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The new djay for iOS is a single universal app that you can download and use on both iPhone and iPad — no more paid upfront versions for different iOS devices. The new djay update is also enhanced for the latest iPad Pros and includes support for working with DJ hardware over USB-C.

After nearly a decade of selling paid versions of djay, Algoriddim is taking the move to subscriptions seriously with a very considered approach. You can read about Algoriddim’s thinking in their ‘Why We’re Moving to Subscriptions’ blog post.

As a thanks to paying customers over the years, Algoriddim is also offering a special upgrade price for the first year of a subscription for existing customers.

Existing customers who have previously purchased any djay version on iOS are eligible for a special upgrade price of $9.99 for the first year. This is a discount of $30 or 83% off the standard price, which is a reward for previous customers’ loyalty and support.

Going forward, paid upgrades will be replaced with new features being added through the subscription model which should be better for customers and Algoriddim alike.

See the new djay for iOS in action below:

djay for iOS is available today on the App Store. Read the official press release to learn more about all the latest features in the all-new djay for iOS:

Algoriddim Unveils the New djay App for iOS

The Next Generation of the Apple Design Award Winning App djay for iOS is now free, Offering Enhanced Spotify Integration, and New Optional Pro Features Including Music Production Tools, Live Video Remixing, and More.

MUNICH, Germany,​​ December 12, 2023 – ​Algoriddim, winner of multiple Apple Design Awards for its acclaimed music apps, today released an all-new unified djay for iOS that builds on eight years of industry leading DJ technology for mobile platforms. Available as a free download on the App Store, this new version provides everything users need to get started with DJing. Using their Spotify Premium account, users get instant access to mix millions of songs right from within djay.

In addition, djay introduces a new live performance audio and video looper, beat-matched sequencing of drums and samples, a streamlined touch friendly interface, and a massive library of audio & video loops and effects, all available via an optional Pro subscription.

The new djay is designed from the ground up to fully leverage Apple’s new cutting-edge iPad Pro and pushes the A12 Bionic processor in ways that are unprecedented. Users can now mix up to 48 loops with up to 10 videos rendered simultaneously and in real-time.

“Our mission has always been to make DJing accessible to everyone, anywhere, at any time,”​ said Karim Morsy, CEO of Algoriddim. ​“Continuing this mission, we are now making live music production tools available by bridging the gap between music mixing and music creation. We can’t wait to get this into the hands of everyone who loves music.”

Get it for free

With one, unified version of djay, anyone can now download the app for free. Spin some tunes on the wheels of steel using djay’s iconic Classic Mode, mix millions of songs through Spotify, or just let djay’s machine learning based Automix AI engine do the transitions for you with the simple tap of the “Next” button.

Classic Mode – turntable view

Just two turntables and a mixer, with spinning discs that react just like vinyl does. Virtual grooves are individually rendered for every song on djay’s virtual records. It allows to quickly identify breaks within a song, as if it was real vinyl fresh off the press. Load two tracks and fade between the two, and apply one of five free FX to the music on each deck.

Automix Mode – simple mix view

The new Automix view allows you to mix your favorite music with the simple tap of a button. djay creates perfect sounding mixes from one song to the next and finds optimal transition points through its machine learning based Automix AI engine. Mixing songs has never been easier.

Seamless Spotify Integration – mix millions of songs

Use the free version of djay with a Spotify Premium account to mix millions of songs instantly. Using Match, an innovative feature that recommends songs that go well with what the DJ is currently playing, Spotify integration in djay provides a list of matching songs based on danceability, BPM, key, and music style. This allows you to find the perfect next song to mix, as well as to discover new music based on your personal taste. And thanks to the new djay’s enhanced integration, you can now save songs to your Spotify collection or playlists right from within djay. Using Automix AI users can trigger automatic, beat-matched transitions between their favorite songs on Spotify with the simple tap of a button.

Hardware Integration – enhanced control

Connect one of the official djay controllers (Reloop Mixon 4, Beatpad and Beatpad 2, Mixtour, and Pioneer DJ WeGO4) for enhanced control of djay or upgrade to djay Pro from within the same app to use any class-compliant MIDI controller.

Go ‘PRO’ with a monthly subscription

With the monthly djay Pro subscription, users have all the features they know and love from previous mobile and desktop versions, along with some cutting-edge new tools and a massive library of high quality samples, loops, effects, and visuals.

Top features of the Pro subscription include:

Unlimited access to an extensive library of samples, loops, FX, and visuals (content provided by Loopmasters, Future Loops, DocOptic, Sugar Bytes, and others)

Looper & Sequencer

Support for over 50 MIDI controllers from Pioneer DJ, Reloop, Numark, Denon DJ, and others out-of-the-box

Advanced MIDI learn system to map each control on users’ hardware individually

Support for Bluetooth MIDI

Video mixing with support for external displays

Single Deck preparation mode

Support for multi-channel audio interfaces

Advanced Automix

Advanced media library: playlist editing and management, smart filters, drag and drop integration via Files app and Dropbox

 Subscribe once, access unlimited djay Pro content and features across all of your iOS devices

7-day free trial: free access to all djay Pro content and features for one week, cancel anytime

Hundreds of samples and loops

The djay Pro subscription opens up access to over 1GB of audio loops from Loopmasters, samples from Future Loops, and video clips from DocOptic, along with 40+ professional audio FX from Sugar Bytes and various video FX. Get loops and sound packs from a wide range of popular genres such as Hip Hop, Deep House, EDM, and Trance, as well as more eclectic sounds from Ambient House, Electro Swing, or Jazz…. with more content to come for subscribed users.

Multiple screens and peripherals

Thanks to the USB-C port, users can now connect multiple devices to their iPad Pro. This allows users to output the visual mix to their big screen while jamming with an external controller – an essential feature for DJs and performing artists.

Live performance and remixing

DJs wanting to spice up their sets can use the new sampler to record and sequence their loops during the mix. Those wanting to dive deeper into unique musical performance can load up the grid-based Looper with up to 48 loops, all time-stretched and perfectly matched to the beat in real-time.

The power of the A12 Bionic processor

Every sample in the new looper can be assigned a video clip that plays in time with the audio. And thus, with the power of the A12 Bionic chip, you can now mix up to ten videos in real-time. DJs and VJs can finally leave the laptop at home, and mix videos and visual loops, in real-time, right on their mobile device.

Advanced Automix AI

Powerful Audio and Graphics Technology

Ableton Link

djay now has industry-standard Ableton Link for syncing tempo across compatible apps and devices on a shared network. Whether jamming with friends using desktop setups, or linking with other mobile apps, your tempo will be locked and flawless, even over Wi-Fi.


djay for iOS is compatible with any iPhone or iPad running iOS 11.2 or later.

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19 Best Outlook Mobile App Tips For Android And Ios

Outlook has been the heartbeat of business for a long time. Now, it’s moving into our personal lives too. Is that because work from home has exploded? Is it because we realize our lives are our business? Whatever the reason, we all need some tips and tricks on how to make Outlook work best for us on our Android and iOS devices. 

We’ve put together the best and biggest list of Outlook mobile app tips. Except where noted, these tips apply to both iOS and Android devices. 

Table of Contents

1. Find Files, Trip Details, Contacts And More 2. Filter Emails In the Outlook App

People love to keep emails, even if they know they’ll never use them again. That’s okay, because you can filter them.

In the Inbox or any folder, select the Filter button.

Choose to filter by any of All messages, Unread, Flagged, Attachments, or @Mentions Me. @Mentions Me is a feature in desktop and web Outlook that works just like @mentions in social media apps.

3. Sync Phone Contacts With the Outlook App

By default, your phone contacts aren’t synced with the Outlook app. 

On the Outlook home screen, select the Settings gear icon.

Select the account to sync with Outlook Contacts.

Scroll to Sync contacts and use the slider switch to turn it on. The color of the switch will change.

It will ask Allow Outlook to access your contacts? Select Allow.

4. Manage Notifications By Account

Got more than one account using your Outlook phone app? You can control the notifications from each. 

On the Outlook home screen, select the Settings gear icon.

Scroll to and select Notifications.

Select Notifications, New email sound, or Sent email sound and make the changes you want.

5. Listen to Emails In the Outlook App

Great for the multi-tasker, Play My Emails is a powerful feature of Outlook. It uses Cortana’s artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to do more than just read emails. 

Cortana will check Outlook and let you know about meeting changes or conflicts. It can give email details, like who else received the email, if it’s a long or short email, and how long the email is to read.

The Play My Emails for iOS is available in Canada, the US, United Kingdom, Australia, and India. For Android, it’s only available in the US. Expect it to come to you eventually.

6. Turn Focused Inbox Off or On

The focused inbox is something you either love or hate. There’s no in-between, it seems. 

Go to Settings and scroll to Focused Inbox, then select the sliding button to turn it off or on.

7. Turn Organize By Thread Off or On

Just like the Focused Inbox, organizing emails by conversation thread is a divisive topic.

Go to Settings and scroll to Organize email by thread, then select the sliding button to turn it off or on.

8. Set or Change Swipe Options

Go to Settings then scroll to and select Swipe options.

Select Change or Set Up if it’s shown.

A slider will open showing the options: Delete, Archive, Mark as read, Move to folder, Flag, Snooze, Read & archive, and None. Choose one.

You’ll see the option is set.

Swiping right on an email will now delete it.

9. Sort Contacts by First or Last Name

Go to Settings then scroll to and select Sort by.

Choose either First name or Surname for last name.

10. Set an Automatic Reply

Go to Settings then scroll to and select an account. This only works on Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange accounts.

Select Automatic replies.

On the right, select the slider button to turn automatic replies on or off.

Choose either Reply to everyone or Reply only to my organisation, then select whether to use Different messages for my organisation and external senders or not.

Create or edit your automatic replies, then select the check mark in the top-right corner to set the changes.

Confirm the change by selecting OK.

11. Customize Favorites Folders

Got a lot of folders? You can set your favorites so they’re the first folders you see.

Select the Home icon and select the pencil icon across from Folders.

Scroll to your favorite folders and select the star icon to make them favorites.

It shows your favorites at the top of the screen. Select the checkmark to commit the change.

Now your favorite folders are at the top of the list.

12. Change Outlook App To Dark or Light Theme

Go to Settings then scroll to and select Appearance.

Choose between Light, Dark, or System themes. The change applies immediately. The word Colours in the bottom-right corner doesn’t appear to do anything.

13. Add Other Fun Calendars to the Outlook App

You probably knew you could add other peoples’ calendars to yours, but did you know you can add sports, tv, and other apps’ calendars?

In Outlook, select the calendar icon near the bottom-right corner. Notice the number in it is today’s date.

Scroll to and select Interesting Calendars.

It presents a list of sports and TV shows to choose from. For this example, we’ll choose Sports.

Select from the list the type of sport to follow.

You can choose to follow the whole tournament or league, or individual teams, by selecting the blue cross icon.

To add calendars from other apps, go back to the add calendar page and select Calendar apps.

Choose from the list of apps available to you by selecting the blue cross icon.

14. Use Add-ins from Other Services in Outlook App

Integration is part of why Outlook is so popular. You can use add-ins from popular services like GoToMeeting, Box, Slack for Outlook, Trello, and many more.

Go to Settings then scroll to and select Add-ins.

Find the add-ins you want and select the blue cross to add them.

15. Change Calendar View In Outlook App

The calendar defaults to an entire month view. That’s a lot of information packed on a small screen. You can change that. This only works in portrait mode.

In Calendar, select the View icon in the top-right corner.

Choose from the different views: Agenda, Day, 3 Day, or Month.

Agenda View – Shows all upcoming events.

Day View – Note the current time shows in a different color.

3 Day View – Shows today and the next 2 days, plus calendar items.

Month (Default) – Can get cluttered and hard to read.

16. Set Do Not Disturb In Outlook App

Outlook is about getting things done. Yet it can also be a distraction, so learn how to use its Do Not Disturb features.

On the All Accounts tab, select the bell icon.

Choose your preferences. You can only choose one Timed event at a time, however, you can mix and match the Scheduled events. Select the check mark in the top-right corner to commit the changes.

Back in the All Accounts tab, the bell is red and shows zZ, and all accounts that are in Do Not Disturb mode have the red zZ.

17. Use Message Actions In The Outlook App

You knew you could use actions in single-message view, but did you know you can use actions from the Inbox view?

In the folder view, long tap a message to use an action on. The Delete, Archive, and Move to Folder actions will show. To get more actions, select the 3 dots menu.

The 3 dots menu shows the actions: Move to Focused inbox, Report junk, Ignore conversation, Mark as unread, Flag, Snooze, and Select all.

Report junk tells Microsoft the e-mail is garbage and their spam AI will learn to block spam messages.

18. See Items from Your Favorite Contacts First

Everyone is important, yet some people are just a little more important in your life. Here’s how you can make sure you see their emails first.

In Contacts, select a favorite contact.

In their contact card, select the star in the top-right corner. Now they’re a favorite. Any Outlook items from them will show up before other people.

19. Use Samsung DeX With the Outlook App

This only applies to some of the newer Samsung Android devices. The Outlook app is optimized for use with Samsung Dex. DeX allows you to connect to an HDMI or Miracast-enabled monitor and pair a keyboard and mouse for a desktop-style experience.

What Else Can You Do In the Outlook App?

6 Ways To Get Free Zee5 Subscription In 2023

Times Prime offers a free 1 year ZEE5 subscription for its members. Apart from 1 year ZEE5 subscription which costs Rs. 999, their membership also comes with several other benefits as well including 6 months SonyLIV subscription, 6 months Pharmeasy Plus subscription, etc. Here’s how to avail of their offer to get a free ZEE5 subscription:

There log in with the same registered mobile number.

Your ZEE5 subscription for one year will be activated for free. To make it absolutely free, you can also check your bank offers as most banks offer free Time Prime membership on achieving some transaction milestones.

As we have mentioned in a previous article that with the help of Flipkart SuperCoins you can get several free OTT subscriptions. You can check out our guide on the same for more details. So, the e-com company also offers 1-year ZEE5 membership with the use of its 350 SuperCoins, which are the coins that you get when you shop on Flipkart.

Here’s how to avail ZEE5 plan with Flipkart SuperCoins:

Visit Flipkart Supercoin zone on your Flipkart account.

You will receive a coupon code on your registered number.

Now open the ZEE5 App, select the yearly plan and apply that coupon code.

That’s it! You can then watch ZEE5 for free for one year on your TV or mobile.

Airtel also offers a ZEE5 subscription with its prepaid plans. Its Rs 289 prepaid plan which is valid for 28 days, offers free ZEE5 and Amazon Prime membership for one month. Here’s how to avail of this offer on your Airtel number using the My Airtel app:

Open the My Airtel app on your phone and tap the ‘Discover Airtel Thanks’ banner.

Now under the ZEE5 Premium subscription tab, tap on ‘Activate Now’ to redeem the offer.

After that, download the ZEE5 app and log in with the same number and password.

Similarly, Vodafone-Idea (Vi) also has prepaid plans that come with ZEE5 membership benefits. Its prepaid plans starting from Rs 355 offer this subscription for free and that too for one year. Here are the steps to avail the offer:

Recharge your Vi number with any of the above-mentioned prepaid plans.

After that, open the Vi app and go to the My Offers section.

Find ZEE5 and tap on Claim Now.

You’ll receive an activation link that will open the Zee5 app.

Log in with your Vi number, and verify with OTP.

That’s it. You’ll be able to watch Zee5 shows for free now.

Recharge your Jio Fiber connection with Rs 999 or above plan.

Now open the ZEE5 website or the ZEE5 app on any of your devices.

There log in with your Jio Fiber number and that’s it!

Now you can watch all the Zee5 premium content on any of your devices.

Paytm also offers a ZEE5 subscription with its Paytm First subscription that costs Rs 899 for six months. This includes not only 1 year ZEE5 subscription but also SonyLIV, Zomato Pro, Voot Select, Gaana Plus memberships as well. Here’s how to avail of Paytm’s offer:

Go to the Paytm website or app and visit the Offers page.

Now pay for Paytm First subscription which is priced at Rs 899.

After that, log in to Zee5 with your Paytm First number.

So these were all the possible ways to get a free ZEE5 subscription. You can watch thousands of movies, TV shows, and Live TV on your mobile phone or smart TVs. For more such tips, stay tuned!

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Nostalgia For The Ios 6 App Switcher? Try Vintageswitcher

For anyone that isn’t much of a fan of the App Switcher Apple introduced in iOS 7 and later, a new free jailbreak tweak in Cydia’s BigBoss repository called VintageSwitcher is taking things all the way back to iOS 6 with a simplified look and feel and a familiar user interface.

Back to the good old days, with a modern touch

Before Apple introduced the card switcher in iOS 7 and later, iOS 6 and earlier had a very simple App Switcher that showed only the app icons at the bottom of the screen. VintageSwitcher brings this style back to modern versions of iOS, showing just the app icons and not previews of the apps themselves.

VintageSwitcher takes on a modern look and feel – blurring is used to fill the background of the screen when the App Switcher is open, and a solid dark background is used instead of Apple’s iOS 6 linen background.

How it works

VintageSwitcher opens just like the default App Switcher – pressing twice on the Home button or using any Activator action can open the interface of all your recently-used apps.

In terms of removing apps from the App Switcher, rather than tapping and holding on an app to display the close buttons as you would in iOS 6, you will swipe up on the app icons to close individual apps, or you can tap and hold on any single app icon to reveal the “Clear All” menu, which removes all app icons from the App Switcher at once.

Closing all your apps at one time isn’t something you should do often because it’s just a waste of system resources and you’ll use more of your battery reloading apps than you will leaving them loaded in the system’s memory. On the other hand, if you’re experiencing issues with any of your apps, you might try this method to troubleshoot and reload an app to see if it solves the problem.

Configuring the tweak for your needs

The things you can do here include:

Enable or disable the tweak on demand

Choose an Activator action for opening VintageSwitcher instead of the stock gesture

Fine tune your own animation duration speed

Fine tune the app icon size

Hide or show the app’s name in VintageSwitcher

Enable or disable the blur effects when you open VintageSwitcher

My thoughts on VintageSwitcher

Back when iOS 6 was the modern operating system for Apple’s mobile devices, it seemed like everyone was so excited for a game-changing App Switcher experience, and that’s why jailbreak tweaks like Auxo shined. Having those app previews in the App Switcher felt like a must-have, and now with iOS 7 and later, Apple has taken some time to give users what they’ve been asking for in the App Switcher for so long.

VintageSwitcher definitely feels like a step backwards from this perspective, but for anyone who feels nostalgia for the classic App Switcher, VintageSwitcher packs everything you’re used to into a compact interface with a simple feature set with the additional bonus of having a “Clear All” function, which Apple never included.

I would definitely recommend trying VintageSwitcher if you’ve ever missed the days of iOS 6 and wanted to turn back time on your iPhone or iPad. As a free download in Cydia’s BigBoss repository, you’ve got nothing to lose if you choose to go back.

Create Ios And Android App On Blockchain Technology Based

Focus on the Interface

Blockchain development may be used to make all kinds of invaluable iOS and Android programs, but for all these apps to achieve their whole potential, programmers need to stay concentrated on the interface. Not considering the consumer’s experience throughout the evolution process could decrease the amount of effect of this program.

Is your front-end programming language functional? Is the blockchain program that’s vital for operating this speech contained? Is the correct application management being included during the evolution procedure?

All of these are questions which have to be answered so that the program developer can produce an excellent design for your own user interface. Identifying the correct analytics can also be crucial. It also gets more difficult for programmers to spot the ideal system. Assembling an admin console is an integral measure of this procedure too.

Take a Good Look at the Value of Architecture

If a blockchain program has been made to be employed within an iPhone or Android apparatus, programmers must take a better look at the planned architecture so they can prevent common mistakes. Alas, a lot of aspects are not always believed, and they frequently involve additional procedures that may add extra time to the procedure.

By way of instance, individuals that are considering developing a hybrid program will have to get certain permissions first. The more programmers understand the needed parameters which were established, the greater their odds of producing a program which will be helpful to people who rely on blockchain tech every day.

The chips, size, operational and memory systems have to be configured correctly, and such configurations all fall beneath the architectural umbrella.

Proper Machine Use

If it’s the programmer decides to select Ethereum, Quorum or another platform completely, it compels them to take some opportunity to examine the benefits and pitfalls of each, particularly when blockchain technology has been used.

Recognizing the Importance of Consensus Mechanisms

Is your program being decentralized? This is only one of the chief questions that have to be answered before this procedure can be finished. An iOS or Android program that’s reliant on blockchain desires a consensus mechanism to operate in the right way once it’s established.

With no decentralization along with also a consensus mechanism, lots of the normal issues and problems that arise aren’t as simple to address. The machine used to link and offer a connection requires a suitable consensus. With no consensus mechanism, the system’s capability to perform each the vital tasks is badly compromised.

Identification of Aims

Last but definitely not least, programmers must identify their aims. What’s the goal they’re trying to do by creating this program? What job is blockchain technology likely to perform with? Are all the essential blockchain growth fundamentals being adhered to? Is the problem that will be solved being created absolutely obvious?

Answering these questions in a timely fashion permits a programmer to choose the right strategy. The very same principles that apply throughout the development of any other program nevertheless come into play when blockchain programs are being designed for iOS and Android users. The issue that’s being solved with the introduction of this program has to be clearly defined.

Are the problems being caused by information reduction? What tools are being supplied that weren’t previously offered? For the most from this evolution process, the problems and the related goals have to be analyzed carefully.

Best Optional Packages You Should Install For Retropie

Most video game ROMs are copyrighted, meaning it is illegal to download or distribute them online. Ripping your own ROMs is a legal grey area, but if you plan on ripping cartridges you own, you’re going to need to invest in additional hardware. That being said, there are a number of classic games you can play in RetroPie that are completely free and totally legal.

How to Install Optional Packages in RetroPie

These games, along with alternative emulators and other software, are known as “optional packages.” Fortunately, installing these optional packages and playing them on your RetroPie build is incredibly easy. To browse the optional packages available and install them to your RetroPie build, follow these steps.

1. Navigate to the RetroPie/Configuration menu.

2. Scroll down to RetroPie Setup.

3. On the next screen select “Manage Packages.”

4. Next, select “Optional Packages.”

5. Here, you’ll be presented with all of the optional packages available. When you see one that looks appealing, select it and choose “install from source.”

At this point, you’ll see a number of different options, including alternative emulators. However, we’re most concerned with free, open-source games. So what should you install? Have a look at our picks below!

1. DXX-Rebirth (Descent)

In 1995 one of the most influential first-person shooters ever made was released. In Descent players take control of a small craft and are tasked with eliminating malfunctioning robots that had run amok in an underground mine. The game was praised for its level design and combat, and was one of the first shooters to utilize true three-dimensional movement. If you never got to experience Descent when it was originally released, you’re in luck. DXX-Rebirth is a source port of Descent and Descent 2 with updated OpenGL graphics. Furthermore, the port has additional features like support for add-on packs, a robust multiplayer and more.

2. Cannonball (Outrun)

Outrun is a classic arcade game where players attempt to beat the clock in a red Ferrari. Cannonball is a total rewrite of the Outrun engine, designed to be an arcade-perfect port of the influential racer. Cannonball offers a slew of graphical upgrades over the original game, the most notably an upgrade from 30 FPS to 60 FPS. However, it’s not just a fresh coat of paint that makes Cannonball worth checking out. It also boasts new features like a continuous mode where players can race all 15 tracks in a row!

3. SDLPop (Prince of Persia) 4. Quake 3 (Quake III Arena)

There are a number of games in the Quake series that are available to play on RetroPie. However, you may want to try Quake III first, as it is a fan favorite. For those unfamiliar with the series, Quake is a violent arena shooter with ridiculously overpowered guns. It should be noted that the version of Quake III that is installed to your RetroPie will be the shareware version. Unfortunately, the shareware version has some limitations. Out of the box, Quake only works with a keyboard. That being said, it is possible to configure a controller to work with the game.

5. OpenTyrian (Tyrian)

If you’re a fan of vertical overhead shoot-em-ups, you’ll definitely want to install OpenTyrian. OpenTyrian is an open-source port of the DOS game, Tyrian, originally released in 1995. Fortunately, by 2004 the game was released as PC freeware. Finally, the game’s source code was made freely available in 2007, allowing for the OpenTyrian port. The game is an arcade-style shooter where players control a spacecraft tasked with saving the galaxy by destroying everything in its path.

6. lr-prboom (Doom)

It should come as no surprise that Doom is available on RetroPie. After all, what can’t Doom run on? The massively popular shooter places gamers in the shoes of a space marine dispatching demons from Hell with a colorful assortment of weapons. That being said, like Quake, this is the shareware version of Doom.

7. Micropolis (SimCity)

Micropolis is a strategy game where players must design, build, and maintain a bustling city. It is an open source version of the original SimCity game, developed by Will Wright and released in 1989. In the game, players must develop a city from scratch. Of course, the challenge lies in juggling everything that makes a city run. Players must consider everything from infrastructure to schools to residential areas and more. In addition, the player must determine tax rates and balance the budget. Similarly to Quake III, Micropolis will require a mouse and keyboard as opposed to a controller.

In conclusion, there are a number of optional packages available for your RetroPie build. You can try experimenting with different emulators, or you can install a slew of classic games. In addition, many of these games feature enhanced graphics and additional features.

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