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Huawei recently unveiled the Huawei Mate 9 flagship at CES 2023 and it has been garnering a lot of news, thanks to its Amazon Alexa integration. The $599 smartphone comes with top-notch specs and the latest Android 7.0. The phone runs on Huawei’s custom Octa-core Kirin 960 processor, packs in 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage and a dual-lens 20 MP+ 12 MP Leica camera module. All those exciting internals are packed in a beautifully finished metal body and it would be a bad thing to let it accumulate scratches and dents in daily usage.

1. Spigen Rugged Armor Huawei Mate 9 Case

Spigen is a well-known name when it comes to smartphone cases and their offering for the Huawei Mate 9 isn’t disappointing at all. This shock-absorbing bumper case uses air cushion technology to prevent the shock being transferred to your phone’s body. The case features raised lips on the front to protect the screen from shattering in the event of a drop. The best part though, is its carbon fibre pattern look along with glossy accents that make it look classy. Also, the side button housings provide a solid feedback on touch. Overall, this should be a nice and secure addition to your Mate 9’s accessories list.

2. Perstar Case for Huawei Mate 9

If you want an all round military-grade protection for your Mate 9, then look no further. The Perstar Case Cover not only straps a back cover to your phone but also provides protection to the front. You have to keep the phone inside and attach various parts of the cover with the provided screws and screwdrivers. There is a front glass protection available and the shock-resistant TPU layer on the sides prevent damage to the body, as well as the internals. With an all round housing, it also offers water resistant capabilities, thus letting you go carefree with your Mate 9.

Buy from chúng tôi ($26.99)


Ringke FUSION Cover for Huawei Mate 9

The Ringke FUSION cover is a beautifully made transparent hard TPU bumper case. This see-through case comes with accent colors to choose from and lets you see the gorgeous finish of the Mate 9’s metal body. That said, it is not to be confused for being fragile. The case offers a military grade drop protection with the help of TPU corner cushions. The lips on the side of the screen are raised to prevent scratches and shattering in the event of a drop. If you want to admire your Mate 9’s craftsmanship without compromising its safety, you should get this one.


Qoosea Crystal Clear Case

If you’d prefer to put silicone based clear covers on the Huawei Mate 9, then you should definitely try out the Qoosea Crystal Clear cover. This ultra slim 0.6 mm transparent TPU case is virtually invisible and lets you admire the phone’s design without compromising the protection. The case in itself is lightweight, easy to grip and protects your phone from scratches, dirt and bumps. You can also easily remove it and place it back without causing any scratches on the body.


Feitenn Leather Flip Wallet Case


LWGON 3D Bumper Case for Huawei Mate 9

The LWGON 3D Bumper Case is forged from aircraft grade aluminium to provide the ultimate protection for your Huawei Mate 9. It has been perfectly designed with an opening on the rear for better signal reception, minimizing the impact of the metal frame’s influence to the cellular signal. The lips on the edge are 0.2 mm thick, which prevent the screen in the front and the rear metal surface to accumulate scratches. The case comes with screws and a screwdriver to install the case on the phone. The case is available in multiple color options on the amazon website.

7. Nillkin Frosted Shield Matte Case

If you like matte finished accessories for your phone, you will be happy with the Nilkin Frosted Shield Matte Case for the Huawei Mate 9. The texture of the case is wear-resistant and can prevent skidding of the phone from glossy surfaces. Nilkin claims it to be dust-proof too. The matte texture will be a boon for you if you hate fingerprints on your phone. The case is slim and doesn’t add any inconvenience to everyday usage of the phone. Plus, Nilkin provides a screen protector to protect the display from scratches and dust. Overall, this seems to be a bargain for the price it is selling.

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Protect your Huawei Mate 9 with these Cases and Covers

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10 Best Iphone 13 Pro Cases And Covers You Can Buy

Equipped with pro-grade cameras, 120Hz ProMotion display, and the wicked-fast A15 Bionic chip, iPhone 13 Pro (along with the behemoth iPhone 13 Pro Max) has probably set the tone for the festive season. While only time will tell whether or not the much-awaited Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro is able to challenge Apple’s flagship, the iPhone 13 Pro seems to be the go-to option for many. If that’s you, I assume you have already pre-ordered the device and are now looking for the best iPhone 13 Pro cases and covers to offer the needed protection. Let’s jump right in as we have curated a list of high-quality iPhone 13 cases and covers for you to choose from.

Best iPhone 13 Pro Cases and Covers (2023)

Before that, if you are wondering – Will my iPhone 12 Pro case fit the new iPhone 13 Pro? Well, the answer is no. Even though iPhone 13 Pro is an incremental upgrade over the previous generation, your old iPhone 12 Pro cases won’t work with the iPhone 13 Pro. Apple has slightly tweaked the size of the triple camera setup on the iPhone 13 Pro. Since the new camera array is a little wider than the one available on the iPhone 12 Pro, your existing cases are of no use for the iPhone 13 Pro.

Coming back to the cases for iPhone 13 Pro, I have chosen cases across several different categories, including kickstand, wallet, clear, slim, and more. So you are likely to find an ideal protective cover for your new smartphone. And that too while keeping your budget in check. So without any further ado, have a look at the best cases and covers for the iPhone 13 Pro:

Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe


Buy from Amazon


Soft-touch finish

Much-improved grip

Works seamlessly with MagSafe


Relatively expensive

As always, Apple has come up with a premium silicone case for the iPhone 13 series. So, if you want a top-notch silicone case for your all-new iPhone 13 Pro, this one can be a better option for more than one reason. The case has been carved out of high-quality silicone material and features a smooth finish that provides a secure grip.

Caseology Nano Pop Silicone Case


Buy from Amazon


Soft-touch finish

Certified military-grade protection

Supports wireless charging


Buttons aren’t super tactile

If you are hunting for an Apple silicone case alternative at an affordable price point, Caseology Nano Pop Silicone Case can be a smart pick. Just like Apple’s offering, it also features a soft-touch finish and snuggly fits around the iPhone 13 Pro. So, you will get the desired grip to hold the smartphone comfortably. The two-tone colors play a vital role in enhancing its profile.

As compared to Apple’s silicone case, this one looks more durable. Nano Pop comes with certified military-grade protection and offers safeguard against drops. And with the raised lips, it provides extra to the camera bump and the ProMotion display. Moreover, it also works well with wireless chargers to ensure there is no need to take off the cover before attaching a MagSafe charger.

Ringke Fusion Clear Case


Buy from Amazon


Hard back panel

Responsive buttons



Lacks enhanced grip

If a crystal clear case for iPhone 13 Pro is what you are looking for, the Ringke Fusion clear case could be the perfect choice for you. Unlike many other transparent covers in the market, it features a shock-absorbing bumper that can resist the impact of drops. Paired with the hard PC back panel, the case offers the needed shield to the iPhone without adding any bulk.

For additional safeguard against scratches, the clear case also features elevated edges around the ProMotion display and the triple camera module. It’s this neat balance between slimness and protection that makes the Ringke Fusion case worth a close look. Not to mention, this is also an anti-yellowing case, which means it will retain the transparent design for a long time.

LeatherSafe Luxury Books from Pad & Quill


Buy from Pad & Quill


Luxurious profile

Carved out of full-grain American leather

Can store up to 5-7 cards and cash

Supports MagSafe


Highly expensive

The integration of leather and hardwood strengthens the durability so that it can comfortably withstand impact. Unlike cheap leather covers, LeatherSafe Luxury Books ages gracefully thanks to the ageless patina that keeps its charm intact for long. On top of that, it lets you store up to 5-7 cards and also some cash, which makes it a full-on travel companion for hectic travel. And with the support for MagSafe, LeatherSafe ensures strong magnetic attachment and wireless charging.

Apple Clear Case with MagSafe


Buy from Amazon


Shock-absorbing corners

Comfortable grip

Best MagSafe compatibility


Relatively overpriced

While there is no dearth of clear cases in the market, the Apple Clear Case with MagSafe stands out. As you may have already guessed, its ability to provide a seamless wireless charging experience gives it an edge over rivals. Showcasing a transparent profile, the case lets your iPhone 13 Pro gather attention by revealing its famed design.

Beyond the clear profile, how well does this case fare in terms of absorbing shock? Even though it’s not a heavy-duty case, you can rely on it to prevent regular bumps and scuffs from harming your smartphone. That aside, the beveled edge also plays a good part in defending the massive camera module and OLED display against scratches. Although the top-tier $50 price tag does put it in the expensive category, you won’t mind going for an extra yard if you use a MagSafe charger.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid S Case


Buy from Amazon


Form-fitting profile

Shock-resistant design

Built-in metal kickstand

Tactile buttons


Metal kickstand may Obstruct wireless charging

Times when you may want to enhance your hands-free video calling and movie-watching experience, Spigen Ultra Hybrid S can come in super handy. Thanks to a built-in kickstand, the case lets you prop up your iPhone 13 Pro both horizontally and vertically so that you can have a more convenient viewing angle.

Casetify Custom iPhone 13 Pro Case


Buy from Casetify


A wide variety of color options

Ability to customize layout and font

6.6 feet drop protection

Anti-microbial coating


Comparatively expensive

If none of the cases above managed to attract your attention, or you wish to customize your iPhone 13 Pro case for a personalized look, then Casetify has you fully covered. With a wide variety of color options and the flexibility to customize the design as well as font, you can give a unique look to your custom case.

Casetify custom case features a durable frame and a hand back panel for extra protection from impact. The ability to endure up to 6.6-feet drops puts it in good stead in terms of being a trusted defender against accidental drops. Notably, it also features an anti-microbial coating that kills up to 99% of bacteria and supports wireless charging. So there is no need to remove the cover before you can charge the iPhone 13 Pro wirelessly.

Smartish Gripzilla Protective Case


Buy from Amazon


Anti-slip grip, Good protection

Grooved sides for additional shield

Compatible with MagSafe


Pronounced buttons may feel stiff

For the folks who are on the lookout for a rugged case that can provide an uncompromised shield against accidental drops, this iPhone 13 For folks on the lookout for a rugged case that can provide uncompromised protection against accidental drops, this iPhone 13 Pro protective case from Smartish seems to be a great pick. Giving the safeguard against nasty drops the highest priority, it features grooved sides. Couple that with the durable back panel, and it leaves little room for the shock to damage your smartphone.

Despite being a rugged case, Smartish doesn’t look bulky. That means your desire to offer an essential shield to your all-new smartphone won’t come at the cost of style. Another thing that makes this case a notable pick is an anti-slip grip, and it can be a savior for iPhone 13 users. Being compatible with MagSafe, it won’t come in the way of magnetic attachment or wireless charging.

Tucch Folio Wallet Case


Buy from Amazon


Includes a kickstand

3 card slots and money pocket

RFID blocking technology


Old-fashioned design

What’s more, the Tucch folio cover features 3 slots for cards and a large compartment to ensure your cash stays securely inside. And with a magnetic flap, it will keep all your valuables safe. Thanks to the RFID blocking technology, it blocks signals to shield your personal information. That’s not all, though. This case also has a kickstand functionality for times when you want to enhance your hands-free video-streaming experience. Keeping in mind these notable features, the $19 price tag makes it a good choice.

totallee Super Thin Case


Buy from totallee


Incredibly sleek design

Matte finish

Scratch resistant


Minimal protection from shock

totallee is well-known for producing the thinnest cases for smartphones. As the name itself suggests, Super Thin looks in line with what the accessory maker is known for. At 0.02 to 0.03 inches, the case sports an incredibly sleek profile that makes a nice match with the newly launched iPhone 13 Pro. With the precise cutouts, the slim case provides hassle-free access to all the ports.

In addition to a sleek form-factor, the case is no pushover when it comes to resisting scratches. The case’s hand plastic material offers it enough strength to endure minor shock as well. To ensure the ProMotion display and triple camera module are safe against scratches, it features elevated edges. Notably, the totallee Super Thin case also works with MagSafe wireless charging, and it doesn’t have any branding to retain the original look of the smartphone.

Top iPhone 13 Pro Cases and Covers to Choose From

Best Slim Cases For The Huawei Mate 20

Even if the handset hasn’t started shipping out yet, there are already many protective accessories available for the phone.

To make things easier for you, we’ve rounded up some of the best slim cases that are currently available for the Mate 20.

Huawei’s latest flagship rocks a sexy 8.3mm profile, and by snapping a slim case on the back of the device, you’ll make sure the phone retains its sleek frame. So here we go.

Anccer Ultra-Thin Fit Case

Buy on Amazon ($11.99)

KuGi Ultra-Thin Bumper Case

The KuGi case allows users to flaunt the original design of the phone while keeping the device protected. The product is made of high-quality TPU, which is guaranteed to keep your expensive flagship in optimal shape. It’s also very soft and pleasant to touch. The case has a clear back, but features colored bumpers. Get yours in Black, Blue, Red. An all-clear option is also available.

Buy on Amazon ($5.96)

Moko Slim Case

Need superior protection? You can get it with the MoKo case. This accessory will not only absorb shock in case of an accident, but it’s also scratch resistant, slip resistant and will help with heat-dissipation too. Made of quality TPU, this slim case features a carbon fiber brushed texture that adds a touch of elegance to the phone.

Buy at Amazon ($7.99)

Eiger North Dual Layer Case

Buy on Eigar (£14.99)

Olixar NovaShiled Case

The NovaShield Case for the Mate 20 combines a tough polycarbonate frame with a flexible TPU back to keep the device in perfect shape. The case’s corners have air pockets that are designed to absorb shock and dissipate it from the handset. The NovaShield also complements the design of the device quite beautifully, while being thin enough to also allow wireless charging to pass through.

Buy from Olixar ($16.99)

Olixar ExoShield Though Case

Another all-clear case for the Mate 20, this one by reputed accessory maker Olixar. The case is made from reinforced bonded TPU, as well as high-quality polycarbonate materials, which makes it flexible as well as durable and shock-absorbing. The manufacturer assures customers the case will add absolutely no bulk to the phone while letting its design shine through. The product also comes with a raised bezel and a non-slip coating that ensures you’ll be able to hold the device firmly in hand.

Buy from Olixar ($12.99)

Otterbox Symmetry Series

Otterbox also has a clear case for the Mate 20 for sale. It’s a minimalist design, which will ensure the Mate 20 will retain its stylish look. The product is scratch-resistant, as well as drop proof. It has a raised screen bumper which will protect the display in case of accidents.

Coming soon at Otterbox ($39.95)

Spigen Rugged Armor

Those in need of rugged protection for their Mate 20, might want to take a look at the Spigen Rugged Armor case which is also incredibly slim and sleek. Once again, Spigen employs the helping hand of Air Cushion Technology to keep the corners protected. What’s more, the rear carriers the signature carbon fiber look that most Spigen cases are known for, which also acts as an apt protector against the elements.

Buy at Spigen ($19.99)

eBay Flip Mirror Stand Case Cover

This case will give your Huawei Mate 20 a more unique look than before. It’s sold by a Chinese retailer on eBay for a very affordable price, so if you’re not looking to spend a lot on accessories, this might be for you.

Anyway, this durable plastic case is like a wallet case whose cover acts as a mirror. It also embeds a smart sensor that allows users to answer a call without flipping open the case. The front is waterproof and anti-fingerprint, so you won’t have to worry about getting it dirty. What’s more, the case also acts as a stand and has a leather interior.

Buy on eBay ($1.59)

eBay Shockproof Magnetic Case Cover

This case allows you to protect your phone from dust and scratches in an elegant and compact fashion. It’s perfectly compatible with the phone’s shapes and adds a unique detail on the back. It has a ring holder, so you can grip your phone safely each time you use it. Comes in Black, Blue, and Red.

Buy on eBay ($3.69)

The Best Apple Iphone 6S Cases You Can Buy

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As with any six-year-old phone, it’s become tough to track down too many cases. We’ve included the best that we can find, but you may notice an iPhone 7 case here and there. Don’t worry, as the two phones share the same dimensions, the iPhone 6s just has a smaller camera.

The best iPhone 6s cases:

Editor’s note: We’ll add to this list as we find other iPhone 6s cases, and we’ll be sure to remove sold-out options.

Speck Presidio Stay Clear


Apple rolled out a solid selection of metallic finishes for the iPhone 6s, so why not show them off? The Presidio Stay Clear from Speck is completely transparent, and it’s almost completely free of branding. It’s drop-tested for up to eight feet thanks to the dual-layer Impactium construction. Speck also boasts that its iPhone 6s case should avoid discoloration thanks to a dot matrix pattern.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid


Few manufacturers offer more cases on a model-to-model basis than Spigen. The Ultra Hybrid is one of our favorites of the bunch, and you can get it completely clear or with a matte bumper. This iPhone 6s case combines a flexible TPU bumper with a stiff back panel for great protection against drops and scratches. You should even be able to apply the case in just a few seconds.

Ringke Fusion iPhone 6s case


The Ringke Fusion is a good bet if you want a MIL-STD 810G certification to go along with your transparent protection. It’s a sleek case with durable button covers, and the back panel now features a scratch-resistant coating. Ringke’s Fusion even comes with Quik Catch holes in case you want to add a lanyard or a wrist strap.

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OCase iPhone 6s wallet case


Apple’s iPhone 6s won’t put too much pressure on your pocket, but sometimes it’s nice to free up space anyway. The OCase wallet offers three card slots and a cash pocket so you can leave your old wallet behind. You can choose from a few faux leather finishes, and the folio cover can fold around to double as a kickstand. OCase even throws in a free screen protector for good measure.

Otterbox Defender


No matter what phone you buy, the Otterbox Defender is always a good case to consider. It’s incredibly tough, and it’s been tested far beyond the MIL-STD 810G requirements. The Defender is one of the thicker options on our list, but it offers a built-in screen protector and tough button covers to keep your ports debris-free. You can choose from black, Seacrest, and Indigo Harbor finishes.

Lifeproof Fre


If you’re hoping to take your iPhone 6s for a swim, then a Lifeproof case may be in order. Lifeproof takes things a step further than Otterbox and completely seals your phone from the elements. The case even uses a screw-in cover to guard your headphone jack against dust and splashes. It comes in black, Banzai, Avalanche, Sunset, and Crushed if you want to add a pop of color.

Spigen Tough Armor


The Tough Armor brings up the rear on our iPhone 6s case list, and it’s another classic Spigen offering. It combines a tough polycarbonate shell with a soft TPU bumper for maximum impact protection. You can choose from either black or gunmetal finishes, and the raised bezels should give you some peace of mind when you set your phone down.

The Best Iphone 14 Plus Cases You Can Buy

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

When you invest into a smartphone like the iPhone 14 Plus, you’re doing so knowing you want to get the most out of it. Longevity-wise, you want your device of choice to last several years. During that time, you will accumulate important files, data, photos, and more. To protect all of that, you’ll want to cover it in a proper case. Let’s go over some of the best iPhone 14 Plus cases available today.


PHNX Cases Thin Case


Thin, lightweight design

Free of branding

Supports wireless charging

Raised camera protection

Sometimes all you need for your phone is a skin. However, if you want something that doesn’t stick to the surface of your device, you can always go with a minimalistic case from PHNX. Thin and lightweight, these cases are designed to add zero bulk to your phone, all the while facilitating a sleek, branding-free look.

The best standard cases for the iPhone 14 Plus

CASETiFY Essential

Military-grade drop protection (2x MIL-STD-810G)

Non-slip grip

Raised ring around the cameras

Slim fitting

When picking out a smartphone case, you want to make sure it looks good to you and those around you. CASETiFY makes some of the most popular smartphone cases on the market. Their Essential case for the iPhone 14 Plus features a hard polycarbonate back with TPU around the edges. The company’s signature camera lens ring is also highlighted on the back, which adds to the case’s aesthetic appeal. It is also compatible with the iPhone 14 Plus’ wireless charging feature.


Speck CandyShell Pro

Dual-layer design

Microban antimicrobial product protection

Compatible with all MagSafe accessories

Built to withstand drops of up to eight feet

Speck has created some of the best smartphone cases for years, and their CandyShell line never disappoints. Formed of a hard polycarbonate outer shell and softer material to cushion your device on the inside, the CandyShell Pro is a fantastic heavy-duty option for your iPhone 14 Plus. It also allows works with all MagSafe products.

Caseology Parallax Mag

Compatible with all MagSafe products

Hexa-cube design for enhanced ergonomics

Military-grade protection

Textured TPU along the edges for better grip

Caseology’s Parallax case has been a go-to recommendation for years. It combines fashionable, recognizable design language with function. It works with all MagSafe products and touts military-grade protection. You can never go wrong with the Caseology Parallax.

Spigen Rugged Armor


Extreme Protection Technology enhances drop protection

Built using polycarbonate, TPU, and impact foam

Raised bezels around the screen and camera

Spigen is one of the go-to names for affordable, durable, and stylish cases. The Rugged Armor case is composed of a flexible TPU material that, while simple and slim, provides the base amount of rugged protection against drops and scrapes necessary. There’s a carbon fiber pattern on the back that is uniquely identifiable, and the case really doesn’t add that much to the overall footprint of your phone. This means you won’t have any excess bulk as you use your phone throughout the day.

Incipio Duo

Impact Strut Protection technology facilitates 12 feet of drop protection

Antimicrobial treatment

Raised bezels around the screen and camera

Lifetime warranty

In terms of design, Incipio keeps things minimalistic with the Duo. However, the two-piece design is highly protective, and the case features Impact Strut Protection technology. This means up to 12 feet of drop protection. This case is meant to be mass-appealing, all the while protective. 

The best clear cases for the iPhone 14 Plus

Military-grade drop protection (1x MIL-STD-810G)

Resistant to yellowing

Anti-slip bumper around the edges of the case

Made from 65% recycled and plant-based materials

CASETiFY’s Clear Case is one of the best options you have as an iPhone 14 Plus owner looking for a translucent case. It uses CASETiFY’s proprietary UV Defender technology, which prevents discoloration and resists the effects of UV light. It’s formed of a single piece of thermoplastic polyurethane and is designed to protect from drops up to 6.6 feet.

Speck Gemshell

Dual-layer design

Microban antimicrobial product protection

Compatible with MagSafe and Qi wireless chargers

Built to withstand drops of up to eight feet

Speck’s Gemshell line is aimed at providing extra durability while letting your phone’s original design shine through. The Speck logo, which is usually front and center on their cases, is tucked away into a corner. People typically pick their iPhone based on its original color; if you like the original look of your device, this clear polycarbonate case is an amazing option. 

OtterBox Symmetry Clear

Military-grade drop protection (MIL-STD-810G 516.6)

Made from over 50% recycled plastic

Compatible with MagSafe and Qi wireless chargers

Raised edges around the screen and camera

The OtterBox Symmetry Clear Case is crafted primarily of clear polycarbonate. It’s made up of over 50% recycled plastic, making it one of the more eco-friendly options available. It has minimal branding, with only the OtterBox logo on the side, and is drop-tested to military standards.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Hard polycarbonate back with TPU around the edges

Raised bezels around the screen and camera

Pronounced buttons and large port cutouts

Slim design

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid case is one of the best clear cases you can get for any phone. It’s military-grade certified and employs their Air Cushion Technology to soften the blow during drops. It’s pretty minimalistic and thin, meaning you won’t have to add much bulk to your device whenever you decide to go with this case.

Mkeke Case Clear


Made of polyurethane and polycarbonate

Scratch-resistant coating on both sides of the case

Designed with “airbags” in each of the four corners

Mkeke cases are protective and allow you to showcase your iPhone’s original design. Clear cases are known to have this yellowing effect over time, especially when exposed to too much UV light; however, this case is treated for anti-yellowing. It is also scratch-resistant on both sides, so your phone never looks more beat up than it actually is.

The best rugged cases for the iPhone 14 Plus

Military-grade drop protection (MIL-STD-810G 516.6)

Compatible with MagSafe and Qi wireless chargers

Ergonomic, lightweight, and protective

Enhanced perimeter to protect the screen and camera

Urban Armor Gear makes fantastic heavy-duty cases for all types of phones. Their shockproof and drop-proof Pathfinder Magnetic case for the iPhone 14 Plus is great for several reasons. It is compatible with MagSafe charging, it’s rated for 18 foot drops, and doesn’t add too much unnecessary bulk. With this case, you can be confident that drops won’t affect your phone much. 

OtterBox Defender XT

Military-grade drop protection (MIL-STD-810G 516.6)

Compatible with MagSafe and Qi wireless chargers

Manages to maintain a thin profile

Raised bezels around the screen and camera

OtterBox is known for their protective cases, and the Defender XT is up there with the best of them. Comprised primarily of polycarbonate, the multi-layered design of the case ensures your iPhone will be guarded against drops, scrapes, dirt, and bumps. This case is also compatible with MagSafe chargers and accessories.

Poetic Revolution


Military-grade drop protection

Full-body case design includes a screen protector frame

Built-in kickstand

If you’re looking for an affordable case that will protect your phone against pretty much anything you throw at it, look into the Poetic Revolution line. It encases your entire device from front to back, and also has a built-in screen protector. 

Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1

Drop-tested for 50 drops at six feet

Ergonomically optimized with textured sides

No moving parts

Can also store up to three cards and cash

The Smartish Wallet Case is both a heavy-duty case and a wallet replacement. You can store up to three cards and cash in the slot along the back, which is always convenient. It’s rated for around 50 drops at six feet, which should be more than enough assurance if you’re careful with your device. It’s also available in several colors and designs.

OtterBox Defender

Military-grade drop protection (MIL-STD-810G 516.6)

Compatible with MagSafe and Qi wireless chargers

Port covers keep dust and dirt out

Holster doubles as a kickstand

OtterBox is known for their cases’ ruggedness and durability. The traditional Defender case is a fantastic option if you’re looking for something heavy-duty and versatile. It features port covers to keep dust and dirt out, as well as a holster that doubles as a kickstand. Its build quality is unquestionable, as it is drop-rated to military standards.

The 22 Best Iphone 14 Pro Max Cases You Can Buy

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Apple didn’t rock the boat too much this year with the iPhone 14 Pro Max, but it’s still by far the most expensive phone Apple sells. If you’ve spent the cash on Apple’s most premium smartphone, you’ll want to slap a case on it. Whether you’re looking for rugged protection, better grip, or a stylish aesthetic, these are the best iPhone 14 Pro Max cases you can buy.

Want to learn more about cases and accessories? Check out our in-depth guides to the best case brands and the best phone accessories you can buy.

Rugged but light

Great protection

Built-in magnets

Folio version also available

Standard cases are the most varied in design, but one that really caught our eye is the Metropolis LT from Urban Armor Gear. The brand is best known for rugged cases, and although this one maintains the rugged look with a Kevlar finish, it’s surprisingly light. There are also built-in magnets on the back to support wireless chargers and MagSafe accessories. If you like to get even more utility out of your cases, there’s also a version with a folio wallet case design that also gets our seal of approval.

Spigen Liquid Air Armor

Fantastic grip

Thin and light

Very affordable

Great protection

Not MagSafe compatible

Spigen is always a favorite of ours here at Android Authority, and the easiest case to recommend for most people is the Liquid Air Armor. It isn’t the flashiest case and it doesn’t have any magnets, but the rubberized texture on the back and sides afford an excellent level of grip and protection. It’s just a great basic case, and it’s one of the cheapest iPhone 14 Pro Max cases you can get.

Caseology Parallax

Striking design

Built-in magnets


Military-grade protection

The Caseology Parallax has a very recognizable design, with 3D hexagons adding visual interest and grip to the back of the case. There are built-in magnets, too, although the textured back does somewhat weaken the connection with some MagSafe accessories. Wireless chargers will work just fine, though. It also comes in a variety of color combinations to match your style. It’s not the thinnest, but it does offer MIL-STD 810G certification at a price tag that just about anyone can afford. Especially if you’ve already dropped over $1,000 on an iPhone 14 Pro Max. If you want the splash of color but not the texture, the Caseology Nano Pop is also a great pick.

Otterbox Commuter

Incredible drop protection

Pocketable design

Port covers

No built-in magnets

A bit pricey

While Otterbox mostly makes bulky, rugged cases capable of taking a beating (scroll down to see those), the Commuter hits a nice middle ground. It still offers the company’s trademark drop resistance, but in a much more pocketable package. It’s certainly not thin, but it offers far more protection than any of the cases above, including dust covers to keep dust and debris from messing up your iPhone. However, you will pay a bit of a premium, and there are no built-in magnets, so most MagSafe accessories are off the table.

Moment Case

Great colors

Subtle design

Built-in magnets

Essential for Moment lenses/mounts

Lanyard holes included

If you want to use Moment’s excellent phone lenses, you’ll need a Moment case. Thankfully, the case itself is really nice, even if you aren’t investing further in the company’s ecosystem of accessories. It has a subtle design with great color options, and built-in magnets to support both MagSafe accessories and Moment’s proprietary mount system.

Best thin iPhone 14 Pro Max cases

Super thin and light

Flexible installation

No visible branding

Comes in three colors

Limited protection

As the name implies, the PHNX thin case lives up to the name, coming in at just .35mm thin. It’s also completely plain on the outside, with no visible branding to be found. There are three colors available: matte black, frosted white, and frosted black. The thinness does allow for wireless charging, but MagSafe accessories won’t stick very well due to the lack of magnets in the case.

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Spigen Thin Fit

Thin and light

Some protection

A bit slippery

Not MagSafe compatible

Very affordable

Spigen’s take on a thin iPhone 14 Pro Max case is also worth a look. It’s not quite as thin as the option above, but it’s much cheaper. The case is still very thin, and the minimal extra thickness does help protect your iPhone from minor drops. However, we found it to be a bit slippery in the hand, and compatibility with MagSafe accessories and chargers is very limited. Still, it’s a great budget case.

Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe

Great hand feel

Nice colorways

Built-in magnets

Not the thinnest


Apple’s own Silicone Case with MagSafe is a bit thicker than the options above, but it’s the thinnest and lightest you can get from any first-party case. As always, you’re going to pay a bit of an Apple tax, but you also get a lot more options when it comes to colorways. The soft-touch silicone finish affords the case a nice grip and hand feel, to boot. As the name implies, it has built-in magnets to support the widest possible range of MagSafe accessories.

UAG [U] Dot

Dimpled back

Nice colorways

Soft-touch silicone

Built-in magnets


Urban Armor Gear is best known for rugged cases, but its thinnest case is a stylish alternative to Apple’s case above. It’s still made of soft-touch silicone with built-in magnets, but instead of a plain back, it has a dimpled pattern. This gives it a bit more visual flair, although you may need to clean it a bit more often depending on your use. Unfortunately, it’s not really any cheaper, and it’s not exactly the thinnest case you can buy.

Best rugged iPhone 14 Pro Max cases

Excellent protection

Dust ports

Anti-microbial coating


Built-in magnets


When most people think rugged cases, they think Otterbox, and the Defender Pro is as resistant as it gets. The thick and bulky case more than exceeds military-grade drop resistance, and the included dust ports help keep dust and debris from gumming up the works. The Pro model has an anti-microbial coating to prevent odors or discoloring, while the non-Pro model does not. There’s no difference in price, however, so we recommend going with the Pro version. Both have built-in magnets and an optional belt holster that doubles as a kickstand.

UAG Monarch Pro

25-foot drop protection

Built-in magnets

Nice rugged design

Added grip


More UAG cases available

UAG’s most resistant case, the Monarch Pro, leaves nothing to be desired from the Defender Pro above. The five-layer design promises an incredible 25 feet of drop protection (not that you should test it), as well as built-in magnets for MagSafe accessories. There are a few colors available, and if you don’t mind paying a premium, the Kevlar edition is a personal favorite of ours. If you want to save money and don’t mind dropping the magnets, the clear-backed UAG Plasma and streamlined Pathfinder cases are also worth a look.

Spigen Tough Armor

Mil-grade protection

Rugged design

Very affordable

Build-in kickstand

Integrated magnets

More Spigen options available

Spigen’s rugged iPhone 14 Pro Max case isn’t quite as resistant as either of the options above, but it’s far more affordable. Not to sell it short — it offers military-grade protection and bulky corners to prevent drop damage in most cases. The hard shell design has an integrated kickstand for media viewing, but it doesn’t have quite as much grip as we’d like from a rugged case. Still, you won’t find a more resistant case at this price point outside of Spigen’s own cases. The Spigen Mag Armor trades a bit of protection for better grip, and the Rugged Armor is somewhere in between.

Best clear iPhone 14 Pro Max cases

Built-in magnets

Very affordable

Good protection

Three color options

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid is typically our favorite clear case, and that holds true for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. However, the version we’re recommending is the MagFit version, which, as you might guess, features magnets in the back. If you don’t need the magnets, there’s a version without them, although it’s not any cheaper, so you might as well get the MagFit version and keep your options open. No matter which one you pick, the resistant bumpers will keep your iPhone safe for years to come.

Caseology Skyfall Clear

Nice color options

Clear backing

Nice grip

Mil-grade protection

No magnets

For a slightly different take on a clear iPhone 14 Pro Max case, Caseology’s Skyfall Clear is an interesting choice. It features thicker, opaque bumpers with a clear backing. This gives it a bit more protection than traditional clear options and opens the pathway to add a splash of color. However, there are no magnets in the back, so most MagSafe accessories won’t stick. Wireless chargers, on the other hand, still work just fine.

UAG Pylo MagSafe

Excellent protection

Thick bumpers

Built-in magnets

Slightly bulky

A bit pricey

Want protection without the colored bumpers? Urban Armor Gear has you covered with the Pylo MagSafe. It features exceptionally thick bumpers to reach an impressive 16 feet of drop protection. That does make it heavier and bulkier than the options above, but it’s a small price to pay for protection. It also features magnets in the back for accessories. However, it does run quite a bit more expensive than the other clear cases above.

Best iPhone 14 Pro Max wallet cases

Space for three cards and cash

Very affordable

Customizable designs

Not compatible with wireless chargers

Not compatible with MagSafe accessories

The Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol 1 and Vol 2 are probably the most iconic wallet cases out there for iPhones. They’re not particularly groundbreaking, but they’re super affordable and hold three cards and cash. There are a lot of colors and designs available too, including the option to upload a fully custom image to the back of the case. Both versions of the case are comparable, with Vol 1 opting for a hard backing material and Vol 2 opting for a soft, fabric backing. If you’re looking for a full purse replacement, Smartish also makes a full wallet case with a shoulder strap called the Dancing Queen.

Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case

Luxurious leather finish

Holds one or two cards

Works with wireless chargers

No magnets

Most wallet cases are pretty short in the style category, but the Mujjo Full Leather Wallet case is an exception to the rule. The premium leather finish is soft and smooth, which both feels and looks fantastic. The small pouch on the back only holds one or two cards, but sometimes that’s all you need. The Ecco leather finish comes in three colors, but the cardholder design eliminates the option to use MagSafe accessories. Wireless chargers still work, but the connection isn’t great and you will need to remove your cards first. There’s also a non-wallet case version, which we have included a bit further down the list.

Spigen Slim Armor CS

Space for two cards or cash

Streamlined design

Very affordable

Limited color options

Otterbox Strada

Folio-style case

Great drop protection

Leather finish

No built-in magnets


The Otterbox Strada is a folio-style wallet case, which not only gives the case a few card slots on the inside, but it also covers and protects your screen while not in use. This particular model is a bit expensive, but it has a genuine leather finish that looks and feels great. However, the case is a bit pricey, and it doesn’t feature any magnets in the back of the case, which we often see with this style of folio case.

Best leather iPhone 14 Pro Max cases

Gorgeous Ecco leather

Several colors available

No built-in magnets

Some protection


We featured the wallet version of this case above, but the non-wallet version is perhaps a better buy. Its stylish, soft, and premium Ecco leather finish is a thing to behold, and it will develop a beautiful patina over time. This version will work a bit better with MagSafe accessories and chargers, but it still doesn’t feature any built-in magnets, so don’t get your hopes too high.

Apple Leather Case with MagSafe

Soft, premium leather

Excellent color options

Built-in magnets


Our final pick is another first-party iPhone 14 Pro Max case. Apple’s Leather Case with MagSafe is exactly what you’d imagine it is, in the best possible way. The leather finish is soft and premium, and it comes in a huge variety of colors. Unlike the option above, it does feature built-in magnets for excellent compatibility with MagSafe accessories and chargers. It’s a hefty investment, but if you’ve already dropped the cash on an iPhone 14 Pro Max, it’s worth it.

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