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Technology has always been at the center of investing. Since the inception of Information Technology (IT), it has supported a drastic shift in the investment landscape. For example, thanks to IT it is possible to conduct transactions for a very small transaction fee. This has enabled people with smaller investment portfolios to enter the space and start trading. In this sense, you could argue that IT is democratizing investing, and allowing everyone to participate. On the other hand, there is still the element of knowledge and expertise that is holding people back. In this article, we will look into how technology is helping revolutionize trading for the average retail investor.

Portfolio Management

A good example is the Delta stocks tracker. This application provides you with an overview of your stocks combined with analytics and market news. This results in a one-stop-shop for investors. They even allow you to trade through the application with the largest brokers. You can see an overview of the transaction costs per broker, and select the one that suits your preferences.

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Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

This is not often seen as revolutionizing by current-day investors. However, the idea of purchasing funds with very low management fees has only emerged in the last five to ten years. Before that, funds were typically managed by hedge fund managers and banks. This resulted in hefty fees, which made the products less attractive. Next to that, they also underperformed compared to indices such as the S&P 500.

Trading Through Bots

Crypto is Even More Accessible

Retail investing should also include crypto. This new type of asset is even more accessible to retail investors. There is less information needed from people, known as the know-your-customer (KYC) process, making it easier for people without identification to trading. This is a vast market within Africa and Asia, which is now able to trade and grow their wealth over time. However, there are certain limitations such as KYC that are needed at crypto brokers.

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How Retail Banks Can Transform Through Technology To Win In The Branch

Retail banks are intent on transforming the branch office experience. Like businesses across the retail spectrum, they are trying to satisfy and impress customers who have fully embraced mobile technology but still covet face-to-face interactions for milestone moments in their financial lives.

Banks have done great work with online technology, and now it’s time to bring comparable transformation to the retail branch. But for many banks, the in-branch experience has hardly changed in decades — except perhaps to become more transactional as the customer base has grown.

Supporting the bank associate

My colleagues and I work continuously to understand the role of technology in transforming the retail branch experience. We are deeply engaged in retail banking and believe technology plays a major role in optimizing the in-branch employee experience and the customer omnichannel experience.

Do you need to transform your branch experience? To find out, ask yourself these questions:

Can you greet customers by name — and know their reason for visiting — even if they don’t regularly visit the branch?

If you have a greeter stationed near the door, what is that person’s capacity to answer complex questions or serve the customer?

How long do customers typically wait to meet with a specialist? And a follow-up question: Does your bank track this wait time?

Do customers feel like your bank is listening to them, or do they have to repeat their needs and situation to every new representative they speak with?

Creating a seamless experience

What would a branch transformation mean? First, it would require equipping your branch, associates and their clients with the seamless, frictionless, omnichannel experience that we have all come to expect when shopping online and interacting with technology companies.

Also, with more banking moving online, banks risk losing an emotional connection with consumers, according to Accenture. That could make banking commoditized and hit banks’ efforts to build customer trust. Millennials and Gen Z are less likely to stay loyal to a bank than previous generations. Add in fierce competition from neobanks, and building customer trust and loyalty will be key to banks’ growth.

To support their expanded roles, banks should outfit all branch personnel with the technology they need to serve the customer fully, whatever their position. So it’s well worth equipping your staff across roles and channels with the devices and software they need to serve as a single, knowledgeable unit to provide a seamless customer experience.

For example, through wearables, employees can be alerted when a customer walks in and provide immediate assistance by pulling up their customer data.

What personalization can mean

Here are more details on what personalization can mean for customers visiting a bank branch:

Know your customer

Provide customer information to bankers as soon as a customer walks into the bank. Bankers are alerted on their wearables or tablets and can walk up and greet the customer by name. Bankers can also scan customer IDs on tablets to verify their identity for security. Our Galaxy phones and wearables can make these alerts clean and discreet to avoid distracting other customers in the area while accomplishing a host of other tasks your staff usually completes in front of a computer.


Not only can bankers know when their customer walks into the branch, but customers with the bank app on their phone can be added immediately to the queue and confirm their reason for the visit on their phones. If customers lack the app, they can walk up to a self-service tablet to provide a reason for their visit. If their need is low-touch, the tablet will direct them to a virtual teller kiosk. This process will help shorten customer wait times and help employees with queue management.

Connected experiences

Keep track of conversations across all systems, from call center to branch, to provide seamless connected customer experiences. Provide all employees with a secure enterprise-grade account to ensure branch associates have the information they need to offer the best customer experiences. As a result, employees will feel better supported when meeting with customers, and customers will receive the connected experiences they crave.

What’s next for the future of finance?

Samsung surveyed 1,000 finance professionals about the future of mobile tech. Here’s what they said. Read the report

Technology can also create better-connected employee and customer experiences:

Bankers can meet other employees where they are in the branch and access relevant information via a tablet.

Bankers can pull up account information and share personalized products on the customer-only tablet screens.

Foldable mobile phones, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold4, provide employees with the ability to access multiple insights, from customer account details to market trends, in a single view.

Customers can use self-service kiosks for immediate service of more straightforward tasks.

Providing employees with these devices enables them to increase speed of time to competency as well as the ability to reskill/upskill, which in turn encourages employee loyalty and retention.

The Samsung vision

Technology can also smooth the transition from working on a phone to a tablet to a desktop. Samsung DeX, in particular, deserves a place in every retail bank’s road map. Built into all Galaxy flagship phones and tablets since 2023, DeX enables a mobile device to support a full desktop experience via a monitor, keyboard and mouse, providing a seamless employee experience throughout the branch. In addition, DeX lets you create a fully mobile desktop computing environment that connects branch employees immediately to any applications they need, whether directly on their devices or through virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) provided by services such as Citrix and VMware.

All Samsung mobile devices incorporate the security and flexibility of Samsung Knox, our defense-grade security and device management platform. Samsung Knox is built into Galaxy devices from the chip up and runs constantly in the background. With the introduction of our Knox Suite, we’re providing customers with an all-in-one solution to solve their most complex mobility requirements.

Giving branch employees mobile devices does increase the risk of loss or theft. That’s why our Knox Guard offers an inexpensive option to protect and control access to corporate mobile devices — and the data they hold — when a device is lost, stolen or just misplaced. In addition, Knox Guard can automatically lock devices if they go offline for a preconfigured period, work to recover them with push notifications, or use device-wipe capability to protect confidential data — all remotely.

With the security and flexibility offered by Samsung Galaxy devices, retail banks have the opportunity to transform the branch experience for their clients and customers — and keep ahead of the competition.

Learn how Galaxy Z Fold4 and the Galaxy ecosystem can support your productivity on the go. And sign up for a Samsung Business Account to get exclusive offers, including volume pricing discounts, on Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4.

Beacon Technology For Retail: Tailoring Messages At The Store Level

Personalization is the key to driving loyalty, yet retailers still struggle to make a one-on-one connection with their most valuable store-level shoppers. The addition of beacon technology for retail programs is changing this paradigm by driving a new level of customer engagement through personalization — a move that creates a valuable loyalty proposition in an omnichannel retail model.

In-store personalization has been a longtime goal for retailers industry-wide. While progress has been made, efforts often still miss the mark. According to research from beacon marketing platform provider Swirl Networks presented by FierceRetail, only 25 percent of consumers believe that brick-and-mortar retailers regularly demonstrate an understanding of their individual preferences.

This indicates that while retailers are eager to earn shoppers’ loyalty, the inability to connect with shoppers on an individual level makes it difficult for brands to close the communication gap. It’s exactly this dilemma that makes beacon technology such a powerful option. However, there are a number of steps to take before getting a beacon program underway.

Delving into Data

As consumers’ infatuation with mobile solutions continues to rise, customer engagement — and personalization — is attracting renewed focus. But focusing on devices alone will not be enough to keep brands a step ahead of the competition. The clear winners will be those retailers that can truly understand their customers’ needs, and use these insights (via messages) to drive value throughout their purchase journeys.

As retailers decipher how to connect with shoppers while they’re making purchase decisions, more are eager to harness the power of consumer smartphones. Within five years, 53 percent of retailers plan to begin identifying customers via smartphones when they walk into the store — this is a significant jump from the six percent of companies currently utilizing this technology, as discussed in a session conducted by Boston Retail Partners at’s 2023 Digital Summit in Philadelphia.

With a plan in place, retailers must determine how to create more specific, targeted messages that not only increase levels of customer engagement but also deliver a call to action to the shopper. By leveraging collected shopper data, retailers are laying the groundwork for the next stage of personalization. In fact, 22 percent of consumers are happy to share some data in return for a more personalized customer service or product, according to a 2023 report from Deloitte. Once this information is in hand, retailers can jump-start personalization efforts with beacon technology.

Harnessing the Power of Beacons

At the size of a quarter, beacons are low-power, microlocation gadgets that use Bluetooth technology to transmit signals to mobile devices. By combining the technology with smart devices’ integrated geolocation technology, retailers can use beacons to deliver real-time, one-to-one personalized digital service to shoppers as they navigate through store aisles or promotional displays.

Beacons are such a powerful engagement tool that 70 percent of companies plan to add the functionality over the next five years, according to data shared during Boston Retail Partners’ session.

Unwilling to wait, GameStop is already exploring the power of beacons. In September 2014, GameStop added up to 14 beacons at approximately 40 locations across its test markets in Austin and College Station, Texas, according to a company statement. Deployed in dedicated store zones separated by product categories, the beacons require shoppers to move smartphones close to devices installed on store shelving. The technology delivers shoppers real-time, customized offers via the retailer’s app.

“Digitization of the physical retail space has always been a top priority of GTI,” says Charlie Larkin, senior director of technology innovation at GameStop, in the press release. “Learning from our initial deployment of the iBeacon platform, there are numerous ways to leverage the emerging technology to deliver a next-generation shopping experience.”

Investing With Faith: How To Grow Wealth Within Islamic Rules

There are a lot of synergies between Islamic investing and the wider ESG investing field.

Getty Images

There are no grey areas in what you can and cannot invest in to be Shariah-compliant. As a type of socially responsible investing, the concept can require considerable effort to implement since attention must be paid to compliance with a comprehensive set of rules and requirements guided by the Shariah principles.

Here in Australia, one superannuation fund generates returns for its Islamic investors. Crescent Wealth’s Head of Investments, Mas Harris, says it’s Australia’s only APRA-registered Islamic superannuation fund.

“In many ways, we operate the same as every other super fund, but in terms of investing, we’re very much different,” says Harris in an interview with Forbes Australia. “Members are Australians of Islamic faith who want to invest via the tenets of their faith, but we are open to everybody else.”

The Crescent Wealth superannuation fund is an APRA-registered superannuation fund that has been around since 2013. “We currently manage over $400 million in funds for our members, and we have over 12,000 members,” says Harris. Performance since inception is 5.04% for the Growth Option and 4.18% for its Balanced Option as of 31 December 2023.

Investing by their faith

He says the global Islamic finance industry is expected to reach US$5.9 trillion by 2026 from a base of US$4 trillion in 2023.

“Australia isn’t the world’s biggest Islamic market, so we must go overseas. We’re part of a much larger Islamic investment world globally, providing us with opportunities to tap into.”

Aligns with ESG

Islamic investment principles align very strongly with ESG and basically are meant to encourage investments in areas that benefit humanity, Harris says.

“That alignment provides us with many opportunities, and that’s a trend that is growing in Australia, not just for us, but also for other funds. That’s our foundation.”

Over the past 18 months, volatility in listed assets has led to a trend towards unlisted investments, which Harris says is something the fund will look at.

Forbes Australia issue 3 is out now. You can pick up your copy at all good newsagents or become a member here.

“In terms of the alternative space, we’ve done things like water rights – investing in water – and we’re hoping to announce similar types of investments shortly… Food is an area we’re looking at.”

Making trends

He says more institutional investors investing in these areas can change trends to help prevent wastage and boost food resources and promote efficiencies in industries.

One of the restrictions is investing in companies with very high debt levels. That can limit investing in many technology companies and banks, and Crescent doesn’t have a large exposure to mining companies that need to be capital-intensive and might borrow heavily.

“Our belief is that having to invest by Islamic principles doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a detriment to overall returns. There are plenty of opportunities for specialist investors like us. Especially if you do it diligently and intelligently,” Harris says.

Building a portfolio

For retail investors, Islamic financial services provider Sydney-based Meezan Wealth Management has launched Meezan Invest’s Islamic Growth model portfolio, where the minimum investment is $5,000.

Meezan Wealth Management Founding Director Rokibul Islam says it was established in response to demand from Australian Muslims who wanted a simple and easy-to-use way to grow their wealth via professional portfolio management while staying true to their values.

“At the moment, those with smaller lump sums are shut out from investing in Islamic-compliant portfolios. And because putting money in interest generating accounts is forbidden for Muslims, they have limited options apart from just letting money sit there and be eroded by inflation.”

Islamic investors might normally need a minimum of as much as $50,000 to access an Islamically compliant investment portfolio, the company says.

This portfolio “is designed to open up investment opportunities to all Australian Muslims whether they have small or large amounts to invest”.

The Meezan Islamic Growth model portfolio targets a return of CPI plus 4.5% per annum from a portfolio of 10-30 Australian and international holdings predominantly made up of mid to large-cap shares and alternative investments.

The portfolio is managed by Lifespan Financial Planning’s Investment Committee, which has over 80 years of combined investment experience.

Meezan engages IdealRatings to filter out shares that are not Shariah compliant, such as those from companies involved with adult entertainment, alcohol production and sales, cinema, conventional financial services, defence, gambling, tobacco and pork.

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Onead: Revolutionizing Digital Advertising With Ml

Delivering Smart Advertising Media Solutions

MediaTech With high penetration of mobile coverage, ad formats of OneAD Smart Media are all designed with user viewing experience in mind. Taking the series of big high-impact vertical video format as an example, including Mobile-In-Cover-Vertical, Mobile-In-Read-Vertical and Mobile-In-Read-Scroller-Vertical, this format is native and no interference.   AdTech Major international brands including liquor, luxury, smartphone and banking choose OneAD as their programmatic-buy partner. It also works with IAS for pre-bid optimization service so as to protect brands from ad fraud and risky environment for brand safety issue.   DataTech OneAD works with multiple media partners and continuously captures 3rd party data in real-time.  Together with 2nd party data, the 3rd party data helps to understand audience journey and browsing behavior across the cyberspace. After collection, induction and analysis of data, OneAD can portrait the audience’s profile and paving the solid foundation for OneID and OneID graph.  

Mission and Core Values

Fostering a win-for-all partnership model is OneAD’s core value, and it has been the driving force behind its growth. OneAD positions itself as a double-sided Video Ad Operator (VAO) that concurrently takes care of the needs for both demand and supply sides in the industry.  

The Brain Behind OneAD

Hilo Chen, Founder and Chairman of OneAD having a strong tech background established OneAD with a great mission to offer an ad solution, which has choices of ad products and data strategies. Therefore, OneAD has organized three Tech teams including MediaTech team, AdTech Team and DataTech team. OneAD Tech team has to research and develop unique ad solutions, optimize performance so as to bring new news and satisfy the ad market all the time. Hilo believes that it is like being in a decathlon. “OneAD must concurrently sharpen the capability and capacity of all three aspects, without skewing to any single tech. OneAD believes that the true competitiveness of technology is from the best practices in the field market. Only if we continuously innovate in technologies and continuously serve in partnership with clients, we can create value and remain the leadership position in the market,” he said.  

Leveraging Machine Learning in Target Advertising

OneID is a break-through innovation that uses an abundance of machine learning algorithms to get single user’s unified OneID across different devices, including pair algorithm, TF-IDF, LDA, Word2vec, Doc2vec, pairwise algorithm, ensemble learning, etc.  It uses Deep Learning, Convolutional Neural Network, to portrait audience’s demographics. The model has a test accuracy of around 70%. It also uses Natural Language Process (NLP), Word2Vec, to get audience interest attribute. The strong base of OneID and OneID Graph allows data application for ad serving such as targeting, retargeting, lookalike & cross channel retargeting; for ad optimization such as Dynamic Reach Optimization (DRO), AdSmart & Predictive Audience spectrum; for analytics and activation such as OneID Audience Manager (OAM) and Quick Plan.  

Embracing a Culture of Cross-Over Machine Learning: The Face Changer of Advertising Overcoming Barriers

For OneAD, internet users are all anonymous from different devices and media. Their digital behaviors are fragmented so that OneAD has to utilize OneID and unify multiple tags into one person. It is a continuous challenge to make it more precisely due to digital fragmentation.  

Awards and Achievements

In 2012, OneAD pioneered in launching in-page video ad that was adopted by leading publishers and became the OneAD Video Ad Network. ComScore soon ranked OneAD Video Ad Network as the largest Taiwan video ad network in 2013, surpassing YouTube’s market penetration, with 64 % of desktop population coverage. In 2023, OneAD announced the first programmatic video ad platform in the Taiwanese market, also the first announced audience demographic buying, entering into data era. In the same year, OneAD was recognized as one of the Top 10 Big Data Solution Providers by APAC CIOoutlook and was chosen as a successful Customer Case Study for Google Cloud Platform.  

The Future Ahead

Discord Bots For Any Server

Despite the platform being geared towards gamers and the gaming community, digital marketers are quickly discovering the platform’s potential and how they can leverage it best. One of the benefits of using Discord is that you can add the best Discord bots to your server and enhance its overall functionality. These bots can also help you manage your server better and, as a bonus, adds a fun element to it. Before moving ahead in the post, we should talk about how you can boost the power of your Discord. Though the platform is one of the strongest communication channels, there is always some scope for further expanding the power of the platform. This is why I have compiled a list of the best Discord bots that anyone can use for their server.


Category – Moderation Cost – Plans start at US$ 4.17 per month (billed annually) The best Discord bot for moderation, MEE6, can automatically scan and detect any violations like inappropriate language, spam, or external links. Your MEE6 bot can mute, kick or permanently ban the users for repeat violations. It gives you enough scope and flexibility to set custom commands enabling it to assign user roles and send messages based on particular actions. You can even set up welcome messages for new members on the server.

Dank Memer

Category – Meme/Games Cost – Free, with premium plans on Patreon starting at US$2 per month Memes have emerged as one of the most popular and effective marketing tools and have proven to be quite useful for building a community. Dank Memer is, without a doubt, the best meme bot for Discord. Its popularity is primarily due to the massive number of commands you can use on it. There are memes for any possible conversation, and all you need to do is type in the command. On Dank Memer, you can steal or gamble to earn coins which you can use to buy stuff from the meme shop.

Dyno Bot

Category – Moderation/Multi-purpose Cost – Starting at US$5/month/server Dyno bot for Discord is the best Discord bot for managing data on servers and moderating multiple channels. The bot lets you automatically assign user roles and even set specific permissions for specific channels. Hence, you can limit your server members to only those you trust, thus filtering out spam accounts. You can even decide to automatically ban users with specific words in their profiles from within Discord. You can even define individual roles for the users so that they can access chosen channels only, while other channels remain hidden from them.


Category – Calendar management/Scheduling Cost – Free, with premium plans on Patreon starting at US$5/month Sesh is a unique Discord bot for calendar management, scheduling, reminders, and more. The bot has gained prominence because Discord does not have any kind of native scheduling or calendar management feature in it. The best calendar bot for Discord – Sesh offers great flexibility in terms of the format. You can create events, tasks and set reminders for specific times in your most natural language. The best part is that the bot supports automatic timezone conversion, which means you can collaborate with members from all over the world without having to calculate timezones. Additionally, you can run polls for choosing the time slot, create countdowns, set recurring events, and even integrate Google Calendar with Sesh. How’s that for customization!


Category – Music Cost – Free One of the best music bots for Discord, Octave lets you play any song on YouTube or Soundcloud. This Discord music bot lets you share your music with the entire community you have build on Discord. As a moderator, you can play, pause, or stop a song, create playlists, replay songs, and even view the song lyrics. Octave lets the listeners vote on the next song they would like you to play. They can also vote to skip a song or let it play.


Category – Moderation/Multi-purpose Cost – Starting at $2.50/month ProBot lets you set a customized welcome message to greet every new member on your server. You can write this message as per your brand image. Add a touch of whimsy or make it formal. This message will be the face of your server. ProBot has an impressive standalone dashboard that can take care of multiple actions for you. You can create your unique welcome message, get an overview of your Discord statistics, manage moderation queues, and even set specific actions in response to particular words.


Category – Fun/Social Cost – Free, with premium plans on Patreon starting at US$1/month Everyone gets excited about a giveaway, and it is one of the best ways to engage the whole Discord community. GiveawayBot on Discord lets you organize engaging giveaway campaigns with simple commands that allow you to begin the giveaway, choose a winner, and then end the giveaway without having to do any manual work

Rythm Bot

Category – Music Cost – Starting at $4.99/month Rythm bot lets users customize their Discord servers with the help of a comprehensive list of moderation commands, utility commands, and commands that are just for fun! These commands will help improve the overall user experience by giving them unique tools that keep them engaged and have a good time on your server. Discord Rythm bot also comes with a music system called Rythm Radio, where you can stream multiple channels from across the world or listen to the playlists you created. The bot supports integration with YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitch, and more. It does not readily support Spotify, but you can manually configure it if you are good with hacks.

Discord Translator

Category – Utility Cost – Free, Premium at US$10 While building a community, you do not want to be restricted by language. The world of opportunities is open to you, and restricting only to English will leave you out of a massive chunk of the market. If you plan to expand your audience to Europe, Asia, and other non-English speaking countries, the Discord Translator bot is the perfect solution for you. Once you add the Discord Translator bot to your Discord server, no matter which language the users type in, the bot will automatically translate it into their chosen language.

Community Hubs Beta

Category – Social/Utility Cost – Free It is vital to have seamless communication of your users across multiple servers and numerous platforms, and the Community Hubs Discord bot is perfect for that. This bot connects multiple Discord channels to a common Hub room so that all of them can communicate with each other. The Hub room becomes a melting pot for different Discord channels of different genres. So, if you want to hold an event that has audiences in more than one channel, you can add them all to the same Hub room, and the entire audience can participate.


Category – Music Cost – Free, but you can donate Musibeth is a Discord music bot that lets you play content directly from YouTube on your chosen Discord channel. The bot lets you share videos when your members need some context or clarification on any point. One cool feature is that you can set up commands for videos to play automatically for frequently asked questions. You can save a lot of time and spend it on more productive tasks on your to-do list. You can also promote your YouTube channel by letting your Musibeth Discord bot share your content with members. This will get you more meaningful views while giving your audience great value.

Carl Bot

Category – Multi-functional Cost – Starting at $5/month Carl bot is genuinely a multi-functional bot. It helps you manage logs, store chats, and create reaction roles that enable you to respond to messages in real-time. Using Carl bot, you can set up custom commands in your server’s chat for the bot to execute later.


Category – Multi-functional Cost – Free, but you can donate Though it is not the strongest of its features, you can also use the Strodl bot to create an economy on your server.


Category – Moderation/Multi-purpose Cost – Free, but you can donate Nuggetbot is more than just another boring moderation bot as it is packed with an extensive range of moderation features, commands, and some enjoyable elements. Nuggetbot also comes with a comprehensive online dashboard that gives you an overview of your server. You can use the dashboard to set a welcome message to greet first-time users, assign roles, set permissions, set controls for logging member information, and more. To add a little bit of fun to the whole experience, you can set up some auto-commands for your Discord users. This lets them enjoy activities like generating memes, telling jokes, or even generating some basic arcade games that they can play within Discord.


Category – Utility Cost – Free Quillbot lets you paraphrase content effectively. When you use the correct command, the bot will automatically rewrite the text you enter. Quillbot is particularly of great use for content marketing and content creation.

How to add bots to Discord server?

You have seen what the best Discord bots can do for you. To learn how to get bots on Discord, the first thing you need to do is find the Discord bot you want to add to your server. You can go to an online Discord bots list like chúng tôi and find the bot that works best for you. However, you can create custom Discord bots for your business. The first way to do that is to code your own Discord bots. If you do not have the required coding knowledge, workflow automation tools like Appy Pie Connect lets you create your own custom Discord bots. Connect allows you to integrate Discord with multiple software to create unique automated processes for businesses. These automated processes can act as Discord bots. For example, if you want to add potential customers in Discord to your email marketing list, your bot can converse with these potential customers and receive information from them. The Connect integration will automatically add the information users have shared to your email marketing software. Our guide on how to create

Enter a name for your chatbot

Names help personalize your chatbot and makes them feel more friendly

Create a bot flow

Use Appy Pie’s signature drag and drop interface to design the conversations your bot will have

Add your chatbot to your Discord server

Once you are satisfied with your chatbot, simply embed it into your Discord server

Appy Pie Chatbot has various features that can help increase the usability of your Discord bots. From simple integrations with popular CRM software to its compatibility with both the Discord client and mobile app, Appy Pie Chatbot is the perfect tool to create a chatbot without any coding.


As you can see, Discord bots are an integral part of communication on the platform as they expand the scope of all that you can achieve here. It helps you manage your community without having to monitor each development manually. Another way to expand your Discord platform’s functionality and add efficiency to your community management is through the numerous Discord integrations offered by the leading workflow automation platform – Appy Pie Connect The list of Discord bots above is by no means exhaustive. There are so many more out there.

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