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Uber went from being a cab rental service to the largest company in the transportation industry, and the same story goes for Netflix. This online streaming service started its first decade by planting its roots firmly in the American entertainment industry but has now grown into an international sensation.

However, with all the great things that come with Netflix being available in your region, there are some shortcomings too. The main one being that you not only get the latest western TV series episodes later than your friends in the United States but don’t get access to thousands of movies and TV shows at all.

So, how do you watch latest and greatest TV Shows from Netflix USA if you are not in the U.S.? Well, VPN helps in this case.

The easiest way to bypass this issue was to turn on a VPN service, spoof your geolocation to be somewhere in the United States and enjoy.

However, due to stricter copyright laws, Netflix is making it harder for you to enjoy the exclusive content from one region in another. Lucky for you, there are still a few VPN services that work with Netflix and all of the other USA-based streaming services like Hulu, DirecTV Now and others.

Best VPNs for Streaming Videos and Movies

Here we take a look at some budget-friendly VPN services that would help you watch TV Shows and Movies on the web so that you can access content that is not available by default in your region. This is especially helpful with Netflix, which makes content available only as per region.

Let’s see how to bypass Netflix regional restrictions to watch movies and TV shows available anywhere in the world. Using these VPN services, you just have to select the location of the region whose Netflix version you want to use.

There’s a reason why ExpressVPN tops almost every list of best VPN services there is, and there isn’t just one. Spanning across desktop, mobile and the web, ExpressVPN comes with state of the art SSL security and 256-BIT encryption to keep your browsing experience private, while not being the cheapest one on the list.

Rated one of the fastest VPN services among the users which is essential for streaming content in high definition, ExpressVPN spans across 90 countries and 145 cities. The service is one of the few that guarantees dedicated servers for Netflix streaming, with a 30-day money-back guarantee to keep your investment safe.


15 months – $6.67 /month

6 months – $9.99 /month

1 month – $12.95 /month

Although the content you watch through Netflix is usually regulated by the federal department, countries like China tend to be even more invasive. This is the very reason NordVPN was created, to give users complete access to the internet without a government filter, while still giving them an iron curtain of privacy.

Supporting Netflix viewing in the high-density markets of the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Netherlands, and France, the service includes a whopping 2048-BIT encryption. Not only do you get to choose your location and servers, but you get DNS leak protection, a free trial, and money-back guarantee, along with a strict no user-logs policy.


24 months – $3.29 / month

12 months – $5.75 / month

1 month – $11.95 / month

You’ll love this VPN service for Netflix not just for its ironclad security measures, but for the fact that it is available to free users as well. One of the more affordable choices to make on this list, CyberGhost comes with a waiting period that is removed automatically when you get a Pro account, which also brings you the support for accessing only Netflix USA.

While it may not be the fastest one on the list in terms of transfer speeds, but it is among the most secure ones with IP and DNS masking, no-logs rule and a bunch of failsafe features. Available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac, CyberGhost VPN goes a step further when it comes to customer support as well.


24 months – $3.50 / month

12 months – $5.99 / month

1 month – $11.99 / month

The biggest point of interest when it comes to VyprVPN is not just the fact that it sounds cool, it is the promise from the company that the service can allow you to enjoy not just Netflix USA, but the streaming service from other countries as well. Packing security features like L2TP/IPsec, Chameleon, and PPTP, you don’t have to worry too much.

However, VyprVPN does record your connection time and IP address, which isn’t exactly the best thing about it, and might even be a deal-breaker for some. While the plans aren’t the cheapest on the market, but the fact that you can use VyprVPN service on 5 different devices simultaneously, does make it worthwhile.


12 months – $5 / month

1 month – $12.95 / month

One of the more high-end VPN services for Netflix and other streaming services on the list, Strong VPN gets its name for offering a dome of protection. Packing a powerful punch with its very own StrongDNS service, 2048-BIT encryption, and broad protocol support, you get all the security you need for private and safe browsing.

Available on popular mobile and desktop platforms, Strong VPN upholds its high price point with significantly faster server speeds, quick playback for Netflix content and streaming is HDR on a supported connection. Moreover, you’re offered Netflix USA along with the service in the UK, Canada, and the Netherlands.


12 months – $5.83 / month

3 months – $8 / month

1 month – $10/ month

If you find a reliable and affordable VPN service that supports your Netflix-binging lifestyle, there’s a good chance that you will stick to it for your lifetime. KeepSolid is banking on this philosophy as it is one of the very few VPN service providers that offer a lifetime subscription at a one-time price.

But it’s not the just affordable rate card that you should look at, as VPN Unlimited also offers a sweet deal with support for up to 5 devices, 400 servers in more than 70 countries, and a 7-day money-back guarantee. Moreover, the service does not skimp out on security either, giving you AES-256 encryption, PPTP, OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2PT/IPSec protection.


Lifetime – $149.99

12 months – $4.17 / month

1 month – $9.99/ month

Powering over a thousand secure and anonymous servers across the world in over 60 countries, IPVanish VPN is beloved for not logging any user-login information whatsoever. While offering heavy security with all the protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and others check-marked, IPVanish goes further out to sea with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Not only does the VPN service offer multiple server locations within the US for best transfer speeds, but it also allows you access to Netflix in other regions. While it may not be the fast VPN service provider on the list, you will love IPVanish for offering a simplified user interface with no unnecessary clutter.


12 months – $4.87 / month

3 months – $6.75 / month

1 month – $7.50 / month

With more than just an awkward-sounding name and a donkey as its mascot, HideMyAss is a veteran in the business of VPN technology. Starting things off on an AED 256-BIT security protocol that makes your surfing experience anonymous and secure, this VPN service provider brings you special support not just for desktop and mobile devices, but directly for routers as well.

Packing more than 850 servers across a total of more than 190 countries across the world, there is barely any room left on the map where HideMyAss doesn’t have a server set up for you. All of this goodness comes with a 30-day money return policy so you never have to gamble your money away on their service.


12 months – $6.99 / month

6 months – $7.99 / month

1 month – $11.99 / month

Are you making the most out of your Netflix account with the help of these premium VPN services yet? Be sure to let us know what your weapon of choice is when it comes to unlocking USA streaming services.

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The Best Vpn Services For Amazon Fire Tv Stick

Without a VPN app installed, you can only watch videos that are available in your region. You’ll either see an error when you try to watch something that’s only for other regions, or you simply won’t see shows and movies that are only present in other countries. 

But go to the app store and install a VPN and you can change your location (virtually, of course) and watch shows as if you were in those regions or countries.

It’s the same if you want to watch BBC iPlayer from the US: you’ll need to connect to a server in London. 

The good news is that it’s very easy to use a VPN on an Amazon Fire TV Stick, and we’ll recommend six services that all work well to unblock content from various streaming services.

There’s another benefit of a VPN: it encrypts all the information between your device and the server, so no-one can see which videos you’re watching, whereas a proxy won’t.

What do I need to look for in a VPN?

You’ll find a more in-depth guide in our roundup of the best VPN services, but here’s a summary of what you’ll want if you’re choosing a service primarily to use with your Fire TV.

App: It should offer an app in the Fire TV app store

Speed: Servers and connections need to be fast enough to stream video in HD

Choice of servers: There should be servers in the countries or regions where the content is available

Bandwidth: Video uses a lot of data, so you don’t want any cap on your data allowance

Price: You won’t get all of the above for free!

There are other considerations, too, such as the quality and availability of tech support, and whether or not the VPN service keeps logs.

A lot more VPN services now offer apps for Fire TV, and since it’s inconvenient if there isn’t an app, we’ve only recommended services that have one.

Best VPNs for Amazon Fire TV NordVPN

NordVPN has a decent interface is tailored for TV use, which means it’s easy to use with your Fire TV remote control.

Performance is among the best of any VPN service and more than enough for streaming video. Speeds are quick enough for 4K video if your broadband connection can also handle that.

NordVPN isn’t only good for your Fire TV: you can use the service on your laptop, phone and other devices – up to six of them at the same time.


Surfshark is another excellent VPN for your Fire TV. It isn’t quite as good as Nord at unblocking streaming services, but it’s there or thereabouts, and it’s crucial to remember that things change on a regular basis as the VPN companies play cat and mouse with the streaming services.

There’s 24/7 live chat support if you run into problems unblocking a specific service, and when we last tested Surfshark, it unblocked BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO and others.

The fact that Surfshark undercuts many rivals on price, and allows you to use its service on an unlimited number of devices at the same time makes it a great choice for many.


ExpressVPN is one of the absolute best services for unblocking video. It regularly ensures that around 200 streaming services are available to its users, including some of the more obscure ones that other VPN providers don’t necessarily support.

Services such as Kayo, which streams live sporting events as well as a good selection of Netflix regions (Japan, Australia and France, for example, in addition to Netflix US). 

It also prides itself on its security and privacy, as well as its customer service. You do pay more for all this though: ExpressVPN certainly isn’t the cheapest option here.

Of course, there’s a Fire TV app, so it’s quick to install and get up and running on your FireStick, or whichever Fire TV model you have.

There’s even a router app so you can get ExpressVPN to unblock video on games consoles, Apple TV boxes and other devices that don’t support VPN connections.


PureVPN is a great all-rounder, and another service that has a Fire TV app ready to install in the app store.

In fact, it has just updated its Fire TV and Android TV apps to increase the available locations from 25 to 96, and added support for 11 more languages. Also useful is the new in-app live chat support. 

You shouldn’t choose a VPN service based only on its Fire TV app, but we’ve found PureVPN to reliably unblock videos from various streaming providers whenever we’ve tested it. As of May 2023, it unblocked iPlayer, All4 and ITV Hub – all UK-based services – with no issues. Sometimes Netflix would spot we were using a VPN, but generally worked without hassle – the same with Amazon Prime US.

PureVPN allows you to use your subscription on up to 10 devices at once, too.


Privado is one of the newest names in the world of VPN, and is unusual in that it offers a free plan that unblocks a few streaming services including Netflix US, Amazon Prime and BBC iPlayer.

Those on the free tier can choose between servers in the US, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico and Argentina.

The only catch, which is fair enough considering it’s free, is that you’re limited to 10GB of streaming per month. Of course, if you want unlimited bandwidth, you can go for a paid subscription.


Windscribe is another free VPN that’s worth checking out for streaming video on your Fire TV. 

This service offers 10GB bandwidth per month for nothing (just like Privado), though it will only give you 2GB if you don’t enter an email address when you sign up.

The other reason it’s a good option is because the Windscribe app is right there in the app store on your Fire TV so it’s simple to install and set up.

The company’s privacy policy is plain and explains that although some data is collected, it is deleted within three minutes of the session ending.

Under Windscribe’s free plan you get to use its servers in US and UK plus Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Switzerland and Hong Kong. The catch here is that you don’t have access to Windflix servers – the ones optimised for streaming – so you’ve no guarantee of unblocking Netflix or other services.

To use those servers, get unlimited bandwidth and access to all of Windscribe’s servers you need to upgrade to one of the Pro plans.

Speeds aren’t wonderful, but as it’s free you can test it out and see if it’s quick enough to stream the videos you want to watch.

Fix: Netflix Streaming Error M7111

FIX: Netflix streaming error M7111-1331 [6 tested methods]




Although Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming platforms, it doesn’t mean that it’s clear of technical issues.

One of the most common issues is the error code M7111-1331. If you’ve encountered it, our guide can help you fix it without breaking a sweat.

Visit our Netflix Troubleshooting section to learn more about fixing common Netflix issues.

Check out our Netflix Hub to discover more Netflix-related guides, and tips & tricks.

Netflix is one of the most popular online video streaming services. However, its popularity doesn’t keep it clear of technical issues.

One of those is error code M7111-1331-2206, which arises for some users who access Netflix from web browsers.

Instead of streaming the movie, a Netflix tab opens and displays the error code M7111-1331.

If you’ve been in this situation, here are a few ways you can fix error code M7111-1331-2206.

How to fix Netflix streaming error This title is not available to watch instantly? 1. Check if Netflix is down

There might be something wrong with Netflix’s servers if you encounter the error M7111-1331-2206.

In this case, there’s not much you can do to fix it other than waiting for a while. More often than not, the issue takes care of itself.

You can check if Netflix is down at chúng tôi Just type Netflix in DownDetector’s search box and wait for the results.

2. Clear browsing data

Error M7111-1331-2206 can often be due to corrupted or outdated browser data.

Therefore, one of the best solutions is usually to clear all browser data.

The browser’s cache is perhaps the most essential thing to clear, but users can also erase other website-related information.

This is how you can clear Google Chrome’s browser data:

3. Reset the Browser

Resetting the browser is another resolution that can help you clear browsing data.

However, that will also disable extensions that might have an impact on Netflix’s streaming.

Netflix 1080p is one extension that can potentially generate the M7111-1331-2206 error. Follow the guidelines below to reset Google Chrome.

4. Try using Netflix in an alternative browser

As the M7111-1331-2206 error often pertains to corrupted browser data and extensions, users might find that Netflix works fine in alternative browsers they seldom use.

So, try streaming a Netflix show or movie in another (preferably newly-installed) browser.

Edge is probably the best browser for Netflix as it can stream movies at 4K resolution.

However, Opera and Google Chrome are also Netflix compatible browsers and work great.

We recommend trying a browser that conveniently uses the processing capacity and has integrated techniques that focus on loading content-rich pages faster.

⇒ Get Opera

5. Open Netflix From the URL Bar Instead of Bookmarks 6. Turn off your VPN

Netflix Inc has clamped down on VPN software. Consequently, streaming errors can arise when Netflix detects a VPN.

So, try not to use a VPN to access Netflix, or temporarily disable your VPN and check if the error still occurs.

Alternatively, you could try to use a Netflix-friendly VPN. If you’re considering switching to a VPN that works great with online video streaming services, check out our best Netflix VPNs.


Those are a few resolutions that might fix the M7111-1331-2206 error for Netflix movie streaming in browsers.

Remember, however, that users can also watch movies with the Netflix app, which might be more reliable than utilizing the movie-streaming service within browsers.

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Best Vpn For Windows 10

Best VPN for Windows 10 [Out of 25 Tested in 2023] This fine selection of VPNs will enhance your privacy on Windows 10 PC












In an age of increased scrutiny, you need the best VPN for Windows 10 to protect your online privacy.

We did the research and focused on: price, security, anti-censorship features, and more.

Check out the 7 best VPN services for PC to enhance your digital privacy and secure personal data.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Windows 10 has some excellent security solutions up its sleeve, like the Windows Defender antivirus and firewall. But it doesn’t offer a VPN service.

Sure, you can use the Windows 10 integrated VPN client to set up a secure tunnel. But there are plenty of limitations to it.

For instance, you can’t create and toggle VPN profiles whenever you want to switch ports or locations. Instead, you have to find a workaround like exporting your VPN settings, which involves multiple steps.

It’s better to rely on commercial VPN services instead. They provide you with fake IP addresses so that you can connect to another location and hide your online identity. Besides, it’s easier to connect to a VPN server this way instead of manually adding a VPN connection on Windows 10.

In this article, we’re ranking the top VPN apps for Windows 10 PCs, laptops, and tablets.

What are the top VPNs for Windows 10?

Private Internet Access has made quite a name for itself in the VPN industry, thanks to fast network connections and superior encryption methods.

It provides you with more than 22,500 VPN and proxy servers in 98 locations across 77 countries.

PIA also supports port forwarding, split tunneling, static and dynamic IP addresses, and a browser malware blocker called PIA MACE.

The software application spares you from having to troubleshoot VPN compatibility issues on Windows 10 since it fully supports Microsoft’s operating system as well as others.

It delivers consistent VPN connection speeds and unblocks Netflix US. We never experienced any application errors while testing Private Internet Access.

More about PIA:

Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, routers

10 simultaneous device connections

A zero-logging privacy policy

24/7 live chat support

30-day money-back guarantee (no free trial)

Private Internet Access

Use the best VPN (overall) for Windows 10 to stay safe online and unblock streaming media.

Check price Get it now

If you’re interested in raising your security and privacy level, look no further than NordVPN. Its reputation precedes itself, delivering consistent results in the VPN market.

NordVPN has more than 5,400 VPN servers in 59 countries. You can use the OpenVPN and NordLynx protocols, obfuscation mode, P2P, Double VPN, and Onion-over-VPN servers.

Furthermore, NordVPN has a kill switch and a malware blocker called CyberSec. You can also use it to unblock streaming media that’s not normally available to your country, by either connecting to VPN servers or using Smart DNS technology.

More about NordVPN:

Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Android TV, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, routers

Protect up to 6 devices at once

No logs or leaks

24/7 live chat support

30-day money-back guarantee (no free trial)

You can explore more than 3,200 VPN servers in 65 countries, use OpenVPN or WireGuard, and securely download or upload torrents. It runs private DNS on each VPN server.

Moreover, Surfshark has a malware blocker called CleanWeb, a kill switch, multi-hop VPN connections, split tunneling, and obfuscated servers (Camouflage Mode).

If you want to watch Netflix on a gaming console, Smart TV, or another device that doesn’t support VPN connections, you can use NordVPN’s Smart DNS feature instead.

More about Surshark:

Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, routers

Unlimited simultaneous connections

A strict no-logging policy

24/7 live chat and email support

30-day money-back guarantee

7-day free trial for Android and iOS


Check out the best VPN for your entire household by setting it up on unlimited vices.

Check price Get it now

If you prefer a top VPN service that seamlessly integrates with Windows 10 and other operating systems, then shift your attention to ExpressVPN. It’s super-intuitive and quickly connects to the Internet.

ExpressVPN has over 3,000 VPN servers in 160 VPN server locations and 94 countries. It also runs zero-knowledge DNS servers to make sure that your online traffic remains private. China users can run ExpressVPN, too.

You can use this VPN app to unblock Netflix US and other streaming services, as well as to safely engage in torrenting activities. It supports a kill switch called Network Lock and a Smart DNS feature called MediaStreamer.

More about ExpressVPN:

Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, routers

Up to 5 simultaneous connections

A zero-logging policy backed by TrustedServer technology

24/7 live chat support

30-day money-back guarantee

7-day free trial for iOS and Android


Get this VPN service to defeat government censorship if you want to keep accessing your favorite online content.

Check price Get it now

Another spot in our list is occupied by CyberGhost VPN. We think it’s the top free VPN for Windows 10 PC because it’s a premium service that offers a 1-day free trial (all features unlocked, no credit card).

This VPN service has an impressive range of more than 6,500 VPN servers spread across 88 countries and 109 locations.

It also supports the WireGuard and OpenVPN protocols, exclusive DNS servers, and an emergency kill switch.

You can use it to unblock the best Netflix libraries, including Netflix US, UK, and Canada. Plus, you can set it up on devices without native VPN support by using its Smart DNS feature.

The app successfully unblocked restricted websites in our evaluation, without error. Discover our experience with this VPN service in our detailed CyberGhost VPN review.

More about CyberGhost VPN:

Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Fire TV, routers

7 device connections at the same time

No identifying or traffic logs

24/7 live chat support

Up to 45-day money-back guarantee

1-day free trial for Windows

7-day free trial for Android and iOS

If you want to enjoy the wonders of 4K on your devices and preserve your privacy, AtlasVPN is the best choice you got.

This is a fast-speed tool that will bring you unrestricted content from all over the world at your fingertips for an unlimited number of devices.

It supports all major P2P clients so you will enjoy a secure and smooth file-sharing or torrent downloading experience.

And the WireGuard tunneling protocol with built-in cryptography ensures a secure and seamless browsing experience.

It works on Windows PC and Macs but also on portable devices with Android or iOS so you will enjoy these privileges on pretty much all your gear.

More about AtlasVPN:


Enjoy your 4K media with this ultra-fast VPN with servers all over the world.

Check price Get it now

ZenMate VPN solution is the ideal privacy software to use on your Windows 10 device to get unbeatable anonymity online and free web content.

You can rely on this VPN to enhance your digital security with a strict no-log connection that guards you against data theft or hacking attempts.

By choosing this popular software, you have a strong shield to encrypt your sensitive information online. With plenty of servers in +81 regions, hiding your IP address is a piece of cake.

Information like banking data or passwords, personal images, or work files can be tracked and used against you without the necessary tools offered by ZenVPN.

Hence, this software includes military-grade encryption that safeguards your data from cyber threats once you connect to its secured servers.

In addition, you have faster Internet speeds and unrestricted content on your favorite streaming platforms or blocked websites.

More about ZenMate:

A growing network of 4800+ servers

100% digital anonymity

Kill switch functionality

Unrestricted streaming content and live sports

Support for all major platforms or devices (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox)

ZenMate VPN

Secure your Windows 10 device all over using this unbreakable privacy offered by ZenMate.

Check price Visit website

How can a VPN help you?

There are countless reasons why you should connect to a VPN online, starting from protecting your own identity when giving personal or financial data on certain websites.

More so, it unblocks streaming content that’s not normally available to your region due to licensing issues (like Netflix US)

It is thus necessary to get a reliable VPN service and connect to secured server addresses around the world.

Before doing that, let’s quickly review what the best VPN software for Windows 10 can do for you:

➡ Hide your IP address and change your geo-location

➡ Protect your online privacy and browsing habits while shielding your device from hackers

➡ Bypass firewalls and defeat government censorship

➡ Reduce your ping while gaming by connecting to VPN servers closer to the host and avoiding ISP throttling

➡ Easily change your VPN password to ensure that no one has access to your account

Hence, these practical benefits are the main factors of getting the best VPN software for Windows 10 devices or any other operating system.

Which is the best free VPN for Windows 10?

There are plenty of helpful VPN tools ready to be used on Windows 10, but not all of them are free. That’s why you can use some software suggestions for highly private free VPNs.

In this regard, we can guarantee that ProtonVPN is a completely free VPN that defends your online presence on your PC.

At the same time, you can utilize another efficient VPN that offers the highest anonymity, namely CyberGhost VPN. This VPN has a free trial, but you can get full access to its premium features.

Does Windows 10 have a free VPN?

Yes. You have a free VPN on Windows 10 devices (built-in VPN) that can be set up from the settings using specific connection details like the Server VPN address or VPN provider.

In order to utilize the free VPN integrated on your PC, you must have these connection details in order to be operational. So, as a result, you’ll still need to use it with a third-party VPN provider.

In conclusion, the top VPNs on this list are the best in the business for Windows 10 and they work seamlessly.

VPNs, along with good antiviruses are the backbone tools to make sure that your businesses and data are safely secured.

However, the tools from our list are designed to protect your privacy and prevent harmful interceptions along the way, not as failsafe methods of security.

The main security protection comes from backing up your sensitive data on more storage services and media.

If you’re looking for that, browse our best backup software for servers article and pick the right product for your business.

Your connection is not secure – websites you visit can find out your details:

Use a VPN to protect your privacy and secure your connection.

We recommend Visit Private Internet Access

We recommend Private Internet Access , a VPN with a no-log policy, open source code, ad blocking and much more; now 79% off.

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The Best Vpn For Android

Not only do the features and settings in each app differ, but so does the service behind it, from the monthly price to the number of servers available, and the speed of the connection.

It is true that the best VPN services are often the best across all platforms, but some providers really go to town on their Android app, giving it lots of useful features, while others are much plainer.

Here, we’ve rounded up five of the absolute best, and you’ll be happy with any of them.

You can also find out more about VPNs work and  how to use one on Android.

Android VPN Reviews ExpressVPN

If you want the best VPN for Android, our top choice is ExpressVPN.

The app offers everything you’d want: a kill switch (called Network Protection), OpenVPN and the proprietary Lightway protocol, split tunneling and a handy auto-connect setting which connects to a server when your phone connects to an untrusted Wi-Fi network.

Particularly useful is the fact that there’s an Android widget which you can put on your home screen and use as a shortcut to connect and disconnect the VPN without even opening the ExpressVPN app. You can’t use it to change servers, but tapping the server name opens the app on the server list, so even that’s quick.

You can save your favourite locations for quicker connection, or let the app’s ‘Smart Location’ feature find the best connection for your needs.

The service behind the app is top notch: great speeds, seamless unblocking of various streaming services and servers everywhere you’d want them.

Yes, it does cost more than the others here but, to repeat what we said at the start… if you want the best VPN for Android, this is it. ExpressVPN runs all its servers in RAM, with nothing written to hard drives at all, so it’s one of the most secure out there.

You can get a 49% discount by signing up to the 12-month subscription which comes with three free months.


NordVPN, despite the drawbacks you’ll find below, is still one of our top picks for Android. It recently added support for the WireGuard protocol (it calls it NordLynx) and it really makes a huge difference to speed.

Connections are virtually instant and speeds are so fast you won’t notice any slowdown to your internet connection. This means you’re far more likely to use the service more of, or all of, the time.

The app itself is very easy to use, although the simplified interface doesn’t have much detail if you want to see how busy a particular server is and there’s no way to add favourites.

Those are mere niggles compared to the more problematic absence of a kill switch. But connections are supremely stable in our experience so even that isn’t a big deal, especially if a dropped connection isn’t going to put you in harm’s way, which it almost certainly won’t. In countries where you’re breaking the law by using a VPN, dropped connections can be a major issue, but if that’s your situation, you probably won’t want to use a consumer service anyway.

You will find useful features such as split tunneling, CyberSec and Tapjacking, which protects you from malicious apps which steal your logins and other info.

The cheapest plan is the two-year subscription, which is billed up front and works out at around £2.68/US$3.49 per month.

Get NordVPN here.


Surfshark doesn’t have quite as many servers as some rivals here, but there are still a lot – over 1700 – and when you factor in the price and the features on offer, it’s a great-value choice.

On top of that, you can use Surfshark’s Multihop servers, which route your internet connection via two servers – yet another way to ensure your real location and identity cannot be discovered.

Plus, the app is well designed, allowing you to see which servers are the least busy, the ability to favourite particular servers and – of course – quickly connect to either the fastest available or physically nearest server.

If there’s a drawback, it’s that Surfshark hasn’t yet added support for the fast new WireGuard protocol and connections can take a fair amount of time: 20-30 seconds in our testing.

Speeds aren’t bad, but they’re by no means the quickest. The protocol is chosen automatically, but the fastest option is likely to be OpenVPN.

However, before you dismiss it, note that Surfshark does a great job of unblocking video services, lets you connect unlimited devices at once and only costs £1.95/$2.49 per month.

That’s excellent value, then.

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CyberGhost is a huge name in VPNs, and it should come as no surprise that it’s Android app is easy to use.

It’s fast, too, thanks to the addition of WireGuard, and there are thousands of servers to choose from.

You can choose which apps do and don’t use the VPN connection (split tunneling) and there’s also a built-in ad-blocker and a potentially useful data compression option for those with limited mobile data.

You can connect via up to seven devices at once, and CyberGhost claims to unblock 35 streaming services. We certainly had no issues watching Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

One missing feature is a kill switch, so bear that in mind when choosing.

The cheapest subscription is £2.15/$2.75 per month if you’re willing to commit to three years.

You can sign up on CyberGhost’s website.


Ivacy may not yet have WireGuard available to Android users, but its app does have a kill switch and split tunneling, plus a multiport setting which helps to disguise the fact that you’re using a VPN, so should enable you to get around just about all firewalls that try and block VPNs.

There are over 1000 servers to choose between, plus support for torrenting, should you need to download this type of file.

The app has three tabs which make it simple to connect to the right server. Under Purposes you’ll find ‘Start Streaming’, ‘Secure Downloading’ and ‘Start Unblocking’.

What’s missing is an auto-connection option, so you do have to remember to connect to a server when you join a public Wi-Fi network, for example.

But while there may be a few drawbacks, Ivacy is seriously compelling because of its low, low price.

This special deal gets you a five-year subscription for just 74p/99c per month. (Use code IVACY20 at the checkout to get the extra discount.)

7 Plex Alternatives To Combine All Streaming Services

There are many streaming services to choose from, and all of them have their own movies catalogue. You might have plenty of movies saved in Netflix, but they won’t be available in Prime Video or HBO Max. An application like Plex can combine every movie and TV title you need. But it’s not the only one. We will discuss some of the best Plex alternatives and their ability to combine all streaming services.

Plex Alternatives to Consider

While Plex is quite popular, its free tier offering may not be the best option. Unless you shift to Premium Plex Pass, a few issues might sour your experience. For one, a lot of the “free” content is ad-supported which feels annoying if you have something interesting to watch.

Image source: Pixabay

Setting up the Plex app on Windows/Linux/Mac is a major hassle. You have to jump through hoops before being finally served the video content on a browser. Even while using the mobile app, you’re frequently told to quit the app and visit a browser.

Migrating to a paid plan works for many Plex users but other providers are offering the enhanced features absolutely free! Bottom line is that if for whatever reason, Plex isn’t doing it for you, you may instead select from the following list of Plex alternatives all of which combine multiple streaming services.

1. Oneflix

Supported Platforms: iOS, Android.

Price: Free

Using Oneflix “My List”, you can add the different programs on different channels. Similar to Netflix, you get “For You” recommendations. The app also has a social vibe as it allows you to chat with many other users, and connect with your friends. You can see what they’re watching and join that stream. It is very easy to turn this feature off for greater privacy.

2. Reelgood

Supported Platforms: Web, iOS, Android.

Price: Free

Reelgood has a massive collection of streaming apps, covering a range of 300 free and paid apps. However unlike Plex, it is not available for different geographies and languages. You can only choose English language streaming content from USA/UK. But the massive collection can be accessed from anywhere. Reelgood is a great option for those who want to watch a wide variety of US/UK television shows.

Combining all the different streaming services happens quickly. Just head to Reelgood’s Account section on top and add the streamers of your choice. Apart from big names like Netfix, Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney+, Reelgood also supports Peacock, Tubi, Crackle, Showtime, FuboTV, Vudu, PopcornFlix, Fandor, Hoopla, and more.

Do you like to watch more free content? For each and every title, Reelgood’s algorithms point to a free streaming service (if available). If a title is blocked in your country because of your IP address, Reelgood unblocks them through ExpressVPN and other VPN services.

3. JustWatch

Supported platforms: Web, iOS, Android, FireTV, LG TV, Samsung TV, Xbox.

Price: Free / $2.5 per month

JustWatch is another popular streaming aggregator with a massive collection of titles. It hosts a large collection of free anime videos for every category ranging from horror to comedy.

Unlike Reelgood, JustWatch allows you to select your country from the User Account section. This helps them serve localized streaming services from around the world. Currently the aggregator supports nearly 100 countries.

Each JustWatch title can of course be streamed or rented as per your choice. You can also additionally check if their free versions are available. If you want a high quality picture/video, choose from any available HD and 4K options. JustWatch also gives additional suggestions to access any related titles from other available services.

Supported platforms: Web.

Price: Free

5. PlayOn

Supported platforms: iOS, Android.

Price: Free (Streaming only) / $5 per month

Most streaming aggregation services require you to be online to access the different streaming apps. PlayOn is the only one that lets you record and download movies and shows to watch them offline, anytime. However, you should first check the legality of downloading streaming content.

For regular streaming, PlayOn offers access to different channels including Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, Discovery+, Peacock, Tubi, Vudu, SHO, The CW, and more. Unlike the previous streaming aggregators in our list, the offering is served a bit differently. Instead of showing all the titles through a search bar, you are required to choose your favorite channels.

After a cursory login into your selected streaming app, you will be able to access your app dashboard on the PlayOn app itself. In the following example, I could easily access my entire Netflix account via the PlayOn app.

6. PlayPilot

Supported platforms: Web, iOS, Android.

Price: Free

If you’re looking for a streaming aggregator with a cool user interface, PlayPilot is right on the money. Its range of services include all major subscription services such as Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. You also get free services such as Crackle, CrunchyRoll, Tubi, and PlutoTV.

Apart from USA/UK, you can fine-tune your regional preferences with content served from Australia, Belgium, India, Canada, Germany, South Africa, and a few more countries.

For each movie/show title, you can stream it from multiple subscription apps and also rent/buy those services. You can easily check a movie against “Seen” filter, add it to a watch-list or collection, and hide it if you don’t want to see it again. You can also read multiple reviews about the movie and add your own impressions to the mix.

PlayPilot also serves you recommendations through “multiple titles” further classified according to its presence in different streamers. Apart from movies and TV shows, it also has a huge collection of documentaries.

7. SelectTV

Supporting platforms: Web, iOS, Android, FireTV, Android TV, Apple TV.

Price: Free / $29.99 (one time payment)

SelectTV is a zero cost app to seamlessly access hundreds of free channels as well as many leading movie and TV show streaming services. After a simple login, you can head to “My subscriptions” on the left panel. Here you need to turn the toggle switch on for all the services you need. Once you have an active subscription, you will receive title recommendations pertaining to that streamer. You can also search for any title online.

Currently SelectTV supports all the necessary streamers including Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Hulu, and many more. You can also access Play Per View content, and any latest documentaries.

If you are an avid watcher of US television content, SelectTV has plenty of good recommendations. The shows are segregated according to “Trending TV,” “Hallmark”, “Crackle Recommends” and other filters.

Frequently Asked Questions Is streaming from Plex and other services legal?

Yes. Streaming from Plex and other similar reputed services is legal. It will not affect the integrity of your Netflix or Amazon Prime accounts.

Can you share the login information of Plex and similar sites?

Many streaming providers such as Netflix prevent their users from sharing passwords and watching the contents on multiple devices. Plex and other similar streaming aggregators are no different. Trying to use the same login on different devices can have your account flagged for abuse. However, you can create a Plex Home account to share with family and friends.

Is there a way to have a single subscription for all streaming services?

Since streaming service providers are close competitors, it is unlikely for them to come together and offer a single subscription. However in certain big demographic markets including US, India, and Brazil, it is common for cable companies to offer bundled streaming services. So you might get a good discount while combining Disney+, Netflix and Hulu when you purchase the different subscriptions from your cable provider.

How do online streaming aggregators work?

Online streaming aggregators such as JustWatch and Reelgood collect data from multiple movie/TV show streaming sites and rearrange them under their website/app banner. To ensure relevant content, they frequently update the links, ratings, trailers for the titles. Some streaming aggregators such as PlayOn enable you to run your streaming service on their app itself. While most others will just redirect you to the original streaming website on a browser or other apps.

Image credit: Unsplash All screenshot by Sayak Boral

Sayak Boral

Sayak Boral is a technology writer with over eleven years of experience working in different industries including semiconductors, IoT, enterprise IT, telecommunications OSS/BSS, and network security. He has been writing for MakeTechEasier on a wide range of technical topics including Windows, Android, Internet, Hardware Guides, Browsers, Software Tools, and Product Reviews.

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