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Elephas AI writing assistant offers almost everyone one can wish for a writing assistant. While there are some cons, the features and pros easily outweigh them, making it a great choice for writers.


Works with almost every app

Copy to clipboard function 

Shortcuts integration

Minimal UI


Installation process could be improved

Rating: 🌝 🌝 🌝 🌝 🌜

Price: Monthly subscription starts at $4.99

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AI has finally taken over the field of writing. Yes, that happened! Enter Elephas, a personal AI writing assistant for Mac. In this detailed review, I have tried to discern whether this app can be your assistant the next time you want to write creatively.

What is Elephas?

AI tools can inspire writers to improve their copywriting and content writing. Elephas is an AI writing assistant tool that helps you with all your content needs. It assists in writing emails, blogs, articles, or even for marketing copies.

Features offered by the Elephas app

To save hours on tedious writing tasks, the Elephas smart AI assistant offers a lot of features:

Rewrite: Modify the writing style of the sentence as per your need. You can choose from professional, friendly, Zinsser, Viral, or persuasive modes.

Continue writing: Having writer’s block? Then the Continue Writer is what you need. It will help to take the content ahead, depending on what you have written so far.

Fix grammar: Check if the sentence is grammatically correct and rewrite accordingly.

Smart Write: Elephas’ Smart Write feature can be utilized to compose emails. If you are confused about what to write, this option can help you with that.

Preset: Don’t know what format should be followed for an email or any other form of writing? Here’s the Preset option for you. You can use this along with Smart Write to get your desired content.

Content: It is mainly helpful for those who want to create a blog, email, summarise, reply to an email, or even make a counterargument.

Utils: This option contains all the important utility tools you need for writing.

Translate: This option exactly does what you imagine it to do. Translate the selected text to the language of your choice.

How to install Elephas writing assistant on your Mac?

How hard can installing an app on Mac be, right? I had the same thoughts until I tried installing the Elephas app on my Mac. The process was difficult, and I can claim it’s as tough as capturing an elephant from the forest (Just to be clear, I don’t promote this activity).

Once you get the app from Gumroad, you will get an email with a license key. All you have to do is enter that in the app, right? Wrong!

You are also required to get an OpenAI key. The tech expert in me didn’t know how! It’s because I didn’t read the instructions email or the dedicated help page linked with the installation of the app.

There is a dedicated support page from Elephas on how you can generate OpenAI keys to activate the personal writing assistant. However, I must say that despite the instructions, you are bound to be confused.

Thankfully, the bitterness is only limited to the installation process. Once the app is set up, you’ll be welcomed to a wonderful experience.

Use Elephas to improve your writing on Mac

Elephas brings many features to the table to improve the quality of your writing. Truth be told, Elephas surprised me when I started experiencing the app. Since explaining all of the features will take an eternity, I’ll tell you the simplest way of using the app.

While testing all of the app’s features, I tried it once on Twitter.

I typed a sentence, selected it, and chose the writing options available in the tool. Surprisingly, the result was great, and no one doubted that AI wrote it.

Would you rather know what the future holds or take life as it comes? 🤔 It’s a tough decision, but which would you choose?

— Anoop Varghese (@imbibingnoob) December 2, 2023

Besides creating viral content, you can create business emails, follow-up emails, or even counter emails. For those who want to write blogs, Elephas offers an option. I was surprised by how well it created a title outline and entire content from just the key information I provided.

Sure it is not supposed to replace the writers, as Elephas is a writing assistant where it can give you writing ideas on various topics.

My experience with the app

The implementation of AI reminds me of the time when computers were first introduced. Many were scared because they feared computers and machinery would take over their job. While that was true, it was done for the greater good.

As I write this review, I can sympathize with the feeling of those people who lost their jobs because of modern technology. The implementation of AI was inevitable, but I wasn’t expecting these tools to develop this fast and provide amazing results. Here are some of my major takeaways:

It provides so many features without taking up much of the real estate! I was pleasantly surprised by how much space the app takes compared to the other tools I have tested.

Elephas works with almost every app where you can type.

For places where it is not working, Elephas provides you with results in a dedicated page and an option to copy-paste it.

Considering the fact that a very small team has developed the app, the results are astonishing!

Reviewing this app makes me feel like I’m writing my eulogy. Yet, I must say that I’m happy with how things are going and looking forward to seeing more developments in this field.

Area of improvement

While the app experience has been great so far, some things can not be left unmentioned.

First of all, it’s the installation process. While part of it was my mistake of not getting deep into the ‘manual,’ it would have been better if there was a video process of installing Elephas on your Mac.


User interface


Features and facilities




Value for money


Despite having a simple UI, it still needs some refinements. I would appreciate it if Elephas could take some inspiration from the competitors; usually, a small toggle appears next to where we write to carry out grammar corrections.

But considering how enthusiastic the team is, I’m pretty sure all of these issues will be addressed in the upcoming updates, to which I’ll look forward.

Try free trial


Elephas AI writing assistant for Mac: Should you consider?

Elephas AI writing assistant for Mac: Should you consider?





The answer will be an easy yes. With the number of pros to go along with the features the app offers, the cons are easily outweighed.

The answer will be an easy yes. With the number of pros to go along with the features the app offers, the cons are easily outweighed.




Total Score

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Writely Ai Review: Ai Writing App

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense and dead simple way to create better content for your business or at work, look no further than this Writely AI review.

There’s tons of AI writing tools out there, so we took a look at what makes Writely AI stand out.

Not to be confused with Writerly AI, Writely AI is a web-based platform that uses AI to help you beat writer’s block.

In this review, we will look at some of the features, benefits, and drawbacks of Writely AI, and help you decide if it is right for you.

Writely AI



Writely AI is an online tool that uses natural language generation to help you produce content for a variety of purposes.

Writely AI start page

For example, you can use Writely AI to write blog posts, social media captions, product descriptions, landing pages, headlines, and the list goes on and on.

Because the app is connected to a GPT API, it is essentially a version of ChatGPT with a cleaner interface and the ability to save projects in a more comprehensive manner.

Additionally, you can leverage Writely AI to generate ideas, outlines, summaries, and keywords for your content.

When it comes to things like fiction writing or drafting business emails, a simple interface goes a long way.

We have found that many of the popular and expensive AI writing tools on the market are often riddled with unnecessary features and crowded workspaces.

Writely AI uses OpenAI’s GPT API to generate relevant text based on your input.

The tool works by asking for an initial sentence and then the app provides a recommended completion.

Writely AI text generation example

The user interface is super clean and the minimalist writing space offers three simple commands to finetune your text.

You’re probably used to generative AI tools spitting out enormous blocks of text, and this feature is a great way to cut back on wordiness.

Writely AI functions

Also, the rephrase feature is great for tweaking small parts of a paragraph or sentence to suit your needs.

A nice additional option is the ability to activate team mode.

This enables workspaces where multiple users can collaborate on the same writing project, so you’re not the only one staring at a wall of text.

Writely AI offers a very limited free trial that only allows you to run the tool three times.

We feel this isn’t the best way to get a feel for a new tool. But you can always create a couple of trial accounts to sample the app before investing any money.

The good news is that Writely AI is on the more affordable side compared to most AI writing tools.

Pricing for membership is $29/mo for the monthly plan or $25/mo for the annual plan.

Writely AI pricing

Once you sign up for a trial or paid account, you can immediately access the dashboard where you can create new projects or edit existing ones.

Writely AI is great for users who want to better organize their AI-generated content. 

The tool can certainly create content that is on par with ChatGPT and more expensive services like Jasper. 

However, it is not a magic bullet.

You still need to have a clear goal, strategy, and vision for your content.

And you must also review and edit any generated content to ensure it is not plagiarized and meets your quality standard.

If you’re interested in trying out Writely AI, you can check out their free trial.

How To Schedule An Email In The Mac Mail App With Automator

While it seems like a simple request, many of us are still waiting for a “send later” feature in the Mail app. Having the ability to compose your email and schedule a time for it to be sent is wonderful for both business emails and personal ones.

For work, you might be diligent about managing your time and work on emails at a specific time each day. So writing them up and scheduling a time to send them is not just convenient, but essential. For personal emails, you might create messages for birthdays, anniversaries, or other occasions ahead of time. Being able to schedule those keeps you from forgetting to send them when the time comes.

Until Apple adds a feature to Mail that lets us send emails later, you have a few options. The one we’ll show you here is how to use Automator on Mac to schedule Mail.

Set up email with Automator

1) Select New Document and then pick Application for the type.

2) In the far left-hand sidebar, make sure Actions is selected and under Library, and pick Mail.

3) To the right, choose New Mail Message and drag it to the workflow space.

4) Compose your message in that New Mail Message box, include all pieces (To, Subject, etc.) and select an Account if necessary.

Follow the same steps to add more messages that you’d like to schedule for the same time.

5) Choose Send Outgoing Messages from the list and drag it to the workflow window below the New Mail Message box (or after the last Message box if you have more than one).

What you did with the steps above was create an Automator Application that will send the email you composed when it’s triggered. Now it’s time to set up the trigger on a date and at a time you choose in your Calendar.

Related: How to speed up tasks with Automator and Calendar Alarms on Mac

Schedule the email with Calendar

Open Calendar on your Mac and head to the date when you want to send the email(s). Create an event on that date and select the time you’d like. Then, do the following.

1) Under Alert, pick Custom.

2) In the first drop-down box, choose Open File.

3) In the next drop-down box, select the application you created. You’ll likely need to pick Other and navigate to where you saved it.

4) For the Alert timing, choose At Time of Event in the drop-down box.

And there you have it! You’ve created an application to send the email you wrote on the date and at the time you want. After the scheduled time, you can head to your Sent folder in the Mail app to double-check that the email was sent as you intended.

The first time the application runs, you will receive a pop-up message asking for your permission. But if you continue to schedule emails with it, you shouldn’t see that message again.

Continue scheduling emails

As mentioned, you can reuse the Automator Application that you created to keep scheduling emails. So although it’s a bit of work upfront, reusing the application is simple.

1) Open Automator and select Open an Existing Document.

5) Follow the steps to add an event to your Calendar to run the application and schedule your emails to be sent.

Alternatives for scheduling emails on Mac

If you’re not keen on using Automator or don’t plan to schedule emails often, you have a couple of other options.

First, you can use a different email app. Spark Mail is a great option, available across platforms and devices, and offers a scheduling feature. Check out our how-to on using Spark to schedule emails.

Second, you can look at plug-ins for the Mail app. Mailbutler is a popular tool with features for inbox organization, team communication, and yes, email scheduling. The unfortunate part is that you’ll need to pay for the Professional or Business plan to use the feature.

Wrapping it up

Apple gives us the ability to schedule texts in the Messages app, so why not emails in the Mail app? Until a send later feature arrives for Mail, at least you have other options.

Will you schedule Mail with Automator on Mac? Or will you opt for either a different email app or a plug-in? Let us know!

How To Format An External Hard Drive For Mac

Last Updated on December 5, 2023

We’ve all been there, you’ve filled the storage space on your laptop, and need more, so you buy a nice shiny new external hard drive for some extra storage, but what if it’s not compatible with macOS?

Not to worry! In this article, we’ll be showing you how to format an external hard drive for a mac, so that you can get some much-needed extra storage, without having to fork out for a brand new laptop!

What Is An External Hard Drive?

External hard drives are essentially free storage space when it comes to using any laptop or mac in this case.

External drives are different from regular hard drives because their use is intended for external usage. Which just means anything that’s not actually inside of the computer or any other device you’re using.

This means they’re best used in situations like this, where you just need some added storage. First, though, you’ll just need to be able to reformat your external hard drive.

Which Format Should I Use?

When it comes to formatting an external hard drive, the most difficult part of the process is choosing the file format that you want to use with your external hard drive.

This differs from person to person, but the file format that you choose is going to largely depend on what operating systems you’ll be using the most.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the file formats that might be right for you.

Mac OS Extended

If you want something that’ll work really well with your mac, then mac OS extended is going to be your best choice straight out of the gate. It’s the default file format for Mac OS Sierra or anything before, and that’s because it runs great on all macs.

The downside of this file format is that it won’t work for Windows or Linux, so if you’re using any other operating systems this one is best missed.


Introduced as the newer version of Mac OS extended, APFS is all about speed and compatibility with other similar operating systems.

In saying that, this won’t be compatible with Windows, Linux, or any MacOS before High Sierra, so your options are limited. But if you have a mac with high sierra or later, then this is a great choice if speed is of importance to you.


FAT32 is a default file format for many due to its compatibility. It’ll work across Windows, Mac and Linux, so you’ll be able to transfer files with ease.

Its only drawback is that its filing system is limited to 4GB, so you’ll find yourself running out of storage space incredibly quickly.


How To Format An External Hard Drive To Mac

It’s worth noting that reformatting a drive will always delete everything you have on it, so make sure to transfer any files you need before you start this.



Connect External Hard Drive To Mac

First, connect your external hard drive to your mac.



Open Disk Utility

Open disk utility, you can search for this by using spotlight (command+space)



Select External Hard Drive

Select the external hard drive from the subheading on the left hand side.



Erase Button

Hit the erase button



Rename The Drive

Enter the name of the drive and rename it to whatever you’d like





And You’re Done

You’re all done! After this you should be ready to use your external hard drive.

Final Thoughts

It’s as simple as that, make sure you understand what file format you’ll be selecting before you begin reformatting your hard drive, but otherwise, if you follow these steps you’ll have your external hard drive working in no time!

5 Tips For Writing Your Self

4. Track your accomplishments

Providing hard data to show what you’ve done throughout the year is highly beneficial. Employees and managers may roughly understand how you have performed but having concrete numbers to back up any assertion strengthens the validity of your self-assessment.

“If employees … spend 10 seconds a day writing down their one biggest accomplishment, success, metric hit, feedback received for that day, they’d have 10 times more data than they’d ever need for self-assessment,” said Mike Mannon, president of WD Communications.

Hank Yuloff, the owner of Yuloff Creative Marketing Solutions, said continuous evaluation of your performance can make it much easier to ground your self-assessment in facts and measurable data.

“We teach our clients to keep a list of daily and weekly accomplishments so that when it is time for the self-assessment, there is very little guesswork as to how valuable they are to the company,” Yuloff said.

5. Be professional

You should always be professional when writing self-assessments. This means not bashing the boss for poor leadership or criticizing co-workers for making your life more difficult. It also means not gushing over a co-worker or manager you like. Whether you are providing critical or positive feedback, professionalism is important.

Being professional means giving the appraisal its due attention, like any other important project that crosses your desk. Dominique Jones, chief people officer at BusPatrol, recommends treating your self-evaluation like a work of art that builds over time. She said you’ll be much happier with the result if you give yourself time to reflect and carefully support your self-assessment.

“Use examples to support your assertions and … make sure that you spell- and grammar-check your documents,” Jones wrote in a blog post. “These are all signs of how seriously you take the process and its importance to you.”

Self evaluation example statements

Keeping things simple and using short, declarative bullet points are key to writing an effective self-assessment. While the exact nature of your self-assessment might depend on your industry or your job description, this basic model can help guide you in writing a self-evaluation.


I am a dedicated employee who understands my role and responsibilities, as well as the larger mission of our business. I strive to both do my job and make this company successful.

I am a good communicator who stays on task and helps rally the team when cooperation is needed to meet a deadline or solve a problem.

I am a creative thinker who can develop novel solutions and improve conventional ways of doing things.


I am somewhat disorganized, which often impacts my productivity. I have learned how to manage my time better and intentionally direct my efforts. While it remains a challenge, I have seen some progress and look forward to continually improving.

Sometimes, I do not ask for help when I could benefit from assistance. I am always willing to help my teammates, and I know they feel the same way, so I will try to be more vocal about when I need a helping hand moving forward.

Core values

I believe in teamwork and cooperation to overcome any obstacle.

I value respect and transparency between employees and managers.

I value friendship and building warm relationships within the workplace.

I strive to be a welcoming and helpful presence to my co-workers.


I never missed a deadline in the past year and often submitted my work early.

I’ve gone beyond my job description to ensure our team operates optimally, staying late and helping others whenever it could contribute to our collective goal.

I created and delivered a presentation, stepping outside my comfort zone to do so. It was well received and bolstered my confidence regarding public speaking.


I want to continue developing my presentation and public speaking skills. As a weakness that I listed on previous self-assessments, it is gratifying to see that I have made some progress on this skill set, and I would like to double down on the growth.

I aspire to enter a managerial role. I enjoy working closely with my teammates and considering the bigger picture, and I often efficiently help direct resources. I could see myself as a manager who helps facilitate teamwork and encourages workers to do their best.


My manager is pleasant and transparent, and they always set clear expectations. I never have to guess where I stand. I appreciate the openness and direct communication.

I want to be more involved in decision-making at the team level. I believe each team member has unique insights that supervisors cannot fully understand since their perspective is different. I believe involving staff members in strategic planning could greatly improve results.

Did You Know?

You should keep your self-assessment short and simple by using bullet points.

How To Signal And Position Yourself As An Assistant Referee In Soccer

Always make eye contact with the referee before signaling.

Come to a complete stop and face the field before signaling.

In all signals, the flag is an extension of your arm. You should be able to trace a line from your shoulder down your arm to the tip of the flag.

Signal with your arm held completely straight.

If the signal is composed of multiple parts, start the first signal in the arm that will be used to make the next signal. If you must change hands, do it below your waist.

Do not signal in an overly hasty manner, but do signal crisply, quickly, and authoritatively. It is sometimes helpful to signal in a manner in which the fabric makes a loud snap as you signal.

Hold your signal until the referee acknowledges it, either by stopping play or by waving it off. Then drop your flag and move to the proper position.

Know how to signal a throw-in. When the ball completely crosses the touch line for a throw in, signal by raising your flag at a 45° angle in the direction in which the team entitled to the throw-in is attacking.

Know how to signal a goal kick. When the ball completely crosses the goal line for a goal kick, signal by pointing your flag straight across the field toward the goal area. Use your right hand to avoid impeding your view of the players and the referee.

Know how to signal a corner kick. When the ball completely crosses the goal line for a corner kick, signal by pointing the flag at a 45° angle downwards toward the corner flag on your side of the field—even if the corner will be taken across the field. If you are standing directly on the goal line, take a few steps upfield so that your flag is not crossing the plane of the corner flag and pointing to a spot off the field.

Know how to signal offside. When you detect an offside violation by the attacking team, raise your flag straight in the air. If the referee acknowledges the signal by stopping play, drop the flag to a position indicating where the offense occurred: 45° upward for an offense occurring on the far side of the field, straight across the field for an offense in the middle of the field, and 45° downward for an offense on the near side of the field.

Know how to signal a penalty kick. In the event that the foul you detect in the above scenario is committed by a player in his or her own penalty area, raise your flag and give it a slight wave, but instead of signaling a direction, hold your flag horizontally across your waist to indicate that the offense warrants a penalty kick. If the referee awards the PK, move to penalty kick positioning.

If there is no occurrence that would bring the validity of the goal into question, make eye contact with the referee and sprint a short distance up the touchline towards the center line. Then record the goal.

If there was an offside violation by the team that scored the goal, signal the offside violation.

If there was a foul by the team that scored the goal that you believe the referee did not see or any other problem that might invalidate the goal, stand at attention and do not move until the referee consults you about the situation.

Know how to signal a substitution. If, during a valid substitution opportunity, one of the teams wishes to make a substitution and the substitute(s) is/are ready and standing at the center line, raise your flag horizontally over your head (your hands should resemble the American football “touchdown” signal with the flag held between them). Then conduct the substitution as directed by the rules of competition.


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