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Introduction to Work To Deadlines

Work to deadlines is something a professional needs to cope with at any stage of life. It’s a tough day, and you’re loaded with tough work. When you are loaded with assignments in school, now in the office or college, you are overloaded with pending work of your client, presentations, word documents, etc. Coming up with this stress requires you to be mentally and physically strong. You need to cope with some challenges. Work for the client is still pending, and assignments are yet to be reviewed –for this, you don’t need to panic.

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15 Tricks That Will Help You Cope with Your Pending Work

Here are some 15 tricks that will help you cope with your pending work and so much work pressure. This can help turn the pressure into a more positive force rather than a panicking poison.

Try To Keep The Desk Tidy

A tidy desk is a tidy mind. A free mind and a tidy environment help to work properly and efficiently. A tidy desk is a place where you can concentrate well. On a tidy desk, A to-do list is a tool that can help you meet your work. It helps you keep track of all the pending work and work pre-planned or postponed. Remember, tracking work left or pending can help you solve half your problems.

    Try To Keep Distractions Away

    Generally, we also log on to our Facebook or Twitter accounts during the peak crisis hour. Keep these distractions away. Try to concentrate on work, or you can plug in your earphones or concentrate better; they help you. Try to prevent procrastination. Make a plan to create real-time expectations. Consider all your productivity hacks and improve upon them. Motivate yourself and set up a procrastination equation. Logging on Facebook What’s Up chats can get you distracted. Keep yourself away, set targets, keep yourself motivated, and see how it keeps distractions away.

      Use Task Manager Apps

      Get a clear mind, and concentrate on the task. Use task manager apps to manage your tasks, make a list of to-do tasks, and set up a time limit for them. Task manager apps help you to keep track of all the pending tasks. An app installed in your system to help you find out work remaining, pending work left to do. This entirely helps a working professional to keep track of pending work. Task manager apps also help you manage the pending amounts to collect from friends. It helps to manage work easier and faster.

        Take Breaks

          Working in Pairs

            Divide Time for Each Slot of Work

            This helps! If you allocate adequate work hours to each slot, it will help you finish beforehand, as time management is one of the key skills a project manager must possess. Think about allocating time accurately. It’s not to unnerve you …you’ll learn slowly how helpful time management is…Work your best hours. Work at the time which suits you the best. Try to be the most productive in 20 % of your leisure hours. Try to find new and smarter ways to do the same tedious work. Ditch clock–watching. Just keep up with self–set time guidelines.

              Think Of Each Task as Unfamiliar

              Sometimes, due to boredom, we delay starting a particular task. Think of each task as new, filled with fresh learning, and start it with zeal, passion, and enthusiasm. This will help to prevent work delays. The same kind of work seems monotonous; thus, different work helps to avoid boredom. This will help you to keep away stress. Removing boredom is one key parameter to finishing off a task faster. Fresh and new, challenging and exciting work excites us.

                Work Backwards

                  Create Self-Assigned Deadlines

                  This help to assist you in setting your work to deadlines. This can help you devote equal and ample time to each task without last-minute pending tasks. Try to do any work with perfection. It is the ultimate tool to help you stop re-doing or rework to ensure faster work. Share your yet-to-do list to list all the work you wish to do and complete on time. Manage a proper work breakdown structure for your work. Divide work based on its priority, prioritize your work, and complete it on time to meet the deadlines. If you are a project manager, designate tasks for the employees under you and try to complete them on time. Finish the work before the due date to complete the task.

                    Use Smart Work and Smart Tools

                    Check out other people in your project. Are they using smart tools or techniques to complete faster? Network with them, communicate, and find faster and easier ways to do the same work. Upgrade your technology. Use the best tools in the marketplace, keep up with technology, and finish your work faster. Keeping yourself upgraded with smart apps and tools and keeping pace with technology helps in doing smarter work and the same work faster and quicker.

                    Smart work is crucial for success. Managing time and work equally can help meet deadlines. Regaining control can reduce panic and stress. Communicating with Project Managers is efficient in deciding how to complete multiple projects. Alert them of any delays or resource needs. Ensure sufficient resources or hire on a contract basis if deadlines are near.

                    Communicate regularly and inform your project managers and team members about your progress. Also, inform them about the major issues you are facing. Your work might directly affect the work and progress of other employees, so communication is important for working together to complete multiple projects on time. Effective communication is the key to proper project management skills. Alert them of any issues or delays as soon as possible so everyone else can adjust their schedules and expectations. Communication is the key to any problem, or someone else can help you complete a task that takes longer than normal. Some key skills of a business manager should be taught to manage work faster.


                        Decision-Making Skills

                        This is, again, a very major skill that needs to be born within a business manager. A business Manager needs to make the right decisions at every phase of the business, whom to hire, how to hire, cost of resources, innovations, and changes in the business plan –all these decisions drive the business and greatly affect the success of the enterprise or organization. A business manager must make the right business skills decisions at the right time. Decision-taking capability, be it right or wrong, is very important.


                          Self-discipline is essential for success in any area of life, whether you’re an entrepreneur, student, or employee. It involves consistently setting and adhering to key principles or rules, even when no one is watching. Developing self-discipline requires hard work and dedication, but it can help you achieve anything you want in life. Remember, aiming high can still lead to significant success even if you don’t reach 100% of your goals.

                            Use the Right Tool

                            Effective managers generally do smart work. Choosing the right tool for faster work is important. Over the past 100 years, leadership and management research has come up with a single definitive conclusion when answering the question, “what’s the best approach?” The answer is, “it depends”. It depends on the situation, has been the best answers for business managers…the skills of the leader, the needs of the employees, and the unique interaction between the three, collaboration and integration of work in all spheres. Effective managers have an arsenal of tools to draw from, to use to work faster and collaborate with teams faster, and, most importantly, they have the performance analysis skills to know which tools to use. Coaching, counseling, feedback, information sharing, self-disclosing, encouragement, recognition, problem-solving, corrective action, and others are options that the effective manager can use at will.

                              Learn and Practice Your Craft

                              These skills, well practiced, can lead to a great business manager who can adequately manage work pressure and deadlines. Give yourself a given time regime to complete a task, but keep away from re-work as it will pile up more and more work for you even in the coming future.

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                              Twitter Tips: Most Effective Ways To Create Polls

                              Twitter is back with more examples of good copy versus bad copy when writing tweets, this time with examples related to publishing polls.

                              Twitter’s Global Creative Lead Joe Wadlington hosts what has now become a monthly video series full of Twitter tips.

                              Twitter Polls – Engaging & Useful

                              Polls on Twitter can be a valuable source of market research data, but only if they’re utilized strategically.

                              When it comes to writing copy for polls, marketers have to find a balance between being engaging while also gathering usable information.

                              Good copywriting comes into play when writing the body of the tweet and also when crafting the poll options.

                              As explained later on in the examples, it’s easy to make the mistake of writing engaging copy that doesn’t actually produce any useful data.

                              In that case – it doesn’t really matter how many people engage with the poll if it does not generate anything your company can benefit from in the long run.

                              Bad Copy for Twitter Polls

                              Here’s the example provided of bad copy for Twitter polls:

                              “We’re completely out of ideas! Tell us what to put on our blog next.”

                              Blog posts



                              Cat videos

                              There are a number of things wrong with this copy, not the least of which is the negative note it starts out on.

                              After demanding the audience for responses, it goes on to lead them toward a series of skewed answers.

                              Blog posts and videos are content formats, while how-tos is a topic that could be either a blog post or a video.

                              Cat videos is a funny and engaging answer, but it’s engaging to a fault.

                              So that’s the bad copy. Here’s the good copy version.

                              Good Copy for Twitter Polls

                              “We want to hear from you! What type of content do you want to see on our blog?“

                              Product how-tos

                              Twitter trends

                              Marketing best practices

                              Right from the start, this poll begins by soliciting feedback from the audience in a positive way.

                              “We want to hear from you” shows that you care about what your audience has to say.

                              Especially when compared with “We’re completely out of ideas!”

                              This is good copy, and in the end it will provide the business with information it can use to improve its blog.

                              See the full Good Copy, Bad Copy video below.

                              Do you know what makes for effective Tweet copy?

                              — Twitter Business (@TwitterBusiness) April 13, 2023


                              Twitter is where you go to ask your audience what they want, and polls are a great way to do this. But this is bad copy.

                              “We’re completely out of ideas! Tell us what to put on our blog next.”

                              And then each of the answers included in this poll are a little skewed.

                              Blog posts and videos are a format, whereas how-tos are a topic. And cat videos – well that’s a funny joke answer but everyone’s going to vote cat videos and you won’t learn anything from this poll. This is bad copy.

                              The good copy version: “We want to hear from you! What type of content do you want to see on our blog?”

                              Asking questions always stimulates engagement, and each of these answers are something that the poll results can tell you and that you’ll learn from.

                              Product how-tos, Twitter trends, marketing best practices – this is going to help your team along the way.

                              It’s good copy.

                              More Resources

                              15 Ways To Be More Secure Online

                              Welcome to the New World. Email phishing has evolved. Trolls can target your Facebook timeline, and your social security number is probably floating around the internet right now. Even Wi-Fi is no longer completely secure. But it’s not all doom and gloom. There is a shining path you can follow to keep yourself safe. Or, uh, safer.

                              Below, tricks that’ll make you more secure online—wherever you roam.

                              Lock it down.

                              Control your app permissions

                              Know what your apps are doing.

                              Your smartphone wouldn’t be all that useful without all the apps you’ve downloaded. Even when you’re not actively poking around within a program, it can run in the background—updating your location, checking your email, or playing music—to make life more convenient. But to do so, it needs permission from your phone.

                              Permissions let Google Maps check where you are in the world, your camera app peek through the phone’s camera, and your favorite messenger scan your contacts before sending an SMS. Typically, apps request this type of access when you first open them. But you might end up granting some of them permissions that go beyond what the apps actually need.

                              To check on these, you should regularly audit your app permissions.

                              Find out what Facebook knows about you

                              Facebook wants to build a comprehensive picture of you.

                              With more than 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook can keep tabs on nearly a third of the world’s population. Whether you visit the social network daily (as 1.32 billion people do) or only log on to RSVP to events, you should be aware of how much of your personal data you’re giving to the site, and the company behind it.

                              Secure your phone before letting anyone borrow it

                              Before you lend out your phone, read this.

                              When somebody asks to borrow your phone—perhaps a stranger asks to make a call, or a friend wants to scroll through your vacation photos—the thought can give you heart palpitations. We keep so much data and personal information on our little pocket computers that handing them over to others, even voluntarily, can seem like an invasion of privacy. But you don’t have to feel that way. Both Android and iOS include built-in options for restricting what guests can do on your smartphone.

                              Erase your browsing history

                              Learning how to delete your search history and remove cookies from your browser can help you protect your privacy.

                              Web browsers keep track of your past activity for a reason. That history comes in handy if you want to find a funny article again, or return to your favorite photo of the kids, or if restore a tab that you accidentally closed. At the same time, some people find this constant tracking a little on the creepy side. Not to mention that, if you share a computer with others, you might not want them finding out about a gift you secretly bought them, your interest in 1970s folk rock, or your more private Google searches.

                              Permanently delete files from any device

                              Make sure your files have well and truly disappeared.

                              When you delete a file from your computer, it doesn’t simply disappear from existence—at least, not right away. Even if you immediately empty the Recycle Bin or Trash folder, all your deletion does is earmark the space that file takes up on your hard drive as vacant. Until another file or application comes along to make use of that room, the old data will continue to sit there. Which is why specialized programs can often recover deleted files for you. But recovery isn’t always a priority. If you want to securely delete sensitive files, or you’re selling your old computer to another person, you need to make sure that no clever software will be able to bring your old files back from the dead.

                              All is not lost, even when your phone is.

                              You reach for your phone—and realize it’s not where you left it. With a sinking feeling, you pat your pockets, then tear your room apart. But the truth settles in: Your beloved device is gone, and you have no idea where you lost it. Now that we rely on our smartphones for everything from checking bank balances to making perfect social posts, a lost one can create a huge headache. And we’re not just talking about missing out on Facebook updates. Without your pocket computer, you lose touch with your family and friends (who memorizes phone numbers any more?), risk missing work commitments, and have your travel plans thrown into chaos. In other words, you need to recover your missing phone as soon as possible.

                              Protect your privacy and ward off trolls on social media

                              Make sure your social media experience is a good one.

                              Avoid eBay scams

                              Apply some common sense rules to stay safe on eBay.

                              Keep strangers off your Wi-Fi network

                              Make sure only welcome guests have access to your Wi-Fi.

                              You don’t want neighbors or passers-by stealing your Wi-Fi any more than you want them stealing your water, electricity, or carefully curated collection of Blu-ray movies. In fact it’s more serious than that—if someone can hook on to the same network as you, it becomes easier for them to snoop on your browsing and your locally stored files. So how do you go about locking things down? Thankfully, keeping unwelcome visitors away from your Wi-Fi isn’t difficult and doesn’t need an IT qualification.

                              Don’t connect without knowing the risks.

                              Backing up your data doesn’t have to be a chore.

                              All is not lost if you’ve been hit by malware.

                              Protect your inbox from phishing

                              No, thanks.

                              Protect your smartphone privacy

                              Your smartphone might be revealing more about you than you think.

                              Effective Ways To Use Vba Macros In Reporting & Analysis

                              What are Visual Basic Applications ( VBA Macros)

                              VBA is a programming language developed by Microsoft for Microsoft Office packages such as Word, Access, Excel, and others. It is used to customize the applications to meet the needs of the business. It is a powerful and convenient tool to perform an operation repeatedly and helps analyze the data. VBA is used to access the functions of applications and controls them within other applications. VBA Macros are used to effectively and efficiently perform financial reporting and analysis.

                              Watch our Demo Courses and Videos

                              Valuation, Hadoop, Excel, Mobile Apps, Web Development & many more.

                              VBA in Excel generates, formats, and prints report using graphical representations like charts. The reports are easily generated, and it is simple with the help of VBA Macros. The reports are generated using various options as per the need of the management.

                              Using VBA Macros in Excel for Reporting

                              To use VBA in Excel, you should ensure that the Developer tab is in the Menu tab.

                              Select Label option from the Toolbox

                              Repeat the steps to add as many labels and text box you want to enter in the User Form area.

                              Before the code is inserted, you must set a reference to help you access the VB database. To select references, Tools Menu à References

                              Select the type of Library you want to use from the Dialog Box. The Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.6 Library check box is selected in this picture.

                              You can also add functions in the Code Window to generate the report.

                              After entering the code, you need to create Macros for the data. Go to Developer Tab à Macros to use the Macros Menu.

                              Enter a code for the form between Sub and End Sub option

                              After all these steps are done, you are all set to run the report.

                              To run the report, follow the below steps:

                              Enter the necessary details to generate the report.

                              Finally, the report is generated as per your need.

                              Understanding Variables, Conditions, and Loops in VBA

                              First, let’s see what all three terms mean in VBA

                              Variable – It is a small part of the system’s memory that is used to store data

                              Condition – It is a logical check which the computer performs to test something

                              Loop – It is a set of instructions that is to be followed for a particular number of times

                              Now we shall see how to use all these three in VBA

                              Creating Variables in VBA Macros

                              If you want to use a variable in VBA Macros, you first need to create them. DIM is the statement that is used to create any variable.

                              Following are a few examples of variables created

                              Dim someNumber As Integer – This tells you you will only use some Number variable to store Integer values. This is used in VBA as someNumber = 7, which means it stores 7 into the variable someNumber

                              Dim myList(1 To 10) As String – This line means you want to use a list of values as String (Text). And the list size is limited to 10. This is used as myList(5) = 792, which means it sets the value of the 5th item in myList array to 792.

                              Dim otherNumber As Double

                              Dim anotherList() As Variant

                              Dim someText As String

                              Dim myCells As Range

                              Dim myChart As Chart

                              Dim aCondition As Boolean

                              Using Conditions in VBA Macros

                              Everything in computers involves decision-making and testing conditions. There are a lot of statements to test conditions. A few are explained below for your understanding

                              If Then Statement

                              Using the If statement is really easy in VBA Macros. Here is an example to test the purchase condition

                              ‘special instructions to handle too many or too few purchases

                              end if

                              Else Statement

                              Else statement is used when an If condition is failed.

                              ‘special instructions to handle too many or too few purchases


                              ‘Note down the purchases and move on

                              end if

                              Using Loops in VBA Macros

                              There are several ways to write loops in VBA. Here we have mentioned the easiest type of Loop for your easy understanding

                              For Loop

                              A For Loop is utilized to repeat a set of instructions for a specified number of times.

                              For storeNumber = 20 to 50

                              ‘call the store

                              ‘ask for sales figure

                              ‘do something if needed

                              ‘hang up

                              Next storeNumber

                              For Each Loop

                              This type of loop is used to run the same instructions for each of the items in a list.

                              For Each cell in Range(“B1:B10”)

                              cell.value = cell.value + 2

                              Next cell


                              There are a few important shortcuts you should know while using VBA in Excel

                              ALT + F11 – To view VBA Editor, also known as VBE

                              ALT + F8 – To display all macros

                              ALT+Q: To close VBA Editor and return to Excel

                              F5: To run a Macro

                              F2: Display Object Browser

                              F7: Display code editor

                              CTRL+G: Open an immediate window

                              F1: Display help

                              Analysis ToolPak

                              Analysis ToolPak is an add-in program that is a default built-in program in Microsoft Excel. It is a data analysis tool and helps in financial, statistical, and engineering data analysis. You can always save your time and energy by using Analysis ToolPak.

                              You just need to provide the data for the analysis, and Analysis ToolPak uses the appropriate macro function and displays the result in the output table. They also produce charts sometimes along with the reports.

                              To load the Analysis ToolPak follow these simple steps

                              Finally, you can select an option that needs to be done in Excel. In the below picture, Histogram is selected to create a Histogram in Excel for the given data.

                              There are totally 19 data analysis options available in Analysis ToolPak. They are listed below

                              Anova: Single Factor

                              Anova: Two-Factor with Replication

                              Anova: Two-Factor Without Replication



                              Descriptive Statistics

                              Exponential Smoothing

                              F-Test Two-Sample for Variance

                              Fourier Analysis


                              Moving Average

                              Random Number Generation

                              Rank and Percents



                              t-Test: Paired Two Sample for Means

                              t-Test: Two-Sample Assuming Equal Variances

                              t-Test: Two-Sample Assuming Unequal Variances

                              Z-Test: Two-Samples for Mean

                              A few of these data analysis methods are explained in detail below, with screenshots of the same

                              Descriptive Statistics

                              Once Analysis ToolPak is installed, you will get the Data Analysis dialog box with a list of choices. Choose Descriptive Statistics. After choosing this option, you will get a dialog box, as shown in the picture below

                              In the dialog box, you can enter the details like the source data range, where the results have to be displayed, and what results will be displayed. Below is the output of descriptive statistics

                              Creating Histogram

                              Histogram is a set of counts within particular ranges. The ranges are known as bins in Histogram. From the same Data Analysis dialog box, select the Histogram option. You will get a dialog box as represented in the picture below

                              You need to enter the details like the range of the source data, the range of the bin designations, and where the result has to be displayed. The result will show you the distribution of data along with the parameters as shown in the picture below

                              The histogram dialog box also allows you to produce a chart along with the output. This will give you an easy understanding.

                              Moving Averages

                              This option will help you to identify trends in sequential data. The source data in this case is based on periods, and the average is always calculated for a specific number of periods. Below given is the Moving Averages dialog box

                              In this dialog box, you can select the range of the source data, the interval step, and the output range. The interval step is the main factor of Moving Averages, as the output is based on that. This also gives you the option to create a chart in the output, as shown below

                              This figure shows that the 6 cells starting from D4 do not return any value as we have entered the Interval step as 7.

                              Advanced Random Number Generation

                              This is one of the options in the Data Analysis dialog box. Once selected, you will get the Random Number Generation dialog box below.

                              Number of Variables

                              Number of Random Numbers

                              Random Speed

                              In the dialog box, you can see a drop-down list box where you can select the distribution type and parameters for each distribution.

                              Creating Random sample

                              Statistical analysis is mostly done on a population sample, not the entire population. This dialog box allows you to enter the source population data and where the data must be placed. You can select the sampling method. If you select Periodic Method, then you can follow the step pattern. If you select the Random method, you should provide the number of values that should be returned.

                              This method is very easy and can help you to generate a sample instantly.


                              Thus using VBA for reporting and analyzing is a wise decision for accounting and financial professionals as it reduces their time and effort. It also provides accurate information in various forms efficiently and effectively.

                              How To Deal With Android Keyboard Not Working Properly

                              How To Deal with Android Keyboard Not Working Properly Best Ways To Fix Android Keyboard Has Stopped Working Ways To Check Android Keyboard Not Working Properly

                              There’s probably nothing more annoying than a faulty keyboard when you need to send an urgent and important message. Follow this guide which will help you fix the error Android keyboard has stopped the error.

                              1. Your keyboard might not be working because of the accumulated cache

                              If you find your Android keyboard not working properly, it could be because of the overwhelming amount of cache files accumulated in your phone. Although cache files are harmless, too many of them can pile up on your phone storage, thus slowing it down.

                              You could install a third-party cache cleaner app

                              Smart Phone Cleaner is one of the best apps that can help your device get rid of all the cache. Not just that, the app even boosts your system’s performance by automatically optimizing the RAM.

                              Manually clean cache

                              You can take a slightly bigger route and manually clean your Android device’s cache by following the path mentioned below. Again, your settings may depend on the model you have –

                              2. Check the language and input settings

                              For instance, for the device mentioned in the screenshot above here’s the path –

                              3. Autocorrect on Android keyboard acting weird

                              However convenient the Autocorrect feature makes our lives, there are times when it makes our tasks hard. For instance, if what you are writing includes a lot of proper nouns or your text is full of latest lingo, you might consider turning the autocorrect option off.

                              Also Read: Best Apps to Remotely Access Android Device

                              4. If your Android keyboard hangs or messes around

                              Just as in case of any app that’s playing dead, if you find your Android phone keyboard not working properly or messing around or hanging up for no specific reasons, a simple reboot can fix it easily.

                              Another way to address this issue is by tapping on “force stop”.

                              What Force Stop does is that it kills all the current instances of the app (which could be one of the reasons Android Keyboard not working in phone).

                              And, don’t forget to share this post with your friends and subscribe to Tweak Library. You can also find us on our YouTube channel that goes by the same name.  

                              FAQ 1

                              Why do some letters not work on my mobile keyboard?

                              One of the most common reasons some keys might not work on smartphones is that they might be piled up by dust. To fix this, simply tilt the laptop at an angle of 75 degrees and shake the laptop to get rid of the dust.

                              FAQ 2

                              Why does my Android keyboard keep glitching?

                              Your keyboard may lag due to constantly copying on the clipboard. Sometimes, when the device setting becomes disorganized and not set properly, it affects the overall working of the keyboard.

                              FAQ 3

                              Why is my phone keyboard lagging?

                              Some Android keyboards may experience constant delays and lags because of third-party application conflicts. Besides this, an overwhelming amount of cache files accumulating on the smartphone may lead to the Android keyboard not working properly.

                              Quick Reaction:

                              About the author

                              Sarang Bhargava

                              15 Best Workout Apps To Keep Yourself Fit

                              Fitness gets an honorary mention every year when we’re choosing our new year resolutions. But for most of us, these plans get sidelined soon after the end of the holiday season. But, if you want 2023 to be different, there is no reason to wait for the new year, and to help your fitness mission take off, we have listed some of the best workout apps for Android and iOS. These workout apps will inspire you to lose those extra kilos that you have put on binging on sugary delights. And if you’re already hooked on to fitness, you can use these apps to improve your workout efficiency. So, here are the 15 best workout apps you can use to keep yourself fit in 2023.

                              Best Workout Apps to Keep Yourself Fit in 2023

                              Best Workout Apps for Training at Home

                              The intention to get fitter is much more important than the best gym equipment and the following apps will help you groom your body solely with your inner strength. Here’s a list of apps which will help you get fitter at home (or community gym).

                              1. Home Workout – No Equipment

                              Home Workout is an app designed to let you beef up by targeting body parts individually. It comes with preset workout routines for different body parts and you can also change the order of different exercises. These routines are grouped based on their intensities into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels.

                              The homescreen shows you a roundup of your overall monthly progress with stats such as the frequency of workouts, calories burnt, and the minutes spent on fitness. While you can set goals to keep yourself engaged, the app also features a Reminder option to nudge you out of your comfort zone. Besides showing you a graphical animation, the app also has audio prompts.

                              Download the Home Workout – No Equipment (iOS, Android)

                              2. Spartan Body Weight Home Workout

                              If you’re awestruck by the chiseled body which Gerard Butler had in 300, or Jason Momoa in Aquaman, Spartan Home Workout will be your companion in this journey to your fitter self. The free version of the app comes with a very long list of high-intensity exercises and a couple of pre-defined weekly schedules to help you build inner strength.

                              Each of the workouts is marvellously explained with 3D animations and there’s a rich diversity of female and male representation to inspire both genders equally. Alongside individual workouts, you also get preset intense 20-minute-long workouts. Meanwhile, the logs page helps you keep a track of all the workouts you’ve taken before.

                              Download the Spartan Body Weight Home Workout (iOS, Android)

                              3. Seven

                              Shortage of time can often make you neglect your fitness and that’s why Seven takes up only 7 minutes of your daily busy schedule, letting you take charge of your physical wellbeing. Being dependent on the app for my daily fitness regime myself, I would especially recommend this to anyone who thinks getting fitter is a challenge when you have limited time. Among the best workout apps, Seven can help you achieve your ideal body by just dedicating 7 minutes of your day, each day for seven months.

                              You can spare 7 minutes every day and the app guides you through 12 exercises of varying intensity for 30 seconds each, and 10 second-long breaks in between. These 7 minutes are ample for you to get your heart racing and your body sweating because there’s not a lot of time to cool down in between the exercises. To make the workout sessions more exciting, you get a variety of instructor voices with unique catchphrases, and you can also do multiple circuits if you don’t feel exhausted after the first one.

                              You can also customize your own workout sessions using the 12 exercises available in the free mode or use the Freestyle option to randomize these exercises. You can also unlock up to 200 exercises, workout schedules, and personalized instructions for $10 per month or $60 per year.

                              Download the Seven app (iOS, Android)

                              4. Freeletics Bodyweight

                              Freeletics is designed for a highly personalized fitness training experience based on your body and your fitness objectives. With a potpourri of intensive workout options to choose from, the app uses a graphically striking interface to motivate you. As implied from the name, Freeletics helps you engage in exercises that require athletic strength.

                              Overall, Freeletics appears to be most suited to those who are dead serious about their fitness, as well as those who want to be in the best possible shape.

                              Download the Freeletics Bodyweight app (iOS, Android)

                              5. Home Workout – Get Fit Now

                              Should you wish to strengthen your muscles without needing to join a gym, “Home Workout – Get Fit Now” can prove to be a handy asset for you. The app comes with a variety of professionally-designed 3D modeling and HD videos so that you can learn the right way to perfect each exercise. Primarily focused on boosting 5 major muscle groups, it can help you strengthen your arms, build a robust chest, make good-looking abs, improve leg muscles, and also build stunning V-taper with pro back and shoulder workouts.

                              So, how much time do you need to spare for the workouts? Well, the total body workout will require just 10-15 minutes per day for just 4-8 weeks. As the workouts are bite-sized, they can fit into an even hectic lifestyle. Not to mention, they also don’t require any types of gym equipment. Moreover, you can sync your calories burned to the Apple Health to keep a tab on your progress. With these notable features, the $9.99/month and $49.99/year seems reasonable.

                              Download the Home Workout – Get Fit Now (iOS)

                              Best Workout Apps for Training at Gym

                              You’re already hitting the gym daily but not getting the desired results? You can take your weight training activities to the next level by using some of the best workout apps listed below, which will not only help you keep a tab of the number of repetitions and sets but also motivate to you to go the extra mile.

                              1. Jefit

                              Jefit offers a diverse catalog of exercises for tracking your fitness activities. You can either create customized workout routines based on the kinds of exercises you do at the gym or at home or refer to the presets to start. Once you go about the exercise, you feed the weights you’re using per exercise along with the number of reps, one by one.

                              Based on your workout, Jefit will display the time you’ve spent lifting weights or worked on your core’s strength, the total number of exercises, and the total weight you’ve haggled in the entire workout.

                              You can view your overall progress in a calendar view and keep a registry of how your ability to lift weights has improved over time. Furthermore, you can also choose from workout plans designed by experts but to access the feature, you’ll be required to pay at least $6.99 each month (or $39.99 for a year).

                              Download the Jefit app (iOS, Android)

                              2. Fitness & Bodybuilding

                              For each of the body parts, you can select from the available list of exercises or add information tailored for your use. You can watch attached videos to make sure you don’t have the wrong posture. Additionally, there’s an option to log the number of reps and weights per exercise – although the interface is not as visually appealing as Jefit.

                              Besides these options, you can also get a customized workout plan but you’ll have to pay to use the functionality and it begins at $6 per month, with three days of free trial. The app will also help you with recipes for some mouthwatering delicacies based on your requirements.

                              3. Nike Training Club

                              This app provides for an all-inclusive and immersive workout experience with many categories to choose from. Nike Training Club is justifiably one of the best workout apps and the main reason for this is that the app offers complete workouts and not just a single exercise and these sets are curated by leading trainers, besides Nike itself.

                              These lessons are accompanied by videos and audio instructions, making the workout an enjoyable experience. The workout regimes are categorized on the basis of what they target and you can also search for workouts based on the muscles to be worked upon or the type of the workout.

                              Download the Nike Training Club app (iOS, Android)

                              4. Go: Audio Workouts & Fitness

                              If you wish to avoid looking at the display or be distracted while working out, Go from ClassPass is your ideal partner. The key highlight of this app is that instead of showing visual cues, the instructions are spoken into your ears – obviously with earphones. The minimal interface and short workouts of varying intensities enhance the overall experience.

                              Another feature intended to make your workout experience better, besides freedom from peeking at the phone, is the liberty to add music tracks along with the instructions. You will be able to choose from five different types of genres and get controls to forward to the next track or change the volume of the background score.

                              Overall, the lightweight and easy to use experience makes the app highly useful.

                              Download the Go: Audio Workouts & Fitness app (iOS, Android)

                              5. Workout: Gym Routines Planner

                              If you feel the need to have a complete gym routines planner, you should keep this highly rated workout app in mind. Whether you want to build strong muscles, get toned or lose tons of extra pounds, it has got you fully covered. All the workouts are designed based on three levels: beginner, intermediate, and expert. Just in case, you don’t like the predefined workouts, you can even customize the workouts as per your goal.

                              Download Workout: Gym routines planner (iOS and Android)

                              Best Workout Apps for Activity Logging 1. Strava

                              Strava is among the most popular and best workout apps for tracking outdoor activities. Among its key elements is the flexibility of connecting with a multitude of fitness trackers and smartwatches as well as comparing your achievements with friends on social media. Even if you’re not using an external fitness tracker, you can use any smart fitness device, you can track your outdoor activity using your smartphone’s GPS.

                              Using Strava, you can compare your physical activities with friends (or peers if you’re a professional athlete). This, in turn, should motivate you to sweat harder. You can also join many of the regional and global challenges and invite your friends to make your fitness journey even more interesting.

                              2. Map My Fitness

                              Just like Strava, Map My Fitness is an app which allows you to share your fitness-related goals and achievements with other users in a social media format. Since the app is made by fitness brand Under Armour (UA), you can connect your fitness tracker or smart shoes from UA with the app for more accurate tracking and activity logging.

                              While you do get the option to choose from a range of outdoor activities, the interface might not be as delightful or easy to use as Strava. The app simply uses the pedometer and the GPS within your smartphone (in case you have not connected a UA device) and log that information with a map view.

                              While you cannot directly connect to friends from social media, you can invite them using Facebook, email, or SMS.

                              3. Progression

                              At the gym, you might want to avoid any wastage of time, and this is where Progression becomes relevant. It’s a simple and clean workout logger, in which you can manually track your weight lifting activities. To get started, you can select the exercise you intend to do and manually log the weights and the repetitions.

                              The app also records the time taken per exercise and does not dictate you, giving you full control over your actions. The information displayed shows the number of calories burnt, total time and average per exercise, total weight lifted, and the total number of sets.

                              Download the Map My Fitness app (Android)

                              4. Google Fit

                              Google Fit is among the most suitable apps for anyone using an Android smartphone or a Wear OS watch. You can sync it with a host of apps like the one above to get an all-round view of your physical activities and also use the web viewer to take a look at your activity logs using a web-based interface (visit). Meanwhile, Google’s peculiar ‘Heart Points’ merge all metrics into one, letting you understand the impact of your daily activity better.

                              Recently, Google redesigned the entire interface to coincide with the Material Design 2.0 and earlier this month, it added a couple of new features including the two new home screen widgets and the feature to log attributes of a physical activity manually including the ability to also modify the intensity of the workout.

                              5. Apple Health

                              Without mincing my words, I’d like to say that Apple Health is the most feature-rich and reliable health and fitness app for activity logging. So, if you are already a part of the Apple ecosystem, you don’t need to look beyond. What makes it ahead of the curve is the support for thousands of apps that are designed to improve health. Features like Cycle Tracking, Hearing Health and accurate steps tracking make it exceptionally user-friendly. That’s not all, you can also fine-tune your device to improve workout tracking.

                              All the Health data collected from apps is kept along with the data from Apple Watch and the information you have logged right on your iOS device. Thus, it becomes pretty straightforward for you to keep track of all the essential information right from one spot. Moreover, Apple Health encrypts your entire data (except the medical ID) so that it can remain protected. And with the seamless iCloud syncing, it remains up to date across your connected devices.

                              Stock App for iPhone (iOS)

                              Best Diet Tracking & Music Apps for Workout 1. MyFitnessPal

                              Whenever you have a meal, you can simply search it in the app and based on the portion you consumed, it will calculate your calorie intake against the required intake. You can also connect the app to other fitness tracking apps to adjust the daily calorie ticker against calories burnt due to working out. Lastly, the app also has an option to scan the barcode of the food items you’re consuming, to help you let go of the stress of having to log all the details manually.

                              Download the Calorie Counter app (iOS, Android)

                              2. RockMyRun

                              Music is an essential part of keeping you on track, especially when you might be feeling like giving up. Using RockMyRun, you can search for the best suitable music as per the kind of activity you’re engaging in. The app has a variety of parameters to help you choose the best music to assist your workout.

                              While you can select and play from the wide variety of songs, RockMyRun automatically compiles a playlist based on the BPM (beats per minute) of the track of your choice to give you an upbeat (pun intended) experience.

                              Download the Calorie Counter app (iOS, Android)

                              Best Workout Apps to Stick to Your New Year Resolution

                              Now that we’ve shared some of the best workout apps for Android and iOS according to us, you can rely on these to get back in shape this year. While these apps are vital tools and will be very helpful in adopting a healthier lifestyle, you will also require discipline to carry on with your promises to self. These workout apps will be helpful in keeping a track of your progress, but besides being disciplined, it is important to not beat yourself up, and have realistic goals. So, spare the wait and don’t procrastinate. After all getting fitter might get you a good-looking date in 2023.

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