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In a pristine environment, diesel spills can disrupt local ecology with long-lasting effects, but researchers from Australia are looking for better clean-up solutions.

Fuel spills are historically one of the key environmental risks of Antarctic stations and responding to a spill in such an extreme environment of isolation and sea ice can be extremely difficult. While improved fuel management has reduced the incidence of spills in recent years, research has shown that the impact of so called ‘legacy spills’ can still be seen for decades.

Kristopher Abdullah is a PhD student based in UNSW Sydney working on a project that’s being spearheaded by the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) to utilise native bacteria in Antarctic soils to clean up diesel spills. In a Q&A with Forbes Australia, Abdullah talks about the importance of finding better, more efficient solutions to protect the area.

What is your research and what prompted you to undertake the project?

KA: My research is based around the soil remediation project that is currently taking place in Casey station in Antarctica. The overall goal of this project is to clean up several diesel spills by excavating the contaminated soil and constructing it into mounds called biopiles. The AAD is interested in how we can enhance the ability of naturally occurring microbes to break down hydrocarbons and safely reuse the soil in Antarctica. My research specifically is looking into the microbiology of the biopiles to determine what microorganisms are residing in them and what they are doing. We hope to find ways to increase the efficiency of the process as well as identify why some of the biopiles experienced toxic nitrite accumulation and how to prevent this in the future.

I’ve always had an interest in microbiology and the potential for microorganisms in biotech applications and the fact that the project is based in Antarctica made it even cooler.

What is the importance of what you are doing?

KA: The importance is twofold: the first is that there is a legal obligation for Australia to clean up spills that have occurred on its Antarctic bases as a signatory of the Antarctic treaty and secondly, I believe we have an ethical obligation to maintain Antarctica as one of the world’s most pristine locations.

Who are you working with?

KA: I’m based in UNSW working within the Ferrari Lab, we collaborate with colleagues from the Environmental Stewardship Program at the Australian Antarctic Division, which is part of the federal Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water.

What are the impacts you can see; what is the potential?

KA: Probably the biggest impact would be putting a spotlight on the addition of nutrients to biopiles- previously the addition of nitrogen was calculated to optimise the removal of hydrocarbons only, but I think our research to date shows that there is more to the picture than that. Further down the line there is potential for molecular techniques to be used in eco-toxicology assays for example identifying a combination of genes that indicate the microbiome is experiencing stress from a particular toxic compound. In addition to Australia’s research station at Casey there are over 42 nations signatory to the Antarctic Treaty, and 110 bases in Antarctica, many of which have been abandoned,so there is a lot of potential to clean up Antarctica.

What of the benefits of collaboration?

KA: Without collaboration I wouldn’t be able to be part of this project at all. It also keeps us more closely connected to the real-world applications and objectives of our work which can often seem far away from the lab bench.

What is the importance of this undertaking in this environment and where else might it be applicable?

KA: Unlike in warmer climates or the ocean, hydrocarbon spills in terrestrial Antarctica persist for a long time and don’t really show any degradation when left alone. In other words, if we don’t clean this up nothing else will. While each site would be different in terms of contaminants and microbes present, this research will be applicable to other cold climate remediation programs, such as those in the Arctic, including in places like Greenland, Canada and Russia.

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Using Competitor Research For Your Content Ideation

Are you using competitor research? It can help you uncover the content themes and formats that tend to work well in your industry and discover influential sites that tend to share and link to this content.

Analyzing this data will allow you to make more informed decisions about the content you create and provide you with a hit list of influential outreach targets.

Here’s how you can use competitor research to discover your competitors’ top-performing content and inform your content ideation.

Identifying Your Competition

You likely have two kinds of competitors.

Your traditional competitors: Those offering the same products and services in close proximity to your business or targeting customers in the same area as you.

Your competition in the search results: Those who you’re vying against to rank for keywords related to your products and services.

Often, there is overlap here. But it can be easy to overlook companies that rank well in organic search, even if you didn’t previously consider them a competitor. You want to know why they rank so well, especially if they occupy positions above you.

So before you focus too heavily on an existing competitor, make a note of which sites rank best for keywords related to the products and services you offer. You can either do this manually or with a competitor analysis tool, such as SEMrush.

Objectives of Your Research

What you should be looking to uncover from your research is:

Which pieces of content are being shared the most in your industry.

Which topics/themes are trending in your industry.

What type of content is getting your competitors links.

Who follows your competition and what do they tend to share.

What types of content are the big brands in your industry writing.

Let’s look at each of these objectives.

1. Research Their Most Shared Content

Reviewing a number of your competitors’ most shared pieces of content will give you an idea of the type of content that tends to resonate with your target audience.

Using BuzzSumo, you can enter the domain names of your competitors and view detailed stats on their most shared content.

At the most basic level you’ll end up with a table containing the number of social shares for each of that website’s posts, ordered by the highest number of social shares:

This information is hugely valuable, but it’s important not to focus too much on just one competitor. Instead, collect data from multiple competitors to look for trends.

2. Find Trending Topics in Your Industry

To find trends, try to answer the following questions:

Do certain topics tend to generate a lot of shares for your competition? If a topic such as “mobile SEO” is generating traction for your competition, then it might be a good idea to create some content focused around that topic. 

Do certain formats (e.g. videos) get more shares than regular posts? If videos on a certain topic tend to get the most shares, then you might want to consider creating your own video if you’re planning content about that same topic. To get this info, navigate to the Content Analysis tab on BuzzSumo and review the shares by content type chart: 

Does one social platform tend to generate more shares than others in your industry? Visual content such as infographics and lifestyle photography may tend to generate more shares on platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram.

Don’t simply replicate your competitors’ top-performing posts. The goal of competitor research is to get a better idea of popular topics, format, and platforms in your industry to better inform your own content ideation process.

3. Discover Their Best Backlinks

Getting links to your content from relevant and high-authority sites can help improve your visibility in Google’s search results. Therefore, it’s important to research which pieces of content are earning links for your competitors.

Content that generates a lot of social media shares and engagement also tends to attract links – but not always. So it’s still important to research which types of content are generating your competition links separately to share stats.

You can use Ahrefs to review the most linked content on your competitors’ sites. Here you’ll be able to generate a list of URLs that have historically attracted the most links:

Additionally, you can then filter down to their top linked content now returning 404s and use this as the basis of a broken link building campaign:

Finally, make sure to check out the Ahrefs Best by Link Growth report to review which pieces of content have been generating links to your competitors’ sites in the last 30 days:

This report can help you identify trending topics. For example, if you spot a common theme between your competitors’ recent links, it may pay to write a post around the same topic!

4. Who Shares Their Content

Reviewing the individuals and businesses who share your competitors’ content can help you identify influential bloggers, social media influencers, and journalists with a significant following to help amplify the content you create.

To get this data you can again use BuzzSumo, this time utilizing the View Sharers feature alongside any piece of content:

In the ‘view sharers’ report, you can order by regularity of retweets, number of followers, and the page/domain authority of the URL displayed on their Twitter bio.

While you can never guarantee that these individuals will also share your content, you can export the data for use when conducting outreach:

If you already have a credible brand, you could even contact relevant influencers and request their contribution to an industry roundup piece as a way of piggybacking on their authority and boosting your chances of acquiring links and shares.

For deeper analysis, you can use a tool like Followerwonk to review your competitors’ social media following, common retweets, and favorites, along with who they mention most often.

5. How to Keep Track of Competitor Updates

In addition to carrying out in-depth research on an ad-hoc basis, set up Google Alerts to keep track of your competitors’ brand mentions on the web, which in turn helps you see what kind of content is earning them coverage online.

This is also a great way to discover brand mentions and link opportunities for your own brand.


Researching your competitors is an essential part of the content ideation process. When you know what’s working for your competition, you’ll be able to make informed decisions around topics, formats, and outreach targets when brainstorming your own content ideas.

When discovering that your competitor gets a ton of links and shares to a particular piece of content, it can be tempting to simply tweak and replicate. You might have success with that tactic, but imitation will never position you top of mind with your target audience. The best way is to use this information from your competitors as a starting point for your own content ideation.

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3 Great Media Center Solutions For Linux

Despite the fact that set top boxes and devices like Chromecast are becoming popular, media center software is still around, especially on Linux. If you have a lot of local media, and you’re looking for a solution, you should consider an appliance-based solution (like a Kodi or Stremio box) rather than an always-on media server solution for your network.

Why choose a local media center tool rather than something like Plex? Simple: ease of use. It’s much easier to install Kodi, Stremio or OSMC and plug in a couple of hard drives and go. There is significantly less know-how required when you go this route in contrast to building a dedicated server and configuring it.

What’s the best media solution for Linux?

1. Kodi (formerly known as XBMC)

This is the most popular media center solution on Linux. Previously, it was known as Xbox Media Center but  was then re-branded as Kodi. It supports a multitude of operating systems, not just Linux. Kodi supports local playback of audio and video in a fullscreen application.

Kodi can organize your media library and does it quite well. It organizes your media in three parts: Movies, TV Shows and Music. Mainstream video formats are supported. It can play back your music library in several different codecs: AAC, MP3, FLAC, OGG, WAV and WMA.

Along with local media playback, there is live television support (personal video recorders and popular TV backends like MythTV), support for add-on applications (like Netflix), universal plug-in play, pandora support and even podcasts. If you can think of it, Kodi probably has an application for it.

What’s compelling about this media software, and why you’d maybe want to switch to it, is the fact that you can use it anywhere. It’s great as a local media client or even a remote one. For just about every situation, Kodi just works. The bottom line: this is the standard that competing media center tools have been striving to get to. Kodi does everything, and it does it well.

Here’s a list of features.

Add-on support

Live TV support (including PVR, MythTV, etc.)

Customization (via skins)

Universal plug-and-play

Remote control support

Web interface

Pandora support

Podcast support

Hulu, Netflix and YouTube support

Support for all major video and audio codecs

Mobile app

Linux distribution

with Kodi pre-configured as the desktop environment

Kodi is the most well-supported media center currently available on Linux. It has tons of features and is always being improved and updated. If you’re looking to build a decent media box, this is the one to go to first.

2. Stremio

Stremio is a full-featured media center tool available for Linux and other platforms as well. It comes packed with tons of features and can manage media quite well. Stremio supports managing media files via local drives as well as importing from Facebook.

When you use this media center tool, you’re not just getting a fancy video playback application. You’re getting an entire environment complete with features and settings you’d expect from something similar to that of a box you can buy in a store. Here’s a list of the features you can expect out of Stremio:

YouTube support

Chromecast-like casting via DLNA

Live TV via Filmon TV

Netflix support

Hulu support

Mobile app support

Amazon streaming support

Premium content available via Cinema

Peer-to-peer streaming support

Add-on functionality

Ability to add music to your library via local drives, Facebook, etc.

Automatic subtitles


As far as media center software goes, OSMC claims to be one of the lightest ones. OSMC is based upon the Kodi media center, so the technology is largely the same, with some additions. The main reason Open Source Media Center is a viable option is that it works to make media centers more accessible and user-friendly.

Here’s a list of compelling features:

Constantly updated


App support via an App store

Remote control support

Sorts media based on Movies, TV Shows and Music categories

Photo support

Support for all major video and audio codecs

Based on Kodi, so some features included with Kodi may carry over

If you’ve tried Kodi and determined that you don’t like the way it works or are just are looking to find something lighter and easier, Open Source Media Center is a great choice.


Media centers are getting to the point where they’re just as powerful as Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV that you’d buy in your local technology shop. If what you want is to build your own local media solution, one that would rival commercial solutions, each of the options on this list will be more than sufficient.

What media center solution have you built your media appliance on? Tell us below!

Image Credits: Softpedia, Google Play, Home Theater Life

Derrik Diener

Derrik Diener is a freelance technology blogger.

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Top 7 Hr Software Solutions For Your Office

This article will cover simplehr software. Are you ready to build your HR system and team? Here’s a guide to the best small-business HR software. Perhaps you are wondering how to create a trustworthy and reliable HR system for your growing small business.

Technology has made it possible to change the way you approach HR. There is now HR software specifically designed for small businesses.

Top 7 HR Software Solutions for Your Office

Are you ready to build your HR system and team? This guide will help you choose the best HR software to provide small business services.

1) BambooHR

Are you looking for a reliable record-keeping component? BambooHR is the right service for you. The software allows you to continue the electronic signature and eliminates the need for paper copies. You can also check money through online surveys

This software allows you to track job applicants and examine performance reviews, just to name a few.

BambooHR is the best HR software for small businesses.

2) Zenefits

This module is ideal for onboarding employees, reporting, and record-keeping.

Zenefits also offers powerful features to help boost HR management projects like time tracking and regulatory compliance.

Payroll processing is an important part of being an entrepreneur for your employees.

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3) Zoho People

Do you have a tight budget? Zoho People is an affordable HR software solution for small businesses.

This self-service HR system allows your employees to access announcements, request medical repayments and view personal information. It also lets them add tasks and log time.

This module was designed for small businesses with fewer employees. The software is available for a monthly fee if you have more than five employees.

4) Gusto

Are you fed up with endless paper trails during recruitment for your service? Gusto is the right HR software for you. Check What makes a good business partner

It makes the recruitment process paperless and more efficient for your company.

How is this possible?

Gusto allows you to send letters to your new workers and have them onboarded. The Gusto app allows them to register online for benefits and payroll. It’s so simple!

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5) Namely

Namely is an HR module that targets mid-sized organizations with less than 1,000 employees.

Although it might not be the best HR software for small businesses, it is a good choice if your company has ambitious growth plans.

It is specifically designed to look and feel like a social network. It is very simple for employees to use. This connects workers, which results in increased productivity and engagement, which helps grow your service.

Namely is the right HR software for you if you want to increase worker collaboration and teamwork spirit within your service.

6) OrangeHRM

You want your business to succeed.

What about HR software that helps you align your business goals and organizational procedures? Also, check Sage 50cloud accounting

OrangeHRM is the best solution. It includes special functions like system administration, leave/time management, efficiency evaluation, time and presence management, and leave/time management.

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7) CakeHR

CakeHR is the best choice for small- to medium-sized services. It provides specialized services like holiday tracking and a shared company calendar.

You can also integrate it with popular apps like Google apps or slack.

CakeHR is one of the easiest online HR solutions. It will give you 360-degree feedback about your workers’ efficiency as your company grows.

How do you choose the best HR software for small businesses?

There are many HR software options available for small businesses. How can you choose the best one for your company? Consider the size of the company and the innovative methods you employ. You can then research the many HR options available.

Top Robotics Research Jobs To Apply For This March Weekend

Only professionals with significant years of experience can apply for the robotics research jobs

Robotic science has jumped out of textbooks and research papers and is becoming a part of our daily life. Starting from security to manufacturing, space explorations, education, healthcare, agriculture, and customer care, everything is touched by robotics. Today, we are capable of running into

Top Robotics Research Jobs to Apply For

Robotics Application Research Engineer at Husys Ltd Location(s): Hyderabad Roles and Responsibilities: As a robotics application research engineer, the candidate should be able to quickly grasp new technologies and business problems, able to put themself in clients’ shoes. He/she should be able to diagnose broken equipment by its sounds and smells, or while blindfolded. Their responsibilities include accelerating robotics research by creating and promoting case studies, benchmarks, interfaces, prototypes solutions, etc. The candidate should work directly with development engineers to implement relevant product capabilities. Qualifications:

The candidate should have a degree in engineering or a related field.

Working knowledge in software, controls, mobile robotics, and/or manufacturing processes is mandatory.

He/she should have hands-on experience with mobile robots.

They should be capable of identifying skills and resources required to complete projects which may range from 3-8 months in duration.

The candidate should be able to communicate concepts readily through sketches, block diagrams, flow charts, and technical writing.

Besides, he/she should have some design experience.


Robotics Engineer- Electronics & Robotics Trainer

Location(s): New Delhi Qualifications:

The candidate should hold a chúng tôi degree in any relevant field.

Sound knowledge of basic electronics engineering concepts is mandatory.

They should have good knowledge of programming languages, C, C++, Python, JAVA, etc.

The candidate should have experience in preparing project documentation in LATEX and GITHUB.


RPA Solution Architect UiPath at Wipro

Location(s): Noida, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai Roles and Responsibilities: At Wipro, the automation architect conducts high-level or detailed RPA assessments either for new or existing automation opportunities. The candidate should solve back-office process automation leveraging industry tools and technology. He/she should support building automation capability and mentor the development team and architects. They should evaluate and prototype internal or external products and provide recommendations to address business requirements. The candidate should support pre-sales efforts, providing technical expertise on standard offerings and client requirements. Qualifications:

The candidate should have over 8-years of IT experience, a minimum of 2-years of experience in leading architecture and design.

He/she should be capable of architecting enterprise-level automation involving multiple systems, sub-systems, and ERPs.

They should be proficient in .NET (C#) and .NET framework application development.

The candidate should have hands-on experience in designing high-level technical solutions.


Robot Operating System (ROS) at Accenture

Location(s): Bengaluru Roles and Responsibilities: As a robot operating system professional at Accenture, the candidate should interpret and translate client requirements into a solution configured from a standard set of offerings. He/she should drive the sign-off on the solution and interface with the delivery organization to ensure effective transition, shape services, and determine appropriate service delivery locations and related costs. They should involve in requirement gathering and implementation of the projects. The candidate should be able to work independently with the onshore and the client stakeholders. Qualifications:

The candidate should have at least 6 years of development experience in robotics.

The ability to analyze, design, build, and deploy is mandatory.

He/she should have sound knowledge and working experience on Robot Operating systems, Autonomous Robotics, Industrial Robotics, etc.

They should have a good working knowledge of Python and Java.


RPA UiPath Solution Architect at TCS

Location(s): Hyderabad, Bengaluru Roles and Responsibilities: The candidate is expected to solve back-office process automation leveraging industry tools and technology. He/she should support building automation capability and mentor the development team and architects. They should evaluate and prototype internal or external products and provide a recommendation to address business requirements. The candidate should support pre-sales efforts, providing technical expertise on standard offerings and client requirements. Qualifications:

Over 8-years of IT experience, a minimum of 2-years of experience in leading architecture and design is mandatory.

The candidate should architect enterprise-level automation involving multiple systems, sub-systems, and ERPs.

He/she should be proficient in scripting languages including JS, VBS, or JavaScript.

Good knowledge of SOA, Two-tier, three-tier architecture deployment is expected.


Robotics Research Associate at Banasthali Vidyapith

Location(s): Tonk, Rajasthan Qualifications:

The candidate should have 1-3 years of work experience in relative fields.

He/she should have good communication skills.

Candidates who are quick in reading and summarizing are better for this job.

They should have strong research analytical skills.

Best Online Casino Australia: Top 10 Australian Casinos 2023

Online Casino Australia – A Guide to the Hottest Online Casinos

Discovering your personal online gambling hall is probably the most difficult task for any new player. What does one go by in the plethora of worldwide online casinos? Do you decide by the game offer, by the security standards or do you simply take the most well-known one?

We do not simply present you with the best online casinos, but check them for player heart and gamer kidneys. With us, you will learn about current bonus offers, terms of use and hidden stumbling blocks that can lurk in casinos.

The most important features in online casinos Australia Licenses and Regulation

A reputable online casino in Australia must possess a valid gambling license. This is an essential factor for new visitors to consider. In Australia, gambling licenses are primarily issued by local state and territory regulatory bodies. Some of the most trusted licensors for Australian online casinos include: the Northern Territory Racing Commission, the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation, and the New South Wales Office of Responsible Gambling. Additionally, many Australian online casinos also hold international licenses, such as those from the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission, which further testify to their credibility and trustworthiness.

Safety and security at online casinos Australia

In gambling, it is often true that the higher the risk, the more fun it is. However, the opposite is true when dealing with customers: Safety first should be the motto there. The following security features should therefore be found at your online casino.

For all customers, the question arises at some point as to which payment method is the most secure for you. After all, this is what matters when it comes to sensitive transactions. Therefore, look out for a choice of payment methods at your online casino. A casino that is committed to respectability therefore offers not only credit cards, but additionally PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller for its customers.

So that the coincidence also remains coincidence, there are independent testing agencies that control the systems. Companies such as eCOGRA, iTech Labs, GLI, or Gaming Associates ensure that there is no manipulation in favor of the casino. They check the Random Number Generator (RNG), which is responsible for the randomness of the draws, and issue certificates. Existing certificates of the mentioned organizations are a clear sign of the seriousness of a casino operator.

Check if the RTP value of a game is above 95%. Reputable casinos generally offer a higher value. The RTP value (Return to Player), which casinos have to show for each game of chance, indicates the theoretical payout rate that flows back to the user when he plays at this game.

Customer service and support

How casino players are dealt with in the event of problems is a significant criterion for evaluating a gambling portal. After all, there are problems in every gambler’s life. If the operator is interested in not only asking you as a customer for your money once, but to see you again in the long term, then the customer service should also be helpful, friendly and courteous. The more open a casino is in its communication channels, the more transparent and trustworthy it appears to the customer.

Customers should always have the option to contact their casino via one of the following channels: Email or contact form, live chat and telephone. The bigger the virtual gaming hall, the more diverse the offer should be here. The most modern standard is to offer customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because for online players, neither daytimes nor weekdays apply. And English-speaking contact persons should always be available for Aussie customers at the customer support itself.

Software manufacturer

Many casinos offer a colorful variety of games in their portfolios. Which game providers a virtual casino prefers to offer depends on what the gambling portal wants to focus on. In the case of live casino games, it is generally worth looking at the manufacturers that the virtual arcade offers. Game developers such as NetEnt or Evolution Gaming already ensure that players can feel safe here due to their reputation.

However, you also benefit from well-known software developers when it comes to pokies. Well-known providers here include Play’n GO, Yggdrasil or NetEnt and Microgaming. They all have high RTP values, but also stand for innovative design and excellent quality.

Preferences at online casinos Australia

The preferences of each casino guest can be quite different. Some only play live games at the poker table. Others may prefer pokie games, playing only fruit pokies from Yggdrasil. It is important for every customer that the preferred portal also has the favorite game in its assortment. We have therefore listed the most important games of the casinos in our reviews to give you an impression of the respective game portfolio.

Responsible gambling and the right way to deal with online casinos Australia

Playing responsibly is the basis for a successful and enjoyable gambling experience in the long run. The main thing here is to play in safe and reputable casinos and to inform yourself about the legal situation, the default and conditions in the game. This way, you will feel safe in the game and thus you will be less inclined to make mistakes in the game.

But what exactly does responsible gambling mean and how does one properly deal with online casinos? This is a question that many players often do not even ask themselves, although this is exactly what is extremely important. Responsible gambling means:

To gamble and use online casino games only as an adult

To inform yourself about legal rules and regulations and to actually adhere to them

To always gamble within one’s own limits and available financial means

To understand gambling as a leisure activity and not as a way to get money

Setting your own limits for gambling – in terms of playing time, money wagered, money lost or similar. A good online casino will allow you to set these limits in the casino

Not to neglect life away from gambling and to continue to maintain social contacts outside the online casino world

Yes, once you have found the best online casino Australia on the Internet, the temptation to lose yourself completely in the many games is naturally great. Ultimately, however, only one thing makes sense and is sustainable in the long run: responsible gambling.

The best tips and tricks for online casino play in Australia

Playing at an online casino is easy. Being really successful at it, not always quite so much. That’s why we’ve put together the best tips and tricks for you to make your next visit to the virtual casino an enjoyable experience.

Safety first, always applies when playing at online casinos. For the best gaming experience, be sure to choose a platform with an official gambling license.

Always test new games and casinos in free mode first. This way you don’t risk anything and can take your time to look around.

The best chances of winning are in games with a high RTP (payout ratio). If you want to have the best chances of winning, you should therefore bet on games with a high payout rate.

Knowledge helps, especially with table games. So before you start your first rounds of real-money play, you should definitely find out exactly about the game in question and the rules.

Choose a not too large number of platforms as your regular casinos and do not change casinos too often – this way you can ideally benefit from existing VIP and loyalty programs.

The best online casinos Australia Advantages:

Deposit possible from $10;

Digital payment methods accepted;

Numerous bonus offers, including for table players;

VIP programs available;

Instant and crypto games on offer;

Wide range of payment options;

Supports local Australian causes;

Multilingual website.

Some restricted countries.

Rocket Casino Online presents an extensive selection of gambling games in a fresh, vibrant design. Both pokie and table players can enjoy the wide variety and benefit from the multiple bonuses on offer. Players can test their luck at Rocket Casino Online with fiat payment methods and digital currencies.

Bonus program:

Rocket Casino Online’s impressive bonus program ensures that high rollers and players with a smaller budget can enjoy plenty of entertainment. New customers receive the following bonuses:

First deposit: 100% Welcome Bonus up to $500 + 50 Free Spins;

Second deposit: 50% up to $1,000+ 100 Free Spins;

High rollers can enjoy casino games with AUD0.01 per spin or test them out with AUD100 stakes. Table game enthusiasts can win live drop bonuses, and on Sundays, there are plenty of free spins for slots.

Game variety:

Rocket Casino Online offers slots with various themes, designs, and features. The games come from multiple software providers such as Microgaming, Amatic, Endorphina, Betsoft, Ezugi, iSoftbet, and Quickspin, ensuring a diverse selection.

Players can experience the thrill with slots, live casino games, crypto, or specialty games. Additionally, some instant games guarantee plenty of action.

Payment methods:

Payment options include Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neosurf, Skrill, Neteller, Interac, Muchbetter, MiFinity, eZee Wallet, AstroPay, and more. Various cryptocurrencies are also accepted.

Withdrawal requests can be initiated once the customer’s account has at least $20. All transaction processes are free of charge. However, as some banks may charge fees, players should inquire beforehand. Also, amounts of $500 or more can only be withdrawn via bank transfer.


Rocket Casino Online, as a reputable Australian online casino, provides information on responsible gambling. This demonstrates that the casino aims to entertain players without causing harm. Even in fair establishments, guests do not have to sacrifice entertainment, as proven by Rocket Casino Online. The only downside is that some countries are restricted, but this does not negatively impact Australian players.

RocketPlay Casino – Generous welcome bonuses to kickstart your gaming journey Advantages:

Numerous payment methods accepted;

Games sorted into well-organized categories;

Wide range of renowned gaming providers;

Active presence on social media channels.

Fees applicable for certain payment methods.

RocketPlay Casino is an excellent choice for players who prefer using digital payment methods. This Australian online casino offers a user-friendly experience, allowing guests to quickly sign up using their Google account.

Bonus program:

RocketPlay Casino boasts an extensive range of bonus offers. New customers can enjoy a welcome bonus of up to 1000 EUR Bonus + 100 Free Spins. Second deposit bonus up to 200 chúng tôi bonus is initially earned through the cashback system, with a cashback bonus awarded after a few days.

Additional rewards are available through the Welcome Highroller Bonus, Birthday Bonus, Weekly Cashback up to 15%, and VIP programs. These exclusive offers increase winning chances and ensure an exciting gaming experience.

Game variety:

RocketPlay Casino offers a diverse range of games from various software developers. The games are categorized into slots, jackpot slots, and live casino games such as live baccarat, live blackjack, and live roulette.

A unique feature of RocketPlay Casino is the High Roller category, which includes games with particularly high betting limits. Additionally, players can easily find pokies with the bonus buy feature.

Payment methods:

RocketPlay Casino focuses on digital payment methods and accepts various cryptocurrencies. Players can transfer cryptos directly from wallet to wallet or purchase digital currencies on the casino site. Traditional currency is also accepted, with several methods available for AUD deposits.

Withdrawals are processed using the same method as the deposit. Minimum and maximum amounts for deposits and withdrawals vary depending on the currency and payment method.

Total: 21bit Casino – Exceptional variety of games to cater to all types of players Advantages:

Pokie machines organized into categories (hot, etc.)

24/7 customer service availability

Bonuses with fair wagering requirements

Renowned casino with a vast gaming selection

Accepts digital currencies

No information about no deposit bonuses

Little variety in bonus options

As a prominent online casino, 21bitCasino has already made its mark in the Australian market. It offers a diverse assortment of games and fair bonus promotions, including numerous slot machines and various table games, ensuring guests have an entertaining and varied gaming experience.

Bonus program:

First-time visitors to a reputable online casino typically deposit credit into their customer accounts.

New customers at 21bit Casino are rewarded with a 50% up to AU$200 and 50 Freespins.

2nd deposit bonus 75% up to AU$200 + 50 Freespins

3rd deposit bonus 100% up to AU$200 + 50 Freespins

4rd deposit bonus 125% up to AU$200 + 50 Freespins

5rd deposit bonus 150% up to AU$200 + 50 Freespins

A minimum deposit of $15 is required to receive the bonus.

Other promotions for casino customers include a weekend reload bonus, daily surprise spins, top slots super offer, and a VIP program.

Game variety:

21bit Casino offers thousands of slot machines, providing an extensive selection from various manufacturers. The slots are organized into categories such as hot, bonus buy, and new, allowing popular games to be easily found.

The live casino section enables players to engage with real dealers and croupiers via live streaming. Software providers such as Evolution Gaming, Lucky Streak, and Authentic contribute to the live gaming experience.

Payment methods:

A top online casino like 21bit Casino offers multiple secure payment options. The casino partners with Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill, Webmoney, and other payment service providers to facilitate quick deposits. In addition to traditional currency, 21bit Casino accepts digital payment methods like Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Withdrawal requests are processed as quickly as possible, with winnings credited to the chosen payment service account after completing security verification.


At first glance, 21bit Casino’s offerings may appear confusing. However, guests can easily navigate the platform due to the well-organized categories. Numerous benefits, such as the bonus program with fair wagering requirements, slot races, and friendly live chat support, ensure an entertaining experience for guests. Additionally, the support staff is able to assist in English, accommodating a broad range of players.

Casino Kingdom – Top-notch customer support for a hassle-free experience Advantages:

Highly reputable with numerous awards

Accepts cryptocurrency

No fees for deposits and withdrawals

Praised by real players on independent review portals

Extensive and unique game selection

Welcome freeroll available

Offers communication via Facebook or Twitter

Established since 2014

Standard bonus wagering requirements

If you’re searching for an Australian online casino that offers a unique gaming experience, look no further than Casino Kingdom. The platform features exclusive games in the “Kingdom Casino Originals” section and introduces an innovative gaming option with “Bet Along Streamers.”

Bonus program:

Kingdom Casino provides a generous welcome package for Australian players: 100% up to 200 AUD + 25 free spins. Second deposit bonus: 75% up to 200 AUD + 25 free spins. Third deposit bonus: 120% up to 200 AUD + 50 free chúng tôi bonus offers for existing customers are also impressive, with deposit bonuses available.

Game variety:

Kingdom Casino offers an exciting range of games, including slots, table games, bet along streamers, exclusive titles, bitcoin games, jackpot gambling games, and more. The “proven fair games” section is unique and not found in other online casinos.

With a combination of classic and trendy games, Kingdom Casino stands out for its game variety. The categories “Megaways” and “Book of” help players find their favorites quickly.

Payment methods:

Kingdom Casino provides multiple payment options, including Visa, Giropay, Cash-to-Code, Mitfinity, and Jeton, allowing guests to quickly and conveniently deposit funds into their player accounts. Digital payment methods accepted include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP, Dogecoin, Tether, Cardano, Tron, and BNB.

Deposit and withdrawal limits vary depending on the payment service, but there are no fees for depositing or withdrawing. The waiting time for withdrawal requests varies by payment method, but customer support is available for inquiries at any time.

Total: Spin Samurai Casino – Exclusive Australian-themed pokies to keep you entertained Advantages:

Clean and classy website design

Lottery included in the game offerings

Wide variety of payment options

Accepts digital currencies

Welcome bonus of 125% Up to €100

Live chat, email address, and service hotline for customer support

Few sports betting options

Both experienced and new players will immediately feel at home at Spin Samurai Casino. The classy and straightforward design ensures that guests can easily navigate the site. All information is provided without any misleading details.

Bonus program:

New customers can claim a bonus worth 125% Up to €100.

2nd deposit bonus 100% up to €200 + 25 Free Spins on Deep Sea or Four Lucky Clover.

3nd deposit bonus 80% up to €500 + 50 Free Spins on Deep Sea or Four Lucky Clover.

Additional free spin offers, lotteries, tournaments, and a VIP program make the bonus program extremely lucrative.

Game variety:

Spin Samurai Casino offers a diverse selection of games from renowned software developers such as Pragmatic Play, Bgaming, Spinomenal, and Playson. Additionally, games from less familiar providers like 30AKS, Platipus, Zillion, and Gamebeat add variety.

Players can enjoy pokies, table games, lotteries, and other games of chance. In the “Crypto Games” section, players can select a currency, and the corresponding crypto-compatible games are displayed. Furthermore, players can test almost all games of chance in the crypto casinos as well.

Payment methods:

Spin Samurai Casino does not disappoint in terms of payment methods. Players can easily deposit real money using options such as Neteller, Paysafecard, Skrill, Neosurf, Mastercard, and Ecopayz. The minimum deposit amount at Spin Samurai Casino is $10. Depending on the payment method, players can deposit up to $500.


The game selection at Spin Samurai Casino stands out due to the inclusion of lottery and games from lesser-known developers. The casino also excels in payment transactions and bonus programs. The information is clear, and players can quickly understand what to expect at Spin Samurai Casino. If there are any questions or concerns, friendly customer support is available. To access the casino games quickly and easily on the go, Spin Samurai Casino offers a free app for download.

Conclusion on the Top Online Casinos Australia

The leading position among Australian online casinos is intensely competitive, with the ones mentioned here. Small nuances can often make the difference between them. It is evident that an increasing number of young and dynamic platforms are making their way to the upper ranks, infusing the gaming community with the much-needed breath of fresh air.

Bonuses and game variety continue to be the most crucial factors in making decisions for players. These are followed by payment methods, customer service, and, of course, the overall web presence. Many intricate elements contribute to whether or not we feel comfortable in a casino. We hope that our casino reviews will assist you in making the best choice for your gaming needs.

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