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On Android devices, Google Play Store is one system app that often malfunctions. This guide will walk you through 10 possible solutions that’ll prevent Google Play Store from crashing whenever you open the app.

Note that the steps for these troubleshooting solutions may vary based on the Android version installed on your device.

Table of Contents

1. Close Used Apps

The more applications you open on your smartphone, the less Random Access Memory (RAM) is available for other applications to run effectively without issues. If Google Play Store keeps crashing on your Android device, close apps you aren’t using to free up memory for Google Play Store to run smoothly.

2. Free Up Storage Space

Play Store may fail to install applications or download app updates if your device is low on storage space. Even worse, Play Store and other applications may crash occasionally during usage. Check the Files app (or any file management app) and ensure you have sufficient storage space–at least 1GB.

If your device runs the stock Android OS, there’s a storage management tool in the Settings app that helps to free up space by removing junk files, blurry photos, unused apps, duplicates, and large files.

Alternatively, open the Google Files app, head to the “Clean” tab, and follow the recommendations on the page.

If your device doesn’t have the Files app or a storage management option in the Settings menu, install a storage cleaning app from third-party APK download websites to free up space.

3. Force Quit Play Store

The Force Stop tool terminates an application and other related processes running in the background. It’s one of the easiest ways to correct a malfunctioning app on Android devices.

Long-press the Play Store icon on the Home screen or app launcher and tap the info icon.

    Select Force Stop and tap OK on the confirmation prompt.

      Tap Open to relaunch Play Store.

      If Play Store keeps crashing after force quitting the app, clearing its cache should stabilize its performance.

      4. Clear Google Play Store Cache

      Google Play Store creates cache files (otherwise known as Temporary files) when you install applications or app updates and perform other actions on the app. 

      Overacummulation of these temporary files can sometimes disrupt the app’s performance. Besides eating up your device’s storage space, these temporary files can cause the Play Store to crash and exhibit other performance-related issues. 

      Relaunch the Play Store and check if it no longer crashes. If the problem persists, delete Google Play Store’s data (see the next section) and try again.

      5. Clear Google Play Store Data

      Deleting Google Play Store’s data will reset the app’s preferences (auto-download configurations, security & authentication settings, etc.) to default. On the bright side, the operation can eliminate data corruption and other Google Play Store issues.

      6. Clear Google Play Services Cache

      Google Play Services is a background application that keeps other Google apps updated and running on your device. If Play Store keeps crashing despite clearing its cache and app data, deleting Google Play Services’ cache could fix the problem.

        Select Google Play services.

          Select Storage & cache.

            Tap Clear Cache.

            7. Grant Play Store Background Data Access

            Google Play Store will sometimes malfunction if it doesn’t have background access to your device’s internet. Check the app’s settings and make sure background data is enabled.

            As usual, long-press the Google Play Store icon and tap the info icon to launch the app’s settings menu.

              Select Mobile data & Wi-Fi.

                Toggle on Background data.

                8. Clear Google Services Framework Data

                The Google Framework Services is another important system app that maintains the Play Store and other Google apps on Android devices. If there’s a problem with this system process, you might encounter difficulty using some Google apps. Clearing the Google Services Framework’s cache and app data will restore it to default and resolve any hidden glitch.

                  Select Show system.

                    Locate and select Google Services Framework on the list of apps.

                      Select Storage & cache.

                        Tap Clear Cache to delete the app’s temporary files from your devices.

                        Launch Play Store and check if that fixes the problem. If the Play Store keeps crashing, delete Google Services Framework data and try again.

                          Tap Clear Storage and select OK on the prompt.

                          9. Uninstall and Reinstall Google Play Store Updates

                          Updating the Play Store enhances the performance of Google apps and services on your device. Conversely, buggy updates can result in performance issues. If your device’s Play Store version is outdated, revert it to the system default and check if the app works without crashing.

                          Open the Google Play Store and check if you’re able to install apps from the store without issues. Otherwise, update Play Store to the latest version and try again.

                          Launch Google Play Store, tap the hamburger menu icon, and select Settings. Scroll to the About section and tap Play Store version.

                          You should get a notification that “A new version of Google Play Store will be downloaded and installed.” Tap OK and wait for your device to install the new update.

                          The Google Play Store update will continue in the background, and the operation might take a couple of seconds or minutes—depending on your connection speed. You should get a prompt to “Complete setup by installing apps” in the notification center when the Play Store update is complete.

                          Tap the notification or open Play Store from the app launcher and check if you’re able to install apps without issues.

                          9. Restart Your Phone

                          A system restart is another easy fix for performance issues and app malfunctions. If the solutions above don’t work, reboot your device and see if that restores Google Play Store to normalcy.

                          Press and hold your device’s power button and select Restart on the power menu. . When your device comes back on, connect it to the internet and launch Google Play Store.

                          10. Update Your Device’s Operating System

                          Software bugs in your device’s operating system could be the root cause of this issue. If the Play Store keeps crashing right after installing an OS update, check if there’s a new version that fixes the problem.

                          If your device is up-to-date, or the newly installed update doesn’t fix the problem, consider downgrading your Android OS version to an unproblematic version.

                          Contact Google Play Help Center

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                          All The Accepted Payment Methods On Google Play Store

                          Google Play Store evolved from Android market in 2012 and is now home to over two million apps, movies and books. Today, you can purchase apps and other digital content from the Google Play using a wide variety of methods. Google keeps adding a new payment method every once a while to make sure that apps and other content are made accessible to everyone. However, it can be little confusing to figure out what payment methods are available in your country. So, I decided to scoop through the Google help pages and list all the accepted payment methods on the Play Store:

                          Check If Paid Apps Are Available in Your Country

                          First, the rudimentary step is to make sure that the ability to buy apps is available in your country. I have put together a list of countries where you can officially buy apps from the Play Store. The current list includes more than 134 countries, so it’s highly possible that paid apps are available in your country.

                          Note: Google keeps adding support for new countries. In the rare case, your country is not listed, you may want to check back again later. I’ll try my best to keep this list updated.

                          Countries Where Paid Apps are Available




                          Antigua and Barbuda















                          Bosnia and Herzegovina








                          Cape Verde



                          Costa Rica

                          Cote d’ Ivore



                          Czech Republic


                          Dominican Republic



                          El Salvador













                          Hong Kong

































                          Netherlands Antilles

                          New Zealand








                          Papua New Guinea










                          Saudi Arabia






                          South Africa

                          South Korea


                          Sri Lanka








                          Trinidad and Tobago






                          United Arab Emirates

                          United Kingdom

                          United States








                          Now that you’ve verified that your country is supported, we shall proceed to learn all the accepted payment methods on the Play Store in your country. But before that, an important question must be answered.

                          How to Add a Payment Method?

                           Open the Play Store on your Android device. In the app, tap on the hamburger menu.

                          In the drawer that opens up, tap on “Account“.

                          Here, you can see all the payment methods you can add.

                          Google Play Payment Methods:

                          Now that we’ve learnt the basics of adding a payment method, let’s see what are the accepted payment methods on the Play Store:

                          1. Credit and Debit Cards

                          The Play Store supports the following types of credit/debit cards:

                          American Express



                          Discover (US only)

                          JCB (Japan and US only)

                          Visa Electron (Outside the US only)


                          Brazil: Play Store doesn’t support any type of debit card, Elo credit cards are supported, though.

                          India: Most of the Indian debit cards rely on 3D secure/verified by Visa which is unsupported on international merchants, including Play Store. Only a few Indian debit cards from banks like Axis bank, ICICI bank etc. work on the Play Store.

                          2. Direct Carrier Billing


                          AustraliaOptus, Telstra

                          AustriaDrei, A1, T-Mobile

                          BelgiumProximus, BASE Company, Mobistar


                          CanadaRogers/Fido, Bell Canada, Telus

                          Czech RepublicO2, T-Mobile

                          Denmark3, H3G


                          GermanyE-Plus, Deutsche Telekom, o2, Vodafone


                          FranceBouygues, Free, Orange, SFR

                          Hong Kong3, Smartone

                          HungaryTelenor, Magyar Telecom

                          IndiaIdea, Airtel and Vodafone rolling out as of 1st Jan 2023.

                          IndonesiaIndosat, Telkomsel, XL/AXIS

                          IrelandThree, Vodafone

                          ItalyTIM, Wind Italy, H3G, Vodafone

                          JapanDocomo, KDDI, Softbank

                          KoreaKT, SKT, LGU+

                          KuwaitOoredoo, Viva, Zain

                          LithuaniaBite, Tele2

                          MalaysiaCelcom, Digi, Maxis

                          MexicoNextel, lusacell

                          NetherlandsKPN, T-Mobile

                          New Zealand2degrees


                          PhilippinesGlobe Telecom, Smart Communications, Sun

                          PolandOrange, Play, Polkomtel / Plus, TMI

                          RomaniaOrange Romania

                          RussiaBeeline, Megafon, MTS, Tele2


                          Saudi ArabiaMobily, STC, Zain

                          SingaporeM1, SingTel, StarHub

                          SlovakiaPPF, Slovak Telekom

                          SpainMovistar, Orange

                          South AfricaTelkom

                          Sweden3, Tele2, Telenor SE

                          SwitzerlandSunrise, Swisscom

                          Taiwan遠傳電信 Far EasTone Telecom

                          台灣大哥大 Taiwan Mobile Telecom

                          亞太電信 Asia Pacific Telecom

                          台灣之星 T Star

                          中華電信_Chunghwa Telecom

                          ThailandAIS, DTAC

                          TurkeyTurk Telekom, Turkcell

                          United Arab Emiratesdu, Etisalat

                          United KingdomThree, EE, O2, Vodafone

                          United StatesAT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Verizon


                          3. Gift Cards

                          Play Store gift cards date way back to late 2012, but the country support was very limited back then. Gift cards are available in about 30 countries as of now. Type in your country name to see if gift cards are available in your country.


                          Australia$20, $30, $50

                          Austria15 €, 25 €, 50 €, 15 € to 500 €

                          Belgium15 €, 25 €, 50 €, 15 € to 500 €

                          BrazilR$15, R$30, R$50, R$100

                          Canada$15, $25, $50, $15 to $500

                          Denmark150 kr, 250 kr, 500 kr

                          Finland15 €, 25 €, 50 €

                          France15 €, 25 €, 50 €, 15 € to 250 €

                          Germany15 €, 25 €, 50 €, 15 € to 500 €

                          Greece15 €, 25 €, 50 €

                          Hong KongHK$200, HK$500, HK$1000

                          India500 INR, 750 INR, 1000 INR, 1500 INR

                          Indonesia50,000 IDR, 100,000 IDR, 150,000 IDR, 300,000 IDR, 500,000 IDR 

                          Ireland15 €, 25 €, 50 €

                          Italy15 €, 25 €, 50 €


                          ¥1500, ¥3000, ¥5000, ¥10000, ¥15000, ¥20000, ¥1500 to ¥50000

                          Mexico$200, $300, $600

                          Netherlands15 €, 25 €, 50 €

                          New Zealand$20, $30, $50

                          Norway150 kr, 250 kr, 500 kr

                          Poland50 zł, 75 zł, 150 zł

                          Portugal15 €, 25 €, 50 €

                          SingaporeS$ 30, S$ 50, S$ 100, S$ 150, S$ 200

                          South AfricaR 150, R 250, R 450, R 150 to R5000

                          South Korea₩5,000, ₩10,000, ₩15,000, ₩30,000, ₩50,000, ₩100,000, ₩150,000, ₩15,000 to ₩500,000, ₩15,000 to ₩500,000 

                          Spain15 €, 25 €, 50 €

                          Sweden150 kr, 250 kr, 500 kr

                          Switzerland30 CHF, 50 CHF, 100 CHF, 30 CHF to 1000 CHF

                          TurkeyTRY 25, TRY 50, TRY 100

                          United Kingdom£10, £25, £50, £10 to £500

                          United States*$10, $15, $25, $50, $10 to $500

                          These gift cards are available in various denominations and you can buy them directly from various retail partners. See the supported retail partners in your country here.

                          To redeem a gift card, open Play Store on your device. Next, tap on hamburger menu icon.

                          Enter the code from your gift card here.

                          You can also redeem your gift card from the web interface. To redeem using the web interface:

                          You should enter the code from your gift card in this pop-up window.

                          4. Google Wallet Balance

                          Google Wallet is Google’s mobile payment system which allows you to store the digital version of your credit or debit cards securely on your phone. Wallet eliminates the need to store plastic version of your debit or credit cards. Since the Google Wallet service is available only in the US and the UK, buying apps from the Play Store is also limited to these countries. Eventually, as Wallet launches in more countries, we may be able to buy from the Play Store using it.

                          5. PayPal

                          Paypal Support













                          New Zealand







                          United States

                          United Kingdowm

                          Unsupported Payment Methods

                          Google Play doesn’t support payment through the old school wire transfer/bank transfer or the Western Union. Also, using Virtual Credit Card (VCC) is not officially supported, although it may or may not work. I used to purchase content on the Play Store using Entropay, but users have reported that using VCC may result in the transaction method being declined. Using VCC a couple of years ago made sense, but Google offers a lot of alternate payment methods now.

                          SEE ALSO: 15 Google Play Tips and Tricks To Make The Most Out Of It

                          Which Google Play Store Payment Method do You Prefer?

                          Snapchat Keeps Crashing On Iphone? 10 Ways To Fix The Issue

                          Crashing issue has haunted Snapchat for a long time, with a large number of users often complaining about the repeated crash out of the app. While some state that Snapchat keeps crashing on iPhone right after launch, others report that the app tends to get frozen while being used and automatically quits. Either way, it’s rather frustrating and needs an immediate fix. But fret not, we’ve figured out 10 effective ways to fix the Snapchat not working issue on iPhone. So, give these hacks a try to bring the social networking app back on track!

                          10 Tips to Fix Snapchat Crashing Issue on iPhone What Could be Causing Snapchat to Crash on your iPhone?

                          First things first, app crashing is a common phenomenon on iPhone, or for that matter, any smartphone. So, you shouldn’t worry too much about it. As to why the crashing issue has persisted with Snapchat for so long, it’s a matter of deep research.

                          Perhaps, Snap has failed to spot the underlying frailties that cause the issue despite several attempts. Maybe, the social networking app needs to be cleaned up from time to time, and failing to do that triggers the problem. Or maybe there is a hidden iOS bug that is playing the spoilsport. Not to mention, your VPN service might also be coming in the way.

                          Considering there are multiple potential reasons, it’s not easy to pinpoint a specific loophole. Hence, we are going to try out various ways in order to troubleshoot Snapchat’s repeated crashing problem and fix the problem.

                          Force Kill Snapchat and Relaunch It

                          On iPhone with home button: Double-press the home button to bring up the App Switcher. After that, swipe up on the app card to force kill the app.

                          On iPhone without home button: Swipe up from the home bar and hold along the middle of the screen to access the App Switcher. Then, swipe up on the app card to force kill the app.

                          Clear Snapchat History

                          If Snapchat is still crashing on your iPhone, try clearing the cache. If it’s been a long time since you cleaned this social networking app, there is a good chance that the pile-up of the cached data may be causing the crashing issue. So, make sure to clear the history, which may not just enable the app to run smoothly but also help you recover some precious storage on your iOS device.

                          Note: You should also try to restart your iPhone as that sometimes helps getting rid of random glitches and bugs as well. Just press and hold the power button (or power button + volume up button on Face ID equipped iPhones) to turn off your iPhone and then power it back on.

                          Hard Reset Your iPhone

                          When you hard reset your iPhone, certain cache and temporary files are flushed out, which often results in fixing common iOS issues such as freezing and crashing. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss out on this go-to troubleshooter.

                          Hard Reset iPhone 8 and Later

                          Press and quickly release the volume up button. Then, press and quickly release the volume down button. After that, hold down the power button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

                          Hold down the volume down button and side button at once until the Apple logo pops up on the screen.

                          On iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone SE 1st-Gen, and Earlier

                          Press and hold the home button and side/top button simultaneously until the Apple logo comes up on the screen.

                          Enable Background App Refresh for Snapchat

                          With the background app refresh enabled, apps are able to check for updates and new content in the background. It not only helps apps to remain updated with the latest information but also allows them to run smoothly.

                          In order to fix miscellaneous bugs and also boost performance, Snapchat frequently releases updates. Hence, it’s better to update the app to ensure it is able to run smoothly. If you haven’t updated the social-networking app for a long time, the outdated version could be causing the problem. Installing the latest version of Snapchat can help fix many issues.

                          Check Snapchat Server to Ensure It’s Not Facing Outage Disable VPN on Your iPhone

                          Are you using a VPN service on your iOS device? If yes, try deactivating the VPN service as it might be interfering with Snapchat’s internet connectivity.

                          Delete Third-Party Snapchat Apps

                          Delete and Reinstall Snapchat

                          When it comes to fixing persistent issues related to an app, deleting and reinstalling has long been a pretty safe bet. Yeah, this is exactly what you should try whenever an app seems to be ill-functioning. But before going for this radical solution, bear in mind that it will wipe out all the data associated with the app. Therefore, do not forget to first back up your data.

                          Now, head into App Store, search for Snapchat and install Snapchat again.

                          Once Snapchat has reinstalled, open the app and sign in to your account. After that, use the app for sometime to figure out if you have got the better of the crashing issue. Usually, having the latest version of the app solves many problems.

                          If Snapchat continues to misbehave, try updating software on your iPhone. The outdated version of the software or a hidden bug might be behind the crashing issue.

                          Solve Snapchat Crashing Issue on iPhone

                          That’s pretty much done! Hopefully, you have resolved the Snapchat crashing problem on your iOS device. From what I can tell, these tips work reliably in fixing the issue. Many a time, you can sort out the problem by updating the app or clearing the cache. Besides, deleting and reinstalling is also a safe bet. By the way, let me know the trick that has helped you fix Snapchat on your iPhone. If there is something else that has enabled you to troubleshoot this social networking app, be sure to mention that as well.

                          Microsoft Word Keeps Crashing On Windows 11/10

                          In this post, we will talk about the potential solutions to fix some common Microsoft Word crashing issues. Some users are complaining that they are experiencing issues with Microsoft Word. According to them, Microsoft Word crashes while doing several tasks, like saving a document, opening a document, copying and pasting the data, etc. If you experience such types of issues with Microsoft Word, this post may help you fix them.

                          What do I do if Microsoft Word keeps crashing?

                          Microsoft Word Addins are usually the culprit. You may need to identify and remove Add-ins from Microsoft Office programs. You can fix it by troubleshooting Word in Safe Mode, updating Word to the latest version, repairing Office, etc. In this article, we have provided the solutions to some common Microsoft Word crashing problems.

                          Microsoft Word keeps crashing on Windows 11/10

                          Here, we will see the solutions to the following Microsoft Word crashing issues:

                          Word crashes while saving a document.

                          Word crashes when opening.

                          Word crashes when copying and pasting.

                          Word crashes when printing.

                          Word crashes when updating Table of Contents.

                          Apart from identifying and removing offending Word addins as mentioned above, we discuss below troubleshooting suggestions for each of these scenarios.

                          Microsoft Word crashes while saving a document

                          If Microsoft Word keeps crashing or freezing frequently or randomly on Windows 11/10 then these solutions are sure to help you fix the issue. According to some users, Microsoft Word crashes every time they attempt to save a document on their computers. If such a thing happens to you, you can try the following solutions:

                          Update Microsoft Office.

                          Save your Word document to another location.

                          Run Word as an administrator.

                          Launch Microsoft Office in Safe Mode.

                          Repair Office.

                          Below, we have explained each of these troubleshooting methods in detail.

                          1] Update Microsoft Office

                          The problems like crashing issues may occur if you are using the outdated version of Microsoft Office. Hence, before you start troubleshooting methods, it will be better to check if there is any update pending for Microsoft Office. If yes, update Microsoft Office to the latest version.

                          After updating Office, check if you can save your document or not.

                          2] Save your Word document to another location

                          If Word crashes, there could be permission issues with Microsoft Word. You can fix the permission issues by running Word as an administrator.

                          If Word does not crash, the problem might be associated with the Microsoft Office application. To fix this, try the next solutions.

                          3] Run Word as an administrator

                          As explained earlier, the problem might be occurring because of permission issues with Microsoft Word. Hence, we suggest you run Microsoft Word as an administrator and see what happens. To run Microsoft Word as an administrator, follow the instructions below:

                          If this fixes the issue, you can set the Microsoft Word application to always run as administrator.

                          4] Launch Microsoft Word in Safe Mode

                          There might be some Add-ins in Word causing the problem. You can check this by launching Microsoft Word in Safe Mode. When you launch Word on the Safe Mode, it will run with the Add-ins disabled. After launching the Word in Safe Mode, save your document. If Word does not crash this time, the culprit is one or more Add-ins.

                          Now, exit the Word from Safe Mode and launch it again in the normal mode. Disable your Add-ins one by one and save your document after you disable each Add-in. This will let you know which Add-in is causing the problem. Once you identify it, consider removing it.

                          The following steps will show you how to disable Add-ins in Microsoft Word:

                          Launch Microsoft Word.

                          In the Word Options window, select the Add-ins category from the left side.

                          5] Repair Office

                          If none of the above solutions fixed your issue, first, repair the Microsoft Office application and see if it helps. If the issue still persists, you can try reinstalling the Microsoft Office application.

                          Microsoft Word crashes when opening

                          If Microsoft Word crashes every time you open it or open a document, the following solutions may help you fix it:

                          Update Microsoft Office.

                          Turn off the Protected View.

                          Launch Microsoft Word in Safe Mode.

                          Unblock Word document via Properties.

                          Repair Office.

                          Troubleshoot in the Clean Boot State.

                          Let’s have a detailed look at these troubleshooting methods that are sure to help you if your Word keeps crashing while saving a document, opening, copying & pasting, printing or updating Table of Contents.

                          1] Update Microsoft Office

                          First, check if you are using the updated version of Microsoft Office or not. If your Office application is outdated, consider updating it to the latest version. If the crashing issue was occurring due to some bug, updating the Office application will fix it.

                          Related: Microsoft Word will not open and run properly.

                          2] Turn off the Protected View

                          Turn off the Protected View and see if it brings any changes. The steps for the same are listed below:

                          Launch Microsoft Word.

                          Select the Trust Center category from the left side.

                          Now, select the Protected View category and deselect all the checkboxes on the right side.

                          Now, check if the issue is fixed or not.

                          3] Launch Word in Safe Mode

                          Sometimes, some Add-ins cause several issues with Microsoft Office applications. This might be the case with you. You can check this by launching the Word in Safe Mode. Word disables some Add-ins in Safe Mode. Therefore, if Word launches in Safe Mode successfully, it means that one of the disabled Add-Ins is the culprit.

                          4] Unblock Word document via Properties

                          Now, check if the issue persists.

                          5] Repair Office

                          Repairing Microsoft Office can also fix the problems. You can repair Microsoft Office from the Control Panel.

                          Select your Microsoft Office application.

                          6] Troubleshoot in Clean Boot State

                          There might be some program(s) on your system that is/are conflicting with the Microsoft Word application and causing it to crash. If none of the above solutions worked, you should troubleshoot your computer in a Clean Boot State. If you find such a program, consider uninstalling it.

                          Microsoft Word crashes when copying and pasting

                          Try the following solutions to fix the crashing issue with Microsoft Word while copying and pasting the data.

                          Turn off the Clipboard history.

                          Uncheck everything in the Office Clipboard Options menu.

                          Launch Microsoft Word in Safe Mode.

                          Repair Microsoft Office.

                          Let’s see these solutions in detail.

                          1] Turn off the Clipboard history

                          Some users have stated that the issue was fixed after turning off the Clipboard history. You should also try this and see if it brings any changes.

                          2] Uncheck everything in the Office Clipboard Options menu

                          Launch Microsoft Word and follow the steps listed below:

                          Open your document in Microsoft Word.

                          Open Microsoft Office Clipboard.

                          Check if the issue is fixed or not.

                          3] Launch Microsoft Word in Safe Mode

                          Some users have reported that the problem was due to some Add-Ins like ABBY’s Fine Reader, Adobe PDF Maker, etc. If Microsoft Word is crashing on your system due to an Add-In, troubleshooting Microsoft Word in Safe Mode can help you identify that Add-in. If you find any Add-In the culprit of the problem, consider removing it. We have explained the process of troubleshooting Word in Safe Mode above in this article.

                          4] Repair Office

                          You might be experiencing crashing issues with the Word application due to some corruption in Microsoft Office. In such a case, repairing Office can fix the issue.

                          Related: Fix chúng tôi errors in Office Word application.

                          Microsoft Word crashes when printing

                          If your Microsoft Word application crashes while printing a document, you can try the following solutions:

                          Try Printing to PDF, XPS, or OneNote.

                          Delete the contents of the Printers folder in the C directory.

                          Identify the culprit printer.

                          Update, roll back, and reinstall the printer driver.

                          Run SFC and DISM scans.

                          Troubleshoot Word in Safe Mode.

                          Repair Office.

                          Let’s talk about these solutions in detail.

                          1] Try Printing to PDF, XPS, or OneNote

                          Microsoft Print to PDF.

                          Microsoft XPS Document Writer.

                          OneNote for Windows 10.

                          If Word does not crash, you can use these modes to print your Word documents. If Word still crashes, try the next solutions.

                          2] Delete the contents of the Printers folder in the C directory

                          Clear the contents of the Printer folder in the C directory and see if it solves your issue. To delete the contents of this folder, first, you have to stop the Print Spooler service.

                          The steps to stop the Print Spooler service are as follows:

                          Launch the Run command box by pressing the Win + R keys.

                          In the Services app, scroll down and find the Print Spooler service.

                          Now, after stopping the Print Spooler service, open the file explorer and enter the following path, and hit Enter.

                          C:WINDOWSSystem32spool 3] Identify the culprit printer

                          If you have installed more than one printer on your system, you can check if there is any culprit printer causing the problem. For this, uninstall all the printers and install them again one by one. After installing each printer, print your Word document and see if Microsoft Word crashes.

                          4] Update, roll back, and reinstall your printer driver

                          The crashing issue might be occurring due to the outdated or corrupted printer driver. You should try updating, rolling back, and reinstalling the printer driver.

                          5] Run SFC and DISM scans

                          One of the causes of this issue is the corrupted Windows System Image. Run SFC scan and DISM scan and see if it helps you fix the issue.

                          6] Troubleshoot Word in Safe Mode

                          If there is an Add-In causing the problem, troubleshooting Word in Safe Mode will help you identify it. Once you find it, remove it from Word. We have already explained the process to troubleshoot Word in Safe Mode above in this article.

                          7] Repair Office

                          If the problem still continues, your Microsoft Office application might be corrupted. You can solve this issue by repairing it.

                          Microsoft Word crashes when updating Table of Contents

                          The following solutions may help you fix this issue:

                          Troubleshot Word in Safe Mode.

                          Repair Microsoft Word.

                          1] Troubleshoot Word in Safe Mode

                          Safe Mode launches the Office applications with Add-Ins disabled mode. This mode is helpful in identifying the culprit Add-In. We have explained how to troubleshoot Word in Safe Mode above in this article.

                          2] Repair Office

                          Users experience several issues with Microsoft Office if it Is corrupted. This might be the case with you. You should run a repair for your Microsoft Office application and see if it helps.

                          Why is Microsoft Word not working on Windows 11?

                          There could be several reasons why Microsoft Word is not working on Windows 11. From malware/adware to corrupt internal files, anything could be responsible for this error. No matter whether you get this problem on Windows 11, Windows 10, or any other version of Windows, you can go through the above-mentioned solutions.

                          Hope this article helped you solve your problem.

                          7 Tips If Windows Explorer Keeps Crashing

                          Windows Explorer is one of the essential elements of your system, and if Windows Explorer keeps crashing, you’ll have difficulties accessing files and folders on your computer. While occasional crashes may not be too much of an issue for you, but if Windows Explorer keeps crashing too often, it’s an issue that requires a serious look into.

                          Unless you know what’s causing the issue, you can apply some of the standard fixes and see if they help fix the Explorer from crashing anymore. There are actually a number of ways to try and fix it on your Windows computer.

                          Table of Contents

                          Update Your System

                          If your computer is running an old version of the operating system, that’s perhaps why the Windows Explorer keeps crashing on your machine. An older version often has bugs and issues that have been fixed in the newer ones.

                          Updating your computer to the latest Windows version should fix the issue for you.

                          Search for the Settings app using Cortana search and open it on your computer.

                          Select the Windows Update option from the left sidebar.

                          If any updates are available, get them installed on your PC.

                          Clear Windows Explorer History On Your Computer

                          Just like your web browsers and other apps, Windows Explorer also keeps a history of the activities that have taken place in it. If it’s been a really long time since you’re using the Explorer and haven’t really cleared the history, the files may have accumulated in a large number and they may be causing the utility to crash.

                          Use the Cortana search feature to search for and open File Explorer Options.

                          Launch Folder Windows In a Separate Process

                          Unless you have enabled the option to have a different process for each of your folder windows, the Explorer will use a single process for all the folder windows you open. Sometimes, it can cause conflicts and issues which may lead the Explorer to crash unexpectedly.

                          To fix it, you can turn on the option that assigns a unique process to each folder you open in the Explorer.

                          Search for File Explorer Options in Cortana search and launch it.

                          Disable Any Antivirus Programs That May Be Running On Your PC

                          The Windows Explorer keeps crashing issue could also be the result of a third-party app interfering with the workings of the utility. While most apps won’t do that, there are certain types of programs such as antivirus ones that are known to cause conflicts with the built-in Windows tools.

                          And if that’s the case, fixing the issue is extremely easy. All you basically need to do is close any running antivirus programs on your computer and you’re good to go. These programs will then not be able to touch any parts of the Explorer and that should fix the issue for you.

                          Remove Items From The Quick Access Menu

                          Quick access menu is a feature in Windows Explorer that lets you quickly access some of your recently and frequently used files on your computer. Since it’s a part of the utility, any issues in Quick access can lead to major issues like Windows Explorer keep on crashing on your computer.

                          Disabling the option to include aforementioned file types in Quick access should fix the issue for you.

                          Search for File Explorer Options in Cortana search and open it.

                          Fix Corrupt Files & Drives

                          Corrupt files and drives are also sometimes the reason why certain utilities end-up closing unexpectedly on your machine. Manually finding and fixing the corrupt files may not be an ideal solution, and if you aren’t really into any geeky things, you might prefer a simpler method.

                          Windows actually has built-in methods to let you find and fix the issues related to corrupt files and drives. There are commands that you can use in the Command Prompt utility on your PC to get rid of these problems.

                          Press the Windows + R keys at the same time, type cmd, and hit Enter.

                          Disable Third-Party Extensions

                          When you install a third-party app on your computer, sometimes they end-up adding their integrations to the Windows Explorer. And when any of those integrations get broken for whatever reason, they cause the Explorer to crash as it can’t handle a broken app integration.

                          There’s a free app that lets you find and disable these extensions on your PC.

                          If the issue gets resolved, enable the disabled extensions one by one and you’ll find out what was causing the issue.

                          5 Ways To Fix Razer Synapse If It Keeps Crashing Or Freezing

                          5 Ways to Fix Razer Synapse if It Keeps Crashing or Freezing Outdated OS can keep crashing the Razer Synapse




                          Razer Synapse may stop working due to Windows Defender Firewall interference.

                          Having Razer Surround and Razer Synapse installed can result in a crash.

                          Reinstalling the Razer driver on your device can fix the issue.



                          Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

                          This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

                          Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

                          Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

                          OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


                          readers this month.

                          The Razer Synapse is a unified configuration software. It allows the user to assign controls to their Razer peripherals. In short, it is a utility tool for configuring Razer peripherals like keyboards, speakers, mice, etc., and automatically saves your settings to the cloud.

                          Likewise, it is a widely used software, especially in the gaming community. However, users face difficulties using the software, and the Razer Synapse crashing is the most common.

                          Furthermore, experiencing crashes or freezing in Razer Synapse can happen for many reasons. Some common causes of this problem are outdated OS, broken Razer drivers, and others.

                          However, you don’t have to worry regarding issues with the Razer Synapse.

                          Thankfully, there are some fixes for Razer Synapse if it keeps crashing on PC, and we’ll discuss them with you in this article.

                          Why does Razer Synapse stop working?

                          Windows Defender Firewall: The Windows Defender Firewall is responsible for protecting the PC from malware attacks and threats whatsoever. So, it blocks programs and software that may harm the computer. However, the Firewall may mistake Razer Synapse for a threat and block its activities across the computer, resulting in the software crashing or freezing.

                          Issues with Razer device drivers: The Razer Synapse on your computer may crash or freeze if its drivers are faulty or broken. So, problems with the Razer driver may affect its performance.

                          Outdated Windows OS: Computer malfunctions often occur due to outdated operating systems. It indicates that the computer lacks the necessary updates and patches for fixing bugs affecting it. However, it may affect the programs running on it, for example, the Razer Synapse. It can cause issues with the current version of your software.

                          Installing Razer Surround with Synapse on your PC: Users complain about various issues with Razer Synapse when there is Razer Surround installed on your computer. So, you can experience Razer Synapse crashing issues if you already have Razer Surround installed.

                          How can I fix Razer Synapse if it keeps crashing? 1. Turn off Windows Defender

                          Windows will automatically search and download updates if there are any available.

                          3. Ensure you don’t install Razer Surround with Synapse 4. Uninstall and reinstall Razer Synapse and Razer device drivers

                          Expert tip:

                          If the problem still occurs, we recommend you use a specialized tool. It will scan your device for drivers that need an update and find the most recent version from its database.

                          Often, your computer system might not be able to update the generic drivers for your hardware and peripherals correctly. There are vital differences between a generic driver and a manufacturer’s driver. Finding the correct driver versions for every hardware component can become tiresome.

                          That’s why a dependable updater can help you find and update your drivers automatically. We strongly suggest the Outbyte Driver Updater, and here’s how to do it:

                          Download and install the Outbyte Driver Updater app.

                          Launch the software and wait for the app to detect all incompatible drivers.

                          Now, it will show you a list of all outdated drivers to select the ones to Update or Ignore.

                          Restart your PC to ensure the applied changes.

                          Outbyte Driver Updater

                          Maintain your device healthy by letting OutByte Driver Updater find the latest driver options.

                          Free trial Download now

                          If the problem persists when trying the fixes above, uninstalling the recent Windows update should help.

                          Can Razer work without the Synapse?

                          Users should understand that virtually all devices with at least four onboard memory profiles can store macros on the onboard memory.

                          Nonetheless, you can check our article on what to do if Razer Synapse won’t change the lighting on your device.

                          In conclusion, we hope you’ve been able to solve Razer Synapse crashing issue on your device. We recommend you learn how to fix Razer Synapse if it’s not opening on Windows 10/11.

                          Still experiencing troubles? Fix them with this tool:


                          Some driver-related issues can be solved faster by using a tailored driver solution. If you’re still having problems with your drivers, simply install OutByte Driver Updater and get it up and running immediately. Thus, let it update all drivers and fix other PC issues in no time!

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