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Yesterday, Americana Technologies announced that they raised $6.9 million in seed funding with help from Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian’s venture firm Seven Seven Six and, in addition, worked with OpenSea and rapper Future to release a series of 10,000 NFTs titled “Something Token” that offer exclusive access and discounts on Americana’s marketplace of minted items. This followed a long video teaser called Probably Nothing, which Americana Founder & CEO Jake Frey minted and in large part gave away. Owning one guarantees access to Americana’s marketplace.

Americana Technologies claims to be the “the first marketplace to buy and sell physical things as NFTs.”

Americana’s home page.

Their core product, the NFTA Universal Chip, can link a physical object to the blockchain by affixing the chip to that item–whether it’s a Tesla Model X, quilted Chanel shoulder bag, Pablo Picasso painting, or first edition holographic Charizard. 

A little LinkedIn sleuthing says Jake Frey has operated Frey Labs since 2014, offering design and development to clients like Apple, Twitter, and Kanye West.

Frey and Ohanian are in the business of building interesting things. Yesterday Ohanian wrote in one tweet, “Americana is building the next step for Web3. Global provenance of things that exist in the physical world is huge and before @AmericanaNFT, there was no way to do it. For the first time ever, brands big and small can have their authenticated products on-chain.” 

This technology can empower artists working in non-digital media to earn more money by neatly calculating and collecting royalties every time their creations change hands. Imagine being a painter in the 1960s and selling all your work early in your career to keep the lights on at an emerging artist rate of $1000, just to watch your rich friends sell it to each other at more than 10 times that price when you get famous decades later. Americana, in theory, solves this problem.

Something Token on Open Sea.

TechCrunch says Ohanian is a fit for Americana “because of his track record in building, nurturing and monetizing online communities.” Community interactions are a critical angle in Americana’s endeavor. TechCrunch quotes Frey further: “There are different use cases for transacting [through Americana], and then sort of collecting or flaunting, I guess — like bragging. The average U.S. household actually has about several thousands of dollars in assets, and, for the first time ever, you can put all these things on-chain and you can just sort of brag about all the cool things that you have in real life that already have enormous value, and already have enormous communities built around them.”

Echoes of money’s power over progress exist in statements like this, the desire to make more, to shine more, to feel seen at any cost and fill the hole this empty chase paradoxically breeds. However, there’s also real potential to this project, which could patch together an object’s history and say something truly profound about its journey via the people who held it. 

Only time can show how Americana’s identity will shake out. That’s the nature of this system that gives rise to “seed capital” in the first place–demand tells creators what to make. Those with a voice are usually those with currency to play the game. The Metaverse is being built in real time every day–in the absence of direct, equitable conversations about what we want to achieve by it, figures of funds and fans are the indirect evidence to illustrate where it’s all going. Armed with necessary proof of concept, Americana is poised to enact precedent–maybe even history.

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French Ai Startup Raises €105 Million In A Month

In a significant boost to France’s plans of positioning itself as a major global tech hub, Mistral AI, a French technology French AI Startup Raises €105 Million in a Month ($113.4 million) after its establishment. This remarkable fund-raising achievement not only highlights the rapid growth of the artificial intelligence (AI) sector but also demonstrates Europe’s determination to create formidable rivals to Silicon Valley giants like Microsoft-backed OpenAI and Google’s DeepMind.

Mistral AI, a cutting-edge French technology and artificial intelligence company, has emerged as a dynamic player in the rapidly evolving AI landscape. Its recent funding success serves as a testament to the company’s vision, innovation, and potential for disrupting the industry.

The successful fundraising by Mistral AI underscores the exponential growth of the artificial intelligence sector. Europe, in particular, has been keen to establish itself as a formidable contender to Silicon Valley giants such as Microsoft-backed OpenAI and Google’s DeepMind. The infusion of capital into Mistral AI serves as a testament to Europe’s determination to foster innovation and cultivate homegrown AI companies that can compete at a global level.

Mistral AI’s success echoes Europe’s ambition to compete with the dominant tech giants of Silicon Valley. By raising significant funds, the company not only reinforces the potential of the AI sector but also inspires other European startups and entrepreneurs to push boundaries and pursue ambitious goals.

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The impressive fundraising effort of Mistral AI was led by international venture capital fund Lightspeed Venture Partners. Their recognition of Mistral AI’s potential and their investment signify the confidence in the company’s vision and capabilities. Lightspeed Venture Partners’ involvement further solidifies Mistral AI’s position as a prominent player in the AI landscape.

Businessmen Xavier Niel and Rodolphe Saade, along with JCDecaux Holding, Italy’s Exor Ventures, and Belgian firm Sofina, played a crucial role in supporting Mistral AI’s fundraising. Notably, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt also holds a stake in the company. The backing of these influential individuals and organizations further validates Mistral AI’s potential and underscores the significance of its mission in the AI space.

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While traditionally lagging behind tech powerhouses like New York, California, and London, Paris is determined to transform itself into a thriving technology hub. The successful fundraising by Mistral AI has garnered praise from French government minister Jean-Noel Barrot, who sees it as a stepping stone for Paris to enhance its global reputation as a technological center. Mistral AI’s achievement contributes to the ongoing efforts to position Paris as a formidable contender in the tech industry.

“Bravo to the start-up Mistral AI which has raised 105 million euros just a month after its creation: a record!” wrote Barrot on Twitter. This accolade from a government minister highlights the significance of Mistral AI’s achievement and its positive impact on Paris’s aspirations. The city’s ambitions to become a global tech center receive a considerable boost through the success of Mistral AI, solidifying its reputation as an innovative and progressive destination for technology companies.

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Mistral AI’s recent fund-raising milestone holds immense significance for the AI sector and underscores its rapid growth and potential.

As Mistral AI continues to thrive and expand its operations, it will contribute significantly to the growth of the AI sector, fostering economic development and job creation. The influx of capital into Mistral AI and similar companies bolsters the overall ecosystem, attracting talent and investments while bolstering Europe’s position in the global tech landscape.

A: Mistral AI’s ability to secure €105 million in funding within a month can be attributed to its innovative AI solutions, strong leadership, and the attractiveness of the French tech ecosystem. The company’s vision, coupled with the growing demand for AI technologies, has garnered significant investor interest and support.

A: Mistral AI’s successful fund-raising sends a positive signal to the global tech community, positioning France as a major player in the AI landscape. It boosts France’s credibility as a tech hub, attracting more investments, fostering innovation, and paving the way for future growth and collaboration.

A: Mistral AI’s impressive fund-raising achievement reflects the burgeoning AI sector in Europe. It demonstrates the continent’s ambition to compete with Silicon Valley giants and establishes Europe as a fertile ground for AI innovation, attracting investors, entrepreneurs, and talent from around the world.

A: Mistral AI’s AI solutions have vast applications across multiple sectors. They can revolutionize healthcare by enabling more accurate diagnoses and personalized treatments. In finance, Mistral AI’s technologies can enhance fraud detection and streamline financial operations. Additionally, the manufacturing and transportation sectors can benefit from improved efficiency and optimized processes.

A: Mistral AI’s success in raising €105 million facilitates job creation and economic growth in several ways. The company’s expansion requires a skilled workforce, leading to employment opportunities in AI-related fields. Moreover, as Mistral AI and similar companies flourish, they contribute to the overall growth of the tech sector, attracting investments and fostering economic development.

A: Mistral AI’s fund-raising success serves as a significant milestone for the future of AI. It demonstrates the growing recognition of AI’s transformative potential and highlights the importance of continued investment in cutting-edge technologies. Mistral AI’s achievements inspire other AI startups, spurring innovation and driving the evolution of the AI sector.

Mistral AI’s impressive fund-raising accomplishment of €105 million just a month after its inception showcases the company’s potential and contributes to France’s ambition of establishing itself as a prominent global tech hub. This achievement not only signifies the rapid growth of the AI sector but also demonstrates Europe’s determination to compete with Silicon Valley giants. As Mistral AI continues to innovate and evolve, it is poised to revolutionize industries, drive economic growth, and shape the future of artificial intelligence.

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How To Find The Seed Of A Minecraft Server

The seed of a Minecraft server is the world upon which all else is built. Suppose you’ve ever stepped onto someone else’s server and found fascinating landscapes and easily-accessible biomes.

In that case, you know that creating a world with the same base as another player’s can be desirable. However, it isn’t always a simple matter to find the ID of a seed. The ease depends on who’s running the server.

Minecraft seeds are case-sensitive. You must follow the exact structure, including positive or negative numbers and lowercase or capital letters. If the seed is a word or a phrase.

Minecraft seeds don’t automatically include structures. Turning on the “Generate Structure” option on the “Create New World” page where you input seed is the only way to create villages, temples, and other similar places.

Keep in mind that Minecraft seeds aren’t the same for different editions of the game. If you’re playing the Bedrock edition but want to copy a seed from Java, it likely won’t work. 

Minecraft uses an algorithm called Perlin noise to generate the worlds for the game. Since the developers update the algorithm between versions, chunks from the old seed don’t match those on the new seeds. This is why seeds are often incompatible between versions. 

Finding the Minecraft seed of a server, you’re playing on depends on what level of access you have. For example, you might not be able to use the seed command on a server you don’t have admin rights.

The simplest way to find the seed of a Minecraft server is to use the command box.

Load into the Minecraft world with the seed you want to copy.

Press “/” to open the console. The / should remain in the text line once it’s opened.

Type “seed” without quotes. This should be immediately after the forward-slash. If the forward-slash doesn’t appear, type “/seed” without quotes.

Press Enter.

Copy down the seed code that appears in the chat window. 

You must have admin rights to be able to complete these steps.

There is no command to find a seed in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft. Instead, you have to use a specific menu to find it.

Save the seed before deleting the world unless you want to go through the process again.

To get the seed of a Minecraft multiplayer server, you have two options. The first is to ask for it from one of the admins. The second is to become an admin yourself and use the commands or procedures for the version of the game you’re on.

Sometimes, your server admin with administrator rights cannot access the server and give you the seed. If this is the case, someone needs to log into the server settings and give someone else admin powers over the server. That person can then give you the seed. It is the only way to get the seed without express guidance from someone with those powers. 

If you’ve tried to get the seed from people with admin powers and aren’t having luck, some use a mod to download the world and then get the seed. Since the world can be saved to your computer and opened while you have complete control, this might enable you to get the seed. 

There are a few ways to install it, but the best one is probably using MultiMC, a popular Minecraft launcher. 

Having MultiMC on your computer helps you do more than just manage mods. It’s also a good backup for when the launcher is down or broken. 

Once you have MultiMC installed, you can use it to run World Downloader Mod.

Once you have it installed, you can navigate to a server and use World Downloader to save it on your computer, open it, and find the seed. It won’t always work because some servers have protections against this type of mod.

You will have to open chests and containers to save them. Villager trades require opening the view menu if you want them. Command blocks also need to be opened, but only someone with access rights can do so.

Once you have the world downloaded to your computer, open it like any downloaded world and use the seed command to get your information.

While this may not get you the exact seed you want, it will copy all the areas that you traveled to and give you a full map of what’s in the overworld, above and below. 

There is no good way to find the seed of a server without being an operator. The best thing you can do is message the mods and other people with access and ask for the seed. 

Dash 2 Trade Raises 50% Of Pre

What has pleased a huge number of crypto investors, regardless of whether they have experience with crypto investing or are absolute beginners, is certainly the appearance of a fantastic platform, Dash 2 Trade.

Considering all the benefits that this platform brings with it, and the fact that the information found on it raises crypto investing to a completely new level, it is not at all surprising that in an extremely short period, Dash 2 Trade raises 50% of pre- sale target as it hits 7 million milestone.

The enormous interest of users in D2T coin is indisputable, but let’s see why it is so, that is, what is so special and attractive about the Dash 2 Trade platform.

What makes the Dash 2 Trade platform so special?

What is an indisputable fact is that Dash 2 Trade already in its first days of existence attracted a huge number of crypto investors. The reason why this happened is very simple: the Dash 2 Trade platform gathers all relevant information in one place that can help crypto investors make wise and correct crypto-related decisions.

On this platform, you will be able to find all the information that could be useful to you when it comes to crypto investing. So, we can say that Dash 2 Trade provides all relevant information: trading signals, price predictions, and all in all, complete support for investment decision-making.

Instead of previous investment strategies, where crypto investors are expected to predict and guess, Dash 2 Trade turns the situation around and allows you to invest based on a detailed and complete analysis of all available data in the most optimal way, which greatly reduces the risk of wrong decisions, i.e. from losses caused by wrong decisions.

Dash to Trade is undoubtedly the platform that includes the largest number of factors in the overall analysis, and at the same time is extremely easy to use. But what should also be emphasized is that Dash 2 Trade is the only platform that pays attention to crypto presales, which is also very important. Investing in certain crypto during the presale phase gives you, as an investor, the opportunity to achieve the highest return because it is during the presale that the price of certain crypto is the most favorable.

Should you invest in the D2T coin at this moment?

Due to the high speed with which D2T coins are sold, it would be wise to invest as soon as possible. Of the total number of D2T tokens, 70%, or 700 million tokens will be available for pre-sale.

But don’t let this number fool you into thinking that there is time, because, by all accounts, the presale won’t last much longer considering that coins are being sold much faster than expected.

What is important to emphasize is that the sooner you invest in the D2T token, the higher your expected return will be until the end of the presale and the appearance of this cryptocurrency on the exchanges.

What is the future of the D2T coin and what will investing in it bring you?

Based on the above-mentioned facts and the success that the D2T coin has had since the first moment it appeared in the crypto world, we can very clearly conclude that this coin will continue “at the same pace” during the next year.

What is most important for you as a crypto investor is that with the possession of D2T coins, you will get complete access to the Dash 2 Trade platform and you will immediately influence the improvement of your crypto investments. But, what will also greatly affect the improvement of your crypto situation is that, as crypto analysts predict, the D2T coin will continue to increase in value during the next year.  Already at this moment, it is clear that the D2T coin is achieving significant success, and during 2023, after the completion of the presale and after it gets listed on exchanges, it is predicted that D2T will explode!

Already at this moment, Dash 2 Trade has collected over 7 million USD, and it is announcing listings on two crypto exchanges, LBank and BitMart. So hurry up and invest while the presale still lasts and while you can invest in it at the cheapest price.


Sap Raises The Ante For Enterprise Software

SAP’s announcement of its NetWeaver technology platform heralds an important shift in the enterprise applications market that will have an impact not just on SAP but its competitors and some key partners as well.

The shift is in the details of a complex announcement that is almost too grandiose. But don’t be fooled by the potential scale of the NetWeaver announcement. SAP really has defined the future of enterprise applications and the platform on which they will be deployed. For the most part, SAP’s competitors will be hard-pressed to make a quick and comprehensive response.

An easy criticism of NetWeaver is that SAP is just bundling a lot of bits and pieces of what is already in its technology stack: a portal, an applications server, an integration layer, and business intelligence tools.

Sure, these and other pieces have been around for a while, but don’t underestimate the effort — or value — of putting them all together. NetWeaver isn’t just a piece of fancy packaging, it represents the rationalization of a tremendous amount of technology that has been floating around SAP for a number of years. This is truly a case of the sum of the whole being greater than the parts.

NetWeaver will have three important roles in the future of SAP and the enterprise software market. The first is that it will function as the platform for SAP’s xApps — the composite apps that SAP and its partners are building to fulfill the demand for applications that add value above and beyond what is available in the existing enterprise applications infrastructure. (See The Future of Enterprise Software.)

Commoditizing the Infrastructure Market

The second role is that it will help commoditize the applications infrastructure market. SAP accomplished this by pulling off a major coup: endorsements from IBM and Microsoft.

Why they got these endorsements is simple: IBM does billions in SAP-related business (even more now that they own PriceWaterhouseCoopers Consulting) and wants to make sure everyone knows that its heart and its wallet are intimately linked. Microsoft also does major SAP business, but Bill Gates’ video appearance at the launch was probably motivated more by what constituted the biggest and most important endorsement of .NET in the enterprise software market.

These endorsements help commoditize the infrastructure market for the simple reason that, at least among the Global SAP 20,000 — the market’s hunkiest user base — it really won’t matter whether the customer deploys .NET, Websphere, or some Java-based technology: NetWeaver will support them all. That basically takes the strategic value of the various infrastructure offerings down a couple of notches.

The third role will be to confound its competitors — at least for now. Most competitors lack a comprehensive technology platform like NetWeaver. And none, save Swedish vendor IFS AB, have made any significant effort towards xApp-like functionality.

xApps aren’t rocket science, but no one will be able to conjure up a competing strategy overnight. It’s harder than SAP has made it look.

And they will, to be sure. It’s inevitable: SAP is just following the evolutionary curve of the applications industry a little more closely than everyone else. Expect the rest to follow as soon as they can. Or else.

Internet Of Things (Iot): The Good, The Bad, And The Unknown

The internet of things, sometimes known as IoT, is a network of actual objects. Without the assistance of a human, these gadgets can exchange data. Computers and equipment are not the only types of IoT devices. Anything having a sensor and a special identification number can be part of the internet of things (UID). The main objective of the internet of things is to develop self-reporting technology that can interact with users and other devices in real-time. Many pros and cons can be associated with it, as with any other thing. Looking at them can help a person understand IoT more finely.

Pros of the Internet of Things

There are several pros associated with the Internet of Things. These can be stated as follows −

Automation and Control are Ensured

Making your life easier, the IoT is serving more than the purposes that you might know. With the help of Google’s and Amazon’s voice assistants, internet-connected appliances like humidifiers, coffee makers, and air conditioners can all be turned on or off with just a few voice commands. You can also automate their routines.

Controlling your devices is easier as you don’t have to do things manually. One can use IoT devices for commercial and industrial applications to manage a variety of machinery in an office or factory, including robotic assembly lines, production lines, printers, and many more.

Access to Information

Uninterrupted information flow is one of the main benefits of the internet of things. Internet-connected devices can exchange data at the speed of light, resulting in fewer delays and a decreased risk of misunderstandings.

Real-time information updates, such as product movement, would enable new stock to be ordered automatically at the ideal moment and in the perfect quantity.

Other environments, including nuclear power plants or grain silos, require real-time monitoring. An IoT system can receive data from sensors measuring humidity or temperature and utilise that information to manage these settings automatically.

Data Collection in an Advanced Manner Cost Reduction

This might provide several benefits, including improved inventory control, lower research costs, and even lower prices for raw materials manufacturing and delivery. Pricing should decrease as businesses get more intelligent. It is one of the reasons companies want to invest in it.

Cons of the Internet of Things

There are a few cons of the Internet of Things. These are −

Privacy and Security

Another issue to be aware of is data privacy, particularly because IoT devices are being employed in more delicate sectors like finance and healthcare. Globally enacting information privacy rules also means that firms must protect data by the law, which is in addition to being a smart business decision. Due to their expansion and evolution, IoT devices can be quite challenging regarding the safety of the data. Moreover, not always are the IoT devices included in the cyber security policy.

Technical Intricacies

Deploying IoT devices may need much learning. Before investing in them, it becomes sensible to have a plan of how and why to use them. You can be certain that they are operating as planned in this manner.

Although they help businesses monitor, track and analyse their data better, IoT devices can be quite technical. The errors occurred are not always easy to fix and might need a professional working on the problem.

IoT’s Dependence on Connectivity and Power

The internet and constant power are required to operate many gadgets properly. Both the gadget and anything attached to it fail when either one does. Given how ingrained IoT devices are in today’s businesses when they go down, everything can come to a screeching halt. The incident management and troubleshooting processes can help the employees when the systems are down. Otherwise, the working processes get hampered, affecting the efficiency of IoT. You can have multiple things affected just because there is an interruption in the network or power.

Greater Consumption of Money and Time

Organizations can avoid many possible challenges they might otherwise face by preparing the deployment budget and strategy before procurement. However, deploying IoT devices frequently requires significant time and financial effort. Numerous devices must be bought and set up, personnel to install them, others to integrate them into the network, and support calls to the manufacturer for assistance. Businesses can swiftly recover their investment if they all go to a single site. The cost should climb rapidly if the company is dispersing them.


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