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Nokia is finally making its way back in the US market with the launch of the Nokia 2V at Verizon and there are already a bunch of cool accessories available for the device.

Most of us look out for great accessories such as cases and skins for our shiny new devices to prevent them from being damaged or simply to differentiate our smartphone from the others.

However, finding the right accessories for the device can get a little tricky since it’s super hard to judge which product might be good and which might not be worth spending on.

→ Nokia 2V: All you need to know

To help save you the trouble of spending a couple of hours online trying to pick up a case, screen protector, tempered glass and other such stuff for your brand new Verizon Nokia 2V, we’ve curated a list of the best accessories available for the device right now.

Let’s check out the best Nokia 2V accessories to purchase right now.

Best cases for the Nokia 2V

TopACE TPU Rubber Gel Shock-Absorption case

This clear case by TopACE protects your device by absorbing the impact in case you happen to drop your Nokia 2V. The anti-scratch case is also quite slim and avoids adding too much bulk to the device.

Apart from being slim, it’s also lightweight which assures the device does not feel too bulky when in your hands. The case is also soft to the touch and fits the device snuggly unlike some other cases.

Buy on Amazon ($8.99)

KuGi Nokia 2.1 case

This case from the company KuGi offers some good protection for the Nokia 2V since the case helps prevent damage to the device in case it falls to the floor. More importantly, this case from KuGi is also anti-slip hence you wouldn’t find the device sliding around smooth surfaces such as a glass table.

The case slips on to the device pretty easily and the device rests securely within the case hence there’s no reason to worry about the case falling off or scratching the device by constantly rubbing against the edges. The case is available in two color options; navy blue and black.

Buy on Amazon ($8.50)

→ Nokia Android 9 Pie update

TopACE Slim Robot Armor Stand Shockproof Hybrid Rugged Case

The product name is definitely a mouthful; however, you get an all-in-one sort of case if you decide to pick up the TopAce Slim Robot Rugged case. The case doubles as a stand for the Nokia 2V in case you simply want to place the device on a flat surface and watch videos/movies.

This durable case would also prevent your device from being damaged due to fall. Apart from that, the case is also anti-slip which means your device wouldn’t be slipping and sliding around.

Buy on Amazon ($9.99)

TopACE Ultra Thin Carbon Fiber Scratch Resistant Case

Here’s another great case from the company TopACE. This anti-scratch case is super thin and lightweight which means you don’t fancy carry around your device in a bulky case, then this case is definitely worth the buy.

Even though the case is ‘ultra-thin‘, the case offers great protection for the Nokia 2V and should help keep the device safe from a fall from a medium height. The material used in the case also prevents your fingerprints from being smugged all over it. The case is available in multiple colors as well.

Buy on Amazon ($8.99)

Ultra-Thin DD Style PU Cover Nokia 2V

If you’re looking for great protection all around for the Nokia 2V, then this cool case from KuGi has you covered. The flip style case offers decent protection against scratches and minor drops and is made out of premium PU leather.

The case can also act as a kickstand for your device to hold it up in landscape mode. The buttons and ports are easily accessible and the case offers a precise fit for the Nokia 2V.

Buy on Amazon ($10.50)

Luxmo Vertical Series Holder

This cool vertical pouch-style phone holder lets you place in the Nokia 2V or any other compatible device. The case provides some decent drop protection and also has a soft inner lining to prevent the device from picking up scratched and scuffs.

The case also comes with a secure and sturdy belt loop and an optional carabiner clip. The strong magnetic closing flap prevents the device from falling out even when upside down.

Buy on Amazon ($9.99)

Other cool accessories

Skinomi TechSkin Brushed Aluminum Film + Screen protector

If you aren’t a big fan of cases which usually add some heft and bulk to the device yet still want to protect your Nokia 2V from scratches, then this screen protector and skin combination would be a great alternative to cases.

The brushed metal texture on the skin feels great to the touch and also helps prevent the device from being scratched while in your pocket or even in some situations where the device might take a minor fall. The screen protector also helps prevent the screen from being scratched.

Buy on Amazon ($12.95)

IQ Shield Matte Full Coverage Anti-Glare Screen Protector

The IQ Shield screen protector reduces glare on the screen which you might notice when using other cheap screen protectors in well-lit areas. The screen protector also comes with a special coating on the outer layer to help prevent fingerprints and grime from being visible.

More importantly, unlike other screen protector packages, the IQ Shield screen protector comes with all the necessary installation tools so you’d be able to install the screen protector by yourself without having to worry about bubbles forming under the screen protector.

Buy on Amazon (7.85)

TopACE 9H Hardness [Case Friendly][Anti-Scratch] Tempered Glass

This tempered glass from TopAce for the Nokia 2V protects the screen from all sorts of things including scratches and can even protect the screen from shattering from a minor drop.

The glass is only 0.3mm thick hence it wouldn’t interfere with the touch response of the device. Since this isn’t a plastic screen protector, there’s no reason to worry about reduced screen brightness or quality when looking at the device’s screen.

Buy on Amazon ($8.98)

Skinomi MatteSkin Full Skin Coverage + Screen Protector

If you aren’t a big fan of cases or fancy skins, then this cool screen protector and matte skin combo is the best option for the Nokia 2V. The package contains a screen protector to prevent the screen from being scratched and also cuts down on glare to improve visibility in bright environments.

You also get a full body matte skin that can be applied separately around the device to prevent the device from picking up any scratched without adding much bulk at all. The skin is also fingerprint resistant hence you wouldn’t have to worry about wiping the device after each use.

Buy on Amazon ($12.95)

KuGi Nokia 2V Screen Protector

If you’re looking for a great screen protector the offers the best bang for your buck, then this screen protector is the one to go for. The screen protector is priced fairly low when compared to some of the other screen protectors.

Since this screen protector is tempered glass, there’s not much image distortion as compared to other plastic screen protectors. This tempered glass protector also has an oleophobic coating which helps prevent smudges and fingerprints.

Buy on Amazon ($4.95)

Verizon Micro-USB Braided Charge-and-Sync Cable with LED Light

This is one of the best Micro-USB charging and syncing cable you could probably get for the Nokia 2V. The cable is extremely tough and would last much longer than most other traditional Micro-USB cables since the cable is braided.

You also get a cool push-to-activate LED light at the tip of the cable to ensure you always plug in the cable in the right way even in a dark environment. The cable also comes in a bunch of different colors as well to choose from.

Buy on Amazon ($14.99)

Cellet USB Cable

Here’s another great Micro-USB cable for charging and data transfer for the Nokia 2V. The 9 feet long cable ensures you don’t have to stick up to the power outlet while you’re using the device while charging.

The cable is also durable and wouldn’t be easily damaged with regular usage. The cable has a premium metallic housing, unlike most other USB cables which have a plastic housing.

Buy on Amazon: ($11.99)

Cellet Air Vent Mount

If you often use your device for navigation in the car, then here’s a cool air vent mount from Cellet which acts as a phone holder to place your device safely in view. The rotating clip allows you to securely attach the mount to any kind of air vent.

This accessory can support devices with up to 6-inch screens hence the Nokia 2V would easily fit snuggly within the holder.

Buy on Amazon: ($8.99)

ATWATEC Micro USB Car Charger

Here’s a cool accessory to help you safely and quickly charge your Nokia 2V in your car. This car charger has a standard output of 5V/3.4A. The car charger is also quite durable and comes with an attached charging cable.

Apart from the charging cable the car charger also has a USB port which lets you charge any other device using a cable of your own.

Buy on Amazon: ($12.98)

Cellet Retractable Stereo in-Ear Headphone

If you’re fed up of having to untangle the cable of your earphones each time you need to use them, then these retractable earphones are the ones to pick up. You wouldn’t have to worry about having to organize the earphone cable since the retractable style earphones solve that issue.

The sound quality isn’t something to write home about; however, for the price, the audio quality is good if not great.

Buy on Amazon ($8.95)


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Best Iphone 6/6S Tempered Glass Screen Protectors In 2023

Does the iPhone 6/iPhone 6s need a screen protector? This is a question worth asking while buying any screen protector for your iPhone 6 as it essentially comes with Gorilla Glass that is ion-strengthened. It is scratch-resistant, which certainly helps, but only when you are prone to drop the phone by accident. An ideal option for you to protect your iPhone 6/6s screen is to pick one of the different tempered glass screen protectors.

1. G-Armor

G-Armor brings a tempered glass screen guard for your iPhone 6s. This 0.3mm thick film has 2.5D-curved edges that offer 100% touch accuracy and high screen sensitivity. The screen guard gives you 99.9% transparency and thus, you get a maximum natural display.

Enjoy HD viewing experience while not having to worry about stains of oil and sweat; the protector has a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating to secure the screen from scratches, oil, water, and fingerprints.

2. Supershieldz Glass Screen Protector

With more than 1000 ratings on Amazon, SuperShieldz tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s has good fan following. It boasts a 9H hardness, offers bubble free installation, and it effectively resists oil and fingerprints. Apart from that, it also resists scratches, dust, and dirt.

In the box, it comes with two screen protectors. If you have iPhone 6 along with an iPhone 6s, you can use the same on both. Overall, it’s a good value for money.

3. Power Theory

This product from Power Theory boasts Japanese Asahi tempered glass. The best part about this product is that it comes with a complete installation kit. Installing it perfectly is extremely easy. If you mess up the installation, company claims to send you another protector for free. Apart from that, it effectively protects your iPhone screen from scratches, fingerprints, oil, dust, and dirt.

The glass is super thin yet it flaunts a 9H hardness. Being super thin, it does not hinder the touch-sensitivity while operating the iPhone. All in all, it is a great product for your device.

4. iCarez

iCarez Premium Glass Screen Protector consists of a perfect laser cut; hard coat layered glass sheet that can tolerate any external forces. It acts as an ideal shield for your iPhone’s screen resisting it from hits and shocks.

The glass screen protector is 9H scratch-resistant that is 0.33 mm thick and has rounded edges. It has an Oleophobic Coating that helps keep the screen free from smudges and fingerprints. It provides true touch sensitivity with minimum interferences. This antibacterial glass protector is easy to install and take out, leaving no bubbles and residues.

5. JETech

A glass screen protector with extreme hardness, the JETech Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector, can resist scratches up to 9H. It can safeguard your iPhone 6/6s screen from scratches due to keys, knife and any sharper objects.

It is built with the high standard tempered glass of 0.3 mm thickness with round edges, fitting the 4.7 inches iPhone screen perfectly. The glass protector provides true touch sensitivity and maximum HD clarity, as it is highly responsive and highly transparent. A protector that is easy to install and remove, it keeps your screen fingerprint-free and smudge-free.

6. Tech Armor Premium Ballistic Glass Screen Protector

Using the Tech Armor Premium Ballistic Glass Screen Protector is an elegant way to protect your iPhone 6’s or iPhone 6s’ screen. Your screen is completely safeguarded against scratches, crash landings, and impact drops.

The protector comprises of precise laser cut tempered glass built with polished and rounded edges. The Ballistic Glass Screen Protector provides almost 100% HD clarity, accuracy, and true touch sensitivity. Also, it helps keep your phone’s screen free from the oil, smudges, and fingerprints due to the presence of the Oleophobic Coating.


A glass protector suitably fitting your iPhone 6’s 4.7-inch screen, the LUVVITT Glass Screen Protector is manufactured using highest grade Japanese Asahi Tempered glass offering a scratch resistant of up to 9H and above. This resistant level makes the glass as hard as diamond, thereby tolerating any sorts of external force on the screen.

The glass protector has a layer beneath the surface that is very clear and highly shock-proof. With a thickness of 0.33 mm, this premium glass is perfectly slim to give sufficient fortification for your phone. Added to that, the protector has high touch sensitivity that renders a smooth touch experience. The rounded edges of the protector make it stick firmly to the screen without any residues.

8. ZAGG InvisibleShield

Named by ZAGG as the next evolution in screen protection, the InvisibleShield Glass Screen Protector is built with top graded tempered glass to give the highest level of scratch resistance at the same time maintaining the clear image resolution.

The InvisibleShield Glass is of 0.4 mm in thickness and has a special coating that is oil–resistant, thereby deterring the natural skin oils from the screen. The Glass is easy to install, by just positioning and pushing and it delivers ultra touch sensitivity.


Want to have a strong screen protector with an ultra-slim profile? KABB, made with high-quality tempered glass, can be a simple choice. With 9H hardness anti-scratch, it offers your iPhone’s touchscreen complete safeguard. Being three times stronger than a regular screen protector, it’s quite durable as well.

The superior silicon adhesion allows it to get correctly installed. The automatic absorption eliminates bubble or residue. The smooth surface is very responsive to touch.

10. amFilm

With the 99% transparency, amFilm tempered glass screen protector offers excellent viewing experience. It’s just 0.3mm thick and fully compatible with the touchscreen sensitivity.

The 9h hardness is extremely scratch resistant and makes it very durable. Thanks to the quality material, it’s endowed with durability. The oleophobic coating prevents fingerprints.

11. Mr. Shield

Mr. Shield gives you three pieces of tempered glass screen protectors. Your phone’s touchscreen is now guarded against scratches, high-impact drops, as this one is HD clear ballistic glass. The laser-cut precision with polished rounded edges makes this film more beautiful.

iPhone 6s touchscreen has curved edges and the screen protectors from Mr. Shield do not cover the entire area. When there is 100% screen coverage, screen guard begins to peel off, causing frustration for customers.

Signing Off

It’s always better to be on the safer side of the stream. Remember, a brutal scratch can severally damage you’re the screen of your device. A precious smartphone like iPhone 6/6s deserves to have the essential safeguard to retain its longevity.

I would recommend you to explore these lists as well:

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Best Homepod And Homepod Mini Accessories In 2023

Apple’s HomeKit devices bring convenience, and HomePods are no different. The little yet powerful HomePod mini brings Siri controls, theater-like sound, and more to your house. Therefore, you need the best HomePod and HomePod mini accessories like covers, stands, and other HomeKit gadgets to get the most out of it.

In this post, I will share my personal favorite accessories for Apple HomePod and HomePod mini. Go through each section and choose the right one according to your requirements.

Best cases and covers

Though HomePod seems less expensive, it is still a significant investment. So, you must safeguard it against dust, drops, and scratches. Besides, after setting up HomePod, you may also want to give it a funky look. And all of these can be accomplished with a HomePod mini case and dust cover. Let’s jump in!

1. Hounyoln hard case for Apple HomePod mini – Travel-friendly

I always carry my HomePod mini on vacations, and this hard travel case keeps it secure against the danger of bumps, scratches, or unintentional falls. The high-quality EVA build material is long-lasting, water-resistant, shockproof, and dustproof. You can store the speaker and charger in the case and close it using the smooth yet durable 360-degree zipper. 

You may carry the case in any luggage as it takes less space and is ultralightweight. Along with that, the attached hand strap makes it more convenient to use. The brand has used soft velvet to make the interiors. That’s why this HomePod mini case feels premium and provides delicate care while keeping everything steady.


High-quality EVA and velvet build



Plastic hand strap

Check out on: Amazon

2. Bestand HomePod travel case – Carry on the go

Like the HomePod mini case, there are various protective cases for HomePod. I highly recommend this Bestand case among the other travel cases due to its durability and weight distribution. This shockproof and semi-waterproof case fits your HomePod perfectly and provides good protection. Besides, it has a built-in carrying strap that makes traveling with it convenient. 

Despite being semi-shockproof, it protects your smart speaker from drops, scratches, and dents. It can withstand spills and keeps splashes away from your speaker. You can easily open and close the case using the double 360-degree zipper. The best part is it has a leather-wrapped handle that makes it more portable.


Reliable poly zipper

Non-skid hand strap



Check out on: Amazon

3. SaharaCase HomePod mini sleeve cover – Cute looking

I believe the HomePod mini dust cover is the most essential among other HomePod mini accessories. The SaharaCase silicone sleeve cover for the Apple HomePod mini provides additional protection and comfort. It protects your speaker from unwanted dust, dents, and scratches – thereby extending its longevity. 

The smooth silicone build material provides a sturdy non-slip grip and a nice feel to your hand. The sleeve has precise cuts to guarantee that the sound is not impaired, and you can charge it without any hassle. I loved this cover as it’s not bulky, and the small carrying loop at the top makes the speaker easily accessible.


Premium silicon material

Anti-slip grip


The carry loop needs improvement

4. FitTurn HomePod cover – Eco-friendly

How about a protective HomePod dust cover that glows up? Full party mood! FitTurn HomePod cover has a full-body mesh hollow design and a high-quality silicone coating. Besides its attractive looks, the cover ensures your HomePod is damage-proof from sudden drops, scratches, and dust. 

The special structure assists its volume and sound recognition capabilities. Therefore, your music sounds fantastic, and all your Siri commands are detected. Along with that, the precise cutouts for the plug hole on the rear side allow for charging without removing the case.

Color choices include the unique Noctilucent Blue, which glows up in the dark and highlights your HomePod. I had put it on my corner desk nightstand, and it looks beautiful after the lights are off. But I wish it provided more durable protection.


Hollow-out design that enhances high-fidelity sound

Funky glam look


Little protection

Check out on: Amazon

Top stands for HomePod and HomePod mini

5. Spigen silicone fit for HomePod mini stand – Premium pick

The best HomePod mini stand comes from the house of Spigen. The Spigen Silicone Fit Stand provides a wide base for placing on a tabletop for increased stability and secure hold. You can place it anywhere because the silicone body with a smooth and matte finish looks premium. 

To make the HomePod mini more accessible, you may tilt it. The shock-absorbing design reduces speaker vibrations, so you can groove to your favorite music with no chance of dropping. A precise rear cutout makes it easy to access the cable and keeps the wire neat and tidy.


Shock-absorbing design

Matte finish


Slides on smooth surfaces

6. i-Blason Cosmo Series HomePod mini table stand – With Apple Watch charging holder

The i-Blason Cosmo Series table stand is compatible with both the Apple Watch and the HomePod mini. It’s made of high-quality materials and has an easy-to-use compact design. The front of the lightweight stand has a cutout for an Apple Watch charger and accommodates it perfectly. 

It feels good to touch because of the smooth edges. The silicon-based cushioning prevents skidding on flat surfaces. So, your HomePod mini will not get scratches and damage from drops. Besides, it offers unique HomePod mini cable management at the bottom, making your desk clear and uncluttered.


Use as a charging dock

Anti-slip and anti-scratch


Soft material

7. AWINNER stand – Simplistic design

It can stand firmly on the table’s surface, thanks to the flat rubber base. Also, the stand doesn’t leave any spots on your hardwood furniture. The best part is you can get a free replacement or full refund for any quality issues. Also, I experienced fantastic after-sale assistance that was available around the clock.



Free replacement


Bass sounds boomy

Check out on: Amazon

Wall mounts to keep your HomePod secure

The wall mounts are easy to install and keep your HomePod securely. You can also rotate it to get an audio soundstage within your room. So, mount your smart speaker upon the power outlet for better cable management and save space on your desk with the best wall mounts for Apple HomePod and HomePod mini.

8. Delidigi HomePod mini wall mount – Built-in cable management

This Delidigi bracket holder shelf stand securely mounts your HomePod mini to walls and other flat surfaces. It provides screws and anchors in the box so you can easily complete the quick installation. I loved its built-in cable management that keeps your charging cord securely concealed beneath. 

To deliver the best sound output, the HomePod mini needs a more sturdy base. But in this case, the sound quality is somewhat diminished. Also, if you set it up near the ceiling, it may reflect sound back at itself. So, consider these drawbacks before buying.


Stable mount

30-day money-back guarantee


Not durable

Impairs sound

Check out on: Amazon

9. TotalMount for HomePod mini – Hole-free mount

TotalMount wall mount allows you to set your HomePod mini almost anywhere in your house without making holes in the walls. The non-slip rubber pad provides a snug fit so that the device is safe, secure, and ideally positioned. This ensures that the sound is not distorted. 

I loved its Premium ABS with a piano finish and a user-friendly, zero-equipment installation process. It uses four removal adhesive taps to hold onto the wall so you can detach it easily in no time, although there are optional screws.


Easy to install

No equipment needed


Dismounts if the surface is not cleaned

Low sound production

Check out on: Amazon

10. EXIMUS Speaker Wall Mount – For HomePod

You can set up your Apple HomePod speaker on any wall with the EXIMUS Apple HomePod Wall Mount. It will be the ideal addition to your room, saving additional space. Your Apple HomePod speaker will remain elegantly on your wall and match the decor thanks to the sleek, minimal, and contemporary design. 

The silicon pad prevents accidental drops or scratches while keeping your speaker firmly in place. It fully exposes your speaker to better sound production. You can install it in the proper position using the direction indicator. Also, the wall mount offers cable management to keep your room uncluttered.


Minimal design

Direction indicator


Low-quality screws and anchors

Check out on: Amazon

Other HomePod and HomePod mini accessories

11. Eve Energy Smart Plug & Power Meter – Control HomePod remotely

Being an essential HomeKit device, you can connect it with other HomeKit devices like Eve Energy smart plug and power meter. Using it with HomePod, HomePod mini, or Apple TV, you can ask Siri to manage your lights and other smart appliances. Also, create schedules to automatically turn the appliances on and off and access them remotely.

Eve Energy provides exceptional usability and cutting-edge security by using Apple HomeKit and UL certification. Thanks to cutting-edge Bluetooth and Thread connectivity, it is fast and simple to set up, operates without a bridge, and boasts energy-efficient operation.


Encrypted privacy

Use HomePod as a home hub



Check out on: Apple

12. Nanoleaf Essentials A19 Bulb – Customized lightning

Nanoleaf Essentials offers smart lighting with smooth color performance and a unique multi-faceted bulb shape. So, you can convert your boring room to a party house in a snap, thanks to its high brightness and infinite color palette. You may use the Nanoleaf app, HomePod, or Apple TV to control and customize it. 

The enhanced connection range and reliability with low latency ensure good lightning. Also, the app provides schedules or automatic turn-on/off. I loved the adaptive lighting function that automatically adjusts the color temperature. You can choose between crispy white or vivid, lively hues.


No hub required

Adaptive lighting feature


Some features require internet access

Check out on: Apple

So, that’s all for today, folks!

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Holiday Deal Hub: Curated Deals On The Best Accessories For Mac, Iphone & More

To kick-off the 2023 holiday season, 9to5Mac is bringing readers exclusive deals on some of our favorite accessories for iPhone, Mac and more, with our annual Holiday Deal Hub. That includes our featured deals: Up to 30% off at SimplyMac on a selection of iPhone and Mac accessories, as well as 20% off Dreametech smart vacuums and other cleaning devices.

Read on for this year’s holiday deals for iPhone and Mac accessories, ranging from cases for MacBook and iPhone 13, to Apple Watch and MagSafe accessories, USB-C hubs, docks and more. We’ll also be highlighting some of our favorite discounts to help upgrade your workspace or home office. 

Some of our favourite picks:

Head below for a look at all this year’s deals and make sure to check back as we update with more exclusive holiday deals throughout December. 

Featured Deal: Dreametech (Up to 20% off smart home cleaning devices)

1. Dreametech D9 Robot Vacuum and Mop: The D9 Robot Vacuum and Mop offers smarts and versatility in a 2-in-1 design. You’re getting a powerful vacuum with strong 3,000Pa suction as well as an antibacterial mop for deep cleaning.

LiDAR and SLAM navigation

3,000Pa suction power

Vacuum and Mop 2-in-1

150-min ultra-long runtime

Advanced APP functions

2. Dreametech T10 Cordless Stick Vacuum: The T10 features a 100,000 RPM motor, powerful 20,000 Pa suction, turbo-mode, hair tangle-free design, filter, and more.

20,000 Pa powerful suction

5 refined filtration technologies

Hair tangle-free design

Long runtime & detachable battery

Multi-functional brushes

3. Dreametech Z10 Pro – 2 in 1 robot vacuum + mop 

Self emptying dusk tank (after each clean) 

3 level water flow (to avoid leakage or over watering)

High precision navigation with 3-D scanning

150+ min run time

Store up to 3 editable floor maps with LiDAR

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23 mph top speed with a 15.5 mile range. Easily adjustable with a height range of 51″ to 75″, made for kids and adults. Readers can also take 10% off the Segway Ninebot KickScooter Max from Wellbots. 

Totallee Case: 30% off Totallee iPhone cases & accessories w/ 9TO5MAC30

Use code 9TO5MAC30 for 30% off Totallee’s entire selection of thin and clear cases for iPhone, chargers, screen protectors and more at Amazon.

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Check back in throughout the month, as we’ll be updating the Holiday Hub with the best deals we can find.

Oakywood: Get 15% off wooden iPhone cases, desktop gear, more w/ code 9to5

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Best Magsafe Accessories For Iphone In 2023

MagSafe is perhaps the most helpful addition to Apple’s accessory system. The set of built-in magnets increases the iPhone’s functionality; you can charge, mount, and attach stuff with better ease. Clearly, MagSafe offers use cases, so, I have compiled a comprehensive list of the best iPhone MagSafe accessories.

Some are official Apple-licensed MagSafe devices, while others are magnetic accessories. It includes everything from cases, chargers, power banks, wallets, car mounts, etc.

Which iPhones are compatible with MagSafe accessories?

Apple introduced MagSafe magnetic technology first in the iPhone 12 models and continued it with the iPhone 13 series. The iPhone 14 lineup also boasts MagSafe compatibility.

Apple added it to iPhones to establish a new ecosystem of accessories for simple connection and quicker wireless charging. Here are some of the best use cases, for example.

Note: When buying any MagSafe accessory, do check whether it is MagSafe compatible or Made for MagSafe. Both our quite different, you can check our guide to know which one to pick.

Best MagSafe chargers: For efficient wireless charging

MagSafe charger employs magnets to connect with the iPhone’s charging coil and provides efficient charging. The benefit of a certified MagSafe charger is that it enables 15W wireless charging (12W for iPhone 12 mini and 13 mini), a regular one will offer up to 7.5W charging.

Notably, a MagSafe wireless charger charges a supportive device for 30 minutes more quickly than a conventional Qi wireless charger, according to an Apple Insider test. So while this may cost you $$, they are totally worth it.

1. Apple MagSafe Charger: Fastest wireless charging

Wireless charging is easy with the Apple MagSafe charger. You can juice your iPhone 12, 13 and 14 series with the 15W quick wireless charging. This charger supports any Qi-certified device. You can wirelessly charge an iPhone 8 or later and AirPods model with a wireless charging case and other devices.

Apple has designed it with properly aligned magnets to snap into the ideal charging position. It has a simple snap-on technology that firmly fastens itself to the iPhone. It performs similarly to the Apple Watch charger in appearance and functionality.


Faster than Qi charging

Can be used with non-MagSafe iPhones


Short cable

Quick charge support only for iPhone 12, 13 and 14 series

2. Belkin MagSafe 3-in-1 wireless charger: Allrounder charger for Apple devices

One of the best three-in-one MagSafe charger available on the market. You can use Belkin 3-in-1 wireless charger with MagSafe to wirelessly charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. Your iPhone will start charging at 15W along with other devices simultaneously. 

The two-year equipment warranty and support for portrait and landscape modes impressed me. It has a wireless charging pad for your AirPods and a magnetic charging module for Apple Watch with 33% quicker charging. So, you may view movies in landscape or FaceTime in portrait while charging. 


Super efficient

Compatible with Apple Watch and AirPods

15W quick charging support 



Phone cases may interfere with charging

3. Nomad Base One: Premium quality

Nomad Base One offers premium Apple MagSafe accessories with metal and glass panels. You will get an authentic MFi MagSafe charging at up to 15W. 

The official MFi (Made for iPhone) chargers allow the charging animation on your screen, further validating that your iPhone is genuinely charging. That’s why it does not include any LED in the charger. In addition, if you want Nomad’s 30W version, you must purchase a 30W USB-C adaptor.


Official MFi support

Excellent build quality

Compatible with any Qi-supported device


Not value for money

Single charging pad

Check out on: Nomad

4. Mophie 3-in-1 travel charger with MagSafe: Best value for money

Your iPhone will charge efficiently, thanks to a smart design. With the mophie 3-in-1 portable charger, you can charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. Each gadget charges immediately when you place it in its appropriate location. 


Compact footprint, suitable for traveling

Turns any table-top into a charging hub

Pack includes traveling case


Mat tends to slip while placing or removing the device

Check out on: Apple 

Top wireless chargers not fully MagSafe-supported

Before I proceed with other iPhone MagSafe accessories, you need to understand one thing. Not all iPhone wireless chargers support MagSafe technology. 

Magnetic chargers will only provided up to 7.5W charging. Moreover, you’ll need to set your iPhone perfectly to get the full charging power. A general magnetic charger doesn’t sticks to the iPhone; so when the phone moves, the charging speed might be affected or the phone might not charge at all.  

1. ESR HaloLock kickstand wireless charger: Convenient charging

The built-in foldable kickstand enables you to watch movies or have FaceTime while you charge. You will receive a detachable 5ft USB-C cable within the box. Besides, the sleek adjustable aluminum body provides durability and feels quality.


Built-in kickstand

Long removable USB-C cable

Advance heat management

Premium aluminum build quality


Larger than other MagSafe chargers

Check out on: Amazon

2. Anker magnetic desktop charging station: 8-in-1 charger

Anker’s 637 Magnetic Charging Station can be the powerhouse for all your Apple accessories. Using the built-in magnetic charge pad, you can fast-charge your iPhone 14, 13, and 12 series phones. Besides, it has 3 AC Outlets, 2 USB-A Ports, and 2 USB-C Ports. So, your MacBook Pro may get charged quickly with a 65W adapter. 

You may think so many charging ports will tangle all your cords. But it’s not. All the charging station’s connections are located on the back so you can keep wires behind your desk. And position your iPhone in front of you attached to the magnetic pad. 


High-speed USB-C charging

Lots of power outlet options

Space-saving design

7-point safety system


Not compatible with non-magnetic phone cases

Low longevity 

Check out on: Anker

Best MagSafe-compatible power bank for on-the-go charging 

MagSafe-compatible Power banks provide a quicker and more convenient method to charge your iPhone. It magnetically connects to the rear of your iPhone and wirelessly charges your device. 

1. Apple MagSafe battery pack: Expensive but best option

Wireless charging: Up to 15W

Capacity: 1460mAh

The MagSafe Battery Pack is among the best Apple MagSafe accessories. Its portable, user-friendly design provides safe wireless charging. Altogether, the powerful magnets perfectly align with all the iPhone 12, 13 and 14 models. Also, it turns on and off automatically to maintain the battery’s efficiency.

Notably, it will provide 15W of wireless charging if you plug it into a Lightning cable. Additionally, you are privy to a cool charging animation and the Lock Screen battery widget, that allows you to monitor the charging status.

But I noticed Apple has not disclosed the battery capacity or charging time. But as per PCMag’s review, it has a 1460mAh power. Furthermore, Apple has smarty designed the battery pack, so it is not hampered by the credit cards or key fobs in your pockets.


Apple licensed MagSafe

Bidirectional pass-through charging

Magnetic strength is reliable 



Low capacity

2. Anker Magnetic MagGo: A smart battery bank

Wireless charging: 7.5W

Capacity: 5000mAh

The Anker 622 Magnetic Battery (MagGo) is designed exclusively for your MagSafe-compatible iPhone 12, 13 and 14. This 5000mAh battery pack comes with a MagSafe charger and a built-in foldable kickstand. So, you may adjust the viewing angle of your iPhone while charging.

The battery magnetically connects to the back of your iPhone, giving it an efficient 7.5W wireless charge and a secure attachment. 

Additionally, it’s ultra-slim (0.5 inches thick) due to the new Mini Cell technology and has an easy-grip design. Anker’s complete MultiProtect safety system features heat management, short circuit protection, and foreign object identification.

The turn-off for me was that it is impossible to manually switch off the portable charger. Also, it doesn’t allow for simultaneous charging of two devices. Priority will be given to cable charging over wireless charging.


Ultra slim design

Multi-protect safety system

Built-in kickstand


Doesn’t support non-magnetic cases

Magnetic and metal attachments interfere with charging

3. Belkin MagSafe power bank: Best budget pick

Wireless charging: 5W

Capacity: 2500mAh

We all are well-versed with Belkin’s accessories as Apple also boasts them. Belkin offers MagSafe compatible battery packs that give you an instant power boost while traveling. This compact and portable 2500 mAh power bank magnetically attaches and charges your iPhone 14, 13 or 12 (all variants) wirelessly. 

The user-friendly design fits perfectly on the back of the iPhone without interfering with your camera. I loved the LED indicator that alerts you when the power bank needs to be recharged. 

Another good thing is the pass-through charging feature, which is the same as Apple’s battery pack. It enables you to continue charging your phone and power bank simultaneously. Connecting the Lightning cable, you can get up to 12W charging. 



Compatible with MagSafe official cases

LED light indicator

Pass-through charging


Magnetic strength is not enough

Less charging capacity

MagSafe cases for iPhone 12, 13 and 14 series for extra protection

Most best cases for iPhone 12, iPhone 13 or iPhone 14 primarily support wireless charging and function with a MagSafe charger. On the flip side, as long as there are no built-in grips or wallets on the back, you may potentially use any case with MagSafe chargers.

However, you’ll need a MagSafe case to get a reliable magnetic connection, efficient charging, and other Apple MagSafe accessories. 

1. Apple clear case with MagSafe: Secure and assured performance

The Apple clear case with MagSafe is slim, light, and comfortable to hold while adding additional protection to your iPhone 13 or 14. Both the inside and exterior have a scratch-resistant coating and are made with polycarbonate. 

The built-in magnets in the case consistently provide solid magnetic strength and faster wireless charging. So, you don’t need to remove it from your iPhone to charge with your MagSafe charger or any Qi-approved charger


Official MagSafe compatibility


Optimized to prevent yellowing over time


Buttons are hard to push

Too slippery

2. OtterBox Symmetry MagSafe case: Safe from drops 

OtterBox offers its classic iPhone cases with MagSafe compatibility coating. The sleek case is made of polycarbonate and feels good in the hand.

Along with raised corners, it also has a DROP+ rating, which means you will get 3X more protection against drops. In addition, a silver-based antibacterial coating helps prevent microbial development and protects the case’s exterior from microorganisms. 


Synthetic rubber build

Made with 50% recycled plastic


Turns yellow fast


3. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Mag (MagFit): Best budget pick

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid Mag is a single-layered case that combines clarity and durability. The premium quality polycarbonate and anti-yellow coating provide crystal clear transparency. The built-in magnet boosts the MagSafe connections. 

You can easily use the side buttons and get a quick response. Spigen has added raised bezels to protect the screen and camera bump. I loved the Air Cushion Technology that offers longevity and sturdy drop protection.


Drop protection with Air Cushion Technology

Anti-yellow blue resin coating


Gets fingerprints easily

4. ESR Air Armor: Best scratch-resistant 

ESR Air Armor Magnetic Case with HaloLock specifically made for MagSafe-compatible charging. It has built-in magnets to provide efficient wireless charging and support for any iPhone MagSafe accessories.

Along with the military-grade drop protection rating, the raised Air-Guard corners absorb shocks perfectly and safeguard your iPhone. ESR’s unique Camera Guard design helps prevent scratches on your camera and screen.

I will praise the sturdy acrylic cover that prevents yellowing and is three times more scratch-resistant than polycarbonate.


Acrylic back

Protects camera and screen


Weak magnets

Top MagSafe car mounts for iPhone

For vehicle owners, MagSafe car mounts are an essential device. They make it easy to listen to your music, follow maps, and make hands-free calls.

With integrated solid magnets, MagSafe mounts hold your iPhone securely while on the road. You can set the mounts to your car’s air vent, dashboard, or windshield.

1. Belkin Car Vent Mount Pro with MagSafe: Sleek, smart and effective

Belkin’s Car Vent Mount Pro with MagSafe gives a smooth, hassle-free driving experience. It has a compelling magnet, unlike many other air-vent mounts. Hence your iPhone is securely attached in landscape or portrait mode with a high-quality base and vent clip. 

To charge your phone, you must buy the car charger separately. The intelligent cable management maintains your charging cord easily accessible. So you can connect your iPhone to the charger whenever you want.


Easy to attach to cars vents

Strong magnetic design

Cable management



No wireless charging

2. OtterBox car vent mount for MagSafe: Premium choice

The OtterBox is one of the finest MagSafe car mounts that perfectly work with the OtterBox phone case. You can get a smooth set-and-drive experience with the high-quality polycarbonate mount. 


Lifetime warranty

Supports portrait and landscape orientation.

Universal attachments


Case and mounts are sold separately 

3. Mophie Snap+ wireless vent mount: With a magnetic adapter

Mophie’s Snap Plus wireless vent mount is a 15W universal charger with a magnetic attachment and an integrated USB-C cable. Additionally, it includes a cigarette lighter converter and a magnetic ring for phones without MagSafe functionality.

Additionally, the charging puck is detachable for greater flexibility. You can use this puck as a wireless charging pad. I loved the Snap quick compatibility magnetic adapter that comes within the box. You can easily clip and charge your iPhone using it.

Nevertheless, the stylishly made magnet isn’t compelling and can only charge iPhones at a maximum of 7.5W.


Snap magnetic adapter

Universal charger


Loose grips

Other MagSafe iPhone accessories you should try

You have gone through most categories of best MagSafe iPhone accessories. But there are more MagSafe devices you can use with your iPhone for more productivity. In this last section, I will mention all the unique Apple MagSafe iPhone accessories.

1. Belkin MagSafe Fitness mount: Make your workout more fun

Belkin MagSafe fitness mount is best for using your iPhone with one hand. It is compatible with MagSafe cases up to 3 mm in thickness. You can safely set your iPhone to magnetic surfaces on gym equipment using a magnetic connection. It is powerful enough to hold your iPhone firmly even if it vibrates or is bumped while you’re working out.

Belkin has also included a fitness strap that attaches to the handlebars of various equipment, poles, or other accessories with a 1″ to 1.5″ diameter. The Magnetic mount spins 360 degrees thanks to an inbuilt ball joint, allowing you to adjust it to any angle.


Seamless strap attachment

360-degree viewing angle

Vibration proof placement


Not for biking

2. iPhone leather wallet with MagSafe: Keep your cards safe

Apple’s official MagSafe wallet is the only magnetic wallet that supports the Find My feature. It alerts you when you separate it from your phone. Apple created it, keeping design and functionality in mind, offering five different variations.

You will get professionally tanned and treated European leather. The iPhone Leather Wallet is ideal for keeping your ID and credit cards handy. The powerful built-in magnets attach it to the back of your iPhone securely. For customizing the look, you can even use it on top of a MagSafe phone case. 


Works with Apple’s Find My feature

Compatible with MagSafe case

Hold up to 3 cards 



Hard to remove cards

Check out on: Apple

3. Snoopy & Charlie Hug MagSafe Wallet: For customization lovers

The Peanuts collaboration with CASETiFY incorporates pop culture icons into its well-known iPhone accessories. The cute Snoopy & Charlie print provides a touch of uniqueness, so you may personalize your iPhone to make it stand out. 

The cardholder has just enough space to contain up to three cards and cash. You must insert at least two cards for a snug fit since one card alone may come out. However, if you put your phone in your bag, it may be separate from the iPhone. 


High-quality vegan leather

RFID protection

Sleek design

Recycled material


Weak magnets

Deep card pockets 

Check out on: Casetify

4. OtterBox Mobile MagSafe Gaming Clip: Enjoy gaming everywhere 

The OtterBox Mobile MagSafe Gaming Clip allows you to enjoy console-quality gaming on your iPhone. You can attach your iPhone to the top magnetically and change the angle with one hand with seamless Apple MagSafe technology.

For a portable gaming solution, it fits over your Xbox controller (supporting Xbox One, Series X/S, and Elite Wireless Controller Series 2). A solid rubber grip holds your iPhone with no button interference. Any avid iOS player will find this helpful since many iOS games support the Xbox controller.


Supports Xbox controller

Rubber grips


Cheap quality material

5. PopSocket pop grip for iPhone: Get extra grip

PopSockets offers a unique, small, detachable PopGrip that works with MagSafe. It has 60% more powerful magnets and a cozy grasp. Snap it on and off your iPhone anytime you need a compact, secure grip. So, this is particularly useful if you’re using the enormous iPhone 14 Pro Max.

PopGrip’s oval form contains magnets that will attach easily to the back of your iPhone


Get an extra grip

No need for adhesive   


Feels thick in the hand

Comes off frequently


Q. What is the point of MagSafe accessories?

Apple developed Magsafe to enhance wireless charging technology. Primarily MagSafe optimizes charging your iPhone at up to 15W quick power supply. With a magnetometer and NFC reader, your iPhone can connect with many accessories in a whole new manner. 

Q. Will MagSafe work with OtterBox?

OtterBox cases adhere to the Apple MagSafe standard, so their cases can easily connect to your phone and support MagSafe wireless charging. 

So, that’s all!

From this extensive list of best iPhone MagSafe accessories, which was your favorite one? Comment down below.

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The Best Nintendo Switch Accessories In 2023

You’ve also got the handheld-only Switch Lite for those that don’t care about gaming on the big screen, and the Switch OLED for those that want to upgrade to the best visual experience possible. 

All those options come with the potential (and arguably need) for a wealth of accessories. Want to play a lengthy action game on the TV at home? You might want the official Pro Controller. Want to play a motion-controlled racing game? Joy-Con wheels could help. Taking the Switch on a trip? Well, you’ll need a portable battery pack to keep you going and a case to keep the console and your game cartridges safe.

Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up the best Switch accessories around to help you find the ones worth buying and make the most of Nintendo’s portable powerhouse. 

Best Nintendo Switch accessories 2023

Charmast 10,400mAh Power Bank – Best power bank

Best Prices Today:

One of the Switch’s undeniable weak points is battery life. We’ve never managed more than three hours of Zelda time while using the system as a portable, which isn’t much good if you’ve got a long flight coming up.

Luckily, Nintendo planned around this by letting the Switch charge via USB-C, which means it’s compatible with a whole range of third-party power banks, some of which hold enough charge to power the Switch’s battery several times over.

One recommendation is the Charmast 10,400mAh power bank, but your preference will depend on capacity, ports, size, and more – check out our full ranking of the best power banks for some alternatives.

WaterField Switch Pouch – Best Switch case

Best Prices Today:

You can find cheaper carry cases for the Switch elsewhere, but if you want to travel in style (and with some decent durability) it’s hard to beat this pouch from San Francisco-based WaterField Designs.

Available in a choice of black or waxed canvas, and sized for either the classic Switch and OLED or a smaller Lite model, this durable case comes with a padded interior to keep your Switch safe, plus an external zipped pocket to hold cables and other bits. If you can afford it, an extra $19 gets you a 10-cartridge game case made out of leather in a matching finish, which will fit neatly inside the main compartment.

We also love the simpler slip case WaterField also makes for the Switch, which comes in a few more colours, but it’s the pouch’s extra pocket that makes it the better buy in our eyes.

SanDisk SD Card – Increase your storage

Best Prices Today:

The Switch comes with 32GB of onboard storage, but by the time you include the operating system and your first few games – plus updates – that space can fill out fast. That’s why we recommend picking up a microSD card to expand your storage.

There are all manner of cards to choose from but SanDisk knows how to make an SD card that Nintendo fans will love. Having nabbed the official Nintendo license, the company offers 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and even 512GB microSDXC cards, coloured and detailed with iconic Nintendo imagery.

We’re particular fans of the red 128GB card, complete with a Super Mushroom front and centre, but the Triforce, a Super Star, and the Animal Crossing leaf also feature if you opt for one of the other capacity cards. There are also Apex Legends and Fortnite cards if that’s more up your street. 

All of these cards are also competitively priced and perfectly fast for your Switch needs, making it easy to take and play more games with you at all times.

Nintendo Pro Controller – Classic Switch controller

Nintendo’s official Pro Controller is one of the most straightforward Switch accessories around. Its appeal is pretty obvious: it’s a traditional gamepad to use with the otherwise untraditional console.

The Pro Controller is ideal for anyone who finds the Joy-Cons uncomfortable, even with the included grip, and wants to use a pad that’s more similar to both the Xbox One and PS4 controllers – especially for extended sessions.

The price point may seem high just for a gamepad but bear in mind that not only does it include motion controls, HD rumble and Amiibo support, it also has best-in-class 40-hour battery life, and it can connect to a PC or Mac to work with compatible games there too.

For a little bit more, you can also pick up a version with either a Splatoon 2 or Xenoblade Chronicles 2 design.

It offers great wireless audio quality that suits both gameplay and casual music listening, making it a great all-rounder, although the lack of Bluetooth means you probably won’t use it with your phone. The inclusion of a USB-A adaptor makes it compatible with most PCs, Macs and PS4, and it’ll probably be compatible with the USB-C enabled PS5 at launch later this year too. 

If you want a wireless gaming experience, the ROG Strix Go 2.4 is a decent option. 

Read our full

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Pair – Play together

Best Prices Today:

Still, sometimes you might want to have a few more people round for Mario Kart chaos or might want to enjoy multiplayer for games like Arms that require a pair of Joy-Cons for each player.

In that case, you’ll want to grab extra controllers. You’ve got plenty of options here – you can buy pairs of controllers or you can buy left and right controllers individually. Just remember that they are different – two left controllers won’t make a pair.

Since launch Nintendo has also added more colour options. In addition to the original neon red, neon blue and grey Joy-Cons, you can now buy a pair of neon yellow controllers, a pair with one neon green and one neon pink, a pair with one royal blue and one neon yellow and a pair with one neon purple and one neon orange.

Syncwire Nylon-Braided USB-C Cable – Make charging easier

Speaking of charging, you’ll get a lot of benefit from picking up one or two extra USB-C cables. Keep one in your rucksack and one in the office, you’ll be able to charge your Switch anywhere you find a USB port, taking the pressure off the limited battery life.

PowerA Nano – A portable, feature-packed controller

PowerA’s Nano wireless controller for the Switch (and Switch Lite) may look small, but that doesn’t mean it has skimped on features. Sporting the same general design as the official Nintendo Pro controller in a smaller form, the Nano is the perfect controller to chuck into a rucksack – or for those with smaller hands, like kids.

There’s access to all the standard Switch controls, and it even includes support for motion-based controls like the official Joy-Cons, and as an added benefit, there are three remappable rear-facing buttons that help give you an edge in games like Splatoon and Zelda. It’s wireless, connecting via Bluetooth 5.0, and there’s around 20 hours of battery on offer before it’ll need a top-up via USB-C. 

It sports the familiar red and blue branding of the most popular Switch colour option, with highlights not only on the analogue sticks but on the rear triggers too. It may not be a Nintendo-branded product, but it certainly won’t look out of place next to the Switch. 

Hori Switch Game Card Case – Keep your cartridges safe

Nintendo has come under some (light) criticism for its game cases for the Switch, which seem distinctly over-sized for the minuscule cartridges. You don’t want to be lugging them around with you, so some more compact cartridge storage might not be a bad idea.

We haven’t had the chance to test it ourselves but Hori’s Nintendo-approved cartridge case looks like a solid bet. It holds up to a whopping 24 Switch carts, along with two microSD cards for downloaded games.

You can get it in clear or black (though, confusingly, even the black version is transparent – it’s just a little darker) and you can’t complain too much about the price.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Wheels – Have more fun driving

More of a luxury than a necessity, you might still want to consider picking up a pair of Nintendo’s official Joy-Con Wheels.

Released to coincide with the release of Mario Kart 8: Deluxe Edition, these are essentially just plastic wheels and anyone who was burned by the similar steering wheel accessory for the Wii might be tempted to steer clear.

We’d recommend giving them a second look though. They’re small enough to be portable but big enough to be much more comfortable to hold than a Joy-Con on its own, especially thanks to the larger shoulder buttons – essential for any serious Karter.

Even better, you get two of them in a pack, and they don’t cost much, so it’s a small investment for a big upgrade if you expect to play a lot of Mario Kart or other racing games.

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