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The amount of deepfake content online is rapidly growing. As per a report from startup Deeptrace, toward the start of 2023, there were 7,964 deepfake online videos. However, after only 9 months, that figure had hopped to 14,678. No doubt it has been growing since then. While significant, today’s AI-powered deep fake technology is still not exactly at par with legitimate video film. By looking carefully, it is commonly conceivable to tell that a video is a deepfake. In any case, innovation is improving at a stunning pace. Experts anticipate that deepfakes will be vague from genuine pictures after a short time. The consequences of deepfakes are still rough. Most of them have clear relics that part with their actual nature. Indeed, even the more persuading ones are discernable if you look carefully. In any case, it won’t be long until the technology turns out to be adequate to try to even fool trained experts. At that point it’s destructive power will take on an absolutely new dimension. In the engine, deepfakes isn’t enchantment, it’s pure mathematics. The application utilizes deep learning application, which implies it depends on neural networks to play out its functions. Neural networks are programming structures generally planned after the human brain. When you give a neural network numerous examples of a particular kind of data, state photos of an individual, it will figure out how to perform functions, for example, recognizing that individual’s face in photographs, or on account of deepfakes, replace another person’s face with it. In a report, The Brookings Institution dismally summarized the scope of political and social dangers that deepfakes present: “twisting functions talk; controlling elections; disintegrating trust in establishments; weakening journalism; intensifying social divisions; sabotaging public security; and incurring hard-to-fix harm on the reputation of prominent people, including elected officials and candidates for office. As of now, a few attempts are being made to tackle this forthcoming digital media credibility problem, yet they don’t yet have the clarion call of criticalness behind them that is important to push the issue to the forefront of public awareness. The death of history and breakdown of trust undermines the progression of civilization itself, however, the vast majority are as yet reluctant to talk in such distinct terms. It’s an ideal opportunity to begin that discussion  

Legal Measures

Legal measures are additionally significant. As of now, there are no serious safeguards to secure individuals against deepfaking or forged voice recordings. Putting substantial punishments on the practice will raise the expenses for making and distributing (or facilitating) fake material and will fill in as an impediment against bad uses of the technology.  

Train Computers to Spot Fakes

It’s right now possible to identify some of the present imperfect deepfakes utilizing obvious antiquities or heuristic analysis. Microsoft recently introduced another approach to spot hiccups in synthetic media. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, is working on a program considered SemaFor whose point is to identify semantic inadequacies in deepfakes, for example, a photograph of a man created with anatomically wrong teeth or an individual with a piece of jewelry that may be socially strange. However, as deepfake innovation improves, the tech business will probably play a smart game to try to remain one stride ahead, if it’s even possible. Microsoft recently composed of deepfakes, “the way that they’re produced by AI that can keep on learning makes it inevitable that they will beat ordinary detection technology.” That doesn’t imply that staying aware of deepfakes is outlandish. New AI-based tools that identify frauds will probably help significantly, as will automated tools that can compare digital artifacts that have been filed by various companies and track changes in them after some time. The historical noise produced by AI-fueled context attacks will request new methods that can match the massive, automated output generated by AI media tools.  

Use of Blockchain

A potential fix is to utilize the blockchain. Blockchain is a distributed ledger that empowers you to store data online without the requirement for centralized servers. Besides, blockchains are tough against a large group of security threats that centralized data stores are vulnerable to. Distributed ledgers are not yet truly adept at putting away a lot of information, yet they’re ideal for putting away hashes and digital signatures. For example, individuals could utilize the blockchain to digitally sign and affirm the validness of a video or sound document that is related to them. The more individuals add their digital signature to that video, the more probable it will be considered as a real record. This is definitely not an ideal solution. It will require added measures to gauge and factor in the capability of the individuals who vote on a document.  


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Best Ways To Clean Iphone Port

The iPhone port is highly susceptible to dirt, dust, and residue due to its open port; even most cases do not protect against this. Specific issues can arise from a dirty Lightning port, including spotty headphone audio, charger connectivity problems, or other sound complications.

Luckily, there are several ways you can clean your phone port using everyday household items. This guide will introduce several effective ways for iPhone users to clean their phone ports to improve the overall iPhone experience. It is important to remember to turn your iPhone device completely off before performing any of these steps.

3 Methods for Cleaning Your iPhone Port 1. Air Can

If you have access to an air can, it can be one of the easiest and most effective methods for cleaning out stubborn dirt or dust in your phone port. You can also buy a compressed air can from most convenience stores. Most air cans come with a thin, straw-like attachment for more controlled airflow.

Simply direct the airflow by pointing it directly into the phone port to blow out anything that does not belong in there. Most of the time, this cleaning method takes less than two minutes and requires minimal effort.

2. Q-Tips

Another commonly used household item that works wonders for getting into hard to reach areas are Q-tips or any cotton swab. It is best to try and pick out a cotton swab that is not very fluffy so that you do not get any cotton stuck inside the phone port.

The thinner the cotton tip is, the better it is for fitting inside small holes like your phone port. You’ll need to be as gentle and delicate as possible when using this method to clean small spaces.

Do not try forcing or squeezing the cotton swab into the phone port. First, you are going to want to tear off much of the cotton on the swab so that it is similar in size to the middle stick portion. This way, the swab should fit comfortably inside the phone jack without any force.

Slowly put the swab inside the port and spin the swab. Avoid pushing the swab in too far; all motions should be very delicate. Most of the debris should fall out upon removing the cotton swab from the port. Repeat this method as much as desired.

Rubbing Alcohol

If you have stubborn grime that does not come off with a cotton swab alone, you can add some rubbing alcohol to the cotton tip. Make sure to use very little of the rubbing alcohol and squeeze any excess out before swabbing your phone port.

Too much liquid can cause even further harm to your device, so it is essential to take extra precautions during this step. Once complete, it’s a good practice to go back in with a clean, dry cotton swab to ensure that there is no extra liquid inside.

3. Paper Clip

If all other methods fail, try using a taped paper clip. Start by undoing the paperclip so that at least one end of it is straight. Use the straight end and use a little bit of tape so that it lightly covers the entire end. You can use any standard office tape.

If done incorrectly, the paperclip can scratch your phone port and leave your device more damaged. You can also use a paperclip or needle. Gently roll the tape inside of the phone jack with your paperclip as if it is a lint roller. Never force or jam the cleaning tip inside.

Hopefully, now you can enjoy listening to some sweet music on your iPhone without any dust or debris getting in the way.

12 Best Ways To Fix Slow Wi

There are dozens of reasons why your WiFi may be slow. It might be due to external factors, your ISP, your PC’s hardware or software, or due to someone sharing your WiFi. Dealing with slow Wi-Fi speeds can be a cumbersome process, especially when there are lots of factors that may be causing the issue. Detecting these issues and fixing them as soon as possible will get your WiFi speeds to normal. However, the question is what do you need to look for? Here are some of the things you can try to fix slow Wi-Fi speed issues. We’ll start with some of the most popular basic troubleshooting techniques followed by tricky ones placed in the end.

1. Check your Wi-Fi Speed

“But why do I need to check my Wi-Fi speed when I already know how fast it used to work?” Good question, but it is possible your ISP may have revised their speeds in your plan, or it could be a different reason altogether. Hence, to check your Wi-Fi speed, you can go to websites like chúng tôi or chúng tôi or just type Internet speed test on Google and run the speed test.

Additionally, you can check in your ISP’s app if the speed and plan are still the same. If the speed you’re getting is nowhere close to the speed mentioned in the app, you may contact customer service. If they say there’s nothing wrong with your network from their end, you may proceed and follow the methods mentioned below.

2. Connect to a 5GHz SSID

If you have a dual-band router, to get the best Wi-Fi speeds, you must connect to the 5GHz SSID rather than 2.4GHz. The former transmits data at a faster rate (almost 50% faster) than the latter but doesn’t go as far as 2.4GHz waves. To check if your router is a dual-band unit, you could refer to its user manual or box, or simply turn it on and check if you see two SSIDs with the same name but different numbers 2.4 or 5 followed by GHz.

3. Restart the Router

“Tech support: Have you tried turning it off and on again?” is a line you’ve probably heard many times by now, but did you know that restarting the device you’re facing issues with might be the easiest way to solve the issue? Switch off the router and wait for at least a minute or two before you turn it back on. Once your router restarts wait for at least a minute and try connecting to the internet. If this solved your issue, hurray! Now you know what to do whenever your electronics trouble you.

4. Check Other Devices on the same Network

A Wi-Fi network’s bandwidth is shared between devices that are currently connected to it and any user on the network that’s consuming more bandwidth could impact other users. If a user on your network is using the internet for tasks like browsing the web, it shouldn’t majorly impact the speed, but if someone is streaming games on the cloud, streaming videos in 4K, or downloading huge files, it could drastically affect the network bandwidth of the other devices.

To ensure everyone gets an equal or required share of bandwidth, most routers allow you to set bandwidth limits on users. Furthermore, you can disconnect inactive devices like smartphones that are not in use as background apps may still be using the bandwidth even when the screen is turned off.

5. Switch to a Different Channel

Switching channels should be fairly easy; just go to the default router management software (usually, it’s located at the address, go to your network settings, and change the channel. If you’re unsure, you could also refer to your router’s manual. If you want to do it from Windows, Nirsoft’s WifiInfoView is a great little tool that is simple and free. When you launch the program, it lists all the Wi-Fi channels and shows how crowded they are. Select the one that is the least crowded and you are good to go.

6. Stop Background Programs Using Bandwidth

There is a chance that a background program may be using up the bandwidth without your knowledge. For instance, Windows update is notorious for downloading updates in the background and there are other programs as well that are connected to the internet and take up bandwidth in the background.

7. Check for Unauthorized Access

2. Once in cmd, type “ipconfig” and hit enter. You should see the IP address next to “Default Gateway”. Just enter this address in your browser address bar and press enter.

If prompted for a password, enter “Admin” or “12345” (refer to a manual if didn’t set a password or contact your ISP if the router was bundled with your plan).

Each router has a different interface hence there’s no common way of changing your network’s password. It should be pretty straightforward, though, if you search under Security or Wi-Fi options. Just choose WPA2 security and AES encryption, and use a strong password.

8. Change your Router’s Location

Your router’s location and the lack of a strong Wi-Fi signal are interconnected and play a huge role in determining the speed of your network. If you have a router that’s too old, its hardware and signal throw may not be strong enough to penetrate walls, therefore resulting in a weaker Wi-Fi signal. Although Wi-Fi signals can easily penetrate through most objects with little to no drops in speed, it may vary depending on the material it needs to pierce.

9. Reinstall Network Drivers

10. Check if you’re using a VPN

A Virtual Proxy Network, also known as VPN is used to browse anonymously, but it is possible that you left the VPN connection on when you were browsing. VPNs establish tunnels to different countries and as a result, both the ping and network speed of a VPN network may not be nearly as fast as your stock connection speed. Hence, you need to disable your VPN connection.

11. Reset Your Router

If everything fails, you can also completely reset your router to factory settings which should revert any wrong changes that may be affecting the Wi-Fi. Most routers come with a tiny reset button recessed inside a hole (mostly at the back). You can use a paper clip to press this button. Press and hold this button for 10-15 seconds and your router should restart confirming it has been reset. Once done, you will have to go through the setup process again, but the chances that your Wi-Fi will be restored to its original speed are high.

If none of the above solutions worked, you should consider contacting your ISP and raising a ticket. It could be a problem on their end and they may be able to provide the right means to solve your issue. They will send a service agent over to your place as soon as possible and get the problem fixed.

The Best Ways To Recover Deleted Spotify Playlists

This story has been updated. It was originally published on February 17, 2023.

If you play music on Spotify, you know it’s not quite the same as stacking your shelves with vinyl. You’ve got access to tens of millions of songs, but keeping track of them can be a chore. That’s why many users build playlists. The problem is, it’s easy to accidentally delete one of your favorite playlists. Here’s how to restore vanished playlists, and preserve them for future use.

Use Spotify’s playlist recovery tool

Hey, we know you didn’t mean to delete Bjork. David Nield

You may never have visited it, but you have a Spotify account page on the web. You can access it by logging in at chúng tôi Just use the same account name and password you do to log in on a smartphone or desktop client.

The first page you’ll see gives you access to all the standard account information, including your name, your profile picture, and, if you have a premium subscription, the method you use to pay Spotify every month.

For the purposes of this guide, the link we’re interested in is the one marked Recover playlists, which does exactly what the name suggests. You’ll find playlists you’ve deleted stretching back several months. Spotify doesn’t specify how long it keeps erased playlists around for, but we’ve seen ones that are six months old.

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Try other recovery options

Playlists vanished? Try tweeting your problem to @SpotifyCares. David Nield

If you’re using Spotify’s desktop app, hit Ctrl+Z on a Windows PC or Cmd+Z on a Mac before you touch anything else and your last action will be undone, restoring the playlist to its previous position. If you act quickly, you won’t have to rely on the playlist recovery feature—though these shortcuts won’t work on Spotify’s web player.

It’s not unheard of for playlists to disappear from Spotify due to a bug or a technical hitch (it’s certainly happened to us). If you find most or all of your playlists have been wiped without you touching them, and they’re not available to recover online, get in touch with Spotify support. The @SpotifyCares Twitter account is a good place to start.

Spotify support should be able to restore your playlists from the backups at their end, although you will have to confirm your date of birth and some of your payment information to prove your identity.

Preserve your playlists before they change or disappear

Make your own copy of someone else’s playlist so they don’t change it up on you. David Nield

Some playlists will shift and change over time, without any input from you. These include playlists by other people you’ve subscribed to, as well as the Discover Weekly playlist that Spotify refreshes for you every week based on your listening history.

Your new, permanent copy of the playlist won’t be affected by any changes made to the original, so your songs will be safe and sound in your account. That is, at least until you accidentally delete another one of your playlists.

The Amazon Drive Service Is Ending: Steps To Take To Prevent Data Loss

What’s happening? Amazon is ending its online storage, dubbed Drive, saying its Amazon Photos service provides the same features as Drive. If you’ve paid for additional storage on Drive, you may be eligible for a refund.

Why care? Those using the Drive service must take action or their cloud files will become inaccessible after the deadline. Paying customers are eligible for a refund if they choose to cancel their subscription.

What to do? You must manually download your files or move them to Amazon Photos to prevent data loss after December 31, 2023. Amazon hasn’t provided a migration tool to automate the process.

Amazon Drive is being discontinued

Amazon Drive was launched in March of 2011 as a secure cloud-storage service for Amazon customers to back up their files. Everyone got five gigabytes of cloud storage for free, with several paid upgrades available for those who needed more storage. But this service won’t be around for much longer as the company informed Drive customers via email on July 29, 2023, that Drive would be deprecated on December 31, 2023. The change will affect all Amazon Drive customers worldwide.

When you cannot access your Amazon Drive?

Starting on December 31, 2023, any files in your Drive account will become inaccessible. You won’t be able to view, edit and download your Amazon Drive files after December 31, 2023. Uploading new files to the service via the web interface won’t be possible beginning January 31, 2023.

What will happen to your Amazon Drive photos and videos?

If you have photos and videos stored in your Amazon Drive account, those media files are already available to you via the Amazon Photos app on iOS [App Store link], Android and desktop (provided you use Amazon Photos). The company has promised to continue providing customers the ability to safely back up, share and organize photos and videos with Amazon Photos. “After December 31, 2023, you can continue using Amazon Photos to access your photos and videos,” the FAQ notes.

How about other files in your Amazon Drive?

Importantly, any personal documents and project files kept in your Amazon Drive won’t be carried over to Amazon Photos. “Amazon Photos offers cloud storage for photos and videos, while Amazon Drive provides for most common file types,” the company notes. As a result, you’ll need to download local copies of any non-media files in your Drive before December 31, 2023. Amazon’s help document clearly spells it out in black and white that the Photos service does not support non-media file types.

How to download your files in Amazon Drive

You can access files in your Amazon Drive in the mobile app and on the web at chúng tôi Select a file you wish to keep, then hit the download icon from the top navigation that appears in blue. Repeat this process for all files and folders you would like to save. Be sure to do this before December 31, 2023.

Overcoming download size limitations Will I need to pay for Amazon Photos storage?

Like with Drive, all Amazon customers (including those using Amazon Photos) get five gigabytes of storage in the cloud at no charge. Visit chúng tôi to determine if you might need to upgrade to a paid subscription based on your storage needs. Read: How to cancel App Store app subscriptions on iOS and Mac

I paid for my Drive storage. Will Amazon refund me?

According to the company, that’s a yes. “If you choose to cancel your paid storage plan before the subscription ends, you may be eligible for a refund,”. Amazon wouldn’t say how to request a refund aside from saying that information about refunds is displayed when you cancel the subscription.

How to cancel your Amazon Drive subscription

In your web browser, log in with your Amazon account at chúng tôi and hit the option labeled “Cancel my plan,” then choose “End now” under the “End my plan” heading and follow the instructions.

Will the Amazon Drive apps continue to work?

When the service ends, the apps will stop working as well. Amazon has confirmed that the Drive app for iOS [App Store link] and Android will be removed from app stores on December 31, 2023. Those who have the app installed can keep it after the cut-off date, but Amazon will no longer support bug fixes or security updates.

15 Best Effective Ways To Deal With Work To Deadlines

Introduction to Work To Deadlines

Work to deadlines is something a professional needs to cope with at any stage of life. It’s a tough day, and you’re loaded with tough work. When you are loaded with assignments in school, now in the office or college, you are overloaded with pending work of your client, presentations, word documents, etc. Coming up with this stress requires you to be mentally and physically strong. You need to cope with some challenges. Work for the client is still pending, and assignments are yet to be reviewed –for this, you don’t need to panic.

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15 Tricks That Will Help You Cope with Your Pending Work

Here are some 15 tricks that will help you cope with your pending work and so much work pressure. This can help turn the pressure into a more positive force rather than a panicking poison.

Try To Keep The Desk Tidy

A tidy desk is a tidy mind. A free mind and a tidy environment help to work properly and efficiently. A tidy desk is a place where you can concentrate well. On a tidy desk, A to-do list is a tool that can help you meet your work. It helps you keep track of all the pending work and work pre-planned or postponed. Remember, tracking work left or pending can help you solve half your problems.

Try To Keep Distractions Away

Generally, we also log on to our Facebook or Twitter accounts during the peak crisis hour. Keep these distractions away. Try to concentrate on work, or you can plug in your earphones or concentrate better; they help you. Try to prevent procrastination. Make a plan to create real-time expectations. Consider all your productivity hacks and improve upon them. Motivate yourself and set up a procrastination equation. Logging on Facebook What’s Up chats can get you distracted. Keep yourself away, set targets, keep yourself motivated, and see how it keeps distractions away.

Use Task Manager Apps

Get a clear mind, and concentrate on the task. Use task manager apps to manage your tasks, make a list of to-do tasks, and set up a time limit for them. Task manager apps help you to keep track of all the pending tasks. An app installed in your system to help you find out work remaining, pending work left to do. This entirely helps a working professional to keep track of pending work. Task manager apps also help you manage the pending amounts to collect from friends. It helps to manage work easier and faster.

Take Breaks

Working in Pairs

Divide Time for Each Slot of Work

This helps! If you allocate adequate work hours to each slot, it will help you finish beforehand, as time management is one of the key skills a project manager must possess. Think about allocating time accurately. It’s not to unnerve you …you’ll learn slowly how helpful time management is…Work your best hours. Work at the time which suits you the best. Try to be the most productive in 20 % of your leisure hours. Try to find new and smarter ways to do the same tedious work. Ditch clock–watching. Just keep up with self–set time guidelines.

Think Of Each Task as Unfamiliar

Sometimes, due to boredom, we delay starting a particular task. Think of each task as new, filled with fresh learning, and start it with zeal, passion, and enthusiasm. This will help to prevent work delays. The same kind of work seems monotonous; thus, different work helps to avoid boredom. This will help you to keep away stress. Removing boredom is one key parameter to finishing off a task faster. Fresh and new, challenging and exciting work excites us.

Work Backwards

Create Self-Assigned Deadlines

This help to assist you in setting your work to deadlines. This can help you devote equal and ample time to each task without last-minute pending tasks. Try to do any work with perfection. It is the ultimate tool to help you stop re-doing or rework to ensure faster work. Share your yet-to-do list to list all the work you wish to do and complete on time. Manage a proper work breakdown structure for your work. Divide work based on its priority, prioritize your work, and complete it on time to meet the deadlines. If you are a project manager, designate tasks for the employees under you and try to complete them on time. Finish the work before the due date to complete the task.

Use Smart Work and Smart Tools

Check out other people in your project. Are they using smart tools or techniques to complete faster? Network with them, communicate, and find faster and easier ways to do the same work. Upgrade your technology. Use the best tools in the marketplace, keep up with technology, and finish your work faster. Keeping yourself upgraded with smart apps and tools and keeping pace with technology helps in doing smarter work and the same work faster and quicker.

Smart work is crucial for success. Managing time and work equally can help meet deadlines. Regaining control can reduce panic and stress. Communicating with Project Managers is efficient in deciding how to complete multiple projects. Alert them of any delays or resource needs. Ensure sufficient resources or hire on a contract basis if deadlines are near.

Communicate regularly and inform your project managers and team members about your progress. Also, inform them about the major issues you are facing. Your work might directly affect the work and progress of other employees, so communication is important for working together to complete multiple projects on time. Effective communication is the key to proper project management skills. Alert them of any issues or delays as soon as possible so everyone else can adjust their schedules and expectations. Communication is the key to any problem, or someone else can help you complete a task that takes longer than normal. Some key skills of a business manager should be taught to manage work faster.


Decision-Making Skills

This is, again, a very major skill that needs to be born within a business manager. A business Manager needs to make the right decisions at every phase of the business, whom to hire, how to hire, cost of resources, innovations, and changes in the business plan –all these decisions drive the business and greatly affect the success of the enterprise or organization. A business manager must make the right business skills decisions at the right time. Decision-taking capability, be it right or wrong, is very important.


Self-discipline is essential for success in any area of life, whether you’re an entrepreneur, student, or employee. It involves consistently setting and adhering to key principles or rules, even when no one is watching. Developing self-discipline requires hard work and dedication, but it can help you achieve anything you want in life. Remember, aiming high can still lead to significant success even if you don’t reach 100% of your goals.

Use the Right Tool

Effective managers generally do smart work. Choosing the right tool for faster work is important. Over the past 100 years, leadership and management research has come up with a single definitive conclusion when answering the question, “what’s the best approach?” The answer is, “it depends”. It depends on the situation, has been the best answers for business managers…the skills of the leader, the needs of the employees, and the unique interaction between the three, collaboration and integration of work in all spheres. Effective managers have an arsenal of tools to draw from, to use to work faster and collaborate with teams faster, and, most importantly, they have the performance analysis skills to know which tools to use. Coaching, counseling, feedback, information sharing, self-disclosing, encouragement, recognition, problem-solving, corrective action, and others are options that the effective manager can use at will.

Learn and Practice Your Craft

These skills, well practiced, can lead to a great business manager who can adequately manage work pressure and deadlines. Give yourself a given time regime to complete a task, but keep away from re-work as it will pile up more and more work for you even in the coming future.

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