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FIX: We’ve got an update for you [Windows notification]





Window Update

was a few simple steps in

Windows 8

. In W

indows 10

it turned into a complex and near-impossible


that you can’t do without a



There are a few ways you can stop the


from appearing. They usually involve preventing


from downloading updates automatically. Please note that this includes significant risks and you shouldn’t do it without the proper knowledge of the downfalls.

Although this article is not about update error, if you’re looking for help in that direction, check out our Windows Update errors section. 

Do you want to read about all the new tips and news about Windows? Go to our Windows dedicated Hub.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

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readers this month.

You may have recently encountered the We’ve got an update for you message. This prompt, unique to Windows 10, is a grain of sand in the desert of recent changes that Microsoft is trying on the Windows platform.

This, in no subtle way, tells you there is a significant update for Windows, and you should install it as soon as possible.

In recent years, Microsoft has been trying to change its release strategy for its flagship product — the Windows Operating System.

They are moving further away from the traditional model of big numbered releases every few years to smaller updates less than a year apart (there are 2 updates planned for 2023).

In other words, Microsoft is trying to make Windows a service instead of a traditional software. The company’s tagline for Windows 10 was Windows as a Service.

This is where this prompt comes in. It is Microsoft’s way of grabbing your attention and telling you that you should update your Windows.

It is a small part of their overall strategy of keeping all Windows users up-to-date. Another, perhaps more obvious, change was making it much harder for users to disable Windows updates.

Disabling Window Update was a few simple steps in Windows 8. In Windows 10 it turned into a complex and near-impossible task that you can’t do without a tutorial.

Which is the latest version of Windows 10? Find out from our constantly updated article!

There are a few ways you can circumvent the prompt and stop it from appearing. Those usually involve preventing Windows from downloading updates automatically.

It should be noted that this includes significant risks; you shouldn’t do it without the proper knowledge of the downfalls.

Mainly how it will affect the security of your computer because you won’t get the security patches that Microsoft rolls out automatically.

If you still want to go with it, feel free to read our articles: Disable Windows 10 automatic updates: tips and tricks and the related article How to block Windows 10 Creators Update from installing.


In this article, we not only looked at the new prompt in Windows 10, but we also looked at the underlying reasons behind Microsoft showing us that prompt.

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Poll: Could An Apple Watch Ever Replace An Iphone For You?

Do you think an Apple Watch could ever replace an iPhone for you?

Apple made its first move toward making the Apple Watch more independent of an iPhone when it launched LTE models in the Series 3 lineup. At that point, it became possible for the first time to leave your iPhone at home and retain full connectivity on your Watch, including phone calls.

The company took another step in the direction of a standalone Watch at WWDC, with watchOS 6. This, for the first time, includes a dedicated Apple Watch App Store, allowing apps to be downloaded directly to the Watch …

You do still need an iPhone at present to pair to your Watch, but it’s not hard to see the direction in which Apple is headed here. We’re clearly now not far from the point at which it will be possible to set up and use an Apple Watch without needing an iPhone.

For Apple, this means the potential for the Apple Watch to become the new iPhone in one respect: acting as the gateway drug to the Apple ecosystem. Right now, the iPhone is usually someone’s first Apple product purchase; when they start getting sold on the benefits of the Apple world, then an Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac may well follow.

If the Apple Watch can be turned into a true standalone product, then that may well be the first Apple product Android and Windows users buy. Once they own one, then an iPhone is likely next in line.

Of course, Apple’s expectation is that you’d still also have a smartphone, be it an iPhone or an Android device. But could an Apple Watch ever replace an iPhone for you?

A dumb question for some – but not for all?

For some, that will be a dumb question. A tiny Watch screen is no substitute for an iPhone one, and there are many apps that either aren’t available on the Apple Watch at present, or never could be. Nobody is ever going to be playing a flight sim or driving game on a watch, for example.

But is it necessarily a dumb question for all?

If I think about my own typical usage, I’m doing far more on my Watch than I would ever have imagined. For example, when I get a message (iMessage or Facebook message) while I’m mobile, it’s my Watch I look at to read it, not my iPhone. I will then often dictate a reply to my Watch.

All my Apple Pay transactions are done using the Watch.

At home, I mostly control our smart home tech with Siri. Ok, we happen to have HomePods at both ends of our apartment, so usually I can just speak a loud-ish ‘Hey Siri’ command and one of them will hear it, but pre-HomePod, it was my Watch I mostly used.

When I do want to use an app on a larger screen, I favor my iPad over my iPhone. So for me, the idea of having just an Apple Watch and an iPad isn’t a totally crazy one, even if I could never imagine doing it at this stage.

Obvious problems

Phone calls are a problem. Yes, every single Apple Watch owner in the world has done the Dick Tracy thing – at least once. Speaking into your wrist, and listening via the tiny Apple Watch speaker, is not remotely practical.

It’s fine, of course, if you’re already wearing headphones. With decent ones, with good microphones, it works just as well as using your iPhone. But having to scrabble around to put headphones on or in when you get an incoming call isn’t exactly a user-friendly experience.

Against that is the argument that voice calls are becoming increasingly rare. More and more of the things once done by phone are now done online, and I already know people who never answer calls – they always screen them and respond in their own time and using their own preferred medium.

Battery life currently makes the idea a non-starter for many. My Watch comfortably makes it through the day, and indeed I even found I could wear it day and night. The only time it struggles is with long-haul travel, and then only if I leave it on during the flight.

But if it were our primary device, we’d obviously be using it a lot more, and that’s going to hammer the battery. So we’d definitely need to see a significant improvement there.

Apple Glasses another contender

Apple has long been rumored to be working on Apple Glasses: some kind of Google Glass-style product, where we could effectively overcome the small screen problem by displaying a lot of information in front of our eyes using augmented reality.

Personally, I’m yet to be persuaded that this type of product really has a future for consumers. Enterprise, absolutely – I can think of scores of ways it could be useful. But are we really all going to go around wearing glasses all the time?

My personal view is that if this type of always-accessible augmented reality tech has a future for consumers, it’s via some kind of earphones, not glasses. Give me directions, read me my messages and so on. Ideally with a camera, so it can tell me who the heck that person is walking toward me and waving …

But in the shorter-term, a standalone Apple Watch seems a more likely next step.

Could an Apple Watch ever replace an iPhone for you?

On a scale of one to ten, how likely do you think it is that you’ll be able to substitute an Apple Watch for your iPhone sometime within the next few years? I’d say I’m somewhere around a five. And if you do think it could one day work for you, what problems would Apple need to solve first?

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Clean Sweep: Let’s Fix The Mess We’ve Made Of Urban Public Schools

Turn around and examine this junky room called school. Look at it and wonder why there is so little sympathy and support for those students and teachers who must live in the mess. Today, it is a wonder that our schools are able to do even as well as they do. I think we must be grateful that there always have been talented and determined teachers who find their way through the maze of rules and special interests and help their students shine.

I’m looking at a room. It’s the junkiest room I’ve ever seen. A child did not make this room junky; this room was made junky by generations of litterers. Educated people — legislators, school board members, superintendents, principals, taxpayers, teachers, and presidents — have entered this room and added their mess to the mess that was already there.

On top of the mess is a new mess — a slew of new directives stretching budgets for more tests, more requirements, more unfunded programs — creating even more gaps in the education given to our wealthiest kids compared to our poorest kids. What is it that these children, these victims, have done to deserve this?

Wealthy people drive by the junky school and comfort themselves that money is not the issue. But nothing that is dear to America was ever maintained without it, from our nation’s security to our communications systems, from our airlines to our highways. Believe this: The poor performance of schools and the lack of achievement among many of our students is indeed about money. We need money to secure great teachers, money to update teaching methods, money for technology and supplies, and money for time.

We can sweep up all of this mess and get back to what education comes down to: caring, intelligent, trustworthy, and knowledgeable adults who will ensure that every student can learn. For when the junk is cleaned out of that junky room, its structure is sound: Public education is a good foundation on which to build a better life for each of us, for our families and society.

I have lived a good part of my life as a public figure with a strong commitment to education. I receive letters all the time, and I know they can make a difference. Here is a small piece of one from a young woman, a teacher returning to graduate school to improve her craft. Her name is Sheena Oommen, and she attends Teachers College, Columbia University.

I always knew that I would become an educator, but I never thought that I would want to teach in the urban world. I asked myself, as well as others, “Why do I want to teach children who do not have a safe environment to learn in and who lack resources and support from administrators and family? Why do I want to put the time and effort in to teach these children, knowing that the only certain thing I will get is stress?” I sometimes think that I will wake up one day and not want to teach in the urban world. But this never occurs. My students need people who will love and support them through the good and bad times. My heart and mind are dedicated to urban youths. I believe I can make a difference.

What do we owe this young woman and those just like her who refuse to give up and who continue to work amidst the poverty, the violence, and the junk? If she will not turn her back, can you?

Bill Cosby, author, entertainer, and educator, wrote the prologue to Letters to the Next President: What We Can Do About the Real Crisis in Public Education (Teachers College Press, 2004), from which this is adapted. Used by permission.

I Got A Close Look At The Mi Mix Alpha And It’s An Eye

Xiaomi kicked-off the Mix lineup back in 2024 with one purpose in mind – push the screen to the edge and minimize the bezels. The original Mi Mix was one of the first futuristic truly bezel-less phones to hit the market. It was a concept that worked and garnered immense popularity, such that it was followed by the Mi Mix 2 (which also landed in India) in 2023 and Mi Mix 3 with the highest screen-to-body ratio and the slider design back in 2023.

I’m not gonna lie, I was slightly enamored with the wraparound idea when I first saw the livestream but seeing the Mi Mix Alpha in person earlier this week reassured me that it’s definitely an eye-candy.

Futuristic Wraparound Display

Mi Mix Alpha features a 7.92-inch pOLED panel (same as the Galaxy Fold), which Xiaomi refers to as 4D Surround display. It boasts a 2088 × 2250-pixel resolution and an unbelievable 180.6 percent screen-to-body ratio. I couldn’t get too touchy-feely with this new concept phone but in my brief time, I realized that it should have a great in-hand feel but is more fragile than it looks.

I mean, it’s a concept and it can have its own shortcomings but the wraparound display technology is not quite there yet. We have already seen the display on the Galaxy Folds breaking even before launch. You have to be super careful with the Mix Alpha.

The display covers almost the entirety of the device, which is clad between the titanium alloy frame, which gives it some extra heft. There’s minimal bezels and the vertical strip which houses the cameras, Wi-Fi and 5G antennas, and more. It’s a ceramic back panel with sapphire glass on top to protect the camera lenses against scratches. You will find a pair of pressure-sensitive buttons on either edge, similar to the Vivo Apex (2024) concept, a power button up top, and a USB Type-C port at the bottom.

What’s the Rear Display for?

In addition, Xiaomi told us that the software has been adapted to the concept. It will use real-time AI scenario detection to display you relevant information when you flip over the device. It usually shows you the guide page with your calendar events, step tracking, and more. But, you can continue scrolling Instagram or Twitter on the main screen and find the cab details when you book an Uber, flight details while heading to the Airport, and more on the rear screen.

Mi Mix Alpha: Versatile Cameras

The camera system sits flush with the ceramic strip and packs a primary 108MP Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX sensor. It’s coupled with a 20MP (f/2.2) ultra-wide-cum-macro lens with 117-degree field-of-view (FOV) and a 12MP telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom support. There’s also a laser auto-focus and LED flash sitting on the rear.

Specced-out Hardware

Finally, let me give you a quick brief about the internals. Mi Mix Alpha is backed by the Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset, coupled with 12GB of RAM and 512GB of UFS 3.0 onboard storage. This is enough firepower for the crazy wraparound display that runs a custom build of MIUI.

Mi Mix Alpha is also equipped with a 4,050mAh nano-Silicon cathode battery that provides juice to your wraparound display. It supports 40W wired fast-charging via the USB Type-C port on board and no wireless charging due to design limitations. We cannot talk about the battery without giving you a look at the crazy charging animation, where the whole screen lights up and gradually fills up to show you the battery level. It’s one of my software features on the Mi Mix Alpha.

Mi Mix Alpha: Is This What The Future Looks Like?

Mi Mix Alpha is one of the most futuristic concept smartphones that I have had the chance to experience in person. It’s still unbelievable how Xiaomi has taken a flexible display and wrapped it around the entire body, sort of putting an end to the screen-to-body ratio war.

Now, Mi Mix Alpha may be a concept phone but Xiaomi is selling it for 19,999 yuan, which is around Rs. 2 lakhs in China. We did inquire the company about its plans to bring Mi Mix Alpha to India and well, the answer is a no-brainer. Mi Mix Alpha is not launching in India. For a closer look at the Mi Mix Alpha, check out our hands-on YouTube video:

Now, if you want a look at the Mi Mix Alpha, Xiaomi told us that it’s planning to polish the software and will soon start showcasing its futuristic concept device at its Mi Home stores across India. The devices will sit inside a glass enclosure (you won’t get a hands-on with Mix Alpha) but it will still give you a glimpse at what the future beholds.

Fix: Windows 10 Update Error 0X803C0109

Fix: Windows 10 update error 0x803c0109




While Windows 10 should be a certain upgrade over its predecessors, it inherited few common issues. Additionally, with Microsoft cutting off support for previous systems, Windows 10 becomes the only viable option in the upcoming years.

The majority of errors is somehow connected with updates and all of them can manifest different issues. One of those errors that commonly appear after updates, bears the code 0x803c0109. As some users reported, this issue affects sound and sound device drivers. The main culprit is a failed update or a defective build. However, don’t worry, because we have a few workarounds that should resolve this annoyance, in case it bothers you.

How to fix error 0x803c0109 on Windows 10

Table of contents:

1. Check Speaker Properties

Your first step should be checking sound devices and connect them to an alternative source. Additionally, some updates can change your settings, so follow these steps and make sure everything is set as it’s supposed to be.

That should resolve all potential issues with the Speaker settings. However, if the problem is persistent, move on to the next step.

2. Reinstall Driver Manually

As you might be aware of, Windows 10 Update will occasionally install a few drivers on your PC, too. In some cases, that can be a good thing. However, more time than not, the generic drivers are not the best solution. So, you’ll probably need to uninstall Sound drivers and get the new ones from the manufacturer’s official site. In order to do that, follow these instructions:

2.1 Update drivers automatically

In order to prevent PC damage by installing the wrong driver versions,  we strongly suggest to do it automatically by using a third-party tool.

An automatic tool will help you update all outdated drivers safely. After several tests, our team concluded that this is the best-automatized solution:

Sometimes, malfunctioning drivers can cause multiple system errors.

If this happens to your PC, you may need to update or reinstall certain drivers entirely. As the process is not quite straightforward, we recommend using a reliable driver updater for the job. Here’s how to do it:

Download and install Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch the software.

Wait for the app to detect all faulty drivers.

Now, it will show you all the malfunctioning drivers listed to select the ones to Update or Ignore.

Restart your PC to ensure the applied changes.

Outbyte Driver Updater

Secure your Windows PC with Outbyte from various errors caused by problematic drivers.

Free trial Download now

Disclaimer: this program needs to be upgraded from the free version in order to perform some specific actions.

3. Restart Update Services

As we already stated, the previously installed updates are the reason for sound issues. At least, most of the time. Due to corrupted or incomplete updates, you can experience performance drops or malfunction of certain peripheral devices. This is how you can try and fix updates in the first place:

That way you’ll make sure that the main update service is working. Try updating and see is the problem maybe resolved.

4. Check system integrity with SFC

Additionally, if the updated system files are corrupted or incomplete due to malware or misuse of any kind, various errors can occur. However, you can solve that in a few easy steps with the SFC tool. And this is how:

Hopefully, after that, you’ll be able to install new updates and possibly fix the sound issue.

5. Uninstall previous updates

Expert tip:

Most of the time, Microsoft address this issues, so you can expect a fix with the upcoming updates.

6. Run DISM

If running the aforementioned SFC scan didn’t get the job done, you can try with DISM. Deployment Image Servicing and Management is a command-line tool that deploys the system image all over again. Maybe this process will help with updating problems.

Here’s how to run DISM in Windows 10:

Open the Command Prompt as shown above.

Enter the following command and press Enter:

 /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

Wait for the process to finish.

Restart your computer.

In case the DISM can’t obtain files online, try using your installation USB or DVD. Insert media and type following command:

 /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /Source:C:RepairSourceWindows /LimitAccess

Make sure to replace ”C:RepairSourceWindows” path of your DVD or USB.

Follow further on-screen instructions.

7. Run the Update troubleshooter

We mention Windows 10’s built-in troubleshooter in almost every article. And that’s for a reason. Microsoft introduced this tool to automate troubleshooting in Windows 10 and make it easier for end-user. As the troubleshooter offers solutions for various problems, we can use it for resolving update issues, as well. Hopefully, the system will recognize what’s wrong and resolve the issue for us.

Here’s how to run Windows 10’s built-in troubleshooter:

8. Restart Update components

If the troubleshooter failed to resolve the problem, we’ll have to go back to our own. So, the next thing we’re going to do is resetting crucial Windows update components, in order to get them back to a (hopefully) working state. Here’s what you need to do:

Start Command Prompt as administrator.

When Command Prompt starts, run the following commands:

net stop wuauserv

net stop cryptSvc

net stop msiserver

ren C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution chúng tôi C:WindowsSystem32catroot2 chúng tôi start wuauserv

net start cryptSvc

net start msiserver

9. Make sure the BITS service is running

Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) is a key service for delivering Windows updates. So, the first thing we’re going to do is restarting it. This should help to eiminate any possible interferences. After that, we’ll enable the service and make sure it stays on.

Here’s what you need to do:

10. Disable antivirus

Third-party antivirus programs and Windows updates are not designed to work in harmony. Because of that, it’s quite possible for your antivirus to block the incoming update. To eliminate the doubt, disable your antivirus for a few minutes, and try to install updates once again. If you succeed, the problem is resolved. If not, well…

11. Install the update manually

And finally, if none of the previous solutions managed to resolve the problem, we’ll have to surrender and install the update manually. Here’s how:

Copy the name of the issued file.

Go to Microsoft Catalogue here.

Paste the name into the search box.

Download the file. Keep mind on your system architecture (x86 or x64).

Install the update file.

Restart your PC.

Check for additional updates to make sure the update is up and running.

That is it. We hope you’ll manage to get your sound back and resolve additional issues.

For more Windows Update workarounds, and additional info, make sure to check our Windows Update hub.

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Fix: Kaspersky Antivirus Won’t Update On Windows Pcs

FIX: Kaspersky Antivirus won’t update on Windows PCs




Even the best antivirus can encounter errors such as the one when Kaspersky won’t update.

The Kaspersky update error can be fixed by checking out the antivirus expiry date.

The software’s update settings will offer an answer for the Kaspersky not updating error.

If Kaspersky failed to update databases, you can also try out another reliable antivirus.

The Kaspersky Antivirus software is among the most highly rated antivirus utilities for Windows. However, an outdated Kaspersky Antivirus package isn’t much good.

Kaspersky Antivirus doesn’t always update for some users and displays a Databases extremely out of date message to highlight that. This is how you can fix a KAV utility that isn’t updating.

1. Check your Kaspersky subscription’s expiry date

Note the Kaspersky software only gets updated for its subscription period. Thus, it might just be the case that you need to update your Kaspersky subscription.

As such, check your Kaspersky Antivirus subscription’s expiry date.

Quick Tip:

Kaspersky was your first choice indeed. However, you’re now entitled to think of other options and let us assure you that it’s wise to make the switch to Bitdefender.

Bitdefender offers higher protection against infections (5.94 as compared to 5.90, on a scale of 0 to 6 with 6 being the highest protection) and a lower impact on overall performance.

ESET Internet Security

A great alternative to Kaspersky, which protects your computer from viruses, malware, phishing and many more!

Free Trial Visite website

2. Check the software’s update settings

Most users probably assume that Kaspersky will update automatically. However, note that there is a Download and install new versions automatically option in Kaspersky Antivirus.

If that option hasn’t been selected, there aren’t any automatic updates. You can check that option is selected as described above.

3. Adjust the Date and Time settings in Windows

Press the Cortana button on the taskbar to open its search bar.

Enter date and time in the search box so that you can select Change the date and time.

You can adjust the date and time by switching the Set the time automatically option off.

Then press the Change button to open the window shown below.

Check a totally reliable clock for the time, and adjust the date and time settings on that window accordingly. Then press the Change button.

Note that there might be something up with your laptop’s or desktop’s CMOS battery. If so, it’s probably better to sync your system’s time with the Microsoft time server.

Expert tip:

As such, check your Windows 10 time and date settings as described above.

4. Deselect Battery Saving for Kaspersky Antivirus

Note that Kaspersky Antivirus has a Battery Saving option that turns off updates for laptops that aren’t plugged in.

So, if you’re using a laptop, Battery Saving might be why Kaspersky isn’t updating. Use the above steps to turn off Battery Saving for KAV.

5. Uninstall other antivirus software tools

It’s not a good idea to have more than one antivirus utility installed. If you do have another antivirus package running, that software might conflict with Kaspersky Antivirus and block the updates.

You can remove alternative antivirus software from Windows as described above.

6. Select the Do not use Proxy Server option

Kaspersky not updating might also be due to proxy server settings. If you’re not utilizing a proxy connection, check that the Do not use proxy server option is selected.

7. Try out reliable alternatives

There is another perspective you should consider when you encounter errors from updating the Kaspersky antivirus. Use alternative software that will offer you protection from viruses, extra theft protection and password management.

Sometimes the best choice would be to replace the product with a more reliable one: on this purpose we come up with a few alternatives you may want to consider. Check this list out and tell us which one fits better your needs

Those are a few tips that will probably get Kaspersky Antivirus updated. Some of those resolutions might also fix other Kaspersky Lab software that isn’t updating.

Protect your PC now!ESET Antivirus comes with all the security tools that you may ever need to protect your data and privacy, including:

Don’t leave your PC unprotected! Get one of the best antivirus tools in the world and navigate the Internet without worries!comes with all the security tools that you may ever need to protect your data and privacy, including:

Webcam protection

Multi-platform support

Low system requirements

Top-notch anti-malware protection

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