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When you begin with a Keto diet and the body is adapting to a restricted intake of carbohydrates, hydration is an important factor. Hydration could be difficult for many followers of the Keto diet in the beginning stage. However, nutritionists highly recommend drinking a lot of water to replenish electrolytes in the body.

Although water is the healthiest option, you can include some other beverages in your Keto diet to boost your energy. An ideal Keto-friendly drink should have 0 to 5 grams of net carbohydrates and should be sugar-free. You should avoid sweetened drinks like regular soda and fruit juice as they are packed with sugar and carbohydrates. Also, dairy milk is not considered to be Keto-friendly because it is high in carbohydrates. Beverages like Diet Coke or any other diet soda may be technically Keto-friendly, but they may lead you to crave more carbohydrates.

Here are the nine best Keto-friendly drinks besides water that can provide some flavor and variety to your taste buds.

Calorie-free Tea

Tea is a calorie-free drink which may improve the functioning of blood vessels and keep your heart healthy. Furthermore, tea is full of polyphenol antioxidants that may provide anti-cancer benefits. Tea contains less than 1 gram of carbohydrates and you can enjoy it iced or hot.

Black tea and green tea are Keto-friendly options. While black tea is made from aged tea leaves, green tea is made from fresh tea leaves. During the Keto diet, you can also choose white tea which is made from young tea leaves and has a very mild flavor.

Herbal teas like hibiscus, chamomile, yerba mate, peppermint, and rooibos tea are mostly low in carbohydrates and can make a good choice.

Plain Coffee

Black coffee is completely calorie-free and for adults, consuming up to 400 milligrams of caffeine per day is considered safe as per the Mayo Clinic. Additionally, caffeine may slightly boost your metabolism and aid in weight loss. You can consume it hot or iced, but don’t add sugar to it.

Sparkling Water

Sparkling water is naturally carbonated from a mineral spring or during its manufacturing by companies with the help of carbon dioxide gas. One can choose sparkling water which is flavored and unsweetened to make it a perfect low-carbohydrate Keto-friendly drink.

Keto Bone Broth

Keto bone broth is a soup made from boiling the bones and connective tissues like hooves, feet, beaks, gizzards and fins of animals like chicken, beef etc. Bone broth is usually flavored with salt, is rich in electrolytes and helps with Keto-flu. It is also rich in other minerals like calcium and phosphorus and reduced inflammation.

One cup of bone broth has less than 50 calories which adds up to 9 grams of protein. You can sip a steaming cup of bone broth as it has no added sugar and may quench your thirst while maintaining the calorie intake. Vegans and vegetarians cannot consume bone broth.

Nut Milk

Cow’s milk isn’t recommended on Keto, but several plant-based milks are perfectly Keto- friendly. These plant-based milk varieties include −

Almond milk

Flaxseed milk

Coconut milk

Macadamia nut milk

The unsweetened versions of the plant-based milk are Keto-friendly. Additionally, plant-based milks are often fortified with vitamins and minerals which makes them a good source of calcium and vitamin D.


If you are craving a sweet and soda-like beverage, kombucha can be the option. It is a gut- friendly fermented tea and is typically made with sugar. On a Keto-diet, if you consume Kombucha, you may have to sacrifice carbohydrates, when you drink kombucha.

Always read the nutrition label and the brands that have about 3 grams of carbohydrates per half cup can be considered Keto-compatible options. Nevertheless, this should not be your go-to drink and should be consumed only if you are craving it.

Keto-friendly Smoothies

A smoothie is a perfect way to consume fibre. However, these Keto-friendly smoothies may add up some carbohydrates if you are not careful. Some of the all-time favorite Keto-friendly smoothies may include nut butter, avocado, berries, coconut milk and Greek yoghurt. You can search for some amazing Keto-friendly smoothie recipes online and savour your taste buds.


Lemon and lime juices which are low in carbohydrates can be consumed on a Keto diet. You can add these juices to plain water or hot or iced tea to liven up the taste.

Some Keto-compatible vegetables that can be juiced are celery, cucumber and leafy greens such as kale and spinach. If you are buying readymade vegetable juices, check the nutritional facts on their packaging. If they have 10 grams or more of carbohydrates per serving, they are inappropriate for Keto. Fruit juices are usually loaded with sugar and hence, they are not suitable for the Keto diet.

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol can be an obstacle in your weight loss journey, but you may consume certain alcoholic beverages and remain in ketosis. Low-carb beer can be one such alcoholic beverage which is made by using less wheat. Alternatively, it can also be made by using a long fermentation process to completely convert sugars into alcohol. Some of the lowest-carb beers may have two to three grams of net carbohydrates per 12-ounce bottle.

Hard liquor like vodka, whiskey, rum and tequila are naturally carbohydrate-free and hence, can be appropriate for the Keto diet. Nevertheless, do not mix them with other fruit juices or sodas which are often loaded with sugar. To keep the drinks low in carbohydrates, you can mix them with plain water or unsweetened sparkling water. You may use zero-carbohydrate mixers like diet soda or seltzer water to the hard liquor.


Tea, coffee, nut milk or some sports drinks which are unsweetened can be good options for Keto-friendly drinks apart from water. Some artificial sweeteners like stevia when used in drinks instead of sugar can make these drinks low in carbohydrates and sugar-free. Thus, these drinks can be a choice to stay on ketosis. There are many Keto-friendly beverage choices; you can consult your nutritionist or dietician to choose the right one for you, if you are on a Keto diet.

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9 Of The Best Online Summarizer Tools To Shorten Text

We’re all busy people with many things to do and web pages to read. Quite often, you’re reading to gather information rather than for the joy of reading (though don’t forget to do that, too) and want all the details summarized in several sentences. That’s why online summarizer tools exist.

Tip: seeing pixelated fonts on your Windows PC? Learn how to fix it.

1. Resoomer

Price: Free

Resoomer is an online tool that lets you upload or paste text into a text box. Once you press the red button, the program will automatically summarize your text. It’s not your only option, though. You can opt for “Manual” mode, where you can select how large you want your abstract to be. There’s no character limit, so your text can be as large as it needs to be. Just keep in mind that in such cases, the summary may suffer from a loss of details, some of which could be essential to understanding the paper or plot. Once a summary has been generated, you can easily save it as a PDF or document on your device.


Offers text optimization for summaries through the use of keywords

Can highlight relevant sentences

Shows the percentage of text that was reduced in the summary

Also available as a Chrome/Firefox extension, so you can easily summarize online articles


Can’t opt to have a set number of phrases in your summary

2. IntelliPPT

Price: Free / $5

One of the more recent summarizer tools out there, IntelliPPT lets you upload PDFs and Word documents as well as copy and paste text into a box, then summarizes it for you in seconds. While the tool works quickly, the resulting text doesn’t always flow in a rational sequence. This is probably due to some key details being left out in the brief overview. IntelliPPT performs better if you’re trying to summarize a scientific paper rather than a fiction book extract. You may be able to fix this by setting a larger percentage for the summary size.


Harnesses the power of AI to simplify our text

Organizes text in short paragraphs that are easier to read


Free version only allows copy-paste up to 3000 characters or uploading files up to 1MB

3. Smmry

Price: Free

With its darker fuchsia tones, Smmry has the branding style of a naughty site from the late 90s, but don’t be fooled, as it’s a great text summarization tool. Smmry lets you paste URLs or enter text directly. You can also upload files from your hard drive if that’s easier. In our experience, Smmry did a better job retaining the text’s logical flow for both our fiction and non-fiction samples. It doesn’t appear that Smmry has a set character limit, so you can summarize larger pieces of text using this tool.


Includes a “Heat Map” that color-codes sentences by their importance as well as options to skip over questions, exclamations, and quotations.

Shows the percentage of text that has been reduced in the summary

Can set the number of sentences for your summary


Sometimes headers are retained in the summary and incorrectly merged with sentences

Tip: it’s easy to insert a PDF into a Word document. We show you how.

Price: Free

If you want something a little more hands-on for your article summaries, then you can give Tools4noobs a try. You can input text directly or by pasting a URL, but it also has quite a few more intricate options that let you specify the kind of summary you’re after. With this tool, we got mixed results using a fiction sample. The summary seems to feature sentences from the text in no particular order. (For example, the introductory sentence was listed at number 8 in the overview.) Results for the slightly shorter non-fiction sample were much better. The text featured an orderly progression of ideas.


Displays summary in a numbered list

Can trim summaries based on “relevant” words

Highlights sentences based on relevance and keywords

Can enlarge common words in the article

Doesn’t limit word count


Outdated interface

5. TextSummarization

Price: Free

TextSummarization keeps things simple for anyone to use. It lets you copy-paste the URL of an online article into it and will scan the page and convert the article into as many sentences as you choose. You can also copy and paste your text into its large text box. While TextSummarization doesn’t have a character limit, it’s its summary-creating capabilities are pretty basic. It will convert large text sample into just a few short sentences, so the essence of the content could get lost. You can try and increase the number of sentences in your overview if you need to summarize a larger text, but overall, TextSummarization works best for shorter-form text.


Extremely simple tool

Creates super-easy-to-read-and-understand summaries


Quite basic, with no extra features

6. Scholarcy

Price: Free / $9.55


Modern interface

Information is summarized in a concise and easy-to-access fashion


Requires signing up with an account to get three free summaries

Exporting function only available with a subscription

Good to Know: do you sometimes need to add text in a box in Google Docs? Learn how.

7. QuillBot

Price: Free / $19.95 per month

QuillBot is a service that offers several services, including summarizing. You can either upload a document from your device, paste into your text to start the process. Opt to display your summary using key sentences or as a giant paragraph. Unfortunately, the character limit in the free version of QuillBot is only 600, so you won’t be able to create summaries for larger articles or book extracts. Even so, this tool works great if you want a quick summary of shorter text. It even has a “Paraphrase summary” option.


AI-imbued tool

Lets you adjust the summary length in real time

Exports to .DOCX


Doesn’t support article links

Is limited in scope due to its character limit

8. Text Compactor

Text Compactor is one of the most basic options on our list. Nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning due to its simplicity. Fancy features aside, it does what it’s supposed to do. Your only option here is to copy-paste the text, then set your desired summary length using the slider. The text will immediately appear underneath. Surprisingly, this simple little tool created quite an accurate summary for our larger fiction sample. The logic of the original text wasn’t lost in the abstract.


No character limit

Super simple to use


No extra features, such as exporting or uploading files

Tip: want to gather all your news sources, blogs, and websites in one place? Check out the best RSS readers for Windows.

9. TLDR This

Price: Free / $4 per month

TLDR This is an easy-to-use summarizer tool that lets you add links or paste in text. It can create summaries using short or detailed summaries – both options are free. You can opt to have your abstract created using short sentences or a single paragraph summarizing the most important aspects of your text. The results proved to be quite satisfactory, with the summaries retaining most of the key ideas.


Aesthetic interface

No character limit

Can display keywords

Has an AI-powered option called “AI (human-like) summary”


Requires signing up with an account to unlock certain features

History option is only available in premium version

Good to Know: reading on your PC or mobile can be a great experience with one of these awesome eBook readers.

Frequently Asked Questions What’s the difference between summarizing and paraphrasing?

A summary is a synthesis of the key ideas of a piece of writing. The tools covered in this article create summaries based on the original text without modifying it. They identify and cherry-pick the key sentences, then work to create a logical narrative solely based on them. The end result is a short overview of the original text. When it comes to paraphrasing, it’s a restatement of another piece of writing with new words or phrases while keeping the same meaning. If you’re looking for a good online paraphrasing tool, check out our dedicated article which details the best of them.

Do summaries count as plagiarism?

If you’ve created a summary using one of the tools described in this article and are planning on posting it somewhere, then the answer might be “Yes.” To prevent an unpleasant situation, make sure you credit the book or the article the summary is derived from. On the other hand, it’s possible to create a summary of text using your own words – and this does not count as plagiarism. Note that the sites we talked about in this article are only meant to quickly help you understand what a text is about and not to paraphrase the text.

Are all online summrizer tools AI-powered?

Some of them are – but not all of them. These AI tools use machine learning to extract keywords, phrases, sentences, or paragraphs according to different criteria.

Image credit: Unsplash. All screenshots by Alexandra Arici.

Alexandra Arici

Alexandra is passionate about mobile tech and can be often found fiddling with a smartphone from some obscure company. She kick-started her career in tech journalism in 2013, after working a few years as a middle-school teacher. Constantly driven by curiosity, Alexandra likes to know how things work and to share that knowledge with everyone.

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9 Of The Most Amazing Infographics Of 2012

The design firm Information is Beautiful has announced winners of the inaugural Information Awards Inspired by Kantar competition. Prizes went to the most brilliant, most beautiful infographics, data visualizations and interactives of the year. Check out the photo gallery to see the winners!

Lunar Calendar

A strikingly elegant guide to the year’s full moons, by the same designer who brought us this amazing timelapse. Award: Bronze, Data Visualization

Metallica on Stage

Metallica’s concert history, 1982-2012. Award: Bronze, Data Journalism

Envisioning Emerging Technology For 2012 And Beyond

Vacations to space, robot surgeons, weather control…designers at Envisioning Technology, a trend forecasting studio, chart the strange new world of the near future. Check out the interactive graphic here. Award: Silver, Infographic/Infodesign

Cover Mania

Which bands and singer-songwriters have been covered the most? This infographic maps out the answer, from 1958 through 2010. Throughout the weaving timeline, the width of the colored ribbons represent the number of covers released by selected famous artists, and the singled-out song names throughout are the most-covered songs of their year. Award: Gold, Infographic/Infodesign


An interactive visualization of deleted Wikipedia pages. Award: Gold, Interactive Visualization

War Casualties, At Home And Abroad

CNN tracks the true cost of the U.S. war in Afghanistan with this interactive map showing the hometowns of North American soldiers, as well as the places they were killed. Award: Gold, Data Journalism

The American Energy Spectrum

This interactive graphic displays where America gets its energy, and where it all goes. Award: Silver, Interactive Visualization

U.K. Government Spending

Government spending has never been as entertaining, or so well elucidated, as in this interactive graphic by the staff of The Guardian. _Award: Silver, Data Journalism

Information Graphics in Context

Should people be allowed to wear religious symbols while performing professional duties? A graphic designer in Denmark shows what people in his country think. Award: Gold, data visualization

The Psychology Of Urgency: 9 Ways To Drive Conversions

Using urgency as a tool to drive conversions

Successful marketing strategies focus on changing the way target audiences behave. To do this well, marketers need to understand how people think. It’s no wonder, then, that the most effective marketing principles have their basis in psychology. One of the most relevant psychological principles that can be applied to eCommerce is urgency.  In this blog post, we unpick the psychology of urgency and show you nine ways you can use it to increase conversions.

How urgency influences behavior

When a task is urgent, people are more likely to act on it. Interestingly, this is even the case when the sense of urgency is artificially created.

Five experiments in a 2023 study showed when unimportant tasks are characterized by spurious urgency (e.g. an illusion of expiration) people are more likely to perform them over more important tasks.

Why is urgency important in eCommerce?

In the digital age, customer journeys are complex. The buying process meanders between multiple channels and devices. It’s rarely linear.

What’s more, the journey to purchase is often lengthy. With such a breadth of choice and range of prices, customers may take days, weeks, or even months researching options.

Adding elements into the customer experience that create urgency speeds things along. It pushes those considering buying to do so now, to avoid missing out.

9 ways to drive conversions with urgency

Keen to harness the power of urgency? Here are nine tactics you can implement to boost conversions:

1# Setting deadlines

Restricting the time shoppers have is an effective way to trigger urgency to buy.

Researchers in a 2006 study found that shorter time limits create a greater sense of urgency which lead to higher purchase intentions.

Setting deadlines is an easy way to implement this tactic. Some examples include:

setting a deadline for next-day delivery

sending discount codes with a set deadline

promoting the date or time your sale ends

2# Using countdown timers to flag deadlines

Having set deadlines, try adding a countdown timer to ensure your customers notice them.

Counting down to a deadline prompts action. As the hours, minutes, and seconds tick by, the urgency to buy builds.

Neuroscience Marketing reported on a test where adding a countdown timer (showing how much time was left for next-day delivery) increased revenue by 9 percent.

Here are seven ways to use countdown timers if you need some inspiration when it comes to implementing this tactic.

3# Highlighting potential price increases

The threat of having to pay more tomorrow, prompts people to buy today.

This works particularly well in travel. Try adding alerts that display how many rooms left at “x price” or how many “economy seats” left on a flight.

4# Showing scarcity

Scarcity is a persuasive way to make customers want to buy now.

A 2023 study notes that under perceived scarcity conditions consumers exhibit urgency to buy. What’s more, scarcity triggers a response so primal that in-store shoppers will try to hide items so they don’t miss out!

You can demonstrate scarcity online by highlighting when items are low in stock.

You can take this a step further by setting up triggered emails to let customers know that items they’ve recently browsed are running low.

5# Using real-time behaviour as social proof

Showing the real-time behavior of other shoppers is a powerful way to create urgency to buy. For example, showing how many people are viewing a product as customers browse.

Psychologically, this tactic works on two levels. Firstly, it’s a form of social proof, and social proof drives sales. A 2013 study found that displaying social recommendations delivered close to a 13 percent increase in revenue.

Secondly, it triggers FOMO. People hate the idea that they may miss out on something their peers have already got.

This is particularly effective in travel where there are limited numbers of hotel rooms and flights are available on any given day.

6# Writing time-related copy to prompt action

Well-written copy is powerful. Words are an important way to change behaviour.

Optimize your copy for urgency by using the right language. Time-related words and phrases are key.

You don’t need to re-invent the wheel here. Getting too clever with your copy can sometimes reduce its impact. Tried-and-tested phrases are the way to go. For example:

don’t delay

don’t miss out

offer expires

ends soon


save today

buy now

one day only

last chance

Used in conjunction with attractive offers, these words and phrases highlight what customers could lose out on if they don’t buy now.

Copy framed around avoiding loss taps into the psychological principle of loss aversion. People prefer to avoid losses than acquire gains.

7# Notifying people that carts will expire

Sometimes shoppers get distracted during the checkout process. Travel or events brands can counter this by adding a countdown timer that puts a time limit on ticket checkout.

Retailers can add a sense of urgency to cart abandonment emails by letting customers know items will only be held for a limited time.

This tactic hooks into the fact that customers have already invested time picking out items and putting them in their cart. They’ll lose this time if their cart expires. And people hate losing time.

A 2009 article reported on a study that found losing time tends to be more painful to people than losing money. The leading researcher, Professor Mogliner, noted that “time is a more scarce resource — once it’s gone, it’s gone — and therefore it’s more meaningful to us”.

The prospect of losing time invested in filling their cart may help get shoppers over the pain of spending. This helps push them over the line.

8# Having flash sales

Having a flash sale is an effective way to build urgency, boosting conversions and your bottom line.

Flash sales are urgency gold. They tap into three of the key psychological principles we’ve already explored:

loss aversion


limited time

Use a countdown timer on your website and in your emails to ramp up the urgency throughout the flash sale.

9) Showing when items are out of stock

The majority of eCommerce businesses hide out of stock items on their category pages. Surprisingly, going against this could boost conversions.

Showing out of stock items can motivate people to buy other related items. That said, it’s important to get a balance.

Showing lots of items that can’t be purchased may cause frustration. But showing just a few may trigger FOMO and therefore urgency to buy.


Strategic use of urgency can significantly impact your conversion rates. Implementing the tactics explored in this post is a good place to start.

Want to learn the secrets behind high converting eCommerce websites? Check out Pure360’s Guide to eCommerce Revenue Growth.

9 Of The Most Popular Messaging Apps In 2023

Popular messaging apps are a great way for businesses to talk to their customers one-on-one and provide fast customer service.

Want to slide into your customer’s DMs? There’s an app for that.

Social messaging apps are now essential communication tools. And not just for individual social media users — for brands, too.

Social media is a great way to get your message out onto the sweet, sweet worldwide web, but if you’re looking for a more intimate connection with your fans and followers — and a way to offer best-in-class social media customer service — it’s time to get acquainted with the most popular messaging apps.

Reduce response time (and your workload)

Manage all your messages stress-free with easy routing, saved replies, and friendly chatbots. Try Hootsuite’s Inbox today.

Book a Demo

What are social messaging apps?

Social messaging apps are programs on your phone or computer that allow you to chat privately with one or many other users. Many include video chat.

Unlike SMS and text messages, you are connected via the internet, not through phone reception. As long as you’ve got delicious WiFi or 3G access on tap, you can message to your heart’s desire.

Social messaging apps are often connected to social media platforms so that you can send messages to other social media users. For instance, Messenger is a social messaging app that is tied to Facebook — if someone is asking for customer service help on a Facebook post on your Business Page, you can take the conversation out of the public eye and into a private conversation on Messenger to resolve.

So discrete! So sophisticated! Miss Manners would be delighted.

Bonus: Get a free, easy-to-use Customer Service Report Template that helps you track and calculate your monthly customer service efforts all in one place.

9 most popular messaging apps in 2023

In 2023, there are almost too many ways to get in touch with someone. (Thank goodness it’s no longer possible to Poke someone on Facebook or we’d be downright overwhelmed.)

The good news is it’s not necessary to be on every social messaging app. Instead, think about what your specific target market uses most and focus your attention there. But it’s good practice for social media marketers to understand the full landscape of options, so here’s a breakdown of the nine most popular social messaging apps for 2023.


WhatsApp is the most-used social messaging app in the world, with more than 2 billion global users. It’s a great way to reach a huge swath of people and use conversation to deliver personal experiences—hopefully speeding up the buyer journey along the way.

With WhatsApp, you can use chatbots to answer customer FAQs, set up automated push notifications, or respond personally to questions to create an intimate shopping experience.

WhatsApp may be the most popular app in the world, but it does have a smaller reach in certain regions. Before you go all-in on a WhatsApp experience, make sure it’s a good fit for your own customer base. Check out some fascinating stats about WhatsApp here.


Messenger has a huge reach in the U.S. and Canada, so if the North American market is important to your business, Messenger may be the best social messaging app for you. (Though that’s not to say global brands can’t benefit: over 1.3 billion users around use Messenger to stay connected with friends and family — and businesses.)

Messenger can be set up with conversational chatbots. Facebook’s Shopping feature can be integrated into Messenger too, allowing users to complete a purchase directly in the chat.

Another cool feature of Messenger is that your response time is showcased right on your Facebook Business page, so consumers know exactly what level of customer service to expect. Explore Facebook Messenger stats here.


WeChat is the super-star of China’s app world. It has more than one billion users and is used by 78% of 16 to 64-year-olds in the country. It features thousands and thousands of add-on programs and features within it. The company has tried to launch the platform outside of China but hasn’t got much traction.

If China is a big part of your target market, WeChat is a must for your business.

WeChat is also used as a payment tool, making it a natural fit for conversational commerce. Businesses can market on WeChat either by requesting an Official Account or partnering with third parties.

If you have an Official Account, you can create content on WeChat and directly interact with and sell to your followers and customers.

Over 100 countries (including Canada) can now apply for an Official Account, even if they don’t hold a Chinese Business License.

Learn more about using WeChat for business here.


QQ is another messaging app primarily used in China, though it almost seems tiny compared to WeChat, with a mere 574 million users. (The two are owned by the same parent company, Tencent.)

It’s more popular with a younger demographic, so if Gen Z is of interest to your brand, this may be a social messaging tool to explore. QQ also features games and blog services.


As of 2023, Snapchat is still one of the top 15 most-used social media platforms in the world. Though most famous for its disappearing videos and photos, U.S. businesses can use Snap as a text-based chat tool as well… and one that will connect you directly to a prime audience of Gen Z shoppers.

Snapchatters can swipe up on a story to visit a business’s website or download an app, or they can also swipe up to call or text the business from their mobile device.

Users are 60% more likely to make an impulse purchase on this platform, so this seems like a pretty great spot to have a conversation. Snap’s new desktop feature makes it possible to manage your chats from your computer, not just your phone.

New to Snapchat? Dive into our Snapchat beginners’ guide here.

Google Business Messaging

Google My Business Messaging is a free messenger tool that helps customers get in touch with you in real-time, straight from your Google Business Profile listing.

The pro? Potential customers can chat with you right from your Google Maps or Google Search listing. The cons? This isn’t a tool they’re necessarily using to contact their family and friends, so the usage isn’t exactly as familiar and comfortable as using a more common app.

Still, it probably can’t hurt to set up Google My Business Messaging. Messages can come right to your phone or desktop so you can easily respond to queries wherever you are.

More on setting up your Google Business Profile here.

Instagram DMs

Instagram is a photo- and video-sharing app on the surface, but it’s also emerged as an extremely popular chat tool, too. Businesses that have a presence on this app — which, by the way, boasts 1.22 billion global users — are likely going to have more than a few followers sliding into their DMs. So you may as well prepare a customer service strategy for dealing with them.

Forty-four percent of Instagram users shop on the app weekly, so that’s a great reason to want to make yourself available for chit-chat. Instagram also has helpful quick-reply tools that make it simple to address frequently asked questions.

Messages on Instagram can be text-based or photos and videos (which can include effects and captions).

For brands and creators, sending direct messages can be a good way to build personal relationships with followers, reach out to potential partners, or provide support to customers with questions or feedback.


Line is a popular social messaging app in Japan (92 million users live there, out of a total of 178 million worldwide), that also offers far more than just a chat function. With the app, you can send money to friends, shop online, stream music, or order a taxi — a super-app, much like China’s WeChat.

Line features a timeline and homepage, similar to Facebook or Instagram, allowing users to follow the posts of their friends and brands. “Official Channels” are where companies can share updates with followers.

Line users can create group chats with up to 500 people and also create bulletin boards for discussion, making it a great app for brands to connect with relevant communities and fandoms.

One of Line’s most unique features is the popularity of stickers. Digital illustrations are often sent back and forth via chat and happen to be a huge revenue stream for Line. Brands interested in being on Line might want to consider releasing their own sticker pack, or at least learning how users frequently put gifs stickers to use.


There are 70 million interactions on Viber every hour and users in 190-plus countries. So if you haven’t heard of Viber yet, it might be time to listen up.

Viber also allows businesses to segment existing and prospective customers to be more specific with messaging. Purchases can be made directly on Viber as well.

Why use social messaging apps for your business?

Okay, you know what a social messaging app is. You know which social messaging apps are pop-u-lar. But if you’re going to commit to using social messaging apps for your business, you probably want to know the why.

We gotchu: here are the reasons your brand may want to embrace social messaging.

Customers are already on these social messaging apps

If you want to have a conversation with someone, you need to be where they are. You can’t chat up that cutie at the cocktail party if she’s hanging in the kitchen and you’ve gotten yourself trapped in the ensuite (again), right?

A predicted 3.51 billion people worldwide will be using messaging apps in 2025 — WhatsApp alone already has more than two billion of those active users.

Social messaging apps are what everyday people are using to message their friends and families. Why not make their lives a little easier and be available there, too?

It’s a speedy way to offer service

Ninety percent of consumers say that speedy resolution is the most important thing in a positive customer service experience. But if you’re understaffed or overwhelmed by messages, it may actually be a struggle to keep up with the speed social media users expect from chat apps — because those messages are coming in fast and furious. For instance, on Facebook Messenger, 20 billion messages are exchanged between customers and businesses every single month.

Tech like conversational chatbots can step in to fill that gap and field common questions, so you can save the (hu)man power for tackling more intricate customer service issues. More about the benefits of chatbots here.

Tap into the power of conversational commerce

Having an actual conversation with someone is a classic IRL sales tool — ‘conversational commerce’ is the digital equivalent.

Conversational commerce refers to the sweet spot between shopping and messaging apps. Consumers can use social messaging tools to get recommendations, ask questions, get support, and chat with company reps.

They might be messaging with a real human being or a conversational AI chatbot, but either way, it’s a new way of shopping that’s extremely lucrative for businesses. Global spending via conversational commerce channels is predicted to reach $290 billion in the next two years.

If your brand wants a piece of that pie, it’s time to enter the chat.

Connect with customers — and critics — one on one

Running a business with an online presence means that you have a potentially global reach… which also can make it tricky to have a personal conversation in the same way you could in a brick-and-mortar shop or even over the phone.

The rise of social messaging apps has given brands a direct line to every single far-flung follower.

This offers an amazing opportunity to build intimacy and loyalty with special customers, brand ambassadors, or potential partners… and a chance to connect directly with your critics to diffuse tense situations outside of the public eye.

If you’re facing a social media crisis or have an upset customer blasting all your posts, social messaging tools can help you reach out directly in hopes of turning a tantrum into a conversation.

An app for all your social media messages in one place

Okay, you’ve digested all this delicious information, and you’re ready to dive into using social messaging apps for your brand.

Pro tip: Juggling multiple conversations across multiple platforms managed by multiple people and teams is hard. You’re going to want a unified social inbox to keep everything neat, tidy, and easy.

And, if we may be so bold, we know that Hootsuite Inbox is just the tool for the job.

With Hootsuite Inbox, you can bridge the gap between social media engagement and customer service — and manage all of your social media messages in one place. This includes:

Private messages and DMs

Public messages and posts on your profiles


Emoji reactions

… and more.

The all-in-one agent workspace makes it easy to 

Track the history of any individual’s interactions with your brand on social media (across your accounts and platforms), giving your team the context needed to personalize replies

Add notes to customers’ profiles (Inbox integrates with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics)

Handle messages as a team, with intuitive message queues, task assignments, statuses, and filters

Track response times and CSAT metrics

Book a free demo

Plus, Inbox comes with handy automations:

Automated message routing

Auto-responses and saved replies

Automatically triggered customer satisfaction surveys

AI-powered chatbot features

In other words: it’s a universal inbox that compiles all your public and private messages to make sure you never miss a thing. Try out a free 30-day trial here and see for yourself, or learn more about Hootsuite Inbox here.

FAQs about popular messaging apps What is the most widely used messaging app?

WhatsApp is the most popular global messenger app. In January 2023, WhatsApp had 2 billion monthly active users. WeChat is in distant second place, with just 1.2 billion monthly active users; Facebook Messenger rolls in to snag third place with 988 million.

Source: Statista

Which is the No. 1 chatting app?

WhatsApp is the number one most popular chatting app in the world, according to Statista research. With 2 billion monthly active users, it’s the most-used social messaging app across the globe.

That being said, different regions of the world tend to prefer different apps. For instance, in China, WeChat dominates the market, while the social messaging tool LINE is popular in countries like Japan and Taiwan.

What do Americans use instead of WhatsApp?

Facebook Messenger is the most-used social messaging app in the U.S., with 52% of the messaging app market share. WhatsApp is the second-most popular social messaging app in the country, used by 26% of American chatters.

Source: Statista

Which messaging app is used in Canada?

The most popular messaging app in Canada is Facebook Messenger. Seven out of 10 Canadians use Facebook itself, and 62% of those users are also on the Messenger app.

Find more global statistics about Facebook Messenger here.

Manage all your messages stress-free with easy routing, saved replies, and friendly chatbots. Try Hootsuite’s Inbox today.

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Save time on social messaging with automated responses, smarter workflows, and friendly chatbots — all in the Hootsuite Inbox.

Some Of The Best Trollstore

TrollStore is one of the best ways to install powerful apps on your iPhone or iPad running iOS or iPadOS 14.0-15.4.1 (and some 15.5 betas). Not only that, but those apps will also remain permanently signed because of the CoreTrust bug that it exploits, so you won’t have to re-sign those apps like you would after using something like AltStore or Sideloadly.

Please note that TrollStore will never support any firmware newer than the ones mentioned above. So if you’re wondering about using these apps on any firmware newer than iOS or iPadOS 15.4.1 or some 15.5 betas, then you’re unfortunately out of luck.

We’ve covered a ton of TrollStore-supported app releases over the past several months, and since there isn’t a centralized App Store or package manager for TrollStore apps so to speak, this seemed like a good opportunity to forge a post about some of what we believe are the best TrollStore add-ons worth checking out.

The best TrollStore apps TrollTools

At the top of our list is an app called TrollTools, which provides a one-stop-shop-like app to TrollStore users who want to make the most of the CoreTrust bug without installing a plethora of apps to do so.

TrollTools started out as a way to theme passcode buttons, change notification badges, and customize Shortcuts app banners, but it has expanded so much since the initial release back in October. In fact, version 3.0 launched just last week with a ton of new features and a refreshed user interface.

Legizmo Kincaid

Legizmo Kincaid was perhaps one of the most sought after TrollStore app releases to date, and it effectively lets those who are holding out on iOS 14 or 15, either because they have or are waiting for a jailbreak, to have their cake and eat it too.

What we mean by that is iOS 14 and 15 holdouts will be able to pair the latest Apple Watches running watchOS 8 (including the brand new Apple Watch Ultra) to their handset without upgrading to iOS 16. This is particularly useful if you want the latest Apple Watch and wish to be able to jailbreak if and when something comes out.

Localisation Changer

Being able to spoof your location is a valuable capability that can trick apps into thinking you reside in a place you don’t. You can’t typically do this without a jailbreak, but the Localisation Changer app for TrollStore lets you do this without one.

After picking a location you wish to spoof, you can activate the location simulation and the app will trick most of your apps into thinking you’re at that location instead of using your true GPS coordinates.

With great power comes great responsibility. While this is an awesome technique, try not to get banned from your favorite apps and games!


If you love pranking people, then the AirTroller app would be right up your alley.

This brilliant app for TrollStore can find nearby AirDrop recepients and spam them with file send requests. The spamming happens at just the right interval that the receiver can’t actually accept the transfer, but instead, they’ll be bombarded with one request after another.

Just wait until you see their face!

CarTube for TrollStore

You can’t ordinarily watch YouTube videos on your vehicle’s CarPlay-enabled infotainment system because car manufacturers lock you out of this capability to be in compliance with state and federal laws.

At your own risk, you can skirt around this lockout with a TrollStore add-on called CarTube for TrollStore, which adds a CarPlay-compatible YouTube app to your Home Screen with other perks baked right in.

Be smart and make sure to drive safely and only use this feature when your vehicle isn’t in motion!


Filza is a file manager app that has traditionally only been available for jailbroken devices, but the developers do offer a jailed version of the app specifically for TrollStore users.

While you obviously won’t have the same read and write privileges for certain parts of your filesystem that you would have on a jailbroken device, the fact remains that you can use Filza to modify some files or utilize your device’s storage space to your liking.


Some people like to keep their iPhone’s wallpaper looking fresh so that they always have something new to look at, and while the Shortcuts app supports randomizing wallpapers automatically starting in iOS and iPadOS 16, that’s not the case in iOS and iPadOS 15 or older.

The Evyrest app for TrollStore allows users to have the same capability. It sources images from Unsplash and rotates them out occasionally so that you aren’t always looking at the same wallpaper day after day.


Do you like the idea of customizing your Wallet app’s credit card faces without having to jailbreak your device? If you said yes, then Cardio is an app you need to check out right away.

With Cardio, you can easily swap out the face of any Apple Pay card with an image of your choice. The concept is like a jailbreak tweak we showed you called Sydney, however it’s a little more limited in comparison.


Some people like sorting their Home Screen icons by apps they use most often, hiding the ones they rarely access. Others have different ways of keeping organized.

The Alphabetical app for TrollStore allows users to sort their potentially over-cluttered Home Screens quickly and efficiently using one of several sorting methods, including alphabetical order and by color.

While it won’t be ideal for everyone, especially those who sort based on app usage workflows, it’s certainly an interesting concept for a non-jailbroken device.


If you’re one to customize your Home Screen’s app icons with something other than the stock aesthetic, then BlizzardBoard is a TrollStore app that might catch your attention.

BlizzardBoard allows users to quickly apply theme bundles to their Home Screen, whether they’re in .deb format or .zip format. If they’re in .deb format, then the app converts them to .zip files so that they can be applied on a non-jailbroken device.

BlizzardBoard appears to use the Shortcuts-based theming method, so there are a couple of caveats compared to theming on a jailbroken device with SnowBoard, but it’s still a cool way to grab people’s attention.


TrollBox is another app, similar to TrollTools, that offers all-in-one system customization capabilities.

Many of the options in TrollBox are similar to what you might find in TrollTools, however as they’re different tools, one may look or work better than the other in a way that comes down to user preference.


Once one of TrollTools’ biggest competitors, Mugunghwa is yet another system customization app that allows users to do things such as customize their Home Screen’s app icon badges, the passcode buttons, and the likes.


The TrollStore application accepts .ipa and .tipa apps for installation on your compatible iPhone or iPad, but some apps offered by way of package managers are in .deb format instead.

With the deb-to-ipa-app app for TrollStore, you can convert some of those .deb-based apps into .ipa or .tipa apps so that they can be installed via TrollStore.

Please note that while this functionality can come in handy, it may not work for every app as some apps have jailbreak-only dependencies.


Sometimes you need a workable image of an app icon from your Home Screen for a Photoshop project you might be working on, and they can be somewhat difficult to come by.

With the IconExporter app, you can batch export every one of your Home Screen apps’ icons into a .zip file and then save them to your Files app or share them elsewhere.

After saving, you can optionally use the Pixelmator Mobile app’s built-in Machine Learning-based resolution enhancing capability to make those images larger while maintaining quality. Results may vary.


While there isn’t an official App Store or package manager-like user experience for TrollStore, the TrollApps app tries to offer one.

This app brings a lot of projects under the same umbrella so that you can easily find and install those projects on your device with a tap.

Resolution Setter

You can use the Resolution Setter app for TrollStore to change the native resolution of your iPhone’s display.

While things probably won’t look as good if you do this, why not?


TrollStore is a unique app that unlocks customization and capabilities that some of us never would have imagined slipping past Apple’s tight grip on iOS and iPadOS.

While it’s far from a jailbreak, it provides a way to permanently install unsigned apps onto your iPhone, including those with elevated privileges. This is what gives us the ability to customize so many things even without a jailbreak.

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