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5 Best OGIO Backpacks For Traveling & Business




Whenever you go travelling, you need to have a backpack that is sturdy and large enough to fit in everything you need.

More so, it needs to be comfortable to wear, even when filled to the brim, and it needs to look good enough for business travels as well.

Since OGIO is great at creating such backpacks, we’ve decided to take a look at all of their models, and rank them based on multiple criteria.

Note: Deals are subject to change. Keep in mind that the price tag often varies. We recommend going on the vendor’s website to check the price. Some products may be out of stock by the time you’ve made your purchasing decision. So, hurry up and hit the buy button.

Comes in 4 different colors

Internal compression straps

Features two low profile external pockets with 3-inch expansion zipper

Quiet durable urethane wheels for added stability over curbs and rough terrain

A bit too big to be a carry-on baggage

Check price

If you travel frequently and hate wasting money on constantly replacing your old raggedy travel bags, then getting one that is as durable and resistant as the OGIO Layover Travel Bag can be a great thing to do.

It features a durable double and triple stitched build, roomy main zip compartment for your travel essentials, and the internal compression straps will help you squeeze it into the overhead compartment.

Wide mouth main compartment opening

Mesh organization dividers with zippered pockets opening

Oversized external pocket with internal zippered mesh pocket

Telescoping pull handle

Overall quality control issues

Check price

If you’re looking for a travelling bag that perfectly blends portability, endurance, and a decent price, then the OGIO Stealth Terminal Bag is just what you need.

It makes it easy for you to organize your belongings on the inside thanks to the many mesh dividers, and the neoprene lining and a telescoping handle make it extremely compact when it needs to be.

The largest travel bag from OGIO

Customizable packing with single large volume space or options for compartmentalizing

Tested for exceptional abrasion resistance and anti-tear strength

Premium Cordura Eco made fabric

Faulty design

Check price

Expert tip:

Regardless of what you are packing, this bag will be prepared for anything, from single large objects to multiple smaller ones that need organizing, thanks to the smart and intuitive interior design.

Outfitted with 35 litres of storage and optimized organization for reliable performance

Premium lightweight water-resistant ripstop Cordura fabric

Removable shoulder strap with sleek, built-in padding

Modern design and engineering deliver the pockets and features

Does not guarantee the safety of your belongings if manhandled during loading or unloading

Check price

Sometimes you just feel like traveling light, and that’s when a duffle bag can come in handy.

However, these types of bags need to be of good quality too, so buying a good one, like the OGIO Fuse 35L Lightweight Duffle Bag, is recommended.

It comes with enough storage space for your belongings, and the materials make it ultra-lightweight and comfortable to wear.

The largest travel bag from OGIO

Customizable packing with single large volume space or options for compartmentalizing

Tested for exceptional abrasion resistance and anti-tear strength

Made with premium Cordura Eco made fabric

Faulty design

Check price

If you love the bags from the OGIO ALPHA Convoy series, then you’ll love the much larger OGIO ALPHA Convoy Large Travel Bag.

While it may not be suited to be carry-on baggage like its lesser version, the extra space that it brings more than makes up for it, and the inside design makes it great for organizing your belongings.

Whenever you are travelling, your worst nightmare could be not having enough room in your luggage, or having something in your luggage break.

Because of this, always try to invest in a good travelling backpack, as the investment return will come slowly but steady over time, compared to buying new travelling bags year after year.

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5 Best Tablets And 5 Best Ultrabooks For Business

Over the last few years, there have been more changes occurring across the enterprise than in any other market. The corporate world, which was once loath to even consider modifying roadmaps and buying new products without waiting years to see how they held up, has thrown those old models on their head. Now, more companies than ever are investing in new ideas and products.

As of late, the other mobile form factor worth considering is Ultrabooks. The thin, lightweight, notebook spec created by Intel has made a huge mark on the mobile market. And according to most analysts, in the coming years, they could very well become the most popular notebook form factor on the market.

But as the enterprise becomes more willing to adopt such devices, it’s also thinking about what it should buy right now. In the following slides, we’re going to examine that, and list the five tablets and five Ultrabooks IT decision-makers should be considering bringing to the office.

Next tablet: Acer Aspire S3

Apple’s new iPad, which is slated to hit store shelves on March 16, seems to be an ideal tablet option for today’s enterprise user. It’s the tablet that the vast majority of employees want, plus it combines the new A5X processor with the Retina Display to make it a notable step up over the iPad 2. Furthermore, its 4G LTE integration is ideal for employees who are on the road.

New iPad

Next tablet: Acer Aspire S3

Next tablet: Cisco Cius

The Acer Aspire S3 is one of the most powerful Ultrabooks on the market, boasting a 13.3-inch LED display, Intel’s Core i5 processor, and a design that will make any client take a second to admire when employees break it out of the bag. Plus, it’s running Windows 7, making it a potentially more useful device than a tablet alternative.

Acer Aspire S3

Next tablet: Cisco Cius

Next tablet: Asus Zenbook

When Cisco launched the Cius last year, the company made it clear that it didn’t want its device to be an iPad killer. Instead, it hoped that enterprise users would see value in the Cius for its ability to be integrated into existing Cisco products. And although it’s Android-based, it comes with a host of security features that should allay at least some of the fears associated with the operating system.

Cisco Cius

Next tablet: Asus Zenbook

Next tablet: RIM Blackberry Playbook

The Asus Zenbook combines the key features that make Ultrabooks so special: power and mobility. The device comes with Intel’s Core i3, i5, or i7 processor, depending on the user’s preference, and boasts either an 11.6- or 13.3-inch display. Add that to its inclusion of a USB 3.0 port and Bluetooth 4.0, and it quickly becomes clear the Zenbook is one worth considering for the office this year.

Image 4: Asus Zenbook

Next tablet: RIM Blackberry Playbook

Next ultrabook: Dell XPS

Research In Motion has been suffering through an exceedingly difficult time over the last couple years as competitors deliver far more appealing devices. Still, the company’s 7-inch BlackBerry PlayBook is at least worth considering for IT decision-makers that are concerned about Android security and see little value in the iPad. And with its recent addition of native e-mail and contacts support, it’s far more appealing than it was previously.

RIM Blackberry PlayBook

Next ultrabook: Dell XPS

Next ultrabook: Sasmsung Galaxy

Although Dell has lost some of its popularity in the enterprise to companies like HP and Lenovo, the company still delivers a host of high-quality PCs for the corporate world. Chief among them might just be the Dell XPS 13. The Ultrabook boasts a beautifully simple design, and adds serious performance to make it one of the most attractive options in this roundup.

Dell XPS 13

Next ultrabook: Samsung Galaxy

Next ultrabook: Lenovo IdeaPad

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is designed to be the Android-based alternative to Apple’s iPad. It comes with a 10.1-inch screen, 4G LTE connectivity, and an attractive price tag. That said, it’s designed with consumers in mind, and it lacks many of the security features found in the aforementioned Cisco Cius. So, while it might be a worthwhile option for some, it might turn others away.

Galaxy Tab 101

Next ultrabook: Lenovo IdeaPad

Next ultrabook: Lenovo ThinkPad

Lenovo is one of the top PC makers for enterprise users, and its IdeaPad U300 helps the company continue to appeal to those folks. The device comes with the thin, lightweight design expected from an Ultrabook, and features up to 8 hours of battery life, making it a great option for travelers. Plus, it’s optional 256GB solid-state drive is enough to make any IT decision-maker happy.

IdeaPad U300

Next ultrabook: Lenovo ThinkPad

Next ultrabook: Apple Macbook Air

Lenovo’s ThinkPad tablet is a unique option for enterprise customers. The device, which is scheduled to get an update to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) in May, works with a stylus. Even better, it can be docked into a keyboard, letting users turn it into a quasi-notebook. Think of the ThinkPad tablet as a half-tablet, half-Ultrabook hybrid. Not bad, right?

Lenovo ThinkPad

Next ultrabook: Apple Macbook Air

Previous ultrabook: Lenovo ThinkPad

OK, OK, so the MacBook Air isn’t exactly an Ultrabook. But let’s not forget that Apple’s thin notebook was the device that inspired Intel’s new spec. It’s also the device that could greatly impact the adoption of Ultrabooks. So, why might the MacBook Air appeal to enterprise users? It’s well-designed, secure, and perhaps most importantly, benefits from consumerization.

Macbook Air

Previous ultrabook: Lenovo ThinkPad

5 Best Laptops For Silhouette Cameo

5 Best Laptops For Silhouette Cameo [Buyer’s Guide]




To run Silhouette Cameo you’ll need a proper hardware, and in this guide we’re going to show you the best laptop for Silhouette Cameo.

To make sure that Silhouette Cameo  is running smoothly, keep a close eye on amount of RAM and CPU power.

You don’t need high-end laptop to run this software, but more resources are always better.

This guide has all the necessary information, and we hope that it will help you find the best laptop for vinyl cutting.

The Silhouette Cameo is an electronic cutting device that is meant for personal use, and in this guide we’ll show you the best laptop for Silhouette Cameo.

The tool has unlimited cutting length and it works on paper, cardstock, vinyl, fabric, and many other materials. As for hardware requirements, the software requires at least 2GHz and above, and 2GB RAM.

In this article we complied a list of devices that will handle Silhouette Cameo, so without further ado, let’s check it out.

What are the best laptops for Silhouette Cameo?

9th Generation Intel Core i5-9300H up to 4.1GHz


8GB DDR4 2666MHz Memory

Backlit keyboard

The laptop is bulkier and thicker

Check price

Acer Nitro has the best value-for-price on our list. It is an amazing and cool looking laptop that can be used for a multitude of tasks. It comes equipped with a recent processor and a capable dedicated GPU.

Moreover, the wide display and plenty of RAM will greatly help you with your projects, while its cooling system will make sure it doesn’t overheat if you have to use it for long periods of time.

8th Generation Intel Core i7-8750H up to 4.1GHz

Nvidia GTX 1060

16GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM

Up to 7-hours of battery life

Dual All-Metal AeroBlade 3D Fan Cooling

Case has a bulkier, thicker design

Check price

The Acer Predator Helios is an amazing laptop equipped with fast components. Thanks to its processor and dedicated GPU, it can perform any task you throw at it with ease.

The keyboard is backlit with red-themed lights which, combined with the matte black case, offers a cool futuristic design. In addition, the laptop comes with all the necessary ports, including the USB 3.0 which is needed for Silhouette Cameo.

Intel 8th Generation i5-8250U up to 3.4 GHz


Comes with Windows 10 Home

Check price

If you wish to buy a thinner laptop, the LG Gram Thin is a great choice for you. Its components make it capable enough of running the software that comes with Silhouette Cameo and it has an overall light and compact design.

The laptop has a USB 3.0 port that is required for your desktop tool, the battery lasts long, and the display is a Full HD IPS LCD.

1TB 5400 rpm hard drive

Comes with Windows 10 Home 64bit

7th Generation Intel Core i3 7100U up to 2.4GHz

Intel HD Graphics 620


Check price

The Dell Inspiron is another slim and compact laptop, equipped with an Integrated GPU and a capable processor. The laptop trades some RAM memory for a bigger amount of storage, but they can both be upgraded.

Because this is a small laptop, it has a 13.3-Inches display, and the keyboard doesn’t have the physical Numpad. The laptop also has a Media Card Reader and USB 3.0.

14-inch display touchscreen display with Full HD resolution


AMD Ryzen 5 4500U, Radeon graphics

Comes with a stylus pen

360-degree hinge

Can be loud at times

Check price

This is a 2-in-1 laptop and it comes with a 14-inch 1920×1080 IPS touchscreen display. The device uses a 10-point touchscreen and it comes with a stylus pen.

Since this is a 2-in-1 device, it comes with a 360-degree hinge, so you can use it in both laptop or tablet mode. The device is powered by AMD Ryzen 5 4500U mobile processor with Radeon graphics.

As for the memory, there’s 16GB DDR4 memory and 256GB SSD for storage. The built-in battery will last up to 10 hours on a single charge, which is more than enough for most needs.

The Silhouette Cameo is compatible with most laptops, but if you want to have the best experience during your daily activities with the electronic cutting device, this list should contain all the information you need.

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5 Best Linux Distros For Gaming

If you’re not interested in dual-booting Windows with Linux, then you’ll need to look at Linux distros suitable for gaming that allow you to play your favorite games. While Linux gaming isn’t a seamless or pain-free experience, you should be able to enjoy yourself by trying one of these five best Linux distros for gaming.

Table of Contents

Choosing a Linux Distribution for Gaming

Before you rush to install one of the major Linux distros like Ubuntu or Debian, you’ll need to be aware of the state of Linux gaming. Most game developers don’t offer support for Linux, with support limited to indie titles or the (very rare) AAA release through platforms like Steam.

For most major game releases, you’ll need to try some workarounds to install Windows games. WINE, the Windows-to-Linux compatibility library, will allow you to run many PC games, but game support is mixed. Some games offer a near-perfect experience, while others won’t run at all.

This is (in part) down to device driver support on Linux. Linux support for graphics cards is patchy compared to Windows. For instance, Linux users may be forced to download, compile, and install drivers for new graphics cards before they can be used, if they’re supported at all. This creates a technical nightmare for Linux novices.

With so much choice and difficulty to navigate, it makes sense to avoid installing a typical distro. Rather than installing Ubuntu, you should install a distro that has gaming in mind. These may have WINE or Steam installed by default, come with proprietary graphics card drivers, or have a TV-friendly interface for retro gaming.

The options for the best Linux distros for gaming listed below are tailored to any of these requirements, but they aren’t exhaustive. In almost all cases, you can take a standard Linux distro and install the same software. But these distros remove the difficulty, making it easier for new Linux gamers to make the jump from Windows.

If you’re a fan of the open source philosophy that underpins the Linux community, but you’re still interested in trying new games, then Fedora Games is the solution. Fedora Games demonstrates what open source gaming can offer to players, with hundreds of included indie games that are ready to play upon installation.

Whether you’re interested in first-person shooters or complex, turn-based strategy games, Fedora Games has you covered. It uses the Xfce desktop environment, making it an ideal solution for older, lower-powered PCs. The installation ISO is roughly 4GB in size, so should fit well on smaller devices and drives.

With Fedora Games following the standard Fedora release cycle closely, you can also use it as a standard working PC. While it doesn’t include major game platforms like Steam, or compatibility libraries like WINE or PlayOnLinux, these can be installed quickly afterwards.

If you’re looking for a ready-to-use, retro-gaming Linux gaming platform with many console emulators pre-installed, look no further than RetroPie. While this project is built for single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi, RetroPie also supports standard PCs, allowing you to repurpose an older PC for gaming.

RetroPie is predominantly a Raspberry Pi project, however, with additional performance tweaks and support for major console controllers. What isn’t included with RetroPie is the games, but you can acquire older games from legal ROM sites online.

RetroPie has several installation images for Raspberry Pi devices, so you don’t need to install any additional software to get RetroPie up and running. RetroPie works as a standalone, full-screen retro arcade, running on top of the Raspberry Pi OS (previously Raspbian) to work effectively.

If you’re looking to repurpose an older PC, however, you’ll need to install another Linux distro like Debian first before you can use RetroPie.

Lakka, much like RetroPie, is a platform for retro gamers. Unlike RetroPie, however, Lakka can be installed as an independent Linux distro on all types of PCs, using the popular RetroArch as a TV-friendly front-end for PC gaming without a keyboard or mouse.

Lakka can be installed on a number of small, single-board PCs including the Raspberry Pi. But you can also install it on your PC, too. Like RetroPie, no games are included, but you can play your own copies (or use ROM sites to find your own).

The Arch Linux philosophy is simple: keep it simple. If you’re not interested in the small details, but still want the bleeding edge, speed and performance that Arch can offer, then you’ll need Manjaro. This Arch spin-off is perfect for potential Linux gamers.

Manjaro comes pre-packaged with various apps and services that make it an easier-to-use distro than standard Arch. In particular, it includes various must-have apps for gamers, including Steam. Thanks to its hardware detection tool, Manjaro can scan your system and configure itself for the best performance.

While Manjaro is a perfect platform for quickly building your own gaming PC on Linux, it does still involve some configuration. If you want a Linux gaming distro that allows you to start playing as fast as possible, few distros can match Ubuntu Game Pack, an unofficial Ubuntu spin-off with all the major gaming services included.

Rather than worry about installing the emulators or services you need, Ubuntu Game Pack has them all. It has all the major Linux game emulators, including console and DOS game emulators. It also includes game platforms like Steam and Lutris, as well as indie platforms like

If you’re trying to play standard PC games, you’ll be covered with both PlayOnLinux, WINE, and CrossOver support. It also includes optimization apps and settings designed to make gameplay better on Linux, as well as support for streaming platforms like Twitch to allow you to share your gameplay with others.

If you want to play different types of games, or if you’re finding other distros difficult to use or set up, then give Ubuntu GamePack a try. You’ll need to supply your own games, but with Steam and other platforms pre-installed, you’ll be able to install these pretty quickly yourself.

Playing Games on Linux

There’s nothing stopping you from installing a fresh copy of Debian or another major Linux distro to play games. Many of the best Linux distros for gaming are based on an existing distribution, but allow new Linux gamers to jump straight into their games, rather than spend hours setting up their PC with the right settings and software. 

5 Best Home Amplifiers For Music Lovers

5 Best Home Amplifiers for Music Lovers




If you want to make your home music system even more powerful, investing in a quality amp will surely help you attain your wish. The market is full of a variety of home amplifiers, so it can be a daunting task to do research on your own and choose one that has all the features you need, and also fits the sum of money you have available for this purchase. Because of these reasons, we compiled a comprehensive guide that will allow you to quickly get an overview of all the important features, and a pros and cons list. Beyond this, this article will include all available price-ranges (starting with the cheaper options), in order for you to be able to invest exactly as much as you can in this useful device. Note: Deals are subject to change. Keep in mind that the price tag often varies. We recommend going on the vendor’s website to check the price. Some of the products may be out of stock by the time you’ve made your purchasing decision. So, hurry up and hit the buy button.

The Pyle PCA2 amplifier is a very good low-cost amp that can help your music system achieve greater sound volumes.

This dual-channel audio amplifier gives you 2×40 Watts peak power and works brilliantly with speakers that have 4-8 ohms impedance.


A small size that makes it easy to carry

Compatible with a variety of external audio sources – tuner, CD DVD player, tape deck, camcorder, etc.

Equalizer controls that allow you to modify the way sounds are being produced


Not very powerful but still a good investment for this price-range

Check price

The Fosi Audio TB10A home amplifier gives you the kick your speaker system needs to reach the next level and does this without making you spend too much money.

This compact and efficient amp has a 100W RMS x 2 power and works with a 24V power supply that comes included in the package.


No audible noise when music is not playing through it

Aluminum enclosed box with a minimalist but cool design

Free lifetime tech support

18-months manufacturer’s warranty


Even though affordable, the sound quality could be better at high volume levels

Check price

The Yamaha A-S301BL amplifier offers incredible sound-boosting technology for any speaker system, giving you total control over the way your music is being played.

This amp has the power of a total 120 W split into two channels and features a digital coax and TOSLINK optical input, and also allows you to use analog inputs that also includes Phono.

Expert tip:

Allows connecting s

peakers A, B, A+B with a subwoofer output as well

Has an auto-standby of 8 hours

Two 60 W channels

ART (Anti-Resonance and Tough) Base

Aluminum front panel and knobs


No problems have been found with this amp

Check price

The Denon amplifier model PMA-800NE is a very powerful and beautifully designed amp that fits in any home setup and offers quality sound processing.

The PMA-800NE is powered by the Denon Advanced High Current (AHC) technology, which allows it to produce a high powered sound without losing any of the sound clarity or quality.


Slim design and incredible power

Wide range of connection compatibility –

 4 Digital, 4 RCA & 1 phono inputs

Tonal balance controls that offer deeper bass and clear treble

Easy to control analog knobs for fine-tuning your sound experience


No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection available for streaming music

Check price

The Marantz MM7025 amplifier is our top-of-the-range pick for this buying guide, offering an amazing 140 Watts amplification for each channel.

The sound quality produced by this amp is not affected at all even when the entire power is being used, giving you a crisp, clear, and accurate reproduction of any sound you play through it.


2 channel setup that allows multiple ways of configuration with incredible sound quality

Features a very efficient heat dispersion mechanism that produces no sound whatsoever, and keeps the internal elements at a reasonable temperature even while using at full power

Front aluminum panel design is  curved giving it a beautiful look that fits any home setup


Large size and heavy

Check price Conclusion on home amplifiers

This list will surely cover all your needs when it comes to investing in an amplifier, as it contains cheap, mid-range, and also expensive options.

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If you want to make your home music system even more powerful, investing in a quality amp will surely help you attain your wish. The market is full of a variety of home amplifiers, so it can be a daunting task to do research on your own and choose one that has all the features you need, and also fits the sum of money you have available for this purchase. Because of these reasons, we compiled a comprehensive guide that will allow you to quickly get an overview of all the important features, and a pros and cons list. Beyond this, this article will include all available price-ranges (starting with the cheaper options), in order for you to be able to invest exactly as much as you can in this useful device.Deals are subject to change. Keep in mind that the price tag often varies. We recommend going on the vendor’s website to check the price. Some of the products may be out of stock by the time you’ve made your purchasing decision. So, hurry up and hit the buy button.

5 Best Free Vpn For India (2023)

Best Free VPN for India

Pro Tip:

“Free VPNs in India come with restrictions. It’s best to invest in a paid VPN subscription, and most VPN providers offer money-back guarantees and free trials so you can test the service without risks.”

1) ExpressVPN – Best Overall with Indian Server

With a presence in 94 countries, you can access a variety of virtual and physical servers to bypass restrictions and unblock streaming services. The ExpressVPN application is compatible with different operating systems. You can use it on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. There is also a server-level application to protect all your devices, but you can only use the VPN with up to five devices simultaneously.

Besides offering fast connections and unlimited bandwidth, ExpressVPN is one of the safest options. It is one of the best VPN providers that uses AES-250 encryption to protect your anonymity.

ExpressVPN also operates its encrypted DNS servers, and doesn’t save data on hard drives.


24h live chat support.

Split tunneling and inverse split tunneling are supported.

System-level VPN kill switch (Network Lock).

Multiple protocols: Lightway, OpenVPN, L2Tp, and IKEv2.

Get an Indian IP address through virtual servers.


Save with deals and annual plans


The interface can feel crowded and hard to navigate

✔️ Lightway Protocol: ExpressVPN uses a unique open-source protocol to deliver safe connections. The Lightway protocol uses a wolfSSL cryptography library to protect your online activities. It offers Fast VPN connection. In early tests, 90% of beta users said the Lightway protocol resulted in a fast connection.

✔️ No-Log Policy: ExpressVPN has a strict no-log policy, and audits have confirmed that this India VPN provider doesn’t record your data. This VPN provided is in the British Virgin Islands, a country that doesn’t belong to any intelligence-sharing programs.

✔️ Dynamic IP Address: ExpressVPN assigns dynamic IP addresses as an additional layer of security. This feature makes your activities harder to track by changing your IP address regularly.

How to Get It Free?

You can sign up for a 30-day free trial that unlocks all the ExpressVPN features and allows you to test the service. You will have to pay initially but you can claim refund anytime within the 30 day period.

30-Day Free Trial

2) NordVPN – Best for Protecting Your Privacy

NordVPN is one of the best VPN India provides for users who want to protect their privacy. It’s a reliable VPN provider with a great reputation and transparent policies. You can access over 5,000 physical servers in 59 different countries, with some servers optimized for popular streaming sites for P2P.

Depending on your needs, you can use a dynamic or dedicated IP address, for instance, if you want to access IP-restricted networks. It offers an extra layer of protection by using NordVPN’s double VPN feature. This mode changes your IP address twice to make your online activities harder to track for your Internet service provider and other entities.

NordVPN uses the same AES encryption standard as most VPN providers. It’s an effective solution to protect your data and hide your activities. The client works on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. You can also get a router-level app or download the NordVPN app to protect your PlayStation, Xbox, Chromebook, Firestick, or Raspberry Pi, among other devices. It helps you to protect up to six devices at once.


Fast connection speeds

Simple interface with quick connection options

Built-in DNS leak protection

Onion Over VPN

24/7 customer support

Split tunneling available

App-level kill switch

Protocols include IKEv2/IPSec, OpenVPN, and NordLynx


Most servers deliver a fast connection.


Some users report issues with software updates.

✔️ Meshnet is a unique feature that most VPN providers don’t have. Instead of using a VPN server to establish a secure connection, Meshnet allows you to create a VPN tunnel between two devices. You can use this feature to share files privately or create secure LAN parties.

✔️ NordLynx: NordVPN uses the NordLynx protocol to establish fast and secure VPN connections. This protocol relies on Wireguard, a VPN protocol that uses less code compared to options like OpenVPN to optimize speed.

However, Wireguard isn’t as private as other protocols. NordVPN created the NordLynx protocol by adding a Network Address Translation system to make Wireguard safer.

How to Get It Free?

30-Day Free Trial

3) AtlasVPN – Best Free VPN

AtlasVPN gives you access to a free VPN service tier. You can also opt for a paid VPN subscription to access hundreds of servers optimized for speed. It also provides servers to optimized to unblock streaming services or share files via P2P applications.


Quick Connection option

750+ servers in 45 different countries

Servers optimized for speed

Split tunneling is available

Protocols: IPSec/IKEV2 and Wireguard

App-level kill switch

Works with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and Smart Tvs


Advanced configuration options are interesting for experienced users


Some users report technical issues.

✔️ SafeSwap is a noteworthy feature that rotates your IP address while maintaining a stable connection to a single VPN server. However, not all AtlasVPN servers work with this feature, but SafeSwap is a great way to enhance your privacy.

✔️ Multihop: AtlasVPN servers offer a multi-hop feature you can use to tunnel through multiple server locations. This practice makes your traffic harder to track. Multihop+ is a standout feature as it automatically picks the best server locations to optimize your speed.

How to Get It Free?

You can create a free AtlasVPN account and access all the features this VPN provider offers. Note that a premium account will give you access to more servers. You can use the premium service for a limited time thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee, and you’ll also get three months for free if you purchase a three-year plan.

30-Day Free Trial

4) ProtonVPN – Best for Streaming

ProtonVPN is ideal if you want a reliable VPN for unlocking more streaming libraries. It offers servers located in 60 countries and servers optimized for streaming. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose between a free and paid tier. The free tier gives you access to a limited number of servers with average speed, while the paid plan can unlock speeds of up to 10 Gbps.

ProtonVPN protects your privacy with features like the built-in blocker, AES-256 encryption, and unique encryption keys for each session. This VPN is located in Switzerland, a country with data retention laws, but ProtonVPN Is exempt due to its small size.


Over 1,400 servers are available

App compatible with all the major OS

P2P is available

Split tunneling is available

Protocols: OpenVPN, IKEV2, Wireguard, and Stealth

It offers an app-level kill switch


DNS leak protection feature


No live chat support

✔️ Tor Over VPN: As a paying ProtonVPN user, you’ll have access to Tor Over VPN. It allows you to route your traffic through a network of secure servers to make your activities harder to track.

✔️ Secure Core Architecture: Before your traffic leaves the ProtonVPN architecture, the VPN provider will route it through its private server network. It helps you to hide your original IP address. Plus, the VPN provider uses full disk encryption to make these servers safer.

✔️ VPN Accelerator: VPN protocols enhance your safety and protect your privacy, but they’re not always optimized for speed and can contain extraneous code. ProtonVPN also optimizes the source code of the VPN protocol in use and improve your speed.

How to Get It Free?

You can create an account on the ProtonVPN website and select the free tier to access this free India VPN service. If you opt for a paid membership, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Lifetime Basic Free Plan

5) Private Internet Access – Best for Novice Users with Indian Server

You can subscribe to access servers in 84 different countries, and some servers are as fast as 10 Gbps, which is ideal for streaming or sharing files. You connect up to 10 devices at once.

Private Internet Access won’t limit your bandwidth; you can find apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, consoles, routers, and smart TVs. The built-in antivirus is a plus for staying safe online, and you can get a dedicated IP address if you need one.


Won’t log any usage information

Over 10 years of experience

Standard and inverse split tunneling

Protocols: OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPSec, Wireguard

App-level kill switch


A comprehensive third-party audit didn’t reveal any issues


Private Internet Access is a US-based VPN. It’s not as secure and private as other services.

✔️ Multihop: The multihop feature is an interesting option that allows you to route your traffic through two VPN servers. Using an additional VPN server adds an extra step that makes your online activities harder to track.

✔️ RAM-Only Servers: Private Internet Access operates thousands of RAM-only servers around the globe. Because these servers don’t record any data on their hard drives, there are no logs of your requests and activities.

How to Get It Free?

You can purchase a monthly or yearly plan and ask for a refund within 30 days.

30 days money-back guarantee

What Is the Data Law Regarding VPNs in India?

There have been efforts to ban VPNs in India in the past. As of 2023, the Indian government allows VPNs as long as they follow strict regulations regarding keeping data logs. India’s Computer Emergency Response Team issued new requirements for VPNs with a presence in India in September 2023:

VPN operators must collect users’ names, email addresses, and IP addresses.

They must store this information for five years, even if a user cancels their account.

VPN services have to hand this information over in cybersecurity investigations.

Using a VPN connection in India remains legal, but Indian-based VPN providers have to meet these strict regulations.

This new law compromises privacy for end users since the VPN service provider has to keep track of their identity.

ExpressVPN has responded to this new measure by shutting down its Indian servers. Users can still get an Indian IP address by using virtual servers.

Other VPN providers have left India to avoid falling under the jurisdiction of this restrictive law. There are also some efforts to challenge this controversial new law in court.

Best Free VPN for India Verdict:

If you’re in the market for a free VPN provider, AtlasVPN can be a good option since this VPN provider has a free tier.

However, ExpressVPN remains a better choice. This VPN provider has a true no-log policy and no legal obligations to record any data, thanks to its location in the British Virgin Islands. ExpressVPN is one of the few VPN services with virtual servers that give you access to Indian IP addresses.

We highly recommend signing up for ExpressVPN’s free trial so you can test this service or use a free and secure VPN service for a while.

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