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Hello, Game Freaks! It’s time for your weekly dose of the new and best Android games. You’ll be finding great new games to try, which are worth checking out! Hope you enjoy this. Also, stay tuned with us on Google+, Twitter or Facebook for more next week and so forth.

Dot Wave

Dot wave is an amazing endless runner style game. It just has an arrow that travels from left to right. And the controls are extremely simple. You are required to only tap and hold the screen to make the arrow go up, and when you release the hold, the arrow comes down. Sounds simple right? But wait a sec, where’s the fun when it’s all simple? To add a twist, the game has a trippy world in which the arrow moves and the world move or flip in any direction in the random mode. There’s also a rotation mode in which the world rotates.

CAUTION : this can be addictively difficult. The levels starts from hard. There is no easy or medium. Hard, harder, hardest, hardestest.

If you enjoy Super Hexagon, Spiral Pulse, Wave Wave, or any difficult twitch game, you’ll love .wave (Dot Wave)

[ Press – UP ] [ Release – DOWN ]

This intense twitch game includes 20+ tracks from the renown artist Teknoaxe.

Download it for free from Play store.

[pb-app-box pname=’com.vrdeveloper.wave’ name=’Dot Wave’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]

Strike Wing: Raptor Rising

If you fancy high flying aero action, this game is just for you. Strike wing is an air plane simulator with action that takes place in space and not in earth’s atmosphere. It features many futuristic alien ships which you can use and fight against. To give you an immersive game play, it comes with the cock pit mode which makes a highly enjoyable experience. The game is free, but with a limitations. There’s an in app purchase to unlock the full game.

Strike Wing is a single player space combat simulator that combines sharp controls, beautiful graphics and adaptable missions to create an unique space combat experience for mobile devices.

Fly beautifully designed ships in asteroid fields, around planetary orbits or in deep space. Experience a colorful and vibrant representation of space on your mobile device.

Choose from super-fast and nimble fighters to heavy torpedo bombers, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and style of play. Progress through the levels to gain access to more ships and features!

Missions adapt to your style of play, to your skill and ship choice to give you a consistent challenge every time you play. Need an extra challenge? You can make each mission more difficult at a flip of a switch and reap better rewards.

[pb-app-box pname=’com.vrdeveloper.wave’ name=’Dot Wave’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]

Download the trial for free from Play store and make an in app purchase to buy the full game.

[pb-app-box pname=’com.strikewing.GG_green’ name=’ Strike Wing: Raptor Rising’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]

Make Them Fall

[pb-app-box pname=’com.strikewing.GG_green’ name=’ Strike Wing: Raptor Rising’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]

Haven’t you played ninja jump or make them jump? If yes, how about an inverse of the game? Make them fall is just that. In this game you have to control two or more stickman (upto 6, all at a time) falling down between two walls. Your aim is to make them fall without touching the obstacles by jumping from one wall to another. The most amazing part is that you can even play up to 6 jumpers and control them with your fingers (use both hands :P).

The sequel of the popular game Make Them Jump is now available! It’s called Make Them Fall.

Make all the dudes fall and jump to avoid the obstacles.

You can play with all your fingers to control up to 6 dudes, or just ask for some help to your friends!

How long can you last out?

Download it for free from Play store.

[pb-app-box pname=’com.ketchapp.makethemfall’ name=’Make Them Fall’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]


ICE is a simple strategy game, in which you are required to capture the planets with your own army/fleets. You control your army (simplistic ant-like ships) and capture the enemy areas. You can only capture the connected bases, not the non-connected ones. Playing this game on a bigger screen is more enjoyable.

Quick and addicting real-time strategy. Beautiful, not-so-simple, just awesome.

Control your army of ant-like ships. Capture connected enemy bases (remember that you can’t simply capture a non-connected base – this would be too easy!) You win when you control everything, you lose when you lose everything. Good luck!

Works really well on tablets and devices with big screens.

The game was originally designed and created during 48 hours for Ludum Dare 30.

Download it for free from Play store. It offer In-app purchase for unlocking the full game.

[pb-app-box pname=’’ name=’ICE’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]

[pb-app-box pname=’’ name=’ICE’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]

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Best Two Player Games For Android

Every now and then all of us like to take a quick break from our stressful lives. What’s better than picking up your smartphone and playing a couple of fun games with your friends to de-stress your mind and make you forget about your worries for a short while.

If you’ve been on the Playstore searching for games, you’d know that there are literally thousands upon thousands of games to choose from.

To save you the trouble and the additional effort of searching for a decent game to play with your buds, we’ve done the arduous work of picking and choosing from several hundred games and have come up with a list of the best two player games for Android.

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Here are our top picks for the best two player games on Android.

Fun fact: There are approximately 677,560 games available on the Google Playstore, so now let’s take a look at the best out of the bunch for two players.

1. DUAL!

Dual! is possibly one of the best two player games out there. The gameplay is simple and straightforward. You and your gaming buddy need to download and install the game on your Android devices. Once installed the game allows users to either connect by Bluetooth or WiFi, however, the Bluetooth feature is still in beta and may not work for you.

We’d recommend you connect to the same WiFi network or set-up a hotspot. Load the game up on both devices and enjoy shooting projectiles from one device to another. The game graphics are also great and generally, the game feels fluid and bug-free.

If you’ve got a couple of minutes to spare, what are you waiting for? Grab your gaming bud and get glued to the game either battling each other or working together to defeat the enemies.

Download: Dual!

2. Table Tennis Touch

Table Tennis Touch offers the best Ping Pong experience on smartphones hands-down. If you’ve ever played Table Tennis, you’d know how enjoyable the game actually is and now you get the opportunity to play the game on your smartphone as well.

The game offers several different modes such as Career, Mini-game fun, and Multiplayer mode too. This means you’d not get easily irked while playing the game as there are several different ways to play. While on the multiplayer mode you have the ability to play against your friends at any time. This game definitely deserves to be downloaded if you’re a Table Tennis fan.

Download: Table Tennis touch

3. Funny Soccer

Funny Soccer unapologetically has old school 8-bit style graphics which is what makes the game even more fun to play with. Funny Soccer is probably one of the most simple games out there.

You don’t even need two devices to play the two player game as all you need is to load the game on your device and call your friend over to have a soccer match like no other. Simply tapping your side of the team button will make the character jump about and kick the ball to the other side to score a goal as your 2nd player tries to do the same.

While this may seem odd right now until you try the game you’d never really know how addictive this game actually is. The game isn’t meant to give your brain a workout, it’s actually meant to be a fun and quick to play game.

Download: Funny Soccer

4. Ultimate Tennis

Here’s a game based on an outdoor sport. We know nowadays it’s hard to find time to go out into the real world and play a sport, everyone’s busy and could barely find 30 minutes to spare which of course isn’t enough to go out and play a sport like Lawn Tennis.

Ultimate Tennis has great graphics and the game also is built with good physics in mind. The gameplay is almost as close as you’d get to play Tennis in real life. In the game, you can dash, smash and dive just like in real life and go head to head with your friends as well with the games multiplayer mode.

Ultimate Tennis also allows you to tweak and customize your player’s equipment and skills to the smallest detail.

Download: Ultimate Tennis

5. Glow Hockey 2

Admit it, Air Hockey is one of the best past-time games ever. We’ve all had a swing at the game once in our life at least and if you’ve never had the chance to play Air Hockey, now’s the time to experience the game on your smartphone.

Glow Hockey 2 offers a cool and simple way to play. Just like the Funny Soccer title we’ve mentioned above Glow Hockey 2 also offers a two player mode on the same device. While you use one portion of the screen, get your friend to stand over at the other end of the device and have a go at the game. The one who manages to land the puck in the goal the most times wins.

It’s a quick and fun game for those times when you’d like to be competitive. The best part is that no internet connect is required to play the game.

Download: Glow Hockey 2

6. Fling Fighters

Fling Fighters is easily one of the most fun games to play with your mates. As the name suggests you can dual your friends by flinging items at them to cause damage while also trying to jump around trying to dodge incoming attacks and traps from your foe.

The game offers an online multiplayer mode as well as a local multiplayer mode to challenge your friends offline. Fling Fighters offers 40 different characters to choose from, therefore, you’d have the ability to try out new characters and abilities while you battle it out with your friends.

Download: Fling Fighters

7. Ludo King

So, here’s a game that we’ve probably all played in our childhood. Ludo is one of the best board games available and could be played by kids and adults alike.

While the game offers everything you’d expect from a Ludo board game, there are several cool features added too such as animated emoji’s to show your frustration, love, or other emotions to your opponent while playing against them.

Download: Ludo King

8. Badminton League

Here’s another outdoor sport based game for you and your friend to try out. Badminton is fun to play and we know there’s a possibility you’ve at least played it once.

Badminton League offers a great 1 vs 1 online mode or you could create your own tournament along with your friends. The graphics and physics of the game are great while offering a dynamic gameplay. The controls are a bit gimmicky but once you get the hang of it you’d be ready to smash the shuttlecock left right and centre within no time.

Download: Badminton League

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If you’ve visited an arcade gaming centre in your life, you’ve definitely played MORTAL KOMBAT at least once. What’s even more exciting is that MORTAL KOMBAT is now available to play on your Android smartphone too. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we said a whole generation of gamers has probably played MORTAL KOMBAT more than once.

MORTAL KOMBAT X also brings forward a 1v1 battle mode for going head to head with your friends.


10. Real Boxing

Real Boxing offers the best boxing experience on your smartphone. The graphics are also excellent and definitely one of the higher-end graphics games on the list.

The game has to basic modes career mode or multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode allows you to go up against other players around the world or let you settle it with your friend on who’s the better boxer without having to get yourselves all black and blue.

Real Boxing also has an arcade-style mode where the controls and camera angle are much like what you’d find on an arcade gaming machine.

Download: Real Boxing

11. Basketball Stars

If you love sport based games, Basketball Stars has got to be a game you try out. It offers a 1v1 multiplayer mode for you to dribble, shoot, score, and win against other players around the world.

Basketball Stars also lets you change the style of your character by selecting different outfits and items. The gameplay is simple, score more points than your opponent to win the game. The game offers decent graphics which makes it even more enjoyable to play.

Download: Basketball Stars

12. Pocket Tanks

Pocket Tanks is easily the most interesting and fun to play strategic based games in our opinion. The game was exclusively a PC based game a couple of years ago and finally, we’ve got the chance to play the game on our Android devices. Pocket Tanks has offline as well as online gameplay modes to let you battle your friends.

The gameplay is simple, you need to destroy the enemy tank before they destroy you. There are several different weapons to choose from, all of which deal variable damage. So go ahead, melt your opponent with napalm, shoot them with the jackhammer or destroy them with the heatseeker missile.

Download: Pocket Tanks

13. Warlings: Armageddon

Much like the previous game on the list, Warlings: Armageddon also offers a PvP battle experience based on strategy. You can dual with your friends or other players across the globe.

You can connect via Bluetooth to play the game with your friends too. There are 29 different weapons to choose from including a scorching flamethrower.  The game has 10 totally destructible maps to choose from to battle your opponents on.

Download: Warlings: Armageddon

14. Beach Buggy Racing

A few years back Beach Buggy Racing was one of the best games you could find on the Google Play Store (APK). It still is a fun game to play with your friends, if you’ve got a knack for playing racing games. The game offers a multiplayer mode, too.

The graphics are decent and the game offers many customizations for the vehicles. There are several different characters also to unlock and choose from which all offer a different ability to perform while in game. You can make your opponents dance and swerve off the track by using the disco ball or shoot your enemy ahead of you with a barrage of carrots.

These special moves are character dependent and therefore, you need to choose your character wisely. Beach Buggy Racing also has a “split-screen multiplayer mode to race shoulder-to-shoulder with up to 4 friends on Android TV, or a TV-connected phone or tablet.”

Download: Beach Buggy Racing

Epic Games Is Shutting Down ‘Fortnite: Save The World’ For Macos On September 23

While the majority of attention for Fortnite is focused on its battle royale component, the game does offer another mode: Save the World. And now that is embroiled in the battle between Apple and Epic Games.

Yesterday, Epic Games used the official Twitter account for Fortnite to confirm that it will stop development for the PvE-styled Fortnite: Save the World on Wednesday, September 23, 2023. With that being the case, the company will effectively shut down the title for macOS on that date. When that date rolls around, the title will no longer be playable on Apple’s computers.

Apple is preventing us from distributing games on Mac which ends our ability to develop Fortnite: Save the World for the platform. Beginning September 23, 2023, Save the World will no longer be playable on Mac.

— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) September 17, 2023

Epic also published a blog post on the matter, and, of course, blames Apple for this turn of events. Epic says that Apple is “preventing Epic from signing games and patches for distribution on Mac, which ends our ability to develop and offer Fortnite: Save the World for the platform”. The company also notes that an incoming update, version 14.20, will most definitely cause some bugs to pop up in version 13.40 — the version of the game macOS players will be stuck on. That will apparently result in “a very poor experience” for players.

To avoid those issues, though, Epic Games has decided to shut down Fortnite: Save the World entirely on September 23, making it no longer playable.

Apple is preventing Epic from signing games and patches for distribution on Mac, which ends our ability to develop and offer Fortnite: Save the World for the platform. Specifically, our upcoming v14.20 release will cause bugs for players on v13.40, resulting in a very poor experience. Since we are no longer able to sign updates and release fixes for these issues, beginning September 23, 2023, Fortnite: Save the World will no longer be playable on macOS.

We are issuing a refund for all players who purchased any Save the World Founder’s or Starter Packs (including Upgrades) and played Save the World on macOS between September 17, 2023 and September 17, 2023. Additionally, any purchased V-Bucks spent on Llamas on macOS in this period will also be refunded. As of today, September 17, 2023, Save the World Starter Packs will no longer be available for purchase on macOS.

For those who might not know, Fortnite‘s Save the World setting is different than the mega-popular battle royale mode. In Save the World, players are tasked with eliminating monsters from the world, and they can work with other players to do so. There are still a variety of weapons to choose from, plenty of building, and traps to set. But it’s not a player-versus-player, but rather player-versus-everything setup.

And it appears it’s the latest victim in the ongoing legal battle between Apple and Epic Games.

The timeline of events that brought us to this point is below.

The timeline August 13, 2023

Epic Games updates Fortnite on the server-side, bypassing the App Store review process. It adds a direct payment option, breaking another rule in the process.

Apple removes Fortnite from the App Store due to Epic Games breaking the App Store rules.

Epic Games launches a media blitz, and it also sues Apple for anti-competitive behavior.

Epic launches “Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite”, a parody video of Apple’s original “1984” ad:

Google removes Fortnite from the Play Store, as Epic Games also violated the Play Store’s rules.

Epic sues Google, too.

Spotify weighs in! Unsurprisingly, it applauds Epic Games for its decision to stand up against Apple.

August 14, 2023

Facebook says Apple’s App Store fees make it impossible to help small businesses impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

August 17, 2023

Apple threatens to revoke Epic Games’ developer accounts for not only iOS, but also macOS. That cut-off is set to take place on Friday, August 28, 2023.

August 18, 2023

Apple issues an official statement on the matter in response to Epic Games.

Epic Games is revealed to have sought a coalition of “Apple critics” to help fight against Apple.

August 20, 2023

The Wall Street Journal and other news publications sign an open letter asking for Apple to reduce its App Store fees down to a standard 15%.

August 21, 2023

Epic Games promotes the #FreeFortnite Cup, or tournament, that is meant to bring even more attention against Apple, and is promoting “anti-Apple” prizes.

Epic sought special treatment for Fortnite before it declared war against Apple and the App Store’s guidelines.

August 24, 2023

Judge Gonzalez-Rogers rules that Apple does not need to reinstate Fortnite back into the App Store as the legal battle wages on. The judge also rules that Apple cannot revoke the Unreal Engine development tools, but it can still move forward with removing Epic’s developer account for iOS and macOS.

Apple says it agrees with the ruling made by Judge Gonzalez-Rogers, and is prepared to welcome Fortnite back onto iOS as soon as Epic Games is ready to follow the App Store guidelines.

August 26, 2023

Epic confirms that the new season of Fortnite, which is Marvel-themed, will not be available on iOS or Mac. Cross-platform functionality with those platforms is also removed.

August 28, 2023

Epic lets Fortnite players know in an email that it’s Apple’s fault they can’t play the new season of the game.

Apple revokes Epic Games’ App Store and developer accounts.

September 8, 2023

Apple countersues Epic Games in what it claims is a “breach of contract” related to its App Store practices.

September 9, 2023

Epic Games says Apple is going to disable the “Sign in with Apple” feature as soon as Friday, September 11.

Apple changes its mind regarding “Sign in with Apple”, allows existing customers to keep using it.

September 10, 2023

The Best Vpn For Android

Not only do the features and settings in each app differ, but so does the service behind it, from the monthly price to the number of servers available, and the speed of the connection.

It is true that the best VPN services are often the best across all platforms, but some providers really go to town on their Android app, giving it lots of useful features, while others are much plainer.

Here, we’ve rounded up five of the absolute best, and you’ll be happy with any of them.

You can also find out more about VPNs work and  how to use one on Android.

Android VPN Reviews ExpressVPN

If you want the best VPN for Android, our top choice is ExpressVPN.

The app offers everything you’d want: a kill switch (called Network Protection), OpenVPN and the proprietary Lightway protocol, split tunneling and a handy auto-connect setting which connects to a server when your phone connects to an untrusted Wi-Fi network.

Particularly useful is the fact that there’s an Android widget which you can put on your home screen and use as a shortcut to connect and disconnect the VPN without even opening the ExpressVPN app. You can’t use it to change servers, but tapping the server name opens the app on the server list, so even that’s quick.

You can save your favourite locations for quicker connection, or let the app’s ‘Smart Location’ feature find the best connection for your needs.

The service behind the app is top notch: great speeds, seamless unblocking of various streaming services and servers everywhere you’d want them.

Yes, it does cost more than the others here but, to repeat what we said at the start… if you want the best VPN for Android, this is it. ExpressVPN runs all its servers in RAM, with nothing written to hard drives at all, so it’s one of the most secure out there.

You can get a 49% discount by signing up to the 12-month subscription which comes with three free months.


NordVPN, despite the drawbacks you’ll find below, is still one of our top picks for Android. It recently added support for the WireGuard protocol (it calls it NordLynx) and it really makes a huge difference to speed.

Connections are virtually instant and speeds are so fast you won’t notice any slowdown to your internet connection. This means you’re far more likely to use the service more of, or all of, the time.

The app itself is very easy to use, although the simplified interface doesn’t have much detail if you want to see how busy a particular server is and there’s no way to add favourites.

Those are mere niggles compared to the more problematic absence of a kill switch. But connections are supremely stable in our experience so even that isn’t a big deal, especially if a dropped connection isn’t going to put you in harm’s way, which it almost certainly won’t. In countries where you’re breaking the law by using a VPN, dropped connections can be a major issue, but if that’s your situation, you probably won’t want to use a consumer service anyway.

You will find useful features such as split tunneling, CyberSec and Tapjacking, which protects you from malicious apps which steal your logins and other info.

The cheapest plan is the two-year subscription, which is billed up front and works out at around £2.68/US$3.49 per month.

Get NordVPN here.


Surfshark doesn’t have quite as many servers as some rivals here, but there are still a lot – over 1700 – and when you factor in the price and the features on offer, it’s a great-value choice.

On top of that, you can use Surfshark’s Multihop servers, which route your internet connection via two servers – yet another way to ensure your real location and identity cannot be discovered.

Plus, the app is well designed, allowing you to see which servers are the least busy, the ability to favourite particular servers and – of course – quickly connect to either the fastest available or physically nearest server.

If there’s a drawback, it’s that Surfshark hasn’t yet added support for the fast new WireGuard protocol and connections can take a fair amount of time: 20-30 seconds in our testing.

Speeds aren’t bad, but they’re by no means the quickest. The protocol is chosen automatically, but the fastest option is likely to be OpenVPN.

However, before you dismiss it, note that Surfshark does a great job of unblocking video services, lets you connect unlimited devices at once and only costs £1.95/$2.49 per month.

That’s excellent value, then.

Subscribe to Surfshark here.


CyberGhost is a huge name in VPNs, and it should come as no surprise that it’s Android app is easy to use.

It’s fast, too, thanks to the addition of WireGuard, and there are thousands of servers to choose from.

You can choose which apps do and don’t use the VPN connection (split tunneling) and there’s also a built-in ad-blocker and a potentially useful data compression option for those with limited mobile data.

You can connect via up to seven devices at once, and CyberGhost claims to unblock 35 streaming services. We certainly had no issues watching Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

One missing feature is a kill switch, so bear that in mind when choosing.

The cheapest subscription is £2.15/$2.75 per month if you’re willing to commit to three years.

You can sign up on CyberGhost’s website.


Ivacy may not yet have WireGuard available to Android users, but its app does have a kill switch and split tunneling, plus a multiport setting which helps to disguise the fact that you’re using a VPN, so should enable you to get around just about all firewalls that try and block VPNs.

There are over 1000 servers to choose between, plus support for torrenting, should you need to download this type of file.

The app has three tabs which make it simple to connect to the right server. Under Purposes you’ll find ‘Start Streaming’, ‘Secure Downloading’ and ‘Start Unblocking’.

What’s missing is an auto-connection option, so you do have to remember to connect to a server when you join a public Wi-Fi network, for example.

But while there may be a few drawbacks, Ivacy is seriously compelling because of its low, low price.

This special deal gets you a five-year subscription for just 74p/99c per month. (Use code IVACY20 at the checkout to get the extra discount.)

Top 20 New Free Android Games You Must Play

The Google Play Store is chock full of a variety of games encompassing different genres and catering to a number of different play styles. You’ll find everything from casual arcade and puzzle games which you can pop out when you’re taking a quick break at work or competitive strategy and action games which you can grind all day and reach the top of the ranking ladder. However, what’s really great is that the Play Store keeps adding new games ever so often, making sure that users never run out of options. In fact, so many new games are added to the Play Store each month, that you’re sometimes not able to keep up with the new releases and miss out on some great games that you’d absolutely love. That’s exactly where we come in. We’re constantly checking out new games on the Play Store, trying out most of the popular releases, just to get them to you in a curated list like this one!

The Best New Android Games:

New Casual Games 1. Bouncy Break

Bouncy Break is a simple, yet fun game with a great summery-vibe. The premise of the game is quite simple, you’ve to bounce a ball onto the lighter colored tiles to break them. The tiles keep moving around and you get one point for breaking a single tile. However, if you line up a couple of tiles, you can break all of them together and get bonus combo points. While the game is pretty simple to begin with, getting a high score could be a difficult feat after you play it a couple of times.

2. Stickman Soccer 2023

Stickman Soccer 2023 is exactly what that title says it is, a bunch of stick men running around a field, playing soccer. The game is an updated version of the popular Stickman Soccer, with better graphics, simpler controls, and a ton of replay value. You can choose your favorite soccer team (well, the stickman version of your favorite soccer team), play various seasons, national leagues, cups, or even the World Cup 2023 which is currently underway in Russia. If you’re a soccer fan, then Stickman Soccer 2023 should definitely be up your alley.

Download (Free)

3. Connection

Download (Free)

4. Army of Robots

AR tech has come a long way since its inception, so much so, that you can now play a great AR game on your smartphone! Army of Robots is once such game, in which an army of robots invade your immediate surroundings and you have to hold your ground while you take them down one by one. The game has 12 stages overall and you’ll have to battle hordes of robots in each stage to protect your surroundings. The game has decent visuals and a ton of replay value, as you can physically change the environments in which you battle the robot army. It’s worth noting that the game will only work on devices that officially support Google’s ARCore framework.

Download (Free)

5. Horizon

Horizon is an simple endless runner in which you’re controlling a spaceship as it runs through an unpredictable series of obstacles. The game has a Tron-like vibe with the neon accents in the environment and the neon trail that the spaceship leaves behind. In order to keep the game interesting, there are a hundred challenges that you need to complete which reward XP points. You can spend the XP points to unlock 40 unique spaceships and 25 different trails. Horizon is a perfect game for short breaks but much like other endless runners, it can get boring after a while.

Download (Free)

6. Bruce Lee Dragon Run

What happens when you cross an endless runner with Kung Fu legend Bruce Lee? You get Bruce Lee Dragon Run – a fast paced endless runner in which you control Lee himself as he runs through treacherous terrains, fighting off ninjas, dodging falling obstacles and fireballs. The game also has special bonus zones in which Lee transforms into a freakin’ dragon! The objective of the game is simple, you just have to keep running while collecting coins on the way, which can be used to unlock sixteen playable characters. The game also features amazing quotes from the legend, which really add onto to the immersion and makes you feel like you’re actually controlling Lee himself!

7. Tank Stars

Remember Worms? The old PC game where you took turns to shoot projectiles at your opponents, precisely calculating the angle for the best shot. Well, Tank Stars is the same, but obviously with tanks. You can choose from a variety of tanks and weapons to obliterate your opponents, chunking their life bar with each successive hit. You can choose to play against AI, with friends or even online against random players, and destroy everyone that crosses your path. The game has great colorful graphics, a variety of settings and exciting effects to keep you engaged time and time again.

Download (Free)

8. Ghost Pop!

Download (Free)

New Action Games 1. CrossFire: Legends

If you’re a fan of first person shooters, then Tencent’s CrossFire: Legends is totally up your alley. The game delivers great graphics in a small package and boasts of a precise control system which allows players to aim more accurately. The game features the popular battle royale mode, along with two other action-packed modes – team deathmatch and demolition. You can choose to play all the modes online or against bots and you can rest assured that your time with this game is going to be a whole lot of fun! In my opinion, CrossFire: Legends easily figures among the top FPS titles on Android today, so you should definitely check it out.

Download (Free)

2. Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends brings all the popular characters from the Dragon Ball universe to an action packed fighting game in which you fight one-on-one against an opponent online. The game features fairly simple controls, allowing you to unleash well-timed combos and special moves at just the touch of a finger. There’s a complete storyline, in which players controls an all new character designed by Akira Toriyama and progress through stages defeating one opponent after another. I must admit, Bandai Namco has done a brilliant job with Dragon Ball Legends and it’s definitely a game worth trying.

Download (Free)

3. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is a toned down version of the full-fledged PC game with simple controls and low poly graphics, but it’s definitely worth trying. The game has been divided into 10 chapters in which you control Noctis, crown prince of Lucis, on his journey to marry Lady Lunafreya of Tenebrae. While the game is free to download, only the first chapter of the story is free to play, with the rest available for purchase. The pocket edition encompasses all aspects of the original game and if you’re a fan of the Final Fantasy franchise, I’m pretty sure you’ll love the game.

4. Shadowgun Legends

Download (Free)

5. Dungeon Hunter Champions

Download (Free)

6. Eden Obscura

If you’re looking for the ultimate audio visual experience, then look no further. Q-Games’ Eden Obscura takes players on a journey to the garden of sound and life where they have to gather pollen while jumping around in the ever changing environment. The game ramakes use of your smartphone’s camera to create interactive visual effects which, combined with the upbeat electronic music, will bring you closer to your artistic side. Although the gameplay is quite simple and might get boring after a while, it’s the ever changing visuals that will capture your attention and keep you coming back for even more.

Download (Free)

New Strategy Games 1. The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Pretty much anyone who knows anything about gaming is familiar with the Elder Scrolls franchise. The franchise is known for its epic universes, detailed story line, and amazing graphics. Developer Bethesda Softworks has now brought all of that to a strategy-based card game and it’s simply amazing. The game brings over 140 unique cards, capturing characters from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and its Elder Scrolls: Online prequel. The game introduces three new attribute decks along with 5 new mechanics which are bound to take card battles to the next level. If you’re a fan of the Elder Scrolls franchise, this game is definitely worth a shot and even if you’re not a fan, there’s no harm trying it out.

Download (Free)

2. ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved is a mobile version of the PC game with the same name that takes players to a prehistoric land where they have to act wisely and survive. The game features a massive open world with over 80 unique dinosaurs and primal creatures which players can capture and tame. You can also meet up with players in game and team up to form tribes, form colonies and survive the harsh conditions by hunting or gathering supplies from nature. Starting off alone and unarmed, you’ll have to gather resources, craft tools, build a shelter, while protecting yourself from the harsh environment and, of course, predators.

3. Paladins Strike

The well known multiplayer online battle arena Paladins: Champions of the Realm is now available on the go as Paladins Strike. Built specifically for mobile, Paladins Strike brings over 15 champions to a real-time 5v5 battle with a top-down view. You can choose from multiple game modes and defeat your enemies using your skills and superior strategic tactics. All the featured champions have their own weapons and special abilities, which can be further customized using an assortment of skins available in the in-game store. The game will surely appeal to all MOBA fanatics out there and in case you aren’t aware of the genre, Paladins Strike could be an appropriate introduction for you.

Download (Free)

4. Space Pioneer

Download (Free)

New Racing Games 1. Pako 2

If you’ve played Pako, then you’re probably already familiar with the premise of the game. However, if you haven’t, Pako 2 is an arcade driving game in which you take the role of a getaway driver who has to pick up his crew and escort them to safety while avoiding capture from the police. The game feature retro arcade style graphics, which I’m really fond of, and it has fairly simple controls, so you won’t have any problems getting the hang of it. As you progress through the levels, you’ll be awarded with cash which can be used to upgrade your getaway vehicle and purchase perk items which will assist you in your getaway. The game has an exciting electronic soundtrack which complements the gameplay well and I’m pretty sure you’ll love wasting time immersed in the low-poly world of Pako 2.

Download (Free)

2. Donuts Drift

Donuts Drift is a simple yet fun monochrome game in which you take control of a car and drift donuts around obstacles, collecting coins and fuel in the process. You can use the collected coins to upgrade your car with better capabilities and land better scores in turn. But make sure you don’t miss the fuel, because if your run out, it’s game over for you. It’s not all that simple though, the game has a number of dynamic obstacles and you’ll need to avoid them skillfully in order to make the most out of your fuel capacity. The controls are fairly simple and you’ll easily get the hang of it after a couple of games. If you want to be the drift king, make sure you check out Donuts Drift on the Play Store.

Download (Free)

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Which New Android Game Do You Like?

10 Of The Best Weather Apps For Android And Iphone

Many weather apps are not only as accurate as possible but offer additional features, such as radar, future-casts, and beautiful graphics. Choosing the right one can be difficult since there are numerous options to choose from. You’re bound to find that right one in this list of the best weather apps for Android and iPhone.

Note: if you’re here because you are looking for a Dark Sky alternative, you’re in the right place. Apple made Dark Sky an exclusive iOS app in 2023. However, Apple’s now creating their very own weather app, and Dark Sky is being completely discontinued in 2023.

1. Weather & Radar

An aptly named weather app providing both simple and detailed forecasts.

Weather & Radar provides one of the best future radars among free weather apps. While the full screen ad upon opening is annoying, the forecasts are accurate, and the app itself is easy to navigate. Tapping an hour or day will give you more details, or skip ahead to view graphical charts. Plus, you can get notifications about weather news, upcoming changes (such as temperature drops), and quick 90-minute weather details.


An all-in-one app with news, forecasts, radar, and alerts

Detailed hourly forecasts (includes pressure, dew point, feels like, wind, precipitation chance, and temperature)

Future radar up to four days


2. Yr

Beautifully designed for ease of use while looking great at the same time.

Yr is designed by the Norwegian Weather Agency but can be used anywhere in the world. It’s beautifully designed, letting you swipe across a nicely-animated sky to check the weather on different days and at different times of the day.


Ad-free and doesn’t require location data

Visual hour-by-hour scrolling forecasts

Sky, table, and graph forecast layouts


No radar

Updates aren’t as frequent as claimed (supposedly every seven minutes, but they can take up to an hour at times)

Beyond the nice design, it has plenty of great features too. You can get updates on air pollution and pollen spread in your area and opt in to receive notifications whenever there will be rain in the next 90 minutes. Yr has a great prediction model and is completely free and ad-free, thanks to being government-funded.

3. Today Weather

Simple, beautiful, and accurate weather app with multiple weather data sources.

Today Weather is easy to navigate without being too cluttered, like some weather apps. Never get caught off-guard with 24-hour forecasts, alerts, and radar. The quick-view widget also gives you a nice overview of your day. However, for the best experience, premium is better and ad-free. For instance, chúng tôi Accuweather, and Dark Sky forecasts are premium only.


Choose forecasts from multiple sources, such as Accuweather, Dark Sky, chúng tôi chúng tôi and more

Includes radar and alerts

Offers over 20 customizable widgets


Try the free version and upgrade to premium if you’d like for $1.99 for six months, $2.99/year, or $8.99/lifetime.

4. Weather & Widget – Weawow

Incredibly stunning weather photography mixes with easy-to-navigate forecasts.

Weather & Widget, also called Weawow, is a rare gem among weather apps. It’s not only free and ad-free, but the user photos make the app beautiful to use. You can even upload and sell your own. Daily and ongoing notifications help you avoid any surprises. Multiple widgets along with a customizable layout and radar ensure this app looks and functions the way you want it to.



Asks for location data to provide to third-parties, but it’s not required

While the app is completely free to use, the developer does ask that you donate if you like the app. Choose one-time or monthly donations of $2, $5, or $10. You can also donate a custom amount via PayPal.

5. The Weather Channel

One of the most well-known and reliable weather apps for both Android and iOS.

The Weather Channel is one of the most recognizable names in weather. While it offers all the basics of radar, daily/hourly forecasts, and alerts, the real standout is the weather videos and forecasts. See forecasts from The Weather Channel meteorologists for your region and weather videos from around the world.


Includes video forecasts and weather stories (text and video)

Has seasonal weather sections

Provides detailed hourly forecasts (temp, feels like temp, precipitation, humidity, UV index, wind, and cloud cover)


6. AccuWeather

With minute-by-minute forecasts, you’ll never be caught off guard.


Minute by minute forecasts

Detailed daily forecasts

Includes weather stories from AccuWeather forecasters


7. Firstscreen Weather

Available on: Android

The weather app with a really long name but impressive forecasts and features.

Firstscreen Weather: Digital Artery, Weather App, Climatic Armor – The Weather App offers in-depth weather forecasts that include wind, UV, humidity, precipitation, pressure, and visibility. You also get hour-by-hour forecasts and comparisons to the previous day. Colorful graphics help you quickly see the weather for the week ahead at a glance. Plus, you get the bonus of an easy-to-use radar and conditions for various lifestyle activities and allergies.


Detailed forecasts hour by hour

Offers comparisons to yesterday

Includes Lifestyle Weather Index (shows conditions for outdoor cardio, walking the dog, etc.)


However, in-app purchases are listed as $9.99, but the app itself doesn’t explain how much a premium subscription costs or what the benefits are.

8. Overdrop

Easy-to-use and customizable weather app with colorful themes.

Overdrop lets you plan ahead with 24-hour and weekly forecasts. See what’s coming with an impressive 96-hour future radar. You can also customize the appearance, which is a bonus. The hyperlocal data ensures you don’t get caught by surprise. Of course, alerts mean you don’t have to constantly check your phone for weather changes. One thing that really sets Overdrop apart from the rest is an impressive 51 widgets.


Offers four weather providers (Weather Bit, Dark Sky, Open Weather Map, AccuWeather)

Customize with different themes

Detailed forecasts for the 7-day forecast


9. WeatherBug

One of the most feature-rich weather apps and ideal for commuters.

WeatherBug is a veteran among weather apps, especially for providing hyperlocal forecasts, thanks to working with local weather reporting stations near your area. What really sets the app apart are the 20 map layers to see just the type of weather information you want most. Plus, for commuters, get a detailed look at current and upcoming conditions along with traffic cameras.


Offers 20 different map layers

Includes weather videos, including future outlooks

Provides commuter weather details and lightning strike warnings


10. Weather Underground

One of the best hyperlocal weather apps, thanks to data from over 250,000 personal weather stations.


Get weather forecasts from local weather stations

Create customized forecasts for your activities (premium only)

Detailed forecasts in graphical form


Premium upgrade required to see 15-day forecast (10-day included in free plan)

Weather videos and news stories are slow to load

Frequently Asked Questions 1. Is it worth paying for a weather app? 2. Why doesn’t my weather app agree with my local news forecast?

Weather apps pull their data from various sources, which will vary from your local news forecast. If available, consider downloading your local news weather app. They don’t always offer as many features but may give you most accurate forecasts for your area. Many local weather apps pull some data from The Weather Channel.

3. Should I use more than one weather app?

Many users prefer to use at least a couple of weather apps to get a more well-rounded forecast. For instance, I personally use my local news station’s weather app and Weather & Radar, as the forecasts vary slightly. The former gives me video forecasts, while the latter gives me more details for hourly and daily. However, this is a personal preference and nothing more.

Crystal Crowder

Crystal Crowder has spent over 15 years working in the tech industry, first as an IT technician and then as a writer. She works to help teach others how to get the most from their devices, systems, and apps. She stays on top of the latest trends and is always finding solutions to common tech problems.

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