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New Content Providers Yahoo!®, Netflix, YouTube Give Consumers Freedom to Access Streaming Movies, News, Weather, Photos and More Directly to the TV

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7, 2009 – LG Electronics today announced two new HDTV series with NetCast™ Entertainment Access that offer instant streaming of movies, TV shows, video, and a Widget-based user experience via Ethernet connectivity directly to the television. Through new alliances with Yahoo!, Netflix, and YouTube™, consumers can instantly stream an almost endless catalogue of entertainment from viral videos and movies to photo sharing Web sites without the need of a separate PC*.

“LG’s new NetCast Entertainment Access capability broadens the user experience to include not only entertainment content, but also up-to-the minute news, stock information, weather updates, photo management and more by simply using the TV’s remote control,” said Peter Reiner, senior vice president, marketing and strategy, LG Electronics USA. “With these and future content relationships, LG continues to break the mold with innovative technologies designed to enhance consumers’ viewing experience.”

LG’s HDTVs with NetCast Entertainment Access (47- and 42-inch class* LH50 LCD models and 60- and 50-inch class* PS80 plasma models) and its full line of LCD and plasma products are on display this week at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) – Booth #8214, Central Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center. (See separate release for more information.)

Yahoo! Widget Engine: Content When You Want It, Where You Want It

The Yahoo! Widget Engine enables the discovery and enjoyment of a new class of interactive applications called TV Widgets. TV Widgets enable viewers to interact with popular Internet services and online media through applications specifically tailored to the needs of the television watcher such as up-to-the minute Yahoo! News, Weather and Finance.

YouTube: Access to Millions of User-Generated Videos

As a leading online video community for people to discover, watch, and share originally created videos, YouTube allows consumers unlimited access to web based videos. Through LG’s alliance with this prolific online video community, consumers can instantly stream millions of Web videos directly from the Internet for viewing on their television. Key benefits include:

• Unlimited access to millions of videos on topics such as current events, instructional videos for hobbies and interests, comedic and viral videos

• Easy Searching, thumbnail previews and multiple screen size viewing options

Netflix: Instant Streaming Directly Through the TV

LG’s HDTVs with NetCast Entertainment Access will join the LG BD300 Network Blu-ray Disc Player as an industry first, providing the ability to stream movies instantly from Netflix, offering consumers a variety of ways to enjoy more than 12,000 choices of movies and TV episodes. Netflix members owning one of these devices pay as little as $8.99 for a monthly subscription for unlimited streaming and DVD rentals.

Instant streaming content from Netflix to the HDTV will rely on a broadband connection and Queue-based user interface. Netflix members will use the Netflix Web site to add movies and TV episodes to their individual instant Queues. Those choices will automatically be displayed on members’ TVs and available to watch instantly through the HDTV. Once selected, movies will begin playing in as little as 30 seconds.

With the accompanying remote control, Netflix members will be able to browse and make selections right on the TV screen and also have the ability to read synopses and rate movies. In addition, they will have the option of fast-forwarding and rewinding the video stream.

PC Content Sharing

Users can also choose to incorporate the NetCast-equipped HDTV into a home network to access JPEG photos or MP3 music files stored on their home PC to create slide shows and listen to music on their big screen.

About LG Electronics USA

About LG Electronics, Inc.

About Yahoo!

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Lg G2 Vs Lg G3 Comparison Review

Our Verdict

We loved – strike that – still love the LG G2, so we’re pleased to find the LG G3 is a solid upgrade to the G2. It has a faster processor, an improved camera and the ability to expand the phone’s internal storage with a microSDXC card, plus it beats all its rivals with a quad-HD screen and good value for money.

When the LG G2 was released we judged it to be the best smartphone money can buy, and to this day it sits atop our best smartphone 2014 chart. It has set a huge example for the LG G3 to live up to. Here we compare the specs of the LG G2 and LG G3. Also see our LG G3 hands-on review .

LG G2 vs LG G3: Pricing

Part of the reason we were so impressed with the LG G2 was that it came on to the market some £150- to £200 cheaper than other flagship smartphones at £399, and yet the specs were just as good as those of its rivals. 

Best SIM-only deals. 

LG hasn’t confirmed UK pricing for its G3, but Clove is listing it at £499. This means it undercuts both the HTC One M8 and Sony Xperia Z2, and is only a few pounds more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy S5. 

LG G2 vs LG G3: Design and build

Despite now featuring a larger 5.5in screen, the 146.3×74.6mm LG G3 is only slightly taller and wider than the 138.5×70.9mm G2, and is actually thinner at 8.9mm versus 9.1mm. It’s a little heavier, at 149g versus 143g, but not so much that the difference will be particularly noticable. 

Now available in white, gold and silver, the LG G3 is otherwise very similar in design and build to the LG G2, solid and well made. Previously with a plastic rear it now has a lightweight metal housing.

As with its predecessor, the LG G3 features a Rear Key (power and volume buttons found on the handset’s back rather than its side), but now also includes a dual-LED flash and 13Mp camera that can record 4K (3840×2160) video here. 

LG G2 vs LG G3: Processor and performance, RAM and storage

The LG G2 pairs a quad-core 2.26GHz Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB of RAM and Adreno 330 graphics. This configuration allowed it to score 848 points in the single-core component of the Geekbench 3 test, and 2,271 points in the multi-core section; in Geekbench 2 we measured 4,085 points. In SunSpider the LG G2 put in a great performance at 901ms, and in GFXBench 3.0 it thrashed most of the competition with 51fps in the Egypt test and 23fps in T-Rex. 

The new LG G3 features a 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor with Adreno 330 graphics and either 2- or 3GB of RAM depending on whether you buy the 16- or 32GB version. That’s the same hardware combination as the Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z2 and  HTC One M8, the latter of which aced our benchmarks with 962 points in Geekbench 3.0 single-core and 2,761 multi-core, 583ms in SunSpider and  30fps in GFXBench T-Rex.

You can compare the performance of all the smartphones we’ve recently tested in our article: What’s the fastest smartphone 2014: processor, graphics and web performance comparison. 

Benchmarks don’t always tell the whole story, especially when benchmark-boosting software is implemented by smartphone manufacturers, but with these hardware specifications you can be sure the LG G3 is one of the fastest smartphones you can buy, and a clear improvement on the LG G2 in this regard. 

As before, the LG G3 is available with 16- or 32GB of internal storage. LG has also fixed our only real complaint with the G2 by adding a microSDXC slot that lets you add a further 128GB. 

LG G2 vs LG G3: Display

The LG G2 squeezes into a chassis much smaller than you might expect a 5.2in (1080×1920, 423ppi) IPS touchscreen, with a super-slim bezel that gives it a great edge-to-edge look. To turn on the screen you simply give it a double-tap, and to turn it off you double-tap an empty section of the home screen or the notification bar.

The screen is one of the key differences with the LG G3, both larger and significantly higher in resolution. LG has specified a 5.5in Quad-HD (1440×2560) IPS panel with a staggeringly high pixel density of 534ppi. The G3 therefore places itself as the ultimate smartphone on which to watch video, view photos and play games.

LG G2 vs LG G3: Camera

The LG G3, like the G2, features 13Mp rear- and 2.1Mp front cameras. The G2 has a 1/3.06in sensor, 29mm focal length and f/2.4 aperture, while the G3 boasts of optical image stabilisation and a laser autofocus, allowing it to focus faster than the blink of an eye. The front-facing camera is ideal for selfies: an auto timer can be triggered with a hand movement, while the screen acts as a makeshift flash.

We’ve displayed a picture shot with the LG G2’s rear camera below. 

The LG G3 will also reportedly film 4K-resolution (3840×2160) video (the G2 tops out at 1920×1080 @ 60fps) and features a dual- rather than single-LED flash. 

LG G2 vs LG G3: Connectivity

Just like its predecessor the LG G3 supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and 4G, plus it has an IR transmitter. With the LG G3 Wi-Fi support is now extended to dual-band 802.11ac, and you get LTE-Advanced connectivity. 

LG G2 vs LG G3: Software

While the LG G2 is supplied with Android Jelly Bean, like its newer sibling it can be upgraded to run the latest version of Android, 4.4 KitKat.

LG’s Practical UX interface looks similar to Samsung’s TouchWiz, with popping colours and cluttered areas – it’s crammed just about everything imaginable into its notification bar. 

KnockOn lets you turn on and off the phone with a double-tap, which makes moving the power button to the rear less of an issue. Some other tricks we’ve previously found useful include Guest Mode, QSlide (which lets you place several apps in a small window that can be moved around the screen), Slide Aside (which lets you slide offscreen up to three apps and then recall them with a reverse gesture or via the notification bar), plus the ability to reply to text messages without opening them and wirelessly access the phone’s storage from a PC or laptop. 

You’ll find more avanced personalisation features in the LG G3, which can learn your usage patterns to offer you more personalised information. The interface has also been slightly reworked, with flatter-looking icons. 

LG G2 vs LG G3: Battery

In common with the LG G2 the LG G3 features a 3,000mAh removable lithium-polymer battery, with support for wireless charging. Our G2 can last a good couple of days, perhaps even three with light usage. With a larger, higher-resolution screen and a faster processor inside you might think battery life would suffer, although LG claims to tackle this with adaptive framerates, adaptive clocking and adaptive timing control. We’ll be able to investigate this when we get the LG G3 into our lab for thorough testing.

Don’t like the LG G3? Check out the competition in our article: 27 best smartphones of 2014.

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Specs LG G2: Specs

Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS

5.2in IPS display (1080×1920), 424 ppi

2.26GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU

Adreno 330 GPU


16/32GB internal storage

13Mp rear camera AF with LED Flash

2Mp front camera

Video recording at up to 1080p @60fps

24bit/192kHz audio

Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n

Bluetooth 4.0 LE




HSDPA, 42 Mbps

HSUPA, 21 Mbps

4G LTE (Cat 4)


11.1Wh (3000mAh) battery



How To Stop An Lcd Monitor From Flickering

Table of Contents

Although your computer monitor may appear to be a still image when no one is using it, it is actually being updated constantly. Much like a film strip is just a bunch of static images displayed quickly, your monitor updates at a fast rate to make it look like things are moving smoothly on the screen.

The rate at which your monitor updates is measured in Hertz. One Hertz is equal to one cycle per second. If your monitor is set to update at a rate of 100 Hertz, then it is refreshing 100 times per second. The Hertz used to measure monitor refresh rates is similar to the Gigahertz used to measure the speed of your CPU, except that Gigahertz is a measure expressed in billions of cycles per second.

Setting the Refresh Rate for an LCD Monitor

It is likely that your monitor can only use one or two refresh rates, so this list may not be long. Some manufacturers build monitors that can display anywhere from 30 Hertz to 200 Hertz. Normally, monitors with higher refresh rates will be more expensive. A common refresh rate for gaming monitors is 144 Hertz. If the price of a monitor seems too cheap to you, it’s probably because it has a low refresh rate. For example, some new 4K monitors are cheap, but are only 30 Hertz, which can make everything look choppy on the screen.

Also, a lot of monitors will show 59Hz and 60Hz and you can pick between the two. So what’s the difference? It’s basically something to do with rounding and it really doesn’t matter. You can read the exact details on 59Hz vs 60Hz here.

First, make sure you are using the latest driver for your LCD monitor. If the driver is outdated or Windows is using a generic driver, the number of refresh rates available may be limited. Visit the manufacturer website and download the latest driver for your version of Windows.

If that doesn’t work, you can force Windows to use a refresh rate that is not technically supported by the monitor. Be careful, though, because it is possible to damage your monitor hardware if you do this.

On the Monitor tab shown above, there is an option that is checked by default called Hide Modes That This Monitor Cannot Display. By unchecking this option, you can force Windows to use any refresh rate for your monitor that you want.

Notice that right underneath this option, Windows warns you about an unusable or damaged display. Uncheck this option and set your monitor to an unsupported refresh rate at your own risk. Depending on your version of Windows, this option may be grayed out, meaning you can only pick from the refresh rates listed in the box.

Cable – If you can, change the cable connecting your monitor to your computer. In some cases, a defective cable can cause the signal to break while being transmitted across the wire.

Input Port – Another solution is to use a different port on the monitor, if possible. For example, if you are connecting using HDMI, try DVI or DisplayPort or VGA instead and see if that fixes the problem.

Video card – If there is an issue with your video card, it will obviously effect the output on the screen. Update the drivers and open your computer to ensure that the video card is properly seated in the slot.

Monitor – Lastly, the monitor itself could be damaged or defective. Try connecting the monitor to another computer to see if the problem goes away or remains.

2009: The Year Ahead For Ppc And Google Adwords

Proven PPC Profit = Increased PPC Spend Spending on PPC Versus SEO

But the counter-question is: what percentage of those sales PPC ‘stole’ credit for would you lose without PPC? Brad Geddes wrote a good case study on this recently, and his point is: don’t focus only on what you’d have without PPC; note the sales PPC brings in that you would have lost otherwise.

While we’re at it, email list building, email marketing, and website/landing page conversion optimization are essential to a complete online marketing mix. This coverage of the whole online sales cycle will make you a stronger business.

Mismanagement: The Biggest PPC Obstacle in 2009

I think the biggest problem we have with AdWords is that too many AdWords accounts are mismanaged. The result of that is:

Disillusionment with PPC,

Skepticism about its effectiveness,

Belief that it can’t produce positive ROI,

Theorizing Google is trying to fleece AdWords customers, and finally,

There are certainly niches and offerings that are unfavorable for PPC success. But I’ve seen and taken over so many poorly run AdWords accounts that I know a large percentage of them are mismanaged.

What’s the solution? In my opinion, Google needs to take an active role in helping to educate their customers. They do a good job of getting people to try AdWords, but possibly too good! By making it seem simpler than it is and by not pushing education about conversion tracking and ROI, they ensure negative bottom line results, negative opinions about AdWords, and this could endanger their business model long-term.

These companies might be blameless to a degree, since it’s not obvious until you evaluate your results three to six months later that AdWords is quite complicated and requires special expertise and experience. And political problems can ensue from having to move your PPC management from an internal resource to an external one. The solution might be better training, but most of the AdWords training on the internet is not professionally oriented. Most of the AdWords information I’ve seen is partial, or focused on arbitrage, PPC as for affiliates, etc.

I’m astounded sometimes by what’s going on out there. For example, a marketer untrained in PPC called me. He had spent almost five figures on AdWords for a client, and had not yet installed conversion tracking (even though Google was helping him with his AdWords launch), and was worried about the lack of results. That meant he spent almost $10k ineffectively AND had not collected the conversion-related data that would help him optimize to spend more effectively. You can’t optimize without conversion tracking. So I spent an hour phone coaching him through setting up the tracking basics that should have been in place before spending even a few hundred dollars. It wasn’t his fault- no one told him how critical that was.

Brian Carter is the Director of Search Engine Marketing for Fuel Interactive, an interactive marketing agency in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He is responsible for the SEO, PPC, SMM, and ORM programs at Fuel and its partner traditional agency Brandon Advertising & PR.

Is Ces A Thieves’ Paradise?

The International CES is packed to the rafters with the latest in shiny, often expensive high-tech gadgets, so it’s no surprise that theft is a problem for companies exhibiting at the show.

Several vendors who rent space on the show floor said they had been victims of crime over the week of the show. They were mostly incidents of petty theft, or petit larceny as it’s called in the state of Nevada, though one company said its booth had been broken into overnight.

Las Vegas police say it’s hard to get a fix on the amount of crime at the show, since some incidents go unreported and others are reported only to security guards hired to work at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“If we don’t see a report filed, it basically didn’t happen,” said Detective Vinnie Jones of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Tourist Crimes Unit.

Thefts reported

Unirex, which sells portable sound systems, memory sticks, and other gadgets, clears its stand each night and locks the goods in an office at its booth. But earlier this week, thieves broke into the office, apparently with a screwdriver, and stole audio systems and other products.

The booth is supposed to be guarded at night by security guards, said a Unirex executive who asked not to give his name. The guards told the company that the theft may have been by cleaners who work overnight to prepare the convention halls for the next day, the executive said.

Niccolai/IDGNSThieves made off of accessories from this stand at GoPro’s CES booth.

GoPro, which makes the sporty point-of-view cameras popular among skiers and cyclists, held a giveaway at its booth Thursday morning that attracted a big crowd. When the crowds thinned out, the company discovered someone had cleared away most of the products hanging on one of its displays.

The thief stole GoPro accessories rather than the cameras themselves, probably to the tune of about US$500, said a representative. Like several people interviewed for this story, she preferred not to give her name because she was not authorized to speak for her company.

“People get a little ‘hands-y’” at the show, said Daniel Moon, global product manager for iLuv, who said accessories such as ear buds were stolen from the iLuv booth on Wednesday.

Christopher Kooistra, director of marketing services for Cobra, which sells police radars and two-way radios, said an iPod Touch was stolen from Cobra’s booth one night this week. It was tethered to a case, like many of the gadgets on the CES show floor, but the thief broke the case, he said.

Most exhibitors take precautions against theft.

The Unirex executive said his company displays only mock-up memory devices, some of which have been stolen in years past. “We only put out dummies, so the dummy is the guy who takes them,” he said.

He said he’d been coming to CES for 17 years and that this year’s break-in was the first serious incident for the company. He declined to put a value on the goods stolen but said they were mostly small audio boxes.

Pentax Imaging started using a new security system this year to protect its cameras, after some were stolen in years past. This year, it tethered its cameras to a long wooden board that it can lock away at night.

Police are aware that theft is a problem at CES and in years past have left a laptop with a tracking device lying around in a bid to entrap thieves, Jones said.

Only one crime had been reported to police as of Thursday, he said, but security staff had notified him of three others and Jones said he may hear about more in the coming days. In the incident reported, a thief stole an iPad that was left on a bench and took it to a nearby pawn shop, but the shop refused to buy after calling the owner’s number, which was etched on the back of the iPad. Police later obtained a copy of the thief’s driving license from the pawn shop.

Big turf to cover

Like other big trade shows, CES appears difficult to secure. The day before the event, huge doors are open on all sides of the building to allow fork lift trucks to enter, and an army of workmen prepare the space while televisions and other goods are delivered to booths.

Niccolai/IDGNSA Polaroid device is tethered and locked to the inside of a block of wood on the CES show.

Stealing even big items might not be difficult, though none of the vendors reported major thefts this week. Cobra has a Ferrari parked in its booth to attract visitors, and it disconnected the battery this week, partly for safety reasons but also as a deterrent to theft, Kooistra said.

A few vendors said they suspected cleaning staff for the thefts but none presented evidence of that. Another said security guards hired to watch over their booths at night are not diligent enough. Last year, a security guard at the press broadcast center used by IDG News Service was found asleep one evening in an empty room.

“These guys probably make $12 an hour; why would they care what happens?” said a representative at the Hisense booth.

For more blogs, stories, photos, and video from the nation’s largest consumer electronics show, check out complete coverage of CES 2013 from PCWorld and TechHive.

Get Android 5.1 Lollipop On Your Lg G Pad 8.3 (Unofficial Cm12.1)

LG G Pad 8.3 official Android 5.1 update may not come, ever, but thanks to CM12.1 custom ROM, it’s already available unofficially. Announced back in September 2013, the G Pad 8.3 inch version is still a capable tablet and can run the Android 5.1 update without any issues. You cannot argue if the users need more, in fact the latest, and this is something that can only be fulfilled by, a custom ROM.

Couple of days ago, CM12.1 custom ROM for the LG G Pad 8.3 (model no. V500) became available with the amazing set of customization options and features. You can treat yourself with stock Android UI, in its pure form, without the changes by LG. CM12.1 as the name suggests is based on Cyanogen Mod Android 5.1 code, thus similar to the stock Android update, but it does come along with tons of customization options that makes it a good choice of ROM for G Pad 8.3. You can always go back to install official firmware back, which will bring the device back to factory state, and will remove your custom recovery and ROMs along. You’re not likely to get your warranty back.

Note: You know, because this ROM is not an official Google Android 5.1 update for LG G Pad 8.3, there are chances you could find few kinks at some of its corners. Any major bugs will be reported below.

Sr. #


Major Bugs


CM 12.1



NOTE: When downloading a ROM, do check its development page first for newer and more stables builds, if any available, with less bugs. Since the 5.1 ROMs are under heavy development, consider this a must.

More Android 5.1 based ROMs to be added as and when available.

Supported devices

LG G Pad 8.3 (model no. V500)

Don’t try on any other device whatsoever


Warning: Warranty may be void of your device if you follow the procedures given on this page. You only are responsible for your device. We won’t be liable if any damage occurs to your device and/or its components.

Backup important files and data (contacts, messages, etc.) stored on your device before proceeding with the steps below, so that in case something goes wrong you’ll have backup of all your important files.

Transfer the ROM file and Gapps file to your device’s internal storage and remember the location where you save them.

You will need either of TWRP recovery, CWM or Philz recovery for this. Get TWRP recovery from here. The guide below is based on TWRP, although procedure in other recovery is nearly same.

Boot into recovery mode.

[Optional] Make a backup. Once in TWRP recovery, take a backup of your current ROM. In TWRP, select Backup, then do a “Swipe to Back Up” on the bottom of the screen. Wait for the backup to finish, the process may take some time to complete.

Once the backup is finished Wipe your device, do this: tap on Wipe, then Advanced wipe, and then select Cache, Dalvik/ART cache and Data. Then do the “Swipe to wipe” at bottom to ready the device for ROM flashing by erasing the cache, dalvik cache and data in one shot.

Install ROM now. Go back to the main menu of TWRP recovery and select Install. Navigate to the file where you saved your ROM’s zip file, select it and “Swipe to Confirm Flash” on the bottom of the screen. Now wait until the flashing process finishes.

Also install the Gapps the same way as ROM.

Go to back to recovery’s Main menu, select Reboot » select System.

Your device will now reboot with Android 5.1 update, via CM12.1 ROM!

In case you need any help over this, let us know. And, you can thank the developer for creating the ROM.

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