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Best Ways to Use Microsoft Excel Skills

Excel functions, formula, charts, formatting creating excel dashboard & others

About the Microsoft Excel software

People use cell references to create formulas and functions for inputting, managing, and executing data. Let us take an example. To add the numbers in cells B2 and B3, enter the command =B2+B3, and you will get the answer.

Above column A, a Name Box displays the name of the selected cell, the reference, or where the cursor is stagnant. The cursor position will change the respective column and row color to highlight the reference.

Above column D, a tab starts with ‘fx’ in italics. That bar is your formula bar. This bar displays the content of the cells that have been selected.

The quick access toolbar allows you to enlist the important tools you frequently use besides Save, Redo, and Undo. In addition, you can add any feature available in Microsoft Excel for your convenience.

Microsoft Excel Skills has a lot and lots of functions that can be enlisted in a small window. That is why the Ribbon concept is introduced, where the features are grouped in ribbons and displayed. The most important ribbons you will need while working with Excel are Home, Excel Formulas, Insert, Data, and Page Layout.

Basics of how to use Microsoft Excel Skills

After familiarizing myself with the feature panel, it is time to get hands-on experience using Microsoft Excel Skills.

Cell to cell movement

The arrow keys in your keyboard can migrate from cell to cell. This is for vertical movement. To move horizontally right, you can use the ‘Tab’ key. You can use your cursor also for your convenience; after entering data in a cell, press the ‘Enter’ key to drop down to the immediate cell below the current one.

    Cell selection

    There are various types of selection processes regarding the volume.

      Entering data in the cell is quite easy. Just select a cell and start writing. The written part will be displayed in the formula bar. For example, it will take the current year in the account when entering dates unless you have not entered the year portion.

        Filling propagation of cells

        There are two keyboard shortcuts to fill data and propagate from one cell to the adjacent ones.

        To propagate the data to the adjacent cells, select the cell with the content you want to copy and the adjacent ones by dragging the cursor and holding the left mouse button. Then press CTRL+D together to propagate downwards.

        Select the cell with the content and the adjacent ones and press CTRL+R to fill the right adjacent cells.

        When you need the data to be filled in a series, the FILL HANDLE will input it by adding them in sequence in the selected cells. So, for example, if the first cell has January, selecting 12 cells in the column with the January cell will propagate the months sequentially without any hassle.

          Copying and moving

            Addition and deletion of rows and columns

              How to lock cells and protect a worksheet

                Inserting, deleting, and renaming tabs.

                How to move worksheets

                  Other salient features of how to use Microsoft Excel Skills

                  Preparing a report is very easy with Microsoft Excel Skills. A novice might find it difficult, but he can find it helpful to create tables in proper formats or large calculations in minutes with regular use. Microsoft Excel Skills have innumerable possibilities if learned properly.

                  In a nutshell

                  Microsoft Excel Skills is a powerful tool that can alter the dimensions of a business due to its usability. You will find Microsoft Excel Program fascinating at the very beginning and will want to learn more. There is no end to learning Microsoft Excel, and the application is overwhelming. That is why many institutions provide professional training in Microsoft Excel, providing great insight to students who want to see themselves as expert Microsoft Excel users someday.

                  The demand for Microsoft Excel Program experts will always stay strong due to the versatility of the software. Microsoft Excel Program has worked much easier and immensely saves time and resources. The volume of work that can be met by the particular deadline is more than the normal paperwork. Advanced Microsoft Excel Program users can even build charts that predict the future trend for the company. The probabilities are forecasted, and the strategies are built accordingly to meet the odds.

                  Microsoft Excel provides such detailed trend analysis in its graphs and charts that it automatically adds an extended trend line beyond the graph. This trend line shows the mathematically calculated predictions of future activities in the next time span of the business. People use Microsoft Excel programs mainly for financial and accounting purposes. In addition, the Human Resources department utilizes the Microsoft Excel program to properly organize, maintain, and analyze employee data. The intelligent platform even lets you effectively compare a large amount of data. The cloud versions of Microsoft Office 360 now allow users to handle Microsoft Excel programs conveniently. This means people can access and use Microsoft Excel on multiple devices, such as tablets and smartphones. The software does not demand a high configuration of the computers and other devices. It is surely morphing the complex picture of data handling into a simpler, easy one. Learn Microsoft Excel program brilliantly and excel over time.

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                  How To Use The Fact Or Factdouble Function In Excel

                  In Microsoft Excel, a FACT or FACTDOUBLE function are both a Math and Trigonometry function. Math and Trigonometry functions in Excel perform mathematical calculations, including basic arithmetic, condition sums and products, exponents, logarithms, and trigonometric ratios. The FACT function in Excel returns the factorial of a number. The factorial of a number returns the 1*2*3…* number. The FACTDOUBLE function returns the double factorial of a number. The formula and syntax for both the FACT and FACTDOUBLE functions are below.

                  Formula and Syntax


                  Formula: FACT (number)

                  Syntax: Number: the non-negative number for which you want the factorial. If the number is not an integer, it is truncated. It is required.


                  Formula: FACTDOUBLE (number)

                  Syntax: The value for which to return the double factorial. If the number is not an integer, it is truncated. It is required.

                  Follow the steps below on how to use the FACT or FACTDOUBLE in Microsoft Excel.

                  How to use the FACT function in Excel

                  Launch Microsoft Excel.

                  Enter your data or use existing data.

                  Type into the cell where you want to place the result = FACT(A2)

                  Press Enter to see the result. The result was 120.

                  Now drag the fill handle down to see the other results.

                  In the results, you will see that the value of a negative number will give the error #NUM.

                  There are two other methods to use the FACT function.

                  An Insert Function dialog box will appear.

                  Inside the dialog box, in the section Select a Category, select Math and Trigonometry from the list box.

                  In the section Select a Function, choose the FACT function from the list.

                  A Function Arguments dialog box will open.           

                  Then select FACT from the drop-down menu.

                  A Function Arguments dialog box will open.

                  Follow the same method in Method 1.

                  How to use the FACTDOUBLE function in Excel

                  Launch Microsoft Excel.

                  Enter your data or use existing data.

                  Type into the cell where you want to place the result = FACTDOUBLE(A2)

                  Press Enter to see the result. The result was 105.

                  For 7, an odd number, the double factorial number is equivalent to 7*5*3.

                  For 6, an even number, the double factorial number is equivalent to 6*4*2.

                  Like the Fact function, there are two other methods to use the FACTDOUBLE function.

                  An Insert Function dialog box will appear.

                  Inside the dialog box, in the section Select a Category, select Math and Trigonometry from the list box.

                  In the section Select a Function, choose the FACTDOUBLE function from the list.

                  A Function Arguments dialog box will open.         


                  Then select FACTDOUBLE from the drop-down menu.

                  A Function Arguments dialog box will open.

                  Follow the same method in Method 1.

                  We hope you understand how to use the FACT or FACTDOUBLE function in Excel.

                  What are the types of information that Excel uses?

                  In Microsoft Excel, there are 4 types of data. These are:

                  Text: This data includes alphabet, numeral and special symbols.

                  Number: This data includes all types of numbers, such as large numbers, small fractions, and quantitative.

                  Logical: Data is either TRUE or FALSE

                  Error: Data occurs when excel recognizes a mistake or missing data.

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                  How do I check if a cell contains a formula in Excel?

                  Follow the steps below to find cells that contain formulas:

                  Select a cell or a range of cells.

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                  How To Go Live On Discord In 6 Easy Steps

                  Discord is a VoIP app that offers many features for gamers, including the ability to stream your games. There are a few ways that you can stream in Discord, and the “Go Live” option is designed specifically for gaming. 

                  In this article, we’ll show you how to Go Live on Discord to stream your games on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone. And, since Go Live only works for games, we’ll also cover how you can share your screen or stream a non-game app. 

                  Table of Contents

                  How to Go Live on Discord on Windows or Mac

                  To use the “Go Live” function on Discord, you’re going to need three things: A Discord account, the standalone Discord app, and access to a Discord server. Keep in mind that you’re only able to share your screen via the Discord app and not via a web browser. 

                  To Go Live on Discord on Windows or Mac, follow these six steps:

                  Make sure the game you wish to stream is open in the background, then open Discord. 

                  Enter a server by selecting its icon in the sidebar.

                  Underneath the channel list, there should be a banner that shows the game you’re playing. Select the icon that looks like a video camera on a monitor. If this isn’t here, see how to manually add a game below. 

                  Choose your screen resolution and frames per second (FPS) and select Go Live. 

                  A window should now appear inside Discord showing your live stream. At this point, any users in the same channel as you will be able to see your live stream. 

                  You can end the stream by selecting Stop Streaming in the banner beneath the channel list. The icon looks like a monitor with an x inside the screen. 

                  Note: To stream at resolutions of 1080p and higher, or 60 FPS, you have to be a Discord Nitro subscriber. 

                  How to Add a Game to Discord

                  If Discord doesn’t automatically recognize your game, it won’t give you the option to “Go Live”. In this case, you’re able to add the game manually as follows:

                  Select Settings (the gear icon by your name at the bottom of the channel list). 

                  Select Activity Status from the sidebar. 

                  You should see a banner saying “No game detected”. Beneath this, select Add it!

                  In the dropdown box, select the game you wish to stream and select Add Game. You must have the game in the background for it to appear in the dropdown menu. 

                  You should now be able to Go Live on Discord. 

                  How to Stream Any App on Discord

                  As we mentioned, one of the major limitations of the “Go Live” function in Discord is that you’re unable to stream anything other than games. Luckily, Discord has an ordinary screen share function that you can use for these. 

                  At the bottom of the channel list, select Screen. 

                  In the pop-up window, select the screen or application you wish to stream. 

                  Set the channel, resolution, and frames per second, then select Go Live. 

                  Your stream will now appear as a window inside Discord. 

                  You should now be sharing your screen with any people in the same voice channel. If the screen share isn’t working, try these Discord screen-sharing fixes. 

                  Note: If you share a screen, rather than a specific app (like a game), Discord will not stream any audio coming from that app. Check out our guide on how to fix sound problems in your Discord stream. 

                  How to Go Live on Discord on iPhone or Android

                  Discord also offers screen sharing to iPhone and Android users. Luckily, the process is essentially identical for either device. To share your screen, follow these steps: 

                  Open the Discord app. If you don’t have it, download it from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. 

                  Swipe to the left to access the server list and tap the icon of a server to join it. 

                  Tap a voice channel to enter it. 

                  In the pop-up, select Join Voice. Allow Discord permission to access your microphone if required. 

                  Select the screen share icon at the bottom of the channel. It looks like a mobile phone with an arrow leaving it. 

                  Select Try it out! if prompted. If you’ve used this function before, disregard this step.

                  Select Start now.

                  You’re now sharing your screen with anyone in the same voice channel. To stop streaming, simply select Stop sharing. 

                  Going Live on Discord is Easy

                  9 Ways To Use Chatgpt For Language Learning

                  The popular AI-powered chatbot ChatGPT can produce responses in a wide range of different languages, even switching between languages in one conversation. Because of this, it can be a powerful tool to help you with language learning.

                  This article explores a variety of different ways to use ChatGPT to learn and practice a language, including example conversations with prompts you can copy and use yourself.

                  In this article, we’ve used examples that involve prompting ChatGPT in English to practice Spanish. But ChatGPT can respond in just about any language, so you could just as well, for example, prompt it in Portuguese to help you with your English.

                  NoteKeep in mind the limitations of ChatGPT. While it usually provides accurate answers, it can go wrong on specific points, so it’s best to double-check the answer to any specific grammatical question against a credible source.

                  Learning vocabulary

                  You can use ChatGPT to learn vocabulary relevant to the topic you’re studying.

                  Create an Spanish–English vocabulary list on the theme of cooking.

                  Sure! Here’s a Spanish-English vocabulary list on the theme of cooking:Spanish: English:

                  Cocinar: Cook

                  Receta: Recipe

                  Horno: Oven

                  Estufa: Stove

                  Sartén: Pan

                  Olla: Pot

                  Cuchillo: Knife

                  Tenedor: Fork

                  Cuchara: Spoon

                  Batidora: Blender


                  I hope you find this vocabulary list helpful!

                  Afterward, you can practice the vocabulary directly with ChatGPT in an interactive format.

                  Thanks. Let’s practice this vocabulary list. Only ask me one word at a time. You give me the English translation, and I have to type in the Spanish word. If I type the wrong word, don’t tell me the answer. Instead, give me a tip and ask me again for the translation of the same word.

                  Of course! Let’s practice the vocabulary list. Here’s the first word:English: Cook

                  Please type the Spanish translation.


                  That’s correct! “Cocinar” is the Spanish translation for “Cook.” Well done!Next word:

                  English: Recipe


                  I’m sorry, but “cuchillo” does not translate to “recipe.” Here’s a tip:”Cuchillo” is a kitchen utensil used for cutting. It’s an essential tool in cooking. Can you try again and give me the Spanish translation for “recipe”?

                  Asking for a translation

                  You can directly ask ChatGPT to translate sentences for you.

                  How do I say the following sentence in Spanish? “I often travel to Mexico for work and go on vacation there.”

                  To say “I often travel to Mexico for work and go on vacation there” in Spanish, you can say:”Viajo a menudo a México por trabajo y también voy de vacaciones allí.”

                  Please note that translations can vary depending on the context, and this translation assumes a general meaning.

                  You can also ask it to provide a selection of alternative translations, to see how the same ideas can be expressed in different ways.

                  Are there other ways to express the same information in Spanish?

                  Certainly! There are multiple ways to express the same information in Spanish. Here are a couple of alternative ways to convey the sentence:

                  “Con frecuencia viajo a México por trabajo y también voy de vacaciones allá.”

                  “Regularmente viajo a México por motivos de trabajo y también aprovecho para vacacionar allí.”

                  “A menudo viajo a México por cuestiones laborales y también me tomo vacaciones allí.”

                  These variations maintain the same meaning but present slight differences in wording and sentence structure.

                  This can help you to recognize patterns, thus improving your understanding of the language.

                  Explaining an example sentence

                  You can have ChatGPT explain the structure of a sentence to you or label the words used as specific parts of speech.

                  First, an example of how ChatGPT can clarify the structure of a sentence.

                  Explain the structure of the following Spanish sentence to me: “A menudo viajo a México por cuestiones laborales y también me tomo vacaciones allí.”

                  The structure of the sentence “A menudo viajo a México por cuestiones laborales y también me tomo vacaciones allí” in Spanish can be broken down as follows:

                  “viajo a México” – This is the main clause of the sentence. “Viajo” is the first-person singular present tense form of the verb “viajar,” which means “to travel.” “A México” is a prepositional phrase that indicates the destination of the travel, meaning “to Mexico.”

                  “y también” – This is a coordinating conjunction that means “and also” in English. It connects two ideas or actions.

                  “me tomo vacaciones” – This is another main clause of the sentence. “Me tomo” is the first-person singular present tense form of the reflexive verb “tomarse,” which means “to take” (referring to oneself). “Vacaciones” means “vacations” in English.

                  Overall, the sentence can be translated to English as: “I often travel to Mexico for work-related matters, and I also take vacations there.”

                  We can also ask ChatGPT for more detail about individual words in the sentence.

                  What does the “a” in “a menudo” mean? What part of speech is it?

                  In the phrase “a menudo,” the “a” is a preposition. In this context, it functions as a marker of direction or destination. It is used to indicate the frequency of the action or event that follows. “A menudo” is translated to “often” or “frequently” in English.

                  Explaining grammar and usage

                  Let’s say you don’t understand why the subject is often omitted in Spanish sentences. You can also ask ChatGPT to explain specific grammatical rules and concepts like this.

                  In the sentence “Viajo a Mexico,” what is the subject?

                  In the sentence “Viajo a Mexico,” the subject is the pronoun “yo” (I). The verb “viajo” (I travel) is conjugated to match the subject.

                  Why is the subject not included in the sentence?

                  I apologize for the confusion in my previous response. In the sentence “Viajo a México,” the subject is actually implied and not explicitly stated. The verb “viajo” (I travel) is conjugated in the first-person singular form, which indicates that the subject is “yo” (I). In Spanish, it is common to omit the subject pronoun when it can be inferred from the verb conjugation and the context. Therefore, even though the subject pronoun “yo” is not present in the sentence, it is understood that the speaker is referring to themselves as the subject.

                  Creating personalized exercises

                  You can also have ChatGPT create personalized exercises on a topic of your choice.

                  Example solution: Ella trabaja como mecánica.

                  Please don’t present the solutions in the exercise itself. Instead, I would like you to include a separate section below the exercise, which shows the correct solutions.


                  Correct Solutions:

                  Nosotros vamos al parque todos los domingos.

                  Tú te desempeñaste muy bien en el examen.

                  Ellos leen libros en la biblioteca.

                  Mi hermana y yo iremos al cine esta noche.

                  La profesora es muy amable con sus alumnos.

                  Bear in mind that ChatGPT is not always trustworthy. An exercise generated in this way may contain errors or may not exactly line up to what you asked for, depending on the complexity of your request.

                  Using ChatGPT as a conversation partner

                  You can, of course, use ChatGPT as a virtual conversation partner. Conversational practice is a key part of language learning, so having a virtual partner you can practice with at any time is incredibly helpful.

                  Please be my Spanish conversation partner. Only speak to me in Spanish. Keep your answers short (maximum 50 words). Ask me questions. Let’s start the conversation with the following topic: la cultura argentina.

                  ¡Claro! Estoy listo para hablar contigo en español. Comencemos hablando sobre la cultura argentina. ¿Cuál es tu aspecto favorito de la cultura argentina? ¿Te gusta el tango, el fútbol o la comida?

                  Disfruto de la música de tango, pero no soy muy buen bailarín.

                  ¡Qué genial que te guste la música de tango! No es necesario ser un buen bailarín para disfrutarla. ¿Tienes alguna canción de tango favorita o algún intérprete que te guste escuchar?

                  No soy un experto ¿Tienes sugerencias de músicos de tango populares?

                  ¡Claro! Aquí tienes algunas sugerencias de músicos de tango populares para que puedas explorar su música: Carlos Gardel, Astor Piazzolla, Aníbal Troilo, Osvaldo Pugliese y Juan D’Arienzo. Estos son solo algunos, ¡hay muchos más para descubrir! […]

                  Asking for common expressions

                  To make your conversation sound more natural, it’s important to understand common expressions, phrases, and idioms. You can ask ChatGPT to provide examples and definitions of common expressions in different variants of the language (e.g., Peruvian Spanish).

                  I am learning Spanish because I am planning to spend some time in Peru. Can you give me a list of common idioms that are unique to Peruvian Spanish, with English translations?

                  Certainly! Here are some common idioms that are unique to Peruvian Spanish, along with their English translations:

                  “Estar en la luna” – To be on the moon (meaning to be absent-minded or daydreaming)

                  “Estar en la papa” – To be in the potato (meaning to be in a good situation or feeling great)

                  “Hablar hasta por los codos” – To talk through one’s elbows (meaning to talk a lot)


                  These idioms are specific to Peruvian Spanish and may not be widely used in other Spanish-speaking countries. Learning these expressions will help you understand and communicate better with locals in Peru.

                  Practicing pronunciation

                  Although ChatGPT is a text-based tool, you can get information about pronunciation by asking it to convert a sentence into the International Phonetic Alphabet.

                  I’d like to practice my Spanish pronunciation. Can you write the following sentence in IPA for me? “Regularmente viajo a México por motivos de trabajo y también aprovecho para vacacionar allí.”

                  Certainly! Here’s the sentence “Regularmente viajo a México por motivos de trabajo y también aprovecho para vacacionar allí” in IPA:/ɾeɣuˈlaɾmẽnte ˈbja.xo a ˈmexiko poɾ moˈtiβos ðe tɾaˈβa.xo i ˈtambjen apoˈβeʧo paɾa βaθjonaˈɾ aˈʎi/

                  Please note that the pronunciation may vary slightly depending on the speaker’s accent.

                  If you don’t understand the International Phonetic Alphabet, you can also ask ChatGPT to explain the pronunciation of the text to you in a different way.

                  I don’t understand all the IPA symbols. Can you instead explain the pronunciation of the sentence using letters with their normal English phonetic values?

                  Of course! Here’s the pronunciation of the sentence using English phonetic values:”Rehg-yuh-lahr-men-teh vee-ah-hoh ah Meh-hee-koh pohr moh-tee-vohs deh trah-bah-hoh ee tahm-bee-ehn ah-proh-veh-choh pah-rah vah-kah-see-oh-nahr ah-yee.”Note that this approximation using English phonetic values may not capture all the nuances of Spanish pronunciation, but it should give you a general idea of how the sentence sounds.

                  Creating a curriculum

                  Not sure what you should prioritize in your language learning? You can also ask ChatGPT to generate a personalized curriculum based on your language level and your goals.

                  My Spanish language ability is quite limited. I’m comfortable introducing myself and making basic conversation about my job, the weather, and so on, but I struggle to understand and formulate more complex sentences. Please create a personalized language learning curriculum with specific topics for me, tailored to my personal language level and focusing on my current weak points.

                  Sure! I can help you create a personalized language learning curriculum to improve your Spanish skills. Based on your current level and your weak points, I’ll provide you with specific topics and resources to focus on. Here’s a suggested curriculum for you:

                  Vocabulary Expansion:

                  Start by building a strong foundation of common Spanish words and phrases. Use flashcards or vocabulary apps like Duolingo or Memrise to learn and review new words regularly.

                  Grammar Practice:

                  Focus on improving your understanding and usage of verb conjugations, articles, and pronouns. Use online resources or grammar books to study these topics and practice with exercises.


                  Other interesting articles

                  If you want more tips on using AI tools, understanding plagiarism, and citing sources, make sure to check out some of our other articles with explanations, examples, and formats.

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                  How To Use Swiftkey Keyboard On Android

                  How To Use SwiftKey Keyboard On Android

                  SwiftKey’s feature set includes the following:

                  SwiftKey Flow allows you to write by gliding your finger on the keyboard. This is also referred to as “swiping.”

                  SwiftKey allows you to change the layout of the keyboard from a full-sized keyboard to either a thumb keyboard or a compact keyboard.

                  Cloud integration for better prediction. (it uses your sent Gmail to learn your “style” of writing)

                  SwiftKey for Android comes with 18 free themes.

                  SwiftKey allows you to undock the keyboard and place it anywhere else on your screen.

                  SwiftKey allows you to easily make changes to the keyboard without having to open the SwiftKey app


                  How to use SwiftKey on Android Phone:

                  Open the Google Play Store on your Android phone and search for SwiftKey app

                  Download and Install the SwiftKey app to your Android Phone.

                  Now, open the SwiftKey app and tap on Enable SwiftKey.

                  Next, tap on the Slider next to SwiftKey keyboard.

                  Now, a pop-up will come which will inform you that SwiftKey will be able to collect all the text that you enter on your phone. Tap on OK.

                  Tap on Select SwiftKey and from the pop-up select SwiftKey Keyboard.

                  Now, tap on Get Better Predictions and finish setup by following the on-screen instructions.

                  Now, SwiftKey Keyboard has been enabled on your device, you can try some of its features by following the steps below.

                  Enable Letters and Numbers on the Same Keyboard:

                  In Android Keyboard by default letters and numbers are on separate keyboards. SwiftKey allows you to have both letters and numbers on the same keyboard.

                  Tap on the 3-line icon, located near the top left corner of the keyboard.

                  Next tap on Keys on the SwiftKey menu that appears.

                  Now, enable ON the Checkbox beside the Number Row option to show both number rows and the letters on the same keyboard.

                  Change SwiftKey Keyboard Layout to Thumb or Compact:

                  The process of changing the keyboard from full layout to either thumb or compact layout is easy.

                  Tap on the 3-line icon located near the top left corner of your keyboard.

                  Next tap on Layout from the colorful menu that appears.

                  Now, choose either Thumb layout or Compact layout.

                  Undock SwiftKey Keyboard:

                  SwiftKey allows you to undock the keyboard and place it anywhere on the screen.

                  Tap on the 3-line icon located near the top left corner of the keyboard.

                  From the menu that appears tap on Undock.

                  Now, Tap and Hold the Circle to move the keyboard around on your screen.

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