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This past Friday, DCFemTech announced the launch of “Tour de Code”, a month-long series of events and workshops throughout October that will be aimed at supporting women in the DC region who have an interest in going into, or who are new to, the tech community. From events like “Intro to Collaborating with GIT” and “Drinks & Doodles Workshop”, the initiative is focused on further supporting the roles of women in DC’s tech and design communities.

“Tour de Code provides an opportunity to increase awareness of DCFemTech in the community, so that women in tech and women who want to get into tech can navigate the space better,” says DCFemTech co-organizer Stephanie Nguyen. “We want women to know about all these great organizations that are providing these great opportunities – to share the message that tech isn’t scary, and that there’s support out there.”

Created in May of this year, DCFemTech is a collective made up of more than 25 organizations throughout the DC region that aim to support women in tech. Organizations in the group include Women Who Code DC, the National Center for Women in Tech, Code for Progress, and many others. Nguyen – who’s also the cofounder of DC-based startup Silica Labs – was inspired to organize the group after discovering (in her own search to find support for broadening her technical skills) that all these different organizations were already collaborative in nature. DCFemTech allows these groups to come together and find new ways to help lower the barrier for women in tech and to provide the necessary resources to help them reach their career goals.

“It’s pretty powerful to see all these organizations working together on one agenda,” says Nguyen. “When you have all these women in a room together, you hear all the things that women in the community actually want or need, and you see organizations that can actually work towards bringing those things. [Through DCFemTech] there’s a sharing of resources, knowledge, space, and partnerships – all to help other women and to help increase collaboration in the tech community.”

Tour de Code is DCFemTech’s first major initiative since the collective was born. According to Nguyen, the series is focused on really encouraging other women to come out and to see what it’s like to work in tech. Many of the events throughout the month are geared towards those with no prior experience in tech or design, or for those who are just new and starting off a new career in these fields. Especially in an industry that’s notoriously dominated by men, Nguyen notes that even merely surrounding yourself with other women can provide a greater sense of empowerment and motivation:

“It’s different when you have a room of women – it’s just a special thing. It provides this special kind of environment that gets them willing to take the plunge. It also motivates them to find more women to go to these events with and to hold them accountable to their goals.”

DCFemTech’s Tour de Code starts October 2nd and will kick off with a meet and mingle event with leaders of the DCFemTech organizations. You can RSVP to the Tour de Code Meet & Mingle event here.

Check out the full Tour de Code calendar here, and follow @DCFemTech on Twitter for updates.

Stephanie Nguyen is a Tech Cocktail contributing writer. 

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French Ai Startup Raises €105 Million In A Month

In a significant boost to France’s plans of positioning itself as a major global tech hub, Mistral AI, a French technology French AI Startup Raises €105 Million in a Month ($113.4 million) after its establishment. This remarkable fund-raising achievement not only highlights the rapid growth of the artificial intelligence (AI) sector but also demonstrates Europe’s determination to create formidable rivals to Silicon Valley giants like Microsoft-backed OpenAI and Google’s DeepMind.

Mistral AI, a cutting-edge French technology and artificial intelligence company, has emerged as a dynamic player in the rapidly evolving AI landscape. Its recent funding success serves as a testament to the company’s vision, innovation, and potential for disrupting the industry.

The successful fundraising by Mistral AI underscores the exponential growth of the artificial intelligence sector. Europe, in particular, has been keen to establish itself as a formidable contender to Silicon Valley giants such as Microsoft-backed OpenAI and Google’s DeepMind. The infusion of capital into Mistral AI serves as a testament to Europe’s determination to foster innovation and cultivate homegrown AI companies that can compete at a global level.

Mistral AI’s success echoes Europe’s ambition to compete with the dominant tech giants of Silicon Valley. By raising significant funds, the company not only reinforces the potential of the AI sector but also inspires other European startups and entrepreneurs to push boundaries and pursue ambitious goals.

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The impressive fundraising effort of Mistral AI was led by international venture capital fund Lightspeed Venture Partners. Their recognition of Mistral AI’s potential and their investment signify the confidence in the company’s vision and capabilities. Lightspeed Venture Partners’ involvement further solidifies Mistral AI’s position as a prominent player in the AI landscape.

Businessmen Xavier Niel and Rodolphe Saade, along with JCDecaux Holding, Italy’s Exor Ventures, and Belgian firm Sofina, played a crucial role in supporting Mistral AI’s fundraising. Notably, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt also holds a stake in the company. The backing of these influential individuals and organizations further validates Mistral AI’s potential and underscores the significance of its mission in the AI space.

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While traditionally lagging behind tech powerhouses like New York, California, and London, Paris is determined to transform itself into a thriving technology hub. The successful fundraising by Mistral AI has garnered praise from French government minister Jean-Noel Barrot, who sees it as a stepping stone for Paris to enhance its global reputation as a technological center. Mistral AI’s achievement contributes to the ongoing efforts to position Paris as a formidable contender in the tech industry.

“Bravo to the start-up Mistral AI which has raised 105 million euros just a month after its creation: a record!” wrote Barrot on Twitter. This accolade from a government minister highlights the significance of Mistral AI’s achievement and its positive impact on Paris’s aspirations. The city’s ambitions to become a global tech center receive a considerable boost through the success of Mistral AI, solidifying its reputation as an innovative and progressive destination for technology companies.

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Mistral AI’s recent fund-raising milestone holds immense significance for the AI sector and underscores its rapid growth and potential.

As Mistral AI continues to thrive and expand its operations, it will contribute significantly to the growth of the AI sector, fostering economic development and job creation. The influx of capital into Mistral AI and similar companies bolsters the overall ecosystem, attracting talent and investments while bolstering Europe’s position in the global tech landscape.

A: Mistral AI’s ability to secure €105 million in funding within a month can be attributed to its innovative AI solutions, strong leadership, and the attractiveness of the French tech ecosystem. The company’s vision, coupled with the growing demand for AI technologies, has garnered significant investor interest and support.

A: Mistral AI’s successful fund-raising sends a positive signal to the global tech community, positioning France as a major player in the AI landscape. It boosts France’s credibility as a tech hub, attracting more investments, fostering innovation, and paving the way for future growth and collaboration.

A: Mistral AI’s impressive fund-raising achievement reflects the burgeoning AI sector in Europe. It demonstrates the continent’s ambition to compete with Silicon Valley giants and establishes Europe as a fertile ground for AI innovation, attracting investors, entrepreneurs, and talent from around the world.

A: Mistral AI’s AI solutions have vast applications across multiple sectors. They can revolutionize healthcare by enabling more accurate diagnoses and personalized treatments. In finance, Mistral AI’s technologies can enhance fraud detection and streamline financial operations. Additionally, the manufacturing and transportation sectors can benefit from improved efficiency and optimized processes.

A: Mistral AI’s success in raising €105 million facilitates job creation and economic growth in several ways. The company’s expansion requires a skilled workforce, leading to employment opportunities in AI-related fields. Moreover, as Mistral AI and similar companies flourish, they contribute to the overall growth of the tech sector, attracting investments and fostering economic development.

A: Mistral AI’s fund-raising success serves as a significant milestone for the future of AI. It demonstrates the growing recognition of AI’s transformative potential and highlights the importance of continued investment in cutting-edge technologies. Mistral AI’s achievements inspire other AI startups, spurring innovation and driving the evolution of the AI sector.

Mistral AI’s impressive fund-raising accomplishment of €105 million just a month after its inception showcases the company’s potential and contributes to France’s ambition of establishing itself as a prominent global tech hub. This achievement not only signifies the rapid growth of the AI sector but also demonstrates Europe’s determination to compete with Silicon Valley giants. As Mistral AI continues to innovate and evolve, it is poised to revolutionize industries, drive economic growth, and shape the future of artificial intelligence.

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Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Summits And Events For 2023

Artificial intelligence summits are gaining more popularity with the growing demand for technology

Conferences, summits, or events are gatherings of like-minded people and industry peers. These summits bring people together from different geographical regions who share a common discipline or interest to discuss innovations, techniques, unpublished data, or to learn new things from thought leaders that they may not have known previously.

Date: March 21-24, 2023

Location: Virtual Mode

International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education

Date: January 6-8, 2023 Location: Chengdu, China The ICAIE will be held in January 2023, which will mark its second year as the industry witnesses the development in the field of artificial intelligence in education. The ICAIE keeps working on itself as an event, aiming to provide a chance and platform to researchers from academia, industries, and government institutions to exchange and present the latest findings and innovations of

• International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Applications

Date: January 7-8, 2023 Location: Singapore This conference is hosted by the International Research Conference, which is a federated organization dedicated, bringing together a significant number of diverse scholarly events for presentation within the program. The ICAIA aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers, and research scholars to exchange and their experiences and research results on all aspects of

• World Artificial Intelligence Cannes Festival

Date: February 10-12, 2023 Location: Cannes, France, and Online The World AI Cannes Festival is a unique and global event on AI, bringing together organizations and individuals to build the future of our society and industries. The conference program will be hosting over 100 speakers from around the world to conduct workshops and in-depth presentations about the prospective contributions of  

• International Conference on Advances in Industrial Artificial Intelligence 

Date: January 14-15, 2023 Location: Bali, Indonesia Date: March 11-20, 2023 Location: Austin, Texas The SXSW Conference provides an opportunity for the global community of digital creatives to encounter cutting-edge ideas, discover new interests, and communicate with other professionals who share a similar appetite for work. The conference will feature a variety of tracks that focus on the most important breakthroughs in technology, film, culture, and music. SXSW aims to prove that the most unexpected discoveries can happen when diverse topics and people come together.  

• Big Data and Analytics Summit

Date: March 22-23, 2023 Location: Toronto, ON The Big Data and Analytics Summit are designed to provide data executives with current trends, strategic insights, and best practices trending in technology, data,

• World Summit AI Americas

Date: May 4-5, 2023 Location: Montreal The World Summit AI conference focuses on connecting the global AI ecosystem, starting from enterprise to big tech, start-ups, investors, and science. The conference is organized by Inspired Minds- a tech and science strategy group focused on AI4Good, operating in healthcare, education, STEM, and governments, at the strategic levels of AI.  

• Deep Learning World

Date: June 19-23, 2023 Location: Caesars Palace, Las Vegas The Deep Learning World is a premier conference covering the deployment of deep learning. The event’s mission is to foster breakthroughs in the value-driven operationalization of established deep learning methods. As part of the ML week, the event will be held alongside the five major Predictive Analytics World Conferences.  

• Data+AI Summit

Date: June 27-30, 2023 Location: San Francisco, US

Microsoft’S Google Glass Rival Tech Tips Ar For Live Events

Microsoft’s Google Glass rival tech tips AR for live events

Microsoft is working on its own Google Glass alternative, a wearable computer which can overlay real-time data onto a user’s view of the world around them. The research, outed in a patent application published today for “Event Augmentation with Real-Time Information” (No. 20120293548), centers on a special set of digital eyewear with one or both lenses capable of injecting computer graphics and text into the user’s line of sight, such as to label players in a sports game, flag up interesting statistics, or even identify objects and offer contextually-relevant information about them.

The digital glasses would track the direction in which the wearer was looking, and adjust its on-screen graphics accordingly; Microsoft also envisages a system whereby eye-tracking is used to select areas of focus within the scene. Information shown could follow a preprogrammed script – Microsoft uses the example of an opera, where background detail about the various scenes and arias could be shown in order – or on an ad-hoc basis, according to contextual cues from the surrounding environment.

In Microsoft’s cutaway diagram – a top-down perspective of one half of the AR eyewear – there’s an integrated microphone (910) and a front-facing camera for video and stills (913), while video is shown to the wearer via a light guide (912). That (along with a number of lenses) works with standard eyeglass lenses (916 and 918), whether prescription or otherwise, while the opacity filter (914) helps improve light guide contrast by blocking out some of the ambient light. The picture itself is projected from a microdisplay (920) through a collimating lens (922). There are also various sensors and outputs, potentially including speakers (930), inertial sensors (932) and a temperature monitor (938).

Microsoft is keeping its options open when it comes to display types, and as well as generic liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) and LCD there’s the suggestion that the wearable could use Qualcomm’s mirasol or a Microvision PicoP laser projector. An eye-tracker (934) could be used to spot pupil movement, either using IR projection, an internally-facing camera, or another method.

Whereas Google has focused on the idea of Glass as a “wearable smartphone” that saves users from pulling out their phone to check social networks, get navigation directions, and shoot photos and video, Microsoft’s interpretation of augmented reality takes a slightly different approach in building around live events. One possibility we could envisage is that the glasses might be provided by an entertainment venue, such as a sports ground or theater, just as movie theaters loan 3D glasses for the duration of a film.

That would reduce the need for users to actually buy the (likely expensive) glasses themselves, and – since they’d only be required to last the duration of the show or game – the battery demands would be considerably less than a full day. Of course, a patent application alone doesn’t mean Microsoft is intending a commercial release, but given the company’s apparently increasing focus on entertainment (such as the rumored Xbox set-top box) it doesn’t seem too great a stretch.

[via Unwired View]

The Startup Events You Need To Know About This Year

Take a look at these social media statistics. One in three receive their news through Facebook, the average Twitter user spends 170 minutes a month on the platform, and the average user spends $60 when coming from Facebook.

This should show you that more than ever before technology is making people more social. That means you have to form relationships with your target audience. As a startup, it’s the only way you are going to generate sales.


The TechWeek conference is perfect for startups because more than ever before you need to leverage technology in your business. It doesn’t matter what industry you happen to be operating in. This will be a week where you will be enjoying talks about everything from gender equality to adopting HP & Dell servers as part of a new technology drive in your business.

Add in the fun activities like yoga, pitching sessions, and hackathons and you have a conference that’s worth every penny.

TechWeek has had some huge names attend as speakers in the past, including Tinder co-founder Jonathan Badeen and Square co-founder Jim McKelvey.

Social Media Marketing World 2024

This is the conference of the prominent social media site Social Media Examiner. It’s currently the world’s biggest social media marketing conference. You’ll connect with 3000 other people, including startups, to listen to 100 social media pros talk about how to drive traffic to your website via social media and convert them into paying customers.

The lineup for 2024 is huge, with figures including Facebook marketer Mari Smith, Guy Kawasaki who was formerly associated with Apple, and NYT best-selling author Chris Brogan.


If you are thinking about how new tech  can help your company or you are thinking about how to manage your startup from top to bottom while juggling a busy lifestyle, this is the conference for you. Named as America’s fastest growing tech conference, this is produced by the same team that produced the renowned Web Summit event.

This conference has gained a reputation for being special because it brings together people who are just getting started with people who are already well established. Many of the CEOs here were once leaders of the hottest startups in the world, before they became established. Notable investors are also known to attend.

Some of the speakers for this year include Steve Huffman, the founder of Reddit, and Linda Boff, the CMO of General Electric. And with every year the list keeps getting more and more glamorous. This is one of the most important startup events and should be on everybody’s list.

On a side note, this is held on either side of Jazz Weekend in New Orleans, so it’s also the perfect time to take in some authentic American culture at the same time.


The mission of the 99U conference says everything that needs to be said. It’s designed to shift the focus from generating ideas to executing ideas. In other words, you are going to learn about the value of taking an idea and actually acting on it. This is about making things happen, which many startups are guilty of not doing.

The setup here is almost intimidating as 16 main stages are erected in New York City for speakers who will show you how you can go about making things happen. They will use their stories and their experiences to help inspire and form startups like yours.

Previous years have included talks by Seth Godin and Leah Busque. This year AJ Jacobs and Brene Brown will be presenting.

Big Omaha

Omaha, Nebraska, may not be the place you thought you would find a big startup conference. On the contrary, this is the startup conference that’s all about passion. Instead of bringing people to the glitz of New York, it’s about attracting startups that are passionate about changing the world and making successes of themselves.

The main themes engulfing this low-cost conference are collaboration and connection. It’s one of the smaller and more affordable events, so if you want to find out how to best harness your passion this is most certainly the conference for you.

Speakers that have attended Big Omaha before include Jamie Tworkowski and Brad Feld. Speakers like these are responsible for bringing a passionate community together.

Eight Apps To Help You Win National Novel Writing Month

Authors write novels all year long. But November marks National Novel Writing Month, better known as NaNoWriMo, a time when amateurs and pros alike strive to finally put their ideas on paper. Feeling daunted by the idea of writing a book in a month? Technology can help.

We’ve collected the best programs for getting your literary masterpiece out of your head and down in black and white. While we’re focusing on computer applications (assuming you’d prefer to tap out your carefully crafted sentences on a proper keyboard), for both Windows and macOS, many of our picks come with phone apps as well.

Microsoft Word

What’s left to say about the definitive word processing app? Although Microsoft Word was once in danger of becoming stodgy and outdated, in recent years, Microsoft updated it to look much more fresh and modern. In addition to the clean, elegant interface, you get just about every feature you could possibly want from a word processor.

Microsoft Word for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, starting at $70 per year; also available as free trial and web app


Unlike many word processors, Ulysses prioritizes a clean and pleasingly minimal interface. Rather than showing cluttered menus or toolbars, it puts the focus on the words on the page. In fact, the app doesn’t include any of the usual formatting tools: Instead, you create headings, bold text, and so on through the Markdown annotation standard (for example, ## precedes a heading).

Some of the app’s nice touches include a typewriter mode, where the line you’re working on stays fixed in the center of the screen, and a writing goals option, which tracks your progress as you put together your novel. Because it’s also available on mobile, you can easily manage and sync documents across macOS and iOS. One of the only downsides: You can’t use it on any non-Apple hardware.

Ulysses for macOS and iOS, starting at $40 per year; also available as free trial


The word processor component—Writer—gives you a variety of useful tools: multiple layouts, tons of formatting options, word counting, spell checking, a variety of import and export options, proofing tools, and more. Like with Word, an AutoCorrect ability lets you fix mistakes as you type them. However, as an open-source project supported by volunteers, LibreOffice doesn’t quite match the specs and polish of Word. Still, it’s a pleasure to use and won’t cost you a penny.

LibreOffice for Windows and macOS, free


Scrivener aims to serve serious writers, not just people composing letters to the bank or putting together yard-sale flyers. To that end, it provides extra features for managing long documents, and helps you organize the chapters, plotlines, characters, and general structure of your novel.

For example, with Scrivener, you can view your research and notes alongside the actual manuscript, and you can break up the text however you like. It acts more like a complete project manager for the whole novel-writing process. You can also fine-tune all kinds of formatting options, including headers, footers, and footnotes. This extended level of control continues when you’re ready to export your work: Scrivener supports all the popular formats, including PDF and Microsoft Word.

Scrivener for Windows and macOS, $40; for iOS, $20; also available as free trial

Google Docs

Most of the benefits of the Google Docs word processor come from its status as a web app. You can use it wherever you find a browser, including on a Chromebook; it will sync your novel across every machine you log into; and your work will save automatically. If your laptop falls under a bus, this won’t destroy your novel: Just log into a new computer and carry on.

Another plus is that Google constantly updates the Google Docs software, so you’ll always have access to the latest version. That said, the app doesn’t have quite as many layout and formatting options as some of the other programs here. But the basics—including support for tables, images, and spell checking—are all present and correct.

Google Docs for Android and iOS, free

iA Writer

iA Writer is the complete opposite of notes-heavy Scrivener: It strips away everything but the text itself, letting you focus on the words, sentences, paragraphs, and chapters while keeping other distractions to a minimum. As with Ulysses, you type simple Markdown codes to format your text, and you can incorporate images and simple tables too.

iA Writer for macOS, $20; for Android and iOS, $5


Working on a MacBook or iPad? Unless you need a Windows desktop app or Android support, the free Pages program is an obvious choice, offering all the usual Apple polish and finesse. Even Windows users can enjoy the more basic version available through iCloud online. Thanks to iCloud, everything syncs quickly and easily across devices.

Pages for macOS and iOS, free; also available as free web app


Last but not least, Byword is another minimalistic writing app in the vein of Ulysses or iA Writer. Again, you format with Markdown codes, which means you get an uncluttered interface that lets you focus on your text. And that stylish-looking interface really is the main selling point of Byword. You won’t see a huge number of features, although you do get some neat extras such as real-time word counts, but your text will look great.

Everything saves instantly and syncs across devices, so you can stop worrying and just concentrate on writing. Finally, when it’s time to share your work, you can post your writing straight to the web or export it to a number of commonly-used formats, including HTML, PDF, and rich text. In the cons column, this straightforward app will only work in the Apple ecosystem.

Byword for macOS, $11; for iOS, $6

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