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Decentralized Finance (DeFi) entails using blockchain technology to do things like lending, borrowing, trading and investing. DeFi’s popularity has continued to grow immensely as it offers more freedom, security and efficiency for investors than traditional finance. This has in turn created a high demand for DeFi tokens. But not all DeFi tokens are created equal. Some have more potential than others to grow in value and adoption. In this article, we will look at three DeFi tokens that have a 100x potential: RenQ Finance (RENQ), Chainlink (LINK) and Avalanche (AVAX).

Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink (LINK) is a DeFi project that provides reliable data feeds to smart contracts on any blockchain. Smart contracts are self-executing agreements that run on blockchain technology. They need data from the real world to function properly.

Chainlink (LINK) uses a token called LINK to pay for its services. Data providers stake Chainlink (LINK) as collateral to ensure their data quality and reliability. Data users pay Chainlink (LINK) as fees to access the data feeds. Chainlink (LINK) also has a governance role, meaning that LINK holders can vote on how to upgrade the network.

Chainlink (LINK) has already integrated with hundreds of blockchains and thousands of data providers. It supports many types of data such as prices, events, identity verification or randomness generation. Chainlink (LINK) also has partnerships with many leading DeFi projects such as Aave, Synthetix and Uniswap.

Chainlink’s (LINK) market cap is about $ 3.7 billion at the time of writing. This is high compared to other DeFi projects but low compared to its potential impact on the whole blockchain industry. If Chainlink (LINK) can continue to expand its network effect and adoption, its token price could increase by 100 times or more.

Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche (AVAX) is a blockchain platform that seeks to offer any kind of application a quick, scalable, and secure network. The network can execute more than 4,000 transactions per second thanks to Avalanche (AVAX), which employs a special consensus technique called Avalanche consensus. This contrasts with Ethereum, which has a restricted capacity and is plagued by high fees and congestion. Avalanche (AVAX) often confirms requests in under a second and charges on average less than one penny.

AVAX is the native token of the Avalanche network, and it plays a crucial role in the platform’s ecosystem. Avalanche (AVAX) holders can stake their tokens to secure the network and earn rewards from transaction fees. Additionally, AVAX is used to pay for gas fees, create subnets, and launch new tokens on the Avalanche (AVAX) network, making it an essential component of the platform.

Avalanche (AVAX) has a lot of potential because it offers a superior user experience for both developers and users of blockchain applications. The Avalanche (AVAX) platform also supports compatibility with Ethereum, meaning that existing Ethereum applications can easily migrate to Avalanche (AVAX), allowing for greater adoption and use of blockchain technology.

RenQ Finance (RENQ)

RenQ Finance (RENQ) is a DeFi platform that allows users to lend and borrow any asset across any blockchain. For example, you can lend your Bitcoin on Ethereum and earn interest. Or you can borrow Ethereum on Binance Smart Chain and use it for other purposes.

RenQ Finance (RENQ) uses a token called RENQ to power its network. RenQ Finance (RENQ) holders can stake their tokens to secure the platform and earn fees from the transactions. RenQ Finance (RENQ) also has a governance role, meaning that RENQ holders can vote on how to improve the platform.

The multichain wallet from RenQ Finance (RENQ) is a one-stop shop for all of your trading needs. It gives users access to a wide range of liquidity sources and unifies all DEXs into a single interface. With a completely new variety of new products, users will be able to successfully carry out all of the conventional DeFi activities including trading, farming, mining, staking, lending, borrowing, and shorting, as well as other provisions are presently only available through huge centralized exchanges.

RenQ Finance has a low market cap that has not been fully tapped. The cap is very low compared to other DeFi platforms like Chainlink (LINK) and Avalanche (AVAX). This is what makes RENQ an even better buy than LINK and AVAX. Its low cap leaves a large room for growth. Besides rallying 100x in 2023, market experts predict that the coin will skyrocket to between $10 and $15 after Bitcoin halves, sparking the highly anticipated bull leg in 2024.

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You're reading 3 Defi Token With 100X Potential: Renq Finance (Renq), Chainlink (Link), Avalanche (Avax)

Token Titans: Solana,, And Chainlink Steer The Ship As Boe Embraces Tokenization

From the innovative vision of the Bank of England’s deputy governor, Sir Jon Cunliffe, to the ground-breaking innovations of chúng tôi (SUT), and the cutting-edge capabilities of Solana (SOL) and Chainlink (LINK), specifically with tokenization in the mix, the world of digital assets is undergoing a transformative shift. With the potential for more efficient payments, increased financial stability, and novel business models, tokenization is reshaping how we perceive and interact with assets in the digital realm.

Let’s jump right into the significance of SOL, SUT, and LINK in driving the adoption of tokenization, and how they are shaping the future of finance with their unique features and capabilities.

Sir Jon Cunliffe Explores The Role Of Stablecoins In Payments And Money

At the Innovative Finance Global Summit, Sir Jon Cunliffe, the deputy governor of the Bank of England, discussed the growing significance of tokenization in the financial sector. The central bank is considering working with the Financial Conduct Authority to regulate the tokenization of bank money, non-bank money, and central bank money. Stablecoins have the potential to make payments more efficient, however, the robustness and uniformity requirements may not be met by the existing offerings. Bank deposits that have been tokenized may be able to compete with non-bank payment coins, but regulatory concerns like deposit insurance and anti-money laundering laws must be resolved.

A digital pound may underpin the economy and give entrepreneurs access to a platform, according to Cunliffe, who also spoke about the potential need for a central bank digital currency (CBDC) in the UK. To increase financial stability, CBDC might make it possible for wholesale tokenized transactions to settle in central bank money. Similar to the recently announced creation of FedNow, a new immediate payment system by the US Federal Reserve, upgrades to the British central bank’s real-time payment system may also permit synchronization with tokenized transactions.

All Things chúng tôi — A Must-have Asset

The world of cryptocurrencies is about to transform thanks to some ground-breaking innovations recently unveiled by the soaring token, chúng tôi (SUT). SUT fosters economic development for its users, intending to go live on the Uniswap blockchain as soon as it hits a million sign-ups.

This token has also unveiled a much-anticipated referral system where potential users are encouraged to join by visiting their website, setting the slider to referrals, inputting their email address, and obtaining a specific ranking/referral code, to optimize the potential for financial success.

Solana And Chainlink Leading The Charge In Tokenization

The concept of tokenization, which involves converting tangible real-world assets or abstract concepts into digital tokens, has garnered considerable significance within the realm of blockchain technology. Platforms such as Solana and Chainlink have emerged as notable players in the field of tokenization, offering distinctive features and capabilities that are reshaping the landscape of digital assets.

Tokenization on SOL (Solana) and LINK (Chainlink) is crucial for several reasons. It enables digitization and fractional ownership of tangible assets, unlocking liquidity and investment opportunities for a wider range of investors. It promotes transparency and accountability in asset management through immutable and auditable blockchain records. Additionally, tokenization fuels innovation and economic growth by creating new business models and use cases across diverse industries.

Tokenization is swiftly gaining momentum in the esteemed realm of finance, with Solana, chúng tôi and Chainlink at the forefront of this revolutionary trend. The allure of tokenization lies in its ability to unlock fresh investment prospects, foster transparency, and ignite innovation across industries. Furthermore, the Bank of England’s discerning exploration into the potential of stablecoins and CBDCs as a means to enhance payments and bolster financial stability cannot be overlooked.

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Top 10 Cryptocurrencies With Best Growth Potential In June 2023

Here are the best cryptocurrencies to watch out for in June.

The buzz around cryptocurrencies is not going to fade away anytime soon. So if you are considering investing in cryptocurrencies soon, keep an eye on these cryptocurrencies that are expected to perform well in June 2023. In recent times, DeFi tokens are getting all the attention, thanks to their utility factor, and as the prices are recovering from the crash, this is a good time to explore the crypto world. To invest in cryptocurrencies, you need to find a reliable source to buy these digital assets. They can either be

1. Shiba Inu

Market cap: US$3,649,389,694 Shiba Inu is a relatively new crypto coin that stole some of the limelight away from Dogecoin. After its launch in August 2023, it reached its all-time high of US$0.00003431 in May 2023. Since then this crypto coin is showing steady growth with an average of 10% growth.  

2. Litecoin

Market cap: US$12,410,135,324 Currently, Litecoin is attracting a lot of attention towards itself, almost giving competition to the popularity of Bitcoin. Compared to Bitcoin, Litecoin supports faster transactions and is affordable than most other cryptos. Litecoin reached its all-time high of US$400 in May 2023 and is still rising with an average of 11%.  

3. Ethereum

Market cap: US$309,432,651,165 After Bitcoin, Ether is the second-largest cryptocurrency. Ethereum’s technology supports smart contracts which allow developers to build applications around it for the decentralized finance sector and non-fungible tokens.  After receiving crowdfunding in 2014, Ethereum went online with 72 million tokens.  

4. Polkadot

Market cap: US$21,294,339,566 Polkadot is a proof-of-stake coin, unlike traditional cryptocurrencies. In Polkadot’s network, different blockchains can exchange information and transactions via the Polkadot relay chain, which can be used to link decentralized apps, services, and organizations.  

5. Chainlink

Market cap: US$13,157,867,840 The key factor in Chainlink’s growing popularity is its decentralized Oracle network. This network allows intelligent Ethereum contracts to link securely with other data sources, APIs, and payment networks.  

6. Polygon

Market cap: US$11,987,763,132 While most of the cryptocurrency market crumbled recently causing a market crash, Polygon, however, saw a silver lining. According to expert price forecasts, by the end of 2023, Matic (Polygon) will hit its all-time high of US$10.  

7. Solana

Market cap: US$8,793,180,365 By the end of 2023, Solana has the potential to reach US$100. Since it’s a cryptocurrency from DeFi, its price can rapidly grow. With a focus on strengthening relationships with DeFi assets, Solana can encourage young startups and gain a competitive edge in the market, adding to its value.  

8. The Graph

Market cap: US$990,553,931 At the start of 2023, GRT was valued at US$0.35. By February, it increased to US$2.88 and then fell to US$1.2 and continues to show a steady bullish run. With enough focus on software and protocol upgrades, The Graph is expected to reach the US$7 mark by the end of 2023.  

9. Synthetix

Market cap: US$1,472,661,003 Synthetic is a unique cryptocurrency that enables derivatives trading in a liquidity protocol. With the steady growth that the crypto is projecting now, Synthetix will become one of the top 15 cryptocurrencies in the world by the end of 2023, with its value above the US$100 mark.  

10. Bitcoin

Market cap: US$687,855,966,615

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies With Best Growth Potential In October 2023

The scope of cryptocurrencies in a digital wallet is rising tremendously across the global cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrency prices have started surging up from October 1, 2023, where Bitcoin has reached US$43k after a drop in September. Meanwhile, Ethereum is also up over 1% than the last week, several cryptocurrencies are showing maturity. Here is a list of the top 10 cryptocurrencies with the best growth potential in October 2023 for investors to gain higher returns in the nearby future.  

Top 10 cryptocurrencies with best growth potential in October 2023 Cardano

Cardano is expected to show one of the best growth potentials in October after having difficulty in September. The market cap faced a massive drop from US$90 million to US$66 billion. In October, the current cryptocurrency price is US$2.20 from a fall of US$1.19. The 25-day and 50-day moving averages have also made a bearish crossover pattern to bounce back in October. Cardano cryptocurrency will be more matured with a strong capitalization as well as will support smart contracts in the future.  

Polkadot Solana

Solana is expected to be a cryptocurrency with the best growth potential in October 2023 with the current cryptocurrency price of US$139.93. The price action of Solana has withstood the sharp correction in cryptocurrencies with a next step to regain R2 monthly resistance within a few weeks in October. Solana has risen to become the sixth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.  


ShibaInu has gained success in the cryptocurrency market as a so-called ‘Dogecoin Killer’. ShibaInu can surpass US$0.00001 starting from October while hitting US$0.000016 in December. It is expected that this cryptocurrency will increase the price and become more matured gradually on a regular basis from October.  

USD Coin

The current price of USD Coin is US$1.00 and it is expected to show growth in October with US$1.28 while showing the maximum price of US$1.60 in the future. It is a stablecoin that is backed by a US dollar with a 1:1 ratio. It is also powered by Ethereum so there is very little volatility in this cryptocurrency for the digital wallet.  


Ethereum is one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies that has shown tremendous potential in the last five years when the cryptocurrency price hit US$3,000 from a mere US$11 with over 27,000%. Thus, investors can expect Ethereum to show its best growth potential in October to gain higher ROI in the cryptocurrency market. Though it faced some difficulties in September it is trading at US$3,000.26on on the first day of October in a digital wallet. It is trading along with the 50-day and 100-day exponential moving averages with a bearish pennant pattern.  


The current price of one of the top cryptocurrencies is US$0.2026 while it is expected to hit US$0.3387 in October 2023. Dogecoin is a profitable cryptocurrency with growth potential for investors. But, the volatility of the price depends on the tweets from Elon Musk— may hit an all-time height or incur a massive drop within a few seconds.  


XRP is known for hovering beneath the 1.000 ratios with the sustained short-term ability with a current price of US$0.9531. This level is important for XRP to show growth potential in the coming days of October for investors. It is expected to hit within a range of US$0.630 and US$1.260 within a few days.  


Tether is one of the top cryptocurrencies as well as a popular stablecoin in the digital wallets of investors. It is known for providing stability instead of volatility to the cryptocurrency market. The cryptocurrency price is expected to hit US$1.28 in October while the current price on October 1, 2023, is US$1.  

Binance Coin

Complete Guide On Personal Finance

Personal finance refers to managing the way money is earned, the quantum of earned money to be spent & the quantum of money to be saved (i.e., managing the financial activities of a person) as per the choice & preference of the person considering the budgets, risk appetite, mortgage rates and planning for a future financial goal.

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Personal finance means finance for a person. The individual earns money either through business or a job. He wants to invest to cover his daily expenses and achieve his long-term financial goals.

Long-term financial goals may include marriage expenses for children, educational expenses for children, retirement funds, dream projects, buying a house, high net worth, etc. The goals can differ according to each personal preference.

He needs to have the guidance of some financial expert to cover his financial needs & goals appropriately.

Personal Finance Planning Process

The planning process of personal finance goes like this:

The individual first needs to assess where he stands today, i.e., understanding his finances. He needs to prepare his current sources of finances & his current estimated liabilities, if any.

If a person has substantial financial obligations, he should focus first on paying the financial obligations first. Only after then should he strive for savings & retirement goals.

Assuming that the individual has no obligation presently or has managed to pay his obligations, he needs to define a financial goal for the future.

He then needs to choose the alternatives available for investment purposes.

As per the plan, he must allocate his funds to the respective areas for each frequency selected above.

In case of a change in the investment environment, he must churn his portfolio accordingly.

Examples of Personal Finance (With Excel Template)

Let’s take an example to understand the calculation of personal finance in a better manner.

You can download this Personal Finance Excel Template here – Personal Finance Excel Template

A person does a job at a consultancy firm in the US. His monthly salary is $ 6500 as of now & the increment is due on July 1, 2023, with a bonus of one month’s pay in Oct 2023. Thus, after collecting all information, we have prepared a monthly budget for his revenues, expenses, savings, etc. (all amounts in US $)















Salary 6,500 6,500  6,500  6,500  6,500  6,500  7,800  7,800  7,800  7,800  7,800  7,800

Expected Bonus  –  –  –  5,000  –  –  –  –  –  7,800  –  –

Other Income  – 500  – 500 500  1,000  –  –  –  – 500  –

Total Income 6,500 7,000  6,500 12,000 7,000 7,500 7,800 7,800 7,800 15,600 8,300 7,800


Rent 1,700 1,700  1,700  1,700  1,700  1,700  1,700  1,700  1,700  1,700  1,700  1,700

Food and Groceries 800 800 800 800 800 800 800 800 800 800 800 800

Entertainment 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400

Childcare 1,000 1,000  1,000  1,000  1,000  1,000  1,000  1,000  1,000  1,000  1,000  1,000

Personal Clothing  –  – 500  –  – 500  –  –  1,000  –  –  1,500

Other Expenses 200 1,000 800 700 500  1,000  1,000  1,000  1,000  1,000  1,000  1,000

Total Expenses 4,100 4,900  5,200 4,600 4,400 5,400 4,900 4,900 5,900 4,900 4,900 6,400

Surplus (Deficit) 2,400 2,100  1,300 7,400 2,600 2,100 2,900 2,900 1,900 10,700 3,400 1,400

Cumulative Savings 2,400 4,500  5,800 13,200 15,800 17,900 20,800 23,700 25,600 36,300 39,700 41,100

Further, the funds are to be allocated as follows:

Emergency Fund 650 650 650 650 650 650 780 780 780 780 780 780

Savings Account 480 420 260  1,480 520 420 580 580 380  2,140 680 280

Investments 1,270 1,030 390  5,270  1,430  1,030  1,540  1,540 740  7,780  1,940 340

Total Allocation of monthly surplus 2,400 2,100  1,300 7,400 2,600 2,100 2,900 2,900 1,900 10,700 3,400 1,400


We have assumed 10% of our salary as an emergency fund every month. 20% of the surplus amount as a savings account deposit every month. Each month, the surplus balance is transferred to the investment account for various investments.

As you observe at the end of the year, the total is as follows:

Emergency fund     8,580

Savings Account     8,220

Investments   24,300

Total   41,100

Thus, the person is financially independent at the end of the year due to prudent expenses & rational investments.

Types of Personal Finance

An essential savings account is treated as a type of personal finance medium. You can do so whenever you wish to withdraw specific amounts.

Choosing the appropriate stock from a list of stocks is necessary to increase return on investment. This is also terms as a means of personal finance.

If an individual wants to excel in human capital, he can avail of mortgages or loans to take up an educational loan (such as a loan for CFA).

Mortgages or loans may also be taken for leverage purposes to acquire a new asset.

Need for Personal Finance Principles of Personal Finance

Some of the basic principles of personal finance are as follows:

The most crucial focus in personal finance is savings. The more you save, the more funds you have for disposal. Savings gives you an ultimate level of confidence in routine business dealings.

Personal finance works best only after we have set the priorities for the spending pattern since resources are limited.

Save yourself from making unrequired or luxurious spending (such as buying an expensive car, watch, etc.). That means there is no space for “show-offs” in personal finance.

Investments should be made so that there are passive sources of income even if you haven’t worked to date.

Gaining after every experience is very important in this field. Financial education is necessary to excel in the field of personal finance.

Areas of Personal Finance

Let’s discuss each area of personal finance in a little more detailed manner:

Revenue: This is the start of personal finance. Unless you have something, how can you invest it? To generate revenue, a person does business or provides a reputed service. This business helps him get earned. The most common sources of revenue include salary for employment, bonus, dividend income, pension income, interest income, etc.

Expenses: Every revenue has a counterparty expense. Thus, you need to prioritize the expenses. First & foremost, the operating expenses are to be settled so that these expenses do not lag in the future. The ordinary expenses incurred by any individual are rental expenses, EMIs, welfare expenses, personal expenses, travel expenses, entertainment, taxes, etc. However, one may choose to pay the expenses through a credit card & take the benefit of an interest-free credit period.

Savings: All revenues less all expenses equals savings. This is the net amount retained at your disposal. This amount is compared to the revenue & one can understand the savings ratio to revenue. Savings can be reflected through the retention of physical cash, the amount in a savings bank account, investment in money market instruments, or other very liquid instruments. You should never invest 10% of your savings. It is always suggested to keep an emergency fund ready in an uncertain situation.

Investments: The amount allocated from savings is transferred to investments. By this, we mean purchasing certain assets that will generate revenue. Investment carries a risk. Every risk has an inevitable return. Risk & return go hand in hand. Investment can be made in stocks, equities, real estate, mutual funds, etc. Investment is to be made as per the risk appetite of the individual. Thus, this is the most critical area in personal finance.

Insurance: Insurance means financial protection in case of an unforeseen situation. For this, a certain amount is paid frequently. Some famous insurances are life, health, and stock insurance. Some insurers also provide the benefit of savings through the premium amount.

Why is Personal Finance Importance?

Finance, i.e., money, is the ultimate goal for every business person. Accumulation of money is given much more important than earning money. Personal finance comes into play as to how to manage this accumulated money. Investment ideas & other investment vehicles are necessary to channel this money source. Thus, personal finance is essential for any individual who wishes to earn more with time.


Some of the benefits are:

You know precisely the quantum of money you have retained. Thus, there is no need to look for other sources of finance.

Leverage is a doubles-sized sword. One who does not know how to handle this sword should ideally invest the money in business from personal finances & not from loans.

Since you had invested the entire amount in the business, you retained 100% ownership. Thus, your business is debt-free & runs entirely on the business of the capacities inbuilt into the company.

You are not answerable to any outsider for finances.

If you have invested the entire amount in the business, you may not have the emergency funds for your family’s needs in case of any emergency.

Your expenses are reduced & you will think about spending less as always.

Non-availability of the source of finance in case any extra funds are required since no credit image is created.

By chance, the business is a loss-making venture; you lose your money.

Conclusion Recommended Articles

Best Cryptocurrencies With High Potential To Invest In For Long Term

Are you interested in investing in the crypto ecosystem for the long term? It’s a good idea because long-term investment is often the best way to start, but it’s important to study the projects before investing and know where you’re putting your money. Besides, it is sometimes difficult to find your way among the multitude of projects present in the blockchain sector. To make it easier, in this article we are listing the 5 best cryptos to invest in the long term.

Investing for the long term is usually a winning strategy, especially when you’re just starting out or don’t have any particular expertise in cryptocurrencies. Different criteria should be taken into account when looking to invest in a project to avoid unpleasant surprises and maximize the chances of success.

First of all, it is essential to study the interest of a project and the technology behind it. You don’t need to be an expert in blockchain to do this. However, it is necessary to be able to spot a serious project from a bad idea or even a scam. An inflationary token, i.e. one whose quantity increases, will not have the same chance to increase in value as a deflationary token, which becomes scarcer over time.

Doglee (LEE): The meme coin of the future

Doglee (LEE) is undoubtedly one of the best meme coins along with Dogecoin. Launched on June 4, 2023, Doglee has met with amazing success, thanks to the large community that supports it around the world. In fact, the reason Doglee is so popular in the United States is that it has appeared on several famous websites in the land of opportunity.

There is a large community behind the Doglee crypto meme that shares similar ideas. Doglee claims that 6% of its transaction fees will be automatically distributed to the wallets of Doglee token holders. The Doglee cryptocurrency is both a popular meme token on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain, but also on the crypto market more generally. This is because of its main mission, which is to attract more users to the cryptocurrency world using a fairly lighthearted theme.

As a bonus, Doglee is trying to attract new users to the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. But that’s not all, Doglee also wants to educate investors on how the market works. Finally, it also aims to create links between holders and help those who own these tokens to increase their interests to the maximum. The Doglee corner is ultimately the public image of the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. It is, in our opinion, one of the rising stars of crypto memes.

Bitcoin (BTC): the leader and king of the ecosystem

Bitcoin is the pioneer of the blockchain ecosystem. Since its creation in 2009, it has established itself as the undisputed leader of the sector. Its price has risen from a few dollars to over $68,000 at its recent ATH and is currently hovering around $21,000.

Bitcoin is the first blockchain that has solved many of the technological challenges of transferring value in a secure and decentralized manner. It was the first solution that solved the problem of double-spending. Its adoption is increasingly massive and many investors choose it, especially for long-term investment. Institutional players are not mistaken and are now investing massively in what is sometimes referred to as digital gold.

The capitalization of Bitcoin has now reached $759 billion, still far ahead of its runner-up, Ethereum.  While it is occasionally criticized for its ecological impact or its slowness compared to new solutions, it remains the standard in the blockchain environment. As such, it seems to be the ideal choice for a long-term investment strategy and its past performance speaks for itself.

Cronos (CRO): the token of a recognized platform

CRO is the native cryptocurrency of chúng tôi one of the largest exchange platforms in the market, which represents one of the highest daily transaction volumes in the industry. CRO is the cryptocurrency of its ecosystem based on the Cronos blockchain, a solution built through Cosmos, the Internet of Blockchains.

It is often said that it is interesting to bet on the casino and this is a bit the case if you invest in the token of one of the biggest exchange platforms in the world. Just like BNB and its beautiful growth in recent years, it can be interesting to bet on the ecosystem of chúng tôi which is growing day by day with, among others, a recently released NFT marketplace.

Ethereum (ETH): the pioneer of smart contracts

Ethereum is the number 2 in the ecosystem that some see overtaking Bitcoin in the coming years. Where Bitcoin only allows you to transfer money from one account to another, Ethereum offers many uses thanks to the use of smart contracts.

These smart contracts are automatically executed when certain conditions are met. They have notably enabled the emergence of decentralized finance through protocols such as Aave, MakerDAO or Curve. Thanks to Ethereum and DeFI, you can borrow, and generate interest by depositing assets in a liquidity pool. Ethereum also enabled the development of the first NFTs and the most famous collections.

The blockchain was the first to allow the creation of decentralized applications and remains the leader in this field. As such, it concentrates more than half of the locked assets in decentralized finance. Ethereum continues to evolve and will soon change its consensus mechanism, allowing it to gain speed, reduce costs and absorb more users and transactions. It is therefore a long-term investment, generally recommended in the same way as Bitcoin.

Ripple (XRP): Finance 2.0

XRP is one of the oldest projects in the blockchain industry. Created by the company Ripple, the goal of this project is to set up a fast payment and transfer network called RippleNet. By using blockchain technology, Ripple wants to make payments across the planet more fluid by offering fast and low-cost transactions, unlike the traditional banking system. A cross-border transfer would take only a few seconds instead of a few days currently.

Its token, the XRP, is also an innovation that will make it easier to convert FIAT currencies between them. Indeed, it would serve as an intermediary between the two currencies to make transfers more fluid and faster. XRP is sometimes accused of being too centralized and is currently experiencing some legal problems with the American regulatory authorities. Nevertheless, it remains a pioneering project with a strong community and is still solidly installed in the top 10 of the largest capitalizations in the sector.

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