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© PAACADEMY – Studio Mariana Cabugueira / META-Fluid Studio / Group 6 – Jennifer Durand & Daniel Escobar

ELEMENTAL is a meta park created for discovering the 4 elements earth, fire, water, and air. Jennifer Durand and Daniel Escobar created the project as a part of PAACADEMY’s “Meta-Fluid Studio” with Mariana Cabugueira. The project’s main objective was to create a well-being experience using natural and architectural elements in the metaverse.

© PAACADEMY – Studio Mariana Cabugueira / META-Fluid Studio / Group 6 – Jennifer Durand & Daniel Escobar

The Meta-Fluid online workshop was hosted by PAACADEMY, between May 15-July 15, 2023, on ZOOM. Meta-Fluid is one of the High-demand workshops at the PAACADEMY that focuses on exploring the quality and power of Fluid Design to conceive cyber-urban environments in virtual cities. The goal is to create a free-standing virtual city designed by 30 different designers teamed up in 3s. Some teams create meta-archi typologies for this studio, and some designers will join skills to develop a ‘Meta-Urban’ base. Combined, they make a free-standing, fluid virtual urban field and prove the Multi-Author Urban Design to be the directionality for the future of virtual cities.

© PAACADEMY – Studio Mariana Cabugueira / META-Fluid Studio / Group 6 – Jennifer Durand & Daniel Escobar

© PAACADEMY – Studio Mariana Cabugueira / META-Fluid Studio / Group 6 – Jennifer Durand & Daniel Escobar

The designers had previously explored other metaverse virtual platforms and building typologies ranging from a skyscraper and more sci-fi environments. Through their projects, they consider posing questions that might lead them to develop a narrative that lets them synthesize multiple ideas in new ways. In this case, the project idea started when they wanted to work with the natural and the digital. As technologies push for more realism in the visualization of environments and meta worlds, They wanted to see if it’s possible to develop still sensations that are natural in the built environment through architectural elements and natural elements. If city dwellers go to the countryside for relaxation, where do people go for digital escape? Is it just another video, or do they start creating natural environments that also have the potential to nurture the senses and emotions? They realized this project was a response to what might be a future not so distant.

© PAACADEMY – Studio Mariana Cabugueira / META-Fluid Studio / Group 6 – Jennifer Durand & Daniel Escobar

© PAACADEMY – Studio Mariana Cabugueira / META-Fluid Studio / Group 6 – Jennifer Durand & Daniel Escobar

They started the project by discussing the various themes they wanted to explore. After the discussion, they moved on to sketches and pulled imagery aligned with the concept. This process was coupled with modeling iteratively through a variety of scenarios and geometries usually translated from sketches or through improvisation. In the end, they critique and judge, and make adequate changes to push the concept translation forward.

© PAACADEMY – Studio Mariana Cabugueira / META-Fluid Studio / Group 6 – Jennifer Durand & Daniel Escobar

The whole project modeling was created using Autodesk Maya. Maya is the best form-finding software, as you can quickly make many design iterations. At the beginning of the project, they tested different ideas and scales for the buildings. Reaching the end, they used a more human-like scale for the structure because they wanted to create that type of experience in the metaverse. Thanks to the Catmull Clark algorithm in Maya, the geometry realized has a unique aesthetic quality that allows for great spatial design.

© PAACADEMY – Studio Mariana Cabugueira / META-Fluid Studio / Group 6 – Jennifer Durand & Daniel Escobar

From the beginning, designers focused on creating a metaverse project, so they started to think differently to make a unique experience inside the project. Each of the buildings has a particular mood (because of materiality and lighting fixtures), so when they integrated the project inside Unreal Engine, they had that point very clear. Unreal has the option to add very realistic vegetation into the project, also water fixtures, animals, and particle effects that enhance the project. At the video recording stage, Unreal has a cinematic camera for making unmatched reels in their output quality; that was the main reason they used Unreal in this project.

© PAACADEMY – Studio Mariana Cabugueira / META-Fluid Studio / Group 6 – Jennifer Durand & Daniel Escobar

Although the project intended to create a nonhierarchical multilayered park, they deducted that by creating spatial elements with a unique atmosphere, there is more richness in the navigation and exploration of this meta park. This feature serves the natural curiosity analogous to when we are in physical nature and seek to explore its different landscapes and formation, freeing ourselves of urgency to go somewhere, rather finding the journey to be the time where we might encounter something unexpectedly pleasant.

© PAACADEMY – Studio Mariana Cabugueira / META-Fluid Studio / Group 6 – Jennifer Durand & Daniel Escobar

Humans have been trying to tame nature by using the earth to plant vegetables, fire to heat homes, air to push a sailboat across the Atlantic, and water to create cities. Plato labels these four elements as the keys to our existence and our understanding of life on this planet unfolds. They exist in the physical world and, as of recent years, have been simulated and observed through digital tools. One question is, if they have been created in virtuality, they can give us the same sensations as we have in reality, or this copy of the physical life will create a whole catalog of new feelings? Do they need to be included in our digital worlds? Since the designers control what is generated in the metaverse, does nature still need any representations?

© PAACADEMY – Studio Mariana Cabugueira / META-Fluid Studio / Group 6 – Jennifer Durand & Daniel Escobar


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Kelly Vero – A Real Virtual Reality Evangelist

So, How important does Kelly think VR tech in games and general use is going to be going forward?

“For kids in the future, this is one of the most important things that we have touched upon in terms of technological development. Simply put, it’s giving them an opportunity to do something that we couldn’t do.”

“It’s not that long since we were making calls from our landlines, to then having one of those massive Motorola brick phones. Back in the day if you had run out of change in your pocket and needed to make a call you were kinda screwed, or you missed your bus or whatever. Technology allows us now to not even think about it.

“In the future kids are not even going to be able to think about the differences between reality and virtual reality because it is going to be as simple as talking to you wherever you are through AR and VR.”

“Perhaps, more importantly, they will be interacting with things in games in a way that we currently can’t. I’ve worked on some pretty big games in my lifetime where I’ve wanted to escape because it’s a safe place or a better world. There is more opportunity in virtual reality.”

And in schools? Where we currently have a very obvious issue keeping children interested. using antiquated teaching methods that bear no resemblance to the way they live their lives electronically?

“Kids are going to learn much more in education by being able to touch, feel, experience, and do. We as developers are going to be able to measure that so in effect, we will be the teachers. The more we create, the more we can measure. The more that we give parents and kids to do, the more they are going to be able to interact with real life.”

“We think that it’s such a barrier to real life when actually it isn’t. I thought the same when I first started at So Real. How do we convince people that what they are buying in VR is an apple?. You will think this is ridiculous but at the moment we are scanning in 100 different types of pomegranate so that we can use machine learning to pick the type of pomegranate you want. We are doing the same thing with sushi.”

“If you can give that to young people we can say there is no disconnect between the real and the virtual, then we have won.”

This can often be when your mind is actively processing other things at the same time, such as an intense space battle in Elite Dangerous or moving to dodge a punch in Creed.

It doesn’t always have to be during these moments, however. I used my Rift a few months back to play around with Google Earth and Street View. Once in VR, I headed to a small town in Ireland where I used to go on vacation each year with my parents. Using Street View I ‘walked’ up the street past the hotel we used to stay in. I turned around behind me and the large funfair and miniature golf course I remember from my childhood was there. My mind was temporarily flooded with memories and that provided me with a sense of immersion I haven’t experienced in games as yet.

Windows 11: How To Install A Virtual Machine

These can be safely ignored most of the time, but what if you’re trying a new app and it asks to make changes to your device? Or perhaps you’re following a tutorial that involves editing the Registry, risking irreversible damage to your PC if things go wrong. 

Equally, you might be curious about a different operating system, but don’t want to go through the hassle of buying a separate device you may never use.  

In all these scenarios, a solution is available for all Windows 11 users: virtual machines. 

What is a virtual machine?

If you think of each laptop or PC as a physical machine, a virtual machine achieves the same effect using software. It allows you to run a full version of any operating system that’s completely separate from your main computer. 

On Windows 11, you might be reluctant to make big changes and potentially not being able to go back to how things were. Using a virtual machine, that’s not a problem. 

But Windows 11 isn’t an upgrade over its predecessor in all areas. Creating a Windows 10 virtual machine lets you dip in and out whenever you like.  

Or maybe you’re curious as to how other operating systems work these days. Provided you can get your hands on an ISO file of macOS, Chrome OS, Linux or Ubuntu, all can be installed as virtual machines.  

You can create as many of these as you like, but you probably won’t want to run them all simultaneously. Virtual machines typically require a lot of your computer’s resources, so use one at a time unless you have lots of spare RAM capacity. 

How to create a virtual machine in Windows 11

The first stage involves downloading the operating system you’d like to create a virtual machine for. For the purposes of this tutorial, it’s a Windows 11 ISO file from the Microsoft website. An equivalent file is also available for Windows 10, but you’ll have to go elsewhere for other operating systems. 

Once complete, make sure the ISO file can be easily located within File Explorer. Then, you’ll need to pair it with software that can run virtual machines. On Windows 11 Home, that’s only available via a third-party app. We’re using VMware’s Workstation Player, but other software will also work: 

Head to the VMware website and download Workstation Player for Windows. It’s free for personal use 

Anyron Copeman / Foundry

Once complete, open the file and allow it to make changes, before restarting your device 

Follow the instructions to complete installation, using recommended settings and not entering a licence key 

Enter at least 64 as the ‘Maximum disk size (GB)’ and select ‘Store virtual disk as a single file’ before hitting ‘Next’

Follow the setup process as normal, choosing ‘I don’t have a product key’ 

If you see a message saying, ‘This PC can’t run Windows 11’, hit Shift + F10 on your keyboard 

Anyron Copeman / Foundry

Close the window and go back one step on the setup 

It will refresh once complete, then follow the setup process as normal 

That’s it! You’ll now have a fully functioning Windows 11 virtual machine that works independently of your main PC. 

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Virtual Machine Could Not Initiate A Checkpoint Operation, Error 0X800423F4

Hyper-V checkpoint is a useful feature in a Hyper-V virtual environment. You may get the error prompt with the message and code Virtual machine could not initiate a checkpoint, Error 0x800423F4 when creating a new checkpoint or carrying out other checkpoint-related operations. This post provides the most applicable fixes to the issue.

Error 0x800423F4.

What is a Hyper-V checkpoint?

Hyper-V checkpoint is a feature that allows you to save a virtual machine’s state by creating a different virtual disk. Any changes made on a virtual disk (that is, changed blocks) are not written to the parent .VHDX file, instead they are recorded to an .AVHDX checkpoint file. You can create a chain of checkpoints and multiple links.AVHDX files are created in the corresponding VM folder. There are two checkpoint types viz:

Standard checkpoints that save the disk and memory state of the VM and are crash consistent.

Production checkpoints are application consistent. Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) and Hyper-V Integration Services are used to freeze the file system state to avoid errors when writing data to opened files.

Below are some of the checkpoint-related errors that you may encounter in Hyper–V:

Hyper-V checkpoint operation failed

Could not initiate a checkpoint operation

Could not create auto virtual hard disk

General access denied

You are likely to encounter any of these errors due to the following common reasons:

Permissions for the snapshot folder are incorrect.

A VM was improperly moved from another Hyper-V host, and correct permissions were not set.

Hyper-V needs to be rebooted.

Virtual machine could not initiate a checkpoint operation, Error 0x800423F4

If you get the Virtual machine could not initiate a checkpoint, Error 0x800423F4 when creating or performing any checkpoint-related tasks on your VM in Hyper-V, then the fixes we have presented below can be applied in no particular order to resolve the issue.

Change the Checkpoint type to Standard

Check folder permissions

Check logs in Event Viewer

Check Integration Services settings

Let’s briefly describe these suggested fixes.

1] Change the Checkpoint type to Standard

This Virtual machine could not initiate a checkpoint, Error 0x800423F4 is a known issue for pre-2023 DCs running in VMs on 2023/Win10 Hypervisors. Our investigations revealed that the problem is the new Production Checkpoint architecture. If you change the Checkpoint type to Standard in the VM’s settings, the Checkpoint will succeed.

2] Check folder permissions

In this example, the virtual disk files are stored in the D:Hyper-VVirtual hard disks folder. You need to make sure that there are sufficient folder permissions (where the virtual disk files are stored) to access the needed data by Hyper-V.

3] Check logs in Event Viewer

The general recommendation to address different Hyper-V errors is to check Event Viewer log files. In Event Viewer, you can find more detailed information about errors than in Hyper-V Manager. So, you can view the logs by following these steps:

Open Computer Management.

4] Check the settings of Integration Services

This fix requires you to make sure that Hyper-V Integration Services are installed in the guest operating system (OS). To perform this task, do the following:

Open VM settings.

Select/Deselect the Backup (volume checkpoint) option.

The deselected option is used for crash-consistent checkpoints, and the selected option is used for application-consistent checkpoints (the VSS signal is passed to a guest OS). If there is an issue with the VSS writer, disabling this option can be of help. Select the Guest Services option.

Hopefully, this post helps you!

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How do I create a checkpoint in Hyper-V?

To create a checkpoint in Hyper-V, follow the steps below. The Hyper-V system only allows 50 checkpoints per virtual machine.

In Hyper-V Manager, select the virtual machine.

When the process is complete, the checkpoint will appear under Checkpoints in the Hyper-V Manager.

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Vr Shinecon Virtual Reality Headset

What’s in the Box

I see no mention of these pieces in the actual part of the manual that I can understand, so I have no idea what they’re for. Any guesses (hint: they’re not magnets)?

To Get the Companion App or Not

Luckily, the app isn’t needed; it’s just some recommendations to help save you some time. It would really be handy if it were in English. I could have saved the hour or so it took me to find some decent VR apps to try (including the trial and error of finding one that works properly).

Insert Your Smartphone Put On and Adjust as Needed

After playing around with each adjustment option, you should have a crystal clear view of the app or anything else you’re viewing.

You’re in Control (for the most part)

Finally, you’ll need to control the app by using your body – mainly your head. Since everything is in 3D, you have to act as if you’re right there in the setting; you’ll need to shake your head and rotate it to manipulate games and such.

Personally, I find some apps too difficult and frustrating to control by just moving my head around. They either move too slow or don’t move at all. Maybe I’m just too impatient.

Final Thoughts

I’ve tried a Google Cardboard knockoff in the past, and I must say this is much better in quality for obvious reasons. It’s very well padded, comfortable to wear, a lot more stylish, and doesn’t require you to put anything together; it comes ready-to-use right out of the box. It also has an adjustable strap for wearing on your head – no need to hold it the entire time like Google Cardboard. I only wish it had the built-in trigger / action button.

Charnita Fance

Charnita has been a Freelance Writer & Professional Blogger since 2008. As an early adopter she loves trying out new apps and services. As a Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS user, she has a great love for bleeding edge technology. You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

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Virtual Reality’s Future: 7 Key Trends

But you can’t build software without the hardware, and you can’t go into new fields and reach the masses without affordable hardware. VR and AR now have both. So where will virtual reality go in the future? We asked a few people in the industry and here’s what they say.

1) More senses

Currently, VR and AR are visually-oriented. However, haptic feedback is a potential new use and feature for VR and AR to give you a feeling as well as a sight. Some videogame controllers already have this, where the controller vibrates to simulate action in the game. So when you reach out to something or move it, you get a sensation in a VR glove of touch.

And smell-o-vision could come to VR as well. Frank Azor, general manager of the Dell-subsidiary Alienware, which specializes in high-end gaming rigs, told Time magazine he believes future VR devices could introduce smell and perhaps touch in the form of winds and temperatures.

2) 3D scans of buildings

To give the fully immersive experience, a 3D scan requires a special camera. Erika Dalager, marketing and communications manager for roOomy, which specializes in VR room design, said 3D cameras are coming to make this happen. There’s Matterport, which does 3D scans of homes for both realtors and home design, and Google Tango, due later this year. These new cameras will make VR more realistic and immersive.

3) Faster networks

The trend toward VR technology will have significant impact on how networking and computing services are provided to support the end users. VR apps will require real-time interaction with cloud-based servers, which impacts the need for high bandwidth connectivity, and introduces the requirement for low latency connectivity to support this real-time interaction, according to Scott Sneddon, senior director, SDN and Cloud, at Juniper Networks.

“VR devices could also require peer-to-peer connectivity, which is a traffic pattern that traditional mobile and wireline networks were not designed for. This could have far reaching impacts on how network service providers and cloud service providers architect their services, and creates great opportunities for creative solutions to these challenges,” he said.

“Advancements in mobile VR will be incredibly important this year, as the inability to move around in VR experiences with mobile VR is limiting, although is great for watching 360 content. Intel’s Project Alloy was the first glimpse of positional tracking working on mobile VR,” said Dominguez.

5) Growth in Non-Gaming Content

As organizations offer customers the ability to consume more content and teams embrace the technical requirements to do so, Collision sees availability of VR content will increase as commodity pricing starts to slide. “Producing content is still expensive but I predict costs will start falling by the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2023,” he said.

6) Teaching and Training

Watch out teachers, trainers and managers: Virtual Reality is coming for your jobs. That’s the claim from Andrea Hill, manager of innovation strategy at ReadyTalk, an audio and web conferencing software company, and a proponent of VR.

“It seems ludicrous today, that the same technology that gives caffeine-fueled gamers vertigo could become a legitimate training and development tool, but it will, at such scale and with such richly immersive and personalized experiences that we poor humans won’t know what hit us,” she said.

Coaching and training is subject to supply and demand constraints. A coach can only provide personalized support to so many people live and in-person. Virtual systems can be used by multiple people at once, with each getting that live feedback and course correction. Gone are the limitations of scheduling training sessions or finding the appropriate physical environment in which to conduct training; each can be conjured up at the right time and place.

As an example, she notes Virtual Speech, which helps people become more polished public speakers and Firsthand Technology, which offers better management of chronic pain. Both of these tasks required human interaction in the past.

7) Another perspective

The current challenge with VR content is that it is presented from a single POV. You can move and look in any direction, but you are pinned to the author’s or content creator’s position. When content is authored with motion, the movement is fixed and creates a challenge. You can’t look at the other side of a car, for example, if the camera only shot one side of it.

Or imagine a concert. Your perspective is where the cameraman was placed. It might be too close, or at a bad angle, or someone might be out of sight. But you can’t move.

But what if everyone in the front row collaborates to generate VR content, theorizes Collison. The viewer can move between different seats. Soon massive and many computers will be able to stitch all of that content together to create a seamless experience and 360 views, he predicts.

“VR will fundamentally change the way everyone experiences life and shares those experiences. And this future is coming much faster than anyone expects,” he said.

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