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7 Quick Ways to Make Chrome’s Spell Check Work Again




If Chrome’s spell check is not working, it’s generally a corrupt cache, misconfigured settings, or a conflict with the website to be blamed.

To fix the error, check the selected language, clear cache and cookies, or try the other methods here.

Also, find out how to reset the spell check feature in Google Chrome.

Try Opera One, a browser with various functionalities already built-in!

A flawless browser like Opera has most functions already under the hood.

Here’s what’s included by default:

Easy and intuitive workspace management

Ad-blocker mode integrated to load pages faster

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A spell checker is a great utility to automatically identify and rectify spelling errors, and most of us employ it in some form or the other. But, several users reported that Google Chrome’s spell check is not working.

A spell checker will highlight all misspelled words by comparing them with the correct spellings listed in its database. Though if you want to go ahead with the spelling used, simply ignore the warning.

Several browsers, including Mozilla Firefox and Safari, offer built-in spell checkers while those that don’t generally have an extension for it. So no matter which browser you use, it wouldn’t be difficult to get your hands on spell-check.

But, in the guide, we will focus on spell check in Chrome, and go through the solutions in case it’s not working.

Quick Tip:

Too much trouble with Chrome errors? It’s possible to avoid it by simply changing your browser to a more stable one.

With Opera, for instance, you have integrated third-party apps and plenty of spelling add-ons you can install and use right now.

After installing this new-age browser, you’re secured from typos or grammar mistakes using smart spelling tools.

⇒ Get Opera

How do I turn on spell check in Google Chrome?

Enabling spell check in Google Chrome is simple and it should start working right away after you turn on the toggle. If not, relaunch the browser once.

What can I do if Chrome’s spell check isn’t working? 1. Check the selected language

In many cases, Chrome’s spell check was not working when the input language was different from the one configured for Spell check. So, verify that and make the necessary corrections.

2. Delete cache and cookies

Expert tip:

3. Remove conflicting extensions

If Chrome’s spell check is not working ever since you installed an extension, it’s likely that the extension is conflicting with the feature.

Also, there’s a chance that two extensions are conflicting and affecting the performance of Chrome, in which case, you will have to identify and remove both.

4. Verify if websites or online platforms have a built-in spell checker

In many cases, platforms or websites that you visit have a built-in spell checker, for instance, Outlook. As a result, many users reported that Chrome’s spell check is not working in Outlook.

Spell check feature on Outlook

So, make sure to disable the platform’s built-in spell checker via the settings. If you can’t find the exact steps, head to the FAQ section on their website.

6. Scan for malware

Oftentimes, a system infected with malware will witness Chrome’s spell check not working in Windows 10 and the latest iteration. Running a malware scan will do the trick in this case. Also, you can use an effective third-party antivirus to run the scan.

7. Reset Chrome

If nothing else has worked, you are left with no option but to reset the Chrome settings. It will disable any extensions, restore the browser settings to their default state, and delete cookies. Once done, Chrome’s spell check would now start working.

How do I reset spell check in Chrome?

To reset the spell check in Google Chrome, you would have to go with the Restore settings to their original defaults option, as discussed in the last method of the previous section. Chome does not offer a built-in way just to reset spell check.

But, things generally shouldn’t come down to resetting the browser and the other methods should, in all likelihood, eliminate the underlying cause.

There are all the ways you can fix things if Chrome’s spell check is not working on your computer, either on a particular website or all of them.

Also, if Chrome’s built-in spell check doesn’t work too well, try other effective online and offline grammar checkers for Windows 11/10.

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5 Quick Ways To Install Printer Drivers In Windows 7

5 Quick Ways to Install Printer Drivers in Windows 7 Learn to install drivers for your new printer




There are various ways you can install printer drivers in Windows 7, so take a look at our article.

As expected, you can utilize third-party software to install printer drivers in no time.

To install local printers in Windows 7, you may also use the handy built-in printer wizard.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Windows 7 still has a big user count even though Microsoft no longer supports it. Although it’s an older platform, you can still install printer drivers in Windows 7 much the same as in Windows 10.

Although you can’t install a new printer driver with Settings in Windows 7, that platform still includes the Control Panel.

How can I install a printer driver in Windows 7?

Users need to both install drivers for new printers and update them for old ones. These are the various ways you can install drivers for newly purchased printers and install the latest drivers for printers within Windows 7.

We also have an article on how to install printer drives in Windows 11 that you can check out.

If you want to check if there are newer drivers to install for your printer, run a driver updater software scan. A driver updater scan will show you what devices on your PC have outdated drivers. Then you can download and install the latest driver for your printer with the driver updater utility.

Using such specialized software is the best method to manage your missing drivers or just update the old ones from the official producers’ sources.

⇒ Get Outbyte Driver Updater

Most of the printers released over the last three years or so are probably USB ones. Drivers for USB printers get automatically installed when users plug the printers into PCs.

The method above is more applicable for installing drivers for older printers or wireless ones.

3. Install printer drivers in Windows 7 with Device Manager

Expert tip:

1. Open Run with the Windows + R hotkey.

2. Type this command into Run: chúng tôi

6. Select the Search automatically for drivers option in the window shown directly below.

7. Windows will then download and install a new driver for your printer.

4. Download printer drivers from manufacturer websites


5. Install Windows 7 drivers with a DVD that came with the printer

DVDs are in obsolescence, and most USB printers probably don’t come with driver discs these days. If your printer does happen to have a driver installation DVD, however, insert that disc into your PC’s CD/DVD drive.

When you insert it, an installation wizard will probably then automatically open. So, there are a few different ways you can install PC drivers in Windows 7.

Still experiencing troubles? Fix them with this tool:


Some driver-related issues can be solved faster by using a tailored driver solution. If you’re still having problems with your drivers, simply install OutByte Driver Updater and get it up and running immediately. Thus, let it update all drivers and fix other PC issues in no time!

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7 Ways To Get Your Swf Files Opening Again In Chrome

7 Ways to Get Your SWF Files Opening Again in Chrome Downloading an outdated Chrome version might do the trick




Chrome is known as a great SWF file player browser to try out.

Converting the SWF files to another format can make them accessible.

There are several other means of opening SWF files outside Chrome.

Try Opera One, a browser with various functionalities already built-in!

A flawless browser like Opera has most functions already under the hood.

Here’s what’s included by default:

Easy and intuitive workspace management

Ad-blocker mode integrated to load pages faster

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

Customizable Ul and AI-friendly

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Finding a solution to the SWF files not working in Chrome is crucial. Most people still try to use Adobe flash player in the present day, but it won’t work.

This is because the software has been stopped and is no longer available. Chrome has been adopted to open the SWF file format in place of Adobe.

This is done through the help of a Chrome extension, Flash Player, which allows users to open SWF files.

SWF files are identified by the acronym SWF, which stands for Small Web Format or Shockwave Format. It can contain video, animations, and audio files while compressing them into smaller file formats to occupy little or no space.

This article will teach you how you can fix SWF files not working in Chrome and how to open SWF files in 2023.

Do SWF files still work?

There are several ways to open SWF files that do not require Flash to be installed. You can make use of utilities such as SWF players, or you can utilize the Adobe Flash Player that is hidden. You also have the option to convert these files so they may be opened.

Quick Tip:

Try opening SWFs in another browser. Opera One is a very responsive alternative to Chrome. The browser supports Flash Player, and you can easily enable it for specific web pages and play SWF files.

Opera One is also lighter on resources than Chrome and has performance-boosting features like an adblocker, a battery mode, and hardware acceleration.

Opera One

Open SWFs with ease and enjoy fast and seamless browsing.

Free Visit Website

How do I play SWF files in Chrome? How do I enable SWF files in Chrome?

Alternatively, it comes with an inbuilt Flash Player for users with older Chrome versions. Enable this plugin to be able to open SWF files using these steps:

With these settings, you’ll be asked for permission anytime you want to open the SWF file on Chrome.

What can I do if SWF files aren’t working in Chrome? 1. Convert SWF to other formats

Expert tip:

Launch Google Chrome and search for Slimjet Chrome Old version.

Select any old version before 2023 and install it on your device.

Then launch the SWF file using Slimjet outdated Chrome.

Adobe stopped supporting the Flashplayer plugin at the end of 2023. Hence, the older Chrome browsers still have it. So, you can access SWF files without hassles.

3. Use Internet Explorer/ Edge 4. Download SWF Player on Android

You can access the SWF files directly without using Chrome for Android users. Just download the app and access the information in the files.

5. Use the VLC Player

This option is an alternative to fixing SWF files not working in Chrome. It is more suited as a solution for video files in SWF format.

6. Install KMPlayer for Windows

This is a good media player software that plays flash files like SWF.

7. Use Elmedia Player

This is a solution to fix SWF files not working in Chrome for Mac OS users. It is similar to VLC as it can view flash files like SWF.

What browsers will support Flash after 2023?

These are the best solutions to fix SWF files not working in Chrome. Also, these are the list of browsers that support Flash to have alternatives to turn to for their file formats.

However, if your situation differs, you can check out our article on fixing Shockwave Payer freezes in Windows 10/11.

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How To Make Quick Pickles

In almost any pantry, pickles are a staple. A wide variety of fruits and vegetables are preserved using salt and acid, although the classic cucumber has become ubiquitous enough to earn the simple default name of “pickle.” Pickling is a preservation technique that dates back to ancient history. Every culture has its own version of the pickle, ranging from Mexico’s pickled jalapeno pepper to Korea’s kimchi. Pickles are often used as a flavor accent, garnishing a meal rather than acting as the main focus. Many times they are included because their high acid content is considered beneficial for the body. For example, in Japan, pickled ginger is served alongside raw fish as much for its digestive and anti-microbial properties as it is for the taste.

Fruits and vegetables are commonly pickled either in a brine, like dill pickles, or packed in sugar and salt mixtures known as cures, like lime pickles. Traditional pickles are made by initiating an anaerobic fermentation process. During fermentation the sugars are transformed into lactic acids by Lactobacillus plantarum. The lactic acid gives pickles their characteristic tang, while also creating an inhospitable environment for bad bacteria by eliminating sugars and creating an acidic setting. (Quick pickles do not undergo the process of fermentation. They are simply acidified in a brine or cure over a short period of time.)

Oxygen encourages the negative bacteria, and so it’s important to keep it away from your developing pickles until fermentation is complete. Acid is important because it helps prevent the growth of botulinum bacteria. The last important factor for encouraging good bacteria and proper fermentation is temperature. Optimum pickling temperatures fall in the range between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius (64 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit).

Here are a couple of tips for making pickles at home. Make sure that you use uniformly sized pieces of fruits or vegetables. Wash them before cutting to remove any microorganisms on the skin. Weigh your ingredients and follow a recipe; the proportions are very important for a safe fermentation process. Use canning or pickling salt, because the anti-caking ingredients in table salt will cloud your brine. Use soft or filtered water, because iron and sulfur will darken your pickles, and calcium in tap water can interfere with the fermentation process. Use whole spices to infuse flavor. Avoid eating any soft or slippery pickles in the finished product, as these are signs of improper fermentation.

In our kitchen we tend to rely on the quick pickling process. It’s a wonderful way to utilize the abundance of produce available at different times of the year in a safe and delicious manner. We’ve included our recipe for pickled ramps to get you started.

Pickled ramp bulbs Ingredients

1000 grams cleaned ramp bulbs

250 grams rice vinegar

230 grams salted yuzu juice (available in Asian markets)

150 grams honey

40 juniper berries


Mix the vinegar, yuzu juice, honey, and juniper berries together until the honey is dissolved. Divide the ramps between two large vacuum bags. Pour half of the pickling solution into each bag and then vacuum seal on high pressure. Refrigerate the ramps for at least an hour, and preferably overnight. Alternatively, you can bring the brine to a boil and pour it over the ramps. Once they have cooled place them in a tightly sealed container and let them rest in the refrigerator for three days before using.

The ramps will mature over the next several days. Kept fully submerged in their liquid in a sealed container under refrigeration, they will last for a couple of weeks. Use the ramps with roasted fish, grilled steak or even in a martini. The juice from the ramps can be used to make wonderful vinaigrettes.

Why You Don’t Need To Work In An Office Ever Again

The virtual workforce. Telecommuting. Mobility baked into everything. The cloud.

Nearly all the big trends facing small companies doing business in the ’10s speak to the increasing irrelevance of one of the hallmarks of the working world: the office.

We’ve all worked there, whether we had an individual office with a window and a door, or just a small patch of carpet in a sea of cubicles. And generally an office isn’t a bad place to spend the day: It has climate control, an IT department to fix problems, and sometimes even free coffee. But most of all, offices offer camaraderie, and the chance for employees to have impromptu meetings and bounce ideas off one another.

Unfortunately, offices are also terribly, terribly expensive. Even in the down economy, real estate in a prime area such as midtown Manhattan can cost $50 per square foot per month and up, and that’s not including utilities, furniture, and build-out expenses.

So maybe you don’t need an office after all. With a largely mobile workforce that is often working from home, a car, or a nearby café, what’s the point of stocking a fridge that no one will ever use? Why not ditch the office for good and go 100 percent office-free?

Many people already do this, but if your job involves more than just tapping away on your laptop and making the occasional phone call, running a company without an office can be challenging.

Here are the big issues–and how to address them.

Dealing With Employees

One of the biggest fears that many employers have about telecommuting is the worry that remote employees won’t do their jobs. Leave staffers alone at home all day, and they’ll just watch TV, do the laundry, or play hooky, leaving you to foot the bill for a day off. Those concerns seem to be misplaced, however. In fact, some studies have shown that employees who have more flexibility (including telecommuting options) work harder and longer than if they were at the office. This is why many employers are happy to outfit their staff with smartphones and laptops: A mobile device makes it incredibly easy to take your work home with you.

Making the rules of remote working crystal clear should mitigate most management problems.


Another big challenge with remote work involves communicating. You can’t just walk over and drop a file on a junior staffer’s desk or round up a few people for a quick meeting. So how do you keep in touch, and keep everyone on the same page?

Instant messaging has been the communications medium of choice for most virtual or far-flung organizations. Choose a platform, and require all staffers to sign in to their account at the beginning of each workday. If employees aren’t going to be available for a while, whether it’s for lunch or other duties, have them update their IM status to reflect where they are and when they’ll be back.

Of course, having a workable phone network is critical too. Although many people have forsaken landlines these days, if employees’ cell phone reception isn’t perfect, they’ll need to change networks, acquire a VoIP system, or even invest in old-school wires. As a small-business owner, you may have to pay for some or all of this expense.

Next Page: Managing Client Meetings

Civ 6 Not Launching: How To Get It To Work Again On Steam

Civ 6 Not Launching: How to Get it to Work Again on Steam Always pay attention to your graphics drivers




The Civ 6 won’t start from Steam issue is often caused by faulty graphics adapter drivers or conflicting programs.

When Civ 6 won’t launch in Windows 10, keep in mind that changing some of the game’s compatibility settings might help.

Configuring Civilization VI’s launch options can be a resolution for this annoying issue as well.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Some players have said on Steam’s support forum that Civilization VI installed with Steam doesn’t launch for them. To be more precise, those players can’t start Civilization VI to play that game.

Assuming that’s your issue as well, chances are to feel frustrated. Keep in mind that some players have been able to fix this issue and we’ve gathered all these resolutions for you.

Take a look below, apply them one by one, and you’ll most likely be able to solve this annoying issue as well.

Why is Civ 6 not launching?

It appears that there is an odd Civilization VI crash, which causes the game to linger on for as long as it takes to load from the Windows 7, Windows 10, or Mac epic launchers. Yes, that’s true, users even reported that Civ 6 won’t start on Mac.

The reason for this, according to other users, is due to Windows Defender or any other protection system, which, when Civilization VI is included, has a tendency to scan the entire game in real-time when it is installed and hinder the process.

How do I repair Civ 6 if it won’t launch?

In this section, we will explain how to update graphics drivers for Windows 10. You can also check how to update drivers for Windows 11 in our detailed guide.

4. After the drivers’ update, you need to restart the PC in order to fix the CIV 6 won’t launch 2k error. launcher

Updating graphics card drivers could fix the Civ 6 running but not open errors for some players. You can see if your PC’s graphics card driver needs updating by scanning with driver updater software.

Then, if you want to enhance your graphics drivers and play the game smoothly, updating drivers with automated tools will certainly improve the system. Sometimes you may need to update more than one display adapter for the graphics card drivers to function properly.

By choosing to get the latest drivers with this software, you will benefit from an effortless process and improved drivers from a rich database.

Update drivers in minutes from a large database with the most compatible display adapter drivers.

Free trial Download now

2. Configure the Civilization VI launch options in Steam

Expert tip:

"C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonSid Meier’s Civilization VIBaseBinariesWin64SteamCivilizationVI_DX12.exe" %command%

3. Run Civilization VI as an administrator 4. Set up a new Windows user account with a different name

2K Support has confirmed Civ 6 won’t launch in Windows 10 when the characters @, #, $, %, ^, and & are in your Documents path.

So, those characters must not be in your Windows account user name. If your current user account name doesn’t include those characters, this resolution might not fix the issue.

5. Verify Civilization VI’s game cache 6. Try running Civilization VI with a different DirectX version 7. Reinstall Civilization VI

You can also uninstall Civilization VI and fully eliminate leftover residual files from that game with reliable third-party uninstaller software.

8. Close or disable conflicting software

Make sure there aren’t any conflicting game launchers, such as Epic Games, running in the background before you try to start Civilization VI with Steam. Alternatively, close Steam if CIV 6 won’t launch through Epic Games.

Then select to disable the antivirus shield for a few hours before you try to start Civilization VI.

Those are some of the resolutions players have confirmed can fix Civilization VI not launching from Steam. So, there’s a good chance the potential tips above will kick-start the game for most of you.

How do I fix my Civ 6 launcher?

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