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Google just launched Android 11 beta 3 for its line of Pixel phones.

This will very likely be the last beta update, with the next iteration of A11 expected to be a stable launch.

The most notable new feature of this version is the whitelisting of Google and Apple’s Exposure Notifications System.

Today, Google is pushing out Android 11 beta 3. This is the eighth official release of the platform overall and likely will be the last one before we see a stable launch.

If you own a Google Pixel smartphone (any except for the original Pixel and Pixel XL), you can feel free to give this third beta a shot. Aside from the eventual full release, this is the best and most stable version of Android 11 you can try. As such, you are likely safe to use this as a daily driver (but still use with caution).

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Check out our guide on how to install the Android 11 beta 3 release on your Pixel phone here. If you just want to know what’s going on with this version, read on!

Android 11 beta 3: All-in on Exposure Notifications

If you’ll remember, with the second Android 11 beta, we saw Google reach a new milestone known as Platform Stability. That means that the previous beta had all app-facing features and systems finalized. As such, there aren’t going to be too many user-facing changes in Android 11 beta 3.

The most notable change is that Google is essentially whitelisting the Exposure Notifications System in Android 11. This is the platform developed by both Google and Apple that allows official health organizations to create contact tracing applications for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wait, isn’t that a violation of privacy?

This all might alarm some of our readers who would say this is a security and privacy risk. However, the Exposure Notifications System was created in such a way that, even with access to location services, it can’t use Bluetooth scanning to infer your location. So even though forcing you to give location access to the API sounds scary, it’s just a necessity to make sure the API works as it’s supposed to. You can read more about what this means here.

Google’s reasoning behind this change is likely purely pragmatic: in order for the Exposure Notifications System to do the best job it can at finding COVID-19 cases and then helping to stop the spread, it needs to be active on as many devices as possible. Google has probably weighed user backlash to the decision against the possibility for it to save more lives and decided that whitelisting the API is worth it.

You can read more about the Exposure Notifications System within Android 11 beta 3 here.

So what’s next?

Now that we have the third Android 11 beta, the next step is the most exciting one: the stable launch! As per its schedule, Google’s next launch of Android 11 should be a stable release for all Pixel phones from 2023 onward. This will likely happen in early September.

Shortly thereafter, we should see other OEMs push out Android 11 to their major flagships. We know OnePlus, Samsung, Xiaomi, and a few others are already working on their releases, so it shouldn’t be long before we see them land as stable.

In the meantime, catch yourself up on all the latest Android 11 features in our roundup here.

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Study: Iphone Users Experience More Road Rage Than Android Users

Unlike the days of feature phones, smartphones can do quite a lot. Most people who work with their laptops can actually do without them now, thanks to the existence of smartphones. In as useful as smartphones may be, they can also serve as a form of distraction on many occasions.

Speaking of distraction, there is no denying that our smartphones are one of the most distracting items around our everyday lives. This distraction seems to be the kind of addiction that few people are able to overcome.

For some reasons many people can’t just keep their hands off their smartphones for just an hour. The slightest of minutes they get on their hands, they just reach out for their phones.

This addiction has a lot of side effects and can even go the long way to put lives at risk. This happens mostly when driving. A minute in traffic can make most people feel bored and reach out for their phones. A notification sound from their phones can also make them do so.

In many instances, you could see people driving while watching on their phones or making calls. Some may be texting, reading some texts on their phones or just flipping through social media pages.

IPhone users conduct themselves differently on the road from Android users. This fact is deduced from a survey that was performed by American Trucks. The reason for the survey was to determine which of the users are more safer and knowledgeable on the road amongst iPhone and Android users.

Details of the Survey of iPhone and Android Users Behaviors on the Road Who Has a Better Driving Habit?

Bad driving habits are increasingly becoming a matter of concern for road safety organizations in various countries around the world. The increasing concerns are largely due to distractions from smartphones of the drivers. But what kind of phones do these drivers use, iPhone or Android?

According to the survey, Android users do not text as much as iPhone users when driving. The percentage margin of this survey was just 2%. On the flip side, Android users were also more likely to speed, run a stop sign or drive without putting on seat belts.

Who is More Likely to Get Into Trouble

In the year 2023, the United States recorded the highest traffic-related deaths in 20 years. Hence, this survey was about which smartphone users were more likely to be involved in some of these accidents. The survey also touched on which users were more likely to get tickets between iPhone and Android users.

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The survey proved the iPhone users were more likely to be the cause of accidents than Android users. IPhone users have been 20% the cause of accidents while Android users recorded 15% of accidents caused by distractions.

When it comes to receiving of tickets, iPhone users edged Android users by just 1% margin. In a nut shell, iPhone users are more likely to receive tickets on 5 or more occasions in their lifetime. Usually, a driver gets a ticket if they miss any of the road signs or take risks when driving.

IPhone and Android Users, Which Of Them Experience More Road Rage?

Experiencing road rage is quite common amongst all drivers. This usually comes when one driver does something to anger another. Or one driver drives aggressively which can be a risky act on the road.

The survey has shown that iPhone users are more likely to experience road rage than Android users. The margin is not much but still counts a lot on a larger scale. 54% of iPhone users disclosed that they experience road rage as compared to the 51% on the Android side.

Also, when it comes to their top choice of cars, 30% of Android users preferred Toyota while 29% of iPhone users will go in for Ford.

IPhone and Android Users, Who Knows the Rules on the Road?

It turns out that iPhone users lead Android users when it comes to rules and regulations on the road. In the road sign assessment, a series of road sign questions were asked which resulted in iPhone users leading by 5% margin.

From this results, we can conclude that iPhone users are more knowledgeable with road signs, rules and regulations than Android users. If you are an Android user and does not agree with this, then I suggest you do some revisions on your road safety signs as it helps prevent road accidents and road rages.

Wrap up : Who is the Better Driver?

The results of the survey has clearly drawn the line between iPhone and Android users when it comes to driving. It shows that both users conduct themselves differently on the road. IPhone users were found to be more careful than Android users when driving.

They also seem to be more knowledgeable about traffic rules and road signs than Android users. However, iPhone users also have a higher percentage of causing traffic accidents than Android users. They are also more likely to receive tickets.

There may be differences but it also shows that none of them came out perfect. They all have their weaker sides which may pose danger on the road. So, the best thing to do is to be a safe driver, respect road signs and rules and keep phone your away while driving. Probably in your pocket. Everyone makes mistakes, so keep your cool on the road and help reduce road rage.

Source / Via: American Trucks

How To Download And Install Windows 11 Beta

How to download and install Windows 11 Beta




Windows Insiders will surely be pleased to know that the beta channel is now available for build 22000.100.


version is supposed to be a little less volatile than the previous ones, and deliver a smoother experience.

As opposed to the Dev previews, beta isn’t only for

highly technical users and it lacks some of the more rough edges.

The Redmond tech company also brought awareness to some of the known issues that come on the beta channel.

Finally, Microsoft released the first beta version of Windows 11, which is available to users that are a part of the Windows Insider Program.

Trying out Windows 11, until today, meant that we had to install the Dev preview. No problem there, except the fact that Microsoft said this version was for highly technical users as it has rough edges.

This beta version is supposed to be less volatile, with builds being validated by Microsoft. Considering all this, you will still probably want to install Windows 11 on a test device or a separate partition.

Microsoft finally opens up the beta Insider channel

Now that the testing period has been going on for quite some time, Microsoft said that it will be paying close attention to how 7th Gen Intel and AMD Zen 1 CPUs perform with Windows 11.

This means that it’s possible for such system builds to actually run the beta but most likely not the final release as well.

With the beta announcement, many users are expecting that we won’t have to deal with such grotesque issues, as we did in the past weeks.

However, the fact that Windows 11 has entered its beta testing phase does not mean that the system will be free of bugs or glitches.

Au contraire, we will still run across many of them, but the Redmond company said that this will in fact be a much smoother experience than the previous one.

We are very excited to announce we are releasing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.100 to Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel! We highly recommend Insiders in the Beta Channel check out this blog post from June 28th that highlights all the new things in Windows 11 to check out and give us feedback on as you use it! As always, be sure to check out the list of known issues in the blog post below on anything that could impact your experience on your PC. We have also added a few new known issues discovered from Insiders in the Dev Channel since the release last week.

But, putting aside all the bugs, crashes, and missing features, it’s still good practice for when the real deal comes out.

Microsoft has even put together a whole list of current issues that Windows 11 still has, in which it also says that the Teams Chat feature that we have in the Dev channel isn’t currently available for beta users.

Expert tip:

Links to specific Settings pages are not navigating to the correct page in Settings unless Settings is already open.

For some Insiders, the text is not displayed correctly in the UAC dialog. This issue impacts Insiders not running under EN-US.

Windows Sandbox.

So, on the off chance you are an early adopter and were looking for an opportunity to try out Windows 11 in a much stable environment, this is your big chance.

How do I install Windows 11 Beta?

You don’t have to be the most technically gifted on the planet in order to get this done, but it will require a few minutes of your time.

Before you get started though, make sure you’ve joined the Windows Insider community. Here’s what you need to do:

Access the Settings menu.

Link your Microsoft account.

Selct which channel you want to join.

Restart your device.

Check for updates.

Can’t install Windows 11 Beta

Even though it’s been quite some time now since Microsoft provided availability for Windows 11, for testing purposes, there are users that unfortunately still can’t install the OS on their devices.

We’re just going to talk about the Beta version now. Recently, some reports indicate that there are people that haven’t even gotten around to installing Windows 11, because of error code 0x80070002.

If you find yourself in the same situation, follow these steps to immediately remediate the problem. Here’s what you need to do:

Press Windows key + R and type in services.msc.

After you finish this process, simply reboot your device and give it another try.

We mustn’t be afraid to get our hands dirty and turn the OS on all sides, in order to squeeze every little bit of information out of it.

After all, our feedback, as a community, is what will help Microsoft iron out all the wrinkles before it can deliver a stable final product.

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Apple’s Revamped “Switch To Iphone” Webpage Offers Additional Information To Android Users

Apple’s webpage dedicated to Android users who would switch to an iPhone has been refreshed with a modern web design and additional FAQ-style information on key iPhone features like speedy Apple-designed chips, Apple Pay, iMessage and more.

The refreshed webpage is divided into the following sections:

Will it be easy to switch to iPhone? Is the camera as good as they say?

“iPhone also has cool features like Memories, which automatically compiles your favorite moments into a movie,” says the company. As of recently, Apple is promoting iPhone photography via a series of mini-video tutorials on getting the most from your iPhone 7 camera, hosted on its “How to shoot on iPhone” webpage.

Why is iPhone so fast?

Even the last year’s A9 chip that powers iPhone 6s is faster in single-core CPU benchmarks than today’s top of the line Android handsets with quad-core chips outfitted with four gigabytes of RAM or even more. As you know, iPhones run on high-performance chips that are custom-designed by Apple for power efficiency. “Combine all that with the latest iOS updates offering smart new features, and everything you do on iPhone feels fast and fluid,” says Apple.

Will iPhone be easy to use? How does iPhone help protect my personal information?

This is all about Apple’s commitment to privacy and security, two major priorities with them. Since iOS 8, everything on your iPhone is “encrypted from the start” and protected by your passcode. Most flagship Android handsets have encryption disabled by default because full-disk encryption makes them sluggish due to the lack of hardware-assisted encryption.

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“Apple will not sell your information to anyone for any reason,” adds the mini-website.

Can I get help from a real person?

“No matter where you are, we have real human beings ready to help,” says the firm. Apple’s support team will help Android users learn about topics ranging from the switching process and software on their new iPhone to troubleshooting any issues they may have with their new phone. Support options listed here include phone, online chat, Apple’s Support app and a dedicated Twitter handle @AppleSupport.

What makes Messages so great?

The expressive Messages app on iOS 10 “doesn’t just send messages, it also lets you hail rides, book restaurants, and even shoot lasers.” Apple is referring to new Messages features on iOS 10, like downloadable stickers, fullscreen effects and iMessage apps, as well as strong end-to-end encryption. “And, of course, you can use other messaging apps like WeChat, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger, too,” adds the company.

What about the environment?

Apple says:

We think about the environment all the time. Every time you send an iMessage, make a FaceTime call, or ask Siri a question, those tasks are handled by Apple data servers running on 100 percent renewable energy. And when you switch to iPhone, we’ll even recycle your Android phone for you.

Will I love my iPhone?

Of course you will.

Tim Cook likes to highlight Apple’s customer satisfaction numbers that are the envy of the industry (customer sat, as he likes to put it), with a 451 Research-estimated 97 percent of people who have an iPhone saying they love it.

How do you like Apple’s reworked “Switch to iPhone” mini-site?

Be sure to watch short switcher videos Apple uploaded today to its YouTube channel.

Check Out Kb5020035 For The Windows 11 Insider Beta Channel

Check out KB5020035 for the Windows 11 Insider Beta Channel




Microsoft managed to flight two brand new builds to the Beta Channel for Windows 11.

Just as with the Dev Channel, we are looking at a ton of fixes and known issues as well.

Check out the entire changelog right here and become more aware of your new OS.

This is a great week for Windows 11 Insiders, as they received a lot to work with on both the Beta and the Dev Channels.

Earlier, we took a look at Build 25252, which just got released to the Windows 11 Dev Channel. A lot to see there, so we invite you to have a gander.

Also, since we’re on the topic of Windows 11, remember that it is now supported by the new VMware Workstation 17.0 Pro, just in case you didn’t know.

Getting back on topic, we’re about to review builds 22621.1020 and Build 22623.1020, as they just got released to the Beta Channel.

What should I expect from Builds 22621.1020 and 22623.1020?

First of all, yes, there are two builds. Microsoft has released an update with two new builds, which are 22621.1020 and 22623.1020 (KB5020035) to the Beta Channel.

This has been going on for quite some time now, so everybody is surely accustomed to the way Beta Channel Insiders receive their goodies.

Expert tip:

Keep in mind that Insiders who were previously on Build 22622 will automatically get moved to Build 22623 via an enablement package.

Through this release, Microsoft is announcing support for new Braille displays and new Braille input and output languages in Narrator.

Some of the new braille displays we support include the APH Chameleon, the APH Mantis Q40, the NLS eReader, and many more.


If you have the JAWS for Windows screen reader installed from Freedom Scientific and are using a version released in April 2023 or later along with a Focus braille display then there is no need to select the braille display as noted above.

Fixes [General] [Taskbar & System Tray]

Fixed a high hitting chúng tôi crash in the previous Beta Channel flight related to the system tray. This crash is also believed to be the cause of some Insiders experiencing a repeated chúng tôi crash when entering safe mode on that flight.

Fixed an issue which was causing certain third-party app icons in the system tray to be unresponsive after the latest system tray changes.

The Windows Update icon in the system tray should no longer look pixelated after changing between light and dark mode.


If you have two monitors on top of each other, the Desktops list in Task View should no longer appear to be floating in the middle of Task View.

[Task Manager]

Moved the open navigation pane button to be under the title bar when Task Manager is wide enough to expand it inline – in doing so, addressed an issue where you couldn’t drag Task Manager from the area in the title bar above the navigation pane if the navigate pane was expanded.

The Delete key should work in the search box now.

Fixes for BOTH Build 22621.1020 & Build 22623.1020

Combined Windows Spotlight with Themes on the Personalization page. This made it easier for you to discover and turn on the Windows Spotlight feature.

Provided the full amount of storage capacity of all your Microsoft OneDrive subscriptions. We also displayed the total storage on the Accounts page in the Settings app.

Gave Microsoft OneDrive subscribers storage alerts on the Systems page in the Settings app. The alerts appeared when you were close to your storage limit. You could also manage your storage and purchase additional storage, if needed.

Added the organizational messages feature. With it, third-party companies could provide content to their employees. They did not need to use the default behavior of Windows.

Fixed an issue that affected protocol activation of the Settings app. The app failed to open a page under the Accounts category.

Fixed an issue that affected certain applications. They stopped working. This occurred when you used keyboard shortcuts to change the input mode for the Japanese Input Method Editor (IME).

Fixed an issue that affected cluster name objects (CNO) or virtual computer objects (VCO). Password reset failed. The error message was, ” There was an error resetting the AD password…

Fixed an issue that might have caused certain apps to stop responding. This occurred when you opened the Open File dialog.

Fixed an issue that sometimes affected File Explorer when you opened a file. Because of that, there was high CPU usage.

Fixed an issue that affected Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. Automated investigation blocked live response investigations.

Fixed an issue that affected Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) authentication hardening. We would automatically raise the authentication level for all non-anonymous activation requests from DCOM clients to RPC_C_AUTHN_LEVEL_PKT_INTEGRITY. This occurred if the authentication level was below Packet Integrity.

Fixed an issue that affected microphone streams that used the Listen To feature to route to the speaker endpoint. The microphone stopped working after you restarted the device.

Fixed an issue that caused File Explorer to stop working. This occurred when you closed context menus and menu items.

Known issues [General]

Looking into reports that audio stopped working for some Insiders in recent Beta Channel builds.

[Taskbar & System Tray]

The taskbar sometimes flashes when transitioning between desktop posture and tablet posture.

The taskbar takes longer than expected to transition to the touch-optimized version when switching between desktop posture and tablet posture.

[Task Manager]

THere you have it, folks! That’s pretty it much it for the Beta Channel release for Windows 11 as far as this week is concerned.

What can I do if I can’t install KB5020035?

Also, make sure to report any other issues you might come across, in order for Microsoft to address and improve the overall OS experience for us all.

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3 Ways To Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts In Android – Webnots

In this digital world, every one of us having a smartphone. Though it is easy to play games, read news and watch videos, typing long text on Android mobile phone or tablet takes time. Your desktop typing skills will not help much in smaller keyboard layout as you can’t follow the rule of pressing specific keys with specific fingers. Fortunately, Android offers an option to setup custom keyboard shortcuts to replace longer text with shorter letters/words. In this article, we will explain how to create keyboard shortcuts in Android by using three different apps so that you can choose the best one suiting your need.

Default Android Setup

There are some default options in Android to speed up your typing.

You can turn on the predictive text mode so that the phone will suggest words when you type. However, predictive text mode does not work correctly, especially when using nonstandard words like name of the place. It will be annoying to delete and retype when predictive mode automatically selects different text when you press space bar.

Another way to increase typing speed is to use voice typing in which one can type the text by speaking. Unfortunately, voice typing is will not help when you are in public place or want to keep things private.

So, you need another option to make life easier especially when you want to repeatedly type the same sentences.

Example Scenario Where Keyboard Shortcuts Can Help

Good thing is that it is possible to improve typing speed by using keywords for frequently used phrases. Let’s say you spend most of the time in meetings and frequently need to respond in emails like, “I am currently busy in a meeting. I will text you back soon after the meeting”. Every time typing this long sentence will be annoying and the solution is to set a keyword for the whole phrase. Whenever you enter a preset keyword, the entire expression will appear instantly in the typing box, which you can send in no time.

Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in Android

Android has a provision for setting keywords using which you can set keywords for as many phrases as required. However, this feature highly depends on the on-screen keyboard and you may need to first check the settings of the selected on-screen keyboard of your device.

Note: The following procedure is for Android 12. The menus may differ depending on the manufacturer of your device. Apple has a similar feature called Text Replacement in iPhone and iPad. Learn more on how to create custom keyboard shortcuts in iPhone.

1. Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts on Gboard

The first option is to use the Gboard keyboard from Google. This is the default app comes with many Android models, however, make sure Gboard is your active on-screen keyboard. To check this, open any messaging app to view your current keyboard layout. If you are not using Gboard, tap the keyboard icon at the lower right corner. It will display the list of all the installed keyboards on your phone. Now,  choose “Gboard” from the list to activate it on phone.

Change Default Keyboard in Android

Once you have Gboard active, follow the below instructions to add custom keyboard shortcuts using personal dictionary.

Open “Settings” and access “Languages & input” through the “System” menu.

Tap on ” Personal dictionary ” in the “Language & input” menu. The personal dictionary stores the custom words not found in the standard dictionary. The typical grammar checker will not check the words stored in the personal dictionary. Similarly, the terms defined in the personal dictionary are not autocorrected if predictive text mode is on.

However, the “Personal dictionary” has an optional feature in which one can assign the shortcut for a phrase. To do that, Tap on the “+” in the upper right corner of the personal dictionary.

There appear two text input fields where you can type the phrase and its associated shortcut in the relevant fields.

Here is an example – Phrase:  I am currently busy in a meeting. I will call you back soon after the meeting and Optional shortcut: Busy

Add Shortcuts with Gboard

Press the back arrow button to go back to the personal dictionary. The phrase and its shortcut are now stored in the personal dictionary. Open any messaging app and write “Busy” in the text field. Gboard will immediately show the suggestion of the phrase. Tap on it, and the whole expression will appear in the text field.

Insert Shortcut in Gboard

Remember that the shortcut is case-sensitive. It means this suggestion will not appear if you enter “busy” in the text field because the first letter is not capitalized. The shortcut was defined as “Busy” with a capital “B”, so you need to enter in same case.

2. Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts with Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

Almost all the third-party keyboards provide the functionality of creating custom keyboard shortcuts. Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard is a popular third-party keyboard famous for its intelligence to learn the user’s writing style. You can install the app from Google Play store like any other app.

Finalize the setup and make Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard as your default keyboard. Follow the below steps for creating custom keyboard shortcuts using Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard.

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard Settings

The clipboard is a notable feature of the Windows operating system which you can use in Android with Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard. Add a new clip by pressing the “+ Add a new clip” hyperlink. The following pop-up window will show you two text fields. One is for the content, and the other is for the shortcut, which is optional.

Add your long phrase and the shortcut that you want to use while typing. Hit the “Save” button once everything is done.

Create Shortcut with Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

Open any texting app and type the shortcut in the text field. The relevant phrase will appear in the suggestions from which you can insert in the area with just one tap.

Insert Shortcuts in Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

In contrast to Gboard, Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard only allows shortcuts with lower case letters and numbers. Capital letters and special characters are not allowed in the shortcuts. This will actually help to keep the shortcut simple.

3. Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts Using Samsung Keyboard

The last option we explain is using the Samsung keyboard which comes with many handy features. However, Samsung keyboard is mainly available on Samsung phones and not on other Android models. Setting custom keyboard shortcuts on Samsung’s keyboard is straightforward. First, make sure Samsung keyboard is currently the active on-screen keyboard of your phone.

Add Shortcut in Samsung Keyboard

Whenever there is a need to enter the phrase, enter its associated shortcut. The relevant term will appear in the suggestions which you can select to insert in the text field.

Final Remarks

Creating custom keyboard shortcut in Android is easy and effective way to save your time. You can create multiple shortcuts for repeatedly using sentences and insert them in app when needed. We recommend using Gboard as it comes default with most Android phone models. However, you can also use Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard or Samsung Keyboard options if you like them.

Update the detailed information about Android 11 Beta 3 Lands, Requires Users To Opt on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!