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Ancient Romans were apparently staunch believers that “pain is beauty,” especially when body hair removal is involved. A collection of tweezers once used to remove armpit hair are amidst over 400 new artifacts on display at a Wroxeter Roman City in Shropshire, England. 

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Some of the objects related to both cleanliness and beauty in Roman times include a skin scraper called a strigil, bottles of perfume, jewelry made from jet and bone, amulets to ward off evil, and make-up applicators. 

Wroxeter Roman City was once known as Viroconium Cornoviorum, which was a thriving urban spot that was once about the size of the ill-fated Pompeii, Italy during the Flavian dynasty. It was once the fourth largest town in Roman Britain and was founded as a legionary fortress in the mid-first century. It was officially established as a town in the 90s CE and was inhabited until the fifth century.

Various excavations of the site have uncovered a forum where laws were made, market, a multipurpose office, community center, and shopping center, and a bath house. In the bath house, Roman Britons would have bathed and socialized, as Romans generally cared a great deal about cleanliness and public image. 

A close-up of the tweezers dating back to the Roman Empire. CREDIT: Jim Holden/English Heritage.

Roman cities throughout their empire had toilets in addition to these communal baths, and many Romans owned personal cleaning kits. These kits included an ear scoop for wax removal, a nail cleaner, and tweezers. Roman tweezers were used for way more than crafting the perfect eyebrow arch. They were used on all unwanted body hair, which sounds a bit like its own form of torture, and was usually performed by slaves, according to English Heritage, a charitable organization that oversees over 400 historic sites in England.

“It may come as a surprise to some that in Roman Britain the removal of body hair was as common with men as it was with women. Particularly for sports like wrestling, there was a social expectation that men engaging in exercise that required minimal clothing would have prepared themselves by removing all their visible body hair,” said Moffett. “It’s interesting to see this vogue for the removal of body hair around again after millennia, for everyone, although luckily modern methods are slightly less excruciating!”

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To help set them apart from “barbarians,” Roman Britons preferred a cleanly shaved face on men. Hair plucking was so painful that Roman author and politician Seneca once wrote a letter complaining about the noise coming from from the public baths, noting “the skinny armpit hair-plucker whose cries are shrill, so as to draw people’s attention, and never stop, except when he is doing his job and making someone else shriek for him.”

For women, removing hair was often the perception of beauty. “There are many, many written sources including Pliny and Ovid,” Moffett told The Guardian. “They are all writing about how you will need to keep on top of the body hair and you know, gosh, no man is going to be interested in you if you’ve got armpit hair.”

A reconstructed Roman town house stands among the city’s surviving ruins, and many of the objects discovered at Wroxeter depict the daily lives of those who once lived there. 

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This Ancient Mammoth Tusk Was Found At The Bottom Of The Pacific

Aboard the R/V Western Flyer on a research expedition off the coast of California in 2023, scientists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute were piloting remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to search for new creatures in the deep sea when they found what looked like a tusk. 

They were 185 miles off the coast, searching at depths 10,000 feet beneath sea level—finding a tusk seemed an impossibility. Randy Prickett, the senior ROV pilot who first spotted it, was sure that if they didn’t collect it they would later regret it. The crew was only able to retrieve a small fragment, but that shard confirmed that it was indeed a tusk. Preliminary research told them it was likely from a mammoth, but they couldn’t say for sure what species or time period the tusk was from. 

Steven Haddock, the marine biologist who led the 2023 survey, became intent on untangling the mystery. In July, 2023, Haddock assembled another team to recover the rest of the tusk. They retrieved the entire 3-foot object. Back on shore, the team confirmed that it belonged to an extinct Columbian mammoth, Mammuthus columbi.

Radioisotope analysis also shows it is likely more than 100,000 years old, though the findings are not yet peer-reviewed.

“You start to ‘expect the unexpected’ when exploring the deep sea, but I’m still stunned that we came upon the ancient tusk of a mammoth,” said Haddock in a Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute statement.

“As it dawned on us that this was actually a mammoth, my head began to spin imagining how it came to rest atop this remote seamount,” Haddock told Gizmodo. “It is still hard for me to believe how it sat there for millennia without being destroyed or buried before we stumbled across it.”

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Finding mammoth tusks more than 100,000 years old is extremely rare. Tusks are typically found deep underground or in the permafrost of the Arctic. The cold, high-pressure environment of the ocean floor is probably why this tusk was so well preserved.

“Our age estimate on the tusk is largely based on the natural radioactive decay of certain uranium and thorium isotopes imparted to the tusk from the ocean,” University of California, Santa Cruz geochronologist Terrence Blackburn said in a statement. “If the tusk had been found on land, deciphering its history would not be as straightforward.”

The next step is for paleontologists, geneticists, oceanographers, and geochronologists to analyze the tusk from all angles. They’ll extract and sequence DNA, perhaps revealing more about mammoth lineages and evolution from this time period. They’ll conduct CT scans to create 3-dimensional models and determine the tusk’s internal structure. And they’ll study the mineral crust surrounding the tusk to further understand where this mammoth came from and how it got to the bottom of the ocean. 

The team thinks this tusk might be the oldest well-preserved mammoth tusk recovered from this region of North America, though further study will need to confirm their hunch. Evolutionary biologists know that Columbian mammoths were the product of two other types of mammoths that mated in North America, but they have yet to figure out exactly how or when this happened. This tusk “could really help clarify the timing of this hybridization event,” Pete Heintzman, an evolutionary biologist at the Arctic University Museum of Norway, told The New York Times. 

More paleontological wonders may be resting at the bottom of the ocean. “It is still hard for me to believe how it sat there for millennia,” Haddock told Gizmodo, “without being destroyed or buried before we stumbled across it.”

The Manovigyan: Ancient Indian Understanding Of Psychology

Meaning of Manovigyan

India’s immense information base psychology has access to is still separated from the Indian philosophical writings. Given these religious texts and books, the potential for creating theoretical approaches to oneself and human growth is enormous. In India, psychology is returning to its roots around the beginning of the new millennium, and a new era appears to be dawning. Academic psychology has remained an alien field in India for about a millennium. Psychology was completely acquired from the West around the turn of the 20th century and was introduced in 1916 at Calcutta University.

Indian research developed for a considerable amount of time on the foundation of the Western perspective of investigation and instruction. It has taken a long road for Indian psychologists educated in western art to return to their roots and adopt Indian notions and ideas pertinent to comprehending Indian sociological phenomena. In fact, throughout this lengthy history, reservations have occasionally been raised about the need to integrate psychology with modern cultural difficulties to deal with the difficulties posed by accelerated socio-economic and worldwide developments.

Psychology has spent its entire time like an alien graft attempting to anchor to Indian soil and fit in with the environment. This implantation has expanded throughout the years, with tendrils appearing all around the nation. However, in terms of the actual problems of nation-building, it has yet to produce the desired results and has mostly stayed an academic endeavor. Psychologists’ absence from many national arenas raises major questions about their relevancy and viability. A greater grasp of the present incarnation is necessary to determine the type of psychology we hope to have in the twenty-first century.

Development of the Field

The slow development of academic psychology in India is explained using three justifications. One that is more forgiving is the absence of an intellectually encouraging environment.

Any academic endeavor is viewed as marginal in a nation where a significant portion of the population suffers from inhumane destitution and choices on societal development initiatives are made for political reasons. Education systems beset by an increasing youth population, bureaucratic scheming, and a funding shortage have progressively degraded into non-performers. Competency in research and teaching should be prioritized.

The question of “why psychology in India lags behind most sister sciences, such as sociology, anthropology, and economics,” however, is left unanswered by this. The second pathway is that psychology is a scientific field with some inherent limits. Its focus on micro-level issues and overzealous adherence to empiricist-positivist approaches have constrained the breadth of its psycho-social research. For more practical macro-level issues, this methodology needs to be revised. The narrow scope of the discipline eliminates the necessity of working in practical scenarios or with official or quasi-organizations.

Psychology course availability in colleges and universities has yet to be discovered. Psychologists are engaged in their careers. There is no information that legitimate organizations, including the Indian Council of Social Science Research, the University Grants Commission, or the Department of Technology and science, can provide. According to one assessment, throughout India, there are around 15,000 psychologists. Whatever the scenario, India has the greatest among all psychologists outside of the Western Balkans, and she is regarded as a “publishing giant” in developing nations. Numerous aspirations and anticipation about the discipline’s significant application to the accomplishment of programs aimed at constructing nations have been sparked by its explosive development.

The investigation of subjective experiences and their substance was a topic that was widely documented in ancient Indian scriptures. This ancient exposition’s key distinction is that it emphasizes experiential learning and is the culmination of a lengthy heritage of self-verification. The medieval Indian texts did not establish a rigid division between philosophy, religion, and psychology. The main objective was to support people in their quest for self-realization and freedom from life’s hardships. This philosophy emphasized discovering the “world within” to lessen suffering because it assumed that all pain originated within each individual. To find an enduring equilibrium of the spirit, mind, and body to experience eternal enjoyment. To achieve this, the yoga system developed extremely complex mind-control strategies. This large study area is considered “Indian Psychology” in modern literature.

Journey of Psychology in India

Indian philosophical and artistic heritage is a living force that has endured uninterrupted from ancient to modern times. Multiple thought traditions in this history included psychological phenomena as a fundamental component of disciplined inquiry and analysis.

British hegemony from 1857 to independence in 1947 weakened the vitality of this culture by demeaning its worldview and disciplines in Anglicized schooling institutions. Continental psychology was extended to the Indian subcontinent under the British administration, where it took hold and flourished. Traditional methods, which were long neglected, are now receiving attention and being made known to the globe. It is essential first to clarify some substantial and artistically different elements of Indian psychological approaches since the cultural setting in which they arose differs from the European backdrop of contemporary psychology.


Indian psychologists have made some important breakthroughs. When contrasted with an Indian ideology belief, the foreign ideological stance of current psychology is different in that it offers a variety of viewpoints on existence and death, awareness, human behavior, and values; in such a way that the western style of thought-belief psychology appears on the outside to be overly worldly.

As a result, some theories and books may have little practical application compared to India’s psychological context and demographics. To examine data more effectively and thoroughly, qualitative and numerical data should be analyzed considering the relevance of Indian philosophical underpinnings. One major issue that has to be addressed is the dearth of literature in Indian psychology.

Schannel Vulnerability Found In Windows Systems

Microsoft recently released a critical security update for a serious vulnerability found in Microsoft Secure Channel package. This is a built-in software and is available in all the modern Windows systems starting with Vista to the recent Windows 8.1 and other Windows server versions. This new critical vulnerability affects the secure network connections and allows an attacker to perform remote code executions.

Since the vulnerability is affecting almost all the Windows systems, it is rated as critical by Microsoft, and it is recommended to update your Windows system as soon as possible to stay secure and safe from any possible exploitations. In case you are wondering, this new bug in the Windows system is much like Heartbleed – a serious vulnerability found in OpenSSL which exposes the cryptographic keys and other sensitive information.

Note: Microsoft didn’t mention Windows XP, and there isn’t even a clear message to know if Windows XP is affected. If you are still using Windows XP, you are on your own as Microsoft is no longer providing any update for Win XP. It is a good idea to switch to Windows 7 (or later) or other operating systems like Mac OS X or Linux.

A Bug in Microsoft Secure Channel (Schannel)

For those of you who don’t know, Microsoft Secure Channel, or Schannel for short, is a software package used to secure and encrypt the network connections. It consists of its own standard SSL library comprising SSL and TLS cryptographic protocols to handle the encryption and cryptography. This same package is invoked whenever your browser, FTP, or any other software for that matter, is requesting a secure connection.

Due to the bug found in Schannel by a private research group, an attacker can carefully craft packets into deceiving your secure connection to execute remote code which can potentially compromise your Windows system. The recent security bulletin (MS14 – 066) confirms the same and you can find more details on the effected systems from the official update page (KB2992611). It’s worth noting that all the major SSL/TLS stacks like OpenSSL, GNUTLS, Microsoft Secure Channel and Apple Secure Transport were effected in the same year (2014) with some serious vulnerabilities.

What is Remote Code Execution

As the name implies, Remote Code Execution vulnerability in a software allows any attacker to execute malicious code to remotely access and modify your system without any physical access. In the worst case scenario, the attacker can take over your computer with elevated privileges.

Updating your Windows PC

That’s all there is to do. You have successfully updated your Windows system.


The vulnerability found in Windows is serious. Even though there are no known attacks using this exploit, it is always a good thing to update your Windows systems as soon as possible to be safe from online predators.

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Found Error On Windows 10

Unable To Access Websites On Edge? Get The Fixes Here!

Why Does This Happen?

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Smart Ways To Fix “Inet E-Resource Not Found” On Windows 10.

We will begin with the troubleshooting process with two methods; Automatic and manual respectively. Hence if you don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to resolve the “Inet_e_resource_not_found” error. But we can deal with this glitch by third-party software Smart Driver Care.

Smart Driver Care

The “Inet e-resource not found” error on Windows 10 occurs because of inadequate network drivers. Therefore, we will solve this issue through Smart Driver care:

First, install and run this smart tool on your system.

As you can see there is an option of “Smart Scan”, tap on it to continue the scanning process.

All the outdated drivers will be shown on the tool’s dashboard. You can update them one by one or all together by tapping on “Update All”

All your system drivers will get updated and hopefully, Inet_e_resource_not_found on Windows 10 has been resolved.

Now we will start our procedure with manual methods. Find the methods below:

Method 1- Rename Connections Folder in Registry Editor

To begin with, manual methods, renaming connections folder in the registry editor is the best and foremost methods to execute. But before proceeding ahead, don’t forget to take a registry backup. If you are a newbie and don’t know how to proceed, follow this blog: How To Backup Registry in Windows 10 below are the steps to start with method 1:

Launch the Windows Run box by pressing Win key and R together.

Here enter “Regedit” to open the Registry Editor.

Search the following path

“HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet SettingsConnections” as shown in the below image.

How this method will help you to get rid of Error Code Inet_e_resource_not_found on Windows 10

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Method 2- Disable TCP Fast Open feature on Microsoft Edge

TCP fast open is a key feature introduced by Microsoft that helps in improving performance. But if you thought of disabling TCP on the Edge browser, it won’t impact your daily computer work performance. You can start the steps by following ways:

Visit “About: Flags” from the search bar.


Now, under the “Networking” section, uncheck the box which says “Enable TCP Fast Open”

Now, restart your system and check whether the Error Code of Inet_e_resource_not_found on Windows 10 is there.

Method 3- Reinstall Microsoft Edge

To reinstall Microsoft Edge browser, first, we will take the backup of your favourite items.

Launch the Run box and enter

“%LocalAppData%PackagesMicrosoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbweACMicrosoftEdgeUserDefault” followed by OK.

On the desktop screen, you can paste them.

Now we will reinstall Microsoft Edge from the mentioned steps:

Open File Explorer and tap on “View” and then “Hidden”located on the top menu bar.

Now, follow the path given below:


Note- Username will be your name.

“Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe” folder.

Type Yes to confirm and restart your system once you are done with this process.

Launch Windows Powershell and run it as administrator.

Here enter cd C: and press enter. Now, enter “cd C:\users\UserName”

Note- use your name in the place of Username.

Enter the next command in the Powershell Window

“$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml” -Verbose}”

Now again restart your system and check the issue of Error Code Inet_e_resource_not_found on Windows 10 is still there.

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Method 4- Flush DNS

You can  try with eliminating DNS on your system, below are the methods to follow:

Launch Command Prompt from the Cortana search box and run it as administrator.

Enter the following command “ipconfig /flushdns” and hit enter.

Now enter exit and press enter.

Check whether there is an Inet_e_resource_not_found error is still there or now it has been resolved.

What’s Your Way To Solve Inet_E_Resource_Not_Found On Windows 10?

If you are still encountering Inet e-resource not found error, try using a VPN.

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Harshita Singh

Fortnite Client Entry Point Not Found, Exception Processing Message

Fortnite is a popular game that can display errors at times. One of the recent errors is seen when the game starts and the update kicks in. According to users, the update fails, the game crashes, and all they can see is an error message that says the following.

FortniteClient.exe-Win64-Shipping.exe – Entry Point Not Found

Exception Processing Message 0xc0000139 Parameters

If you are experiencing Fornite Entry Point Not Found error then this is the article for you. We are going to see why this is happening and how you can fix it.

Why am I seeing Entry Point Not Found in Fornite?

Like any other issue, there are multiple reasons that can cause the error in question. One of the most common reasons is corrupted Binary files. These files help the game to launch on a system. So, you know that it’s very important, and when it gets corrupted, your game will fail to update. While we are on the topic of corruption, we should not forget that corrupted game files can also cause the game to crash and show the error message in question.

You should also keep in mind that the error can also be triggered by a corrupted anti-cheat program. So, if you have such programs then you should instantly repair them. There are some other reasons and solutions that we will be seeing later in this article.

Fix Fortnite Client Entry Point Not Found, Exception Processing Message

If you are seeing an Entry Point Not Found error in Fortnite, then you should start the troubleshooting by checking for Windows updates. You should download the latest Windows build and then check the following solutions to resolve the issue.

Restart your system

Remove Binary Files

Fix Corrupted Files

Check your anti-cheat program

Repair or Reinstall Visual C++ Redistributable

Reinstall Fortnite

Let us talk about them in detail.

1] Restart your system

Let us start with the most basic solution that one must try before going for the actual fixes. Restarting will close all the unnecessary programs that can interfere with your game. So, go ahead restart your system. While we are talking about restarting, you should also try restarting your router. Just detach it from the power source, wait for 5 minutes, plug it back in, and check if the issue persists.

2] Remove Binary files

Binary files are important, but you should also know that they will be created when you launch the game. So, if they got corrupted, then there is no harm in removing them. That’s what we need to do.

Open File Explorer and go to the following location.

C:Program FilesEpic GamesFortniteFortniteGame

After that, move to the next solution, instead of trying to open the game.

3] Fix Corrupted Files

After removing Binary Files, you should verify game files. To do that, follow the given steps.

Open Epic Games and go to your game library.

Select Verify.

Wait for the process to complete. Then restart your computer and try playing the game. Hopefully, these three fixes will resolve the issue for you. If they are to no avail, then we can conclude that your game files are neither corrupted nor missing and we should check some other solution.

4] Check your anti-cheat program

An anti-cheat program is usually tied to Fortnite in order to prevent users from getting cheated. If they are corrupted, your Fornite won’t open. Hence, you should try to fix them and you can do that easily.

First of all, go to the following location in File Explorer.

C:Program FilesEpic GamesFortniteFortniteGameBinariesWin64EasyAntiCheat 5] Repair or Reinstall Visual C++ Redistributable

For many resolving Visual C++ Redistributable has worked and it can do the job for you too. So, we are going to first try to repair the service. Follow the given step to do the same.

Open Settings.

Look for Visual C++ Redistributable (the latest version).

This will take some time, and your issue will be resolved. If it doesn’t, then you need to reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable.

6] Reinstall Fortnite

If nothing works, then your last option is to reinstall Fornite. Fortnite is not a small game, so, you should not go for this solution first. Instead, it should be your last resort. Go ahead and uninstall the program and install its fresh copy.

Hopefully, your issue will be resolved.

What does it mean when Fortnite won’t Log in?

If Fortnite fails to Log in then this means that either there is some problem with your network connection. Maybe your Internet is slow or fluctuating, or there is some glitch in your glitch. Whatever it is, you should check our guide if Fortnite fails to login in order to resolve the issue.

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