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Sites with hundreds of thousands of pages, or even millions, may not ever get all their pages indexed. This is because of a concept sometimes referred to as “crawl equity”. Crawl equity refers to the fact that since crawling a site with millions of pages takes a significant amount of bandwidth for search engines, only a portion of those pages are likely to be indexed.

Nowadays search engine optimization is not just about slapping some keywords on a page and getting a bunch of inbound links. It’s developed in complexity as the web expands, more information is stored online and algorithms get more sophisticated. With this understanding, it is critical to pay just as much (if not more) attention to the back end as with the front end – at least with large sites. Richard Baxter, of SEOgadget just put out a great post surrounding the role of structured markup as it relates to the future of SEO. Just like Baxter believes (and I agree) that standards and consistency in a uniform markup will play a larger role in a search engine’s ability to rank and display relevant content, I believe that optimizing crawl equity is a critical factor in the SEO process.

Burning Crawl Equity – Common Causes

Common causes that result in engines having to unnecessarily crawl URLs mainly come down to URL structure and infinite spaces. This is because they create duplicate content and URLs that were not intended to do be indexed in the first place, ultimately leading to engines exhausting bandwidth trying to crawl them all.


Session IDs

Sorting parameters

Login pages

Contact forms


Calendars with a “next month” or “previous month” link

Filtering search results

Broken relative links

Suggested Solutions

By addressing the common sources where crawl equity is often wasted, you will increase the likelihood that the valuable content intended for indexing in fact gets indexed.

    Remove user-specific details from URLs by putting this information in a cookie and 301 redirecting to the source URL.

    Nofollow calendar links

    Reduce duplicate content; utilize the rel=canonical tag

    Improve latency issues by reducing page load time


    Now this is great information for all to know and address. But how do you know there is an issue in the first place? For starters, Webmaster Tools may give you a warning report as follows:

    Furthermore, an inurl search command coupled with a site search command will also do the trick to help assess the gravity of the situation. In other words, how many pages are contributing to engine bloat as a result of filters?


    Finally, how to track and trend the success of your efforts? Consider tracking the % of indexed pages out of the total (intended to be indexed) pages on the site over time. You may also track this at a more granular level by calculating the % of problematic pages and trending over time as issues are addressed.

    Rachel Andersen works for the Portland based SEM agency Anvil Media, Inc. She has expertise in all aspects of search engine marketing and specializes in SEO for large sites. Andersen has been responsible for the development and execution of dozens of search and social marketing campaigns over her time spent with Anvil.

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    5 Signs You Have A Shame Culture At Your Startup

    In researcher Brené Brown’s book Daring Greatly, she takes a chapter to explain how shame is holding us back. She tells the story of a woman whose boss made two lists on the wall: “Winners” and “Losers.” After years on the winners’ list, she lost a big client and found herself with a big L on her forehead.

    You’re probably thinking: our company isn’t that bad! Probably not. But according to Brown, a shame culture isn’t always obvious. 

    “Shame works like termites in a house. It’s hidden in the dark behind the walls and constantly eating away at our infrastructure, until one day the stairs suddenly crumble,” she writes. “Only then do we realize that it’s only a matter of time before the walls come tumbling down.”

    Shame is the fear of being unworthy and disconnected from others. It’s the feeling that we are bad, and not [fill in the blank] enough. And if your team feels shame, that will trickle down to customers and partners and anyone else they interact with. 

    “Shame can only rise so far in any system before people disengage to protect themselves. When we’re disengaged, we don’t show up, we don’t contribute, and we stop caring,” Brown writes.

    Here are 5 of Brown’s signs that you have a shame culture at your startup. 

    Fear of speaking up 

    By now, most startups know that embracing failure is the route to success. But even if you say you’re pro-failure, are you really putting that into practice? That means encouraging people to speak up, share their crazy ideas, and not get laughed at, ignored, or put down. 

    CEO Kevin Surace told Brown that the biggest barrier to innovation was “the fear of introducing an idea and being ridiculed, laughed at, and belittled. If you’re willing to subject yourself to that experience, and if you survive it, then it becomes the fear of failure and the fear of being wrong. People believe they’re only as good as their ideas and that their ideas can’t seem too ‘out there’ and they can’t ‘not know’ everything.” 

    Fear of asking for help

    Do your teammates regularly come to you and each other with questions? People who feel shame are afraid to admit that they don’t know something or don’t have a certain skill. People who feel worthy can own their ignorance and reach out for support, which ends up helping them grow.

    No feedback 

    In addition to asking for help, a healthy culture includes giving and receiving feedback openly and positively. If you feel shame, all your self-worth is on the line when you hear a piece of constructive criticism from a colleague or boss, and your instinct is to defend and explain yourself. If you don’t feel shame, you’re able to iterate and improve and not take it personally. 

    Also, the simple lack of feedback can start to foster a shame culture. Think about it from the team’s perspective: if they get no feedback, they start to worry about their performance. Am I doing badly? They may start to think you don’t care as much about them, and begin the process of disconnecting. 


    One of Brown’s pointed insights is that people who blame others feel shame. If you feel the need to point the finger at someone else, you’re probably feeling bad and defensive about yourself. This is particularly true when the blame takes a public form. I know a woman whose boss blatantly called out everyone’s weaknesses in a meeting, saying, “You hate technology” and “You don’t work fast enough.”

    People should be held accountable, but the right attitude is: we’re on the same time, we all contributed to this, how can we fix it together? 

    Gossip, name-calling, and favoritism

    Lots of gossip is a shame-based activity, putting someone down for something they did or said. And if a team member realizes they’re being talked about – and they will – they start being afraid of speaking out. Name-calling and favoritism separate people into categories of good and bad, and it’s not even a healthy experience for the favorites – they’ll stake their worth on being a favorite, and start to be afraid someone else could take their place. 

    Shame culture can be insidious, and Brown has a few strategies for combating it. One is to identify the ways that shame is already present in your company and own up to them. Then, we need to teach people how to give and receive feedback, and set the expectation that it’s not always easy – nor is putting your ideas out there. In the end, it will depend on supportive leaders who are willing to have tough and honest conversations about shame.

    Chatgpt “Sorry You Have Been Blocked Error” – Possible Fixes

    Last Updated on July 12, 2023

    ChatGPT is one of the most popular AI chatbots out there, but it is not without its flaws. In addition to the servers going down, there are a variety of error codes you might see on ChatGPT. One of its most common problems is the “Sorry, you have been blocked” error message that seems to be plaguing users recently. Here are some possible fixes to get rid of the pesky ChatGPT “Sorry, you have been blocked” error message and return to use as normal. Keep reading to find out more.

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    Potential reasons behind the “Sorry, you have been blocked” error

    If you have been getting an error message on ChatGPT saying “Sorry, you have been blocked”, it is likely that the OpenAI systems have detected some unusual activity or suspicious login behavior from your device or IP address. Sometimes ChatGPT interprets the use of a VPN as this suspicious behavior or a possible security threat, especially if the IP address links to malicious or high-risk activities.

    If there is a violation of OpenAI’s terms of service by spamming or conducting abusive behavior, this will result in getting temporarily blocked. OpenAI outlines the conditions under which they may terminate a user’s access in Section 6 of their Terms of Use.

    Regardless of the source of the error code, you will no doubt just want to get it resolved so you can get back into ChatGPT. We’ve got you covered here with some possible fixes to sort out this

    ChatGPT “Sorry, you have been blocked” error – how to fix

    Here are some ways to fix the ChatGPT “Sorry, you have been blocked” error message.

    Disable your VPN and refresh the website.

    Update your browser or try using incognito mode.

    Get in touch with the OpenAI support team.

    Disable your VPN

    ChatGPT servers can sometimes interpret the use of a VPN as suspicious, resulting in the above error code. By disabling your VPN, refreshing the website, or logging in again, you should be able to get back into the chatbot.

    Having an outdated browser can cause problems with using ChatGPT. Try to make sure the browser attempting to run the website is on its latest update. Using incognito mode can help you bypass any peripheral browser issues you might be having.

    Contact OpenAI support

    If these methods don’t help in resolving the error message, the account in use might have been banned from ChatGPT. If this is the case, get in touch with the OpenAI support team to further look into the matter.

    Final Thoughts

    You can put some measures in place to prevent error codes from being a problem. These might include keeping your device and browser up-to-date, and making sure to respect the platform’s terms of use. Hopefully, you can avoid having a negative experience with ChatGPT. While you wait for these error codes to get fixed, you could try checking out some of the best ChatGPT alternatives of 2023. There are also guides available on other AI technology such as Google Bard to keep up with the latest AI trends.

    Ten Best Windows 10 Apps You Should Have – Webnots

    There are multiple ways you can enhance the Windows 10 operating system’s features. One of the safest ways is to install apps from the official Microsoft Store. Microsoft introduced app store as a Windows Store in Windows 8. Later it merged the marketplace, Xbox stuffs and phone stuffs and renamed the Windows Store as Microsoft Store. Similar to apps on the Play Store for Android devices Windows 10 developers have made many apps compatible on Windows 10 systems.

    Microsoft Store is packed with great apps. However, it has whooping 700K+ apps to choose from. In this article we will explain handpicked ten best Windows 10 apps in Microsoft Store for you to install and try out.

    No #







    Adobe Photo Express

    Video & photo



    Video & photo











    Dashlane – Password Manager



    WhatsApp Desktop



    Total PC Cleaner



    Spotify Music


    1. Netflix

    Category – Entertainment

    Netflix App

    Netflix is the easiest way to enjoy the online media entertainment. Now you can access the Netflix Windows 10 app and enjoy the movies and TV shows on 4K Ultra HD view.

    Netflix app has good controls that look great on a home theater PC, a second monitor and even when projected.

    You can easily use keyboard media controls to navigate the app controls. This makes it easier to pause, skip ahead, or turns down the volume in the middle of a running program on Netflix.

    Watch even without internet while on the go.

    Create up to 5 profiles to cover all your family members and get one month free trial before going for upgrade.

    2. Adobe Photoshop Express

    Category – Photo & video

    Adobe Photoshop Express

    Images are everywhere on the web and Adobe Photoshop Express app makes it easy to edit and share from your fingertips. You can open pictures from your PC, edit with the app and share instantly with Facebook. It is a reduced version of the powerful Adobe Photoshop image editor. However, it is just as powerful and has all the functionalities. It lets you crop, fade, blur, auto fix your photos with just a few taps and slides of a finger or mouse without compromising on quality.


    Category – Photo & video

    VLC Media Player

    If you are one of the old Windows guys then you will sure love VLC media player. It is an open source media player that supports almost all video formats available on Microsoft devices. However, the Windows 10 app is a limited version and you need to install the desktop app for enjoying the complete features.

    4. Dropbox for Windows 10 in S mode, Xbox, HoloLens

    Category: Productivity

    Dropbox App

    Dropbox app allows you to share bigger files seamlessly. You can share the file to anyone even they don’t have a Dropbox account. Also the shared files on the app will not consume space on your device. This helps to save storage on your device while keeping the files in the cloud server.

    5. Wunderlist

    Category – Productivity

    Wunderlist App

    Managing daily tasks with a to-do list a tough task for Windows 10 users. You can use the Calendar or Email apps, however it is not so convenient. Wunderlist is a great organizing app for Windows 10 users. This is similar to Notes app in macOS that allows you to create, share and access your entire list.

    Create to-do list and access across all your devices.

    Share with your family and colleagues and delegate the tasks.

    Start discussing your list with relevant colleagues.

    Attach PPT, PDF and images to your list.

    Organize home and office works in separate folders and set reminders to follow up the tasks to avoid missing timelines.

    6. Skype

    Category – Social

    Skype App

    Skype is the popular chatting app from Microsoft available across platforms on mobile devices, PCs and Macs. The official desktop app for Windows 10 allows you to share up to 300MB file size, opt-in for translation, and share your screen.

    7. Dashlane – Password Manager

    Category – Productivity

    Dashlane App

    It is the perfect app for storing passwords and browser internet safely. Dashlane is the extension app for Microsoft Edge browser. It remains one of the most popular password managers thanks to its simple setup process and easy-to-use design. Dashlane stores the passwords in secure vault and retrieve when required to login on Edge browser.

    8. WhatsApp Desktop

    Category – Social

    WhatsApp Desktop App

    The Windows 10 clean desktop version of WhatsApp makes it easy to carry on multiple, detailed chats at the same time. It also offers complete syncing so you can pick up conversations on any other device as needed.

    9. Total PC Cleaner – Free Disk Space Clean Up, Optimize Memory & Windows System

    Category: Productivity

    10. Spotify Music

    Category – Music

    Spotify Music App

    All the above apps are from productivty and social categories. However, Spotify Music as the name indicates is a special app for music lovers. It is a best app for streaming and playing your favorite songs and discovering new playlists on Windows 10. You can instantly search and play any songs from album, artist and playlist. The basic app is for free and you can subscribe to 30 days free trail premium version for trying out.

    Wrapping it up

    Finding a useful app is really difficult task in bigger stores like Apple App Store and Microsoft Windows Store. However, we strongly recommend you to try the official Microsoft Store apps instead of browser extensions of downloading from third part developer’s sites.

    Your Tooth Enamel Might Have Started As Fish Scales

    Your pearly-white smile has a fishy origin story. And no, we’re not referring to your overuse of tooth whitening products. Actual fish were involved, millions of years ago.

    Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, protecting your teeth from damage. Enamel is only found on vertebrate teeth, but how it came to armor our mouths remained a bit of a mystery. Now, scientists think they might have found an answer in 400 million-year-old fish scales.

    In a paper published today in Nature, researchers found that a shiny substance in fish scales called ganoine is related to enamel. The researchers took samples of scales containing ganoine from living armored fish like the spotted gar, which looks like this:

    Spotted Gar

    The researchers found that proteins in the spotted gar’s skin were identical to proteins linked to enamel development in human teeth. The gar has ganoine in its scales and on parts of its teeth. Looking back through the fossil record, the scientists found that early fish, like Psarolepis romeri from 400 million years ago, had the same substance, ganoine, in their scales but not their teeth. This suggests that at some point between the two, ganoine production moved from just the scales to encompass the teeth as well.

    Psarolepis romeri

    Artist’s interpretation of what Psarolepis romeri would have looked like.

    “We hypothesize that enamel originated on the scales, before colonizing the dermal bones and finally the teeth,” the authors write. They think that the enamel-like ganoine started just protecting scales of ancient bony fish, creating armored plates like the spotted gar still has today. The teeth of these fish were simply unprotected, “naked dentine”. Dentine is the hard, white part of the tooth just under our enamel–still sturdy, but not as tough as enamel. Somewhere along the evolutionary line, some of these ancient fish began to incorporate ganoine/enamel into other hard surfaces of their bodies, including the tooth-like structures called odontodes which they had on the outside of their mouths. Eventually, this theory says that fish began evolving with ganoine/enamel on their actual teeth, a trait that has been passed down the evolutionary line to almost all toothed creatures today, from humans to crocodiles.

    How and precisely when the change happened remains a subject for future research.

    Here’s Why You Should Have Audio Editing Apps For Android

    Here’s Why You Should Have Audio Editing Apps For Android What Edits Can You Make To A File With Audio Editing App for Android

    And that’s not just it, an audio editing software also lets you create new audio as well.

    Can We Make Changes To An Audio File Without Audio Editing Apps?

    Without an audio Editing app for Android, you can pinch the equalizer here and there, cut certain parts of the audio file (Most MP3 players come with this functionality), compress audio files and do a couple more things.

    Android Audio Editors Can Help You Create Some Serious Audio

    Android audio editor apps are a great way to create, edit and produce high quality audio. But, what do you get out of these apps? Let’s take examples of few great audio editing apps for Android and see what magic they do to your audio files –

    (Note: you can find all the apps mentioned below on Google Play Store)

    1. Audio MP3 Cutter Mix Converter and Ringtone Maker

    If you think that a portion of the song in your device could make for a great ringtone, this audio editor app will help you trim your file (you can assign a start and end time). Not just that, you can now turn into an inhouse DJ and mix two songs like pro. Plus, after all this, when you sit down to name your files, you are all sorted with a dedicated metadata editor.

    2. Mstudio: Play,Cut,Merge,Mix,Record,Extract,Convert

    How about a music player that wears the skin of an Android audio editor and turns your device into a portable recording studio? The moment you install the audio editor apk you have on your palms the power of changing the tempo of your audio files, you can now throw in any songs of any format and still be able to mix them. Last but not the least, this best free audio editing app for Android even lets you up your quality game – you can tweak the sample rate, channels bitrate and choose your output quality.

    3. Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

    How about you have an app which offers you features like vocal tuning, MIDI input, drum patterns, fade in-out, amongst several audio effects and filters. Did we forget that this app even has a metronome and that you can create vocal harmonies too!

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