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I know what you’re thinking, “Not another Timeline Cover article.” We have all seen a million articles on how to create a cover, articles with cartoon examples of covers, and covers that are primarily for the young female population. When the Timeline first rolled out, I did a few articles on these types of covers myself, really it was all that was available. Today, designers and photographers have seen a need to provide covers for a different generation of Facebook users who want something more rich and professional looking. There are now many sites that fill that need and you’re about to take a journey through 6 of the best.

Digital Blasphemy

Digital blasphemy has a huge collection of high resolution, very colorful cover photos for your Facebook Timeline. If you’re not into the humorous or cute covers and haven’t found a site with a large artist type collection, you have to check out Digital Blasphemy.

This site has a huge library of really cool digital art in a wide array of categories. I chose a few as examples below.

Spiritual Digital Art Cross Cards Cover Photo Site Cover Photo Finder

Jessica Prouty

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You're reading 6 Of The Most Amazing Sites For Facebook Timeline Covers

9 Of The Most Amazing Infographics Of 2012

The design firm Information is Beautiful has announced winners of the inaugural Information Awards Inspired by Kantar competition. Prizes went to the most brilliant, most beautiful infographics, data visualizations and interactives of the year. Check out the photo gallery to see the winners!

Lunar Calendar

A strikingly elegant guide to the year’s full moons, by the same designer who brought us this amazing timelapse. Award: Bronze, Data Visualization

Metallica on Stage

Metallica’s concert history, 1982-2012. Award: Bronze, Data Journalism

Envisioning Emerging Technology For 2012 And Beyond

Vacations to space, robot surgeons, weather control…designers at Envisioning Technology, a trend forecasting studio, chart the strange new world of the near future. Check out the interactive graphic here. Award: Silver, Infographic/Infodesign

Cover Mania

Which bands and singer-songwriters have been covered the most? This infographic maps out the answer, from 1958 through 2010. Throughout the weaving timeline, the width of the colored ribbons represent the number of covers released by selected famous artists, and the singled-out song names throughout are the most-covered songs of their year. Award: Gold, Infographic/Infodesign


An interactive visualization of deleted Wikipedia pages. Award: Gold, Interactive Visualization

War Casualties, At Home And Abroad

CNN tracks the true cost of the U.S. war in Afghanistan with this interactive map showing the hometowns of North American soldiers, as well as the places they were killed. Award: Gold, Data Journalism

The American Energy Spectrum

This interactive graphic displays where America gets its energy, and where it all goes. Award: Silver, Interactive Visualization

U.K. Government Spending

Government spending has never been as entertaining, or so well elucidated, as in this interactive graphic by the staff of The Guardian. _Award: Silver, Data Journalism

Information Graphics in Context

Should people be allowed to wear religious symbols while performing professional duties? A graphic designer in Denmark shows what people in his country think. Award: Gold, data visualization

The Most Amazing Images Of The Week, December 5

Indonesian photographer Shikhei Goh made an entire series about geckos (his own pets–these are not professionals, people) in badass poses. Check out the gallery over at io9

This week’s gallery features underground park concepts in the Lower East Side, stolen drones in Iran, a portrait made of memories, a possible Earth 2.0, and more. (More, in this case, includes the highly-trained martial arts gecko you see above.)

Future of Delancey

After the wild success of Manhattan’s High Line park, more ideas of how to use New York City’s noble, unused or decrepit spaces have popped up. This is one of our favorites: beneath the Lower East Side lies an unused trolley station, which Dan Barasch and James Ramsey propose could be the site of a completely crazy futuristic underground park. Read more at Treehugger.

Kung Fu Gecko

Indonesian photographer Shikhei Goh made an entire series about geckos (his own pets–these are not professionals, people) in badass poses. Check out the gallery over at io9.

Asteroid or Planet?

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft captured this shot of the interior of the asteroid Vesta. It’s interesting to us because its composition is more like a planet than any asteroid we’ve ever seen. The coloration is, of course, artificial, showing the different layers of rock. Read more here.

Drone Construction Workers

Why not build buildings with drones? These little guys were programmed to build a tower out of styrofoam blocks. If the idea can scale up, it could completely change architecture and construction. Read more at FRAC Centre.

All the Crashes

This map shows the frequency of auto crashes throughout the UK, from 1999 to 2010–more than two million crashes. Read more here.

Wildest Bridge

This bridge concept is intended to connect two parts of Wuxi Xidong Park in Jiangsu province, China. Underneath, it’d create a sort of artificial island, from which visitors would be able to get views of the entire area.

Grand Central Apple

On the morning of December 9th, a very ordinary thing happened: A new store in an international consumer electronics retail chain opened. There were no newly announced products to sell, no special deals, no giveaways. And yet, when that store is the new Apple store in New York’s Grand Central Station, people go freaking nuts. Look at the hundreds of red-shirted Apple employees up on the mezzanine! Imagine how much you would hate your life if you were just trying to commute into Manhattan this morning! Good lord, people.

Long Jump

Here’s a terrifying thought for New Yorkers or other residents of roach-infested areas. Saltoblattella montistabularis, a South African variety of cockroach, also goes by another name: the leaproach. That’s because it can jump about 48 times its own body length. (Pause for shudder.) Check out a brief video of its grasshopper-like leap here.

Stolen Beast

This might not seem like such an amazing image. It’s the US’s RQ-170 drone, sure. A very impressive stealth drone, nicknamed “The Beast of Kandahar.” But we’ve seen better pictures. Only, whoops: this one’s in Iran. Because the Iranians somehow hacked the thing out of the air, and then bragged about it at a press conference. Read more here.

Earth 2.0?

Earlier this week, the Kepler team confirmed the finding of a whopping 1,094 new worlds, including the first Earth-like planet in a habitable zone, named Kepler-22b. We’ve only got a vague idea of what it might look like–it’s about 600 light-years away–but science artist Ron Miller did up some concepts showing what it might look like. See more of his work here.


A traditional portrait tries to capture more than the single frame of its subject at that time and place, but that’s a pretty daunting task. Sergio Albiac, a Spanish artist, came up with a way to “paint” by using videos of his life–painting with his memories. The end product is actually a video, which you should watch; it’s oddly mesmerizing.

The Most Amazing Images Of The Week, April 2

The Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador has some of the most amazing, terrifying eruptions in the world. This one, from 2006, shows molten lava streaming down the sides of the mountain while ash spews into the night sky. More info here

From the amazing Tungurahua volcano spewing molten rock and ash to a stunning concept motorcycle to a cargo ship smashing into the rocky beach of Wales, this week’s roundup of the most amazing science and tech images is an excellent one (though we couldn’t find any science-and-Passover imagery, to our surprise). And the weekend itself is shaping up to be excellent! So go enjoy it! Wait, no, look through this gallery first. Then enjoy it!

Virgin Volcanic

Robotic String Hand

This robotic hand is actually operated with extremely strong polymer strings, attached to actuators. Given how much our own muscles are like strings, it’s surprising that we haven’t seen anything quite like this before. Read more here.

The Quietest Room on Earth

This room, the “anechoic chamber” at Orfield Laboratories, is 99.99 percent sound absorbent, and holds the Guinness World Record for quietest room on the planet. Apparently it’s so quiet it drives you insane–the only sounds you hear emanate from your own body, fluids gurgling and heart pumping and joints cracking–and nobody has ever been able to stand it for more than 45 minutes. Read more here.

Wales Smash

Earlier this week, the cargo ship MV Carrier crashed into rocks near a jetty in Llanddulas, Wales.


The Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador has some of the most amazing, terrifying eruptions in the world. This one, from 2006, shows molten lava streaming down the sides of the mountain while ash spews into the night sky. More info here.


Technosensual is an exhibit at quartier21, in Vienna–a chance for designers to show off high-tech fashions, equipped with LED lights, smoke machines, transforming fabrics, and more. Read more here.

Speedy Nanoprinting

Why is Vienna so cool all of a sudden? Here’s another from the Big V (that is not a nickname): a new world record for the fastest 3-D printed nano-objects has been set by the Vienna University of Technology. Researchers there printed a 0.285mm model of a Formula 1 racing car in just over four minutes. Read more here.

Google Glasses

We just saw a concept video of Google’s crazy augmented-reality glasses in action this week. Here’s what they look like on a human! For more examples of what they’d look like on Joe Biden, Kreayshawn, or a very fat cat, check out Buzzfeed FWD.

1940 Apocalypse

On April Fool’s Day in 1940, my hometown science museum, the venerable and excellent Franklin Institute, declared the world was ending. It was a promo for their planetarium’s show about stars exploding. Still, while the Franklin Institute claimed they thought everyone would understand it was a joke, the citizens of Philadelphia sort of…didn’t get it. Read more here.

Concept Bike

Frog, a company that designed not only the original Frog FZ Rana, which was so influential it’s currently shown in the SFMOMA, but also the cases for Macintosh computers in the early ’80s, has a new motorcycle concept. We’ll admit to not understanding quite how it would, like, work–not sure what the benefit is to the big hole in the middle of the body, nor are we sure where the actual power to turn the wheels comes from. But it sure looks pretty! Read more at FastCoDesign.

Facebook Timeline Officially Being Release To Everyone

Facebook Timeline is now being release to everyone after several months of testing, but if you signed in to your profile this morning and you didn’t see the option to enable Timeline it’s because Facebook is deploying the new feature slowly. The company has started rolling out in New Zealand and other regions are getting it pretty soon.

Back in September was when Facebook Timeline was first introduced and it was released as a beta service, only for developers, but this didn’t stop many users to find the way to enable the new feature. Since then a stable version of Timeline was in the works to be released a few months after bugs, privacy concerns and other stuff has been worked out; now the company feels confident and the new feature is ready for prime time — whether you like it or not.

“We announced Timeline in September and made it available to developers building apps on our platform. Since then, over a million people have signed up for the developer beta to access Timeline. The feedback we’ve received so far has been invaluable. Starting today, we are making Timeline more widely available as we measure speed and other types of performance. We’ll begin by making it available to people in New Zealand and then roll it out more broadly in the near future.” — said Samuel W. Lessin, Facebook’s product manager.

If you recall, Facebook Timeline is like a scrapbook of your life (“more visual”) on a web page and it is a feature focus on bringing to front stage the best of your content from the news to photos, status and apps you’ve used, and places that you have visited. Your content will now be organized in a more meaningful graphical way that you can scroll to the day of your birth, and the further back you scroll Timeline will focus more in important events and things that are of interest to you.

When Facebook Timeline is enabled to you, one of the first thing you’ll notice is the huge image on the top of your page. This is your cover, and of course you can change it to whatever you want.

As you go down the page, you’ll see your posts, images and other events in chronological order as they happened. You have the ability to control what is featured on your timeline. You can even star the posts that you like the most, which is going to double their size or you can hide them.

Adding past events

Apps and your Facebook Timeline

The social network giant is also introducing a new type of apps that will let you display things you like in a different way.

The new apps will help you to find out what your friends are up to, and you can even be part of what they are doing by join them (e.g., play a track that one of your friend is listening to, or watch the same TV show).

Apps are available now for those “lucky” users that already have Timeline enable, for everyone else apps are going to be available as soon as you have your timeline setup.

The 100 Most Innovative Companies Of 2023

1. 3Cell

Headquarter(s): London, England Founded: 2009 Focus Area: Customer Experience Benchmark, Drone Inspection, 3D Modelling, IoT, Crowdsourcing, AI, RPA, GPS Tracking System Sector:  Telecommunication Website:  3Cell provides professional services for especially in telecommunication industry. 3Cell has crowdsourcing network performance solutions, customisable KPI monitoring tool, RPA for automation solutions, drone services site audit for telecom and some other areas and network planning and optimisation services for mobile vendors and operators.  

2. Aarorn Technologies Inc

Headquarter(s): Guelph, Ontario Founded: 2023 Focus Area: Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Intelligent Process Automation, Cloud, BPM, CRM, QA Automation, Performance Engineering Sector:  Information Technology & Services Website:  AaroRnTech offers a broad portfolio of solutions and services to help organizations bridge the digital divide through automation augmented with artificial intelligence. Its vision is to make automation accessible to small and medium businesses, be it Process Automation, Conversational AI or IoT. The company offers its flagship NLU–based Chatbot platform, ChatAgility.  

3. Actify Data Labs

Headquarter(s): Bangalore, India & Woodside, New York, USA. Founded: 2023 Focus Area: Big data, Augmented analytics, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning Sector: Various industries Website: 

4. Active Countermeasures

Headquarter(s): South Dakota, US Founded: 2024 Focus Area: Cybersecurity Sector: Various industries Website: 

5. Action1 Corporation

Headquarter(s): Houston, Texas Founded: 2024 Focus Area: Cybersecurity Sector: Various industries Website: 

6. AlgoFace

Headquarter(s): Troy, Michigan Founded: 2024 Focus Area: Augmented Reality, Facial Landmarks Tracking, Virtual Try-on, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Beauty Industry, Recommender Systems, Virtual Assistants, eCommerce, Facial Traits Analysis, MakeUp Recommendation, Selfie Beautification, Enterprise AI, and SDK Sector: Computer Software Website: 

7. AIwozo

Headquarter(s): Gurugram, Haryana, India Founded: 2023 Focus Area: Intelligent Process Automation Sector:  Computer Software Website:  AIwozo is an Intelligent Process Automation platform offered by Quale Infotech, a leading end-to-end consulting and IT company, that integrates the traditional Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to achieve a higher degree of automation. Its ease-of-use allows organizations to adopt the new technology much faster with minimal or no technical support. The company has recently launched the AIwozo Enterprise Cloud edition.  

8. AnyChart

Headquarter(s): Florida, USA Founded: 2003 Focus Area: Business Intelligence Sector: Various Industries Website: 

9. AWE Company

Headquarter(s): Aldermaston, United Kingdom Founded: 1950 Focus Area: Augmented reality, Virtual reality Sector: Defense & Space Website: 


Headquarter(s): London, England Founded: 2023 Focus Area: Automation, Cloud, IoT, and Business Process Automation Sector:  Computer Software Website:  BIAMI.IO offers Intelligent Automation solutions to build intelligent business process driven software, platforms and robots. The company’s mission is to increase the quality of life through automation transformations where everyone is able to raise the quality, reach and efficiency of what they do with easy to build and manage intelligent automation solutions.  

11. BIMachine

Headquarter(s): RS, Brazil Founded: 2005 Focus Area: Big data, Business intelligence Sector: Various industries Website: 

12. Brodmann17

Headquarter(s): Tel Aviv, IL Founded: 2024 Focus Area: deep learning, AI, neural networks, computer vision, and machine learning Sector: Automotive Website: 

13. Cangler Analytics

Headquarter(s): Victoria, Australia Founded: 2014 Focus Area: Big Data Analytics Sector: Various Industries Cangler automates and democratizes enterprise data analytics, making it simple, easy, and accessible for everyone. The company helps organizations overcome artificial intelligence complexity by building AI which builds AI.  

14. Capital Rx

Headquarter(s): New York, USA Founded: 2023 Focus Area: Artificial Intelligence Sector: Healthcare Website:

15. Classic Informatics

Headquarter(s): Gurugram, Haryana, India Founded: 2002 Focus Area: Business intelligence Sector: Healthcare, Retail & eCommerce, Logistics, FinTech, Travel & Tourism, Real Estate, Government, Tech Products Website: 

16. CodeCoda

Headquarter(s): Dublin, Ireland Founded: 2024 Focus Area: Big data, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, mobile applications Sector: Fintech, Gaming, eCommerce, Enterprise Website: 

17. Converge Technology Solutions

Headquarter(s): Toronto, Canada Founded: 2024 Focus Area: Digital transformation, Analytics, Cloud, Cybersecurity Sector: Various industries Website: 

18. CredoLab

Headquarter(s): Singapore, Singapore Founded: 2024 Focus Area: Cybersecurity, Behaviourial Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence Sector: Financial Services Website: 

19. Cryptek Labs

Headquarter(s): Vancouver, Canada Founded: 2023 Focus Area: Artificial Intelligence Sector: Various Industries Website:

20. Cube HX

Headquarter(s): Montreal, Quebec Founded: 2023 Focus Area: Emotional Heat Mapping, Facial Recognition, Sector: Computer Software Website: 

21. CyberInt

Headquarter(s): Petah Tikva, Israel Founded: 2009 Focus Area: Cybersecurity, Machine learning, Supply chain Sector: Computer & Network Security Website: 

22. Dynamic Yield

Headquarter(s): New York, NY, USA Founded: 2011 Focus Area: Personalization campaigns, Client-side A/B tests, Machine-learning Recommendations, Funnel Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization, Real-time Web Analytics, Website Optimization, User Targeting, Marketing Automation Sector:  AI And Internet Services Website:  Dynamic Yield is an AI-powered Personalization Anywhere™ platform that delivers individualized experiences at every customer touchpoint: web, apps, email, kiosks, IoT, and call centers. The platform’s data management capabilities provide for a unified view of the customer, allowing the rapid and scalable creation of highly targeted digital interactions.  

23. Eckerson Group

Headquarter(s): Boston, Massachusetts Founded: 2014 Focus Area: Business Intelligence Sector: Information Technology and Services Website: 

24. Electronic IDentification

Headquarter(s): Madrid, Spain Founded: 2013 Focus Area: Electronic Signature, Digital Signature, Eidas, Video Indentification, Facial Recognition Sector: Computer Software, Finance Website:

25. Factivate

Headquarter(s): Raleigh, NC Founded: 2024 Focus Area: Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics Sector: Internet Website: 

26. FIBRES Online

Headquarter(s): Helsinki, Southern Finland Founded: 2010 Focus Area: Big data Sector: Various industries Website: 

27. Finesse

Headquarter(s): Dubai, UAE Founded: 2010 Focus Area: Digital transformation, Cybersecurity Sector: Banking & Finance, Education, Healthcare Website: 

28. FirebirdVR

Headquarter(s): Hinjawadi, Maharashtra Founded: 2023 Focus Area: virtual reality, Augmented reality, Mixed reality Sector: Information Technology & Services Website: 

29. Forssea Robotics

Headquarter(s): Paris, France Founded: 2024 Focus Area: Robotics Sector: Marine, Defense Website: 

30. ForwardX Robotics

Headquarter(s): Beijing, China Founded: 2024 Focus Area: Robotics Sector: Logistics, Manufacturing Website:

31. Gamma Skills Automation Training Pvt Ltd

Headquarter(s): Gurgaon, Haryana Founded: 2023 Focus Area: Automation Training, Robotics Training, Industrial IoT Training, AI In Manufacturing Training, Career Launch Program in Automation, and Additive Manufacturing Sector: Professional Training & Coaching Website:  Gamma Skills Automation Training Pvt Ltd, is an Industry 4.0 ‘Skills Development Centre’. The company trains, upskills and certifies ‘Engineering Professionals’ as well as ‘Fresh Engineers’ on Advance Industrial Automation Systems & Technologies like PLC, Electro- Pneumatics and Hydraulics, Industrial Robotic Systems, Machine Vision, Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), Industrial IoT and Industrial Application of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Technologies.  

32. GAVS

Headquarter(s): Chennai, India &Princeton, New Jersey Founded: 1998 Focus Area: Automation Led Infrastructure Services, Enabled By Smart Machines, AIOpsAnd DevOps. Sector: Application Performance Management, Information Technology Website:   

33. Hanselmann & Compagnie

Headquarter(s): Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany Founded: 2007 Focus Area: Digital transformation, Consulting Sector: Automotive & suppliers, Industrial goods & technology, Mechanical & plant engineering Website: 

34. HealthAide

Headquarter(s): Victoria, Australia Founded: 2024 Focus Area: Artificial Intelligence Sector: Healthcare Website:

35. Ignite IPA

Headquarter(s): Sayville, New York Founded: 2024 Focus Area: RPA, OCR/ICR, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, Automation, Intelligent Process Automation, Workflow, BPM, Automation Opportunity Identification, ETL, Kofax, Sector:  Computer Software and Automation Website:  Ignite IPA is a boutique management consulting and software implementation firm with more than forty consultants globally. Focused on identifying high value-based opportunities and implementing solutions, the company delivers high ROI and business value while supporting clients in establishing and scaling their Intelligent Process Automation programs.  

36. InfoVision Labs

Headquarter(s): Pune, Maharashtra, India Founded: 2014 Focus Area: Digital transformation, Cloud, Data Science, Data engineering, IoT, Augmented and virtual reality Sector: Communication, Healthcare, Investment Banking, Manufacturing, Product development, Retail & telecom Website: 

37. Innover

Headquarter(s): Atlanta Founded: 2007 Focus Area: Big data, digital transformation, Supply chain, analytics, data engineering Sector: Various industries Website: 

38. IPsoft

Headquarter(s): Greater New York Area, Founded: 1998 Focus Area: IT Outsourcing, Business Process Automation, Cognitive Solutions, Managed Services, ITSM, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cognitive Computing Sector: Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology and IT Management Website:  IPsoft is an autonomic and cognitive solutions service provider. It is the home of Amelia, the industry’s most-human digital AI colleague. IPsoft was the first company to launch an end-to-end digital platform, 1Desk, to deliver shared enterprise services. By connecting front-office conversations to back-end systems, IPsoft automates business processes to serve customers, resulting in rapid resolutions, satisfied users and substantial organizational savings.  

39. Kenmei Technologies

Headquarter(s): Paterna, ComunidadValenciana, Spain Founded: 2023 Focus Area: AI-based Big Data Intelligence Sector: Telecommunications Website:  Kenmei Technologies is a Spanish company based in Valencia.Founded by telecoms and software experts, focused on providing data intelligence with machine-based decision, automating network operations and customer assurance, to help operators to deal with the incoming increase of network complexity. It aims to help mobile operators automate many tasks in network operations and implement data intelligence to improve the customer experience.  

40. Keyless

Headquarter(s): London, UK Founded: 2023 Focus Area: Cybersecurity Sector: Information Technology & Services Website: 

41. Kiran Smart

Headquarter(s): Kuwait Founded: 2005 Focus Area: Robotics Sector: Various industries Website: 

42. Knowledge Foundry

Headquarter(s): Bangalore, India Founded: 2008 Focus Area: Analytics, Business intelligence Sector: Research Website: 

43. Lean Tech

Headquarter(s): Medellin, Antioquia Founded: 2023 Focus Area: Logistics, Automation, Machine Learning, RPA, Software Development, and Project Management Sector:  Program Development Website:  Lean Tech, a near-shore services provider based out of Colombia, which recruits, trains, and builds high-performance development teams with a focus on the logistics industry. The company offers a truly flexible model that allows customers to extend their development teams to satellite offices in Medellin, the Silicon Valley of Colombia.  

44. LifeNome

Headquarter(s): New York, USA Founded: 2024 Focus Area: Artificial Intelligence Sector: Healthcare Website:

45. McObject

Headquarter(s): Seoul, South Korea Founded: 2001 Focus Area: Big Data Analytics Sector: Various Industries Website:

46. MCS Security Solutions

Headquarter(s): Central Business District, Gaborone, Botswana Founded: 2010 Focus Area: Penetration Testing, Compliance, Digital Forensic, Training& Certification Sector:  Information security training Website:  MCS Security Solutions is a leading penetration testing and trusted cybersecurity consulting firm in Botswana. The company has earned a reputation as a vulnerability assessment and penetration testing firm by providing innovative cybersecurity solutions to secure the clients’ information assets from various industries locally, regionally, and internationally. It integrates ISO security standards throughout its portfolio of services, resulting in improved secure business operations for its customers.  

47. MetaVRse

Headquarter(s): Toronto, Ontario Founded: 2024 Focus Area: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality Sector: Computer Software Website: 


Headquarter(s): Los Altos, CA Founded: 2023 Focus Area: Machine Learning Sector: Various Industries Website: 

49. Moley Robotics

Headquarter(s): London, England Founded: 2014 Focus Area: Robotics Sector: Hospitality Website: 

50. Naveego

Headquarter(s): Traverse City, Michigan, US Founded: 2012 Focus Area: Big data Sector: Healthcare, Insurance, Financial services, Manufacturing, Data analytics, Retail, Energy Website: 

51. Net 4 Partners

Headquarter(s): Falconara Marittima, Italy Founded: 2012 Focus Area: Cloud, Digital Transformation, Big data, IoT Sector: Industry, Healthcare, Environment, Smart cities Net 4 Partners is a consulting company established in 2012 by C-level professionals with experience in innovation and ICT sectors. It offers consulting for design and implementation of innovative services toward companies and public administrations, fundraising projects at regional, national and European level and supports companies in their investment and innovation strategy.  

52. NeuroFlow

Headquarter(s): Philadelphia, USA Founded: 2023 Focus Area: Artificial Intelligence Sector: Healthcare Website:

53. N I DRIVE (Nippon India Drive)

Headquarter(s): Tokyo, Japan Founded: 2001 Focus Area: Digital transformation, Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics & cognitive automation, Cloud Sector: Automotive, Banking & financial services, Communication, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail, transportation Website: 

54. OccassionGenius

Headquarter(s): Richmond, USA Founded: 2024 Focus Area: Big Data Analytics Sector: Hospitality, Real Estate Website:

55. Oxagile

Headquarter(s): New York, USA Founded: 2005 Focus Area: Big Data Analytics Sector: Various Industries Website:

56. Paracosma

Headquarter(s): San Francisco, CA Founded: 2024 Focus Area: Virtual Reality, Augmented reality Sector: Computer Software Website: 

57. Parascript

Headquarter(s): Longmont, Colorado Founded: 1996 Focus Area: Payment Automation, Postal Automation, Fraud Prevention, Medical Imaging, Invoice Capture, Receipt Capture, and Claims Capture Sector:  Computer Software Automation Website:  Parascript provides high-precision intelligent document automation software to companies all around the world including banks, government agencies, healthcare providers and large insurers with best-in-class AI solutions. The company’s solutions set themselves apart by using a variety of machine learning algorithms, each tuned to a specific task, to deliver true straight-through processing (STP) without the need for manual review for a high percentage of data.  

58. PAVE by Discovery Loft

Headquarter(s): Toronto, Canada & Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Founded: 2023 Focus Area: Computer vision, Image recognition Sector: Automotive Website: 

59. Pirxon

Headquarter(s): Gdańsk, Pomorskie, Poland Founded: 2004 Focus Area: Assets management software, Robotization, Digital worker, automation, Robotic Process Automation Sector:  Robotics, Software Website:  Pirxon optimizes processes in enterprises and public institutions leveraging the technologies of the future. Since 2024, the company has been successfully involved in the implementation of Robotic Process Automation technology and, according to the RPA suppliers ranking – chúng tôi – it is the leader on the Polish market with the largest number of implemented robots.  

60. PiSquare

Headquarter(s): Bangalore, India Founded: 2023 Focus Area: Big Data Analytics Sector: Recruitment Website:

61. PLEN Robotics

Headquarter(s): Osaka, Japan Founded: 2023 Focus Area: Robotics Sector: Various industries Website:

62. Plyzer Technologies

Headquarter(s): Barcelona, Spain Founded: 2024 Focus Area: Artificial Intelligence Sector: Various Industries Website:

63. Quale Infotech

Headquarter(s): Gurgaon, Haryana, India Founded: 2023 Focus Area: Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Training and Certification, Business Process Automation, Digital Transformation, Digital Consulting, Cognitive Automation, and Natural Language Processing Sector:  IT, AI, Data Center Automation Website:  Quale Infotech is a leading end-to-end consulting and implementation company with a laser focus on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). With our technological know-how, industry insights, experience and proprietary methodologies on knowledge management, we ensure business continuity and zero downtime. One of its key offering is chúng tôi Intelligent Process Automation platform.  

64. Quertle

Headquarter(s): Henderson, USA Founded: 2008 Focus Area: Artificial Intelligence Sector: Healthcare Website:

65. Quorso

Headquarter(s): London, England Founded: 2024 Focus Area: Business Intelligence, Analytics, Big Data, Sector: Computer Software Website: 

66. Rapid Acceleration Partners

Headquarter(s): Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India Founded: 2023 Focus Area: Digital transformation, Intelligent automation, RPA Sector: BFSI, Logistics, Healthcare, Real estate, Cross Industry Website: 

67. Recognys

Headquarter(s): High Wycombe, United Kingdom Founded: 2023 Focus Area: Facial recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Software programming Sector: Various industries Website: 

68. Record Evolution

Headquarter(s): Seoul, South Korea Founded: 2024 Focus Area: Big Data Analytics Sector: Various Industries Website:


Headquarter(s): Prague, Czech Republic Founded: 2014 Focus Area: Multi-Touch Marketing Attribution Sector: Various Industries Website: 

70. Roots Automation

Headquarter(s): New York, USA Founded: 2023 Focus Area: Robotic Process Automation, Intelligent Automation, and Automation-as-a-Service Sector: Information Technology & Services Website:  Roots Automation is a digital coworkers-as-a-service company that provides an end–to–end automation solutions for companies. The company’s Digital Coworkers complete common business tasks like accounts payable, employee onboarding, processing claims. It makes it easy for companies to start their digital transformation with zero integration and a budget-friendly subscription model.  

71. Rossum

Headquarter(s): London, England Founded: 2023 Focus Area: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Capture, RPA, Process Automation, Invoice Extraction, OCR software, data extraction Sector:  Artificial Intelligence, Document Management, FinTech, SaaS Website:  Rossum’s artificial intelligence understands complex structured documents, enabling companies to capture data from financial documents efficiently and with human-level accuracy. Unlike existing text mining solutions, Rossum’s unique deep neural networks reflect the way humans read documents. This eliminates the need for costly manualimplementation, a game changer in the data capture business.  

72. Semantic Web Company

Headquarter(s): Vienna, Austria & Boston, Massachussets Founded: 2000 Focus Area: Big data Sector: Various industries Website: 

73. SDG Group

Headquarter(s): Milan, Italy Founded: 1991 Focus Area: Big data, Business analytics, Data governance, Advanced analytics Sector: Fashion, Luxury & retail, Financial services & Insurance, Healthcare & life sciences, Government, Telco & utilities Website: 

74. Seceon

Headquarter(s): Westford, MA Founded: 2014 Focus Area: Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence Sector: Computer & Network Security Website: 

75. SecurityHQ

Headquarter(s): London, England & Dubai, UAE Founded: 2003 Focus Area: Information Security, Security Consulting, ICT Consulting, Engineering & Integration Management, Cyber Security, SOC monitoring, Threat Intelligence, Vulnerability Assessment Sector: Information Technology & Services Website:  SecurityHQ is a Global Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) that monitors networks 24/7, to ensure complete visibility and protection against your cyber threats. Threats can be both external and internal. Which means that the right combination of tools, skills, people and processes are essential, to proactively and effectively manage, detect and defend your environment from all malicious activity.  

76. SiteLock

Headquarter(s): Scottsdale, Arizona Founded: 2008 Focus Area: Cybersecurity Sector: Internet Website: 

77. SketchAR

Headquarter(s): Vilnius, Vilniaus Apskritis Founded: 2023 Focus Area: Augmented reality Sector: Computer Software Website: 

78. Snaappy

Headquarter(s): Tel Aviv, Israel Founded: 2024 Focus Area: Mobile applications, Augmented Reality Sector: Computer Software Website: 

79. SovTech

Headquarter(s): Gauteng, South Africa Founded: 2012 Focus Area: Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud, Machine learning, Blockchain, Augmented reality, Virtual reality Sector: Financial services, Media, Technology, Engineering & mining, Retail &manufacturing, Real estate Website: 

80. Specialized Security Services, Inc.

Headquarter(s): Plano, Texas, United States Founded: 1999 Focus Area: Computer & Network Security Sector:  Consulting, Security Website:   

81. Storage Made Easy

Headquarter(s): London, United Kingdom Founded: 2008 Focus Area: Cybersecurity Sector: Various industries Website: 

82. SynLogicsInc

Headquarter(s): Milton, Georgia, USA Founded: 2024 Focus Area: Intelligent Process Automation, Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, NLP, Data Analytics and Cloud Applications Sector: Information Technology & Services, Automation Website:  SynLogics is an innovative technology solutions company providing a diverse range of IT consulting and services. The company offers future tech solutions such as Intelligent Automation using RPA, AI and Machine Learning, intuitive ChatBots, customized web application, and Mobile App development, Scalable cloud-native backends, and SaaS applications.  

83. Tangentia 

Headquarter(s): Toronto, Canada Founded: 2003 Focus Area: Digital transformation, Automation, Artificial intelligence, RPA, Blockchain Sector: Various industries Website: 

84. Tarmin

Headquarter(s): Boston, USA Founded: 2014 Focus Area: Big Data Analytics Sector: Various Industries Website: 

85. Tech Vedika

Headquarter(s): San Jose, California Founded: 2010 Focus Area: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data, Computer Vision, Face Recognition, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality Sector: Information Technology & Services Website: 

86. Think Biosolution

Headquarter(s): Dublin, Ireland Founded: 2024 Focus Area: Artificial Intelligence Sector: Healthcare Website:


Headquarter(s): London, England Founded: 2023 Focus Area: Cognitive RPA, Automation, Process Mining, AI, RPA, Innovation, Transformation, and FinTech Sector:  IT, AI Website: is a leader in Cognitive Robotic Process Automation and AI / ML Process Mining. Its toolkit helps users to create Desktop Automation in less than a minute without any specialized Technical knowledge. The company’s AI observes users actions on a desktop and creates an automation within no time.  

88. TQS Integration

Headquarter(s): Boston, Massachusetts Founded: 2001 Focus Area: Big data Sector: Life science, Oil, Gas & Energy, Chemical & petrochemcials, Telecommunication, Food & Beverage, Paper & Pulp, Water & waste water Website: 

89. Tricentis

Headquarter(s): Mountain View, California Founded: 2007 Focus Area: Software Testing, Test Automation, Mobile Testing, Cross Browser Testing, Web Services Testing, SAP Testing, Agile Test Automation, Synthetic Test Data, Manual Testing, API Testing, DevOps testing Sector: Enterprise Software, Information Technology, Quality Assurance Website:   

90. Trueface

Headquarter(s): Los Angeles, California Founded: 2013 Focus Area: Facial recognition, IoT, Cybersecurity, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Computer vision Sector: Computer Software Website: 

91. Umoove

Headquarter(s): Israel Founded: 2010 Focus Area: AAC Devices Sector: Mobile software development, gesture recognition Website: 


Headquarter(s): Treize-Septiers, France Founded: 2007 Focus Area: Robotics Sector: Various industries Website:

93. ValueLabs

Headquarter(s): Hyderabad, Telangana, India Founded: 1997 Focus Area: Digital transformation, Big data Sector: Various Industries Website: 

94. Visbit

Headquarter(s): Sunnyvale, California Founded: 2024 Focus Area: Virtual Reality Sector: Information Technology & Services Website: 

95. VUNO

Headquarter(s): Seoul, South Korea Founded: 2014 Focus Area: Artificial Intelligence Sector: Healthcare Website:

96. Wortell

Headquarter(s): Amsterdam, Netherlands Founded: 1997 Focus Area: Digital transformation, Cybersecurity, Big data Sector: Various industries Website: 

97. XACT Robotics

Headquarter(s): Hingham, USA Founded: 2013 Focus Area: Robotics Sector: Healthcare Website:

98. Xiatech

Headquarter(s): Hertfordshir, England Founded: 2003 Focus Area: Big Data Analytics Sector: Various Industries Website:

99. YajanTech

Headquarter(s): Taiwan, Tainan City Founded: 2024 Focus Area: Augmented reality, Virtual reality Sector: Computer Software Website: 

100. ZyGenCompany Limited (ZG)

Headquarter(s): HuayKwang, Bangkok Founded: 1999 Focus Area: SAP professional consulting service firm and SAP and Non-SAP Integration, Big Data, AI, RPA Sector: Information Technology & Services Website: 

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