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Liberté, égalité, fraternité . . . foreskin? Who knew that penises had anything to do with the French Revolution? Some historians have suggested that Louis XVI, king of France, suffered from phimosis, an uncomfortable medical condition in which it is difficult or impossible for a man’s foreskin to retract. Phimosis can cause pain during sex, when the tight inelastic foreskin chokes the erect penis. So phimosis is where the foreskin is up and you can’t get it down—not to be confused with paraphimosis, where the foreskin is down and you can’t get it up. That’s the sort of the thing that medical folks like yours truly have to worry about when doing something like inserting a catheter through the penis into the bladder. When you insert a catheter, you first pull the foreskin down; you better remember to pull the foreskin back up after the catheter goes all the way in. Otherwise, after a while, the foreskin you slid down can choke the end of the penis and cause it to swell (like putting a rubber band around your fingertip)—and you won’t be able to get the foreskin back up later. This is why, in medical school when you are learning to examine the genitals, you’re taught to ask every man whether he is circumcised or not. Some guys may look circumcised when they are not, and vice versa, so it is important to know where their foreskin is normally, before you start moving it around.

But back to old Louis.

But why am I rambling on about phimosis and foreskins? Phimosis can be cured with circumcision and lately circumcision has been the subject of some cutting-edge research. (Groan, sorry, can’t help myself.) Recent randomized trials in Africa found that the risk of acquiring HIV infection were 50-60% lower in circumcised men, as opposed to uncircumcised men. One theory proposed to explain this phenomenon hypothesizes that the inner aspect of the foreskin contains more cells with HIV receptors, as compared to the glans (the area of the penis that lies under the foreskin). Thus, removing the foreskin, and these cells that are extra susceptible to HIV, can have a protective effect. In addition, circumcision has been shown to reduce the risk of penile cancer, and the rate of urinary tract infection in male infants. You can read all about it in the article “Decreased Incidence of Urinary Tract Infections in Circumcised Male Infants” by Dr. T.E. Wiswell. (I swear that is really the author’s name. You can look him up!)

Snip away, you say? Some folks would disagree—passionately. There is an entire community who fervently oppose circumcision, despite the pretty strong supportive medical evidence. Those who are strongly anti-circumcision may refer to themselves as followers of the “Genital Integrity” movement, or claim they support “Intactivism.” Some anti-circumcision websites seek to shock with stories of what they claim is an “international foreskin-smuggling cartel”. I’m not exactly sure who would be involved on the purchasing side of said cartel, but I’ll leave that subject for another time . . . Other websites, seeking a visceral response from the viewer, instead rely on gory pictures of screaming babies, all bloody genitalia and tears. Some anti-circumcision believers claim that men lose sensation with the loss of the foreskin. Luckily, there is a new product on the market, great for those who feel forsaken without a foreskin —the artificial retractable foreskin, a flesh-colored latex slip-on device. (We Americans surely do not lack for ingenuity in product development.) I guess it’s a good option for guys who don’t have the connections to get in with those dastardly foreskin-smugglers.

So I apologize, this article won’t help you make light conversation at the next office party, (unless you have very progressive and open-minded co-workers or you work for a mohel, the man whose duty it is to perform a bris, the Jewish circumcision ceremony.) But whether you are pro- or anti-circumcision (and as you may have guessed, I’m pro-, based on the medical literature) you’re sure to find someone who shares your views. And if not . . . to take a French saying completely out of context—vive la difference!

Welcome to The Doctor Is In. Medicine and the biomedical sciences are chock full of the bizarre, the fantastic, and the downright disgusting. As a medical student with a peculiar sense of humor, I’d like to share some of my favorite examples of weird and wild stories of the human body, health and disease. Check out the entire series at chúng tôi where you can also grab the RSS feed.

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Mcafee Total Protection Review: Top Security, But The App Needs A Little Work


Good protection

Nice features like file shredder and home network analyzer


Mixed impact on performance

New app design is a little scattered

Our Verdict

McAfee Total Protection offers excellent PC protection, decent pricing, and a new desktop design on Windows. We’d like to see the app be a little more streamlined but for overall value and protection McAfee is well worth considering.

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McAfee is not the same company it was a few months ago. The longtime antivirus maker sold off its enterprise business in early 2023 to focus on serving the consumer market, including individuals and families. To that end the current suite is all about identity and privacy. As the company sees it, these are the issues that people care about most. Protection from viruses and malware is still important, of course, but from McAfee’s point of view the focus of new features is currently on identity and privacy, of which device security is inevitably one part. This philosophy is a continuation of where McAfee was already headed the last time we looked at Total Protection.

For 2023, Total Protection has again adopted a new app design on Windows that builds on what we saw previously. The company has also launched some new features including an Identity Protection Service that assesses how safe you are online, protecting against weak spots, and making it easy to improve protection.

The antivirus maker is also coming off a win from AV-Comparatives after the testing firm named McAfee its product of the year for 2023.

Note: This review is part of our best antivirus roundup. Go there for details about competing products and how we tested them.

The software

McAfee Total Protection’s dashboard


Similar to its previous iteration, Total Protection has a series of cleanly designed tiles with descriptive labels, as seen above. Like before, there’s a banner at the top that can provide notifications, information about features within the suite, and the current status of the PC.

Total Protection has six primary tiles: Antivirus, Secure VPN, ID Protection, Tracker Remover, Protect more devices, and Browser Security.

Identity protection

The ID Protection tile launches you to McAfee’s website where you have to log in with your account. Here we have the dark web scanning feature, as well as McAfee’s Protection Score feature that rates your current privacy and security settings, using a variety of factors. The main feature, however, is the dark web scanning, which McAfee says it does in partnership with a third party. The company claims that this enables McAfee to alert you to threats much earlier than other security suites. We’ll be keeping an eye on this.

At this writing, McAfee offers a wide variety of options to monitor including email address, phone number, social security number, passport, driver’s license, date of birth, tax ID, credit card, usernames, and more. For my tests, I checked for my SSN and email address. McAfee reported no issues with the SSN, but my email address was found in nine breaches.

Moving on to the VPN, McAfee’s made an interesting/annoying choice for Total Protection subscribers. If you just buy Total Protection as a one-off without signing up for automatic renewal then you only get 500 megabytes of data bandwidth per month. Sign up for automatic renewal, however, and you get unlimited VPN coverage. To my mind this is unfair. Ultimately, people who do and do not sign up for auto-renewal are still paying the same amount of money to use the suite. Balkanizing paying users into two tiers based on whether they intend to renew or not is very heavy handed in my opinion.

The VPN in McAfee Total Protection.


The VPN itself is easy enough to use. It’s built into the suite as before, and offers around 49 country locations. By default, it will choose the fastest location, but you can change that to specify a country. There are also some basic settings such as turning on the VPN automatically when certain conditions are met, like a network with weak security, or to only turn it on manually. You can also list trusted networks if you want to use the auto-connect features.


McAfee Total Protection’s File Shredder feature.


In its latest tests at this writing, McAfee passed AV-Test’s 0-day test with scores of 99.5 percent and 100 percent in November and December 2023. The widespread- and prevalent-malware test saw scores of 100 percent for both months.

For AV-Comparatives, McAfee earned 99.8 percent in the real-world protection test between July and October 2023, with no false positives from 743 samples. For the malware-protection test in September 2023, McAfee earned 100 percent again, with four false positives.

Overall, it’s pretty clear that McAfee’s protection is top-notch and keeping safe shouldn’t be an issue. One thing to note is that, as with most antivirus suites these days, Total Protection is designed to work while your PC is online, and protection drops considerably while offline. The good news is that most threats these days get on to your PC while connected to the internet. That is, unless you’re in the habit of inserting untrusted USB sticks into your PC while traveling through a remote area with no connectivity.

During our in-house tests there were some noticeable dips in performance. Nothing dramatic, but having McAfee installed may impact mid-tier to budget machines. During the PCMark 10 Extended test, our test PC dipped by 37 points with McAfee installed and after a full system scan. That dip was largely due to the first run after the scan. The following runs were closer to what we saw before. That initial run is telling though.

There was also a dip in the transfer time, by about a minute, after McAfee was installed. The unzip test was also a bit slower by 45 seconds. The file compression test and the Handbrake test saw no significant dip in performance.


McAfee Total Protection is available in several tiers. Total Protection Basic covers a single device for a year with an introductory price of $35 and a non-introductory price of $85. Total Protection Plus covers up to five devices for $40 for a single year for new customers, while the official non-introductory price is $110. Total Protection Premium is $50 for the introductory year and then $130 after that for covering up to 10 devices. Finally, if you want unlimited devices, Total Protection Ultimate costs $75 for new customers and $160 after that.

Non-introductory prices can change, as antivirus companies typically offer all kinds of sales and other inducements to keep you subscribed. Overall, the prices are about what the industry is charging right now.


McAfee is an excellent security suite. It offers high-quality protection, the price is right, performance is good, and there are a few nice extra features such as a VPN, file shredder, app update checker, and a home network scanner. I have a few quibbles, such as with the VPN bandwidth limit and the design of the app, but overall McAfee is still an excellent choice.

Editor’s note: Because online services are often iterative, gaining new features and performance improvements over time, this review is subject to change in order to accurately reflect the current state of the service. Any changes to text or our final review verdict will be noted at the top of this article.

Little Baby Doge Revamping Altcoin Narrative With A Save The World Approach

Little Baby Doge (LBD) is making waves in the crypto space with an approach that is setting the pace for altcoins across the board.

Despite being the newest entrant into the Shiba Inu dog-themed meme coin community, LBD is bringing to the fore a tokenomics design that goes beyond the bounds of a meme coin.

At its core, LBD is set to highlight the necessity of taking action against the current climate change situation with a roadmap that will involve top climate change activists.

The LBD project is set to launch on December 13th yet it is already receiving recognition from top crypto news and informational platforms such as CoinMarketCap.

As Bitcoin retraces its previous all-time high above the $60K mark, altcoins have followed suit in a move that experts predict will revamp another bull rally in the crypto space.

However, few altcoins are making a stand for justifiable causes such as climate change and even fewer have an anti-whale feature set to protect token holders from a sudden market crash.

The Current State of Climate Change

As the world continues to burn fossil fuels, the issue of climate change doesn’t seem to be getting any better. The planet has already reached 1°C above preindustrial levels and even with extensive mitigation, the temperature is set to rise another 2°C by 2100 which will lead to other impending problems.

Problems such as sea levels rising, ocean acidification, and biodiversity loss need an immediate solution. After all, without a habitable planet, no amount of gains made in the market can be satisfactory. It is high time for the citizens of the world to take action for a better future given the fact that governments will continue to drag their feet on climate change issues.

Already, several activists and activist groups across the globe are taking action. From suing world leaders to starting mitigation projects, these organizations are open to receiving outside help and funding for years of hard work towards saving the planet.

However, they can’t do it alone. Cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance in general present a viable solution that will not only help fund programs and activities towards saving the planet but also offer the best tools for uniting people across the globe behind a common cause.

Little Baby Doge To the Rescue

As such, Little Baby Doge has taken a ”Save the World approach” with their altcoin project to highlight the need for action. Using the galvanizing power and network effect of a meme coin (as seen with meme coins such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu that have since gone viral) Little Baby Doge is tackling the issue of climate change head-on.

With an approach that makes saving the planet fun, the LBD project is set to capture people’s imagination who might otherwise not care about climate change issues. LBD will partner up with top climate change activists such as Greta Thunberg and Leonardo DiCaprio to not only raise money but also provide the necessary tools for community development through blockchain technology.

Through a series of DeFi (decentralized finance) campaigns that will run across the Little Baby Doge ecosystem, top climate change activists are set to receive donations that will further fund their activist activities.

Little Baby Doge’s Financial Incentive

Without a doubt, galvanizing communities around an agenda to save the world would not be possible without a worthwhile incentive. As such, Little Baby Doge is set to promote environmental awareness through engaging content and innovative projects that will bring about faster change.

Most of all, Little Baby Doge will use the LBD token which is a deflationary token built on Binance Smart Chain to reward token holders with static rewards and verifiable token burn event that takes place with every trade.

Little Baby Doge stands out from other meme coins, leave alone the vast sea of altcoin, thanks to its introduction of an automatic token buyback event that takes place with every trade. This facilitates an anti-whale strategy that will protect LBD holders from big market dumps.

The need for LBD

In this day and age, crypto whales can build up hype around an altcoin only to dump the coins or remove liquidity from the pool while the market is still in a bullish trend thus causing a devastating market crash. A good example is the NCAT price which fell four times in just a few hours after whales grabbed nearly 500 BNB from the pool.

With this in mind, Little Baby Doge is set to have an anti-whale feature that will protect LBD holders from losing their money. This feature is designed such that every sell order is charged at a higher transaction rate than buy orders thus removing the incentive for whales to sell.

Out of the collective transactions, 6% will be burned in a strategic buyback event, 2% will be rewarded to token holders, 3% will go to marketing, and 1% donated to charitable organizations.

Conclusion: The Future of Altcoins in The crypto Space

The LBD token will act as a vehicle for donations made to climate change activist and their initiatives. With every profit made from holders of LBD tokens through LBD’s NFT marketplace, lottery system, and liquidity mining decentralized exchange, more will be channeled to worthwhile charitable organizations that save the world.

Unlike most altcoins, the LBD token is setting the pace for the future of altcoins thus inspiring a generation of projects centered around honorable causes as opposed to hype and rampant speculation.

Hedgeup: The Future Of Alternative Investments Is Off To A Successful Start

With the ever-changing economic landscape and unpredictable market conditions, investors constantly seek new and innovative ways to diversify their portfolios and hedge against potential risks. 

HedgeUp (HDUP) offers a revolutionary platform enabling investors to easily and conveniently access various alternative investments. Whether you’re an experienced investor looking to expand your portfolio or a novice seeking to enter the world of alternative investments, HedgeUp has something for everyone. 

So, get ready to take your investments to the next level because the future of alternative investments is here, and it’s called HedgeUp (HDUP)!

Invest in Alternative investments with HedgeUp (HDUP)

Focusing on becoming the first alternative investment platform within the cryptocurrency sphere, they aim to provide access to a wide range of products for the everyday person. And that’s not all; HedgeUp is bridging the gap between traditional and cryptocurrency investors, making it the ultimate game-changer in the crypto investment industry.

But don’t just take our word for it. According to Nasdaq, total alternative investments under management are projected to reach a whopping $17.2 trillion by 2025, a fourfold increase since 2010! And investing in alternative products comes with several benefits, including lower volatility, broader diversification, and enhanced returns.

That’s where HDUP comes in. By providing a platform for crypto investors to invest in alternative products such as wine, diamonds, aviation, gold, fine art, luxury watches, and more, they’re helping to enhance their portfolios and increase growth within these markets. And let’s face it, who would want to avoid investing in such exciting and diverse assets?

How does HedgeUp (HDUP) work?

Here’s how it works: The experts and analysts at HedgeUp negotiate and formulate deals with third-party vendors. Once these deals are completed, they are issued on the HedgeUp marketplace for users to invest in. All alternative assets are stored in a licensed and insured vault, ensuring investors’ maximum security and peace of mind.

HedgeUp (HDUP) offers a unique NFT collection representing an individual investor with various asset classes or a basket collection from their investment platform. And for those who want to own a percentage of the NFT, fractional NFT purchases are also available. That means you can own a piece of the action without breaking the bank!

And for those lucky enough to own 100% of the NFT, get ready for the ultimate payoff – the asset will be delivered right to your designated address. How cool is that?

HegdeUp (HDUP) brings trilling development to the platform

There is still exciting news! The HedgeUp (HDUP) dynamic team has some exciting developments to share with their loyal community. They are thrilled to announce that they will integrate a DAO to oversee investment baskets, liquidity allocations, and the direction of ongoing developments. 

But wait, there’s more! They proudly announce they will partner with industry-leading metaverse companies to support users with communication and trade. Their platform is now the go-to destination for investors and institutions to connect through SocialFi. 

And that’s not all! Their innovative marketplace now enables users to sell their positions to another user on the platform for a small fee. But the real game-changer is that by simply fractionalizing the asset-backed NFTs, crypto investors can now access the alternative investment market for only $1! 

That’s right. One dollar is all it takes to join the exciting world of alternative investments.

3M Streaming Projector With Roku Review: What A Cool Little Thing This Is!

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Pico projectors have been chugging along for awhile, getting better but never quite breaking that wall to become something we should all have. They seem so cool–a 120-inch picture in your pocket!–but nobody’s managed to really knock it out of the park yet. The tech still isn’t quite there, but the 3M Streaming Projector Powered By Roku (cool name guys) is by far the closest–it’s portable, self-contained, is the first to have a built-in Roku, and the price is just right. It’s not essential–it’s still basically a toy–but it is a really fun and surprisingly useful toy that you might actually use.

First thing to know about the projector is that it’s way, way smaller than you think it is. Like, it won’t fit in a pocket, but it will fit in a cargo pocket, or a jacket pocket. It’s just about the size and shape of my palm, and only two inches tall at its tallest. And it’s meant to be portable; it has content built in, sort of, in the form of a Roku Stick (a tiny but full-featured Roku that needs no extra power); it has a rechargeable battery; and it has speakers. So the projector can, theoretically, provide a home theater experience anywhere. It’s a really cool idea.

3M Streaming Projector Is Tiny


In the real world that’s tempered a little bit. The Roku does need Wi-Fi, the battery life is about an hour and a half at most, and the speakers are pretty tinny and unimpressive. But you can get around all that. I’ve used it with a mobile hotspot created by a 4G LTE smartphone (speeds are faster than my home internet anyway) and with a Jawbone Jambox, which sounds great and gets loud. That stuff costs extra, but combined with the projector, you can make a pretty legit full-featured portable theater.

Oh, right, the projector. So, its major weakness (and it has several weaknesses) is resolution. It’s WVGA quality, which means, roughly, 480p. DVD quality, not high-def, not Blu-ray. That’s noticeable when you’re used to an HDTV. The picture can expand to 120 inches–huge!–but I wouldn’t recommend it; the lacking resolution gets very noticeable above maybe 50 or 55 inches. It’s only a 60-lumen bulb (though it’s an LED bulb, so it shouldn’t need replacing), which is fine for a pico projector but means you really do need darkness. It’s perfectly usable in dusk, low-light rather than pitch-blackness, but the bulb just isn’t powerful enough to blast through daylight. There are minimal picture controls, too–just one little wheel for focusing.

But, I found the picture absolutely good enough for most uses. Yes, I wish it was better, but in a dark bedroom, it looks really pretty good. It has two flat sides so you can point it horizontally (at a wall) or vertically (at your ceiling), which is awesome. I wouldn’t want to watch The Tree of Life or anything amazingly visual with it, but I watched about four hours of The West Wing with it last night (cool guy over here) and it was totally serviceable. And a bigger picture than my TV! Out of this tiny little thing!

The Roku Stick is a surprisingly excellent idea. Not that Roku is bad–it’s a capable, if not particularly exciting, way to get Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Video, and more–but I first wondered why they didn’t just build Roku software into the projector itself. This way turns out to be great: You get an included Roku Stick, which can be removed and used on any MHL-capable TV (admittedly there are about nine of those total at the moment, but they’ll be more popular soon), and removing it reveals an HDMI port that can be used with any HDMI gadget (Blu-ray player, computer, game console, another media streamer, whatever) without using any extra room. The Roku Stick fits right into the back of the projector, under a little cover–very neat. And you control it by using one remote for both the Roku and the projector. The remote is small and kind of hard to use but does the job reasonably well. (The Roku Stick, by the way, has pretty much the exact same software as the regular Rokus, only the hardware is shaped like a USB flash drive.)

3M Streaming Projector Remote


So the 3M Projector is a novelty, yes. You can’t really replace your TV or full-sized projector with it–it just has too many compromises in the picture department. But I really, really like the thing. It’s adorable and tiny and so easy to use, and the Roku gives it tons of content. And the price, $299, is so tempting; yes, pico projectors often cost around $300 or under, but this one is better than most. Major legs-up over its competitors: it includes a Roku Stick ($100 on its own) and it’s battery powered, which means you’ve got display, content, audio, and power, all in one tiny package. I don’t think it’ll change my life, like the Jawbone Jambox (another tiny, wireless version of a bigger home theater element), but I think the 3M Projector is great.

Plus, it’s really exciting for the future–here is a gadget that’s legitimately good, at a very low price. Imagine the next one! If they can keep the price at $300 but bump the resolution and the lumen count for the next generation, it could be a must-buy.


Rating: Inessential, but a very fun toy

Get 18% Off This Msi 27

Last Updated on July 11, 2023

Early Prime Day deals are rolling in, so if you don’t want to wait till Prime Day itself, you can still save big.

save 18% now!

MSI MAG274R2, 27″ Gaming Monitor

1920 x 1080 (FHD), IPS, 1ms, 165Hz, G-Sync Compatible, HDR Ready, HDMI, Displayport, USB Type-C, Tilt, Swivel, Height Adjustable, Pivot

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At the time of writing, the MSI MAG274R2 27-Inch Gaming Monitor is available for $229.33 at Amazon, from its regular listed price of $279.99. That’s an 18% off discount, saving you $50 for a gaming display with 1920 x 1080 pixels and a 165Hz refresh rate.

There is more to this, so let’s clarify what you can get for the new reduced price and why we think this deal is perfect for those wishing to elevate their gaming experience.

27-inch screen display: Play the latest PC games at 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution on this 27-inch display for a vivid, immersive gaming experience.

IPS panel: Enjoy every scene at its best with an IPS panel that has a 178° wide view angle, producing no image distortion and minimum color shifts.

165Hz refresh rate: With a 165Hz refresh rate, you can stay ahead of your competition while playing fast-paced game genres and enjoy smooth gameplay.

1ms response time: Eliminate choppy frame rates and screen tearing with a 1ms response time and play competitive games without lagging. 

G-sync compatible: This enables you to match your display’s refresh rate to your GPU’s frame rate for exceptional performance in every game.

Connectivity: Offers versatile connections for all your devices through 2xHDMI 2.0, 1xDisplayPort 1.2, 1xUSB Type-A 2.0, and 1xUSB Type-C.

What we think

The MSI MAG274R2 27-Inch Gaming Monitor meets every gamer’s dream of playing modern titles at the highest settings with no interference. It features a 27-inch display with 1080p, 165Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and G-sync compatibility. Pair this with an NVIDIA GPU to give yourself a competitive edge while playing modern titles.

Best 27-inch monitor early Prime Day deals

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Dell S2722QC 27-inch 4K USB-C Monitor

UHD (3840 x 2160) Display, 60Hz Refresh Rate, 8MS Grey-to-Grey Response Time (Normal Mode), Built-in Dual 3W Speakers, 1.07 Billion Colors – Platinum Silver

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SAMSUNG 27″ Odyssey G32A

FHD 1ms 165Hz Gaming Monitor with Eye Saver Mode, Free-Sync Premium, Height Adjustable Screen for Gamer Comfort, VESA Mount Capability (LS27AG320NNXZA)

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Corsair XENEON 27QHD240 27-Inch OLED Gaming Monitor

2560 x 1440, 240Hz, 0.03ms, NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible, AMD FreeSync™ Premium, DisplayHDR10, HDMI 2.1, DisplayPort 1.4, USB-C 3.1 – Black

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LG 27″ Ultragear OLED QHD Gaming Monitor

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Alienware AW2723DF Gaming Monitor

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*Prices are subject to change. PC Guide is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more

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