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It’s easy to dismiss how reliant a modern lifestyle is on the ability to constantly charge batteries and consume large quantities of data over WiFi. Even minor interruptions to internet and electrical services can be frustrating inconveniences, but how do iPhones, Apple Watches, and Macs fare during an extended period off the grid? I unexpectedly found out this week.

Shortly after noon on July 20th, a round of severe storms sent a large cedar tree crashing to the ground in my front yard, severing the power and communication lines running to my home and office. Outages were widespread throughout the entire region, with countless trees and utility poles snapped. Cell towers were even offline for several hours. Maintenance crews began a 24/7 operation to restore service to nearly 170,000 customers in rural areas. Severe weather of this caliber is highly uncommon along the northern edge of the Midwestern United States.

While most family and friends had power and internet restored within about a day, the single line running from my house to the road was a low priority for a crew overworked and stretched thin tackling larger outages. Power wasn’t restored until the afternoon of July 23rd, roughly 76 hours later. Internet service remains disconnected as I write this.

The tree that disconnected my power and communication lines.

Low Power Mode

MacBooks could benefit from Low Power Mode, too. Switching from the power adapter to battery power already enables a number of energy-saving features, but a toggle for further performance optimizations — like freezing background apps — could significantly improve power-hungry macOS. My MacBook was the most challenging device to keep charged by far, especially since it can’t be fed with a standard portable USB-A power bank.

Personal Hotspot

I’ve used Personal Hotspot on my iPhone more in the past four days than in the four years prior to this outage. Sharing cell data with my MacBook has been critical for working while my home internet is down. Personal Hotspot is perfect for brief tethering sessions, but falls short for sustained use, especially when carrier overages are costly.

Data usage controls would make Personal Hotspot much more useful and economical. As of today, there’s no way to view how much data individual devices are using while tethered. On recent iPhones, the display notch also prevents you from viewing how many devices are connected in the status bar.

Low Data Mode

Similar to Low Power Mode, the addition of Low Data Mode on macOS could further alleviate cell data constraints. iOS 13 will add this capability to iPhones when it launches later this year. Some individual apps already have data control settings for features like autoplay video and high-resolution photos, but a system-wide toggle ensures nothing falls through the cracks. As it stands today, keeping a Mac connected via Personal Hotspot at all times is largely impractical without an unlimited data plan.

Data sharing between devices with the same Apple ID also has the potential to cut down on cellular usage. For apps present on both iOS and macOS like Messages, Mail, and Photos, data could theoretically be passed locally between devices instead of downloaded multiple times over the same cell connection.

Apple Watch

I charge my Apple Watch nightly no matter the circumstances and have been fortunate enough to never run the battery dead since upgrading to a Series 4 model last fall. Faced with the need to stretch my batteries as long as possible, I was pleasantly surprised by how long the latest Apple Watch can remain off a charger. Between Saturday morning and Monday evening, I only needed about 20 minutes of charging time to keep my watch running with a healthy margin of battery life. I minimized notifications and turned off WiFi to conserve power, but didn’t need to enter Power Reserve, dial back the display brightness, disable background app refresh, or enable Power Saving Mode in the Workout app.

The flashlight toggle first added in watchOS 4 is also surprisingly useful. I’ve never had a real reason to use it before aside from novelty, but in a pinch it just might be more useful than the iPhone’s flashlight because you can use it hands-free.

If you have a recent Apple Watch, don’t dismiss the feature as a gimmick — the 1,000-nit display is brighter than you might expect.


I’ve been slow to adopt HomeKit devices into my lifestyle, but with power restored and internet service still disconnected, I’m grateful only a few of my lights are smart. The HomeKit fixtures I do have are mostly inoperable right now, making them even less convenient than my standard lights and switches. Extended outages like mine are uncommon, but it’s worth considering the possibility of a similar event happening at your own home before throwing out all of your standard fixtures. Needless to say, my HomePod has also been reduced to an elegant paperweight.

Overstaying my welcome at Starbucks helped minimize data overages.


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Apple Watch Series 3: Release Date, Lte, Redesign

Apple Watch Series 3: release date, LTE, redesign

Though we’re expecting Apple to devote much of its keynote address today to the new iPhone, the company actually kicked off the show by introducing us to Apple Watch Series 3. After giving us an introduction to the Steve Jobs theater, Tim Cook shared some of the successes the Apple Watch has enjoyed over the last year. For instance, the Apple Watch has grown 50% year-over-year, becoming the number one watch in the world and boasting a 97% customer satisfaction rating.

Those are some fairly impressive numbers, and they give Apple plenty of reason to continue with the Apple Watch line even as the smartwatch market seems to be floundering a bit. Cook brought Apple COO Jeff Williams on stage to do just that, as he announced both WatchOS 4 and Apple Watch Series 3. In WatchOS 4, Apple will be more focused on heart health, measuring things like resting heart rate and recovery heart rate after workouts.

Williams says will give you a clearer picture of your heart rate throughout the day. Through a new app called Apple Heart Study, the Apple Watch will even help you detect irregular rhythm in your heart beat. This, in turn, will help users identify when they have a serious problem such as Atrial Fibrilation, which can increase the risk of stroke but often goes undiagnosed because people who have it often don’t feel any symptoms.

Of course, the new WatchOS needs a home, and that’s where Apple Watch Series 3 comes in. The big change with Apple Watch Series 3 is that it will now offer cellular support, allowing you to connect it to your carrier’s mobile network. This not only means that you’ll be able to stream music directly from your watch (assuming you have a pair of Apple EarPods), but it will also allow you to place and receive calls through the Watch itself, just as Williams did on stage.

Apple Watch Series 3 is outfitted with a dual-core processor that promises 70% more power over previous iterations, while an Apple-made W2 chip will handle WiFi and Bluetooth connections. The watch is also “swim proof” and while the addition of a cellular antenna would usually increase the size of the Watch itself, Williams says it’s virtually the same size as Series 2. The only difference is that the back crystal extends an extra 0.25mm.

Apple Watch Series 3 orders will open up on September 15, with the watch launching on September 22. The cellular model will run $399, while a model without cellular will cost $329. Apple Watch Series 1 is also sticking around, only with a new price tag from here on out: $249.

Apple Watch Series 3 will be launching in a number of regions with support for a variety of carriers – which you can see above – while the WiFi-only version of Series 3 will be getting a larger release. We’ll have plenty more from Apple’s 2023 keynote, so keep it right here at SlashGear for coverage of all the big announcements!

Best Running Apps For Iphone And Apple Watch In 2023

“Health is wealth.” It’s a common proverb that describes the importance of a healthy body and mind. Apple vows to this notion and brings it out in the wide range of products it creates. Additionally, in this digital age, running enthusiasts are increasingly relying on iPhone and Apple Watch apps to enhance their workouts and track their progress.

With the plethora of running apps available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your needs. Fear not! In this article, we have carefully curated a list of the best running apps for iPhone and Apple Watch that will help you optimize your running experience, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned marathoner.

1. ASICS Runkeeper – Editor’s Choice

When you look for a running app, the first thing that comes to your mind is its efficiency and cost. What if I tell you that there is an app that ticks off these parameters and more? Let me introduce you to the Asics Runkeeper app.

The platform thrives upon its easy-to-use interface that works as your perfect virtual running coach. Set your personal goals; the Runkeeper app will help you quickly achieve them.  Once you download the app, you encounter a series of questions guiding the algorithm to assess your goals. For instance, ASICS Runkeeper serves professionals training for an upcoming race or running enthusiasts willing to create a personal record.

In addition, the ASICS Running coaches adopt a well-planned regime to curate a portfolio of audio-guided workout sessions just for you. So feel free to pick a personalized plan that motivates you to wear those running shoes daily.   

The app’s seamless integration with Apple Watch lets you track your workouts on the go, even without access to your iPhone. In addition, you can select the stats you want to listen to while running, such as distance covered, pace, and time taken. Earn rewards by joining the in-app challenges or participating in virtual running groups. 


Good for beginners and experts 

Customizable interface 

Seamless integration with fitness apps and wearables 

Trained experts keep you motivated  


Live tracking is limited to paid version only 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $9.99) 


2. Nike Run Club – Best free running app 

Do you need the right motivation to make running an inevitable part of your routine life? If yes, the Nike Run Club running app is here for you. With Guided Runs and Training Plans, you can take the first baby steps toward running and turn it into a habit in no time. The platform shines as one of the best running apps for Apple Watch by offering expert guidance and a global user community to seek inspiration. 

Get trained by fitness experts, even Nike legends, using Nike Run Club’s Guided Run. The encouragement, guidance, and help you will get from the professionals will work as a catalyst to achieve the set targets. Whatever your goal – 5k or 10k, long or short runs, easy or hard – you will likely find a Guided Run routine on the NRC app. Additionally, you can choose the pre-planned Training Plans created by NRC coaches.   

The Run Tracker keeps a record of your running speed, distance, heart rate, GPS route, and mile splits without bothering you. Moreover, by syncing this activity tracker with your Apple smartwatch, you will always have constant access to your running stats. The app also houses a shoe tagging feature that tracks the mileage on your shoes and sends a reminder when your pair gets worn out.   


Get trained by Nike legends  

Wide variety of Guided Runs 

Easy tracking of activities 

Shoe Tagging available 


Less in-depth features 

No suggested route functions 

Price: Free  


3. Adidas Running – Learn from the experts

Coming from a leading sports firm, Adidas Running is a comprehensive app that caters to the requirements of running enthusiasts. This Apple Watch-compatible fitness app displays your runs through maps, pictures, charts, and graphs. Additionally, a tap on one of the past activities shows crucial vitals like mileage, distance covered, time taken, and average speed.

The free version of the Adidas Running app provides seamless access to real-time GPS tracking, calories burned, and heart rate statistics. You also get regular running stats, like your weekly activity, remaining distance from your target, etc. If you need a push, you can join Adidas’ running online community, listen to ‘Story Runs’ (aka podcasts), read blog posts, or participate in challenges or training groups. Oh, and you get rewarded every time you hit a milestone!

You can customize your run by giving it a name, adding photos, adorning it with a smiley, or selecting an icon related to it. In addition, the app notifies you about the details of your run, so you don’t have to be a slave to your Apple Watch and glance at it constantly. All the data your Apple Watch tracks is easily downloadable on the Running app. Keeping track of your data will never be an issue with this amazing app.   


Track stats like run duration, distance, consistency, etc. 

Virtual Races to compete with global athletes 

Seamless integration with fitness apps 

Useful for yoga, hiking, cycling, etc. 


Average community engagement 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 


4. Strava – Tracks routes for safe running

If you are aware of fitness apps, Strava must have caught your attention at some point. The platform records your runs and bicycle rides and lets you compete with people who share your passion. Access a detailed description of your run time, distance covered, pace, and other factors on your Training Log. With seamless integration with Apple Watch, Strava relieves you from the burden of carrying your iPhone.

One of the most notable features of Strava is its ability to make users feel the adrenaline rush of competition. After completing your activity, the stats go into a pool where the app ranks you on the Leaderboard against other participants. Cool, right? In addition, with the Routes tool, you can find the best routes for running or cycling. Also, you can share your live location with family members to ensure your safety. 

Strava allows you to build a strong community of fellow runners who will keep you motivated. Moreover, you can participate in monthly challenges, collect digital badges, and create winning streaks. The platform is fully compatible with multiple apps and devices like Fitbit. It’s simple and cost-effective.  


A diverse collection of features 

Strong community support 

Easily compatible with health apps


Demands access to personal information  


Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $11.99) 


5. Garmin Connect – Compete with other runner enthusiasts

Garmin Connect is for anyone who wants to keep a check on their fitness. Apart from being an impressive running app, Garmin Connect trains and keeps you motivated to work towards a healthy lifestyle. Find your favorite pick from the diverse range of Training Plans curated by Garmin Connect’s team of health professionals. The predesigned running plans train you for 5k, 10k, half marathon, and marathon races.  

When you open the app, you come across the ‘My Data’ section, which displays an activity summary of the past 24 hours. This includes your activities, steps covered, calories burned, heart rate history, and more. What makes this app a perfect pick for women is the period tracker that ensures you never miss the date of your next cycle. Also, Garmin Connect allows you to compete with your friends on running tracks. A perfect way to keep the motivation high! 

In addition, the Calendar tool lets you track down health stats for a week, month, or year. You can review your personal running stats, achievements, and more on Apple Watch. Don’t hesitate to customize a Training Plan based on your needs. The platform tracks several important vitals like weight, sleep, stress, oxygen levels, energy, hydration, respiration, and others.  


User-friendly interface 

Accurate tracking of body vitals 

Connect and compete with friends 

Offers access to daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly running stats 


Issues with synchronization 

Price: Free  


6. Map My Run –  Reliable companion for Apple Watch

Seamless access to customizable Training Plans paired with personalized tips from experts makes this app quite popular. Moreover, the platform lets you track your runs directly from your Apple Watch. So, now, you can get real-time updates on distance, pace, time, heart rate, etc., about your activities right at your fingertips; oops! I mean wrist. The audio-supported expert training on GPS-tracked runs will help you achieve your goals.  

With the Routes feature, you can find safe running paths near you. Quickly save your favorite routes, add new ones, and share them with your friends. Also, the app’s training plans allow you to customize them per your fitness needs. You can integrate your Map My Run account with other fitness platforms like MyFitnessPal and achieve your health goals successfully.   


Customizable user-interface 

Wide range of Training Plans 

Accuracy in data collection 


Limited features in the free version 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $5.99) 


7. C25K – Accurate running stats for you

C25K is a perfect companion for people who want to start running as a routine workout. The platform strives to keep new runners motivated so they do not give up on their fitness goals on the first step itself. You get access to a well-structured program that starts with a balanced routine of running and walking. Gradually, as you build the necessary strength and stamina, the app shifts you to intense running schedules.  

Once you download the C25K app, you must provide the platform with your personal information like weight, age, running target, etc. Based on the data collected, C25K sets the initial point for your running plan. Each training session offered by the app comprises guided audio lessons and alerts from professionals and health experts. You can skip ahead to the next levels; however, this is only possible for paid subscriptions. 

The app records all your activities inside your C25K account. This includes stats about your runs, distance covered, time taken, step count, etc. Moreover, you can track your daily and monthly progress through graphs and meters. Get the widest smile on your face on completing your running targets. 


Well-structured Training Plans 

Keeps users motivated 

Graphical representation of stats 


Issues with data accuracy 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99) 


8. Running Trainer – GPS-enabled tracking for runners

Running Trainer can be a reliable consideration if you are looking for Apple Watch and iPhone running apps. Recognized for accuracy in distance and time tracking, the app houses a streamlined interface that offers access to an array of useful tools. The platform works seamlessly with your Apple Watch to ensure that you can always view your running stats, past records, and progress charts.  

Decide your target, provide it to Run Tracker, and allow the app to help you achieve them organically. Every time you put your running shoes on a roll, the app guides you through audio feedback as and when you move toward your target. Moreover, you can integrate the app with Maps and enable GPS instantly. This will save you from the hassle of finding the right route.  

The app can easily connect to your music player and stream your playlists on the go. Also, you can connect your Run Tracker account to Apple Health to record heart rate vitals and calorie count. Keep yourself active with Run Tracker’s efficient interface that helps you achieve your fitness goals easily. 


Simple user interface 

Guided audio feedback 

Integration with music player, Apple Health 


Occasional lags in tracking

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $9.99) 


9. Peloton – Live training sessions at your fingertips

Change the way how you see physical activities like running with the Peloton app. Trusted as one of the best run-tracking apps for the Apple Watch, Peloton has everything that a beginner or a trained runner might need. The portal offers a dedicated collection of workouts, such as indoor and outdoor running, cycling, meditation, and more.  

Quickly adopt a fitness routine using the thousands of live and on-demand training sessions taught by Peloton’s global instructors. The trainers follow a simple-to-learn routine while giving instructions to keep the participants motivated and less burdened. Most of the training plans available on this app range from 4 to 18 weeks. GPS-supported interface supplies you with key metrics, including pace, running maps, elevation, etc.  

In addition, you can participate in the app’s monthly Challenges that mix into your routine seamlessly. One of the most interesting features of the Peloton app is its training session for indoor running. So, even if you are running on a treadmill, the app keeps you in check with interval coaching and energetic playlists.  


Preloaded training classes 

Training sessions for indoor running 

Seamless accessibility via Apple Watch 


Explicit language usage by experts 

Issues with live classes 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $12.99) 


10. Running Walking Tracker Goals – Reports to keep you motivated  

Willing to take the next running challenge? Pick Running Walking Tracker Goals and accomplish all your set goals without stressing your body and mind. Be it running, walking, jogging, or biking- this efficient app has got you covered. The app is fully optimized for the Apple Watch, which makes you access data regarding the distance, pace, and time of your runs anytime and anywhere. Just create your profile and switch to the training plan you would like to follow. 

Analyze your running activities using the monthly progress reports and stay motivated. The live graphical interpretation of your activities will help you find the positives and loopholes in your running schedules. Though, this feature is limited to the premium version of the app. In addition, don’t shy away from sharing your progress chart with your friends whenever you complete a milestone.  

Start your favorite routine directly from the Apple Watch with the Goals app. Further, the premium version gives you access to other important features like a calorie counter, audio feedback on your activities, live intervals, etc. Moreover, you can keep a check on your pulse rate while running using your Apple smartwatch after purchasing the paid version.  


Graphical data representation 

Daily and monthly progress reports 

Allows pulse rate tracking using Apple Watch 


Occasional app crashes  

Faulty reports at times

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $7.99) 


11. Distance Tracker – Access important vitals quickly

Running is an exhaustive physical activity. Most of the time, while achieving our target, we forget to track our stats. If you also face such issues, the Distance Tracker app can be your perfect companion. This app is fully compatible with the Apple Watch, so you are always in access to important information that matters during running.  

Analyze your requirements, set goals, and customize them by adding unique names or motivational quotes. In addition, you can save your past routes or achievements and hop on to them whenever your mood says so. Distance Tracker app gives you accurate records of your activities, distance covered, time taken, pace, heart rate, etc., at your fingertips. Looking at your past achievements will bless you with an instant dose of motivation.  

Apart from running stats, Distance Tracker offers you access to many other important vitals like calorie count, weather, temperature, hydration, etc. Stream your favorite music without leaving the app while straining your muscles during long-running schedules. Also, like social media, the Distance Tracker app lets you share your progress reports with friends. Flexing is an art, so why not be the artist! 


Easy-to-customize Training Plans 

Water reminder available 

Smooth music integration 


Messy record keeping 

Price: Free  



Can I run with just my Apple Watch?  

Apple Watch has in-built GPS support that lets you track distance and speed during your runs even without your paired iPhone.

Can I use my iPhone to track my run? 

Yes, you can use the Health app on your iPhone to track your outdoor workouts.

Wrapping up! 

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How To Customize The Watch Face On Apple Watch: A Detailed Guide

Feeling festive, blue, missing someone, or need tons of data handy, instantly switch your Apple watch face to match your mood, occasion, or requirements. Set photos or animated Memoji, add varied complications or change it as per a schedule. Thankfully Apple gives you several ways to customize your watch face. Here’s how you can do it.

How to Change Watch Face on Apple Watch

There are two effortless ways to choose a different watch face on your Apple Watch quickly.

Credit: Apple

Lift your wrist to light up the screen. You may also tap once. From the left or right edge, swipe horizontally to easily switch to a different watch face from your collection.

Press firmly on your current watch face. Now, swipe left or right to see all the available watch faces from your collection. Tap on one to set it.

Now, let us see how to add helpful features to the Apple Watch face.

Add Complications to the Watch Face

According to Apple, complications are ‘special features‘ that you can add to some watch faces. Once you do that, you can see information like battery status, weather, stocks, heart rate, etc. at a glance. Complications also let you quickly trigger an action. For example, get to the Phone app quickly. Here is how to add complications to the Apple watch face.

Press firmly on the current watch face. Tap on Customize. If your Apple Watch is running watchOS 7, tap on Edit.

Swipe left till you reach the end screen. Tap on one of them.

Press the Digital Crown to save the changes.

Finally, tap on the watch face to set it.

Add Complications from Other Apps

Third-party apps downloaded from the App Store can have their complications for the Apple Watch. Here is how to enable and make use of them.

Open the Watch app on your paired iPhone. Tap on My Watch tab, if not already.

Tap on Complications.

Tap on Edit.

Under DO NOT INCLUDE, tap on the green plus icon for a complication.

Tap Done.

Now, this third-party complication is ready to be used with compatible watch faces. Follow the above steps for this. It is the same as adding any in-built complication.

Note: watchOS 7 allows you to add multiple complications from the same app to view different pieces of information at a glance.

For instance, if you use the Dawn Patrol app for surfing, you can set up a watch face that shows the water temperature, swell, and wind speed predictions for a beach of your choice.

Change Watch Face Colors, Symbols, Dial, etc.

On supported watch faces, you can change the accent color, style, dial type (analog, digital), number system (Arabic, Indian, Roman, etc.), and more. Here is how.

Press firmly on the current watch face.

Tap Customize. Or swipe left or right to select the desired watch face and then tap on Customize.

On top of the screen, you will see SYMBOLS, DIAL, STYLE, COLOR, etc. The options here depend on the watch face. Some have, some do not.

Turn the Digital Crown to make the changes.

Swipe left to right to select a different heading. Again rotate the Digital Crown to customize it.

Press the Digital Crown to save the changes, and finally tap on the watch face to set it.

Set Photo as Watch Face on Apple Watch

There are two easy ways. You can use saved pictures on your Apple Watch to create and set it as a watch face. Or, use the Photos app on the iPhone. Let us look at both.

Using Apple Watch

Open the Photos app and tap on a picture to open it in full screen.

Press firmly on the image.

Tap on Create Watch Face.

Choose Kaleidoscope or Photos.

The image is set as the watch face. Press the Digital Crown to see it.

Using Photos App on iPhone

Launch the Photos app → Albums → Recents.

Tap on Select. Now choose one image or any number up to 24 (It will change every time you lift your wrist). Next, tap on the Share icon.

Scroll down and tap on Create Watch Face.

On the next screen, you can customize it with colors, complications, etc.

Finally, tap on ADD. The new watch face is set.

With watchOS 7, you can share watch faces too. So, if you have a beautiful watch face with photos of your kids, you can share this with your wife’s Apple Watch.

Add a Watch Face to Your Collection

Suppose you want to sport a new watch face every day (or frequently). For this, you should add them to the collection, so it becomes effortless to switch among them. Here is how to do that.

Press firmly on the current watch face.

Swipe all the way from right to left. Tap on the plus icon.

Use touch or Digital Crown to see the watch faces. Tap on one to add it.

Note: When you create watch faces, for example, from photos, they are automatically added to your collection.

View Your Watch Face Collection

You can view your collection from the Apple Watch or the paired iPhone.

Delete a Watch Face From Your Collection

You can remove watch faces straight from your Apple Watch or the iPhone. Here’s how.

From the Apple Watch

Firmly press on a watch face.

Swipe left or right to select the desired one.

Now, drag it up (just like you force close apps on iPhone). Finally, tap Remove.

From the iPhone

Open the Watch app → Tap on My Watch.

Tap on Edit next to MY FACES.

Tap on the red minus icon and then tap Remove.

Change Time Shown in Watch Face

Many people, myself included, like to keep the wristwatch 5 minutes ahead. You can do so with your Apple Watch as well. Please note that thankfully, this change does not affect alarms, the time shown in notifications, world clocks, or any other time. Pretty neat!

Open the Settings app on your watch.

Scroll down using touch or by rotating the Digital Crown. Tap on Clock.

Tap on +0 min.

Turn the Digital Crown to set your watch ahead. You can choose from 1 minute to up to 59 minutes.

Finally, tap on Set.

This new forward time is visible only on the watch face. The time everywhere else, like in the upper right corner of the Apple Watch Settings app or other apps, will continue to be the actual time.

Automatically Change Apple Watch Faces According to Time and Location

Launch the Shortcuts app on your iPhone.

Go to the Automation tab from the bottom of the screen and tap on ‘+’.

Here, tap on Create Personal Automation.

Tap Time of Day and choose the time and the repeat cycle accordingly.

After selection, tap on Next.

Now, tap on Add Action.

Search Set Watch Face and select the action.

Here, tap on Face (the box at the end) and select the watch face from the list, and tap on Next.

Now, turn off the toggle next to Ask Before Running off.

Select Don’t Ask from the popup & then tap on Done to create the shortcut.

The tutorial is focused on Time of Day, you can easily do similar for a location as well. This is very slightly different, Just repeat steps 1 to 3 and then choose either Arrive or Leave → Choose, and enter the location.

After selection tap on Done → select whether Any time or Time Range → Tap on Next → Add Action → search for Set Watch Face → Tap on Face → select the watch face → Next → Done.

As and when the shortcuts created by you will run, your Apple Watch face will switch. Isn’t this hack super simple and massively handy; And the best part is that you can create as many scenarios as you want, one for home, office, movie, parties, gym, and what not…

Customize the Apple Watch Face to Match your Mood

This how you can play with different watch face settings to make the Apple Watch reflect your personality. Feel free to explore the possibilities on your own.

Besides, we also have a list of best Apple Watch alternatives. In case you are planning to get a wearable for a friend or family, make sure to check our recommendation.


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How To Watch Super Bowl 50 On Iphone, Ipad, Apple Tv, And Other Devices

On Sunday evening, millions of people will gather around their TV sets to watch Super Bowl 50. The game features the Denver Broncos taking on the Carolina Panthers, and kickoff is scheduled for 6:30 (ET).

For those of you who aren’t going to be around a television Sunday night, but still want to follow along with the action, we’ve put together a list of ways you’ll be able to do so using an iPhone, iPad, Mac and other devices.

Your options this year are fairly straightforward. CBS is hosting the Super Bowl, and it will be streaming the game for free via its website and mobile apps—no cable subscription required. Unfortunately, Verizon still holds exclusive rights for streaming NFL games on smartphones, but you’ll be able to access the free broadcast almost anywhere else.

How to watch the Super Bowl on iPhone

As in years past, live streaming for the Super Bowl on the iPhone (and other smartphones) is limited to Verizon customers here in the United States. So if you want to watch the game on your handset in any kind of official capacity, you’ll have to go through them. Fortunately, for those of you who are VZW subscribers, this is super easy to do and free for most folks. You’ll just need to grab the NFL Mobile app from the App Store.

Of course, there are other ways to watch the big game on your iPhone—and by other ways I mean hacky workarounds. For instance, you could open the CBS website on a desktop computer, and then remotely connect to it from your smartphone using a VNC app. Though I can’t imagine quality would be very good. Or you could use a Slingbox, or other DVR with similar functionality, to stream the game to your phone, but this can get very pricey if you don’t already own one. Finally, if all else fails, I don’t imagine it’s going to be too difficult to find a non-official stream of the game online somewhere.

How to stream the Super Bowl on iPad

Getting the Super Bowl on your iPad is a much simpler task. Just download the CBS Sports app from the App Store—again you won’t need any kind of login credentials. In addition to live game coverage, the app will also offer stats, breaking news, highlights and other content. I’m sure there will be other options, but I can’t imagine you’ll find a better way to watch the game on your tablet than this.

How to watch the Super Bowl on Apple TV

Luckily, CBS also has a CBS Sports app on Apple TV, so you’ll be able to watch the game through it. Folks who have the new fourth generation Apple TV will have to manually search for it and download it, but like its mobile counterpart, it’s free and doesn’t require a cable subscription.

How to stream the Super Bowl on PC or Mac

Watching the Super Bowl on your Mac or PC is also extremely easy. Just navigate yourself to the chúng tôi website. As with the iPad app, expect to find up-to-the-minute stats, news and game highlights, in addition to the live stream.

Other ways to follow the Super Bowl action

If you don’t really care about watching the Super Bowl live, but want to make sure you follow enough to participate in the water cooler conversations at work the following day, I have a few recommendations for you. The first is YouTube. Google’s popular video sharing service has a special section for Super Bowl commercials, so you can see each of the high budget commercial spots before they go viral.

The second is the official ESPN app. This will allow you to check the score of the big game at your leisure, and quickly access important information like who has gotten hurt, which player made the big play, and more. Yes, there are a number of sports-news apps in the App Store, but I like ESPN because it’s well-designed and very accurate.

Finally, I recommend Twitter. For all of its problems, I think Twitter makes for a great way to follow live events like the Super Bowl. You’ll see real-time reactions from fans, ex-athletes and other experts, and often times reporters will break news—think injury reports and other on-field issues—well before you see them on air. I know it’s tough to find these kinds of tweets unless you’re already following the right people, but if you just search the site for terms like #SuperBowl50 #Broncos #Panthers (or variations of these words), you’ll likely stumble across some great content.

All Apple Watch Icon And Symbol Meanings (A Complete Guide)

Apple Watch, the miniature form of your iPhone, is home to ‘n’ number of features. The tiny screen keeps you updated all day long with numerous notifications. To house them all in the available space, Apple has designated icons and symbols for the same.

Considering the current upgrade in watchOS and the list of icons and symbols, we would like to understand them better. Let’s have a look at all Apple Watch icon and symbol meanings.

Power Of The Thunder 1. Green Lightning Bolt

Most of us are aware of this sign. Signifying power, the green lightning bolt on your Apple Watch screen indicates that your Watch is connected to a charger and is successfully charging your device. Once ultimately charged, the thunder sign will have a circle surrounding it.

2. Red Lightning Bolt

The symbol indicates that your Apple Watch is running low on battery and requires charging as early as possible. The symbol appears after your battery percentage drops to 10%. However, if you do not have a charger around, it is recommended that you consider turning the power reserve on. Doing this will turn off all features except showing you the current time and eventually prolonging the battery life.

Far From The World 3. Plane Icon

The icon signifies that your Apple Watch is in Airplane Mode. Having said this, being in this mode, you’ll have zero access to your wireless features. Only the non-wireless functionalities can be used.

4. Crescent Moon Icon

The symbol implies that your Watch is on Do Not Disturb Mode. In this mode, your Apple Watch display will neither light up nor ring on receiving any call or text. However, the alarm clock functionality will still work.

The symbol tells you that your Apple Watch is in Theater Mode. Here, the silent mode gets activated automatically, and the screen remains dark until the digital crown or tap is accessed on the screen. Having this feature will keep the screen dark all the time, no matter whether you have Apple Watch Series 5,6, or SE, which have the always-on retina display.

6. Bed Icon

As you may presume, the icon says your Apple Watch is in sleep mode. When in this mode, the display will turn off, and when you tap on the screen, the sleep timer will appear in front of you. You can set the time for sleep mode from the settings app.

Staying Connected 7. Tiny Radar Icon

The icon signifies that your Apple Watch is connected to a Wi-Fi icon. You can turn on and off your Apple Watch’s Wi-Fi by tapping the tiny radar icon in the Control Center.

8. Four Horizontal Dots

This icon can be noticed only in the Apple Watches having GPS + Cellular connectivity and is currently linked to a cellular network. The horizontal dots indicate the strength of your signal.

This icon implies that your watch isn’t connected to your iPhone. To remove this icon from your Apple Watch’s screen, consider bringing it close to your iPhone or check if the Airplane mode is turned on. If it’s on, turn it off.

If your Apple Watch has GPS connectivity and has lost a mobile network, you’ll find this sign on your Watch screen.

11. AirPlay Icon

You can switch the audio output by tapping on this icon in the Control Center. This is useful if you have paired different audio sources like speakers, headphones, and accessories.

Icons That Require Attention

The icon indicates that the Water Lock Feature on your Apple Watch is on. It refrains your Apple Watch to perform certain functions. The list includes Wi-FI, Bluetooth, and other functions. Not just this, with the feature on, your watch won’t respond to taps. You can turn the feature on and off from the Control Center.

Don’t un-see this red dot on your Apple Watch unless you are busy. It means you have unread notifications.

If you see this icon on your Apple Watch Screen, an app or functionality is using your location in the background.

As you may presume, the icon denotes that your Apple Watch is locked. Kindly enter your passcode to unlock the Watch.

Icons for Active Apps 16. Running Icon

The icon usually is visible if you are using the workout app on your Watch. However, if you see the icon even when not using it, consider restarting your Apple Watch.

Your Watch is using the Walkie-Talkie app on your Watch. It lets you get in touch with your friends remotely.

18. Turning Right Icon

This icon appears when your Apple Watch is using a third-party app for navigation. This should disappear automatically, soon after your navigation ends.

19. Mic Icon

The icon can usually be seen when one or the other feature is listening to you. The list of functionalities includes talking with Siri, recording, handwashing, or Walkie-Talkie.

20. Striped Play Icon

This is the creative version of the traditional play button. Having said this, if your Apple Watch is playing audio, the icon will appear at the top of the screen.

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