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Email Marketing and Automation Learning Path Improve your email communications and marketing automation using a strategic, data-driven approach and best practices How will this Learning Path help me and my business?

This structured e-learning activity will help you or your team learn how a strategic approach to email marketing communications and targeting can boost audience engagement and sales. You will also learn practical tips and view examples that will help you to optimize your emails to boost response.

What is a Learning Path?

Smart Insight’s Learning Paths are our unique interactive online training courses which explain concepts, give examples and test understanding.

Unlike many online e-learning courses, each module is self-contained, so you can quickly access guidance to help improve your marketing activities.

Common modules are shared between Learning Paths to avoid duplication of learning material. You can also complete the full Learning Path to earn a CPDSO certification.

We appreciate finding time for skills development is a challenge. Our Learning Paths enable training to be bite-sized, engaging and – crucially – results orientated. When combined with our suite of templates, you’ll soon be taking your marketing activities to the next level.

Accredited learning activities with the Continuing Professional Development Standards Office (CPDSO)

Each Smart Insights Learning Path has been independently assessed and accredited by the CPD Standards Office, so you can be confident that the quality of the learning and assessment experience has been audited and recognized for its quality.

Development Objective

Members who successfully complete this Learning Path have the ability to review the current contribution of email marketing and automation to their organization and then create a plan to improve subscriber engagement and value with activities to manage and optimize email sequences as part of the customer journey.

Once you have completed a Learning Path, send an email to [email protected] to request your CPD certificate.

Learning Objectives

Make a case for investment in email marketing and automation by reviewing opportunities and understanding marketing automation options.

Forecast email campaign response and programme improvement by defining goals and metrics as well as auditing current effectiveness against benchmark performance.

Review techniques to grow subscribers, increase subscriber engagement and improve email list quality.

Improve lead nurture, reactivation emails and integration of SMS marketing.

Review lifecycle automation options and the use of segmentation, targeting and creative optimization to improve the response of different email and newsletter formats.

Create and agree an email contact strategy and policy and improve pre-broadcast processes and checklists based on best times and frequency for broadcast.

How is the Learning Path structured?

The Learning Path is separated into these topics and modules:

Topic 1 – Discover email marketing and automation opportunities

Review opportunities for using email for acquisition and retention

Understand marketing automation opportunities

Audit email effectiveness

Topic 2 – Setting targets for email marketing

Goal setting for email

Review techniques to grow and improve email subscription lists

Benchmarking email performance

Topic 3 – Improving your use of email and SMS marketing

Review your use of different email types

Essential email design elements

Improve email copywriting

Create an effective e-newsletter

Test and optimize subject line effectiveness

Define data capture and profiling

Review and improve mobile email effectiveness

Integrated SMS marketing

Topic 4 – Segmentation and targeting for email

Segmentation and targeting

RFM analysis

Understand the principles of machine learning and AI

Topic 5 – Email frequency and contact strategy

Review email lifecycle automation options

Create an email contact strategy

Lead scoring and grading

Topic 6 – Improve email governance

Privacy law requirements for digital communications

Select an email supplier

Auditing and improving email deliverability

Roles who will find this Learning Path useful

Company owners and directors working for smaller businesses

Digital marketing managers, executives and specialists responsible for email marketing

Consultants or agency account managers

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Intelligent Inboxes And Your Email Marketing Future

Email marketers were all-a-flutter recently when Google announced the Priority Inbox feature for Gmail. And for good reason.

Not because the Priority Inbox is a big deal in itself, but because of what it represents: the era of the intelligent inbox. This intelligent (and social) inbox was one of the four trends we identified earlier this year as crucial to future email marketing, so Gmail’s announcement is a timely reminder to explore that topic in more depth.

In this post I’ll briefly review the implications for email marketers and then suggest three approaches to help your email marketing achieve cut-through.

The growth of the intelligent inbox

The Priority Inbox feature reviews incoming mail and sorts it by priority at the individual user level.

Messages Gmail thinks are important to the recipient (based on his or her previous interactions with email) get put in the “priority inbox” at the top of the page. Messages it thinks aren’t get dumped further down the page in the “everything else” inbox (details).

Each user can also help Gmail make the right decision by marking mail as important/not important.

As Loren McDonald concluded:

“What poses the greater challenge to email marketers is not this particular inbox innovation. It’s the clear trend that most Webmail, desktop and mobile email clients are adding similar categorization and filtering features.”

Hotmail has also made clear they will consider an individual’s read/delete patterns for a particular sender when determining whether future email from that sender should go to the inbox or junk folder.

Why intelligent inboxes matter

What webmail services and software manufacturers are trying to do is replicate the human filtering system with a machine-based one. Instead of the user reviewing the inbox and assigning priorities to each message, the email software is trying to do it for them.

Both processes share a similar outcome: the most important email gets the most attention. So if nothing’s changed, why all the fuss?

The other outcome – the less important emails get less attention – is not the same with the two systems. These less important messages get much less attention when the machine does the mental sorting.

All emails typically get at least a glance from the recipient…enough to judge the value of the message. Yes, automatic filters and such like have been around a while, but they were generally clumsy to set up for all but the more high-level user.

As a result, each email can make an impression and grab attention if the circumstances are right.

That opportunity declines with the intelligent inbox, as the subscriber is no longer obliged to look quite so closely at every email. The machine does the presorting. And the machine can’t know that after leaving 20 jewelry emails unopened, today’s the day you decided to buy an engagement ring.


Of course people will still look at “less important” email…we’re terrified of missing important messages and know that machine-based filters are far from perfect (though improving). And probably the majority of users still won’t use the filtering tools available, however usable they might be.

But intelligent inboxes do mean that we’ll give “less important” email even less of a glance than before. Equally, the machine is already nudging us to think of these messages as less important. So there’s an attention/time impact and a psychological impact.

Skeptics take note of this quote from Mashable on the impact of the Priority Inbox on viewing habits:

“…the search giant found that users spent 16% less time reading insignificant e-mail.”

The challenge is obvious: make sure your email is counted as important. Well…yeah.

Making email more important

The first point is to still focus on what subscriber’s find important, and then worry about what machines might find important.

If you deliver value to subscribers, they will tell the machines that your email is important. Either directly (e.g. adding to contact lists, marking as important, marking as “not spam”) or indirectly (e.g. not deleting email, moving it to folders, opening messages).

As such, the intelligent inbox is nothing more than a reminder to keep improving the value you offer…doing all the stuff recommended in the email marketing literature: segmentation, data-oriented marketing, trigger and lifecycle messaging, piggy-backing marketing messages into transactional email, etc.

Beyond that you might improve interaction with your chúng tôi the broadest sense of the word. That’s about more than just optimizing your subject lines to get more opens. Or taking yet another 10% off your summer specials.

Consider three aspects in particular:

1. Interactive and/or engaging elements

Secondary calls-to-action (e.g. navigation links to search boxes or popular website sections, secondary content or promotions in side bars)

Diversionary content (try something different: a horizontal email, a text-only message, a humorous product offer/article or a unique email personality that gets people to look at the message even if the current offer/content isn’t interesting)

Content per se (supplement email promotions with useful content, either as standalone messages or integrated with the promotion)

Classic interaction (requests for feedback, subscriber surveys, competitions, request for reviews, reader polls etc.)

2. Integration and connectivity

Machines are likely to perceive formal online connections between you and your subscriber as an indication of importance and trust. Consider:

Regular messaging (perhaps even standalone campaigns) reminding subscribers to add you to contact/address/safe sender lists

Work to establish cross-channel connections: encourage subscribers to connect with you through Twitter, Facebook etc. This, of course, assumes you’re active enough in those channels to justify the connection.

3. Strong first impressions

If humans and machines judge importance based on the history of interaction with your messages, then you need to build up a strong history from Day 1.

If you’re sending a welcome message, revisit it and ensure you include the main elements. Consider sending a welcome series…engaging new subscribers when interest is highest and before they get “dumped” into any generic email marketing program.

Finally, let’s not wring our hands at the imminent arrival of intelligent inboxes. They aren’t a punishment for bad marketing email programs, they’re a reward for good ones…

Your thoughts?

Video Search And Online Marketing

Video Search and Online Marketing

Last week we discussed how Video Search is out there and growing, how can Internet and Search Marketers use Video Search to reach target markets of consumers and potential reoccuring site traffic? Online video and broadband are not only adding a new entertainment medium to the Internet, but also a new and exciting marketing channel.

Feeds and Paid Inclusion – While marketing videos, case studies and testimonials incorporating the use of video provide an alternative that words and still images in html might not be able to match.

A lot of video is presented in popup boxes and player displays that are all but impossible for normal search engines to index. The RSS Feed that Yahoo uses can be used to help the engine locate those videos, and can include additional information, such as the format of the video and the size of the window that it opens within. Paying for inclusion in SingingFish can also do the same, but instantly.

Talent Promotion and Buzz – Video search might also make it easier to find some of the more unique and interesting animators on the web, with all of this indexing going on. One example that comes to mind is BBC animator Joel Veitch, who attracted an underground buzz with the animations on his personal website, chúng tôi amongst a younger crowd over the past couple of years, and a considerable amount of attention over the use of some characters from that site in Quiznos’ commercials.


Google Video Search

Blinkx Video Search

Yahoo! Video Search


Guest Columnist Bill Slawski is the Search Engine Optimization Specialist at chúng tôi the Traffic Optimization Company, Maximizing the visibility of their clients’ sites, driving targeted traffic and increasing sales with their Search Engine Optimization, Media Buying and Online Marketing Services.

Pyside Course (3 Courses Bundle, Online Certification)

About PySide Course

Course Name Online PySide Course

Deal You get access to all 3 courses, Projects bundle. You do not need to purchase each course separately.

Hours 6+ Video Hours

Core Coverage Learn to develop the graphical user interface of the application using PySide

Course Validity Lifetime Access

Eligibility Anyone serious about PySide Course

Pre-Requisites Basic knowledge about Python

What do you get? Certificate of Completion for each of the 3 courses, Projects

Certification Type Course Completion Certificates

Verifiable Certificates? Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each course with a unique link. These link can be included in your resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enhanced skills

Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning

Software Required None

System Requirement 1 GB RAM or higher

Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

PySide Course Curriculum

This course has been designed to include all the topics that fall under the domain of Pyside. This training comprises all concepts that one is willing to master by the virtue of this course. To deliver a good user experience, we have added examples against each topic so that the idea behind the concepts could be delivered precisely. All the modules covered in the course are very unique and consist of different topics. This PySide training will cover things in three units and it will be around a six hours long video tutorial. In the below sections, we have detailed the goal, objective, course, and project highlights.



Course Highlights

Project Highlights

Goals Objectives

The objective of this course is very clear. It is intended to make the trainees expert on Pyside and Qt libraries. Trainees will learn every single topic that falls under the court of Pyside. After completing this course, the trainees will be able to support the project on python that requires cross-platform GUI development.

Course Highlights Project Highlights

This unit has two projects where both of the projects are approximately two hours long video. You will get to learn about various new and complex concepts in these units. PySide2 Project – Employee Management Application will be the first project in this course. As the name suggests, we will be developing the employee management application in this project by leveraging all the concepts that we would have learned in the first unit. PySide2 Project – Data Fetching Application will be the second project which will be around one and a half hours long video. In this course, you will get to learn about various new concepts including error handling and implementing PySide. After completion of this project, you will be able to work very effectively with Pyside to develop the GUI that will be cross-platform and will also be able to draft solutions for the businesses that need GUI developed for their application that follows Qt standard.

PySide Course – Certificate of Completion

What is PySide?

Pyside can be defined as the python extension that facilitates application development by allowing access to Qt libraries. It can also be defined as the module of python that helps the developers to develop the cross-platform GUI that follows the Qt standard. It is one of the most important topics in python which is leveraged when there is an urge to develop the application’s UI which could work fine in any of the platforms. The sole purpose of PySide is to endorse the application UI development where the application is intended to serve a large set of audience and its platform that could be used by the user is unknown to the organization. It doesn’t take too much effort to get implemented. Its primary objective is to help one in accessing the Qt libraries that work as the base while developing the cross-platform applications.

What skills will you learn in this Course?


To learn Pyside, there are some of the concepts or technologies you should have a basic understanding of to learn this. The very first thing is the basics of python. As PySide is entirely based on python, you just need a

basic understanding of the Python programming language

If you are hands-on in python, you will be able to focus on learning the complex concepts rather than struggling to learn the basics. The second thing is the Libraries. If you are having an idea about how the libraries are built and used, you will find it very easy to learn the concepts where different libraries will be used. These prerequisites have been included at the beginning of the course so that you can find everything in one place. However, it is always recommended that trainees should be having a basic understanding of these concepts before

Target Audience

FAQ’s- General Questions How long it may take to complete this PySide course?

There are three units in this course and collectively their length is around six hours. Though this course could be completed within two to three days, it may take much more time if one is willing to master these concepts. Folks who are having good experience with python and also have a good understanding of libraries will be able to master PySide within a month while the folks who are new to these concepts may take around two months to master it. Once you have mastered the concepts, you will be able to work very effectively to implement the library.

Why should I take this PySide training?

This course comprises all the topics that fall under the umbrella of PySide. For anyone willing to master working with Pyside, this course has everything they need to meet their expectations. The way topics have been detailed in the course is very easy and things have been kept short and precise to improve the efficiency of the course. If you are willing to dive deep into the concepts of python, you may want to take this course and help yourself in mastering the Qt standard application GUI development.

Sample Preview

Career Benefits

Pyside is one of the popular concepts in python. It enables access to Qt libraries which facilitates the development of cross-platform user interface-based applications. Various businesses all across the world are getting the kind of application developed that could be used through either of the platforms. Due to this, the count of job opportunities for the position of python developer with a good understanding of Pyside has been increasing since long back. If you find it interesting to work with python or to dive deep into the concepts of python that endorse the development of complex applications, you may want to take this course. The interesting thing is, the compensation paid to the python developers with hands-on Qt libraries and Pyside is pretty high as compared to the developers who have only a basic understanding of the concepts and it is something that attracts the talents towards python. If you find it something that you want to work on, you can opt for this course and begin learning right away.


Perfect Pandas Primer

I enjoyed this tutorial. It seemed to be very up-to-date. The instructors were clear, concise, and thorough. The structure was intuitive and presented understandably, building on each step and using data frames and sets that avoided confusion by using names that didn’t sound like operational commands and vice versa. Grammar and logic were exceptional, with very little wasted time. A great introduction to using Pandas.


Michael Williams

Good course to kickstart

Good course to kickstart with Python & Pandas. Very well explained by the trainer. The practical aspect is very well covered along with the basics. Although it is a bit slow, it helps in a better understanding of the concept. I would certainly recommend this to the ones who are willing to learn kick-start Python & Pandas.


Prashant Nookala

It is excellent. I have a great time

It would be useful for me


Şhahin Yusifli

Opencv Course (5 Courses Bundle, Online Certification)

About OpenCV Certification Course

Course Name Online OpenCV Certification Course

Deal You get access to all 5 courses, Projects bundle. You do not need to purchase each course separately.

Hours 16+ Video Hours

Core Coverage Learn the basics of the OpenCV library which includes Image wrapping, face datasets, Object detection and also how to perform video analysis with OpenCV

Course Validity Lifetime Access

Eligibility Anyone serious about learning image processing and video analysis using OpenCV and wants to make a career in this Field

Pre-Requisites Basic knowledge about machine learning would be preferable

What do you get? Certificate of Completion for each of the 5 courses, Projects

Certification Type Course Completion Certificates

Verifiable Certificates? Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each course with a unique link. These link can be included in your resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enhanced skills

Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning

Software Required None

System Requirement 1 GB RAM or higher

Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

OpenCV Course Curriculum

In this section, each module of the OpenCV Certification Course is explained



Course Highlights

Project Highlights


The goal behind providing this open CV training program is to make individuals proficient with the use of open CV library that is commonly used for developing computer vision applications. Open CV is a cross-platform library that is normally used for developing real-time computer vision applications that use visual aesthetics, image processing, video capture, etc. The training abs and bridging the gap between the industry demand and the individual skillset by providing this industry-ready training on an open CV. With the help of this training program, participants would be able to understand the concepts of open CV and can implement their knowledge in the industry easily.


With the help of this training program or open CV, individuals would be able to understand the core concepts of open CV and camp detail about the course as per their eagerness to learn new things. The quality and output of the training depend on the efforts that a participant will put in practicing and revising the skills and concepts taught in the training program. Many schools will learn throughout the training like data science, data visualization, video analytics, Open CV, Python, linear algebra, probability, business analytics, predictive analysis, random forest, etc. once an individual becomes proficient with the use of these technologies there ample of opportunities that are open for the individuals as the market is demanding these skills to a great extent and ready to offer opportunities like data analyst, business analyst, statistician, quality engineer, quality manager, consultant, software test engineer, statistical analyst, team leader opportunities that are open for the individuals.

Course Highlights

There are varieties of skills that are going to be covered under this training program that will help in individual to kickstart his or her career in the field of open CV profession. The core skills that are going to be covered under this training program are as follows: Open CV beginners training when will understand about basic introduction to open CV, installation of open CV, some examples of open CV, reading and saving images, image color transitions, image translation, image rotation, image scaling, various transformation, image wrapping and face data sets, image wrapping, ESIC webcams, keyboard inputs, cartooning using webcams, face data sets, etc. The other skill that is covered under this program is video analytics using open CV and Python shells. Under this module what will understand about introduction to video analytics, color models, the purpose of bar model, the importance of HSL model, about HSV color model, image loading which groups process on image loading, a program for image loading, image thresholding, the concept of image thresholding, models for image thresholding, a program for adaptive thresholding, open CV and object detection, understanding open CV libraries, object detection, and tracking, traffic approach using object detection, landing capturing video from camera, capturing video from a file, saving videos, doing blob detection, tracking using color spaces, smoothing images for clear detection, functions of coding for smoothing images, understanding contour protection, cam shift algorithm, crystallizing the video capture object, optical flow algorithms, programs for optical flow algorithms, face detection, and tracking, etc. The other skill that is covered under the program is face detection using open CV and python which includes the use of different algorithms, face detection data sets, etc.

Project Highlights

The best part about going for this training program on the open CV is the environment of a wide variety of project that helps an individual to understand and implement the knowledge covered in the training program. Some of the projects that are part of this training program are as follows: A project on face detection using open CV in Python which involves an introduction to the project, installation of open CV and Python, face detection images, face detection URLs, face video and webcams, face detection video, real-time face detection, real-time face detection using a web camera, face smile and eyes, face smile detection, eye detection, etc. Another project is on face detection using open CV which involves an introduction to the project, edge detection, canny edge detection, creating data sets, training classifiers using data set, recognition, face, and eye detection music recognition which is covered in three parts, etc. The other project is on open CV hand gestures which include an introduction to the project, installation of the tools, important libraries, coding, image loading segmentation, contouring thresholding, hand gesture code libraries importing, hand background functions, hand segmentation functions that are covered in nine different parts, function calling to execute, execution logic, hand browser, developing logic to automate web browser with hand, showing the output of the code, etc.

OpenCV Course – Certificate of Completion

What is OpenCV Course?

OpenCV is a cross-platform based library that can be used to develop real-time computer-based applications. This mainly focuses on image processing, analysis, and video capturing which also includes features such as face detection, object recognition, etc. Some of the applications which are included in the area of OpenCV include feature toolkits for 2D and 3D, ego-motion estimation, Gesture recognition, Facial recognition system, Human-computer interaction, Motion understanding, Mobile robotics, Segmentation and recognition, Object identification, Stereopsis and stereo vision, depth perception by using 2 cameras, SFM which is also known as structure from motion, Augmented reality, Motion tracking, etc.

The skills related to computer vision and machine learning. Also related to data science and computer programming related skills are the most common and essential skills which will be learned from this OpenCV Training Certification.  Other hardware related skills that are associated with OpenCV will also be learned by opting for this course.  The software-related skills which will be learned from this course would include those working on different operating systems such as Linux, Windows, macOS, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, etc.  When you talk about the mobile-based operating systems, it includes those like Android, iOS, Blackberry, Maemo.


The pre-requisite for this OpenCV Training would include hands-on or at least a basic working knowledge of Python programming language. Knowing about the various concepts and terminologies about machine learning and data science is also expected. You should also have a brief background about how computer visions work and what is the current market trend regarding the upcoming technologies. The person opting for a course is also expected to have a brief idea and details about the statistics and other mathematical tools and functions.

Target Audience

The ideal target audience for this OpenCV Training is everybody interested to learn the features and concepts of this course. In the professional domain, this includes those like Data scientists, analysts, software developers, software engineers, testers, automation engineers, data engineers, data analysts, consultants, Python programmers, research analysts, anybody who is keen to learn about video analytics, professionals and students who are interested to learn about the robotics and biometrics.  Apart from these professionals all those colleges studying students who are doing some kind of innovation for their project assignment are also welcomed to join the course and entrepreneurs who are there to assist their co-fellow workers and wish to bring about new technologies in their startups form the ideal audience.

OpenCV Course FAQ’s  I belong from a non-computer background. I have a basic understanding of Java programming knowledge as studied in high school. I am interested to learn about visual graphics and biometrics. Should I join this course?

We at EDUCBA craft our course in such a way that the person who is very new to this domain and the field should not face any issue in working their way ahead with the course. You have an interest and a zeal to learn this course. Moreover, you have an understanding of the Java programming language too. You form the part of our ideal target audience. You can join the course.

Would this OpenCV Training Certification need regular practice or would it be a one-time thing?

In the OpenCV course, the theories and fundamental concepts can be just understood once and that should be sufficient as it explains by various means how exactly computer vision technology works and other fascinating concepts related to that and biometrics and some machine learning and data science concepts and techniques. This course also aims to teach you a programming language, Python which is a mandatory language to learn if you are looking ahead to work in the machine learning ecosystem. Python language would require regular practice as you can lose the knack of it if you leave the things in midway. Therefore, for the coding perspective, we would recommend you to keep updated and practice regularly so as not to lose touch and be competitive with the current market trends.

Sample Preview

Career Benefits of this Machine Learning Course

The career benefits of this training include those related to machine learning, data science, computer vision and graphics, biometrics. This would also enhance your skillset related to the Python programming language and also concerning the operating systems and hardware systems. The best part about learning the OpenCV course is that it targets not only the software side but also the hardware part and components. Therefore, this OpenCV Certification will give your resume a good boost and give you a great global presence market as this comes among the very new and latest technologies covering all the basic aspects and all the newest technologies of today.


OpenCV Course

I enjoyed this course and found the examples very useful – especially the video analysis sections. The course pacing was easy to understand, and the topics covered in a comprehensive but not over-explained way. Thanks for giving such an interesting and useful course!

Greg Rolley

Crisp and useful info

I got to know about the course while searching over the internet, If you want to learn basic OpenCV, then this OpenCV Training Certification is perfect. It helped me a lot to understand the basic things in Machine Learning. A very detailed explanation with examples helped me to get through each section. Looking forward to more such training.

David Matthey

OpenCV Certification

I enjoyed all the videos in this training, the level it’s high and complex, I had to stop and replay many videos to get all the information provided, and it took me over 2 weeks to truly go over all the videos. A lot of the information I knew due to my technical background but there was so much material that the amount of new information it’s a bit overwhelming. Great job for the team that put this together.

Mathew Shahal

Best Free Online Microsoft Office Training Courses

There are many computer training institutes scattered all over the world offering Microsoft Office Training – both online and offline. This article covers links to some of the best free online Microsoft Office training courses and materials and can be considered a resource to aid the learning of MS Office, at your pace, from anywhere in the world.

Free online Microsoft Office training courses

What could be the best option than to learn the software from the developers of the software? Microsoft offers plenty of courses that enable you to learn Office-related software online. You can learn at your pace. The courses are available as text and as webcasts that you can view and take notes. Different courses are available online for different apps in Microsoft Office. Also, there are different courses for different versions of Microsoft Office. You can learn Office, depending upon what version you are using.

You can also opt to get certified by taking online tests at a small fee. The courses are free, but when you register to take an exam to get a certification, you will have to pay some fee related to the exam you are taking. You can take an exam for the entire Microsoft Office Suite or different apps in the MS Office suite – such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, MS OneNote, and more.

These certificates come from Microsoft and are considered better than any other type of certificate. Visit the online training resources for MS Office on Microsoft’s website to know more.

Read about the benefits of Microsoft certifications in our article at The Windows Club. It explains how you gain an edge over others with a Microsoft Certification.

Learn Office from Microsoft Partners

Next, to get trained at your own pace using the tutorials and webinars presented on the Microsoft Office training website, the best method is to get enrolled with a Microsoft partner who can offer you online training. Microsoft partners are individuals or institutions that have people trained vigorously in different fields of Microsoft Office. They have tools and book material that other institutions cannot lay their hands on. These help you with training better. It depends upon Microsoft Learning Partners whether they offer individual training for individual office components such as MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint.

Not all Microsoft Learning Partners may be able to provide you with online training. You can – however – find out a Microsoft Learning Partner who can train you on online Microsoft Office training courses. They will charge for training and for providing you with the training material. Then you can opt for examinations from Microsoft. At the end of the training, you can opt to get a certification from the partner institution or Microsoft. I would recommend the latter as it has many benefits over regular institutions’ certificates. It makes you stand out of the crowd and gives your resume the boost it requires to land you a decent job. Learn about Microsoft Learning Partners here.

Other Office Training Materials & Resources

Other than being trained directly on my own using Microsoft Office resources from the Microsoft Office website and from being trained by Microsoft Learning Partners, many websites on the Internet offer free training on Microsoft office. Some of these websites impart training upon registration, and some offer direct training. You may or may not be charged for training, but you will certainly have to pay a fee if you decide to go for certification.

Some of these noteworthy online Microsoft Office Training resources are:

There are still many websites that offer free and paid training for Microsoft Office products but since you would want to get a good career, try and get a certificate from a well-known institution, if not directly from Microsoft.

All the best!

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