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Even if the handset hasn’t started shipping out yet, there are already many protective accessories available for the phone.

To make things easier for you, we’ve rounded up some of the best slim cases that are currently available for the Mate 20.

Huawei’s latest flagship rocks a sexy 8.3mm profile, and by snapping a slim case on the back of the device, you’ll make sure the phone retains its sleek frame. So here we go.

Anccer Ultra-Thin Fit Case

Buy on Amazon ($11.99)

KuGi Ultra-Thin Bumper Case

The KuGi case allows users to flaunt the original design of the phone while keeping the device protected. The product is made of high-quality TPU, which is guaranteed to keep your expensive flagship in optimal shape. It’s also very soft and pleasant to touch. The case has a clear back, but features colored bumpers. Get yours in Black, Blue, Red. An all-clear option is also available.

Buy on Amazon ($5.96)

Moko Slim Case

Need superior protection? You can get it with the MoKo case. This accessory will not only absorb shock in case of an accident, but it’s also scratch resistant, slip resistant and will help with heat-dissipation too. Made of quality TPU, this slim case features a carbon fiber brushed texture that adds a touch of elegance to the phone.

Buy at Amazon ($7.99)

Eiger North Dual Layer Case

Buy on Eigar (£14.99)

Olixar NovaShiled Case

The NovaShield Case for the Mate 20 combines a tough polycarbonate frame with a flexible TPU back to keep the device in perfect shape. The case’s corners have air pockets that are designed to absorb shock and dissipate it from the handset. The NovaShield also complements the design of the device quite beautifully, while being thin enough to also allow wireless charging to pass through.

Buy from Olixar ($16.99)

Olixar ExoShield Though Case

Another all-clear case for the Mate 20, this one by reputed accessory maker Olixar. The case is made from reinforced bonded TPU, as well as high-quality polycarbonate materials, which makes it flexible as well as durable and shock-absorbing. The manufacturer assures customers the case will add absolutely no bulk to the phone while letting its design shine through. The product also comes with a raised bezel and a non-slip coating that ensures you’ll be able to hold the device firmly in hand.

Buy from Olixar ($12.99)

Otterbox Symmetry Series

Otterbox also has a clear case for the Mate 20 for sale. It’s a minimalist design, which will ensure the Mate 20 will retain its stylish look. The product is scratch-resistant, as well as drop proof. It has a raised screen bumper which will protect the display in case of accidents.

Coming soon at Otterbox ($39.95)

Spigen Rugged Armor

Those in need of rugged protection for their Mate 20, might want to take a look at the Spigen Rugged Armor case which is also incredibly slim and sleek. Once again, Spigen employs the helping hand of Air Cushion Technology to keep the corners protected. What’s more, the rear carriers the signature carbon fiber look that most Spigen cases are known for, which also acts as an apt protector against the elements.

Buy at Spigen ($19.99)

eBay Flip Mirror Stand Case Cover

This case will give your Huawei Mate 20 a more unique look than before. It’s sold by a Chinese retailer on eBay for a very affordable price, so if you’re not looking to spend a lot on accessories, this might be for you.

Anyway, this durable plastic case is like a wallet case whose cover acts as a mirror. It also embeds a smart sensor that allows users to answer a call without flipping open the case. The front is waterproof and anti-fingerprint, so you won’t have to worry about getting it dirty. What’s more, the case also acts as a stand and has a leather interior.

Buy on eBay ($1.59)

eBay Shockproof Magnetic Case Cover

This case allows you to protect your phone from dust and scratches in an elegant and compact fashion. It’s perfectly compatible with the phone’s shapes and adds a unique detail on the back. It has a ring holder, so you can grip your phone safely each time you use it. Comes in Black, Blue, and Red.

Buy on eBay ($3.69)

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7 Best Huawei Mate 9 Cases And Covers You Can Buy

Huawei recently unveiled the Huawei Mate 9 flagship at CES 2023 and it has been garnering a lot of news, thanks to its Amazon Alexa integration. The $599 smartphone comes with top-notch specs and the latest Android 7.0. The phone runs on Huawei’s custom Octa-core Kirin 960 processor, packs in 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage and a dual-lens 20 MP+ 12 MP Leica camera module. All those exciting internals are packed in a beautifully finished metal body and it would be a bad thing to let it accumulate scratches and dents in daily usage.

1. Spigen Rugged Armor Huawei Mate 9 Case

Spigen is a well-known name when it comes to smartphone cases and their offering for the Huawei Mate 9 isn’t disappointing at all. This shock-absorbing bumper case uses air cushion technology to prevent the shock being transferred to your phone’s body. The case features raised lips on the front to protect the screen from shattering in the event of a drop. The best part though, is its carbon fibre pattern look along with glossy accents that make it look classy. Also, the side button housings provide a solid feedback on touch. Overall, this should be a nice and secure addition to your Mate 9’s accessories list.

2. Perstar Case for Huawei Mate 9

If you want an all round military-grade protection for your Mate 9, then look no further. The Perstar Case Cover not only straps a back cover to your phone but also provides protection to the front. You have to keep the phone inside and attach various parts of the cover with the provided screws and screwdrivers. There is a front glass protection available and the shock-resistant TPU layer on the sides prevent damage to the body, as well as the internals. With an all round housing, it also offers water resistant capabilities, thus letting you go carefree with your Mate 9.

Buy from chúng tôi ($26.99)


Ringke FUSION Cover for Huawei Mate 9

The Ringke FUSION cover is a beautifully made transparent hard TPU bumper case. This see-through case comes with accent colors to choose from and lets you see the gorgeous finish of the Mate 9’s metal body. That said, it is not to be confused for being fragile. The case offers a military grade drop protection with the help of TPU corner cushions. The lips on the side of the screen are raised to prevent scratches and shattering in the event of a drop. If you want to admire your Mate 9’s craftsmanship without compromising its safety, you should get this one.


Qoosea Crystal Clear Case

If you’d prefer to put silicone based clear covers on the Huawei Mate 9, then you should definitely try out the Qoosea Crystal Clear cover. This ultra slim 0.6 mm transparent TPU case is virtually invisible and lets you admire the phone’s design without compromising the protection. The case in itself is lightweight, easy to grip and protects your phone from scratches, dirt and bumps. You can also easily remove it and place it back without causing any scratches on the body.


Feitenn Leather Flip Wallet Case


LWGON 3D Bumper Case for Huawei Mate 9

The LWGON 3D Bumper Case is forged from aircraft grade aluminium to provide the ultimate protection for your Huawei Mate 9. It has been perfectly designed with an opening on the rear for better signal reception, minimizing the impact of the metal frame’s influence to the cellular signal. The lips on the edge are 0.2 mm thick, which prevent the screen in the front and the rear metal surface to accumulate scratches. The case comes with screws and a screwdriver to install the case on the phone. The case is available in multiple color options on the amazon website.

7. Nillkin Frosted Shield Matte Case

If you like matte finished accessories for your phone, you will be happy with the Nilkin Frosted Shield Matte Case for the Huawei Mate 9. The texture of the case is wear-resistant and can prevent skidding of the phone from glossy surfaces. Nilkin claims it to be dust-proof too. The matte texture will be a boon for you if you hate fingerprints on your phone. The case is slim and doesn’t add any inconvenience to everyday usage of the phone. Plus, Nilkin provides a screen protector to protect the display from scratches and dust. Overall, this seems to be a bargain for the price it is selling.

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Protect your Huawei Mate 9 with these Cases and Covers

Huawei Confirms Mate 50 Pro For Europe But Won’t Say When

The Chinese firm says the phone will cost from €1,299 for the silver or black version, or €1,399 for an eye-catching orange version with a vegan leather back.

Strangely, this orange model will also have a hardier glass on its 120Hz 6.7in OLED display than the cheaper versions and will be submersible to 6m rather than 2m. That might be worth €100 to some people, but an already expensive phone without Google apps or services could be a tough sell, hardier glass or not.

In renders the glass looks to have a crosshatch pattern that will surely not be visible to the naked eye. To further sell the extra spend, the orange version has 512GB storage to go with its 8GB RAM, rather than the 8GB/256GB configuration of the cheaper models.

Huawei head of product Andreas Zimmer told media in a briefing that the European version of the Mate 50 Pro is practically identical to the version announced in China earlier in September, except that it won’t have the latter model’s satellite communications abilities.

Just like in China, the European version uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset, but with only 4G capabilities – no 5G here thanks to the ongoing US sanctions that have cut Huawei adrift from Google services.

Also, in Europe the phone will run EMUI 13 that’s based Android open source. In China, the phone runs HarmonyOS, a similar but differently branded version of Huawei’s mobile software.

It seems that the regular Mate 50 along with the Mate 50 RS Porsche design edition won’t be making their way West. The whole series is set to go on sale in China on 28 September.

The Mate 50 Pro’s headline feature is its 10-stage adjustable physical aperture main camera that can move between f/1.4 and f/4.0 to capture varying depth of field in photo and video. Huawei said at f/1.4 it is the “industry’s largest aperture”.

The orange model has more hardened glass on the display


It uses a six-blade design to physically alter the aperture of the main 50Mp lens rather than using software to create artificial blur.

Variable aperture cameras are quite rare on phones. Samsung used a two-stage mechanism in 2023’s Galaxy S9 but abandoned it after that. It’s good to see Huawei bringing it back.

I’m excited to test it out. Since Huawei is no longer partnering with Leica on its cameras (fellow Chinese rivals Xiaomi and Vivo now do instead) it has dreamt up XMAGE, its new photography branding for its phones. The Mate 50 Pro is the first with it, and along with the crazy aperture abilities also claims to take photos with true-life colour – a move away from the saturation or beauty modes and smoothing of images on by default in many Android phones’ software.

The phone also returns to a notch design despite 2023’s last Mate, the Mate 40 Pro, opting for a pill-shaped cut out for the selfie camera.

Zimmer said the phone will have an emergency battery mode where the phone will be able to survive on 1% in standby for three hours, or for a 12-minute phone call, which seems like a good peace-of-mind feature.

He also outlined EMUI 13’s privacy features, though these seem very similar to the granular permission controls found on Android 12 and 13.

The silver and black versions


The phone also packs in IP68 water and dust resistance, 3D face unlock, a 13Mp ultrawide and 64Mp telephoto lens to go with its 50Mp main camera, and a 4,700mAh battery with 66W wired and 50W wireless charging, as well as 7.5W reverse wireless charging.

My colleague Dom recently reviewed Huawei’s impressive Mate Xs 2 folding phone but told me he struggled to keep his SIM card in it due to software quirks. It’s not just the no-Google thing; apps you download using Petal Search (sideloaded apps that aren’t hosted Huawei’s official app store AppGallery) don’t auto-update. Instead, you have to re-download new versions of them.

Perhaps we are too intertwined with Google services on these shores, but it’s little barriers to smooth phone-running like this that have me worried. But I will reserve judgement until my SIM is lodged in the Mate 50 Pro, which should be soon.

That said, there’s no UK price or official release confirmed as of today, and at the moment the Mate 50 Pro is only getting two years of software support – far from acceptable on a phone this expensive. But the pricy Pro is coming to Europe at least, and Huawei seems ever committed to its global smartphone strategy despite the lack of Google services that has had Western buyers leave the brand in droves.  

The Best Cases For The New Macbook Air

Apple launched a new MacBook Air earlier this year, bringing with it a 13-inch Retina display, and, perhaps most importantly, the scissor switch keyboard. So now you may need a case to protect it.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best case options for your new 13-inch MacBook Air, some with slim designs and others with more prominent, eye-catching aesthetics. All of them will help keep your MacBook Air protecting from day-to-day use. So let’s get right into it.

The best MacBook Air cases Twelve South BookBook

This is the second version of Twelve South’s popular BookBook case for the MacBook Air. It retains the familiar design, boasting a look that’s reminiscent of a hardcover book. It features hand-crafted genuine leather, with both the front and back of the case hardback book covers. A rigid spine helps protect against drops. And the inside of the case is constructed from a plush, velvety interior to prevent any scratches with daily use.

There is a new proprietary hinge system within the BookBook case, making it easy to keep working with the MacBook even if you keep it within the BookBook. No straps will block the screen. There is a hidden pocket within the case that can store documents as well.

This BookBook case will also fit the 13-inch MacBook Pro as well.

The BookBook case for the MacBook Air is available now from Amazon.

Buy Twelve South BookBook for $89.99


The Spigen case for the new MacBook Air is designed to be minimal and low-impact, protecting your notebook without adding any major bulk for day-to-day use. It is constructed from a premium knit fabric, which will prevent scratches. The case also offers precise cutouts for the headphone jack and the pair of USB-C ports, so you won’t have any issues connecting accessories to your MacBook Air.

The case also features an elevated bottom, which will help prevent any overheating issues.

Spigen’s case for the MacBook Air is available now from Amazon in either black or rose gold color options.

Buy Spigen’s MacBook Air case for $24.99

Twelve South SuitCase

The SuitCase from Twelve South is a brand new option, featuring full-body protection and a built-in carrying handle, too. It’s designed to protect your MacBook Air while you travel and while you use it, but it doesn’t attach directly to your laptop like the other cases.

The SuitCase features a proprietary bungee hinge design within the case, so when you open it your MacBook Air easily accessible without any straps blocking the display. But thanks to the design, it means you can easily remove the MacBook Air, too. The interior features micro-suede to help not only absorb shocks, but also prevent scratches. Meanwhile, outside, the case is a hardshell case with a unique tailored grey twill in a signature diamond pattern.

Inside, there is a single, relatively large pocket to hold cables, documents, and small notebooks. Some of the other nice touches with the SuitCase include water resistant zippers and the aforementioned carrying handle is full-grain leather. The whole case is made from water repellant material, too.

The SuitCase is available now for your MacBook Air from Amazon.

Buy Twelve South’s SuitCase MacBook Air case for $69.99


The ProCase has a slim design, but it’s a hardshell which means it offers extra durability when compared to other thin cases out there for the MacBook Air. It has a wrap-around bumper to help protect against drops thanks to its built-in shock absorbency, and there is a foldable built-in stand as well.

Accessing ports is easy thanks to the cutouts, and the bottom of the heavy duty case is ventilated to help prevent any overheating issues, thanks to four rows of cooling holes. The back of the lid is protected by an anti-scratch layer as well.

The case is easy to snap on and off when needed, and it’s available now in grey from Amazon.

Buy the ProCase hardshell MacBook Air case for $28.99


The Incase option is another thin shell, but it’s a hardshell design as well. The case is made from the reliable Bayer Makrolon polycarbonate material, which will help prevent any scratches from marking up your MacBook Air, but also protect it against minor drops as well. The case also features a Woolenex material overlay, which is abrasion-resistant.

That Woolenex is woven from both 300D and 600D polyester, and designed to help make the case weather-resistant. And it’s a form-fitting case, which means you can find precise cutouts for the headphone jack and two USB-C ports. It is also thoroughly ventilated, so MacBook Air owners shouldn’t run into any overheating issues.

The Incase MacBook Air case is available now from Amazon in Graphite, Heather Navy, and Blush Pink color options.

Buy the Incase MacBook Air case for $34.95 – $94.93

Apple Leather Sleeve

This is a straightforward sleeve for the 13-inch MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro. However, it’s the same high-quality design that Apple has made for its other leather cases and sleeves. It’s crafted from European leather, and the inside has a soft microfiber lining. One of the benefits of this sleeve is that it will allow you to charge your MacBook Air while it’s inside, so you can keep it protected while you juice up.

The Leather Sleeve from Apple is available now from Amazon in Midnight Blue, Black, and Saddle Brown.

Buy Apple Leather Sleeve for $179.00

Best Rugged Cases For The Oneplus 6T

Like its predecessor, the recently announced OnePlus 6T is made mostly out of glass. Which means it’s a pretty fragile device, albeit a very sleek one.

Between the price of the device itself and the data plan that comes with it, a smartphone can end up costing a lot during the course of its life. So it’s highly recommended that you protect this investment with a case. Especially when you’re dealing with a glassy device like the OnePlus 6T.

Which is why we’ve rounded up ten of the most rugged cases that will ensure your OnePlus 6T will be able to withstand a few bumps and drops.

If you’re an outdoorsy individual or the active type, an armor case for your OnePlus 6T is a must-have if you want your phone to have a long happy life. So here we go.


Best armor/rugged cases for OnePlus 6T

Olixar ArmourDillo Protective Armor Case

The ArmourDillo boasts a textured finish which improves grip and also comes with a built-in viewing stand. The case is available in Black or Red.

Buy at Mobile Fun ($10.99)

MYLB Rugged Case

The OnePlus 6T is a very new device, so most better-known accessory makers are yet to offer a case for it. But if you want one now, you can simply look on Amazon. There are plenty of obscure case makers selling their accessories on the website. Like MYLB which has a rugged case on sale for the device.

The product features a dual layer of shock absorbing TPU interior and an outer though polycarbonate plastic. The inner shell has a built-in texture that not only helps with shock absorption but also with heat dissipation. The accessory also safeguards the four corners thanks to the embedded TPU airbag design. MYLB is selling the accessory in multiple colors including Red, White and Black.

Buy at Amazon ($5.99)

Case Expert Heavy Duty Case

Snapping this case on will wrap your device in shock absorbing soft silicone, so you won’t need to worry about your sleek new acquisition getting damaged. The product is ergonomic and adds extra grip. It offers excellent scratch and shock protection at a bargain and also includes a stand. Comes in All-Black or with Blue or Green accents.

Buy at Amazon ($4.99)

Spigen Liquir Air Armor Case

Not your typical rugged case, although it does offer MIL-Grade protection, unlike the other offerings in this list. Spigen’s case is also slim and very lightweight, at least compared to other products in the category.

Obviously, it includes the company’s patented Air Cushion Technology at the corners, for extra anti-shock protection. And the unique anti-slip matte surface on the back offers easy to grip as well as fingerprint-resistance.

Pre-order at Amazon ($13.99)


eBay Luxury Rugged Armor Case

eBay is another great place to start looking for a rugged case, especially if you ran out of money after buying the OnePlus 6T and you want to invest as little as possible into the case.

This particular case is offered by a top-rated Chinese seller, which has been  It’s lightweight and features an elegant construction. On top of that, the case is super tough and will keep your phone from getting scratches or abrasions, but also from attracting dust or fingerprints.

Buy at eBay ($3.41)

Rugged Shield Shield Protective Cover (cheap, unbranded)

A rugged case for your OnePlus 6T with an interesting pattern on the back. It’s made of a combination of Silicone/Gel/Rubber and so it can be perfectly fitted without effort.

It’s shockproof and reinforced with corner airbag design, so your OnePlus 6T is bound to survive any accidental dropping or banging. You can get it in multiple colors including Black, Brown, Blue, Green or Gray.

Buy at eBay ($2.99)

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J&D Rugged Case (cheap, unbranded)

Produce by J&D, an accessory maker that wants to deliver high-quality products at reasonable prices. This particular case is designed to provide great protection from front to back. Made of hybrid TPU and polycarbonate, it keeps the sensitive parts safe, while providing easy access to ports. Customers can grab it in Black.

Buy at eBay ($18.07)

JoneryTime Heavy Duty Case

A clear case for the OnePlus 6T that combines some rugged elements. It’s made of a combination of PC and TPU, and will perfectly enclose your phone. The manufacturer has designed to protect against fingerprints and scratches, but also from dust and abrasion. Get it with a Black or Red bumper.

Buy at Amazon ($4.56)

RhinoShield CrashGuard Bumper Case

Not a rugged case per se, but one that has a rugged bumper. The OnePlus 6T version is not available just yet, but it’s coming soon. You can actually subscribe to get notified.

Buy at RhinoShield

OnePlus 6T tips:

Since the OnePlus 6T is quite new, we expect to see more accessories become available for the device soon. But if you had to choose from the rugged cases available so far, which one would you pick?

Huawei Mate X 5G: All You Need To Know

The MWC 2023 has been one interesting place to be. Besides the plenty of 5G-related announcements, the Spanish city of Barcelona has also given us a treat to some of the future innovations in the smartphone industry – the foldable phones.

First on stage was Samsung with the Galaxy Fold that was received by a raucous crowd. With its inward-folding design that leaves a mere 4.6-inch screen on a single panel, the Fold doesn’t look like a great device in this age of 6-inch screens and given Samsung’s lead in the smartphone business, this wasn’t a good sign going forward.

But then came Huawei with what looks like a better take on foldable phones’ design – the Huawei Mate X. The screen folds on the outside leaving users with plenty of display real estate on not just one but two panels as well as nearly no bezels. The screen becomes even much bigger when unfolded.

Huawei Mate X specs

Unfolded: 8-inch 8:7 AMOLED foldable display (2480 x 2200, 414ppi)

Folded: Dual-screen 6.6-inch 19.5:9 AMOLED display (2480 x 1148) + 6.38-inch 25:9 AMOLED display (2480×982)

Kirin 980 processor

Balong 5000 5G modem


512GB expandable storage, up to 256GB

Tri-lens main camera: 40MP (wide-angle) + 16MP (ultra-wide) + 8MP (telephoto)

4500mAh battery

Android 9 Pie with EMUI 9.1.1

Extras: 5G connectivity (1GB movie in 3 seconds), 55W Huawei SuperCharge (85% in 30 minutes), NPU, NFC, Fingerprint in power button, USB-C, Bluetooth 5.0, etc.

This massive unit can take ages to charge from 0-100% with standard charging technology, but Huawei has something else it calls Super Charge, promising an impressive 55W fast charging to juice the unit from 0-85% in just 30 minutes.

The thicker phone edge houses a quad-lens camera setup and since the lenses are aligned on the edge, the phone doesn’t essentially have distinct front and back cameras. But when the phone is folded, screens appear on either side, meaning you can still capture a perfect selfie. This same edge also houses the USB-C port and a power button that also doubles up as a fingerprint scanner.

How Huawei managed to make the Mate X such a thin phone still amazes. When unfolded, it measures just 5.4mm thick. Look around and when you find a thinner smartphone than this, pat us on the back. Even the 11mm thickness when folded is still ideal in the current setup.

What makes this whole design story about the Huawei Mate X such interesting is the fact that the devices shown on stage are still early designs. That said, we are likely to see a more complete product when the handset arrives later this year.

Huawei Mate X pricing and availability

Speaking of which, the Huawei Mate X is expected to be ready for commercial adoption in mid-2023 priced at a staggering €2,299. This would make it one of the most expensive smartphones yet, but to further justify this price tag, Huawei has included a 5G modem in the handset, becoming the first from the company to offer crazy fast internet speeds.

The phone is coming to Europe, but the exact market availability will depend on how 5G-ready these markets are. The phone has been confirmed to come in one paint job – Interstellar Blue.

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