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Over the years, we have drastically changed the definition of leisure. Earlier, leisure was to read good poetry, sitting under a beach umbrella; admiring sunrise was a favorite pastime; people would love to see flowers opening their hearts and spreading the absorbing fragrance.

Back to present. Life is tangled in wires of communication devices, which have replaced a good book of meaningful poetry. There is no leisure in appreciating sunrise; rather, we glance over our smartphone’s screen to check time or maybe to read important and not-so-important messages on WhatsApp and Messages apps. We don’t have time to see the blooming of flowers, because our time is eaten up by morning meetings with clients or boss.

Stanley by Distil Union – The Bendable iPhone Leather Stand

While doing these activities, one thing is too tiresome: holding our iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus in our hands. This, probably, is the reason that meaning of leisure is shifted to holding a coffee mug in our hands while taking calls or watching the latest pics of our kiddo. Thankfully, there are accessories that hold our iPhone, otherwise how difficult it would be for us to slurp that hot coffee.

So now we have a super-comfortable leather stand that can hold our iPhone while we can enjoy our personal and professional life at home & office. Stanley by Distil Union is a new-age bendable leather stand for your phone.

Stanley: Distil Union’s Innovative Leather Stand for iPhone

Everything Italian has to be classy; but this one is a combination of American design and Italian material, i.e. leather. The product is made in US with leather-covered bendable steel. This actually elevates your phone to the level you want to fix. Moreover, there is a slot for cable to pass through; this allows you to charge your iPhone at any angle. Unlike a typical metal dock, Stanley is a welcome option that decorates any desk.

Multipurpose Stand

The leather stand fulfills multiple needs of all users. Its low angle allows you to type in text while you are using Messages, Mail or WhatsApp apps; stay connected with your friends & family on social media by quickly typing posts & tweets. A home maker enjoys some delightful moments while browsing through sumptuous recipes in kitchen. And what is s/he expected to do? Just elevate the stand to watch the screen comfortably. Its bendable sections can be fine-tuned to different heights and viewing angles. A Facetime call is more fun with this leather stand; just place your iPhone at a suitable angle and enjoy the conversation. Place this stand by your bed and make your phone sit on the stand. This helps in taking emergency calls during night (if you are working in one of those essential services).


One of the biggest challenges for team Distil Union was to create a bendable stand; to give it a robust look, they included steel and to bring style, they used Italian leather. So the combination of leather & felt exterior with solid steel-core construction gives Stanley an unparalleled look and adaptable functionality. The steel makes this stand compatible with smartphones and small tablets wrapped with cases. You can easily place your iPhone wherever you want.

So here is Stanley…a “standing” companion of your iPhone. You can take this leather stand anywhere in the world; just straighten it with your hands and put it in your travel bag. If you are placing order for Stanley, don’t forget to take that 6-feet tangle-resistant woven exterior cable that can be passed through a slot to charge your device.

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Tested: This Is The Leather Backpack For Macbook Pro That Apple Would Make

If Apple made a leather backpack for MacBook Pro models, I’m pretty sure it would look and feel a lot like the Harber London Slim Laptop Backpack.

Regular readers will know I’m a sucker for premium leather bags, and I’m an equal opportunity guy when it comes to different leather styles and finishes. But if you look at things like Apple’s leather sleeve for the MacBook Pro, it’s clear that the company favors extremely smooth and soft leather, at a price that reflects the quality – and that’s exactly what we get with this backpack …

It’s available in two sizes, one for 13- to 14-inch laptops, the other for 15- to 16-inch ones. I tested the larger of the two, which comfortably accommodates my 16-inch MacBook Pro, alongside my 12.9-inch iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard in a separate slot.

Look and feel

The backpack measures around 16 inches high by 11 inches wide by 2 inches deep. The shallow depth is deliberate: The pack is designed to hold a laptop and a few other bits and pieces, and to do so in as little space as possible.

It’s made from full-grain cowhide leather, in a choice of three colors: tan, black, and deep brown. The quality of the leather is absolutely first-rate. It’s a very smooth-looking leather and is buttery-soft to the touch. This is one aspect to which a review can never do justice, but if you’re familiar with Apple’s leather MacBook or iPad sleeves, it has a very similar finish and feel to those.

The main stitching is internal, and the visible stitching around the zips, exterior compartment, and backpack straps is really neat. Both zips are protected by rubber strips that completely hide the zip when closed.

This is a very expensive bag, but it really looks and feels the part.

Inside, there are two main slots, plus pockets for smartphone, cables, and so on. The smartphone slot is large enough to hold an iPhone 12 Pro Max. There’s a separate compartment on the outside of the bag with room for a power brick and cables.

In addition to the backpack straps, there’s a rear handle, and a slot for using it on a wheeled cabin bag.

In use

The backpack straps are comfortable, and the very slim design means you completely avoid the biggest drawback to backpacks: the danger of hitting someone or something when turning around.

There’s no leisure air travel in or out of the UK at present, but having used a similar slim backpack in the past, I’m confident that the bag would fit on top of a cabin bag in an overhead locker.

Of course, the two-inch depth does mean this is strictly a tech bag. A MacBook, an iPad, an iPhone, a few cables, and a power brick. This is not a general-purpose backpack, so you can forget any ideas about throwing in a water bottle and a sweater.

Pricing and conclusions

In US dollars, the 13- to 14-inch version costs $390, while the 15- to 16-inch version costs $418. Both come with free worldwide shipping.

That’s very expensive. But, given the quality, and the fact that Apple charges $199 just for a sleeve made from similar leather, I don’t think it’s out of line. This is a bag that stands up against some very well-known designer brands in terms of both look and feel. Whether it’s worth the money is a very subjective question, but I don’t think it has any problem justifying its price.

The slim design means that the Harber London backpack is definitely not the thing to buy if you’re a one-backpack person. But if, like me, you have different bags for different functions and occasions, this is a really great option to have when you want a comfortable way to carry a MacBook Pro and little else.

I also suspect it may become my standard second carry-on bag when we can travel again. The slim size means it’s not going to get any argument from airline staff about whether it qualifies as a laptop bag; the slot to fit over a roller-bag handle makes it super-convenient in airports; and a backpack is a more useful thing than a briefcase-style bag when wandering around at the destination.

The Harber London Slim Laptop Backpack is available in two sizes and three colors. It can be ordered from the company’s website, with pricing in a range of currencies, and free worldwide shipping.

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Fixed Budget Vs Flexible Budget

Difference Between Fixed Budget vs Flexible Budget

Download Corporate Valuation, Investment Banking, Accounting, CFA Calculator & others

The flexible budget also known as variable budget can be defined as an financial estimate revenues and expenses on the basis of current/actual volume of sales/ production/ activity level which changes with the change in the actual input and outputs levels.

A fixed budget can be defined as a roadmap laid down by the management at the beginning of any financial period which draws an estimate of various activities like sales, production etc. along with required costs/ revenue figures. A fixed budget is the conjecture of the income and expenditure for a given periodwhich remains unchanged with the increase and decrease in actual production level. When the actual outcomes are compared with the fixed budget data, the actual outcomes may vary from the figures laid down infixed budget. It is used by the management, financial experts and accountants of the organisation to develop a roadmap and set guideline according to which company will function in future.Management uses fixed budget as a source document with which they can compare actual cost/ sales volume and other figures so as to determine variations and its reasons thereof.

A fixed budget aids a business to attain optimal performance by checking revenues, sales and expenses. By comparing each departments performance with a fixed budget, identifying and analysingvariations, reasons for variations helps the organisation to achieve their financial goals in the long run. A fixed budget may be used by management like managers, chief financial officers and accountants in order to analyse and develop financial controls. It act as a system check tool that blocks overspending and tallies expenditure with revenue being generated from sales. A well-controlled fixed budget also aids in developing cash flow projections. In simple words, it can be said that a fixed budget is a planning tool that helps the organisation to monitor all the revenue being generated and all the expenses being incurred and thus helps in achieving its financial goals.

A flexible budget is a redrafted budget prepared in accordance with different activity levelsor at different capacity utilization levels which changes with eachchange in change activity levels of the organisation. Here, actual revenues and other cost details are placed during or after the completion of a financial period.Flexible budget is prepared from fixed budget and is therefore known as revised budget. Once after preparation of flexible budget, management compare actual figures and determine variances. Performing this activity helps management to analyse reasons for deviations at an early stage and take suitable corrective actions at the earliest. Basic objective of flexible budget is to develop a standard level of costs which should be incurred for actual manufacturing outputs. A flexible budget is prepared taking into considerations nature of various cost incurred as like fixed or variable. An entity can draw multiple flexible budgets based on different capacity utilization as per different business scenarios.

Head to Head Comparison between Fixed Budget vs Flexible Budget (Infographics)

Below are the top 8 differences between Fixed Budget vs Flexible Budget:

Key Differences between Fixed Budget vs Flexible Budget

A company needs to draw both fixed and flexible budget. Both the budgets are necessary and serves different purposes. Fixed budget provides a roadmap based on which company operates for the specified period whereas flexible budget provides the details of standard cost of operations at varied capacity utilization level. Major differences between the fixed budget and flexible budgets are as follows-

A fixed budget has no impact of change in activity i.e. it does not change with the increase or decrease in the output levels. A flexible budget changes itself with every change in the activity levels.

Fixed budget is also known as static budget as it is static in nature, doesn’t change at all. A flexible budget is dynamic in nature and changes as per the requirement of the organisation and is also known as revised budget.

Fixed budget is drawn up based on a single set scenario and assumes zero deviation whereas flexible budget is drawn by predicting various business scenarios thereby providing details of cost/ revenues at varied activity levels.

Fixed budgets are operational at single activity level whereas flexible budgets can be operated at multiple levels.

Fixed budget is very simple and works on assumptions while the flexible budget is complex and works on real data.

Fixed budgets are rigid as they cannot be modified as per the real outputs. Flexible budgets are elastic in nature and can change with the change in the volume of production.

Fixed budget is prepared based on historical data and predictions of management for upcoming events. A flexible budget is based on outcome of the actual activity level

Fixed budget is compatible only with small business while flexible budgets are compatible with all small, medium and large business.

Variations identified and analysed with the help of flexible budget are more important as they provide details of operating efficiency/ inefficiency based on actual output.

Fixed budgets are less time consuming while flexible budgets are more time-consuming.

Fixed Budget vs Flexible Budget Comparison Table


Fixed Budget

Flexible Budget

Definition Budget drawn based on historical data and management future assumptions which provides set guidelines for operations during the budgeted period. Budget drawn based on actual activity levels to determine standard operating cost for actual outputs which changes with each change in actual output

Rigidity Remains constant at all levels of activity of a business It is a budget that changes with the change in the level of activity.

Character Static Dynamic

Directness Simple Complex

Level of Activity Single More than one (multiple)

Measurement of Performance Comparison between actual and budgeted cannot be done correctly Act as efficient measuring tool for comparison between actual and budgeted data.

Rigidity No changes can take place with respect to real data. Can be changed with the change in actual data

Source of Preparation It is based on assumption and predictions. It is based on factual data and is realistic.

Conclusion Recommended Articles

This is a guide to Fixed Budget vs Flexible Budget. Here we also discuss the fixed budget vs flexible budget key differences with infographics and comparison table. You may also have a look at the following articles to learn more –

Satechi Aluminum Stand Review: A Great Charging Dock For Your Iphone Or Ipad Mini

For the last several years, I have been using a Twelve South HiRise as the main charging dock for my iPhone on my desk. I just like the simplicity of it, in both design and function, but the Satechi Aluminum Charging Stand is a serious contender that I’ve had the pleasure to use for the past week or so.

Inside, I will share some thoughts and observations about this new dock’s design, look, and simple features.

A simple and elegant design

When it comes to charging docks, I like my accessories to be simple, elegant, but also match my existing setup. More specifically, I like my charging stands to match the color of my iMac to offer a consistent look across my desk.

Made of aluminum, and available in silver, space gray, or gold, the Satechi Aluminum Charging Stand definitely meets my basic esthetic requirements. Sitting next to my iMac on an otherwise very sterile desk area, this dock looks like it belongs to the rest of the Apple family of products.

Past the material and color choices, I think what I like the most about the Satechi Aluminum Charging Stand is its simple and unassuming design. I can image the folks at Satechi sitting down and wondering how they could make the most elegant, yet most simple dock for iPhone. This dock was their answer.

There is no unnecessary part here. Just the basics: a base, and a stand. Nothing else.

The minimalist in me was slightly disappointed to see the brand “Satechi” printed on the front of the base. But quite honestly, it is so subtle that you probably won’t even notice it. I know I don’t, especially depending on lighting conditions in the room that may make the print completely unnoticed.

An easy setup

In the box come the base and stand, two little screws, and an allen wrench.

The initial installation is quick and simple, especially since the one tool needed is provided. Simply tighten the two screws at the bottom of the base, thread your own Lightning cable through the hole in the base, press the cable into the trough at the bottom of the base, and you’re good to go.

Not surprisingly, a Lightning cable is not included. Because of the design of the dock, only an official Lightning cable will fit inside the stand. You “may” be lucky with a third-party cable, but note it must exactly resemble a stock Lightning cable, or else it will simply not fit in.

A dock for your iPhone, iPad mini, and more…

Once set up, you can use your Satechi Aluminum Charging Stand with any iPhone, iPad mini, and even with your Magic Mouse 2 or Magic Keyboard. I know, it sounds a little silly, and believe me, it looks silly too, but no doubt this is convenient not having to plug yet another cable to charge these two accessories.

To be completely frank, I did expect my iPhone to be a little wobbly when docked, mainly because there isn’t much to support it besides the Lightning cable itself, but my assumptions were wrong. Once docked, the iPhone is secured enough that you can easily tap on the screen to launch apps and what not without having to fear it will fall off.

Final thoughts

I’ve been sold on this dock the minute I was done setting it up.

As mentioned above, I’ve been a TwelveSouth HiRise user for years, but the Satechi stand got me on its even simpler design, devoid of any unnecessary parts.

At $24.99 on Amazon, I think the Satechi Aluminum Charging Stand is fairly priced, and I have no problem recommending it to anyone looking for a charging dock for iPhone or iPad mini.

The Best Wallpaper Apps For Android To Make Your Phone Stand Out

The ability to communicate through voice has been around ever since Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, but what made mobile phones so great is the fact that you can personalize them. A large part of this personalization came with Android OS, which continues to allow users to push the boundaries of customization and enjoy a truly personal mobile experience.

Wallpapers are an essential part of this customization experience, which helps you give your Android device a facelift that suits your style. While Android OEMs and Google itself is always keen to include some stock wallpapers with the device, they simply don’t cut it for most of us. This is why there are some of the best wallpaper apps for Android, and we’ve tested the top ones to help you make a smart choice.

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An unlikely contender in the world of wallpaper apps, Google Wallpapers has risen to fame based on its ability to bring you a refreshing piece of scenery every time. You can start off by setting different home and lock screen wallpapers, but what makes the app truly special is the fact that it automatically cycles a daily new wallpaper. In regard to the wallpapers itself, you get to enjoy a mammoth collection of images based on landscapes, seascapes, textures, cityscapes, geometric shapes and even more.

The wallpaper you set on your mobile device is a direct reflection of your feelings, which don’t stay the same all the time. Backdrops is a wallpaper app on steroids that help you achieve this by becoming a hub of the coolest background images you can possibly imagine to find on the internet. The social element of the app allows you to like creations, follow creators, upload your very own high-quality images, and more. With features like Wall of the Day and separate sections for AMOLED, Trinity, Earth, and other types of wallpapers, you’ll never fall short with Backdrops.

Microsoft has released a new Bing Wallpapers on Google Play offering users a variety of beautiful images from around the globe that usually get featured on the Bing homepage. You can browse through the app’s wide catalog by choosing which color, category, or location of images you want to set a wallpaper from. The app also automatically changes your wallpaper every morning and supports both portrait and landscape mode. In addition to a plethora of images present in the library, Bing Wallpapers also lets you choose solid color wallpapers with custom colors of your choice.


You can have the coolest futuristic designs on the show with wallpapers, but nothing beats the mosaic feel that the most famous artworks from the past offer with the Muzei Live Wallpaper app. Sourcing paintings from around the world in high definition, the artwork blends into the home screen and lock screen of your Android device. The wallpaper artwork is refreshed daily, and while the wallpaper remains blurred and dimmed to help you view icons easily, simply tapping an empty space on the home screen reveals the artwork for a couple of seconds in all its glory.

WalP offers a slew of stock wallpapers that are preinstalled on recently launched and popular smartphones. You can choose stock wallpapers from 30+ brands at high resolution, scrollable and crop functionalities. You can browse through different wallpapers using the Popular, Recent, and Shuffle tabs and also search them through brands and their phone models.  The app also comes with an Auto Wallpaper Changer option that changes wallpapers after a preset interval automatically and you can get notifications when new wallpapers are added.

Considering that ZEDGE is almost 4 years older than the Android OS itself, it demands a certain amount of respect for being one of the oldest services that have helped millions of users to customize their mobile devices. Apart from the fact that the app comes with a gigantic collection of ringtones for you to get your groove with, you get separate sections for wallpapers and live wallpapers to choose from, with over a dozen categories and a Featured section to find the trending ones right away.

One issue that several mobile users face when finding good quality wallpapers is the varying resolutions that they are available in. WallpapersCraft solves this issue completely by automatically detecting the screen resolution of your device and offering only choices based on that. Keeping the interface simple, the HD wallpapers are divided as New, Rating, and Popular categories, where you can simply tap on them to download or set as the device wallpaper right away.

A brainchild of the Google Creative Labs initiative, Meter was created to bring simplified geometric wallpapers that do more than just look pretty. You can enable the Circle (battery), Triangle (Wi-Fi + Cellular), and Square (Notifications), which will then be displayed on your home screen as wallpaper. However, what makes them interesting is the fact that the geometries of each shape will change based on the battery percentage of your phone, available mobile and wireless networks, and the unread notifications.

While AMOLED displays have existed for years now, they’re finally becoming an industry-standard among Android devices, offering deeper blacks and more vibrant hues. For all the Galaxy smartphones and other devices that pack an AMOLED display, this wallpaper app is the ultimate solution. Making sure that every single wallpaper in their catalog comes with more than 50% black color hex code, AMOLED Wallpapers start at a minimum of 1080p Full-HD resolution, come separated based on categories like Super Hero, Landscape, Minimal and so many more.

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Unlike most of the best wallpaper apps we’ve highlighted above, what makes Wallrox Wallpapers different is that it does not come with submissions from the community. After looking closer, we noticed that most of the contributions come from the app developer himself, but that does not change the fact that Wallrox Wallpapers comes with some the most unique offerings out there. Breaking it all down into Trending, AMOLED, Blur, Space and so many more, almost all of the images we came across are enlisted in 4K UHD resolution, so even devices like the Galaxy S9 and S9+ can make the most out of it.

Up until now, you’ve had to depend severely on the internet to not only find the best wallpaper apps but load new ones from the contributors. However, Tapet is one app that hopes to change all of this by becoming a wallpaper generator for your Android device. You get to choose from dozens of different free and premium patterns, which can then be customized in an unlimited manner. The app even gives you a Randomize app shortcut which helps you set a different wallpaper design with the tap of a button.

Another interesting wallpaper app is called Artwalls. As you guessed, this one is inspired by artistic work from various artists to deliver high-quality minimalistic wallpapers. Top features of Artwalls app include high-quality self-made wallpapers, an ever-growing collection of AMOLED wallpapers, different collections of wallpapers each with different styles, notifications for new wallpapers, and so on.

Best Iphone 14 And 14 Pro Cases With Stand In 2023

Do you want protection against shocks while reading, binge-watching movies, or FaceTiming for your new iPhone 14? You can get all these by using an iPhone 14 case with a stand. The stand will enable you to go hands-free and view your iPhone in landscape or portrait mode. Also, these cases are sturdy enough to withstand drops. I have rounded up the best kickstand cases for iPhone 14 and 14 Pro. Check out below!

1. Spigen tough armor case – Editor’s choice

Spigen is the most well-known brand in the iPhone accessories industry. The Tough Armor with MagSafe compatibility offers multi-layered protection for better drop safety. Besides, it has Spigen’s signature Air Cushion Technology and Extreme Protection Tech of military-grade shock absorption standards. Also, it’s made of PC, TPU, and Impact Foam for longevity. 

The raised edges and lips safeguard the screen and camera from scratches and damage. Also, the tactile buttons provide you with reliable feedback and simple pressing. The built-in kickstand is durable and convenient for hands-free viewing. I liked its added grip at the corners and dual-tone matte finish. However, the hole cutout design didn’t work for me.


Extra grip

Optimal slimness



Weak magnets to hold on car vents

2. OtterBox Defender Series case – Just classic

OtterBox Defender Series, renowned for its tough case, comes with a multi-layer structure. Its DROP+ protection can endure 4X more drops than the military standards. Besides, the polycarbonate shell with synthetic rubber slipover is shock-absorbing and has 50% recycled plastic. So, your iPhone is safe from damaging drops, scratches, and bumps. 

I liked the port covers that prevent dust and dirt buildup. Though there are no built-in magnets, the case supports Qi and MagSafe wireless charging. Additionally, the supplied polyester holster is a 2-in-1 belt clip and a hands-free kickstand. The material is fully appropriate for 5G networks and includes a lifetime limited OtterBox guarantee.


Textured edges

Added bumpers

Port covers


No magnets in case

Bulky holster

3. ESR metal kickstand case – Crystal clear

This ESR crystal clear case is durable, thanks to the scratch-resistant acrylic back. Its Air-Guard corners, raised screen edges, and camera guard provide certified protection against drops, shocks, and bumps. Also, the soft shock-absorbing and non-slip polymer sides of this iPhone 14 Pro kickstand case provide a nice grip and great in-hand feel.

Besides, its highly modifiable kickstand offers 3 stand modes. So, you can adjust the hands-free viewing angle to 60 degrees and use your phone in landscape or portrait mode. Also, your stand will remain steady for a longer period thanks to a sturdy hinge and aluminum alloy patented design. This compact case offers wireless charging, so you can juice your phone without removing it.


1.2mm Raised edges and 0.5mm camera lip

Reinforced air-guard corners



Turns yellow

4. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro case – 360° Full-body protection

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro case has a back cover, screen protector, and a holster with a belt clip. It’s the winner of CNET’s “Best Case Scenario” drop test (20ft protection). Actually, the case is made of dual-layer hybrid polycarbonate back and shock-absorbing TPU bumper for extreme durability.

Besides, the front cover has a built-in screen protector. So, your display is shielded against scratches without compromising on touch sensitivity. The built-in kickstand enables both portrait and landscape viewing. There is a rotating and removable belt clip with a swivel for simple usage. What’s more? It is compatible with wireless charging.


20ft Drop protection

Reliable screen protector



5. Encased kickstand case – Thin screen protection

Encased Kickstand Series armor case has a scratch-resistant clear PC backplate and multi-layer protection design. Also, the mil-standard shockproof and ultra-protective bumper safeguards your iPhone from 10 ft drop damage. The reinforced camera guards keep the camera frame away from the surface. 

Besides, the supplied high-clarity screen protector is made of 2x toughened tempered glass. The case offers a seamless fit and wraps your iPhone to protect it from all sides. Also, the sturdy metal kickstand is made to endure and is constructed for robustness. Therefore, it won’t pop out or break as plastic patterns do.


10ft Drop protection

Reinforced corners

Durable metal hinge


Tempered glass screen protector cracks easily

6. TORRAS MarsClimber case – Premium matte finish

TORRAS iPhone 14 Pro case with stand has a contemporary bezel design, side laser texture, and translucent matte coating imported from Germany. So, it offers an outstanding ergonomic grip and a smooth feel without gathering lint. Besides, the back panel is covered with a nano-oleophobic and hydrophobic coating. 

Therefore, it prevents smudges, fingerprints, and scratches. The best part is the case is only 0.04 inches and is lightweight. Also, the dark grey hue will never fade or get filthy, so it’s long-lasting. You will get 8ft mil-grade drop protection thanks to the flexible TPU frame, 4 corners with internal X-SHOCK tech, and 360° honey-comb anti-shock airbags on both sides. 


3D Airbags design

Internal anti-shock cushion

360° Honeycomb pattern


Slippery in hand

7. MyBat Pro Stealth Series case – With ring holder

The MyBat Pro Stealth iPhone 14 Pro case with kickstand is tough and has dual-layered military-grade protection to withstand shocks and bumps. Its non-slip surface provides a good grip, and the elevated bezel edge prevents scratches. Besides, the case guards against germs and bacteria thanks to the anti-microbial lining. 

You may use the stylish and unobtrusive ring holder as a vertical kickstand. So, enjoy hands-free movie watching or FaceTiming your buddies. With the case’s integrated metal plate, you can easily attach your iPhone with any magnetic mount. But it doesn’t support wireless charging. Besides, the snug fit ensures easy access to all buttons and ports.


Non-slip bumper grip

Anti-microbial lining 

Built-in ring holder 


Not wireless charging compatible

8. SHEILDON wallet case – For leather aficionados

SHEILDON high-quality genuine leather case has precisely crafted oil wax cowhide leather. Therefore, the surface is scratch-resistant, shinier, and more streamlined. Your phone is protected from scratches, drops, and bumps thanks to a soft, full-body casing with a shockproof edge. Also, the thicker lips surrounding the lens safeguard your camera.

You can store 4 cards and bills in wallet slots. The magnetic closure and RFID-blocking technology keep everything secure. Besides, the folding stand enables viewing in landscape orientation. The precise cutouts enable you to access all functionalities conveniently. But the magnetic closing mechanism will become less effective if you insert many cards.


Genuine cowhide leather

Invisible kickstand

Magnetic closure


 Not suitable for Magsafe chargers

So, that’s all for today, folks!

The iPhone 14 or 14 Pro kickstand cases are best for using your device in hands-free mode. Some cases come with built-in screen protectors, but sometimes they are bulky or do not support MagSafe or wireless charging. Besides, there are several cases for iPhone 14 and 14 Pro. Check these out before making a purchase.

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