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There are a lot of amazing female characters in Naruto, just like in One Piece (see the best female characters in One Piece here). Each of them played a vital role in the series and successfully won our hearts in the anime. From the prodigious Sakura to the underrated Karin, let’s take a look at the best female characters in Naruto.

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers about the female characters in Naruto. We suggest you watch the anime or read the manga first to avoid ruining the intended experience.

1. Tsunade

Image Courtesy – Naruto by Pierrot Animation Studios (Fandom)

Hands down, Tsunade is the best female character in the Naruto universe. She hails from both the powerful Senju and Uzumaki clans, and it is no wonder she is the most powerful Kunoichi in the world. Thanks to Jiraiya and Naruto, Tsunade was able to put her life on the right track. She was the best medical-nin in history and went on to lead Konoha as the fifth Hokage. She is the only female character to ever become a Hokage in the series.

2. Sakura Uchiha

Image Courtesy – Naruto by Pierrot Animation Studios (Fandom)

As soon as one hears Sakura’s name, one can remember the hate she was getting from all the fans. But the tables have turned now as more and more fans are starting to see Sakura’s character for real. She was ranked third overall in the Naruto global popularity poll. And let me make it clear that she was ranked higher than Naruto, Sasuke, and well, the list goes on.

This is a testament to the fact how Sakura’s character turned out. Her character sure had ups and downs but that’s what makes her a good realistic female character overall.

In terms of strength, Sakura surpassed many and became the strongest Kunoichi of her generation. She has a questionable personality yet that’s what made her who she is today. Despite the toxic hatred, she emerged as one of the lovable characters and is finally getting the love she deserves. Thus, Sakura is one of the best female characters in Naruto and has the potential to become the best.

3. Hinata Uzumaki

Image Courtesy – Naruto by Pierrot Animation Studios (Fandom)

Hinata was born into the Hyuga clan and was regarded as a weak and unworthy clan member. Nevertheless, Hinata worked hard over the years to hone her proficiency in the Gentle Fist method, which she paired with her superior Byakugan to further enhance her powers. She went on to prove everyone incorrect with her incredible abilities. Furthermore, Hamura Ōtsutsuki referred to Hinata as the “Byakugan Princess,” which is a remarkable achievement.

4. Kaguya Ōtsutsuki

Image Courtesy – Naruto by Pierrot Animation Studios (Fandom)

Kaguya was the main reason we get to see a huge series of events in Naruto. She was a character who aimed for peace more than anything and ended up being a villain. It’s like the famous Star Wars quote, “You were supposed to destroy them, Not join them.” Kaguya’s taste of betrayal and losing faith in humanity turned her into a monster obsessed with power. An amazing character like her had to turn evil, well, for the plot.

Before turning into a villain, Kaguya used to be a compassionate and kind character. This made her one of the best female characters ever in Naruto. But that didn’t last long when she switched sides in hunger for power. Luckily, her sons put an end to her obsession with power but that also didn’t stop her as she was one step ahead of them by manifesting her will. She will always be remembered as one of the most powerful villains in the whole anime universe.

5. Chiyo

Image Courtesy – Naruto by Pierrot Animation Studios (Fandom)

Granny Chiyo was the grandmother of Sasori in Naturo and the counselor of the Village Hidden in the Sand. She used to be a well-known master puppeteer and a medical nin in her past. Like a good elder, Granny Chiyo was a wise character in the show. She was recognized as an expert in puppetry as well as poisons. The fact that she was a respected and famed character in her village clearly shows how great of a character she was.

Chiyo was a loving and caring character, as she is seen with kid Sasori. She longed to meet her grandson once again after he went rogue and joined the Akatsuki in Naruto. Even in this old age, she assisted Sakura in combat against her grandson Sasori. In such a brief time, Granny Chiyo made an impact in our hearts, and her sacrifice to revive Gaara will always be remembered by us.

6. Konan

Her inherent knack for an origami-inspired the development of her Paper Ninjutsu. Konan was dubbed the “Angel” for her “Dance of the Shikigami” move. It was exceptionally effective since it transformed her entire body into sheets of paper that she could control at a whim. In terms of personality, Konan used to be a bright and kind kid but changed after the losses she experienced. She turned into a kind of stoic but remained a loyal and fierce fighter of the Akatsuki.

7. Kushina Uzumaki

Image Courtesy – Naruto by Pierrot Animation Studios (Fandom)

Kushina Uzumaki is the wife of Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, and the mother of the protagonist Naruto. She descended from the powerful Uzumaki clan in Naruto. Being a descendant of the Uzumaki clan, Kushina possessed immense amount of chakra and life energy. Kushina was also an expert in sealing jutsu. She was an incredible ninja just like her son and husband.

Kushina has been a fantastic character, even though she had a short screen time. Her extraordinary abilities gained her kunoichi title and the admiration of the renowned Sannin, Jiraiya. Based on the little time, she appeared to be a really kind and affectionate individual. It’s a shame we didn’t see her complete character. But undoubtedly, she is one of the best female characters in Naruto.

8. Mei Terumi

Image Courtesy – Naruto by Pierrot Animation Studios (Fandom)

Just like Tsunade, Mei is one of the most powerful kunoichis we have ever seen. She rose to the position of Mizukage with her powers and was respected among her people for fixing her country. The fact that she became a Mizukage is enough to prove how powerful she was during her time. Now, coming to her personality, she is a kind and enthusiastic person like a well-wisher. Overall, Mei is a great character even though she made a brief appearance in Shippuden (see Naruto Shippuden fillers list here).

9. Temari Nara

She is recognized as one of the highly talented Kunoichi of her generation as she went through rigorous training. During the Kage Summit, she was chosen as a guard for the fifth Kazekage. And even now, after her marriage to Shikamaru, Temari is as strong and powerful as ever, making her worthy of ranking in the top 10 best female characters in Naruto.

10. Ino Yamanaka

Image Courtesy – Naruto by Pierrot Animation Studios (Fandom)

Ino Yamanaka hails from the great Yamanaka clan and is a member of Team Asuma. She is also a stronger member of this generation’s Ino–Shika–Chō. Ino has been a brave character from the start as she defended her friend Sakura from bullying. She stood up for her and years later that hasn’t changed as he is extremely loyal and fierce to stand up for her friends. Although being pretty earned her a massive fanbase, Ino’s character and powers are hugely underrated.

Ino is now recognized to be the strongest member her clan has ever witnessed, and it was acknowledged by the seventh Hokage. Ino is a great female character with a bold personality and possesses amazing powers in Naruto.

11. Karin Uzumaki

Image Courtesy – Naruto by Pierrot Animation Studios (Fandom)

When it was revealed that Karin was a part of the Uzumaki clan in Naruto, we were a bit surprised. She was the redhead who remained loyal to Orochimaru, and eventually, Sasuke Uchiha. Karin was appointed as the Warden of one of Orochimaru’s hideouts. Her terrible history drove her to join forces with him.

Karin is one of the anime’s most intelligent and powerful characters. Karin possessed a rare skill known as the “Mind’s Eye of the Kagura,” which enabled her to detect the chakra of others around her. She could also cure herself by biting herself; her allies could do the same. She proved her worth in the Fourth Great Ninja War with the Adamantine Sealing Chains. Overall, Karin is a tsundere-type character who won our hearts in one way or another.

12. Kurenai Yuhi

Image Courtesy – Naruto by Pierrot Animation Studios (Fandom)

Kurenai Sarutobi used to lead Team 8 featuring Kiba, Hinata, and Aburame. She is one of the best female characters and sensei in Naruto, with a separate fan base. But what really pulled everyone in is the fact that she is recognized as Konoha’s best genjutsu user. Yes! it is mentioned to be on par with Itachi’s genjutsu powers, which is an amazing feat. As a result, everyone regards her as a great Kunoichi; even Itachi acknowledged her powers.

Kurenai is a brave and fierce female character in the series. Even after losing her husband Asuma, she raised their daughter Mirai well as a single parent. The mother characters in Naruto hold a special place in our hear, and we couldn’t miss out on Kurenai sensei at any cost.

13. Anko Mitarashi

Image Courtesy – Naruto by Pierrot Animation Studios (Fandom)

Anko Mitarashi is an extremely skilled Kunoichi from Konoha. The fact that she was a disciple of the great Sannin Orochimaru is enough to prove her might. She turned into a tokubetsu jōnin to teach the next generation of students at Konoha’s academy.

14. Tenten

Image Courtesy – Naruto by Pierrot Animation Studios (Fandom)

Tenten from Team Guy is a memorable female character in Naruto. Although she didn’t get enough screen time like her friends, she is still a powerful character excelling with her personality. She aspired to become a legendary female character like Tsunade but lacked the power to pull it off. But that didn’t stop her from becoming a capable Kunoichi.

She gave up on medical-nin and instantly acknowledged her skills for weapons and her mastery over sealing jutsu. With these powers, she was great help during the Fourth Great Ninja War, which won’t be forgotten. Her enthusiastic and confident attitude makes her one of the best female characters in Naruto.

15. Karui Akimichi

Image Courtesy – Naruto by Pierrot Animation Studios (Fandom)

Karui was a Kunoichi from the Village Hidden in the Clouds who was introduced in the Naruto Shippuden anime. She came off as a bold and stubborn character and went to the lengths of beating Naruto (mainly due to her rage). She is not the most powerful character in the series but still a strong Kunoichi. Moreover, don’t forget the fact that she was trained by Killer B (jinchuriki of the Eight-Tails). Now that she has married Choji, she is living a peaceful life in Konoha with his husband and daughter.

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Best Fitbit 2023: Trackers And Smartwatches Ranked

Fitbit makes some of the most well-respected trackers and fitness-centric smartwatches out there, not to mention, they’re backed by a passionate and active community of users.

The company’s current range of trackers and watches span a myriad of prices, feature sets and designs, meant to suit every budget, need and taste. 

Whether you simply want to track your steps pedometer-style, see how well you’re sleeping, monitor your heart rate or compete against your friends, a Fitbit is a subtle, affordable accessory. New health features look further into your heart and wellbeing, as well as stress levels and illness potential.

The latest Fitbit smartwatches can even facilitate calls right there on your wrist, and work with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice controls.

Owning a Fitbit is going to motivate you to exercise more, and even get a better night’s sleep. We’ve tested every Fitbit ever launched and we’re going to tell you which is the best Fitbit for you. We’ve even included some older Fitbits that have been discontinued but are still available from third-party retailers.

Best Fitbits 2023

1. Fitbit Versa 3 – Best Fitbit smartwatch


Top fitness features


On-wrist calls


Some features require Premium subscription

Best Prices Today:

The Fitbit Versa 3 covers all the aspects of a fitness watch, measuring steps, heart rate, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes, hourly activity and sleep, with plenty of extra health features (such as SpO2 blood-oxygen readings), plus built-in GPS, for those who outdoor exercise without their phone.

It offers on-screen notifications from your phone, silent alarms, cardio fitness levels, workout and other exercise modes such as swimming and weights, female health tracking, and wellness features, plus music controls and Amazon’s Alexa and Google voice assistant.

You can even take and respond to phone calls on your wrist, as it has a built-in microphone and speaker. It matches the more expensive Fitbit Sense on all fitness features and most health functions, too. And its screen is just as large and bright.

While the Sense has more detailed health apps and sensors such as EDA, ECG and Skin Temperature, plus stress-management tools, we think these are over the top for most users, and the Versa 3 range of features is more than enough, and at a much better price. High and Low Heart Rate Notifications – which were previously an exclusive Sense feature – are now part of the Versa 3’s wheelhouse too.

We also still recommend it above the newer Versa 4 and Sense 2 – Versa 3 has all the features you need, and actually supports third party apps and music controls, unlike the newer models.

It’s our favourite Fitbit (even better than the Versa 4), as it has a great screen and all the fitness features you could want.

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2. Fitbit Inspire 3 – Best simple Fitbit


Always-on colour screen

Stylish & comfortable

Comprehensive tracking

Good battery life & charging


Tiny screen

Premium needed for some features

Short charging wire


Best Prices Today:

The Inspire 3 is the best version yet of Fitbit’s simple fitness band, adding a colour screen for the first time. It’s subtle and comfortable and comes with three strap colour options.

Tracking is automatic and in our tests was very accurate for steps and heart rate, the two main metrics you will get from the Inspire 3. With the always-on display turned off you can eke 10 days of battery life before charging too.

As this is on the cheaper end of the Fitbit range there is no GPS built-in, so i you want to track the GPS route of your runs or cycles you’ll have to take your phone with you. And although the screen is now in colour it is very small in deed so is only good for glancing at the time or basic fitness stats. Though it can display smartphone notifications, it’s too tiny.

As with every Fitbit, you can only dig deeply into your day and night tracking stats if you pay for Fitbit Premium. But if you want the Fitbit basics and nothing else, this is the Fitbit for you.

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3. Fitbit Charge 5 – Best tracker-style Fitbit


Top fitness features


Colour display


Occasionally laggy

Some Charge 4 features missing

Best Prices Today:

The Charge 5 is easily our best all-round Fitbit activity tracker. Fitbit has cherry-picked some of the best and brightest features from its latest trackers and smartwatches to create a Goldilocks product that delivers an impressive breadth of functionality for the price, not to mention wrapping it up in a lightweight and stylish package.

There are a few missteps, however, like inconsistent performance, awkward device management, no altimeter (which the Charge 4 offered) and a few previously-available features that simply weren’t present on the Charge 5 at launch, when they really should have been.

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4. Fitbit Sense – Best Fitbit for wellbeing and stress


Top fitness and health features


On-wrist calls


Some features require Premium subscription

Best Prices Today:

The Fitbit Sense sits at the top of the pile for the sheer number of features and stands out especially for its detailed health functions, and for its heftier price tag.

These include an Electrodermal Activity (EDA) sensor that can measure the intensity of emotion (important for stress management), Electrocardiogram (ECG) app to assess your heart for heart-rhythm irregularity, and a skin temperature sensor that can be used to indicate the onset of a fever or illness.

If the high-end health functions are less of a priority, the very capable Versa 3 may be a less expensive option for you, but the Sense still has the most features.

It boasts all the fitness features and smart apps found in the other Fitbits (and is more accurate at swim tracking with its gyroscope) and is the standout Fitbit smartwatch for health measurements and insights, although some readings require a Fitbit Premium subscription.

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5. Fitbit Versa 4 – Good at a discount


Good battery life

Physical button

Alexa built-in


Some features locked behind Premium subscription

No Google Assistant or music control

Some Bluetooth connection problems

No third-party apps

Best Prices Today:

The Fitbit Versa 4 is good, but it’s weirdly not as good as the Versa 3 that came out in 2023. Just like with the Fitbit Sense 2, Fitbit decided to remove music controls and third-party app support from the Versa 4 despite being features of the Versa 3. It’s a weird decision that makes us hesitate to call the Versa 4 a smartwatch – it’s more a fitness tracker that looks like a watch.

Thankfully it’s a great fitness tracker. With in-built GPS you can easily track run, swim, and cycle routes, while battery life is good enough to get at least three days if you are hammering it, and possibly more if you are a light user.

It has a physical side button instead of the fiddly touch button on the older model, and it has Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant – but no Google Assistant, despite Google now owning Fitbit. Fitbit says it will add Assistant and Google Maps, but without them at launch and missing features from older models, the Versa 4 is a bit of a hard sell. If you can find it on sale then it’s a more attractive proposition.

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6. Fitbit Sense 2 – Latest but not greatest


Improved software

Deep metric tracking

Solid battery life


Clunky user experience

No music controls

No third party apps

Best Prices Today:

The Fitbit Sense 2 is the sequel to 2023’s Fitbit Sense, but the new model is two steps forward and one step back. The Sense 2 does not have access to third party apps such as Starbucks and Spotify, and nor does it have music controls for changing the track on your phone – all things the first-gen product has.

We’re certain this is because Google – who owns Fitbit – wants apps and smartphone controls to be exclusive to the new Google Pixel Watch. But it’s very frustrating that the Sense 2 doesnt have features of older Fitbits, making it less useful.

That’s a shame because the Sense 2 has superior build quality and is a lovely slim smartwatch. It tracks all your core metrics and is the only Fitbit, along with the first Sense, to also track your stress through a ‘body response’ sensor that can measure skin temperature and other signs to try and hep you underatand your stressors.

It’s clever, but telling you you’re stressed might make you more stressed. We also hesitate to call the Sense 2 a smartwatch because Google has stripped it of smartwatch features. You’re oddly better off buying the original Fitbit Sense.

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7. Fitbit Inspire 2 – Most affordable Fitbit


Affordable tracker

Fitness features

Location finder


Connected rather than built-in GPS

Monochrome display

Best Prices Today:

It lacks the built-in GPS found in the Charge 5, Charge 4, Versa 3 and Sense but will connect to your phone’s GPS if you need location services for pace measurements. Sure, it also lacks an altimeter (so won’t count the floors you climb), but otherwise is almost as capable as Fitbit’s more expensive trackers

The heart-rate monitor deepens the device’s exercise analysis and makes its sleep tracking far more sophisticated. If activity tracking is what you’re after, the Fitbit Inspire 2 delivers in an affordable package.

At the moment, it’s also the only Fitbit with integrated Tile location finding, if you mislay it.

It lacks the colour screen boasted by the Fitbit Luxe and Charge 5 tracker-style Fitbits, but offers greater value for money.

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8. Fitbit Luxe – Most fashionable Fitbit


Top fitness features




Connected rather than built-in GPS

Some features require Premium subscription

Best Prices Today:

The stylish Fitbit Luxe is inspired by jewellery and created for its looks, as much as its features.

There’s even a Special Edition Luxe designed by jewellery brand Gorjana – with a Parker Link Bracelet in soft gold stainless steel, alongside a swim-proof classic silicone Peony band. There are also a wide variety of accessory bands for the Luxe.

This tracker isn’t all style over function though, as it includes a heart-rate monitor and all the supported fitness features, such as Active Zone Minutes, and with 20 exercise modes, from biking to Pilates.

It lacks an altimeter to count floors climbed too, but it does at least show smartphone notifications, such as Caller ID and messages.

It’s packed with wellness features, too, including stress management, Guided Breathing sessions and access to Health Metrics, such as breathing rate, heart rate variability (HRV), resting heart rate (RHR), skin temperature and oxygen saturation (SpO2).

Think of the Luxe as an Inspire 2 Deluxe Edition, with the same features but a slightly slimmer build in a stainless steel body and with a colour display.

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9. Fitbit Ace 3 – Best Fitbit for Young Kids


Designed for kids

Parent and Kid Views


Lacks heart monitor

Less features than others


Best Prices Today:

Until recently, children under 13 were not allowed to have a personal Fitbit account. Now the minimum age is 6  – as long as you use the Fitbit Ace 3, which measures Steps and Active Time, plus basic sleep monitoring.

Special family account features mean kids (and parents) can track their basic activity stats through secure Kid View and Parent Views; where they can see their progress, compete in challenges, and earn badges.

The Ace 3 is about exercise, not weight loss – Fitbit hides the calorie counter to stop children from obsessing about their weight.

Older kids might prefer a Fitbit that does more, such as measuring their heart rate. The Fitbit Inspire 2 might lack the Ace 3’s wraparound silicone padding but it offers a big bunch of features, including exercise modes, Cardio Levels, Sleep Score, Guided Breathing and for just £20/US$20 extra, and we’d recommend this for older or more responsible children.

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10. Fitbit Aria Air – Best Fitbit scale


Syncs with Fitbit app


Other scales have more metrics

If you couldn’t care less about body fat percentage and other weight and body statistics, and just want your weight to be automatically synced to your Fitbit app, then the Fitbit Aria Air is the scale for you, and will save you a fair bit on the slightly more able Aria 2.

You also get your Body Mass Index (BMI), too, but nothing else.

If you want to dig deeper and monitor your body fat percentage and a raft of other metrics such as body fat percentage, water %, muscle & bone mass, then look at our other best digital smart scales reviews.

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The benefits of getting more exercise cannot be exaggerated. Going for regular walks reduces the risk of heart attack or stroke by 31%. A study of 650,000 people found that being active for just 11 minutes a day after the age of 40 yielded 1.8 years of added life expectancy. Being active for an hour or more a day increased life expectancy by 4.2 years.

Exercise strengthens bones, boosts the immune system, lessens the risk of getting diabetes and a number of cancers (such as breast cancer), improves mood, and staves off senility. There is probably not a single organ in the body that does not benefit from exercise.

A healthy heart in our youth and middle age lowers the risk of developing dementia later in life, according to a study by Oxford University.

And it’s not just physical – a 30-minute walk can prevent a build-up of stress during the day, as aerobic activities help keep levels of the stress hormone cortisol in check.

10,000 steps a day is the standard recommended goal, although this has little scientific basis. What’s actually more important is how many minutes you are active in a day (experts recommend at least 150 minutes a week), and all the Fitbits measure this fitness metric, as well as steps. It’s especially important if your exercise is on a bike, where steps don’t really count.

The more sophisticated Active Zone Minutes measurement is nowadays available across more recent Fitbits, including the Sense 2, Versa 4, Sense, Versa 3, Charge 4, Charge 5, Inspire 2 and Luxe, but you’ll also find it on older Fitbits such as the Versa and Versa 2, as the Fitbit OS updated them to support the new metric, too.

Fitbits with the 24-hour heart-rate monitor (Inspire HR, Inspire 2, Luxe, Charge 4, Charge 5, Ionic, Versa Lite, Versa 2, Versa 3, Versa 4, Sense and Sense 2) feature Heart Rate Zones, Cardio Fitness Level, and Guided Breathing Sessions.

Read our full feature to learn more about all the Fitbit scores and measurements.

Another big news story is that Google finalised its purchase of Fitbit at the start of 2023, for a cool US$2.1 billion.

Fitbit features compared

For kids below the age of 13, the Ace 3 is a well-designed, basic starter tracker. It’s recommended for children aged 6 and up, and there are special Parent and Kid views, plus family challenges and virtual badges to be won. Its strap is smaller than even the standard ‘Small’ size options found on Fitbit’s standard trackers, but we found the other Fitbits fit a child’s wrist just as well.

While it’s in Fitbit’s terms and conditions that children aged under 13 should use only the Ace, there are plenty of kids out there wearing “adult” models – parents just need to set up the child’s account using an older birth year.

You can find even cheaper trackers if you consider older Fitbit devices (don’t worry, we’ve hunted down the Best Fitbit Deals for you).

If you jog, run or exercise in any way, as well as walking, you’ll be happy to learn that all the latest Fitbits (except the Ace 3) include heart-rate monitoring.

Monitoring your heart rate is useful if weight loss is one of your key goals, not to mention it also provides greater insight with regards to sleep analysis.

The Fitbit Sense, Sense 2, and Versa 3 and Versa 4 have built-in microphones and work with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant voice controls (the older Versa 2 only works with Alexa).

The Sense and Versa 3 also boast a speaker and can receive phone calls when your iPhone or Android phone is close by. Phone calls on the wrist work surprisingly well.

If you’re looking for weight tracking, then check out our Fitbit Aria Air review. These scales sync with the trackers to add measurements of your weight. 

Which Fitbit trackers have certain features?

All Fitbits have an accelerometer that measures motion patterns to determine your calories burned, distance travelled and steps taken (although the Fitbit Ace 3 does not show calories burned, as Fitbit doesn’t want to add to a child’s possible weight anxiety issues.) All monitor sleep quality, but those with a heart-rate monitor offer greater detail.


All Fitbits also contain a vibration motor, which allows them to vibrate when set alarms go off. 

Floors climbed

The Charge 4, Versa 2, Versa 3, Sense and Ionic boast an altimeter that measures stairs (or height) climbed. The Ace 3, Luxe, Charge 5 and Inspire 2 do not include an altimeter.


The Fitbit Sense, Sense 2, Versa 3, Versa 4, Charge 4 and Charge 5 are the only models in the lineup to feature integrated GPS, meaning they don’t need a constant connection to your smartphone to log GPS data. Users can see distance and pace data, and review routes and split times.

Like the Inspire 2 and Luxe, the older Inspire HR, Versa Lite and Versa 2 rely on an active connection to your smartphone to glean GPS data (also known as ‘connected GPS’).

Heart-rate monitoring

All current adult Fitbits monitor your heart rate on-wrist, using Fitbit’s PurePulse technology to continuously and automatically track heart rate, as well a categorising it into simplified heart-rate zones (Fat Burn, Cardio and Peak). The Versa 3, Sense and Charge 5 use the updated and more accurate PurePulse 2.0 sensor.

Additionally, these heart-rate-tracking Fitbits feature Cardio Fitness Level, which provides a snapshot of your cardiovascular fitness. Based on your estimated VO2 Max – calculated by your user profile, heart rate and exercise data – you can see how your fitness level relates to others of the same age and gender, and get guidance on how to improve over time.

The Charge 5, Sense and Versa 3 can also notify you when your heart rate reaches high and low thresholds.

The Charge 5, Luxe, Charge 4, Versa 2, Versa 3, Versa 4, Sense, Sense 2 and Ionic can also monitor the amount of oxygen in the blood (an important health indicator) with their SpO2 sensor.

Water Resistance and Swim Tracking

All Fitbits are water-resistant up to 50 metres. The Inspire HR, Luxe, Inspire 2, Charge 4, Charge 5, Versa 2, Versa 3, Versa 4 (not the Versa Lite edition), Sense, Sense 2 and Ionic will track your basic swimming metrics (laps, calories, etc) using distance to estimate strokes and laps. The Fitbit Sense has a six-axis gyroscope to more accurately track strokes and laps while swimming.

Caller ID and text messages

All Fitbits show Caller ID, when linked to a smartphone. All the wristbands except the Ace 3 also display text notifications and calendar events. When you get a WhatsApp or Messenger message, your Fitbit can notify you, and even include the message on-screen, saving you the bother of reaching for your phone. A minor but useful measure to help reduce the chances of phone theft on the street. 

Phone calls on your wrist

With their built-in speaker and microphone, the Versa 3 and Sense can receive calls when your phone is nearby. You can answer calls without getting your phone out, and the sound quality is surprisingly good.

Automatic sport recognition

The Inspire HR, Inspire 2, Luxe, Charge 4, Charge 5, Versa Lite, Versa 2, Versa 3, Sense and Ionic feature multi-sport exercise tracking. They know when you are cycling, running, hiking or playing sports including football, tennis and basketball. They will also recognise aerobic workouts such as Zumba, cardio-kickboxing and dance workouts, and log the workout in the Fitbit app, along with an exercise summary.

SmartTrack automatically recognises and records workouts and captures all of the stats: how long you were active, calories burned and heart rate zones. By default, it recognises activities when you’ve been moving for more than 15 minutes. You can change this to anywhere from 10 to 90 minutes.

Reminder to Move

Thsi feature encourages you to meet a mini-step goal of 250 steps each hour (approximately 2-3 minutes of walking). These prompts can be personalised to your schedule; for example, they can be put on “Do Not Disturb” during long meetings or appointments. And, of course, they won’t wake you at night.

It’s a great motivator to get up and move around, even if just for a stroll to get a glass of water or make a cup of tea. Studies have linked excessive sitting with being overweight and obese, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer, and early death; bet that made you sit up…

Sleep tracking

All Fitbits can track your sleep. They measure the time you spend asleep and check the quality of sleep – noting when you are restless or wake up during the night. Fitbit’s newer Sleep Stages measurements (on Inspire 2, Luxe, Charge 4, Charge 5, Versa Lite, Versa 2, Versa 3 and Sense) utilise heart-rate variability to estimate the amount of time you spend in Light, Deep and REM sleep, as well as time awake each night, to better understand your sleep quality. Sleep Score rates each night’s sleep from 0 to 100.

This is one of the great benefits of a tracker with a heart monitor, and sleep is now recognised as a major health metric. Six to eight hours a day is the recommended amount of sleep you should be aiming for. Improved sleep has immediate benefits to your memory, attention, cognitive function and decision-making capacity, as well as helping to avoid type 2 diabetes and putting on weight. Sleep deprivation causes our appetite to go up and we feel less full, making weight gain more likely.

Sleep can make us happier, improve heart health, boost memory, even reduce the risk of dementia; it’s vital for restoring energy levels and boosting the immune system too.

Relax – Guided Breathing

The Inspire 2, Luxe, Charge 4, Charge 5, Versa Lite, Versa 2, Versa 3 and Sense offer Relax – Guided Breathing that can help calm your body and mind through two- and five-minute sessions personalised to your breathing rate.

The benefits of guided breathing practice are supposed to help reduce stress  and anxiety, as well as lower blood pressure. Add it to your daily routine, and you’ll quickly feel the benefits. Long-term insulin resistance (caused by stress triggering the brain’s hypothalamus readying your body for action) contributes to the development of type 2 diabetes and obesity, so even light meditation has physical, as well as mental health benefits.

Female Health Tracking

All but the Ace 3 offer Female Health Tracking, which helps women understand their body by using the tracker, with the Fitbit app, to follow their cycle, record symptoms and more.

Health Metrics

All users can see seven-day trends on various health metrics, with Premium subscribers also getting a longer 90-day view. Charge 5, Charge 4, Sense, Versa family and Ionic users see breathing rate, heart-rate variability, resting heart rate, SpO2 and skin temperature. Inspire 2, Luxe, Charge 4 and Charge 3 see breathing rate, heart rate variability and resting heart rate.

Location Tracker Apps

Apps are available on the Fitbit smartwatches (Versa Lite, Versa 2, Versa 3, Sense, and Ionic), including Weather, plus extra third-party apps can be purchased via the Fitbit mobile app.

All smartwatches except the Versa Lite also boast the Fitbit Coach app, for on-screen video workouts. The Charge 4 also includes a more basic Weather app and Agenda for calendars, however, the Charge 5 does not.

Fitbit Pay

Fitbit Pay is available for Charge 5, Charge 4, Versa 2, Versa 3, Versa 4, Sense, Sense 2 and Ionic users, but it’s not on the Ace 3, Luxe or Inspire 2, or the older Inspire 1 and HR or Versa Lite. This allows for contactless payments directly from the wearable. That said, the list of compatible banks is very small right now (see the whole list for all countries).

All models have non-removable rechargeable batteries. Here’s roughly how long each lasts between charges:

Ace 3: up to 8 days

Inspire: up to 5 days

Inspire HR: up to 5 days

Inspire 2: up to 10 days

Luxe: up to 5 days

Charge 4: Up to 7 days (up to five hours using GPS)

Charge 5: Up to 7 days (up to five hours using GPS)

Versa Lite: 5 days +

Versa 2: 6 days +

Versa 3: 6 days +

Versa 4: 6+ days

Sense: 6 days +

Sense 2: 6+ days

Ionic: Up to 5 days (will reduce depending on the use of GPS)

Read our tips on how to get longer Fitbit battery life.

Which Fitbits are water-resistant?

All the Fitbit trackers are officially sanctioned as water-resistant (down to 50M), and all but the Ace 3 and Versa Lite have basic swimming tracking features (number of lengths, distance swam).

Fitbit recommends against wearing your device while bathing, snorkelling or scuba diving, and Fitbit calls them “water-resistant” rather than properly waterproof. (Note that accessory straps on the Versa and Ionic might not all be waterproof). Don’t wear yours in a sauna, or even a very hot bath, as extreme heat can weaken the battery too.

Do all Fitbits use the same app?

Yes. They are all compatible with the same iPhone and Android apps.

The app displays all your daily and historical stats in beautiful graphs, that expand in landscape orientation, as well as display in portrait view. It’s here that Fitbit really beats its activity-tracking rivals.

The desktop dashboard is another visually attractive and informative place to monitor your activity and fitness statistics.

And as an incentive, you can link with friends, family and colleagues to compete against each other on the leaderboard, get involved in daily or weekly Challenges and Adventures, and win badges determined by passing goals, and historical milestones. These aspects of the Fitbit system really set it apart from the other trackers.

Read our how we test wearables feature for more details.

15 Best Digital Marketing Thesis Topics

Looking for the best dissertation topics and research proposals related to digital marketing? We have you covered, as we have gathered some of the most interesting abstracts and proposals for master’s and undergraduate studies. Moreover, we can help you with other digital marketing thesis topics related to this subject. Due to the rise of digital marketing, many students are choosing to pursue a degree in digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

This marketing process involves various digital channels to promote a product or service. These include social media, web applications, email, and search engines.

How does social media affect the behaviour of customers?

The future of online and social media marketing and research.

The importance of customer satisfaction for a digital marketing agency.

Landing pages: Role of landing pages and their importance.

Interaction of customers with digital platforms.

Optimization of social media strategies for better results.

Detailed analysis of traditional and digital marketing.

Difference between Facebook marketing and targeted marketing.

Analysis of tools used to optimise SEO techniques.

The growth of digital marketing in the real world.

Which marketing is effective PPC vs SEO?

How can block chain technology be implemented in digital marketing?

How does digital marketing help in achieving marketing goals?

The necessity of online or digital marketing.

Misleading perception in the career of digital marketing.

Marketing Dissertation Topics

This article aims to help marketing students prepare their dissertations by providing a list of topics on which you can base your research. Some of these include branding, international marketing, social listening, online marketing, marketing mix, marketing ethics, and relationship marketing. The field of marketing is a broad discipline that can be applied to various areas such as sociology, anthropology, psychology, and business.

Branding Dissertation Topics

Relationship between perceived risk and brand equity.

How to improve brand value?

What are tangible and intangible brand values?

Ethical and unethical behaviour affect the brand’s image.

Ways to attract customers using social media marketing.

How are companies using digital devices for their brand’s benefit?

Strategies to improve the reach of a brand.

How does innovation impact consumer brand resonance?

Online Marketing Dissertation Topics

When it comes to online marketing, traditional marketing rules no longer apply. There are many new ways to approach marketing that is designed to make it more effective. Some of these include the ability to customize and personalize the experience of consumers, the security of data, and the interaction between offline and online mediums.

Digital Marketing: Impact on a company’s performance.

Benefits and challenges faced in a social media marketing campaign.

Use of web analytics for digital marketing to enhance brand performance.

Use of marketing to personalize the products.

How do geography and gender affect online marketing?

Combining online and offline marketing

Understanding consumer behavior using online or digital marketing

How do you run a successful digital marketing campaign?

Social Media Marketing Dissertation Topics

The rise of social media networks has changed the way consumers behave and interact with brands. They are also presenting new challenges to marketers when it comes to reaching out to their customers.

Due to the increasing popularity of social media networks, a marketing dissertation is becoming more timely. It will reflect the latest marketing research.

Analysis of designing a marketing post for Facebook

How to use data to improve the reach and growth of a product?

How Facebook and Instagram can help in the growth of a business?

How to measure the success of a campaign?

Measure the ROI of a social media marketing campaign effectively

Social Media Marketing: Impact on consumer behavior

Influencer marketing vs. ad marketing

Best Practices for Your Digital Marketing Thesis

It can be challenging to write a thesis, especially if you have to put in the effort required to reach its dead-end. Since you have a shorter time frame, focusing solely on the writing process can be hard. You might also have to face a potential delivery delay due to your other priorities.

Most students tend to procrastinate, which is an incurable disease. It could be prevented by starting earlier rather than late. Also, students tend to underestimate how long it takes to write a piece.

One of the biggest mistakes that students make is viewing the progress of their friends while they are still in the process of finishing their thesis. This can lead to depression if they are not getting the results they want. Instead, students should do everything themselves.

As you go through the process of exploring, keep taking notes. These will help you come up with a list of points that you can easily incorporate in your thesis.


Here, we have provided some of the best and most exciting digital marketing thesis topics. All these topics are unique and quite helpful in completing your thesis. It is difficult to find the best digital or online marketing thesis topics, but we have compiled a list of all ideas in one place.

15 Best Htc One M9 Cases

After HTC One M7 and One M8, the Taiwanese manufacturer has unveiled HTC One M9 — the Octa-core beast —, in Mobile World Congress 2023. With Snapdragon 810 SoC, 3GB RAM, full-HD Display and a 20-Megapixel camera that can record 4K Videos, HTC One M9 gives an impressive experience, especially when combined with Android Lollipop, with Sense 7 UI on top. Talking of its price, HTC One M9 Unlocked version is available for $649 in HTC Official Store. It is announced that retail availability of HTC One M9 will be extended widely from April 10, 2023.

1. Fosmon HTC One M9 Case

This HTC M9 case from Fosmon is made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane, commonly known as TPU. While the build ensures style, it makes sure that fingerprints do not affect your phone. Designed very efficiently, it includes sufficient cut-outs for access to every port and button. Its weight is comparatively low even when ensuring durability.

Price: $5.97

Where to Buy: Amazon

2. Spigen HTC One M9 Case

This Smartphone case from Spigen gives a stunning look to your HTC One M9. Made of TPU, this case also ensures bumper protection and gives access to buttons & ports of your One M9 through its metalized buttons. Although slim in design, rubberized grip of HTC One M9 is truly useful when you are concerned about its safety.

Price: $20.99

Where to Buy: Amazon

3. Poetic HTC One M9 Case [Affinity Series]

If you will not mind your case being a bit thick, as to protect your device corners, HTC One M9 Case from Poetic is an impressive option, especially considering its transparent black shell that helps you preserve real beauty of M9. Plus, this case comes with a raised lip to protect screen from surface scratches, molded edges and TPU-based bumper protection.

Price: $12.95

Where to Buy: Amazon

4. HTC DOT View Case for One M9

Price: $36.95

Where to Buy: ShopAndroid

5. LK HTC M9 Case

Here comes another case for HTC M9 that ensures both style and security of design! Made of smooth rubber, its unique design lets you access all buttons & ports without any trouble. In addition, the anti-scratch material used for manufacture is shock absorbent and shatterproof. And you can get a high-quality stylus as well.

Price: $7.99

Where to Buy: Amazon

6. Yousave HTC One M9 Case

Manufactured from Silicone, this Smartphone case for your HTC One M9 is a steal deal! Despite rigidity of its design and material, Yousave M9 Case is truly lightweight. Also, there is an extra-protection-oriented TPU-based protection skin with cut-outs for every possible connection, including charger & buttons.

Price: $6.89

Where to Buy: Amazon

7. Ringke Slim Case for HTC One M9

Made using durable material, Ringke Slim Case for HTC One M9 offers all-round protection using its 360 Technology and it makes sense as far as you are afraid of accidental drops. Yet, the manufacturer has succeeded in giving access to all the buttons and ports.

Price: $9.99

Where to Buy: Amazon

8. OtterBox Defender Case for HTC One M9

Aimed at those who have a huge budget for buying a protective case, OtterBox Defender Case for HTC One M9 is an impressive option, indeed. Along with a 3-layer protective case, you can have a screen protector guard and belt-clip holster, making the Smartphone experience somewhat superb.

Price: $49.95

Where to Buy: Amazon

9. SPARIN HTC One M9 Case

Price: $6.99

Where to Buy: Amazon

10. Tauri HTC One M9 Case

Tauri HTC One M9 Case is manufactured using two materials — rubberized TPU for inner case and Hard PC for outer shell cover. Even while minimizing weight to fit your hand comfortably, it can protect you from dust, dirt, scratches & almost every kind of other damage. Plus, it’s compatible with all carrier versions of M9.

Price: $7.99

Where to Buy: Amazon

11. TUDIA Ultra Slim HTC One M9 Case

Manufactured using High Quality TPU and rubberized gel silicone, the Smartphone case from TUDIA will truly be nice companion to your HTC One M9. In addition to the raised edges — meant to protect your device from scratches that might occur when you place the device — and other design elements, the cover provides a comfortable level of grip!

Price: $9.90

Where to Buy: Amazon

12. KaysCase Slim Hard Shell HTC One M9 Case

Compatible with all models of HTC One M9, you can choose this Smartphone case regardless your carrier! The case gives you protection for the device back, edges and sides. Even when keeping slimness, the case has enough grip to help you hold the device confidently.

Price: $12.95

Where to Buy: Amazon

13. SUPCASE HTC One M9 Case

SUPCASE HTC One M9 Case comes with a truly minimalistic design that makes sense as far as your primary intention is to protect your M9 from accidental damages. There is an elevated bezel that protects your device screen from all kinds of shattering. So, altogether, it’s a good deal.

Price: $13.99

Where to Buy: Amazon

14. Terrapin HTC One M9 Case

Price: $5.95

Where to Buy: Amazon

15. CellBee HTC One M9 Carrying Case

When you need COMPLETE protection of your HTC One M9, including front, back, sides and edges, you can go for this carrying case from CellBee. Its design does not compromise stylishness of the design even while ensuring device protection from every possible aspect.

Price: $10.99

Where to Buy: Amazon (From April 8, 2023)

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Well, finally, it’s your turn — to let us know which protective case you prefer from this list!

Factors Affecting Female Mate Preferences

Charles Darwin first analyzed the evolution of mating behavior in his 1871 theory of sexual selection. Darwin explained powerful male features, such as elaborate physical traits and behavioral displays, resulting from female preferences for these traits. Without explaining where the female preference comes from, Darwin pointed out that any trait that increases the likelihood of mating will increase reproductive success and thus be favored by natural selection. Darwin called this process sexual selection to distinguish it from natural selection.

Female Mate Preferences in Mating Behavior

Ronald Fisher developed these ideas theoretically in 1930; they suggested how a runaway process might promote such traits even if they had no particular function. If a mainly male trait is attractive to females, and both the trait and the female preference are heritable, over many generations, the proportion of males with that trait will increase.

Though the runaway process explains how sexual selection can occur even if the preferred trait has no function, sexual selection can occur jointly with natural selection. The traits used in mate choice might be related to other qualities promoting survival or reproductive success.

A game model of female mate choice and paternal care from multiple males Is presented to study the evolution of female polygamy, extrapair copulation, and the pattern of paternal care. Females choose their mates (or multiple mates) in a mating season. In the following breeding season, males invest their paternal care (or damaging care harassment) based on the likelihood of their paternity. Studies show that the preference of females for monogamy or polyandry depends on how the cost increases with paternal care.

The possibility of harassment (e.g., infanticide) by males with a low probability of paternity may force the females to engage in extrapair copulation. Mate guarding by a dominant male can evolve to be imperfect because paternity sharing solicits paternal care or reduces harassment by subordinate males. Females should attempt to mate with a subordinate male within the constraints posed by the dominant male’s guarding.

Effect of Personal Resources

The structural helplessness hypothesis is an alternate explanation to the evolutionary psychology theory for women’s desires for resourceful men. According to this viewpoint, women want partners with power, prestige, and earning potential since women are often barred from authority and access to resources controlled mainly by men. Women want to marry up in socioeconomic positions since it is their principal means of acquiring access to resources. Males do not place as much emphasis on economic resources in a spouse as women do since men already have control over these resources and women have fewer resources in general.

The Bakweri community from Cameroon, West Africa, calls this notion into question by demonstrating what occurs when women have genuine influence. Bakweri women wield more personal and economic influence than males since they have more resources and are in shorter supply. Women obtain resources not just via their labor on plantations but also through casual sex, which is a good source of revenue. There are around 236 males for every hundred women, owing to the constant migration of men from other parts of the nation to work on the plantations. Due to the enormous gender imbalance, women have much leeway when choosing a spouse.

As a result, women have more money than males and a larger pool of possible mates to select from. However, Bakweri women continue to favor mates with riches. Women frequently complain about their husbands’ lack of assistance. Indeed, the most often mentioned cause for divorce by women is a lack of adequate financial providing. Bakweri women change marriages if they meet a man who can pay a higher bride price and provide them with more money. Women satisfy their developed desire for a guy with resources when they are in a position to do so. Having dominating control over economic resources does not undermine this mate choice.

Effect of Women’s Menstrual Cycle

Ovarian changes in mate preference represent a strategic shift in preference for high genetic quality ancestral markers (i.e., ancestral markers are promising gene) during the peak reproductive period. Previous research has documented such ovulatory changes in mate selection across various traits associated with matched ancestral genes, including symmetry.

The delayed Ovulation Hypothesis makes three predictions −

First, it is hypothesized that during peak fertility, women are more attracted to men with high genetics.

Second, it predicts that women primarily experience cyclical changes when evaluating men as short-term sexual partners. Thus, during peak fertility, changes in ovulation were non-existent or occurred to a lesser extent when assessing men as long-term sexual partners.

Finally, it predicts that changes in ovulation will not persist when measuring mate preference about long-term mate quality (e.g., kindness, fidelity, financial prospects) good, etc.).

According to the ovulatory variation in good genes (GGOSH), women’s preferences for certain behaviors, which are thought to indicate male genetic form, will differ depending on their fertility. Women perceive or rate each man as slightly more attractive when fertile than during other cycle phases. Studies have shown that men who act more competitively and exhibit more desirable behavior (e.g., flirting) are rated as more attractive for short-term sex but less attractive. for long-term relationships, regardless of cycle stage or hormone levels.

Effects of Fitness

The evolution of female mate choice, broadly defined as any female behavior or morphology which biases matings towards specific male phenotypes, is traditionally thought to result from direct or indirect benefits that females acquire when mating with preferred males. In contrast, new models have shown that female mate choice can be generated by the sexual conflict, where preferred males may cause fitness depression in females. Several studies have shown that female Drosophila melanogaster bias matings towards large males.

Studies show that females housed with large males have reduced lifespans and age at an accelerated rate compared with females housed with petite males, and increased male density depressed female fitness further. These fitness differences were due to effects on several different fitness components. Female fitness covaries negatively with the male courtship rate, which suggests a cost of courtship. The mating rate increases with male size, whereas female fitness peaks at an intermediate mating rate.

A study aiming to explore how variation in male mating behaviors and female mate choice influences male investment in reproductive traits that enhance sperm competition, a form of postcopulatory male–male competition in marine fishes, showed that female mate choice is associated with uneven sperm competition risk between male reproductive tactics as well as among males using the same reproductive tactic. Larger guarder males attracted more females and experienced higher rates of attempted cuckoldry than smaller guards.

Benefits of Female’s Mate Preferences

Direct benefits are gained when immediate effects on fitness occur, such as by providing resources to offspring or improved fertilization success. Indirect benefits enhance offspring fitness by increasing their viability or attractiveness by inheriting good or attractive genes. In nature, individuals gain a combination of both and multiple kinds.

However, the costs and benefits of mate choice vary between individuals and populations, contexts, and over time. Direct benefits are resources females gain directly from the male, such as gifts of food or care for the offspring. In these, the amount or quality of resources a male provides is related to the extravagance of his trait: the more extravagant the male, the better the resource he brings.

In contrast, with indirect benefits, the extravagance of a male’s trait indicates the quality of his genes. Females mating with an extravagant male will therefore produce offspring carrying better genes. So these offspring will have a greater chance of surviving or reproducing (they will have higher fitness). Theoretical models show that direct benefits can easily explain the evolution of female preferences for extravagant males where they exist.

However, in many systems, there appears to be no direct benefit; instead, indirect benefit is assumed in these cases. However, the meaning of the indirect benefit is controversial. For example, indirect benefits are projected to be minor, making it unlikely that indirect benefits outweigh the costs to women of expressing preferences.


The structural helplessness hypothesis suggests that women want partners with power, prestige, and earning potential due to their limited access to resources. Temporal context is also important, as women prefer attributes in long-term marital situations over short-term sexual contexts. Ovarian changes in mate preference are a strategic shift in preference for high genetic quality ancestral markers during the peak reproductive period.

The delayed Ovulation Hypothesis makes three predictions: during peak fertility, women are more attracted to men with high genetics, cyclical changes when evaluating men as short-term sexual partners, and changes in ovulation will not persist when measuring mate preference about long-term mate quality. According to the ovulatory variation in good genes (GGOSH), women’s preferences for certain behaviors, which are thought to indicate male genetic form, will differ depending on their fertility.

The evolution of female mate choice is traditionally thought to result from direct or indirect benefits that females acquire when mating with preferred males, but new models have shown that female mate choice can be generated by the sexual conflict, where preferred males may cause fitness depression in females.

15 Best Data Migration Software (Of 2023)

Choosing the right type of data migration software is important to ensure safe and complete data integrity. This is a comprehensive list of the best data migration software in the market. I have ranked the best tools for you to choose from in this article.

At the end of the article, you find a thorough list of questions and answers related to data migration. There is also some useful terminology that helps you better understand the data migration process.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links at no cost to you.

About Data Migration Tools

A good data migration tool allows you to transfer data from one PC to another with ease.

Some common reasons to do a data migration are:

Security reasons

Backup purposes

Upgrading operating system

Whether you are a business owner or an individual user, data migration can seem daunting for a beginner. The idea is to move all your files and folders from one place to another. This might seem scary at first. In addition, you might have applications with important or sensitive data. What if all that is lost?

To succeed in data migration, you need to choose the right kind of tools for your needs.

There is a lot of data migration software for specific purposes that work differently. For example, a data migration tool can:

Remove the need to reinstall apps

Shrink your hard drive to the SSD drive

Clone and transfer the whole operating system from one place to another

What features you need depends on the use case. The best way to find out is by checking what the products offer to find one that suits you the best.

Here is a list of the best data migration tools with reviews to help with decision-making.

Image Credit: EaseUS

EaseUS Todo PCTrans is a well-rounded migration and backup tool by EaseUS.

After completing the seamless migration, all your applications, tools, and data are in place. This is handy and you can start using the new device with the exact data of your old device.

There are three ways you can transfer files and data between your devices:

LAN Transfer. Connect the devices on the same local area network (LAN) and migrate through that network.

Local Transfer. Use local disks to transfer the data between the same device.

Image File Transfer. Turn your files into images and auto-export them from the original PC to the target one. (Yes, this sounds funny, but you can convert all your files, programs, and accounts into transferrable images.)

Also, if you have a broken computer, you can recover its data using EaseUS. The Data Rescue-Recover feature allows you to transfer your data from the dead device to a working one.


The EaseUS data migration tool has three pricing models. The Standard Plan is $49.95/month. The Professional Plan is for $129.00/year. Last but not least the Premium Plan is for $189.00/year.

Image Credit: Acronis

Acronis True Image is a one-of-a-kind data backup tool. It allows for easy data protection, cloning, and migration. With this tool, you have the right tools for backing up all kinds of data and files on your system. You can backup the operating system, boot information, applications, pictures, and more.

Acronis True Image is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

This tool securely stores your data in the cloud. This makes the data well protected but gives you easy access to it. With Acron, you get anti-malware features and a full backup tool. Thanks to these great features, you don’t need to install or manage additional tools

Acronis makes the data migration and backup seamless and light work.

Here is a list of some of the key features and functionality of Acronis True Image:

HDD to SSD assistance for speeding up your computer

Transfer iOS to Android or the other way around

Replicate your device data into a new disk

Clone disk

End-to-end encrypted data protection

With Acronis True Image, you are protected from common data threats such as disk failure, stolen devices, or cyber-attacks.

One of the great features of Acronis True Image is Active Disk Learning. This feature allows you to replicate your system in its entirety. You can do this even if the device is in use. One of the great benefits of doing this is it lets you avoid stopping and rebooting your system during data migration.

With Acronis, you get a nice restore option for the backup tasks. You can keep up to 20 versions of your system for 6 months. The tool backs up the entire disk image and copy, format, partition, or delete the hard drive image.

As a nice addition, Acronis comes with an Active Protection feature. This tool scans for suspicious activity with your files and data. If you are a crypto miner, there is some great news for you. The Acronis Active Protection protects you from common crypto-mining threats.


The pricing of Acronis True Image is split into three possible plans for a single computer:

Essentials: $49.99/year

Advanced: $89.99/year

Premium: $124.99/year

To get a plan for more than one device, feel free to go to their website and select the number of devices in the pricing table.

Image Credit: Minitool

MiniTool Partition Wizard is a well-rounded migration tool for effective data migration and protection.

This tool helps you with disk partitioning. It also migrates your operating system from SSD to HDD and the other way around.

With the disk partitioning features, you get to split your drive into logical groups that make backups and data migration seamless. This also makes it possible to upgrade hard drives without losing other apps and data.

MiniTool supports Windows starting from XP. The compatible file systems are FAT 12/16/32, exFAT, NTFS, and Ext2/3/4.

MiniTool is not only great for disk cloning. The Partition Wizard can do data recovery and diagnosis on the disk too! The software has two built-in recovery features:

Partition Recovery Wizard. This feature is able to recover lost partitions.

Data Recovery. This functionality knows how to recover deleted and lost files from inaccessible folders.

The data migration feature allows you to separately diagnose each part of your disk. For example, you can measure the read or write speed, detect errors, or examine the overall disk usage.

Key Features of MiniTool

Disk cloning

Disk management and partitioning

Data recovery from folders such as Recycle Bin, Desktop, and other folders

Convert between MBR and GPT disks

Dynamic disk to basic disk conversion without data loss

Convert FAT32 and NTFS partitions

Create, delete, resize, or format disks


There are three paid plans for MiniTool Partition Wizard:

Pro: $59/month

Pro Platinum: $109/month

Pro Ultimate: $159/month

In addition to the paid plans, there is a free version of the tool. With this feature, you can do some basic partitioning operations, scan the file system, and do some conversions.

Image Credit: Paragon Software

Paragon Drive Copy Professional is a data migration tool that allows for easy data transfer from a source disk to a target disk. In addition, this tool assists you organize your disk for a quicker data migration process.

This software allows you to create easy backups, manage partitions, clone your OS to a USB, and much more.

The tool comes with a great variety of operations for copying data. With these actions, you can easily copy a full hard disk or a partition of it. For example, you can copy or restore a 512-byte hard disk to a 4k one in a breeze. Also, you can use the tool to move from HHD to SSD and vice versa.

The key functionality and highlights of this tool include:

Cloning a hard disk to a bigger drive

Migrating a laptop to a new hard drive

Disk cleaning and arranging with partition operations such as splitting and merging

Redistribute free space on your system

Restore backup images in a blink of an eye

Paragon helps you when your operating system encounters booting issues. If your OS doesn’t boot or has errors upon booting, you can use Paragon to resolve it.

There is also a built-in data protection mechanism for Paragon. This allows your data to be safe from hackers and other cyber threats.

All in all, the Paragon Drive Copy Professional is a well-rounded program for disk imaging.

A small drawback to this tool is it doesn’t come with data recovery or disk repair. But Paragon has separate solutions for those too. For individual uses, you can use Paragon Hard Disk Manager Advanced. For business purposes, you can use Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Business.


The Paragon Drive Copy Professional comes with a simple pricing model. You can cover three PCs with a license to a plan that costs $79.95.

Image Credit: Runtime

DriveImage XML is a data migration tool for both beginner and professional use.

This software helps you with data imaging and backing up images, partitions, and drives. The tool works with Windows XP and above. It allows for easy backups, clones, restoration, and more importantly data migration. Most importantly, the tool allows for cloning directly from one drive to another.

The underlying mechanism of this tool is to use Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Services for the image creation process. This feature allows you to create backups that are secure. The tool also allows you to restore images without rebooting the entire system. The backup files are stored as XML documents.

The XML data format is a commonly used data format. It is broadly used in different contexts, which means many tools support XML. Because the backups are stored in XML, other popular tools can easily work with the data.

Depending on whether you are a solo user or a business user, there are two versions of DriveImage XML:

Private Edition for individual users. You can install this for free on your home system. However, you cannot use this tool for business purposes!

Commercial Edition. This is a paid plan for more broad use of the tool. There are licenses for 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 users. So you can back up or migrate all the devices of your company with ease using the commercial edition of the software.

Let’s take a look at the notable features of DriveImage XML.

Key Features and Functionality

Supports backing up logical drives as well as partitions of image files

View and extract files

Browse images

Schedule an automated backup

Cloning from one drive to another

Image restoration capabilities for both the same drive and a different drive

Backup and restoration for NTFS and FAT 12, 16, and 32 drives


The pricing is based on how many PCs you want to migrate or backup:

5-user license: $100.00

10-user license: $150.00

20-user license: $200.00

50-user license: $400.00

100-user license: $500.00

Image Credit: NovaBACKUP

NovaBACKUP PC offers a robust backup solution for a Windows user. This tool lets you migrate the disk and operating system with all of its files and data.

With NovaBACKUP, there are two storage options: local storage and cloud storage. You can choose between these two.

This piece of software is great for small businesses and IT-oriented persons who are looking to protect their data. Using NovaBACKUP, you don’t have to worry about backups or data migration as the tool handles it for you.

The Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan is one of the highlight features of NovaBACKUP. This feature protects your PC from data loss. In addition, it supports automatic backups with data recovery and meets the industry-standard data protection measurements.

Key Features and Functionality

Here are some of the most notable features of NovaBACKUP:

An arsenal of backup features. With the file or image backup modes, you can back up files or even the entire hard drive. You can also do the same for your pictures, videos, and files and choose whether the backups are stored locally or in the cloud.

User-friendly also for the visually impaired. NovaBACKUP is a well-rounded tool that suits users of any kind. It supports screen readers that help visually impaired IT specialists to work with the tool.

Disaster recovery mode. The disaster recovery mode takes a complete backup of your PC, including all the applications, files, and so on.

Great data encryption features. NovaBACKUP uses a variety of encryption techniques, such as AES 256-bit to protect your data.


NovaBACKUP has three paid plans:

Single PC: $49.95/year

3-User PC: $79.95/year

5-User PC: $99.95/year

Each plan has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Image Credit: DAEMON Tools

DAEMON Tools Pro 8 is an imaging software to operates on disk images and virtual drives.

When the migration or emulating process is on, the media is kept in proper order for the program to run correctly.

You can use DAEMON Tools to store your sensitive data in a TrueCrypt container.

The tool is simple and easy to use. The user interface and user experience are great. You can use Windows Explorer to access all the features of the tool. Furthermore, you can customize the main view and imaging editor to make it look like yours.

Key Features and Functionality

Converting, compressing, and password protecting your data, such as files or pictures

Edit or create Data Images

Burn files with RMPS

Create Audio CDs

Disk burning with Virtual Burner

Restore a USB stick to factory settings


The DAEMON Tools Pro 8 has four different subscription plans:

1-Month Plan: $4.00

6-Months Plan: $14.00

12-Months Plan: $18.00

Lifetime Plan: $22.99

Don’t forget there is a 14-day free subscription period. You can try the tool first before paying a penny.

Image Credit: CloneZilla

Clonezilla is a completely free and open-source data migration tool.

This tool is capable of data migration, disk imaging, partitioning, and much more.

Clonezilla is mainly designed to help you with data migration and data recovery. But it also helps you if you are performing some system development. The tool can do bare-metal backups.

This well-rounded free tool works on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Let’s take a more thorough look at the Clonezilla tool. This tool has three separate versions:

Clonezilla Live

Clonezilla Lite

Clonezilla SE

The Live version is best for backing up or restoring individual devices. On the other hand, the Lite and SE versions are best for a broader backup process involving multiple devices. The Lite and SE versions are capable of simultaneously cloning 40 systems!

Let’s then take a look at the most notable features of the Clonezilla free backup tool.

Key Features and Functionality

Major file system support (such as ext2, f2fs, FAT32, NTFS)

MBR and GPT partition formats

Supports reinstalling Boot loader and syslinux

Multicasting to perform bigger clones

LVM2 version 2 support in Linux system


There are some limitations to the Clonezilla tool too. For example, the tool doesn’t allow for differential backup, online cloning, or imaging. Also, the partition target has to be greater in size than the origin.

To successfully use Clonezilla, there are some minimum device requirements. You need an X86 or X86-64 processor, 196MB RAM, CD/DVD Drive, Hard Drive, PXE, or USB Port.


Clonezilla is a free open-source tool! Thus, there is not a single penny to pay for this amazing service.

Image Credit: Laplink PCMover

Laplink PCMover is a versatile data migration tool. You can use this tool to move your apps, files, and settings to a target device.

One of the great features is the “undo” feature. In case your backups or data migration fails, you can undo the whole process without loss.

This is the only data migration tool recommended by both Microsoft and Intel.

This software was built with easiness to use in mind. This is why using the tool is super simple. All you need to do is:

Download the software (for both PCs)

Let the tool transfer your data

Laplink has a line of experts doing customer support. You can contact them any time of the day to ask for help, in case something goes wrong.

By the way, you can also choose to receive a physical Laplink product for data migration. This includes a high-speed transfer cable and SafeErase software.

Key Features and Functionality

Some of the notable features of Laplink include:

The quick data migration process

USB 3.0 support

24/7 customer support (via phone or chat)


Undo tool just in case


There are three different kits for Laplink PCMover software:

Best-Selling Bundle: $84.95

PC Recycle Kit: $89.95

5-Pack Offer: $230.00

You can purchase a license and enjoy the 30-day money-back guarantee.

Image Credit: IBM

IBM InfoSphere Data Replication is a data replication software that allows for easy integration and synchronization.

The tool has useful features for migrating, transforming, and moderating the data of your system. IBM InfoSphere allows you to integrate data from any platform.

Thanks to the parallel processing capabilities, this tool can handle huge amounts of migrated data.

Besides being a great tool for data replication and migrations, the IBM InfoSphere Data Replication tool allows for:

Data governance

Maintaining data quality

Dynamic warehousing

MDM (Master Data Management)

SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture)

And much more. This tool acts as a data monitoring platform with which you can deploy and integrate data using an easy-to-use user interface.

Here is a list of the most notable features and highlights of the tool.

Key Features and Functionality

Great and uninterrupted availability

Coding-free data integration

UI and APIs for monitoring and management

Supports multi-source, target, and replication topologies

Db2 z/OS data capturing in a log-based manner

Access to older databases that are already obsolete

Creates a well-rounded cloud environment

Maintain database replicas in remote locations


Contact IBM support for pricing.

Image Credit: Macrium

Macrium Reflect 8 is a scalable and trustworthy piece of data migration software. This tool comes with versatile image-based data migration tools for backups, disk imaging, and migrations.

You can use the tool to create an exact clone of a hard disk or its partitions. You can then use these replicas in the disk restoration process easily. In case things go south, there is always a great way to get the files and data back.

The Macrium Reflect 8 supports local drives, network drives, and USB drives. The tool is a good fit for home and business use.

Key Features and Functionality

viBoot 2 for virtualizing Macrium backup images

Versatile image compression options

Macrium Reflect Changed Block Tracker for reducing the time to compress images.

User-friendly interface

Backup scheduling system

Automatic partition resizing for the differently sized origin and target disks

Windows ReFS support for improved data accessibility and scalability


Macrium Reflect 8 is available in a bunch of plans:

Reflect 8 Free Commercial

Workstation Trial

Reflect 8 Workstation

Reflect 8 Free

Reflect 8 Trial

Reflect 8 Home

You can get the tool and a suitable plan from a third-party reseller. Outside of purchasing a license, you can always try the 30-day trial edition of the software.

Image Credit: Altova

Altova MapForce is professional data conversion, mapping, and integration tool. It lets you transfer data between databases, and visualize databases without having to write code.

This tool lets you convert data from a common format to another. The supported data conversion formats include XML, JSON, EDI, XBRL, Excel, and more.

Altova MapForce can transform data instantly and create source code or executable files for periodic conversions.

Altova MapForce, as the name suggests, is a great tool for data mapping. The powerful conversion and integration features let you automatize data transformations in a number of ways.

With Altova, you have an option to write your own functions, use a database, and debug the mapping process. You can also customize your EDI files or use the standard EDI format that the tool supports natively.

Key Features and Functionality

Data extraction from XML, JSON, or other common file types

Automatize and schedule ETL processes

Visual data mapping

Capability to create data maps without coding

Move data from one database to another

Transform data into multiple different formats


There are three paid plans to choose from:

Enterprise Edition: $799.00

Professional Edition: $459.00

Basic Edition: $229.00

Image Credit:

O&O DiskImage is a disc imaging tool. This tool uses state-of-the-art SSD technology to backup your data. If you have a system too corrupted to start or in case you lost data, this tool has got your back.

O&O is not only a professional disk imaging tool. Besides restoring system data, the tool supports cloning a hard drive or even the entire system.

The tool allows for restoring backups on an entirely different system with its own hardware that might be different compared to the original device. This behavior is great for multiple use cases, such as if you want to replace the motherboard of your rig.

The O&O DiskImage program lets you build boot mediums and save data automatically in a location of your choice.

When you connect the external hard drive to your device, the O&O tool starts the automatic backup process. During this process, it backs up all selected folders and files.

O&O Disk Image is for someone looking for great data management software that is secure.

Key Features and Functionality

Capability to backup hard drives and entire operating systems

Drive and disk cloning features

Restore backups to different hardware

Create a Windows Boot system

Schedule automatic backups

Great security and protection system

Security risk monitor

VHD creation features


There are three paid plans for the tool:

Professional Edition for 1 PC: $49.90

Professional Edition for 5 PCs: $69.90

O&O PowerPack: $59.90

14. Samsun Data Migration Software

Image Credit: Samsung

Towards the end of the list, here is a product for Samsung owners.

The Samsung Data Migration Software is a quick solution for a Samsung owner to move an OS from existing storage to the new Samsung SSD.

In addition to the inter-Samsung data migration capabilities, the tool has great disk management and cloning features.

Remember, this software only works for Samsung. This is the best tool for someone who has purchased a new Samsung SSD.

Key Features and Functionality

Wipe out a Samsung drive

Recover deleted partitions

Improve Samsung SSD performance with partition aligning

Track the SSD health


To know the pricing, you need to contact Samsung Sales Support. They evaluate your use case and offer the best plan for your needs.

Image Credit: CloverDX

CloverDX is an all-in-one data migration tool. This software has a variety of features that make data migration and management easy.

The tool gives you more control and transparency over your data. It is a centralized data platform that allows you to spread siloed projects into one place.

With CloverDX, you can easily create end-to-end data pipelines giving rise to scalable and transparent workflows to promote easy management and maintenance.

The CloverDX tool allows you to get rid of complex and hard-to-manage code. Instead, you get to enjoy an easy-to-understand data pipeline with a visual appearance. Of course, there is an option to source-dive into the code whenever necessary.

Key Features and Functionality

No code is needed to design or debug data

Monitor the data

Great built-in templates

Mask or reveal data on a user-based premises

Break silos with a single easy-to-use platform


There are three pricing models: Standard, Plus, and Enhanced. The price depends on your use case. To get the best possible plan for you, feel free to contact the sales team.


Here is a list of questions about data migration and the tools introduced above. You will also see a guide on how to use a data migration tool.

What Is Data Migration?

Data migration means moving data from one place to another. Data migration can refer to any of the following:

Moving data from one location to another

Converting data from one format to another

Moving data from an application to another

Usually, data migration is needed when there is a system upgrade or a maintenance period. These days data migration is common when a business moves to a cloud-based storage system. When doing this, the on-premise data and applications need to be migrated to the cloud.

Different Types of Data Migration

There are three main types of data migration:

Storage migration. This means transferring data from one storage to another, usually a more modern storage facility.

Cloud migration. This means moving data from on-premise infrastructure into the cloud.

Application migration. This is the process of moving an application from one place to another. For example, this could mean deploying the application from one cloud service to another. It can also mean moving an application to the cloud from an on-premise setup.

What Is HDD?

HDD stands for a hard disk drive. It is a non-volatile device for data storage.

Non-volatile data storage is storage that maintains the data even when the device is turned off. Each and every computer needs a non-volatile storage space to work properly. HDD is one example of such storage. Without such storage, a computer would lose all of its data when turned off. This would make computers quite impractical.

Your typical computer, mobile device, or other types of consumer electronics include an HDD. An HDD can store an operating system, a software program, or other files. The HDD is comprised of magnetic disks.

To be more specific, an HDD controls the reading and writing of the disk that supplies the data storage. The HDD is typically a primary or secondary storage device in your computer.

What Is SSD?

SSD stands for a solid-state drive. An SSD is the new generation storage device found in modern-day computers.

Unlike traditional hard disks, the SSD uses a flash-based memory. An SSD is a collection of electronic circuits that live in silicon semiconductor cells. This is why they are sometimes called semiconductor storage devices.

But the solid-state device is a more commonly used term. It describes the system better because there are no moving parts unlike in HDDs.

When you want to speed up an old computer, upgrading to SSD is one of the best tricks in the book.

What Does HDD to SSD Conversion Mean?

Converting HDD to SSD is a way to speed up your computer.

This means replacing the mechanical hard disk drive (HDD) with a more efficient solid-state drive (SSD).

What Is an Image (in Disk Management)?

In this article, you learned about migrating data as images. For example, with EaseUS you can convert your data into an image and transfer it from point A to point B.

But converting a file or app into an image might sound funny to you.

A disk image is a big file. The disk image reproduces the contents and functionality of a hard disk, optical disk, or any other type of storage device. A disk image file extension is typically .iso, .cue, .bin, .img, or .dmg.

What Is Disk Partition?

The disk partition splits a disk into one or more regions. These regions are called disk partitions.

When a partition is done, a partition table is created. It can be found in the first region of the disk. The partition table stores info about the disk size and the location of the partitions.

The disk partitioning is a process that allows for creating smaller logical drives. These are called volumes.

In the eyes of your operating system, these volumes are completely independent units. In other words, you can perform an operation in one unit without affecting the others.

But why partition a disk?

Most computer users will never need to partition a disk. But it can be useful in some specific situations, such as:

A new hard drive has to be partitioned to save data. Otherwise, it is unusable.

A partition can offer a way to organize data based on the data type. For example, one partition stores documents while the other does all your music.

To reinstall Windows, you can partition data into the system partition. This way the reinstallation doesn’t mess with your existing programs and data.

To backup a specific data area, you can backup the specific partition instead of the entire drive.

Partitions streamline the data recovery process and make it more convenient.

What Is NTFS?

NTFS stands for NT file system, sometimes called New Technology File System. It is a Windows NT-specific process that allows storing, organizing, and finding files on a hard disk.

What Is FAT?

FAT stands for File Allocation Table. It is a file system for hard drives.

The FAT system manages files on hard drives and other systems. For example, flash memory, digital cameras, and other portable devices use FAT. The FAT stores information about the files. It also extends the lifetime of a hard drive.

To find a file on a hard drive, a process called seeking takes place. This wears and tears the physical hard drive over time. The FAT system reduces the wear and tear caused by seeking. This is because the FAT allows for easier and more optimized access to the files.

How Long Does a Data Migration Take?

For a typical user, data migration takes place in minutes or hours.

However, there is no general answer as there are too many things that affect the migration speed. These include:

The amount of data

Is the data compressed or not

The type of source device

The type of target device

On some occasions, migration can take days or even weeks.

What to Look for in the Data Migration Software?

To pick the right data migration tool for your use, you need to be careful. Some tools perform tasks better than others.

More importantly, there is a whole bunch of well-rounded tools that can do all sorts of data tricks. But to not pay for anything extra, you should consider your use case. Likewise, if you pay for software that is incapable of your needs, you’re going to be frustrated.

Before doing data migration, backups, or any other data management-related tasks, keep these in mind.

1. Functionality

Generally, you should pick a data migration tool with many features and versatile functionality. Even though some of the features might seem like unnecessary or extra, they might help in case something funky happens.

When you are in a search of a data migration tool, pay attention to at least these features:

Data backup and recovery

Orchestration and scheduling

Data profiling and ETL

Anti-malware functionality

Debugging and error fixing

Keep in mind some tools are rather expensive. There are free trials that you should definitely exhaust before paying a dime.

2. Security

No matter what kind of data you deal with, there is always a chance for a cyber-attack.

3. User Friendliness

Data migration can be a daunting task. It takes a while and there are lots of things to focus on. You should use a data migration tool that makes the data migration process as lightweight as possible.

If all your teammates or employees are supposed to know how to use the tool, you want to make it as easy as possible. No matter how familiar or unfamiliar someone is with the process, it shouldn’t cause them extra stress.

5. Support

Last but not least, your data migration tool should have customer support just in case.

The quality data migration and management tools come with great customer support that helps you any time of the week.

Sometimes, you may encounter delays or unexpected behavior. In such a case, you get a night of better sleep once you have contacted the support behind the tool.

How to Use a Typical Data Migration Software?

Using a data migration should not be a problem. The download/install/setup phase depends on the software you are using.

Here is your typical steps to start using a data migration tool. Notice that these are just general guidelines. To find tool-specific instructions, visit the tool’s knowledge base on the website.

Step 1: Select a tool and a plan

Before starting a data migration, you need to have the right type of tool at your disposal. Your typical data migration tool has a free trial version, but you should subscribe to a paid plan for more rigorous use.

You can read reviews of the best data migration tools above. You can also familiarize yourself with the pricing and use cases to find the best match for you.

After choosing a tool and a plan, it is time to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Download and install

Now that you have chosen a tool, it is time to download the software to your device.

This process can take a while.

When the download has been completed, you should run through the setup wizard to install it on your system.

Step 3: Enter the details

To actually be able to start using the tool, you need to confirm you are a verified customer that should have an access to use the tool.

To do this, you need to create an account. This typically involves providing the tool with your information as well as your new account information. You must also enter a key to unlock the free/paid plan depending on the tool.

Step 4: Confirm the account

Once you have entered your details and created a new account, you need to verify the account. Usually, you receive an email in a short amount of time.

Make sure to check the spam folder, as sometimes these types of messages end up there automatically!

Step 5: Start data migration

At this point, you should be good to start using the tool.

The tool usually presents a view that allows you to choose what kind of data task you want to do.

For example, if you want to migrate data from one disk to another, you should have an option such as “Automatic Cloning”. To migrate a disk, choose the cloning option from the startup menu of the tool.

Step 6: Choose the source and target disks

The next step is to choose the disk from which you want to clone data. Take a look at the view of the tool. It probably shows you some disk options. First, choose the source disk, confirm it, and then choose the target disk.

Step 7: Restart the device

After you have proceeded from the previous step, you are typically asked to restart your device. To do a successful restart, close all applications, files, and so on.

The data migration process takes place during the restart. The length of the restart may greatly vary based on the data volume, software, and much more. Be patient!

Step 8: Let the computer shut down once more

When the migration completes, your computer restarts once more automatically. At this point, any external data source might be disconnected from your computer.

Step 9: Start a computer

Now start the computer and take a look at the target folder to access the migrated data.

The migration should now be completed!

Wrap Up

That is a whole bunch of data migration software. With these tools, you can easily clone your disk and migrate data between systems.

Choosing the right type of data migration software depends on a bunch of things, including:


Data size

Reasons for migration, including

Security concerns

Updating business infrastructure

Before choosing the right type of data migration tool, it is wise to read reviews of the best migration tools like this list. In addition, you should think about your use case not to over-or underpay for software.

I’m sure you were able to find something useful on the list.

Thanks for reading.

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