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Does the iPhone 6/iPhone 6s need a screen protector? This is a question worth asking while buying any screen protector for your iPhone 6 as it essentially comes with Gorilla Glass that is ion-strengthened. It is scratch-resistant, which certainly helps, but only when you are prone to drop the phone by accident. An ideal option for you to protect your iPhone 6/6s screen is to pick one of the different tempered glass screen protectors.

1. G-Armor

G-Armor brings a tempered glass screen guard for your iPhone 6s. This 0.3mm thick film has 2.5D-curved edges that offer 100% touch accuracy and high screen sensitivity. The screen guard gives you 99.9% transparency and thus, you get a maximum natural display.

Enjoy HD viewing experience while not having to worry about stains of oil and sweat; the protector has a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating to secure the screen from scratches, oil, water, and fingerprints.

2. Supershieldz Glass Screen Protector

With more than 1000 ratings on Amazon, SuperShieldz tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s has good fan following. It boasts a 9H hardness, offers bubble free installation, and it effectively resists oil and fingerprints. Apart from that, it also resists scratches, dust, and dirt.

In the box, it comes with two screen protectors. If you have iPhone 6 along with an iPhone 6s, you can use the same on both. Overall, it’s a good value for money.

3. Power Theory

This product from Power Theory boasts Japanese Asahi tempered glass. The best part about this product is that it comes with a complete installation kit. Installing it perfectly is extremely easy. If you mess up the installation, company claims to send you another protector for free. Apart from that, it effectively protects your iPhone screen from scratches, fingerprints, oil, dust, and dirt.

The glass is super thin yet it flaunts a 9H hardness. Being super thin, it does not hinder the touch-sensitivity while operating the iPhone. All in all, it is a great product for your device.

4. iCarez

iCarez Premium Glass Screen Protector consists of a perfect laser cut; hard coat layered glass sheet that can tolerate any external forces. It acts as an ideal shield for your iPhone’s screen resisting it from hits and shocks.

The glass screen protector is 9H scratch-resistant that is 0.33 mm thick and has rounded edges. It has an Oleophobic Coating that helps keep the screen free from smudges and fingerprints. It provides true touch sensitivity with minimum interferences. This antibacterial glass protector is easy to install and take out, leaving no bubbles and residues.

5. JETech

A glass screen protector with extreme hardness, the JETech Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector, can resist scratches up to 9H. It can safeguard your iPhone 6/6s screen from scratches due to keys, knife and any sharper objects.

It is built with the high standard tempered glass of 0.3 mm thickness with round edges, fitting the 4.7 inches iPhone screen perfectly. The glass protector provides true touch sensitivity and maximum HD clarity, as it is highly responsive and highly transparent. A protector that is easy to install and remove, it keeps your screen fingerprint-free and smudge-free.

6. Tech Armor Premium Ballistic Glass Screen Protector

Using the Tech Armor Premium Ballistic Glass Screen Protector is an elegant way to protect your iPhone 6’s or iPhone 6s’ screen. Your screen is completely safeguarded against scratches, crash landings, and impact drops.

The protector comprises of precise laser cut tempered glass built with polished and rounded edges. The Ballistic Glass Screen Protector provides almost 100% HD clarity, accuracy, and true touch sensitivity. Also, it helps keep your phone’s screen free from the oil, smudges, and fingerprints due to the presence of the Oleophobic Coating.


A glass protector suitably fitting your iPhone 6’s 4.7-inch screen, the LUVVITT Glass Screen Protector is manufactured using highest grade Japanese Asahi Tempered glass offering a scratch resistant of up to 9H and above. This resistant level makes the glass as hard as diamond, thereby tolerating any sorts of external force on the screen.

The glass protector has a layer beneath the surface that is very clear and highly shock-proof. With a thickness of 0.33 mm, this premium glass is perfectly slim to give sufficient fortification for your phone. Added to that, the protector has high touch sensitivity that renders a smooth touch experience. The rounded edges of the protector make it stick firmly to the screen without any residues.

8. ZAGG InvisibleShield

Named by ZAGG as the next evolution in screen protection, the InvisibleShield Glass Screen Protector is built with top graded tempered glass to give the highest level of scratch resistance at the same time maintaining the clear image resolution.

The InvisibleShield Glass is of 0.4 mm in thickness and has a special coating that is oil–resistant, thereby deterring the natural skin oils from the screen. The Glass is easy to install, by just positioning and pushing and it delivers ultra touch sensitivity.


Want to have a strong screen protector with an ultra-slim profile? KABB, made with high-quality tempered glass, can be a simple choice. With 9H hardness anti-scratch, it offers your iPhone’s touchscreen complete safeguard. Being three times stronger than a regular screen protector, it’s quite durable as well.

The superior silicon adhesion allows it to get correctly installed. The automatic absorption eliminates bubble or residue. The smooth surface is very responsive to touch.

10. amFilm

With the 99% transparency, amFilm tempered glass screen protector offers excellent viewing experience. It’s just 0.3mm thick and fully compatible with the touchscreen sensitivity.

The 9h hardness is extremely scratch resistant and makes it very durable. Thanks to the quality material, it’s endowed with durability. The oleophobic coating prevents fingerprints.

11. Mr. Shield

Mr. Shield gives you three pieces of tempered glass screen protectors. Your phone’s touchscreen is now guarded against scratches, high-impact drops, as this one is HD clear ballistic glass. The laser-cut precision with polished rounded edges makes this film more beautiful.

iPhone 6s touchscreen has curved edges and the screen protectors from Mr. Shield do not cover the entire area. When there is 100% screen coverage, screen guard begins to peel off, causing frustration for customers.

Signing Off

It’s always better to be on the safer side of the stream. Remember, a brutal scratch can severally damage you’re the screen of your device. A precious smartphone like iPhone 6/6s deserves to have the essential safeguard to retain its longevity.

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Best Iphone 6 & Iphone 6S Cases 2023

Best iPhone 6 & iPhone 6s cases 2024: Tech21 Evo Mesh Sport

Best Prices Today:

Tech21 make high quality tech protection, and in some instances we prefer its cases to the official Apple alternatives.

This particular model shows off the colour of your iPhone (if you pick the clear one), while the rubberised back and bumper means your iPhone is safe from knocks and drops. If paired with a screen protector, you could easily chuck it in your bag and not worry about scrapes and scratches.

Olixar FlexiShield Ultra-Thin

Best Prices Today:

Amazon stocks this ultra-slim transparent gel case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s for a tiny £7.99/US$9.99 (though US shopper have an additional $12.95 in shipping fees). If you want to keep your iPhone looking as good as the day you got it, but also would prefer to look at the iPhone itself than a case that hides its beauty, this is the best compromise.

Incredibly flexible, the case is easy to take on and off, and it adds little bulk to your iPhone while offering protection from all angles. As you’d expect, holes are cut into the case for all the iPhone’s essential ports and buttons.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Ex in Rose Gold

Another Spigen case, this one is specifically for the Rose Gold iPhone 6s. The Neo Hybrid Ex has metalised buttons for a premium design. The Hybrid Ex is a dual-bumper case for extra protection, with a crystal clear back and slim grip design.

Otterbox Symmetry

Otterbox has a few colours and patterns to choose from when it comes to the Symmetry Series for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s.

Otterbox is known as the gold standard for smartphone protection and the Symmetry case certainly feels robust without turning the slim iPhone into an eighties brick.

Its dual-material construction absorbs shock and withstands drops, and its raised beveled edge keeps your touchscreen safe.

Rhinoshield Crash Guard

Much like most bumpers, this is a band which aims to add as little bulk to your phone as possible, while providing top protection at the same time. The hard rubber with a tessellating pattern inside is designed to save your iPhone from an 11-foot drop.

Buttons are covered, but there are cutouts for everything else. The Lightning port and headphone jack aren’t as accessible as Apple’s own cases, but protection of the bottom edge is better, so it’s a trade-off you might be willing to make.

In the box you’ll find plastic protectors for both the screen and back of the phone which will prevent scratches but may not stop serious damage if the phone lands on sharp objects.


Casetify’s fun iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S come in a huge variety of patterns and styles. You can also customize your case with your own photographs to the pre-set templates provided. Just what Johnny Ive would have wanted… not.

The pre-created designs are available to choose from for around £20/US$25.

Case-Mate Barely There

If you’re looking for something a bit more subtle to protect your iPhone, the Case-Mate Barely There iPhone 6 case might be ideal.

It adds minimum bulk and weight to the iPhone 6, and aims to make sure that the design of the devices itself can shine through.

Best iPhone 6 & iPhone 6s cases 2024: Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 6 Bumper Case

We rather like the look of the Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 6 Bumper case, too. It combines a see-through case with a coloured bumper around the edge that comes in black, clear, and dark grey.

iPhone 6s owners can find a teal option for £4.99/ US$13.99.

Best Nokia 2V Accessories: Cases, Tempered Glass, Screen Protector, And More

Nokia is finally making its way back in the US market with the launch of the Nokia 2V at Verizon and there are already a bunch of cool accessories available for the device.

Most of us look out for great accessories such as cases and skins for our shiny new devices to prevent them from being damaged or simply to differentiate our smartphone from the others.

However, finding the right accessories for the device can get a little tricky since it’s super hard to judge which product might be good and which might not be worth spending on.

→ Nokia 2V: All you need to know

To help save you the trouble of spending a couple of hours online trying to pick up a case, screen protector, tempered glass and other such stuff for your brand new Verizon Nokia 2V, we’ve curated a list of the best accessories available for the device right now.

Let’s check out the best Nokia 2V accessories to purchase right now.

Best cases for the Nokia 2V

TopACE TPU Rubber Gel Shock-Absorption case

This clear case by TopACE protects your device by absorbing the impact in case you happen to drop your Nokia 2V. The anti-scratch case is also quite slim and avoids adding too much bulk to the device.

Apart from being slim, it’s also lightweight which assures the device does not feel too bulky when in your hands. The case is also soft to the touch and fits the device snuggly unlike some other cases.

Buy on Amazon ($8.99)

KuGi Nokia 2.1 case

This case from the company KuGi offers some good protection for the Nokia 2V since the case helps prevent damage to the device in case it falls to the floor. More importantly, this case from KuGi is also anti-slip hence you wouldn’t find the device sliding around smooth surfaces such as a glass table.

The case slips on to the device pretty easily and the device rests securely within the case hence there’s no reason to worry about the case falling off or scratching the device by constantly rubbing against the edges. The case is available in two color options; navy blue and black.

Buy on Amazon ($8.50)

→ Nokia Android 9 Pie update

TopACE Slim Robot Armor Stand Shockproof Hybrid Rugged Case

The product name is definitely a mouthful; however, you get an all-in-one sort of case if you decide to pick up the TopAce Slim Robot Rugged case. The case doubles as a stand for the Nokia 2V in case you simply want to place the device on a flat surface and watch videos/movies.

This durable case would also prevent your device from being damaged due to fall. Apart from that, the case is also anti-slip which means your device wouldn’t be slipping and sliding around.

Buy on Amazon ($9.99)

TopACE Ultra Thin Carbon Fiber Scratch Resistant Case

Here’s another great case from the company TopACE. This anti-scratch case is super thin and lightweight which means you don’t fancy carry around your device in a bulky case, then this case is definitely worth the buy.

Even though the case is ‘ultra-thin‘, the case offers great protection for the Nokia 2V and should help keep the device safe from a fall from a medium height. The material used in the case also prevents your fingerprints from being smugged all over it. The case is available in multiple colors as well.

Buy on Amazon ($8.99)

Ultra-Thin DD Style PU Cover Nokia 2V

If you’re looking for great protection all around for the Nokia 2V, then this cool case from KuGi has you covered. The flip style case offers decent protection against scratches and minor drops and is made out of premium PU leather.

The case can also act as a kickstand for your device to hold it up in landscape mode. The buttons and ports are easily accessible and the case offers a precise fit for the Nokia 2V.

Buy on Amazon ($10.50)

Luxmo Vertical Series Holder

This cool vertical pouch-style phone holder lets you place in the Nokia 2V or any other compatible device. The case provides some decent drop protection and also has a soft inner lining to prevent the device from picking up scratched and scuffs.

The case also comes with a secure and sturdy belt loop and an optional carabiner clip. The strong magnetic closing flap prevents the device from falling out even when upside down.

Buy on Amazon ($9.99)

Other cool accessories

Skinomi TechSkin Brushed Aluminum Film + Screen protector

If you aren’t a big fan of cases which usually add some heft and bulk to the device yet still want to protect your Nokia 2V from scratches, then this screen protector and skin combination would be a great alternative to cases.

The brushed metal texture on the skin feels great to the touch and also helps prevent the device from being scratched while in your pocket or even in some situations where the device might take a minor fall. The screen protector also helps prevent the screen from being scratched.

Buy on Amazon ($12.95)

IQ Shield Matte Full Coverage Anti-Glare Screen Protector

The IQ Shield screen protector reduces glare on the screen which you might notice when using other cheap screen protectors in well-lit areas. The screen protector also comes with a special coating on the outer layer to help prevent fingerprints and grime from being visible.

More importantly, unlike other screen protector packages, the IQ Shield screen protector comes with all the necessary installation tools so you’d be able to install the screen protector by yourself without having to worry about bubbles forming under the screen protector.

Buy on Amazon (7.85)

TopACE 9H Hardness [Case Friendly][Anti-Scratch] Tempered Glass

This tempered glass from TopAce for the Nokia 2V protects the screen from all sorts of things including scratches and can even protect the screen from shattering from a minor drop.

The glass is only 0.3mm thick hence it wouldn’t interfere with the touch response of the device. Since this isn’t a plastic screen protector, there’s no reason to worry about reduced screen brightness or quality when looking at the device’s screen.

Buy on Amazon ($8.98)

Skinomi MatteSkin Full Skin Coverage + Screen Protector

If you aren’t a big fan of cases or fancy skins, then this cool screen protector and matte skin combo is the best option for the Nokia 2V. The package contains a screen protector to prevent the screen from being scratched and also cuts down on glare to improve visibility in bright environments.

You also get a full body matte skin that can be applied separately around the device to prevent the device from picking up any scratched without adding much bulk at all. The skin is also fingerprint resistant hence you wouldn’t have to worry about wiping the device after each use.

Buy on Amazon ($12.95)

KuGi Nokia 2V Screen Protector

If you’re looking for a great screen protector the offers the best bang for your buck, then this screen protector is the one to go for. The screen protector is priced fairly low when compared to some of the other screen protectors.

Since this screen protector is tempered glass, there’s not much image distortion as compared to other plastic screen protectors. This tempered glass protector also has an oleophobic coating which helps prevent smudges and fingerprints.

Buy on Amazon ($4.95)

Verizon Micro-USB Braided Charge-and-Sync Cable with LED Light

This is one of the best Micro-USB charging and syncing cable you could probably get for the Nokia 2V. The cable is extremely tough and would last much longer than most other traditional Micro-USB cables since the cable is braided.

You also get a cool push-to-activate LED light at the tip of the cable to ensure you always plug in the cable in the right way even in a dark environment. The cable also comes in a bunch of different colors as well to choose from.

Buy on Amazon ($14.99)

Cellet USB Cable

Here’s another great Micro-USB cable for charging and data transfer for the Nokia 2V. The 9 feet long cable ensures you don’t have to stick up to the power outlet while you’re using the device while charging.

The cable is also durable and wouldn’t be easily damaged with regular usage. The cable has a premium metallic housing, unlike most other USB cables which have a plastic housing.

Buy on Amazon: ($11.99)

Cellet Air Vent Mount

If you often use your device for navigation in the car, then here’s a cool air vent mount from Cellet which acts as a phone holder to place your device safely in view. The rotating clip allows you to securely attach the mount to any kind of air vent.

This accessory can support devices with up to 6-inch screens hence the Nokia 2V would easily fit snuggly within the holder.

Buy on Amazon: ($8.99)

ATWATEC Micro USB Car Charger

Here’s a cool accessory to help you safely and quickly charge your Nokia 2V in your car. This car charger has a standard output of 5V/3.4A. The car charger is also quite durable and comes with an attached charging cable.

Apart from the charging cable the car charger also has a USB port which lets you charge any other device using a cable of your own.

Buy on Amazon: ($12.98)

Cellet Retractable Stereo in-Ear Headphone

If you’re fed up of having to untangle the cable of your earphones each time you need to use them, then these retractable earphones are the ones to pick up. You wouldn’t have to worry about having to organize the earphone cable since the retractable style earphones solve that issue.

The sound quality isn’t something to write home about; however, for the price, the audio quality is good if not great.

Buy on Amazon ($8.95)


10 Best Iphone 11 Pro Screen Protectors You Can Buy

Apple has launched the iPhone 11 series and of all the models, I love the smaller iPhone 11 Pro. It comes with a 5.81-inch Super Retina XDR display which is supposed to be the best in any smartphone. Since the display is the heart of the iPhone and quite expensive too, you should consider using a screen protector. This will significantly shield the display from scratches and protect it in case of accidental drops. So to help you find a suitable screen guard, we have come up with the 10 best iPhone 11 Pro screen protectors in this article. We have made sure that each tempered glass has solid endurance capability and excellent touch response. So without further delay, let’s jump in and find the best tempered glass for iPhone 11 Pro.

Best Screen Protectors for iPhone 11 Pro

Here, we have included 10 best screen protectors for iPhone 11 Pro keeping many points in mind. Be assured, we have mentioned screen protectors which are quite durable and can easily withstand heavy drops and scratches. With that said, let’s now go through the list.

1. Purity Screen Protector

Purity offers an ultra-thin tempered glass for iPhone 11 Pro which provides solid screen protection without affecting touch sensitivity or color accuracy of the AMOLED display. The tempered glass can easily withstand heavy drops and scratches so no worries on the protection front. Further, it features both oleophobic and hydrophobic coating which will prevent smudges, sweat and oil residue on iPhone’s screen. The best part about Purity screen protector is that you get an installation frame to effortlessly install the tempered glass. Simply put, if you want the best screen protector which provides rock-solid protection to the display without making the device heavy then Purity tempered glass is a definite pick.

2. JETech Screen Protector

This is another good screen protector for iPhone 11 Pro. The tempered glass has a thickness of 0.33mm and offers edge to edge protection. The glass is also 9H hardness rated which basically translates to better scratch resistance and ability to withstand major drops. What I love about this screen protector is that the touch response remains superb even after applying the tempered glass. Sure, the glass is slightly on the heavier side, but it also offers better protection to the display. If you want the best tempered glass for iPhone 11 Pro in terms of protection, go with the JETech screen protector.

Buy from Amazon: $4.90 [Pack of 2]


amFilm Glass Screen Protector

amFilm is a popular screen protector company and it has been making screen guards for iPhones for many years. This time too, it has brought its tempered glass for the iPhone 11 Pro. You must have a durable screen protector to keep the display untouched against abrasive scratches or cracks and amFilm does the job superbly well. It’s a 9H hardness rated glass so you can expect better endurance. Besides that, the transparency of the glass is quite good and the viewing angles are also great. Not to mention, it comes with an oleophobic coating so that is great. All points considered, you can go with amFilm if you are looking for a lightweight screen protector with superior protection.

Buy from Amazon: $5.99 [Pack of 3]

4. Spigen Tempered Glass

Spigen is well known for its craftsmanship in smartphone accessories and they have brought a screen protector especially for the iPhone 11 Pro. It offers a durable tempered glass which comes with a 9H hardness rating. The glass is quite reliable and can resist heavy to minor scrapes and drops. It also comes with an oleophobic coating to prevent smudges and oily fingerprints on the screen. And just like the purity screen protector, you get an auto-alignment installation frame which can help you install the tempered glass in no time. So, if you want a capable screen protector for iPhone 11 Pro, go with the Spigen tempered glass.

Buy from Amazon: $10.99 [Pack of 2]

5. ESR Tempered Glass

Buy from Amazon: $11.99 [Pack of 2]

6. Ailun Screen Protector

Ailun offers a 0.33mm, 2.5D tempered glass which is built for maximum protection. It can comfortably resist bumps, scrapes, and scratches without affecting the display. Also, the touch screen sensitivity on this glass is phenomenal and you are going to love the instant touch response. Further, it comes with both hydrophobic and oleophobic coating to protect against sweat, fingerprints and oil residue. If the above screen protectors don’t make a cut, you can go with Ailun. It’s pretty reliable and lightweight too.

7. Torras Screen Protector

Similar to ESR tempered glass, Torras offers a full-coverage screen protector which covers the notch too. It is a 0.25mm thick glass with 9H hardness rating and capable of resisting accidental falls and scratches. The great part about this tempered glass is its transparency and viewing angles. The display just looks natural and almost feels like it does not have any screen protector installed. Besides that, you also get an alignment frame for effortless installation. All in all, if you want a tempered glass for iPhone 11 Pro with maximum screen coverage then Torras is a great pick.

Buy from Amazon: $19.99 [Pack of 2]

8. LK Screen Protector

LK screen protector is another great tempered glass with solid protection and accurate touch sensitivity. And just like other screen protectors, it’s also 9H hardness rated so you can expect scratch resistance and ability to withstand high drops. Besides that, the LK screen protector also comes with oleophobic coating to prevent sweat and oil residue from fingerprints. And that is not all, you can easily install the tempered glass on your iPhone 11 Pro with the guidance frame. Considering all the points, LK screen protector seems a decent tempered glass and you can go for it.

Buy from Amazon: $9.99 [Pack of 3]

9. Mkeke Screen Protector

Mkeke is quite a popular company which makes one of the best screen protectors for iPhones. This time too, they have brought their premium tempered glass for the iPhone 11 Pro. First of all, it’s quite thin and covers the screen from edge to edge. While the screen protector may not be the best in protection, it can withstand scratches and minor drops decently. Also, you get a guidance frame along with the screen protector which can help you install the tempered glass easily. Simply put, if you want a lightweight tempered glass for iPhone 11 Pro, get one by Mkeke. It’s pretty good and the price is on the lower side too.

Buy from Amazon: $5.99 [Pack of 3]

10. Omoton Screen Protector

Buy from Amazon: $6.99 [Pack of 4]

Shield the iPhone 11 Pro Display with the Best Screen Protector

Here Are The 10 Best Htcu11 Screen Protectors

Best Samsung Galaxy S8 screen protectors

Best Chinese Android phones

If you go online and search for screen protectors for your HTCU11, you’ll find a lot of different options. This means that making a decision on which one to get can be quite hard and time-consuming. To make the process a bit easier for you, we’ll show you our picks for best HTCU11 screen protectors.

Supershieldz HTCU11 screen protector

Supershieldz’s screen protector covers the entire front part of the device and has cutouts on the top and bottom for the camera, sensors, and the home button. Made from tempered glass, its 0.3 mm thick and has a hardness rating of 9H. It features both hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings for protection against sweat and oil residue from fingerprints, so you won’t have to wipe it down numerous times per day.

The screen protector has rounded edges for better comfort and is highly transparent with a light transmittance of 99.99 percent. The manufacturer promises you won’t see that annoying rainbow effect and that the product won’t leave any residue when or if you decide to remove it.

The current price on Amazon is $7.99, which gets you two screen protectors that are covered by Supershieldz’s lifetime replacement warranty. When it comes to glass HTCU11 screen protectors, you’ll find this one is both high-quality and super affordable.

Skinomi TechSkin HTCU11 screen protector

This screen protector offers full coverage, is optically transparent, and case-friendly. It’s made of a thermoplastic urethane designed to absorb impact and is flexible to make sure the screen protector also covers the slightly curved edges of the display.

The Skinomi TechSkin is resistant against scratches, punctures, UV light, and will not yellow. The manufacturer promises an easy, error-proof, as well as bubble-free installation with the help of a liquid solution that allows you to adjust the screen protector while you’re placing it on top of the display.

Made in the USA, it comes with a lifetime warranty, which means that if it wears off, you’ll get a  new one from the company. The box only contains three things which are the screen protector, a microfiber cloth, and an installation solution. To get it, you’ll have to dish out $7.85.

Antsplustech HTCU11 screen protector

Antsplustech’s screen protector for the HTCU11 is made from an ultra-tough, optically clear, military-grade, and yellow-resistant material that’s also flexible. What this means is that it fits on the display perfectly, as it can also cover the curved corners up front.

With a hardness rating of 9H, it ensures that it won’t get scratched easily, while the 99 percent light penetration ratio preserves the original viewing quality. And thanks to the oleophobic coating, you won’t have to wipe down the product every 5 minutes.

It has 2.5D rounded edges and will maintain the original touch sensitivity of the display. The retail box will set you back $6.99 on Amazon and includes two screen protectors, which should keep your device safe from harm for quite some time.

Omoton HTCU11 screen protector

This tempered glass screen protector has a hardness rating of 9H and will prevent any scratches that would otherwise occur in a close encounter with keys and other sharp objects. Each product undergoes more than 4.5 hours of temper treatment, making it five times stronger than regular glass.

The 99.99 percent transparency preserves the original screen brightness, while the thickness of only 0.26 mm maintains the display’s original response sensitivity. It has both a hydrophobic as well as an oleophobic coating, which keeps smudges and fingerprints to a minimum. The screen protector uses the Epoxy Resin glue made in Japan to stick to the display, which won’t leave any residue when removed.

In addition to two screen protectors, the box also includes two wet wipes, a microfiber cloth, dust removal and guide stickers, installation instructions, and a bubble removal card. One more thing worth pointing out is that if you buy two Omoton screen protectors, you get a five percent discount on your purchase.

Biuzko HTCU11 screen protector

Biuzko’s screen protector also has a 9H hardness rating, making it highly durable and resistant to scratches. The oleophobic coating prevents excessive fingerprints as well as oil stains and makes the product easy to clean at the same time.

It’s extremely simple to install, as all you have to do is place it on the smartphone’s screen and it will automatically “suck itself down on the phone.” In case you see a bubble or the product doesn’t stick properly to a certain section of the screen, you can quickly fix that just by peeling off the protector and then installing it again.

The product is case-friendly and comes with a lifetime warranty. Amazon is offering it for $7.81 at the moment, which gets you two screen protectors as well as wet and dry wipes, two dust removal stickers, and a cleaning cloth.

TopACE HTCU11 screen protector

This is an edge to edge screen protector that’s completely transparent, but can also be yours in the black or white color option (only upper and bottom parts) to go along with the color of your device. It features a light transmittance of 99.9 percent for an optimal and natural viewing experience and a surface hardness of 9H to protect the screen from scratches.

Made from tempered glass, it’s designed to absorb impact and if broken, it will crack into small pieces held together within the film. These small pieces aren’t particularly sharp, which minimizes the chance of possible injuries.

The screen protector has an oleophobic coating that reduces fingerprints and is 3 mm thick. The retail box includes one screen protector as well as wet/dry wipes and dust removal stickers. To get it, you’ll have to dish out $8.99.

Mangix HTCU11 screen protector

The last screen protector is made by Mangix and is a great option for those on a budget. It’s the cheapest item on this list, as it only costs $4.99. For that amount of money, you get two screen protectors manufactured from Japanese AGC glass that have a 9H hardness rating and can, therefore, really take a beating.

In case the screen protector does crack, all the small pieces will still be held together, reducing the chances of you getting hurt. The product is case-friendly and has a light transmittance of 99 percent, meaning it won’t lower the brightness of the display by much.

The manufacturer claims that it’s super thin and won’t interfere with the touch sensitivity of the screen, and that it can be reapplied if a spot or a bubble appears after the installation is completed. Those of you interested can get it on Amazon via the button below.

8 Best Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Screen Protectors You Can Buy

Earlier this week, Xiaomi finally took the wraps off its much-awaited smartphone from the Redmi lineup, the Redmi Note 5. It brings along a more modern design, with a taller 18:9 edge-to-edge display, to the budget segment and it looks just stunning. But the consumer is going to be cautious of the new design aesthetics, so as not to break the screen when it falls or drops from the hand.

Best Redmi Note 5 Screen Protectors

Note: The prices for the screen protectors may vary depending on the offers or discounts being offered by the company or e-commerce websites.

1. Xiaomi’s Official Screen Protector

Buy from chúng tôi (₹129, discounted by 35% right now)

2. Hupshy Tempered Glass Guard

Hupshy is turning out to be a notable accessory maker for Xiaomi and has also released its own tempered glass for the Redmi Note 5. Being only 0.3 mm thick, it doesn’t hinder the touch experience and offers you an anti-bubbleproof and anti-glare qualities. It’s a premium solution who’s oleophobic (oil) coating reduces fingerprint visibility and stops dust from being retained on the screen guard.

Buy from Flipkart (₹130)

3. Ultra Clear Tempered Glass

This tempered glass, as the name suggests, provides scratch protection without sacrificing on the visibility of content on your screen. It makes use of a static adhesive, which will simplify the installation and removal process – leaving no residue is left behind. It also provides you an enhanced resistance against dust, reflection, and smudges.

Buy from Flipkart (₹139)

4. Wellpoint Tempered Glass – White Bezels

If you’re looking to keep the chic aesthetics of your Redmi Note 5 intact, especially for all colors except black, then Wellpoint’s tempered glass is the best option for you. It not only provides you the necessary protection against scratches, fingerprint, dust, and UV rays but also brings along white bezels to match the design of your device.

5. CareFone Tempered Glass Guard

Well, if you opted for the darker black shade of the Redmi Note 5, then CareFone has the perfect screen protector on sale for you over at Flipkart. It boasts of a 2.5D glass design which comes with both blackened bezels and precise cutouts for the earpiece and camera. It uses dot-matrix technology for better touch sensitivity and provides you all the protection you need against scratches, UV, oil and other liquids.

Buy from Flipkart (₹129)

6. Flipkart SmartBuy Tempered Glass

Buy from Flipkart (₹399)

7. Gadget Hub Tempered Glass

This screen guard from Gadget Hub is made from highly persistent and transparent materials from Japan, with 8-9H surface hardness. It uses an environment-friendly adhesive, which leaves no residue or corrosion marks on removal. The said tempered glass not only uses a SMART process for protection against abrasions or scratching, but also has an oleophobic coating that will prevent fingerprints and other contaminants.

Buy from Flipkart (₹149)


Systek Edge to Edge Full Screen Protector 

Systek’s 3D tempered glass is precisely designed for the Redmi Note 5 and extends you a crisp viewing angle and optimal protection against screen cracks during drops. It uses materials featuring 9H hardness and superior anti-scratch protection, helping your display remain clear and vivid. It uses dot-matrix technology to polarise the rainbow effect and oleophobic anti-smudge coating to keep the display clean.

Buy from Amazon (₹399)

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Protect Your Redmi Note 5’s Modern 18:9 Screen

Over the course of 2023, we’ve adopted the taller and more modern 18:9 aspect ratio for our smartphone screens. This trend is now making its way to the budget segment and the people will now grow more cautious of drops and falls which may eventually crack up their screens. So, if you’re planning to buy the Redmi Note 5, I hope the aforementioned list will help you find a fitting screen protector to along with your device.

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