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When using a headphone, cable is not an option, switching to Bluetooth is obviously the best idea. There are many areas where cordless headphones are optimum, including late nights playing your favorite iOS game next to your wife, who is sleeping and doesn’t know you broke the no-gadgets-in-the-bedroom agreement. Keeping yourself out of the dog house is made simple with a pair of headphones.

However, fumbling around with a cord is not always preferred. iFrogz, which was purchased by ZAGG, would agree that wireless is the way to take listening to the next level. The iFrogz Audio Coda Forte Bluetooth Headphones with Mic, which I will term “Coda” henceforth, is an answer to the corded headphones of the past. Having previously reviewed ZAGG headphones, I am not new to the ZAGG audio scene but the Bluetooth addition is new territory…

Wireless preferred

If you have never used a pair of Bluetooth headphones, I recommend giving them a try. Simply, freedom gained by cutting the cord is something that will make you smile like a girl at prom. I frequently set up iPad in my kitchen while cooking dinner before my wife arrives home. Normally, I use a Bluetooth speaker to help me hear overtop of my limited chef skills. However, while reviewing the Coda, I switched over to headphones. The Coda allowed me to be anywhere in the kitchen and even into the next room while hearing clearly.

Coda Forte

Pairing is the first step with these over the ear headphones. To mimic a real life scenario, I never use instruction manuals with any of my review products. As a man, I must obviously avoid any sense of direction dictated by an outside party. Only three buttons exist on the Coda, all located on the left muff. One is the action button, pairing, on/off, start/stop, answer/end calls and the like. The remaining two are paired for volume and skipping tracks. Press and hold, changes the volume up/down and one press skips the track, whether on a video or music.

The over ear design is comfortable, but does not really passively dismiss any ambient noise. Soft cushions do pad the ears, however, and a soft headband bumper keeps the headphones from rubbing your head. A soft satin like coating makes them a tactile interest, but there is no understood benefit to the finish.

The phones will keep you rocking for around 12 hours per charge and come with a USB to USB mini charging cable. Unfortunately, the box doesn’t include an AC adapter, which means you will be stuck charging from your computer or another USB AC adapter. If the battery is depleted, simply use the included 3.5mm headphone jack until a power source is located.

When it comes to the tech specs, the Coda unit is mid-tier with a 40mm neodymium driver unit, 32 Ohm impedance, sensitivity of 102dB +/-3dB at 1kHz and a frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz.

Reaction and conclusion

Even wearing the Coda for an extended period of time, I did not notice an uncomfortability, which is good news for muff earphones. The pairing, as mentioned, was quite simple and painless when setting up with my mini. Also, the one button action is fairly self-explanatory. It did take time getting used to the volume buttons.

The sound is very clear on all ends of the spectrum, assuming a good Bluetooth connection is established. With great sound and the ability to roam around cordless, the Coda offers a good combination. Aside from annoying button controls and lack of an AC adapter, the Coda is a reasonable purchase if you are in the market for over the ear headphones. They retail for $99.99, but Amazon currently has them listed for $84.66 bringing them in-line with competitors and options for black, white, blue, and pink.

Thanks to my friends at ZAGG for providing these headphones for review and check back frequently for more reviews on iDownloadBlog.

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Hammo Tv Wireless Headphones Review

The well-padded earmuffs and headband are so comfortable that you can wear them for hours without issue. That coupled with 50 hours of battery life and a range of up to 10 meters (approximately 33 feet) gives you a lot of usability and flexibility.

The Hammo TV Wireless Headphones are also Bluetooth enabled and can be directly connected (via audio cable) to any device for regular usage. Since they fold up for easy storage, you can even take them with you on the go to use with a mobile device and/or laptop.

What’s in the Box

In the box you’ll find everything needed to set up and power the Hammo TV Wireless Headphones. The wireless docking station comes in two pieces but it very easy to put together: the two legs of the metal stand fit snuggly into the base.

Here is everything that’s included:

Hammo TV Wireless Headphones

Wireless Docking Station

Power Adapter

MicroUSB cable

Two Audio Cables

RCA Adapter Cable

USB to Audio Charging Cable

User Manual and Safety Instructions

Limited Warranty

Setting Up Hammo TV Wireless Headphones

Before getting started, it’s important to know that these headphones will only work with TVs that have an RCA audio OUT or 3.5mm headphone audio OUT jack. However, if you have optical digital audio OUT or digital audio OUT, you can purchase an optical to analog converter.

Setting up the Hammo TV Wireless Headphones is so much easier than expected. I’ve tried some TV headphones in the past and they required you to go into your TV Settings and tinker around with some things. They were also a pain to connect wirelessly.

These, on the other hand, are the complete opposite. It literally took all of five minutes to get the headphones connected and functioning. Here’s what you have to do:

Attach the power adapter to the microUSB cable. If you plan to power the docking station via USB instead of a power outlet, you can skip this step.

Connect the microUSB cable to the docking station and plug the other end into an outlet or USB port.

Connect one end of the audio cable to the docking station.

Connect the other end of the audio cable to the RCA adapter cable (if your TV has an RCA audio out jack) or directly into the headphone jack on your TV.

If you are using the RCA adapter cable, connect that to the RCA OUT jacks on your TV.

Turn on your TV if it isn’t already on.

Turn on the docking station using the power button on top. (Hold for one second to turn on, and hold for three seconds to turn off.)

Turn on the headphones using the power button on the back of the left earmuff and wait for them to automatically pair. This should only take a couple of seconds.

Two Is Better than One Using Hammo TV Wireless Headphones

I noticed that I needed to completely mute the audio on my TV in order to hear only through the headphones. Otherwise, the audio plays through both the TV and headphones at the same time.

Doing this also allowed me to see that there is a tiny delay in the audio playing through the headphones. However, I was only able to notice this when hearing the audio through the headphones and TV at the same time, proving how insignificant the delay is.

Charging the Headphones

When the battery is low, the LED indicator on the headphones will flash and play a “low battery” warning tone. You’ll need to use the USB to audio cable for charging: the audio end goes into the headphone’s audio port, and the USB ends plugs into the docking station.

The LED indicator will flash yellow while charging and remain steady when charging is complete.

It takes around five hours to completely charge when almost dead. Also, the headphones won’t operate while charging – not that you’ll be able to use them anyway with the short charging cable that’s included.

Final Thoughts

Hammo TV Digital Wireless Headphones

Charnita Fance

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Best Wireless Neckband Headphones In 2023

If you are not really the fan of truly wireless earbuds and neither like chunky noise-isolating headphones, these best Bluetooth neckband headphones can be a great option. Usually shaped like an horseshoe, this collar bands sits comfortably around your shoulders and can be carried anywhere and everywhere.

They happily house a powerful battery, Bluetooth transmitter, and multi-functional buttons. Some of them even sport a mic, voice assistant support, active noise canceling and so much more. So, let’s dive into the listing without further ado.

1. Sony WI-1000XM2 Noise Cancelling Neckband Headphones

Thanks to a QN1 processor, Sony offers industry-leading noise cancellation and smart listening. The adaptive sound control, auto-adjusts ambient sound as per your activity.

WI-1000XM2 offers up to 10 hours of battery life and fast charge. A 10min quick charge lends 80min of playtime. And a flexible, lightweight neckband makes for comfortable all-day wear.

There is also Alexa’s support, activate the voice assistant with just a simple touch. Moreover, you can control the ambient sound settings with an app on your smartphone.


Adaptive Sound Control

Compact Carrying case

Fast Charge


Not great for calls

Mic feedback issues

Check out on Amazon

2. JBL Live 200BT In-Ear Neckband Headphones

In just 2-hour of quick charge, get juice that lasts all day, up to 10 hours of continuous playback. Live 200BT offers JBL Signature Sound, an impressive audio reproduction with a well-balanced sound.

The best part, you can connect two devices simultaneously and switch between them effortlessly. So, listen to music on a laptop and attend phone calls without issue.

Control your music and phone calls with button controls or order the voice assistant around. As for the neckband, the ergonomically designed piece naturally fits with the contours of your head and neck.


Value for money

Dual device pairing

Comfortable all-day use


Little lite on bass

High latency

Average noise cancellation

Check out on Amazon

3. Sennheiser CX 7.00BT Neckband Headphones

With Qualcomm apt-X, CX 7.00BT offers true Hi-Fi sound support. The overall sound quality is boomy and carries a slightly darker signature.

In terms of battery life, you will get up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge. It also supports convenient multi-connection up to 2 devices with a 3-way calling capability.

The sleek neckband carries intuitive three-button remote to manage music and calls quickly. The buds provide lightweight and comfortable noise isolating fit.


Sennheiser signature sound

Fast NFC Pairing


Micro-USB charging

Earbuds don’t have magnets

Poor mic quality

Check out on Amazon

4. Bose Quietcontrol 30 Neckband Headphones

‘Don’t just cancel noise, control it,’ well, that’s what Bose claims with these beats. And their claim stands true for the most part.

Despite the size, Quietcontrol offers Bose’s default sound signature, including best-in-class noise cancellation. So much so, that it works even without being paired to a device.

As long as it is powered on, the isolation works. Another fantastic feature is noise rejecting dual microphones that help to deliver clearer calls.


Noise-canceling even in the idle period

Bose Connect app support

10 m Bluetooth range


The plastic on the neckband peels off with regular use

Slightly weighty collar

Check out on Amazon

5. Samsung Level U In-ear Headphones with Microphone

If you are looking for headphones that work equally well for phone calls, then choose this one. Level U has dual Mic noise reduction and echo cancellation that reduces outside interference and feedback during calls.

Along with comfortable neckband, Level U also sports excellent pair of earbuds. Both the buds can be magnetically attached when not in use.

What’s great, if still paired to a phone, they will not turn off. In fact, Level U will enter a super low power mode, ready to use as and when you put them back.


11 hours of battery life

Low-power mode

Great Microphone


Ear tips are not super-soft

No fast charging

Check out on Amazon

6. PHILIPS Waterproof Neckband Headphones

Sports or Gym aficionados, this beauty is specially crafted for your active lifestyle. Ergonomically designed, Philips offers incredible comfort during swimming, running, jogging, cycling, driving, camping, and other outdoor sports.

Further, they have IPX 5 waterproof certification, ensuring the withstand sweating. It also offers call vibration, so you don’t miss any important calls.

As for the music output, the earbuds offer powerful bass and clear midrange with perfectly tuned neodymium acoustic drivers. What’s more, you can get up to 2 hours of juice, in just 5 minutes of charge.


Vibration mode

High-Res Audio

14 hours playtime


Does not shut down automatically

Check out on Amazon

7. Skullcandy Ink’d Plus Active In-Ear Neckband Earbuds

Skullcandy offers an excellent match for an active lifestyle with up to 15 hours of battery with sweat and water resistance. And thanks to rapid charge, you can avail 2 hours of playtime in 10 minutes.

The collar is super flexible enough to fit in your pocket. It also boasts FitFin™ ear gels that ensures a secure fit, no matter the activity.

The flex collar has tabs to activate assistant, microphone, and call/track control. And amazingly, it also has a tile tracker built-in its neckband; so you can quickly find them.


15 hours of battery

Secure Earbuds

Tile Tracker


Average Noise cancellation

Mic feedback isn’t that great

Check out on Amazon

8. Jabra Elite 65e Neckband Headphones with Noise Cancellation

Jabra sports 3 Microphone call technology that allows a noise block for crystal clear voice on calls. Thanks to the precise background noise reduction and hybrid active noise cancellation, it is a perfect companion for calls.

You also get one-touch access to Alexa, Siri, or Google assistant. With Jabra, you can customize your music profile and modify it as per your taste and the current music.

The band is IP54 rated with a 2-year warranty against water and dust damage. As for the battery, you get 8 hours of battery using ANC, and up to 13 hours with ANC off.


Superb Mic quality

Connects with 2 devices at the same time

light and easy to wear


The max volume is slightly weak

Not the best for Music listening

Check out on Amazon

9: Bose Soundwear Companion Wearable Speaker

We know that this one is not technically a neckband earphone, but its surely worth a mention. Bose Soundwear Companion is a speaker that you can comfortably wear on the neck.

And not just for listening to music, you can take calls and access virtual assistants as well! The three-button control lets you make calls, play and pause tracks and access your phone’s Siri or the Google Assistant. But what about the sound?

Well, can we really doubt the sound quality of a Bose product? It carries a patented waveguide technology and digital signal processing for the immersive sound experience. The speaker boasts up to 12 hours of juice, IPX4 rating for sweat and weather resistant.


Personalized comfortable speaker

Call and assistant support


Privacy is compromised (person next to you can hear the feedback)

Can slip down if you don’t sit upright

Check out on Amazon

That’s All For Now!!

With so many fantastic Bluetooth audio device options, the trend or popularity of the wireless neckband earphones has undoubtedly taken a dip. However, the manufacturers are tempting users by packing these products with many mindblowing features.

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Encased Wireless Headphones For Iphone Xs Max And Xr

Encased: it creates a picture of that heavy-duty case for smartphones. The brand is primarily associated with protective cases for iPhones and Android phones. Its foray into Bluetooth headphones and earphones certainly causes a ripple of interest and surprise among users, who have always recognized Encased as a leading case maker for iPhones and other Android phones.

My primary motive of writing this review is to appreciate Encased’s efforts and guts to plough this hitherto uncharted soil by the brand. However, my observations are, by no means, partial. Wireless headphones and lightning to USB earphones are launched under the name of THORE. I am pretty sure that Encased will master the art of crafting headphones and earphones like protective cases.

Encased Thore Bluetooth Headphones: Powerful and Travel-friendly

Robust Headphones

Encased probably has not come out of its image of a maker of robust products. The wireless headphones are sturdy inbuilt and boast powerful battery life. You can enjoy music for sixteen hours once you charge its battery to the full.


The travel-friendly design makes all the difference for globetrotters. Carry your music wherever you go! The collapsible headphones can be curled up inside its package, and you can store it in your travel bag.

Direct iPhone Connectivity

One of the glaring features is Direct iPhone Connectivity. This feature enables you to connect your iPhone without entering any code or pressing any button. I have noticed that some Android devices need a pairing code to enter.

Three-way Music Listening

I am impressed by three ways of listening to music or talking to your contacts. And I can pair my iPhone via Bluetooth; I can use lightning to USB cable; I have got the third option of using Aux cable. If you wonder how Aux cable allows me to talk, look at that controller on the cable. You can take calls by using a small button on that controller.

Music lovers might expect something more

The wireless headphones with over-the-head design have always impressed music lovers. But the design alone does not attract them. The headphones have to deliver excellent sound quality.

I connected Thore Bluetooth headphones to my iPhone and Mac. The experience was the same. Next, I employed three different ways to listen to music: via Bluetooth, Aux cable, and lightning to USB cable. I think Encased needs to improve sound quality so that the headphones do not send out distorted sound when users turn up the volume on devices.

My other observation is related to a practical problem of ear pain. But this can be sorted out with proper adjustment of muffins over the ears. If you have not adjusted them, the headphones might give you a little pain in ears.

Are the headphones for fitness enthusiasts?

Let’s hope Encased launch Thore 2.0 with sweatproof or waterproof feature. After rigorous exercise at the gym or outdoors, the muffins become wet, and this may cause skin irritation over time.

Check Out on Amazon

Thore V100 Lightning Earphone: Saviour Sibling of Bluetooth Headphones

For music lovers, the MFi certified earphones are perfect companions. The earbuds with lightning connector score higher than Thore’s Bluetooth headphones mentioned above. I think Encased has released this lightning to USB earphone as savior sibling of its Bluetooth headphones.

In-ear Buds

A notable feature in this pair of earphones is in-ear buds, which stick in your ears. This will reduce external noise, and you can enjoy your favorite music. The fitness freaks would like to wear the earphones during their workout sessions. Make sure you wipe the buds dry after your fitness regimen as Thore doesn’t promise sweatproof quality.

Rich Bass

HD sound quality is another significant feature of these earphones. Each pair is RVRB-8 digitally tuned to deliver powerful and accurate sound. The rich bass has a clear and robust effect as it provides full-range frequency response.


This pair of lightning earphones looks fragile, but it displays great strength when you use it every day. Whether you are running or walking, you can rely on Thore’s high-quality material, which makes these earphones flexible.

Check Out on Amazon

That’s all friends!

Summing up…

Encased has made a sincere effort to enter the world of Bluetooth headphones. Both products can win the hearts of customers over time. For Bluetooth headphones, Encased needs to display more maturity and elegance. Though the physical features can convince any user, the sound quality can make one think twice before hitting the buy button.

Author Profile


Jignesh Padhiyar is the co-founder of chúng tôi who has a keen eye for news, rumors, and all the unusual stuff around Apple products. During his tight schedule, Jignesh finds some moments of respite to share side-splitting content on social media.

Cloud Computing Can Offer 10 Business Benefits

Businesses today want to be more flexible and cost-effective. Cloud computing has become a viable option for nearly every business. Cloud computing is a network of remote servers that are accessible via standard web browsers and mobile apps.

It allows users to remotely store and exchange data, access software applications, and access files from any device with an internet connection. Individuals and businesses can also access their cloud data from any device or computer that is connected to the internet. This allows them to sync and transfer their files and settings wherever they are.

Cloud computing can offer many benefits to your business. These are 10 benefits that cloud computing can bring to your business.

Cloud Computing Benefits That Will Help Your Business Security

Cloud computing’s security is one of its greatest benefits. Cloud computing means that you won’t need to worry about data security.

Cloud providers employ industry-standard security measures to protect your data, including firewalls and encryption.

If your company uses a private cloud, you can further customize the security settings for your business. Remotely disabling a device can be done by an employee if they lose or misplace it.

To protect your data against cyber threats, you can also encrypt it. Multi-factor authentication (MFA), which is used by businesses to further protect their data, can also be used. To log in to MFA, users must enter a unique passcode that is sent to their mobile phone.

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10 Best Saas Marketing Tools And Platforms For 2023


Another benefit of cloud computing is its scalability. Cloud providers provide flexible cloud solutions that can be tailored to your business’s requirements.

To deal with unexpected spikes or seasonal traffic, you can adjust the system to meet demand. This lets you save money on upfront computing costs and allows your business the flexibility to adapt to changing demands quickly.

A trial period allows you to test out the cloud solution before you buy it. Cloud solutions allow you to easily upgrade or downgrade as your business grows.

This means you don’t need to purchase more computing power upfront and that your system doesn’t have to be upgraded again if you experience a slowdown in your business.


If your business depends on remote workers, cloud computing may be a great option to increase flexibility and mobility. Cloud solutions allow you to access your data from any device or computer connected to the internet and run your applications.

Employees can access their data anywhere they want, so they can work at home or in coffee shops. Cloud providers also offer many collaboration and communication tools that can be used with their services.

Cloud Computing Offers a Unique Advantage: Consistent Experience

Cloud computing also offers consistency. Cloud computing is consistent. Different departments and people may use different software and devices. However, everyone will have the same experience.

This avoids miscommunications and makes sure everyone is on the same page. Your business will enjoy a consistent experience regardless of whether you use Office 365 or Google G Suite, Salesforce, or any other cloud service.

You can also access information from multiple applications using tools such as identity integration without having to switch between them.

Cloud Computing Offers The Greatest Benefit: Lower Costs

Cloud solutions offer significant cost savings over the long term compared with other IT solutions. Cloud solutions can help you save money on software, hardware upgrades, and software licensing, while also allowing you to be flexible and scalable.

Cloud providers take care of all maintenance and upgrades so that you don’t need to keep up with IT trends.

Cloud solutions can offer significant cost savings over the long term compared with other IT solutions. Cloud solutions can help you save on hardware and software upgrades as well as provide a flexible, scalable solution.

Unlimited Storage

Cloud storage offers unlimited storage unlike other data storage options like on-premise computers. You can reduce the storage you use for your data by scaling down your cloud solution, but you can always increase it later.

Perform faster

Another benefit of cloud computing is faster performance. Cloud computing is also more flexible than traditional hardware and allows you to scale your systems.

This means your website and other business applications will run faster without the need to upgrade their hardware.

A hybrid solution can be used to increase your performance. It allows you to keep your most important data close at hand while allowing you to access other data in the cloud.

Better Collaboration

Cloud solutions allow you to share information online with vendors and clients. Collaboration tools such as blogs, wikis, and forums can be used to collaborate with your team members and manage projects.

Collaboration tools can be used to communicate with vendors and clients who do not need access to your company data. These tools allow you to share documents, collaborate on tasks and manage your workflow all from one platform.

Disaster Recovery

Control is an important aspect of any company’s success. However, you can’t control certain things. No matter how well your company controls its procedures, there are some things you cannot control. Even a slight downtime can have a huge impact on your business in today’s competitive market.


Cloud computing offers many benefits that make it an attractive option for nearly every business. Cloud computing offers many benefits that will help you to streamline your workflow, improve performance, and work more efficiently.

Iphone 14 Series May Offer An Esim

Over time, more people will accept eSIM, and Apple will wait until the time is right to launch an eSIM-only phone. The eSIM smartphone simply comes with an Electronic SIM. This means that the SIM is an integral part of the smartphone’s internal. Thus, there is no need for an external or removable SIM. The presence of an eSIM converts the pluggable metal card into a virtual SIM card. This eSIM is usually integrated with the device chip. It also provides identity proof for each terminal device to access the operator’s network.

eSIM-only version downside

However, it is important to note that an eSIM-only version of a smartphone has some downsides. For example, it is very troublesome for users to change their mobile phone number/mobile phone card. They need to go to the business hall or scan the code with another mobile phone to replace it. This is obviously not as convenient as simply removing the physical card and replacing it.

An eSIM-only version was on Steve Jobs plan

In early May, Tony Fadell, Apple’s former vice president of iPod, revealed that Jobs hoped that the original iPhone would not need a physical SIM card. Jobs’ wish may come true in the near future. Yesterday, a report from The Wall Street Journal reveals that eSIM technology has begun to gain traction in Europe and Asia.

Gizchina News of the week

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eSIM getting more popular across Europe

In terms of market acceptance of the eSIM technology, there will be little or no challenges. Most smartwatch users already know how an electronic SIM works. Since many smartwatches already support eSIMs, it will not be so difficult to accept the same on smartphones. The U.S., Europe and many parts of Asia have since accepted the workability of eSIMs.

At present, Apple does not intend to suddenly completely abandon the physical SIM card. Some models of the iPhone 14 series may provide an eSIM-only version. At the same time, in order to take care of the mass market and major operators, Apple’s iPhone 14 series will retain the physical SIM card version. Apple has given the choice to operators, who decide whether to offer an eSIM-only version when selling a physical SIM version of the iPhone.

eSIM offers more security

Anthony Goonetilleke, president of the technology group and head of strategy at eSIM software company Amdocs, told The Wall Street Journal that the future is eSIM for security reasons. For example, when Apple discovers a security issue with a phone, Apple can instantly send security updates to millions of people around the world. This is not possible with a physical SIM card.

In addition, Apple may launch an iPhone with a USB Type-C interface in 2023. The company may also completely cancel the mobile phone interface, only provide MagSafe charging and only provide eSIM for mobile phone cards.

From industry assessment, it appears that the positives of eSIM outweigh the negatives. However, users who want multiple SIM cards in a phone may have to wait longer. Eventually, we will have smartphones with dual eSIMs. There is no doubt that the popularity of eSIM is growing rapidly. If the iPhone use this feature, then we can be sure that millions of Android smartphones will follow swiftly.

As we said earlier, Apple applied for eSIM-related patents as early as 2011, and with the launch of the iPhone XR and XS in 2023, Apple began to introduce eSIM into the iPhone. On iOS 16, Apple added support for eSIM transmission between iPhones via Bluetooth. We can see that the company is technically introducing eSIM features gradually. Eventually, it will enter the full eSIM implementation stage.

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