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I think one of the nice things about travel blogging is that you don’t even need to leave your own country to do it. If you’re living in the US – you got endless opportunities to visit other states and document your experiences. But, understandably, for a lot of people – blogging about travel means visiting countries outside of the norm.

Back in the 2010s – I lived in Southeast Asia for several years. And, whenever I couldn’t find good sources of information locally – I’d turn to online blogs. There’s so much to learn from people who have already done something you’re looking to do. On top of this, in the long term, you can turn your travel blog into a lucrative business.

As an example, numerous YouTubers do travel vlogs and team up with travel agencies or hotels to do custom reviews. A sponsorship like that can net you a nice chunk of money to keep your travels going. And you can further extend it in your own unique ways.

Travel Blogging with WordPress

If you’re looking for a robust publishing platform that also lets you go wild with the customization and design choices, it’s hard to beat WordPress. Whether you want to take a more personal approach to write travel blogs, or straight-up build a “repository” of travel information – WordPress offers great flexibility for both.

So, for this collection of travel blogging themes – I’m going to try and consider all the scenarios imaginable. I think some of the more important elements of a travel blog are a good presentation of photography, easy navigation, and readability. I think by combining all three, you get a nice and fluid blogging experience that’s also satisfying for your readers.

I’m also going to weigh in on how popular a certain theme is in terms of its users. If a theme has over 1,000 users – it generally means it’s easy to work with, but also delivers on the promise of good design. And in the current times, design is one of the key components of a modern website.

Let’s begin!

1. Tripster

AxiomThemes have a solid track record for building reliable WordPress themes that are based on modern features. And the Tripster theme will go well with anyone who loves a bit of a contemporary feel to their website. In fact, you get to pick and choose from 7 pre-made layout variants. Though, they all share some similarities.

In particular, the color scheme follows a nice buttercream pattern, with plenty of added elements that will help highlight your images. I also like that the authors have thought about things like email newsletters and promotions. Many travel bloggers eventually write a book about their best tips, and with this theme, you’ll be able to promote your book effortlessly.

Tripster: Key Features

Multiple options for blog post layouts, so you can always emphasize your best travel stories in a unique way.

Blog post formats include traditional, photos, videos, and galleries.

Truly responsive, including adaptive image scaling which will serve the right dimensions for desktop and mobile users. A great feature for website performance!

Wish to promote an online course or a book about your travels? Tripster integrates with WooCommerce and provides many options to run your online business.

A custom review widget that you can use to review hotels you’ve stayed at and much more.

While the bulk of the legwork is already done on your behalf, you do have the option to further style this theme with the Elementor website building plugin. And lastly, since you are going to be blogging a lot – the Tripster theme offers many unique ways to display your posts, including categorizing them through country-based stories.

2. Norway

If you’re going to focus primarily on sharing travel stories – a theme like Norway can be a nice minimalistic option. It features the traditional WordPress-style layout, with the addition of some modifications to highlight categories through various colors.

But, the main selling point for this theme is the blog post design. It features a fully decked-out full-page interface that supports full-width images. So, in other words, this theme is optimized for going in-depth about your travel experiences. The default font choice is great, but you do have the option to change them with added Google Fonts support.

Norway: Key Features

Minimal design that translates into easy navigation and emphasizes readability – make your stories stand out with visuals and text alone.

Excellent customization features through the WordPress Customizer feature. No need to tinker with writing code, simply change settings as you go.

Utilizes the excellent Bootstrap framework to add colors and promote design familiarity.

A substantial amount of style features for presenting images (arguably the most important thing for travel blogs) – so you can post galleries, full-width images, and create images with text overlays.

3. Trawell

More than being a theme for travel bloggers, the Trawell theme is perfect for travel guides.

If your approach to traveling is to visit as many countries as possible and document everything you see and learn. Then, in such a case, the Trawell theme will make it easy for you to document your journey on a country-to-country basis. On the homepage, you can highlight all the places you’ve been to by marking them on a world map.

And, you can categorize your content by using the top destinations widget. This lets you present your stories in a way that’s most relevant to your readers. But, also makes it much easier for search engines to discover your pages for that juicy organic traffic.

Trawell: Key Features

This theme is focused on helping you create a large online directory of all the places you’ve traveled to. In effect, this feature makes it easier for readers to navigate through your site and find the destinations they’re most interested in.

A stylish approach to blog design – including author information (with a profile picture), social sharing buttons, and quick navigation to the next/previous article.

Clean design, with colors helping to separate areas like sidebar and content from one another.

Instagram widget which can be placed at the footer of your site with real-time updates.

I think you’ll quite like the blog post layouts, too. They come in a number of varieties, and have features like a floating sidebar, Instagram feeds, and more.

4. Avventure

Here we have a nice full-on theme for both travel but also lifestyle bloggers. It has all the modern features you see on top-notch websites, helping you not only present your stories but also to present yourself as an expert in all things travels.

So, first and foremost, this is a modern theme. It’s important to note that because it will take some time to set everything up. For example, the Destinations page can be organized in a way to showcase your stories not only from countries but also from individual cities.

Avventure: Key Features

Professional design with custom icons and vector illustrations, ideal for anyone who is looking to make their travel blog into a brand name.

Comes with the ThemeREX Addons plugin – this one lets you control aspects like social sharing, Google Fonts, and general performance settings.

Mobile-friendly and optimized for things like smooth swiping, Retina displays, and sliders that work with mobile devices, too.

Build your own Header and Footer styles using an in-built builder.

You can also do things like adding a video introduction of yourself. Then, list out all the places you’ve been to and add a smooth filter effect. E.g. Your readers can filter out countries without needing to leave the page. Above all, the design will help to present you as someone who has made their travel lifestyle a permanent thing.

5. Ink Ink: Key Features

If you’re not looking to brand yourself, the Ink theme does a fantastic job at helping emphasize stories over business-like features.

Works great with the Gutenberg editor, so you can use external Block plugins and things like WordPress Patterns to design your blog posts.

You can enable Widgets for separate sections of your site, then add custom Widgets to those sections. This is great for things like displaying social feeds, but also your best posts, categories, and much more.

6. MyVoyage

As far as what I like in design, I’m quite pleased with this pick. I think if I landed on a travel blog using this theme I might confuse it for a custom design. Even with all the experience I have working with WordPress. The Travel Blog layout has some fashionable features like clean typography, custom icons you can add to categories, and also a newsletter signup form – both as a site section but also a slide-in popup.

The blog posts you share can be displayed either as full-width or you can show your sidebar, also. But you can also do it on a per-post basis. For example, if you’re doing a long-form story it’s probably better not to use a sidebar. So having this theme provide that feature is great.

7. Eaven

It’s not uncommon for travelers to team up and work on a project together. And if that project happens to be covering travel stories – this is a great theme to consider. The overall feel is designed to have a professional notion to it. As such, it will work great in scenarios where you have multiple writers producing great travel content.

Also, make sure you check out every single post display preset. There are more than a dozen ways to display your latest posts. Be it on the homepage or in categories. If you want to emphasize images over text – you have an option for it and vice-versa.

Live Preview through the Customizer feature is also available. Change up fonts or manage colors and see what it will look like in real-time. Though, with so many options to manage this theme already included in the settings – you just need to find a style that works for you.

8. Vasco

I’m a huge fan of Pixelgrade themes. If you have ever looked at the demo of more than a few WordPress themes – you’ll immediately know that Pixelgrade is different. And the Vasco theme is a superb choice for individuals who want to document their journeys. It’s a theme solely optimized for personal use by travel bloggers who wish to start an online platform.

The creamy color texture combined with fantastic site elements will help you put yourself in the spotlight of your community. You can categorize your posts on a country level, then insert a homepage widget that showcases a custom image for each category. You can add a fancy Instagram feed that also contains your other social media links.

But, more importantly, the Vasco theme also includes several modern elements. E.g. A unique blob widget was added to featured images for that stylish look. And even a custom badge that you can design yourself and then use as a means of self-branding.

It’s quite unique.

9. Vihan

If you struggle to make a decision for the perfect design, I think it’s hard to go wrong with a theme like Vihan. It has all the resemblances that you’d find in other popular travel blogs, and it makes it easy for you to brand yourself as an established traveler.

The homepage has ample layout variations as do the sidebar placements. So, if you put it all together, it’s more than 20 different layouts you can achieve. In the event that you won’t write your blog in English – the Vihan theme supports both RTL and WPML.

When all is said and done, this is a theme that’s designed to be clean and modern. You’ll love the numerous options for publishing blog posts, too. Whether it’s galleries, videos, standard posts, or status updates. All you have to do is select the post format and the theme will render a custom design for you.

10. Hobo

As a traveler, you’re probably already familiar with the term digital nomad. Which in recent years has also been amplified by the concept of remote work. So many people are now transitioning to a digital work environment. And if you happen to be in that category, the Hobo theme is an ideal choice for writing and sharing your experiences.

I’d say, fundamentally, it is a theme for writers. It maintains its unique features and design elements, but the primary focus is on content. And, interestingly, the Hobo theme does work with eCommerce (WooCommerce) as well. So if you want to make a little side-hustle happen, you won’t need to spend hours on end designing your online store. It’s already done.

11. Felly

The Felly theme has quite a feminine vibe to it. As do quite a few other travel themes in this collection. I think, more than emphasizing that women tend to blog more about travel than men, it’s also about the ability to portray a vibrant and buzzing personality.

I like that content in this theme feels “separated”. From a design perspective, it makes a good reading experience and lets your readers focus on one thing at a time. And, the Instagram feed widget in the footer section is also really nice. That one, in particular, can be further expanded on by adding links (social icons) to your other social media profiles.

12. Rodberg

I won’t assume that you know everything about WordPress, but this theme is specifically built for the Gutenberg Editor. In short, Gutenberg lets you style your blog pages and posts directly from the editor in which you will write your blogs. And that’s useful because you never need to leave your editor to achieve a particular design outcome.

As for the theme and its features, it’s a practical (standard-style) WordPress theme. It’s possible that a more modern theme can feel overwhelming. And, for those cases, going with something like Rodberg makes a lot of sense.

If you do happen to want to style things yourself, you have the option to do so. All the while, you get a default layout that is optimized for readability and easy navigation.

13. Ofelia

If full-size images with large typography are your thing, you’ll like this theme. As do many travelers who are already using it for their travel blogs. The use of image-based browsing creates a nice visual presentation and perhaps helps to trim that overly professional feel.

It’s not uncommon for travel bloggers to write their content with the intention of having it perform well in search engines. And if that is the case with you – Ofelia has both a good structure but also full-on SEO optimization. The lack of branding elements will help elevate your productivity as you focus on writing rather than promoting yourself.

14. Travelosophy

If I’m not mistaken, the Travelosophy theme is the newest (most recently published) addition to our list. So, if you’re going for a truly unique look that nobody else is using – this is the prime choice for you. And it includes all the mandatory features to justify being a true travel theme as opposed to one for storytelling or practical blogging.

Those features include the ability to divide content categories into destinations. But also to help you grow your following through numerous subscription modals and forms. If you love to visually edit the site yourself – Travelosophy works well with the Elementor plugin.

Neuron Themes – the authors for this theme – also do something called unique features, which is a collection of widgets and plugins unique to their themes. For example, you can build custom popups, add eCommerce functionality, or use dozens of widgets to expand upon an already fashionable design.


As with all things WordPress, you do have to take the time to explore each theme individually to get a proper feel for it. I’d say, one of the main reasons people (sometimes) disappoint themselves with a particular choice is because they take the demo layout for granted.

At the end of the day, you’ll be adding your own images. You’ll be removing certain elements, and adding others. And by doing so, perhaps the outcome of a design might change. So, what I am trying to say is – when you decide on one of these WordPress travel themes; make sure you’re satisfied with how much flexibility each theme gives you to adapt to your needs.

You're reading 14 Best Travel Blog WordPress Themes In 2023

Customizing Your WordPress Blog: Installing Themes

Now that you’ve got your hosting set up and WordPress blog installed, it’s time to start customizing it. In this section of the series we’ll go over installing themes. The WordPress dashboard is basically your “Home” on the backend of your blog. From here you can manage and customize it to your heart’s content.

Installing Themes on WordPress

Note: Your WordPress blog will display a “Coming Soon” page until you’re ready to launch it. So, feel free to play around with as many themes as you’d like.

Searching and Finding New Themes

From here you can search for and browse through free and premium themes from WordPress’ own Theme Directory.

As you can see, there are a ton of sources for themes and definitely not enough time to look through them all.

Installing a WordPress Theme from the Dashboard Previewing Your New WordPress Theme

Note: only you will be able to see your homepage. Everyone else will see the “Coming Soon” page. You can test this out by going to your blog’s web address (domain) in an incognito window.

Customizing Your WordPress Theme

Getting your theme to look perfect will take some time, maybe even weeks or months depending on how much of a perfectionist you are. Your potential readers should be your focus. You have to make sure that your blog is easy to navigate, functional, and easy on the eyes. You don’t want to run people away!

Coming Up Next

If you’re ready to add some cool features and functionality to your blog, stick around for the next section where we’ll be going over how to install WordPress plugins.

Charnita Fance

Charnita has been a Freelance Writer & Professional Blogger since 2008. As an early adopter she loves trying out new apps and services. As a Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS user, she has a great love for bleeding edge technology. You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

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How To Edit Themes In WordPress? – Webnots

Related: How to delete themes in WordPress?

WordPress Theme Files

Depending upon the structure, your theme may have different set of files. However, there are some template files most commonly used in all WordPress themes. For example, below are some of the important files available in twenty twenty-one WordPress theme.

Style.css – contains all CSS style definitions for your theme

Functions.php – here you can add functions and call core WordPress functions to make your theme work. This file acts as a plugin that enhances the features of core WordPress.

Single.php – template file for single post

Page.php – template file for single page

Archive.php – template file for archive pages like categories and tags

Header.php and chúng tôi – header and footer template files

What Features You Can Add in Theme Files?

There are many reasons you need to edit WordPress theme files. Here are some of the examples:

How to Edit WordPress Theme Files?

Before trying to edit files, make sure to understand the correct file you want edit. In most cases, you may need to edit chúng tôi file for adding additional functions to your theme. It is also common to add PHP code in single, header, footer or page templates. If you are not sure which file to edit, plat

There are three different ways to edit WordPress theme files.

1. Editing from WordPress Admin Panel

Follow the below instructions to edit theme files from WordPress admin panel.

WordPress Theme Editor

Note: If you are not seeing “Theme Editor” menu then check you have any security plugins. It is common to disable theme editor to avoid PHP file editing from the from end. Check out this article on how to disable or enable theme editor in WordPress admin panel.

2. Using File Manager App from Hosting Account

If you don’t like to edit file within admin panel, the alternate option is to edit from hosting account.

Edit Theme Files in File Manager

3. Remotely Editing with FTP

Edit Theme Files with FTP

Note: In all the above methods, you may need to clear the cache in order for the changes to be effective on the live site.

Risks in Editing Theme Files

There are multiple risks in editing theme files in your site.

Though you can edit a theme with different methods, you have the same risk in all the methods. Whenever you update a theme to next version all your changes will be wiped off. For example, you might have changed the heading color from red to blue in chúng tôi file. After updating the theme, the heading will go back to the original red color on your site. This is the reason WordPress will warn you when you try to access theme files in admin panel.

PHP Fatal Errors

Wrongly adding content in template files may break your site’s layout. For example, mistakes like leaving the PHP closing tag, forgetting comma or semicolon and adding a full stop in chúng tôi file will show you white screen of death. Therefore, make sure to follow the correct syntax when editing PHP code.

Alternate Options for Adding Functions

The best and recommended way of adding functions in WordPress site is to use a child theme. However, it will not help you in editing an existing function on your parent theme’s template file. Other option is to use WordPress Hook API and insert custom sections on your site which is not an easy task for normal users. However, themes like GeneratePress and Astra offers this as part of the theme so that you can insert custom functions.

Final Words

As mentioned, choosing the right theme is one of the daunting tasks when launching a WordPress site. many people strive for perfect theme and end up spending too much of time in adding custom functions. Later it will become a big maintenance task and you will not be able to manage at one point of time, Therefore, we strongly recommend choosing the best fit theme that offers good functions instead of editing theme files.   

Best Iphone 14 And 14 Pro Cases With Stand In 2023

Do you want protection against shocks while reading, binge-watching movies, or FaceTiming for your new iPhone 14? You can get all these by using an iPhone 14 case with a stand. The stand will enable you to go hands-free and view your iPhone in landscape or portrait mode. Also, these cases are sturdy enough to withstand drops. I have rounded up the best kickstand cases for iPhone 14 and 14 Pro. Check out below!

1. Spigen tough armor case – Editor’s choice

Spigen is the most well-known brand in the iPhone accessories industry. The Tough Armor with MagSafe compatibility offers multi-layered protection for better drop safety. Besides, it has Spigen’s signature Air Cushion Technology and Extreme Protection Tech of military-grade shock absorption standards. Also, it’s made of PC, TPU, and Impact Foam for longevity. 

The raised edges and lips safeguard the screen and camera from scratches and damage. Also, the tactile buttons provide you with reliable feedback and simple pressing. The built-in kickstand is durable and convenient for hands-free viewing. I liked its added grip at the corners and dual-tone matte finish. However, the hole cutout design didn’t work for me.


Extra grip

Optimal slimness



Weak magnets to hold on car vents

2. OtterBox Defender Series case – Just classic

OtterBox Defender Series, renowned for its tough case, comes with a multi-layer structure. Its DROP+ protection can endure 4X more drops than the military standards. Besides, the polycarbonate shell with synthetic rubber slipover is shock-absorbing and has 50% recycled plastic. So, your iPhone is safe from damaging drops, scratches, and bumps. 

I liked the port covers that prevent dust and dirt buildup. Though there are no built-in magnets, the case supports Qi and MagSafe wireless charging. Additionally, the supplied polyester holster is a 2-in-1 belt clip and a hands-free kickstand. The material is fully appropriate for 5G networks and includes a lifetime limited OtterBox guarantee.


Textured edges

Added bumpers

Port covers


No magnets in case

Bulky holster

3. ESR metal kickstand case – Crystal clear

This ESR crystal clear case is durable, thanks to the scratch-resistant acrylic back. Its Air-Guard corners, raised screen edges, and camera guard provide certified protection against drops, shocks, and bumps. Also, the soft shock-absorbing and non-slip polymer sides of this iPhone 14 Pro kickstand case provide a nice grip and great in-hand feel.

Besides, its highly modifiable kickstand offers 3 stand modes. So, you can adjust the hands-free viewing angle to 60 degrees and use your phone in landscape or portrait mode. Also, your stand will remain steady for a longer period thanks to a sturdy hinge and aluminum alloy patented design. This compact case offers wireless charging, so you can juice your phone without removing it.


1.2mm Raised edges and 0.5mm camera lip

Reinforced air-guard corners



Turns yellow

4. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro case – 360° Full-body protection

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro case has a back cover, screen protector, and a holster with a belt clip. It’s the winner of CNET’s “Best Case Scenario” drop test (20ft protection). Actually, the case is made of dual-layer hybrid polycarbonate back and shock-absorbing TPU bumper for extreme durability.

Besides, the front cover has a built-in screen protector. So, your display is shielded against scratches without compromising on touch sensitivity. The built-in kickstand enables both portrait and landscape viewing. There is a rotating and removable belt clip with a swivel for simple usage. What’s more? It is compatible with wireless charging.


20ft Drop protection

Reliable screen protector



5. Encased kickstand case – Thin screen protection

Encased Kickstand Series armor case has a scratch-resistant clear PC backplate and multi-layer protection design. Also, the mil-standard shockproof and ultra-protective bumper safeguards your iPhone from 10 ft drop damage. The reinforced camera guards keep the camera frame away from the surface. 

Besides, the supplied high-clarity screen protector is made of 2x toughened tempered glass. The case offers a seamless fit and wraps your iPhone to protect it from all sides. Also, the sturdy metal kickstand is made to endure and is constructed for robustness. Therefore, it won’t pop out or break as plastic patterns do.


10ft Drop protection

Reinforced corners

Durable metal hinge


Tempered glass screen protector cracks easily

6. TORRAS MarsClimber case – Premium matte finish

TORRAS iPhone 14 Pro case with stand has a contemporary bezel design, side laser texture, and translucent matte coating imported from Germany. So, it offers an outstanding ergonomic grip and a smooth feel without gathering lint. Besides, the back panel is covered with a nano-oleophobic and hydrophobic coating. 

Therefore, it prevents smudges, fingerprints, and scratches. The best part is the case is only 0.04 inches and is lightweight. Also, the dark grey hue will never fade or get filthy, so it’s long-lasting. You will get 8ft mil-grade drop protection thanks to the flexible TPU frame, 4 corners with internal X-SHOCK tech, and 360° honey-comb anti-shock airbags on both sides. 


3D Airbags design

Internal anti-shock cushion

360° Honeycomb pattern


Slippery in hand

7. MyBat Pro Stealth Series case – With ring holder

The MyBat Pro Stealth iPhone 14 Pro case with kickstand is tough and has dual-layered military-grade protection to withstand shocks and bumps. Its non-slip surface provides a good grip, and the elevated bezel edge prevents scratches. Besides, the case guards against germs and bacteria thanks to the anti-microbial lining. 

You may use the stylish and unobtrusive ring holder as a vertical kickstand. So, enjoy hands-free movie watching or FaceTiming your buddies. With the case’s integrated metal plate, you can easily attach your iPhone with any magnetic mount. But it doesn’t support wireless charging. Besides, the snug fit ensures easy access to all buttons and ports.


Non-slip bumper grip

Anti-microbial lining 

Built-in ring holder 


Not wireless charging compatible

8. SHEILDON wallet case – For leather aficionados

SHEILDON high-quality genuine leather case has precisely crafted oil wax cowhide leather. Therefore, the surface is scratch-resistant, shinier, and more streamlined. Your phone is protected from scratches, drops, and bumps thanks to a soft, full-body casing with a shockproof edge. Also, the thicker lips surrounding the lens safeguard your camera.

You can store 4 cards and bills in wallet slots. The magnetic closure and RFID-blocking technology keep everything secure. Besides, the folding stand enables viewing in landscape orientation. The precise cutouts enable you to access all functionalities conveniently. But the magnetic closing mechanism will become less effective if you insert many cards.


Genuine cowhide leather

Invisible kickstand

Magnetic closure


 Not suitable for Magsafe chargers

So, that’s all for today, folks!

The iPhone 14 or 14 Pro kickstand cases are best for using your device in hands-free mode. Some cases come with built-in screen protectors, but sometimes they are bulky or do not support MagSafe or wireless charging. Besides, there are several cases for iPhone 14 and 14 Pro. Check these out before making a purchase.

Explore more…

Author Profile


Ava is an enthusiastic consumer tech writer coming from a technical background. She loves to explore and research new Apple products & accessories and help readers easily decode the tech. Along with studying, her weekend plan includes binge-watching anime.

10 Best Themes For Opera Browser

10 Best Themes for Opera Browser [Download & Install] Downloading more themes doesn’t delete previously installed ones




Opera is a highly customizable browser with features that users can explore to get the best of the browser’s appearance.

Users can switch between dark mode and light mode in the Preferences settings. Also, you can set it to adjust to your computer’s default display mode.

The Opera browser doesn’t support themes from Chromium-based browsers like Google Chrome and Vivaldi.

Try Opera One, a browser with unlimited functionalities already integrated.

A remarkable browser like Opera One has maximum capabilities already underneath the hood.

Here’s what Opera One covers through default:

An incredible AI Service accessible directly in the sidebar

Ad-blocker mode integrated to load pages quicker

Modular browser, multithreaded, and intuitive tab navigation

Battery saver mode

⇒ Get Opera One

Everyone loves to open their browsers and get that delightful sight from it. It is the work of themes and customization. Hence, we’ll take you through some of the best Opera browser themes you can download. Also, you’ll learn how to download Opera themes.

Furthermore, being able to customize your browser interface to any display of your choice is one thing Opera does best. The browser has a repository containing many themes users can download and apply to their browser.

Also, Opera comes with a dark mode theme and a light mode theme that users can switch between. Likewise, it allows users to decide whether to use the device’s default display mode.

Nevertheless, we’ll be delighted to take you through our ten best picks of Opera browser themes you can download and install.

Quick Tip:

To fully appreciate the colorful world of themes, you must first have the most recent version of Opera installed to have the smoothest experience whatsoever.

Because Opera is always developing and evolving, you have to create a place for more tailored preferences with the most recent version of the web application.


Make sure you have the latest version installed to avoid conflicts with the graphic suite.

Free Visit website

How do I get more themes for Opera?

It will take you to another page where you can browse and find more themes you can install on your Opera browser.

However, downloading more themes doesn’t delete your previously installed ones. So, when you download a new one, it adds to your Opera theme library in the Theme Manager. It allows you to manage and access your themes easily.

How do I install Opera themes?

Downloading more themes from Opera’s repository will help you change your browser’s look as many times as you want. It will help you create a sight-appealing browser that fits your choice of mood.

Also, Opera allows you to create themes with any image and detail you want. However, you can access this feature on the Themes page.

Do Chrome themes work on Opera?

Chrome themes & extensions are not allowed on Opera. It is because Opera doesn’t allow extensions and themes from Chromium-based browsers.

There are other browsers like Vivaldi where users download and install extensions and add-ons from other browsers. Hence, Chrome browser themes can’t work on Opera because it is not allowed by default.

However, Opera has its repository where you can download and install add-ons and themes for your browser. They help you personalize your browser to your choice.


Opera doesn’t allow the use of external themes. Most themes are customized for specific sites only.

What are the best themes for Opera?

LinkeTheme is one of the most stylish themes in the Opera store to download. It has a sight soothing feeling that makes you want to keep staring at your browser interface.

Moreover, it is a worthwhile theme to apply to your browser as it comes with colors that are not sight-threatening. Also, the calmness in the display makes it more interesting to work on your browser.

Furthermore, the theme background features a simple display pattern which makes it the best choice to consider for simplicity and maturity.

⇒ Get LinkeTheme

It is always cool to be able to change between display choices for your browser. For instance, using a bright wallpaper or theme is fit for the daytime, while a dark and cozy look is perfect for the night.

However, the Dark theme for YouTube allows you to use the dark mode while watching video content on your browser.

Also, it allows you to customize your YouTube user interface to your preferences and make the best out of your browser.

⇒ Get Dark Theme for YouTube

Adding this theme extension to the Opera browser allows you to alter the color for all websites. Likewise, it offers a high-contrast dark sensation which makes it the best theme for night surfers.

However, users can assign display modes to different pages on the browser. For instance, you can leave some websites on the default appearance, while you change others to your theme display.

You don’t have to strain your eyes because this theme relaxes them from the strain of looking at so many colors at once. So, it is perfect for a safe and intriguing browsing experience.

⇒ Get Dark Theme for All Websites

The Website Theme Sync is one of our best picks for Opera themes. Its main feature is that it allows you to set your browser to allow some websites to conform to the default theme settings of your OS.

Expert tip:

Also, it is easy to use, and it applies to a lot of websites.

⇒ Get Website Theme Sync

Website Theme Manager is an extension for Opera that allows users to customize the appearance of their websites. Likewise, this theme manager enables you to add, edit, or remove styles from your website themes.

However, the theme extension comes with tools that allow you to change the website’s colors, fonts, and other appearances on the page.

Likewise, it stores your customization for easy access in the theme manager.

⇒ Get Website Theme Manager

Opera browser has a feature that allows users to link their social media platforms to their browsers. It gives easy access to users.

However, the WhatsApp theme is an extension that allows you to customize the WhatsApp user interface on your browser.

Furthermore, it alters the WhatsApp web interface’s display wallpapers, fonts, and other settings.

⇒ Get WhatsApp Themer

The Instagram pro is a theme extension for the Opera browser. It allows you to customize your web UI (User Interface) while using Instagram in the Opera browser.

Another feature of this extension is that it can save images and videos directly from Instagram.

However, it is available for different operating systems, and it is easy to use.

⇒ Get Instagram Pro

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Opera One Review: Futureproof Your PC With AI & Modularity

Opera browser’s theme repository is diverse as it contains different story features in its theme. The Naruto theme is the perfect theme for anime lovers.

More so, the theme comes with wallpaper for the browser background. Also, it uses a considerable amount of light for the eyes.

However, it is a good pick for those who want to see their favorite anime character on their browser display.

⇒ Get Naruto Theme

Another beautiful theme for Opera is the Azusa Animated theme. It is an Opera custom theme that features the beautiful anime character Azusa. Also, it can work as a live theme that can change displays.

This theme is a good pick for anime freaks. Likewise, it doesn’t strain the eyes because it comes with gentle light radiation.

However, in the Azusa animated theme, you will enjoy the vibrant display of anime. Also, you can also customize it to your choice.

⇒ GetAzusa Animated Theme

The Ghost of Tsushima Title Theme is one of the most attractive themes you can download for your browser.

Likewise, it is beautiful to stare at the animated cloud background and bloody leaves. It is a great background and if well customized, makes a great theme for the browser.

⇒ Get Ghost of Tsushima Title Theme

How do I customize my Opera theme?

Also, users can change their themes immediately after downloading a new one in the Opera theme store.

Furthermore, we recommend that users check our article on the easiest method to add a GIF wallpaper on Opera GX. The Opera GX browser can use native wallpapers and extensions from Opera.

Also, Opera GX has a repository where you can download and install extensions for the browser. So, users can go through our picks for the best extensions for Opera GX.

Conclusively, there are lots of browsers apart from Opera that you can download to get the best customization option. Hence, users can go through our article about the seven best customizable browsers.

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10 Best Clear Cases For Iphone 14 Pro And Iphone 14 Pro Max

Enamored by the cool new Dynamic Island notch on the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, you rushed to buy the latest iPhones from Apple. Apart from the island animations, the iPhone 14 Pro series offers top-of-the-line hardware to attract users. This includes a stunning 6.1-inch (Pro) and 6.7-inch (Pro Max) Super Retina XDR display with up to 2000 nits of brightness, a 48MP triple camera setup, A16 Bionic chipset, and much more. But all that comes for a hefty price, and you would want to protect your shiny new iPhone from any mishaps. If that’s why you are here, find our curated list of the best clear cases for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max below. Choose the case that best fits your requirements while showing off your iPhone’s beautiful color and aesthetics.

Best iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max Clear Cases

In this list, we have included clear cases from some of the most popular accessory makers, like Spigen, ESR, Mkeke, OtterBox, and many others. You will even find thin, rugged, and standard cases here. So use the table below and pick the case that suits your needs.

Note: The iPhone 14 Pro (6.1-inch) and 14 Pro Max (6.7-inch) clearly differ in size, so the cases are not interchangeable. Please choose the right case for your iPhone model to avoid hassles.

1. Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Clear Case

Key Features

built-in corner bumpers

screen and camera dual protection

anti-yellowing technology

Now, it’s not the slimmest case out there but should be comfortable to grip and use. Another reason for its build is the durability it offers, including three-layered bumpers on the corners and an enhanced dual-protection setup. Mkeke is aware of user complaints concerning the camera lens scratches, so it has considerably raised the edges (3.5mm) around the camera. The same applies to the screen bezel (1.9mm) too, completing the military-grade certification here. So you are well-protected against scratches and accidental drops with Mkeke’s iPhone 14 Pro clear case.

Another thing I quite like about Mkeke’s clear case lineup is the fact that you get a ton of color options. You can obviously go for the clean case with transparent borders. But, to mix things up, Mkeke offers clear cases with dual-tone gradient borders like blue and purple, green and red, and more. Also, if you want to add a splash of color in there, you could opt for the gradient clear cases, wherein the colored finish flows from the bottom to the top (see image above).

Buy from Amazon:

2. ESR Classic Hybrid Magnetic Case

Key Features

crystal-clear acrylic material

military-grade protection

built-in powerful magnets

However, one of the best things about this iPhone 14 Pro clear case will have to be HaloLock. Much like Apple’s case, ESR bakes strong magnets into the back of their case to make it easier for you to align and attach your iPhone to MagSafe chargers. You can also attach and use MagSafe accessories with this clear case. Moreover, the magnets are so strong that they have 1,500 g of holding force, which is great!

Buy from Amazon:

3. Apple iPhone 14 Pro Clear Case

Key Features

built-in corner bumpers

screen and camera dual protection

support MagSafe charging

Now, if the price is no bar, and you want to pair your iPhone 14 Pro or 14 Pro Max with an official clear case from Apple, this is the one you should go for. Priced at a buck under $50, this transparent case lets you show off your new iPhone in all its glory. It’s crafted using a combo of clear polycarbonate and flexible materials, which are treated to prevent yellowing over time.

Buy from Amazon:

4. totallee Thinnest Clear Case

Key Features

thinnest iPhone 14 Pro case

minor drop and scratch resistance

raised camera lip protection

If you don’t like bulky covers and want a slim case for your iPhone, the accessory maker totallee is here to the rescue. On our list of the best iPhone 14 Pro or 14 Pro Max clear cases, this is the thinnest one, and that too, with no competitor in sight. This ultra-thin case adds only 0.02-inches to the overall thickness of the iPhone, making it feel like you are using no case at all.

Since this case is pretty slim, it doesn’t provide the best protection. It only safeguards your phone against minor drops and scratches. Even the camera lenses won’t get scratched, thanks to the raised camera lip here. However, the main focus of this sleek case is aesthetics rather than safety. So we suggest you think twice before you make a buying decision – do you wanna flaunt or protect your iPhone 14 Pro?

5. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Clear Case

Key Features

hybrid TPU + PC clear build

air cushion corners

raised camera + screen bezels

Spigen needs no introduction for Apple users. It’s one of the most trusted accessory makers and is well aware of the needs of the users. The Spigen Ultra is another one of the best clear cases for iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max you can buy. Much like other covers on this list, it has a hybrid build — TPU bumpers and a polycarbonate back. So you have a crystal clear look at the glass back and aluminum edges, and the case will not go yellow quickly.

Moreover, in terms of protection, you have air cushions at the corners and raised bezels around the camera cutout and screen. So yeah, this case will safeguard your phone against accidental drops and scratches with ease. Also, there are precise cutouts and tactile buttons, and the case does not interfere with wireless charging.

Also, if you are not looking to spend a fortune, Spigen’s Ultra clear case is also priced reasonably, making it a worthy contender on this list.

6. Case-Mate Tough Plus Clear Case

Key Features

rugged transparent case

enhanced drop protection

anti-yellowing technology

Looking for an iPhone 14 case with the most protection against drops and impacts? Check out the Case-Mate Tough Plus, whose name is already enough to confirm its enhanced focus on 360-degree protection. Crafted using recycled impact-absorbing polymer material, we get this amazing iPhone 14 Pro/ Pro Max clear case. It has shockproof bumpers running along the edges and soft cushion corners that shield your phone against nasty impacts.

Not only do these bumpers offer good protection, but also make this Case-Mate case stand out among s sea of transparent cases. Also, if you hadn’t noticed, the edges around the screen and camera are raised to protect against scuffs and scratches.

The company also boasts about its anti-yellowing tech that supports UV protection and Qi wireless charging compatibility. While that is great, you need to spend nearly $40 on this case, making it way pricier than the majority of options on this list.

7. Caseology Skyfall Clear Case

Key Features

dual-tone clear aesthetic

pattern grip on edges

raised screen and camera lip

I’m a fan of clear cases, but I despise how the case starts to look once grime and dust settle in and peek through the transparent edges. Well, Caseology offers a solution for this issue with a transparent polycarbonate back and colored TPU sides. You can choose between black, blue, and red edges for a clean dual-tone aesthetic.

Not just that, the TPU frame here includes a pattern strip on the edges for better grip. This is accompanied by raised lips around the screen (1.2mm) and camera (2.0mm), plus a standout camera ring for enhanced protection. Further, Caseology touts that its case is military-grade certified and supports wireless charging with no issues.

So if you like dual-tone cases that will add to your iPhone 14 Pro’s look, you can go for this option without much thought.

8. OtterBox Symmetry Series+ Clear Case

Key Features

built-in corner bumpers

screen and camera dual protection

support MagSafe charging

OtterBox is another popular brand among Apple users, and its Symmetry Series+ Clear Cases are one of the best you can get for the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. They boast a sleek profile and are crafted with more than 50% recycled plastic, along with synthetic rubber to mask the built-in magnets that support MagSafe wireless charging.

Much like others on this list, this OtterBox clear case also includes raised edges to protect the screen and camera. It’s common among cases these days, but the company promises 3x as many drops as MIL-STD-810G 516.6. Also, there’s one thing that sets this case apart – lasting antimicrobial properties. That means the exterior of your case will be safe against many common bacteria.

There’s one major qualm with this case, though. This clear case costs twice as much as the Mkeke or ESR covers we listed above.

9. elago Magnetic Hybrid Clear Case 

Key Features

hybrid TPU + PC construction

reduced yellowing

shockproof protection

Talking about the most affordable iPhone 14 Pro/ 14 Pro Max case on our list, the elago clear case offers almost the same features and properties as the more expensive covers. It features a hybrid construction, which mixes polycarbonate and TPU to offer resistance against accidental drops, bumps, and scratches.

The company touts its in-house design process for the quality and safety it delivers, along with raised edges for camera and screen protection. The fit is said to be pretty good with precise cutouts and responsive buttons. This clear case will have reduced yellowing as opposed to other cases and supports wireless charging.

So even at its $12.99 price tag, it covers all the basics for a good iPhone clear case, and you can consider buying it if you are on a strict budget.

10. Speck Gemshell iPhone 14 Pro Case

Key Features

UV light protection

dual-layer perimeter protection

support wireless charging

Metting in the middle at around $25, we have the Speck Gemshell clear case for iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. This clear case boasts a slim construction and does not add much bulk to the overall thickness of the device. However, when we talk about the edges, you have dual-layer perimeter protection. That means your phone will be able to survive scratches and drops from up to 8 feet. There’s raised

Also, the clear exterior of the case can show off your iPhone 14 without turning yellow for a long time. That is because the polycarbonate material used to make this case protects against UV light. Further, this clear case brings antimicrobial protection into the fold, offering a 99% reduction in bacteria growth on the case. And let’s not forget about wireless charging, which is another common feature among the cases.

Buy from Amazon:

Best iPhone 14 Pro/ Pro Max Clear Cases and Covers

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