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At its 20 April Spring Loaded event, Apple announced that the iPhone 12 and 12 mini would also be available in purple, adding to the existing range of five color choices. The good news is that it isn’t more expensive – in fact, you can also get up to £75 off if you know where to look.

Here, we cover how to get your hands on every member of Apple’s first 5G-capable iPhone lineup and at the best price, whether you’re buying on contract or SIM-free.

The best iPhone 12 Deals (all models) right now

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How much does the iPhone 12 range cost? 

The good news is that Apple hasn’t raised the price of the iPhone 12 range (aside from a slight tweak to the iPhone 12’s price) despite the jump forward in design, performance, and connectivity – but they are still expensive, and that’s especially true of the ultra-high-end iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

Here’s how the iPhone 12 range breaks down in cost: 

iPhone 12 Mini 

iPhone 12 Mini (64GB): £699/$699 

iPhone 12 Mini (128GB): £749/$749 

iPhone 12 Mini (256GB): £849/$849 

See our full review of the iPhone 12 mini.

iPhone 12 

iPhone 12 (64GB): £799/$799 

iPhone 12 (128GB): £849/$849 

iPhone 12 (256GB): £949/$949 

See our full iPhone 12 review.

iPhone 12 Pro  

iPhone 12 Pro (128GB): £999/$999 

iPhone 12 Pro (256GB): £1,099/$1,099 

iPhone 12 Pro (512GB): £1,299/$1,299 

Also find our full iPhone 12 Pro review here.

iPhone 12 Pro Max 

iPhone 12 Pro Max (128GB): £1,099/$1,099 

iPhone 12 Pro Max (256GB): £1,199/$1,199 

iPhone 12 Pro Max (512GB): £1,399/$1,399 

All variants of iPhone 12 are now readily available to buy in the UK. The most obvious place to go to buy the iPhone 12 is Apple itself, but where else can you go? 

Below are all the top retailers offering the iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max both SIM-free and on-contract.

Best iPhone 12 Mini deals

Right now, you can get £100 off the iPhone 12 mini from Amazon, which is offering the market-leading price. It also has £75 off the new purple version.

Top retailers for iPhone 12 mini:

Best iPhone 12 Mini SIM-free deals

Below are some of the best SIM-free and contract deals around on the iPhone 12 mini

Best iPhone 12 Mini Deals Apple iPhone 12 mini (64GB)


From: Amazon

Was: £579

Now: £516.97 (£62.03 off)

View Deal

Apple iPhone 12 mini, unlimited data & free Nintendo Switch


From: Mobile Phones Direct

Now: £44.99 upfront, £46 per month

View Deal

Apple iPhone 12 mini (128GB)


From: Amazon

Was: £629

Now: £569 (£60 off)

View Deal

Apple iPhone 12 mini with AirPods 2


From: Virgin

Now: From £29 per month (2GB)

View Deal

At time of writing the firm is offering a half-price deal on its 30GB data contract which may work out cheaper than the 2GB offer, at least in the short term.

Apple iPhone 12 mini (64GB) – Good condition


From: UR

Was: £579

Now: From £259.95 (£319.05 off)

View Deal

Plus, UR provides a case, glass screen protector, a 12-month warranty and 12 months of insurance against theft and accidental damage.

Apple iPhone 12 mini (64GB) – Renewed


From: Amazon

Was: £579

Now: £373.99 (£205.01 off)

View Deal

Apple iPhone 12 mini (256GB)


From: Amazon

Was: £729

Now: £619.99 (£109.01 off)

View Deal

Best iPhone 12 Mini contract deals

Below are all the network providers offering the iPhone 12 mini. We’ve highlighted the best value offers across each provider for you:

Affordable Mobiles – 100GB data for £34 per month, no upfront cost

Carphone Warehouse – Free Homepod Mini with select deals – plans start at £29.99 upfront, £34 per month for 20GB data

EE – £55 per month, £30 upfront for 100GB data

O2 – £42.95 per month, £30 upfront for 30GB data over 36 months (£360 off with trade-in, and 6 months of Disney+, Prime Video or another streaming app)

Sky Mobile – £25 per month (usually £27) for 2GB data (no upfront cost) 

Three – Free AirPods, Beats Flex, case + screen protector, or Powerbeats Pro, plan

Virgin Mobile – £35 per month, no upfront cost for 30GB data with free Airpods

Vodafone – £49 per month, £49 upfront for 6GB data with choice of Amazon Prime, YouTube Premium or Spotify with purple iPhone 12 mini pre-order

Best iPhone 12 deals Best iPhone 12 deals SIM-free

You can find £75 off the iPhone 12 from most retailers right now, though Amazon has up to £80 off (including the 128GB option). Amazon also has £75 off the purple iPhone 12

Below are the top SIM-free deals across all retailers:

Best iPhone 12 deals on contract

Carphone Warehouse is giving away a free HomePod mini with select contract deals, while Three is bundling free AirPods, Powerbeats Pro or Beats Flex with iPhone 12 deals.

Below are some of the deals we’ve highlighted across leading UK network providers for the iPhone 12:

Carphone Warehouse – 1000GB data for £43 per month, £49.99 upfront with free HomePod Mini

EE – 10GB data for £55 per month, £50 upfront

O2 – Unlimited data for £30 upfront, £49.37 per month with free Disney Plus (or Amazon Prime Video) for 6 months

Tesco Mobile – 6GB data for £34.49 per month with free Tesco Clubcard Plus (36 months)

Three – Free AirPods, Powerbeats Pro, or Beats Flex – plans start at £37 per month, £210 upfront

Sky Mobile – 2GB data for £29 per month, no upfront cost

Virgin – Free Apple AirPods Pro on plans starting from £35 per month for 1GB data

Vodafone – £57 per month, £19 upfront with free Amazon Prime, Spotify or YouTube Premium for 2 years

Voxi – £44 per month for 12GB data with unlimited social media and video streaming, no upfront cost (30 months)

If none of the deals above catch your eye, you can compare iPhone 12 contract deals based on your budget using the tool below:

var tdsPcInpageConfig = { widget: { elementId: “tds-widget”, portal: “ukTelecom”, token: “6fb1fec4-fa7e-4833-a3bf-5e093a83c56d “, widget: “inDepth_default_proposition”, limits: { phoneId: [1932,1934,1933] } } }




View Deal

Best iPhone 12 Pro deals on contract

You can also get the free HomePod mini or a pair of AirPods from Carphone Warehouse when you buy the iPhone 12 Pro. Below are some of the deals we’d recommend from leading network providers for the iPhone 12 Pro.

Carphone Warehouse -100GB data with free HomePod mini for £55 per month, £79 upfront, or 10GB data for £49.99 per month and £99 upfront with free AirPods

EE –  100GB data for £80 per month, £50 upfront with streaming add-on

O2 –  100GB data for £56.10 per month, £30 upfront – get £360 off with trade-in and free Disney Plus (or Amazon Prime Video) for 6 months

Three – Free AirPods, Beat Flex or Powerbeats Pro – plans start at £49 per month, £230 upfront for 4GB data with free Beats Flex

Sky Mobile – £41 per month for 2GB data (reduced from £47), no upfront cost.

Virgin – 30GB of data for £46 per month (reduced from £50), no upfront cost (36 months)

Vodafone – £82 per month, £49 upfront for 25GB data with choice of Amazon Prime, Spotify or YouTube Premium for free

Voxi – £52 per month with 12GB data with unlimited social media and video streaming, free next day delivery

Tesco Mobile – 6GB data for £39.99 (36 months) with free Tesco Clubcard Plus

Best iPhone 12 Pro Max deals Best iPhone 12 Pro Max SIM-free deals




View Deal

Below are some of the best SIM-free deals on the iPhone 12 Pro Max right now:

Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Deals Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max – 128GB – Good condition


From: Back Market

Was: £1,099

Now: £479.99 (£619.01 off)

View Deal

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max (128GB, refurbished)


From: MusicMagpie

Was: £1,099

Now: £709.99 (£389.01 off)

View Deal

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max with AirPods Pro


From: Three

Now: From £68 per month, £99 upfront

View Deal

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max with 100GB data


From: Fonehouse

Now: £59 per month, no upfront cost

View Deal

Best iPhone 12 Pro Max contract deals

Carphone Warehouse – Best deal: Free Apple Homepod Mini, £49.99 upfront, £59.99 per month for 20GB 4G data

EE – Best deal: 100GB data for £86 per month, £50 upfront, includes 1 Smart Benefit (choice of Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and more)

Fonehouse – Best deal: 100GB data for £55 per month, £134.99 upfront with Three 

O2 – Best deal: £59.10 per month, £30 upfront for 100GB data (was 90GB) over 36 months (£360 off with trade-in, 6 months of Disney+, Amazon Prime or another streaming app)

Sky Mobile – Best Deal: Starts at £45 per month, no upfront cost for 2GB data (higher data allowances available) 

Three – Best Deal: Free AirPods, Beat Flex or Powerbeats Pro – plans start at £56 per month, £99 upfront

Virgin Mobile –  Best Deal: £51 per month, no upfront cost for 30GB data (36 months)

Vodafone – Best Deal: £83 per month, £29 upfront for 6GB data and choice of Spotify, Amazon Prime Video, or YouTube Premium

AT&T (US) – Starts at $36.67 per month

When did the iPhone 12 phones go on sale? 

The iPhone 12 range launch is a little more staggered than it has been in previous years. 

The first iPhones available were the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, both released on 23 October.

Those waiting for the smaller iPhone 12 mini or ultra-high-end iPhone 12 Pro Max have had to wait a little longer. The good news is that the Mini and Pro Max were both released on 13 November, and are now available to buy worldwide.

Apple announced the purple variant of the iPhone 12 and 12 mini at its Spring Loaded event on 20 April. The handsets became available to pre-order on 23 April and will ship on 30 April.

What’s new with the iPhone 12 range? 

The iPhone 12 range is so exciting because there are a lot of changes on offer. The most noticeable is the design, which steps away from curved edges to something altogether more angular and reminiscent of the iPad Pro and even the iPhone 5. 

That new design also means Apple has expanded the size of the display of most of the range without impacting the overall footprint, with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro sporting a 6.1in display and the iPhone 12 Pro Max sporting a 6.7in display. There’s also the iPhone 12 Mini, with a 5.4in display in the same form factor as the original 4.7in iPhone SE.  

Let’s not forget the 5nm A14 Bionic, which Apple is calling the fastest chipset in any smartphone right now, with boosts to CPU, GPU and Neural Engine performance and, of course, 5G connectivity is standard across the entire range. There’s also MagSafe for iPhone – a new magnetic system that allows for improved wireless charging performance and opens the door for a new range of accessories. 

You’ve got new features specific to the iPhone 12 Pro range, including the ability to record and edit Dolby Vision content directly via the Camera and Photos apps. There are also features specific to the top-end iPhone 12 Pro Max, including a new DSLR-esque OIS (optical image stabilisation) system, a larger camera sensor, for a huge boost to low-light photography and the inclusion of a LiDAR sensor for lightning-fast autofocus capabilities.  

Believe it or not, we’re only scratching the surface of what’s new with the iPhone 12 range. If you want to know more, take a look at  everything you need to know about the iPhone 12 range, and if you’re wondering about the specific differences between the Pro models, we’ve got a piece on the iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro Max alongside our full iPhone 12 review.

While you’re here, you may also be interested in the best iPhone 12 and 12 Pro cases. 

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8 Best Iphone 12 Pro Max Clear Cases You Can Buy

When you have probably the most wanted smartphone in the form of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, there is always a temptation to showcase the device in all its glory. Maybe you aren’t a fan of traditional cases or hate to put on a cover just for the sake of protection from impact. Whatever your side of the story could be, a crystal clear case can seamlessly fit into your taste. Be it allowing the iPhone to flaunt the design or offering the device an essential shield to ward off scratches, it can do a lot more than what meets the eyes. If you find this proposition compelling enough, look no further than these 8 best iPhone 12 Pro Max cases in 2023.

Best Clear Cases for iPhone 12 Pro Max in 2023

What I love the most in these clear cases designed for the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the impressive compact form-factor. Despite having a relatively slim design, they have got the needed cushion under the hood. So, there is no question of embracing style by endangering the safeguard of the $1400 (512GB variant) machine.

What’s more the transparent iPhone 12 Pro Max covers also provide an anti-slip grip and work with most wireless chargers. All-in-all, they are readied to do a lot more than just letting the iPhone shine through.

1. Speck GemShell

As a clear case, Speck GemShell has looked like a complete package to me. Probably the best part about GemShell is the ability to offer an uncompromised shield to your iPhone 12 Pro Max while still offering the smartphone the full freedom to showcase its design. Therefore, you will be able to enhance the style quotient without having to endanger the security of your device.

The dual-layer of construction features raised bezels to defend the triple camera setup and the 6.7″ OLED display against unwanted scratches. Thanks to the ability to resist bacteria, it can also play a vital role in disinfecting your device.

What’s more, GemShell also plays nicely with wireless chargers so that you can embrace wireless charging without any hiccups. Overall, it deserves to be rated as one of the top accessories for iPhone 12 Pro Max without any doubt.

Buy from Amazon: $24.95 -$29.95

2. OtterBox Prefix Series

OtterBox is well-known for offering pretty compact yet highly protective cases. And Prefix Series seems to follow the same tradition. So, if you want to have the best of both worlds (style and protection) at your disposal, this clear case could be a great choice.

Made of hard PC material, the case has a one-piece design that feels comfortable in the hand. The pronounced buttons and neat cutouts ideally complement the cover.

To offer additional protection to both the touchscreen and camera against scratches, it also features elevated edges on either side. At $35, Prefix Series might seem a bit over the top. However, it has got the basics covered to live up to the expectation.

Buy from Amazon: $34.95

3. totallee

I don’t think there are too many accessory makers that can match totallee’s repertoire of producing sleek cases. So, just in case you wish to choose an incredibly slim clear case for your iPhone 12 Pro Max, this one could be a hot contender.

Being a sleek clear case, it doesn’t have much to offer in terms of protection. Nevertheless, you can bank on it to defend your iPhone 12 Pro Max against scratches.

And with the anti-slip texture, totalee clear case also makes sure the phablet can feel boxy in your palm. Besides, the tactile buttons and perfect cutouts further enhance its profile as a premium leather case for iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Buy from Amazon: $39

4. ESR Clear Glitter Case

If you prefer to have a glittering profile to make your iPhone win attention, ESR clear glitter case can be a deserving choice. The case is pretty soft, slim, and fits around the edges of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. With the smooth texture on top, it feels comfy to the touch.

As you may have already guessed, ESR clear glitter case isn’t designed to offer full-on safeguard to your iPhone. However, it’s no pushover when it comes to thwarting scuffs and also resisting low-volume shock.

Furthermore, the clear case supports wireless charging and is priced at $12 which is comparatively low. Putting everything into the right perspective, it’s one of the best iPhone 12 Pro clear cases under $15.

Buy from Amazon: $11.99


If you are willing to opt for an exceptionally protective clear case for iPhone 12 Pro Max, this offering from CASEKOO could be one of the better contenders. And that too without demanding a premium price tag.

Made of soft TPU and rugged PC material, CASEKOO clear case has a shock-absorbing construction. Besides, it also has raised bezels on the front and back to shield the massive camera bump and the large OLED display against scuffs.

Due mainly to the durable casing, it provides certified military-grade protection. Not just that, the case has also got an anti-yellowing coating to keep the clarity intact.

Buy from Amazon: $21.99

6. TORRAS Diamonds Series

When it comes to making a stunning pair with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, TORRAS Diamonds Series is second to none. The case features aliphatic polycarbonate back and a TPU bumper. Thanks to the presence of a shock-absorbing bumper, the case provides military-drop protection.

Apart from strengthening the construction of the case, the case also provides an enhanced gripping. Notably, it features responsive pronounced buttons and supports wireless charging. So, you can simply drop your smartphone on a wireless charger to kickstart the charging process.

Considering these pivotal features, TORRAS Diamonds Series is a top-notch protective transparent case for iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Buy from Amazon: $19.97

7. Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Should you wish to choose an ultra-clear case with a form-fitting design at a comparatively low price, Spigen Ultra Hybrid could be a befitting answer to your needs. The case is made of TPU and features a compact bumper design.

The integration of TPU number and hard PC back endows Ultra Hybrid the needed strength to survive the random impact. Moreover, the beveled edges lift the camera bump and OLED display off the flat surfaces.

For all being quite protective, it has a slim design that keeps the style factor of the smartphone intact. Priced at $12, it can easily run away with the tag of being one of the most loved cheap iPhone 12 Pro Max cases in the market.

Buy from Amazon: $11.99

8. MoKo

Last but not least, this offering from MoKo is one of those cases that pack a solid punch way above their weight. As you may have already guessed, MoKo is priced comparatively low, however, it checks off all the crucial boxes.

For starters, the case features an impact-resistant hybrid construction (PC+TPU) that promises to offer uncompromised protection to your iPhone. The rubberized bumper also does a fine job of offering a secure grip to ward off accidental slip-offs.

Besides, it also provides an extra defense to the camera bump and OLED display by lifting them off flat surfaces. One of my favorite features of this case is the microdot pattern that further augments its design. Taking everything into account, it’s a pretty good iPhone 12 Pro Max clear case at an affordable price point.

Buy from Amazon: $9.98-$10.98

Top Clear Cases Designed for iPhone 12 Pro Max

There you go! So, these are the best transparent covers that you can buy for your iPhone 12 Pro Max. As I said above, they have got much more than what meets the eyes. Therefore, you can count on them to work as a full-fledged case for your 6.7″ smartphone.

Now that you have taken a peek at our roundup, let us know the cases that are going to pair with your all-new phablet. And also tell us about the clear cases that are good enough to get included in this lineup.

The Best Android Alternatives To The Iphone 12 Series

David Imel / Android Authority

The Apple iPhone 12 series is still great, and it’s a viable, more affordable alternative to the iPhone 13 series. iOS isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, though. You may want to move to the Android side, and you’ll be glad to hear there are plenty of iPhone 12 alternatives. Here are some of our favorite ones.

Editor’s note: We will regularly update this list of the best iPhone 12 alternatives.

The best iPhone 12 alternatives

Powerful Android flagship phones stuffed with a ton of features.

Samsung promises three years of system updates for its phones.

Available in a wide variety of markets.

Samsung is Apple’s arch-rival in the mobile space, and the Galaxy S22 range is the Korean firm’s latest offering. These phones pack 120Hz Dynamic AMOLED 2X screens, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 or Exynos 2200 processors, water resistance, and wireless charging.

Samsung Galaxy S22

See price at Amazon



Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

See price at Amazon



Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

See price at Amazon



Powerful flagship phones with high-end experiences.

They lack an IP rating.

Available in global markets (no US release, though).

We’ve been eyeing the Xiaomi 12 series since late 2023, when it was launched in China. These phones were very hard to get anywhere else, but we’ve since seen a global launch, making it easier to recommend the device. That said, the Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro are still hard to get in the USA, but there are multiple ways to import them.

Availability issues aside, these devices are definitely amazing iPhone 12 alternatives. They come with great high-end specs, including a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, 8-12GB of RAM, and 128-256GB of storage. Both also feature AMOLED displays with a 120Hz refresh rate, but the Pro version has a slightly larger 6.73-inch QHD+ screen, as opposed to the 6.28-inch 1080p panel found on the Xiaomi 12.

Of course, the Pro version is the better of the two. It comes with an excellent 4,600mAh battery, a triple 50MP camera setup, and 120W charging. It’s also not much more expensive than the base Xiaomi 12. That said, you might enjoy the more manageable size of the Xiaomi 12.

Xiaomi 12

See price at Giztop



Xiaomi 12 Pro

See price at Giztop



Awesome design and powerful performance.

Water resistance and wireless charging.

OnePlus tends to support its phones for as many as three versions of Android.

Now available globally, even in the USA.

Like the Xiaomi 12 series, the OnePlus 10 Pro was first released only in China, making it hard for us to recommend it as an iPhone 12 alternative. It has since been launched globally, though, and even North Americans can buy it from all major retailers.

The OnePlus 10 Pro is not only a great iPhone 12 alternative, but it’s also one of the best high-end phones around, as well as a pretty good deal considering what you get. We’re not fans of the speakers and software, and the IP rating is exclusive to T-Mobile in the USA, but it’s otherwise a competent phone.

Stunning video capabilities are similar to dedicated cameras.

It sports a fantastic 4K, HDR, OLED, 120Hz display.

The design is elegant and simple.

Battery life is solid.

Also: Here’s our Sony Xperia 1 III review

Other specs include a Snapdragon 888 processor, 12GB of RAM, and up to 512GB of storage. The 4,500mAh battery offers more than a day of regular use. And the camera is equally impressive, with three 12MP sensors (standard, ultrawide, and periscope zoom), especially for video shooters. It can shoot 4K video at up to 120fps. The video quality and stabilization are stunning, and you can even opt for the Cinema Pro app, which is based on Sony FS cinema cameras.

We could say the Sony Xperia 1 III is not only a great iPhone 12 alternative, but also an iPhone 13 one. And if you think the Xperia 1 III is a bit too pricey, the Sony Xperia 5 III is also a great device that costs slightly less, yet keeps most of the best features.

Sony Xperia 1 III

See price at Amazon



These are the first devices with Google’s Tensor chipset.

It sports a new awesome, fun, high-end design.

Like every other Pixel phone, you can expect industry-leading camera quality.

A large battery to keep you going for longer.

Are you looking for more options? We also have a list of the best Android phones available. We have also listed the best gaming phones if you want true power. Additionally, it would help if you also looked into the best camera phones around.

12 Best Podcast Apps For Iphone You Should Try

Podcasts are my favorite way of consuming media. Whether I want to listen to the latest news, get opinions on a new product, or just want to pass some time listening to my favorite shows and interviews, podcasts allow me to do all that without requiring me to pay undivided attention to the programs. That means I can listen to them while I am traveling for work or cleaning my kitchen or doing anything else. Another thing that I love about podcasts is that 99% of podcasts are free and available on any app that you want to use. Since your experience of podcasts also depends on the app you are using, it becomes paramount to choose the right app. In this article, we are going to help you with that problem by showing you the 12 best podcast apps for iPhone that you should use.

Best Podcast Apps for iPhone and iPad 1. Pocket Casts

I will start this list with one of the best podcasts apps that you can find on the App Store, and that’s Pocket Casts. In fact, the app is so good and popular that it was recently acquired by a collective group of some of the biggest names in the world of podcasting which include NPR, WNYC Studios, WBEZ Chicago, and This American Life. The app was also recently updated to version 7 which brings a plethora of new features. Now, not only you can search for podcasts but also for episodes inside podcasts.

In fact, the search is so good that you can use any term whether it’s in the title or in the show-notes and it will bring the right result. It also allows you to play podcast episodes without having to subscribe to podcasts which is a good way to check out new podcasts without crowding your feed. Apart from these new features you also get a completely redesigned UI which is native to iOS and looks really good. You also get all the other features like queue episodes, smart speed, silence removal, and more.

Install: Free, $0.99/month

2. Overcast

Overcast is possibly the most popular podcasting app on the App Store. Created by Marco Arment, Overcast is an app which is always on the front of podcast technology. From smart speed to Voice Boost to better Apple Watch support, Overcast is always one of the first if not the first app to support these features. I love the simplistic design of Overcast which makes it possible to use even by users who have just downloaded the app and haven’t used any other podcasting app before.

One of the newest features of Overcast is its unique ability to create sharable audio clips of the podcast. While I love the de-centralized nature of podcasts, it makes it hard to recommend them to anyone or share your favorite moments. With Overcasts’s new clip sharing feature, now it is possible. I use Overcast for this feature alone. It is one of the best podcast apps for iPhone and you are going to love it.

Install: Free, $9.99/year

3. Castro

If you are someone who subscribes to a ton of podcasts and is finding hard to manage the feed then Castro 3 is for you. Castro 3 brings a unique triage feature which is not available on any other podcast app. This feature allows you to see all the new episodes and then either place them in your listening queue or discard them within seconds. Castro does that by using the concept of “Inbox” which hosts all the new episodes of podcasts to which you are subscribed. From here, you can use taps or drag and drop to sort through these episodes. You can either put them in your queue list or archive them. The whole process is pretty easy and I love it.

Install: Free, $18.99/year

4. Stitcher

Stitcher is a great place to find and listen to exclusive podcasts and episodes which you cannot find anywhere else. Remember when I told you that 99% of podcasts are free, well, if you want to find that missing 1%, Stitcher is the place you need to go to. While the free app of Stitcher is like any other podcast player on this list and allows you to subscribe, download, and listen to podcasts, it is the premium version which excites me.

Once you subscribe to “Stitcher Premium” you will not only get access to premium podcasts but also things like bonus episodes of your favorite podcasts, early access to new releases, and more. Many podcast creators also only allow you to access the last 3 or 4 months of released episodes for free. If you want the entire library, you can get it via Stitcher premium. As I said, Stitcher is a great place to discover and listen to podcasts you cannot find anywhere else and that’s its USP. If you are ready pay for premium content, Stitcher can be the podcast app for you.

5. Breaker

In fact, if there’s a podcast that you are running, you can claim it on Breaker and then interact with the community to see what your fans like and don’t like. Apart from the social features, Breaker is also just a great podcast player. The overall design is really good with elegant UI elements and the features like downloading and streaming podcast, removing silence, dark mode, and more are all there. If you want to add a social twist to your podcast listening experience, check out Breaker.

Install: Free, in-app purchases

6. Downcast

However, the most defining feature of Downcast which is not something you will find on most of the apps on this list is a separate Mac app ($4.99) and progress-sync across devices. The best part is that you don’t have to pay any syncing charges. Once you pay for the application, all your progress will sync across devices using iCloud sync. Apart from that you also get features like “Start Up” view which allows users to open the app at a specific location, location-specific app refresh, chapter support, and more. So, if you enjoy listening to podcasts on multiple devices, Downcast can be a great option for you.

Install: $2.99

7. Castbox

One of the unique features of Castbox is that it allows users to create their own podcasts and release episodes. Just create an account, record your episode, and release it to the world. Another unique feature of Castbox is the in-Audio search which matches your phrase to the content of episodes to give you most relevant results. The search learns from your usage so the more you use the app the smarter it will become. Overall, I quite like this app and you should definitely check it out.

Install: Free, $0.99/month

8. Apple Podcasts

Comes Pre-installed

9. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is a little different than all the other podcast players mentioned on this list. It not only lets you listen to your favorite podcasts but also over 100,000 radio stations around the world. This is the biggest power of TuneIn Radio. With this app, you can listen to both your local radio stations and all the popular radio stations from around the world. If you are a sports fan you will also enjoy the direct integration of NHL, MLB, NBA, and other sports platforms.

There’s also a library of more than 40,000 audiobooks which is perfect for long travels or days where you have a lot of time kill. Do note that not all the radio stations are free and you will have to pay a premium subscription to avail all its features. That said, even the free version has more than enough content to last you multiple lifetimes. If you enjoy listing to radio stations, this is the one to get.

10. Spotify

Spotify is not necessarily a podcast app as it primarily a music streaming service. That said, it’s great for users who just enjoy occasional podcast episodes here and there and don’t want to download another dedicated app for that. Spotify lets you access all the podcasts that you can from any other dedicated podcasting app on this list so it’s not that you are losing out on anything. It’s just that its UI is not meant to bring podcasts in the foreground.

However, that might change in the near future as the company seems to be in talks to acquire Gimlet Media for a reportedly 200 million US dollars. For those who don’t know Gimlet Media is one of the biggest podcast producing studios in the world with hit shows like Start-Up, Reply All, Homecoming, and more. If Spotify is considering buying this awesome podcast company, it might be taking the podcast game more seriously than we thought.

Install: Free

11. The Podcast App

For a fully personalized podcast listening experience, you can bank on “The Podcast App”. Boasting an ever-growing catalog of over 500, 000 podcasts, it has got both a wide variety and huge library to let you listen to all sorts of programs including comedy, politics, education, news, and more. Moreover, it also provides curated lists of podcasts based on your interest. So, you won’t have to spend a lot of time to find out the sort of podcasts that you prefer to catch up with.

In terms of user-interface, The Podcast App has kept everything neat. One of my top picks of this app is the ability to create an episode playlist, which is great for a seamless listening experience. Another feature that’s worth taking note of is the multiple organizing tools that make it easier to keep podcasts organized for quick access. Plus, the option to adjust playback speed also comes in handy when you want to skip certain portions or listen to some segments with a bit more attention. Everything considered; it’s one of the most user-friendly podcast apps for iOS and iPadOS.

Install: Free, $9.99/year 

12. Podbean

But my favorite Podbean feature is the CarPlay support which comes into play during a long drive. As I prefer to listen to some of my top picks on the drive to prevent boredom from creeping into the journey, I really appreciate this feature. Another feature that has called for my attention is the built-in audio recorder with a variety of sound effects. And with some easy-to-use tools like editing, splitting, merging, and exporting, you also have the flexibility to craft the post-production. Considering these notable features including a massive library of more than 50 million episodes of podcasts, Podbean becomes really hard to overlook.

Install: Free, $9.99/year 

The Best Podcast Apps on the App Store

Iphone 12, Apple’s New Strategy And Its Competitors

iPhone 12 has been officially launched and pre-orders are also being started.

Is the new iPhone 12 really new?. Logically it should be so that it could stand firmly in competition with other smartphones that are remarkably impressive.

What exactly is the iPhone 12?

Apple is probably giving its competitors a pretty tough time by not just launching a single phone but a whole lineup of bravo smartphones each targeting a different customer type which is apple’s new strategy for the new iPhone 12. This strategy is no doubt a pretty smart move by Apple to attract all kinds of users.

The 4 phones that were announced are

iPhone 12

iPhone 12 pro

iPhone 12 pro max

iPhone 12 mini

All of these phones share almost the same features as

A14 BIONIC chip 5nm transistor


Ceramic shield glass


Stainless steel design

Though Apple didn’t include any sort of rebellious, revolutionary, or ground shaking smartphone feature. The overall presentation and some small changes make it look quite attractive.

The ceramic shield glass is also a great part of interest. Apple claims that with this glass your phone has 4x better shatter resistance and drop protection. This ceramic glass will also provide protection from scratches.

Compare Your iPhone Below:

The new chip is kind of something to really brag about in the new iPhone 12. Apple claims that this chip will make your phone perform 50 percent faster than any other phone and will reduce battery drainage.

The MagSafe feature is not an attractive attribute to buy this new handsomely expensive phone. But the iPhone users who used the MagSafe previously had in a MacBook are finding this feature much satisfying and obsessive. It is just some magnet back of the phone to attach accessories, wireless chargers and etc.

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Will it sell?

A question like is the new iPhone worth buying? Or why should I buy a new iPhone 12? Will unceasingly be asked by people

Well, iPhone 12 is a decent phone, which of course some great merits and little demerits as well. Like no 120hz refresh display or removal of all the accessories like charger and earphones from the box of the phone for some lame reason no one is believing in. It should be bought according to the need.

About the selling, the strategy Apple used to sell this phone to every kind of customer is remarkable which they have done previously as well but not with this idea.

The iPhone 12 mini will definitely sell pretty well because the demand for a small compact smartphone with all the latest features up-to-date with the price is 699$ is truly significant. Other variants such as iPhone 12 pro and Pro max are for camera people.

The Pro version has a brilliant camera system and the pro max version pushes the boundaries even farther. Pro max seems a premium smartphone with maximum price and performance.

Competition is iPhone 12

The selling rate also depends on its competitor’s smartphone. Everyone wants a smartphone with infinite potential and minimum price.

If there is a phone at the level of iPhone 12 with less price everyone will immediately go for that.

Except for the iPhone enthusiasts and the people who are so lazy to leave the ecosystem of Apple products and are stuck there.

After comparing the price, specification, and popularity, the following are the smartphone models Apple must worry about.

Note 20 ultra (Samsung)

8T (OnePlus)

Xperia 5 II (Sony)

These are certainly a problem for iPhone selling. Some are already selling pretty well. Companies like Huawei, Xiaomi, and Motorola are excluded due to some reasons.

Samsung is also not a strong competition because of the backlash of the previous double standard hardware problem, which made Samsung lose many customers and reputation as a company.

But OnePlus has a significant potential to compete and beat Apple. The hardware, technology, and user experience are immensely attractive to smartphone enthusiasts.

12 Best Ways To Fix Slow Wi

There are dozens of reasons why your WiFi may be slow. It might be due to external factors, your ISP, your PC’s hardware or software, or due to someone sharing your WiFi. Dealing with slow Wi-Fi speeds can be a cumbersome process, especially when there are lots of factors that may be causing the issue. Detecting these issues and fixing them as soon as possible will get your WiFi speeds to normal. However, the question is what do you need to look for? Here are some of the things you can try to fix slow Wi-Fi speed issues. We’ll start with some of the most popular basic troubleshooting techniques followed by tricky ones placed in the end.

1. Check your Wi-Fi Speed

“But why do I need to check my Wi-Fi speed when I already know how fast it used to work?” Good question, but it is possible your ISP may have revised their speeds in your plan, or it could be a different reason altogether. Hence, to check your Wi-Fi speed, you can go to websites like chúng tôi or chúng tôi or just type Internet speed test on Google and run the speed test.

Additionally, you can check in your ISP’s app if the speed and plan are still the same. If the speed you’re getting is nowhere close to the speed mentioned in the app, you may contact customer service. If they say there’s nothing wrong with your network from their end, you may proceed and follow the methods mentioned below.

2. Connect to a 5GHz SSID

If you have a dual-band router, to get the best Wi-Fi speeds, you must connect to the 5GHz SSID rather than 2.4GHz. The former transmits data at a faster rate (almost 50% faster) than the latter but doesn’t go as far as 2.4GHz waves. To check if your router is a dual-band unit, you could refer to its user manual or box, or simply turn it on and check if you see two SSIDs with the same name but different numbers 2.4 or 5 followed by GHz.

3. Restart the Router

“Tech support: Have you tried turning it off and on again?” is a line you’ve probably heard many times by now, but did you know that restarting the device you’re facing issues with might be the easiest way to solve the issue? Switch off the router and wait for at least a minute or two before you turn it back on. Once your router restarts wait for at least a minute and try connecting to the internet. If this solved your issue, hurray! Now you know what to do whenever your electronics trouble you.

4. Check Other Devices on the same Network

A Wi-Fi network’s bandwidth is shared between devices that are currently connected to it and any user on the network that’s consuming more bandwidth could impact other users. If a user on your network is using the internet for tasks like browsing the web, it shouldn’t majorly impact the speed, but if someone is streaming games on the cloud, streaming videos in 4K, or downloading huge files, it could drastically affect the network bandwidth of the other devices.

To ensure everyone gets an equal or required share of bandwidth, most routers allow you to set bandwidth limits on users. Furthermore, you can disconnect inactive devices like smartphones that are not in use as background apps may still be using the bandwidth even when the screen is turned off.

5. Switch to a Different Channel

Switching channels should be fairly easy; just go to the default router management software (usually, it’s located at the address, go to your network settings, and change the channel. If you’re unsure, you could also refer to your router’s manual. If you want to do it from Windows, Nirsoft’s WifiInfoView is a great little tool that is simple and free. When you launch the program, it lists all the Wi-Fi channels and shows how crowded they are. Select the one that is the least crowded and you are good to go.

6. Stop Background Programs Using Bandwidth

There is a chance that a background program may be using up the bandwidth without your knowledge. For instance, Windows update is notorious for downloading updates in the background and there are other programs as well that are connected to the internet and take up bandwidth in the background.

7. Check for Unauthorized Access

2. Once in cmd, type “ipconfig” and hit enter. You should see the IP address next to “Default Gateway”. Just enter this address in your browser address bar and press enter.

If prompted for a password, enter “Admin” or “12345” (refer to a manual if didn’t set a password or contact your ISP if the router was bundled with your plan).

Each router has a different interface hence there’s no common way of changing your network’s password. It should be pretty straightforward, though, if you search under Security or Wi-Fi options. Just choose WPA2 security and AES encryption, and use a strong password.

8. Change your Router’s Location

Your router’s location and the lack of a strong Wi-Fi signal are interconnected and play a huge role in determining the speed of your network. If you have a router that’s too old, its hardware and signal throw may not be strong enough to penetrate walls, therefore resulting in a weaker Wi-Fi signal. Although Wi-Fi signals can easily penetrate through most objects with little to no drops in speed, it may vary depending on the material it needs to pierce.

9. Reinstall Network Drivers

10. Check if you’re using a VPN

A Virtual Proxy Network, also known as VPN is used to browse anonymously, but it is possible that you left the VPN connection on when you were browsing. VPNs establish tunnels to different countries and as a result, both the ping and network speed of a VPN network may not be nearly as fast as your stock connection speed. Hence, you need to disable your VPN connection.

11. Reset Your Router

If everything fails, you can also completely reset your router to factory settings which should revert any wrong changes that may be affecting the Wi-Fi. Most routers come with a tiny reset button recessed inside a hole (mostly at the back). You can use a paper clip to press this button. Press and hold this button for 10-15 seconds and your router should restart confirming it has been reset. Once done, you will have to go through the setup process again, but the chances that your Wi-Fi will be restored to its original speed are high.

If none of the above solutions worked, you should consider contacting your ISP and raising a ticket. It could be a problem on their end and they may be able to provide the right means to solve your issue. They will send a service agent over to your place as soon as possible and get the problem fixed.

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