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HBO Max has officially launched and right off the bat, has gathered its share of troubles. While available for access on a number of platforms, the new video streaming service took its sweet time to strike a deal with Roku and Amazon. Keen to figure out how it all shaped out? Here is all you need to know about it!

HBO Max is finally available on Roku

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Can you use your device to cast HBO Max to Roku?

If you were thinking of simply casting your screen from your mobile device, that will not be so simple. Roku uses a different form of casting called ‘DIAL’. This method requires both, the device that is casting, and the TV, to have the same app installed.

For example, you can cast YouTube videos, since Roku has a YouTube app and your device has one too. However, since Roku does not yet have an HBO Max app, you will not be able to cast your HBO Max screen to the TV.

Though, you can use Miracast to stream content over Wi-Fi Direct. All modern smartphones have this feature, especially the ones from Samsung and LG. Although this will not directly cast your video to the TV, it will mirror your screen and anything on it.

Why did it take so much time for the app to release on Roku?

Since HBO Max is a new streaming service, Roku and the suites in HBO Max’s offices didn’t have an agreeable revenue model in place, at first. They took their time to iron out the creases and have now officially come out with the HBO Max app for Roku TV. Users on Roku TV would be able to watch all upcoming Warner Brothers blockbusters through the app, starting with the Wonder Woman sequel.

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Will the HBO Now app change to HBO Max app on Roku

Subscribers to HBO Max have received an email informing them that the HBO Now app on their device will be updated to the new HBO Max app. If you haven’t yet got the update, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app on your device.

Similarly, if you were using the old HBO app on your Roku device, allow it to change itself into its newest “Max” avatar. It might take a while for the thumbnail to change, so remain patient.


To access HBO Max without Roku, you can use services like YouTube and Hulu. You will need to add HBO Max to your Hulu/YouTube TV subscription, and then use the HBO Max app/web to sign in with Hulu/YouTube TV credentials to access the new content.

► How to add HBO Max to YouTube TV

Since HBO Max isn’t available on your device, here are the top video streaming apps that you can use on your Roku TV. All of these are available for download on the Roku channel store. Simply hit the Home button and select ‘Streaming channels’ from the left panel.


Amazon Prime Video


Google Play Movies





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Teleparty Is Not Working On Hbo Max: 5 Ways To Fix It

Teleparty Is Not Working on HBO Max: 5 Ways to Fix It These tested solutions are waiting for you




Restarting your browser may be the easiest fix for the HBO Max Teleparty not working issue.

The streaming website may be down, so be sure to check the status of the servers of the streaming service first.

Reinstalling the extensions would fully reset the plugin, solving any existing problems.

Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera One daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

Here’s what Opera One can do:

Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Brave

AI and User Friendly: New feature directly accessible from the sidebar

Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

⇒ Get Opera One

To watch Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Disney Plus, and other streaming services with family or friends living far away, you can use Teleparty.

Users love functions like automatic syncing and group chat, but this browser extension occasionally performs poorly, and they end up with the HBO Max Teleparty not working issue.

In this article, we’ll outline five solutions for resolving this problem so you can watch movies online with friends or family.

How to use HBO Teleparty correctly?

You should first make sure you are correctly utilizing the Teleparty plugin. You can find a step-by-step tutorial for using Teleparty on HBO Max below.

Let’s now look more closely at some steps for fixing Teleparty on your device.

How do I fix HBO Max Teleparty not working? 1. Check if the Streaming service is down

Ensure the streaming service you’re attempting to access is accessible before blaming Teleparty. Streaming services like Netflix and HBO Max could occasionally experience outages.

2. Try a different web browser

Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome both support Teleparty. It’s time to switch web browsers to resolve the problem if none of those mentioned procedures were successful for you.

Download and install Microsoft Edge if you have been using Teleparty on Google Chrome and vice versa.

Since Microsoft Edge is a Chromium-based browser, it too supports the Teleparty extension. Install it by going to the Microsoft Edge web store.

Another great option you can try is Opera Browser. It supports Teleparty and has amazing useful features, including an Ad blocker to help you browse without distractions and load websites faster.

It also has a Video pop-out feature with which you can pop out online videos so they can stream on top of webpages as you browse freely.


Enjoy your browsing experience without interruption and choose to use Opera.

Free Download now

3. Reinstall Teleparty on your browser

One of the best ways to resolve any problems with browser extensions is to uninstall and reinstall the plugin.

4. Relaunch the web browser

By restarting your web browser, you can eliminate a temporary software bug that can cause problems with Teleparty. Therefore, we recommend you close and then reopen the web browser.

5. Clear browser cache

Although the cache helps with speed and efficiency, it can occasionally lead to problems and use up a lot of storage on the device. You can easily fix the problem by clearing the browser’s cache.

How to reset the Teleparty extension for HBO Max?

The first thing to do if Teleparty isn’t working is to go to the Extensions page of your browser and select Teleparty from the list.

Nothing can compare to the thrill of watching your favorite shows with your friends. The fixes mentioned above would resolve your issue because they are all user-tested solutions.

It’s time to contact the Teleparty support team if, despite following all the troubleshooting steps listed above, you can still not get Teleparty to function.

Simply send an email to [email protected]. Describe your problem and attach screenshots (if any). Hopefully, the support team can assist you in finding a solution.

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5 Things You Need To Know About So

Update 8/19/2023: At the time this post was written, the so-called “female Viagra” was recommended for approval by the FDA. On August 18, 2023, the FDA officially approved the drug.

It’s the third time this incarnation of what’s being touted in the media as female Viagra has been brought before the FDA for approval. The agency hit the brakes on flibanserin in 2010 and again in 2013, saying its modest benefits didn’t outweigh the risks. This time around, Sprout Pharmaceuticals was betting on new safety data to tip the scales in their direction. They were right.

We talked to several experts to find out more about the search for a libido drug for women—specifically, why it took so long to get one. Here’s what we learned.

“Female Viagra” Is a Misnomer

Viagra helps performance. Women want a pill for desire. Pfizer, the makers of Viagra, gave up on women way back in 2004. The little blue pill helps increase blood flow to the penis when a man is aroused. In studies, this functional approach did squat for women with low desire. (A small Pfizer-funded study did show a benefit of Viagra for women on antidepressants.) Since then, pharmaceutical companies interested in this segment have been focusing on hormones and brain chemicals that affect female desire.

The Target is Called Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

HSDD is the most common female sexual dysfunction—affecting up to a fifth of women—and it’s what drug companies have been going after. “This is not a made-up condition,” says Lauren Streicher, MD, associate professor of clinical obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. “Women who have HSDD don’t have fantasies and they don’t desire sex. We know that there’s a hormonal component, and it’s also mediated by neurotransmitters, specifically dopamine and serotonin, and the way that they act in the frontal cortex.” The most recent edition of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the DSM-5, which came out in 2013, changed things around, and HSDD is no longer a standalone diagnosis. Now it’s part of a new condition, female sexual interest/arousal disorder (FSIAD). The idea is the same though: It has to be ongoing and cause distress, and it can’t be directly caused by a non-sexual mental disorder, severe relationship distress (like abuse) or other stressors or a drug or other medical condition.

Low Desire Is a Complicated Thing

There’s some debate over whether a drug can actually help restore female desire. Unsurprisingly, there are many factors at play when it comes to women and desire, including relationship issues, boredom and discomfort during sex (something that becomes increasingly common after menopause, but can often be treated). “Too often, female sexual desire gets medicalized,” says Washington, D.C.-based psychotherapist and neuropsychologist Marsha Lucas, PhD, author of Rewire Your Brain for Love. “There’s a time and place for it, just like antidepressants—but just like [with] antidepressants, it’s often not a pharmacological ‘cure’ that’s really needed.” Streicher says flibanserin helps a very specific category of woman: “The right candidate is someone that used to have a great libido, but no longer has a great libido and there’s no other explanation for it. She’s in a loving relationship and she’s stopped having sexy thoughts, and—most importantly—she’s distressed by it and she wants to do something about it.”

Flibanserin Isn’t an Antidepressant, but It Works on Neurotransmitter Receptors

Flibanserin was first developed as an antidepressant. The original manufacturer, Boehringer Ingelheim, shifted gears after noticing that women taking it in studies started having more sexual thoughts. (Boehringer Ingelheim sold flibanserin to Sprout Pharmaceuticals after the FDA’s first review.) “It’s similar to an SSRI in that it works on neurotransmitter receptors in the brain and is thought to correct an imbalance in neurotransmitters,” explains Sheryl Kingsberg, PhD, division chief of ob-gyn behavioral medicine at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland and a consultant for Sprout. “However, while SSRIs promote serotonin release, which can dampen desire, flibanserin likely promotes dopamine release.” If approved, the drug will be marketed under the name Addyi and will come as a 100-milligram pill to be taken every night at bedtime.

The Best Libido Drug for Women Is Probably Testosterone, but Don’t Expect the FDA to Approve It Anytime Soon

Low desire is more common after menopause. Again, there are many reasons for this (symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, sleep deprivation and a bone-dry vagina don’t exactly put you in the mood), but declining testosterone levels are believed to be an important factor. The FDA turned down Proctor & Gamble’s testosterone patch for women in 2004, the same year Pfizer gave up on female Viagra. “The FDA was concerned that if the patch was given to a large number of menopausal women, theoretically it might increase the risk of breast cancer and heart attacks,” says James Simon, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at The George Washington University School of Medicine and lead investigator for flibanserin clinical trials. Simon also worked on the testosterone patch and gel.

In 2011, BioSante’s testosterone gel failed to show a statistically significant difference in terms of the number of sexually satisfying events from placebo, something Simon and others say is a poor measure of desire in women. Will a flibanserin victory open the door for testosterone treatments for HSDD? Not necessarily, Simon says: “Even if flibanserin gets approved, I still have my doubts about testosterone because the FDA still seems to be overly concerned about the two safety endpoints that they were concerned about in 2004.”

There’s plenty of data showing that very low-dose testosterone is safe and effective for postmenopausal women. Both Streicher and Mary Jane Minkin, MD, a clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive sciences at Yale School of Medicine, said that many ob-gyns prescribe low-dose testosterone off-label for postmenopausal women with good results. Unfortunately, these prescriptions are filled at compounding pharmacies, which aren’t FDA-regulated and aren’t covered by insurance. “I wish I could get testosterone for my ladies,” Minkin says.

For that, we’ll likely be waiting a while longer.

Jennifer Abbasi is a Portland, OR-based freelance writer. Follow her on Twitter at @jenabbasi.

How To Get Past The Browser Not Supported Message On Hbo Max

How to Get Past the Browser Not Supported Message on HBO Max




When your browser is not up-to-date, it can cause problems with HBO Max on your browsers.

The appropriate download speed for HBO Max is 5Mbps and anything below that, can cause this issue.

Performing a power cycle on your router can fix HBO Max browser issues.

Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera One daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

Here’s what Opera One can do:

Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Brave

AI and User Friendly: New feature directly accessible from the sidebar

Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

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HBO Max is a subscription streaming platform by Warner Bros. It includes all the HBO TV shows and some new features.

However, HBO Max has an app that allows users to access their favorite shows and movies. In addition, a web app version was launched, allowing them to use their HBO Max subscription over the browsers. Furthermore, it will enable switching conveniently between using the mobile app or the browser app.

Why is HBO Max saying my browser is not supported?

1. Outdated browser

A web app needs some features to help it work smoothly on a browser. Thus, if these features are not available on your browser, it’ll encounter difficulties when running it.

2. Connection speed

Your internet speed can determine whether HBO Max will work on your browsers. So, poor internet connection or connection speed can prompt the browser not supported error.

3. HBO Max server is down

Another cause of this error is problems with HBO Max servers. If the servers are down, it won’t be able to receive or send back responses from its client. So, it can show in the form of the browser not supported error.

4. VPN or third-party app interference

Using a VPN service on the device or as an extension on your browser can cause HBO Max not to work.

What browsers support HBO Max?

Google Chrome – the latest version of Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox – the latest version

Microsoft Edge for Windows – the latest version

Safari – version 12 or later

What can I do if HBO Max is showing that my browser is not supported?

It can help resolve the HBO Max browser not supporting Chrome issue. As stated earlier, incompatibility in the browser version can cause the problem.

Also, this solution is applicable to solve HBO Max browser not supported on Safari browsers and others.

2. Check your internet connection

Unplug your router from the power source and wait for a while before plugging it back in. It will restart your router and help it sync better. Alternatively, you can switch to a wired connection for a more stable and faster internet speed.

Fixing connection issues can help resolve HBO Max browser not supported on Safari.

3. Check HBO Max Servers

When you encounter an HBO Max browser error, visit their social media platforms like Twitter and forums for updates on the situation. On their pages, they’ll note if there is a server or upgrade problem.

These are the best fixes for the HBO Max compatibility issues with your browsers. However, you can also learn why HBO Max is slow on your device by checking out our article.

Another way to fix this HBO Max browser not supported issue is by switching browsers.

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Hbo Max Not Working On Fire Tv Stick? 8 Fixes To Try

Can’t stream HBO Max on your Amazon Firestick? Does the HBO Max app occasionally freeze or crash when watching movies or TV shows? Are videos constantly choppy, lagging, or buffering? Does HBO Max throw different error codes or messages when streaming content?

This tutorial explains why these things happen and covers solutions for HBO Max issues on Fire TV devices. The troubleshooting fixes in this tutorial apply to all Fire TV Stick generations and models.

Table of Contents

1. Fix Your Internet Connection

Unstable or slow internet causes HBO Max to buffer videos on your Fire TV. If you’re streaming movies or TV shows in High Definition (HD), ensure your internet connection speed is at least 5Mbps. To stream 4K titles, HBO Max recommends a 25-50 Mbps internet speed.

Use the built-in Fire OS network test to verify your internet network’s connection status.

Use web-based tools like chúng tôi or chúng tôi to check your connection’s download speed.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) sometimes slows down your internet connection. Disconnecting your VPN app can improve network and streaming quality on your Fire TV. Contact your internet service provider for assistance if your connection remains unstable.

2. Check HBO Max Server Status

HBO Max may not work on your devices if the servers powering the streaming service are experiencing an outage. Use third-party site-monitoring tools like DownDetector or ServicesDown to check if there’s a problem with HBO Max’s servers.

The tools provide real-time status reports for HBO Max’s video streaming service, app, and website. Contact HBO Max Support if these tools and other users report an incident with the streaming service.

3. Update HBO Max

HBO Max may malfunction or display error codes if the app is bug-ridden or outdated. App updates often ship with bug fixes and performance improvements. Updating HBO Max could remove bugs causing the problems.

Open the Fire TV


menu, type “hbo max” in the search bar, and select


in the suggestions.

Navigate to the


app preview and press the


button on your Fire TV Remote.


More Info

in the bottom corner of the screen.

Select the


icon to update the HBO Max app on your Amazon Fire TV to the latest version. HBO Max is up-to-date if you only find an option to


the app.

We recommend configuring your Fire TV to update HBO Max and other outdated apps.

4. Force Close and Reopen HBO Max

Does HBO Max freeze on your Fire TV Stick when watching movies or TV shows? Force-closing the HBO Max might get the app working correctly again.


Force stop

to terminate the HBO Max app on your Fire TV device.


Launch application

to reopen HBO Max and check if force-closing the app restored it to normalcy.

Using too many applications simultaneously can also cause HBO Max and your Fire TV Stick to freeze or crash. Force close apps you aren’t using if HBO Max continues to malfunction. That frees up system memory for HBO Max to run normally.

5. Clear HBO Max App Cache & Data

Corrupt data and overaccumulation of cache files can cause Fire TV apps to malfunction. Force close HBO Max, delete its cache data and reopen the app.

Clear HBO Max’s storage data if the problem persists after clearing the app’s cache. Deleting the app’s data signs out your HBO Max account and erases all in-app settings.

Select Clear data and select Clear data again on the next page.

Open HBO Max, sign in to your account, and check if the app now works properly without any issues.

6. Restart Your Fire TV

Power-cycling Fire TV devices often eliminate temporary system glitches responsible for app failures. Open the Fire TV Settings menu, select My Fire TV, and select Restart to initiate a system reboot.

7. Update Your Fire TV Device

Select Install Updates to install a pre-downloaded update.

Don’t press any button on the Fire TV Remote during the update process—button presses can interrupt the firmware update. Launch HBO Max when your Fire TV comes back on, and check if the update resolves the problem.

8. Uninstall and Reinstall HBO Max

Install HBO Max from scratch if the app still doesn’t work correctly after trying all the troubleshooting fixes above.

Select Confirm on the pop-up, restart your Fire TV when the uninstallation is complete, and reinstall HBO Max.

Fire Up HBO Max

At least one of these solutions should fix HBO Max and get the app working correctly on your Fire TV. Contact HBO Max support or Amazon Device Support if the problem persists. While you seek technical support, watch HBO Max on the mobile app, web browser, and other compatible streaming devices.

5 Best Web Browsers To Watch Hbo Go On All Your Devices

5 Best Web Browsers to Watch HBO Go on All Your Devices You’ll need a browser with built-in VPN to watch HBO GO abroad





GO is an extremely popular on-demand streaming service available on almost every platform.

If you prefer streaming your favorite show on a browser, we recommend the best ones in this guide.

Browsers became indispensable from our devices. Read more about them by exploring our Browsers page.

Our Web & Cloud Hub offers expert guidance about cloud storage, streaming, and more tools and services.

Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera One daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

Here’s what Opera One can do:

Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Brave

AI and User Friendly: New feature directly accessible from the sidebar

Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

⇒ Get Opera One

In this article, we share our list comparing the best browser for HBO GO.

HBO GO is a fantastic streaming service that lets you watch your favorite HBO shows on almost any device. It is an excellent alternative to streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Some users prefer using their web browser for multimedia, and if that’s the case with you, today we’ll show you the best browsers to watch HBO GO.

Which browsers support HBO Go?

Many modern browsers support HBO Go, but for optimal performance, here are our top recommendations:

Opera One





We will tell you why we love these browsers later in the article, but note that since there are a lot of compatible browsers, this is not an exhaustive list.

Which browser is best for streaming?

We will talk more about this browser later in this article.

The first item on our list is the Opera One browser. This browser has low hardware requirements, so it will leave more than enough power for streaming.

Thanks to the built-in ad blocker, the hardware used is even lower, and your multimedia content will load up to 90% faster.

The browser also has a battery saver feature that can give you up to an extra hour of battery life.

It’s worth mentioning that Opera One supports customization, allowing you to tweak your start page with various news feeds easily.

If you use it for multimedia, you’ll be pleased to hear that Opera One has a video pop-out feature that lets you watch videos in a separate mini window while working on other tasks.

Lastly, with native integration for services like Twitch, Discord and various messaging and social media apps it is an excellent choice for multitasking.

Notable Opera One features:

Built-in VPN with unlimited bandwidth

Screenshot tool

Available on all major desktop and mobile platforms

Ability to easily share files and links between devices with Opera Flow

Advanced tab organization with workspaces and tab islands

Built-in AI, free and up to date

Opera One

Opera One is the number 1 browser for streaming thanks to its low hardware requirements and built-in ad blocker and VPN!

Free Download Visit website

If you want to watch HBO GO, Microsoft Edge might be the best browser for the service. Edge was recently completely revamped, and it now has various new and exciting features.

Edge has a native 4K support for streaming, but this feature only currently works with Netflix.

Although Edge was previously exclusively available on Windows 10, the revamped version can also work with older builds.

That’s not all; the new version is available on macOS, iOS, and Android. It also has better privacy control and protection, so you can choose what tracking cookies you want to block.

Notable Edge features:

New and sleek interface based on Chromium engine

Support for Chrome extensions

Ability to customize your home page

Immersive Reader

Built-in malware protection

⇒ Download Microsoft Edge

Expert tip:

Thanks to native Chromecast support, you can easily stream content from your PC or phone to any Chromecast device.

As for additional features, we have to mention thousands of available extensions that let you customize and enhance your browser.

Speaking of customization, Chrome allows you to customize your start page with various themes easily.

Regarding performance, this browser is optimized for multitasking and can easily handle multiple tabs.

Notable Chrome features:

Available on all major desktop and mobile platforms

Built-in password manager


Native translation feature that can cover entire pages

Protection against malicious websites

⇒ Download Google Chrome

If you’re looking for a multimedia browser, then Torch might be a perfect choice. The browser has a Music feature that allows you to access your favorite music and YouTube videos without leaving your current tab.

The browser fully supports Drag and Drop for navigation, so you can efficiently perform searches or share files simply by dragging and dropping.

Speaking of sharing, the browser has an integrated sharing feature that works with Facebook and Twitter.

Notable Torch features:

Can work as a torrent client

Built-in games

Built-in multimedia player

Ability to download any multimedia content

⇒ Download Torch

If you’re looking for a browser that works with HBO GO and protects your privacy, you should consider Firefox.

This browser is completely open-source, and since a non-profit organization makes it, it won’t sell your browsing data to third parties.

Regarding multimedia, Firefox has a pop-out video player that lets you watch videos while working on different tasks. As for privacy, Enhanced Tracking Protection can block more than 2000 other trackers.

Firefox also lets you store your passwords, but you can easily access them on any platform with the Firefox Lockwise app.

Notable Firefox features:

Hundreds of available extensions

Ability to inform you if your account is compromised in a data breach

Customizable user interface

Available on all desktop and mobile platforms

Synchronization feature

⇒ Download Mozilla Firefox

There you have it, our list containing our recommendations for the best browser for HBO GO. Note that these also make our list of the best browser for HBO MAX.

Remember that this service is not available in every country, so you may also need to use any of the best browsers for streaming to get the best content and viewing experience.

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