathering information to create relevant and informative prompts

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How to Write the Best ChatGPT Prompts

Here are five critical tips professionals can leverage for creating the best ChatGPT prompts and get the most out of this AI platform:

Clear Intent

Express your intent or the purpose of your search or query clearly. Clearly state your goal or the problem you’re attempting to solve. This allows ChatGPT to understand the request better and provide more relevant and accurate responses.


Make your prompts as specific as possible. Instead of asking a broad question, provide specifics about the information you seek. For example, if you’re looking for product recommendations, include your preferences, budget, and any special requirements.


Provide relevant context or background information to help ChatGPT understand your request. Details about your current situation, previous actions, and any constraints or limitations that may affect the response could all be included.

Clarity in Formatting

When structuring your prompts, use simple, easy-to-understand language. If you have several questions or sub-requests, break them up into separate sentences or bullet points. This allows ChatGPT to interpret and address each component independently.

Data or Specific Requirements

If you require assistance with specific data or requirements, clearly state them in your prompt. For example, if you’re looking for statistics, specify the type of data you require and the time frame or geographic location in which you’re interested.

How Can a Career in ChatGPT Prompts be Pursued?

Follow these steps to pursue a career in ChatGPT prompts:

Develop the Required Skills:

You need to be adept at audience comprehension, knowledge of ChatGPT, writing abilities, creativity, and research abilities

Gain experience:

Start writing ChatGPT prompts for personal or professional projects like chatbots or virtual assistants

Create a Portfolio:

You can demonstrate your skills and experience by creating a portfolio of ChatGPT prompts. Don’t forget to showcase them on a personal website or portfolio platform

Look for job openings:

Look for job openings in the field of ChatGPT prompts, such as chatbot development companies, tech startups, or digital marketing agencies


Meet with industry professionals, attend industry events, and join online communities to make connections. Also, stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the field

Further education:


your education in relevant fields such as natural language processing, computer science, or linguistics to broaden your knowledge and skills

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Learn More About AI and Chatbots with Emeritus

To conclude, ChatGPT prompts provide a unique opportunity to improve user experience and drive engagement in the world of chatbots. Businesses can generate more natural and personalized customer conversations by implementing fundamental techniques. With the demand for skilled ChatGPT prompt writers rising, now is an excellent time to consider a career in this rapidly expanding field. Explore Emeritus’ machine learning courses and artificial intelligence courses to learn more about AI and chatbots.

By Siddhesh Shinde

Write to us at  [email protected]

Coronavirus Impact On Google Ads And Affiliate Sales

Why is Amazon Virtually Cancelling Google Ads?

It appears that Amazon may be responding to changing trends in consumer spending due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to an article in Buzzfeed News, Amazon has reported a surge in buying that has necessitated hiring an additional 100,000 workers to meet the demand.

As reported by Buzzfeed:

“As Americans retreat to their homes to weather the coronavirus pandemic, they are increasingly turning to Amazon to get basic necessities such as groceries, as well as medicines, cleaning supplies, and, of course, toilet paper.”

Amazon is turning its focus toward meeting the demand of citizens who are “sheltering in place.” To shelter in place means to stay in ones home and not leave except for basic necessities like food and other home supplies.

Yet fear of contracting COVID-19 has consumers wary of leaving their homes so they are turning to Amazon.

According to the report by tinuiti:

“Amazon seemed to abruptly change course towards the end of January 2023 across many product categories and was less prevalent through the first week of March.

Profound Change in Search Trends

What is happening is that online sales is undergoing an extreme change in buying trends. Demand for household items and medical supplies are spiking to an extraordinary degree. The change is so dramatic that Amazon is hiring 100,000 new workers in order to meet the demand.

The following Google Trends graph illustrates the dramatic change in search trends. Considered together with Amazon’s decision to ship only essential goods, these both may be signals of a profound change in consumer buying trends for the next few months.

Yoga mats and Apple Air Pods are listed by Amazon as among the most popular products for sale on Amazon within their respective categories.

But as you can see in this Google Trends graph, demand for toilet paper has dwarfed that of yoga mats and Air Pods.

Amazon Focuses on Medical Supplies and Household Staples

According to a report on Search Engine Journal, Fulfillment By Amazon shipments have stopped except for household and medical supplies that consumers need.

Amazon’s statement noted:

“We are seeing increased online shopping and as a result some products such as household staples and medical supplies are out of stock.

With this in mind, we are temporarily prioritizing household staples, medical supplies and other high-demand products coming into our fulfillment centers so that we can more quickly receive, restock, and ship these products to customers.

For products other than these, we have temporarily disabled shipment creation. We are taking a similar approach with retail vendors.”

According to Amazon, this change in focus will continue through at least April 5, 2023. That’s a little more than two weeks. The CDC has ordered a ban on crowds of 50 or more people for eight weeks. Some communities have banned gatherings of as few as ten people in one place.


Amazons dramatic pivot away from Google Ads may be a sign that online sales of non-essential consumer products may begin to trend downward as medical and household supplies rise in demand.

It’s also possible that these trends may affect affiliate marketing. It will be hard to make an affiliate sale through Amazon if Amazon is not shipping the high margin products popular with affiliate marketers.

Read report on Amazon disabling shipping on Fulfilled by Amazon products that are non-essential.

Read the report on Amazon virtually cancelling Google Ads by tinuiti

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