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Apple earlier today began rolling out the third betas of iOS 9, watchOS 2, and OS X 10.11 El Capitan and we’ve been digging into each of them, trying to figure out what is new, changed, and improved. Most of the changes come on the iOS 9 and watchOS 2 side of things, with the new OS X 10.11 beta focusing mainly on under-the-hood changes. Read on for all of the changes…

What’s new in watchOS beta 3:

watchOS 2 beta 3 includes a variety of enhancements and bug fixes. For one, the update enlarges the size of the keypad buttons, making them significantly easier to tap. When data is unavailable, an underscore (__) is now displayed instead of dashes. Control of brightness and volume is now more granular, with brightness control gaining another mid-tier setting and volume control gaining a smooth slider. The Music icon is also changed to match the one found in iOS 8.4 and iOS 9 and Beats 1 has been added to the Music app. The Weather app now shows the last time it was updated now, as well. Finally, beta 3 of watchOS 2 also adds Activation Lock, which Apple had previously announced was coming.

Enlarged keypad buttons

More granular control of volume and brightness

New Music icon

Beats 1 support in the Music app

Weather details when it was last updated

Activation Lock added

Pressing the Digital Crown on the app screen immediately returns you to the watch face

What’s new in El Capitan beta 3:

On the El Capitan side of things, the operating system now supports dragging a window out of the top bar in Mission Control and moving it back to the desktop as a separate window. The Calendar application also has a new splash screen that details the new features of the application. Beta 3 also fixes several bugs from beta 2, as you would it expect it to.

Several bug fixes have been made to existing features

Dragging a window out of the top bar in Mission Control now allows you to move it back to the desktop as a separate window

Calendar has a new splash screen (see above)

What’s new in iOS 9 beta 3:

Finally, on the iOS 9 beta 3 also brings its fair share of enhancements. For one, Apple News is included in the build, also in a beta form. We went hands-on with it earlier today. On the iPad, folders now support a 4×4 setup of icons, as opposed to 3×3. In the Mail app, there are new icons when you swipe left and right on messages. The Photos app has new dedicated folders for selfies and screenshots, as well. Finally, there is a new setting in Settings to allow Apple Music to stream high quality over cellular.

Apple News added

4×4 setup in folders on the iPad

New icons in Mail

Dedicated selfie and screenshot folders in Photos

Setting to allow high-quality streaming over cellular for Apple Music

New Calendar icon appears in Spotlight search

Siri no longer makes her classic “ding” sound

El Capitan, iOS 9, and watchOS 2 will all launch to the public this fall.

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Apple Releases Ios 11.4: Here Is Everything New

Apple has released iOS 11.4 to the public. The update, available for iPhone and iPad, includes a number of new features that make it special. The software update is available now for download over the air (OTA). 

How we got here

In late March, Apple introduced iOS 11.3, which included lots of new features including battery health and performance settings, new Animojis, Business Chat, Health Records, and an upgrade to ARKit. Soon after, developers began testing iOS 11.4. In total, Apple released six iOS 11.4 beta versions before today’s public launch.

What’s new in iOS 11.4?

With iOS 11.4, Apple finally adds two iOS 11 features that were first announced at last year’s WWDC, AirPlay 2 and Messages in iCloud. Other minor features are also in this update.

AirPlay 2

AirPlay 2 had made numerous appearances in beta versions of iOS 11.3 but didn’t make the cut. It’s finally here in iOS 11.4.

With AirPlay 2, you can use “multi-room audio” from iOS devices, making it easier to control speakers using Control Center, the Home app, or with Siri. Previously, this was only available through iTunes under macOS or Windows.

Thanks to AirPlay 2 and a companion firmware update, users with more than one HomePod can finally listen in stereo. This will bring multi-room and stereo pairing to the HomePod and Apple TV.

Messages in iCloud

Best called the big tease, Messages in iCloud has been added and removed from iOS 11 beta versions for what seems like forever. The feature moves Messages to iCloud and in doing so, allows you to sync conversations across all of your devices, including iOS, macOS, and watchOS.

In other words, when you delete a message on one device, it’s gone on the others too.

Schoolwork and ClassKit

For educational users on iOS 11.4 devices, Apple has introduced Schoolwork and ClassKit. Both features were first announced at Apple’s Chicago-based educational event on March 27.

ClassKit allows app developers to add features that can be used by educational institutions with Apple School Manager and Managed Apple IDs. Teachers assign activities in Schoolwork with students’ progress recorded in ClassKit-enabled apps.

Other iOS 11.4 features

The latest version of iOS 11.4 also adds a few minor features, including:

(PRODUCT)RED iPhone wallpaper on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. If you own a different iPhone, you can install the wallpapers manually.

HomePod support for Calendar

You can grab the iOS 11.4 software from iDownloadBlog’s Download page.

For the full list of fixes and new features in iOS 11.4, check out the official release notes.

iOS 11.4 release notes

iOS 11.4 includes AirPlay 2 multi-room audio, support for HomePod stereo pairs, and Messages in iCloud. This update also includes bug fixes and improvements.

AirPlay 2

Control your home audio system and AirPlay 2-enabled speakers throughout your house

Play music at the same time on multiple AirPlay 2-enabled speakers in your house, all in sync

Control AirPlay 2-enabled speakers from Control Center, the Lock screen, or AirPlay controls within apps on your iPhone or iPad

Use your voice to control AirPlay 2-enabled speakers with Siri from your iPhone or iPad, HomePod, or Apple TV

Take a call or play a game on your iPhone or iPad without interrupting playback on your AirPlay 2-enabled speakers

HomePod stereo pair

This update supports setting up your HomePod stereo pair using your iPhone or iPad

HomePod pair automatically senses its location in the room and balances the sound based on the speakers’ locations

Advanced beamforming provides wider soundstage than traditional stereo pair

HomePod will automatically update to support stereo pairs, unless auto updates are disabled in the Home app

Messages in iCloud

Store your messages, photos, and other attachments in iCloud and free up space on your devices

All your messages appear when you sign into a new device with the same iMessage account

When you delete messages and conversations they are instantly removed from all your devices

Your conversations continue to be end-to-end encrypted

Other improvements and fixes

Enables teachers to assign their students reading activities in iBooks using the Schoolwork app

Fixes an issue where certain character sequences could cause Messages to crash

Addresses a Messages issue that could cause some messages to appear out of order

Addresses an issue that could prevent logging in or accessing files on Google Drive, Google Docs and Gmail in Safari

Fixes an issue that could prevent data syncing in Health

Fixes an issue that could prevent users from changing what apps can access Health data

Resolves an issue that could cause an app to appear in an incorrect location on the Home screen

Fixes an issue where CarPlay audio could become distorted

Fixes an issue where selecting music from your iPhone could fail when playing music over Bluetooth or when connected to USB on some vehicles

For information on the security content of Apple software updates, please visit this website:

Foldable Iphone And Ipad: Here’s What The Latest Rumors Say

Apple competitors like Samsung have been trying to push foldable smartphones and tablets for some time. And while this is a niche market, Apple is rumored to have been experimenting with this idea internally. We don’t yet know when, or if, the company will introduce a foldable iPhone or iPad – but read on as we detail what we know so far.

Latest rumors on Apple’s foldable iPhone and iPad

This comes as no surprise since Apple has been following a more conservative approach in recent years. Due to the large number of devices the company ships each year, Apple would likely face several supply issues with the launch of a foldable phone at this point, since this technology is still limited and more expensive.

But what would an Apple foldable device look like? People familiar with the matter have been saying that the company has different prototypes inside its campus. One of them looks more like an iPhone that folds – an idea similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip. Another prototype looks more like an iPad that folds into a phone. Kuo said this year that he believes the foldable tablet will come first.

I’m positive about the foldable iPad in 2024 and expect this new model will boost shipments and improve the product mix. My latest survey indicates that the foldable iPad will feature a carbon fiber kickstand. Carbon fiber material will make the kickstand lighter and more durable.

Last year, Young claimed that Apple was in talks with its suppliers to order 20-inch displays for a foldable laptop. Of course, these are all for experimental prototypes and none of these are product designs that are about to see the light of day. Still, it’s interesting to see that although having a foldable device is not a priority for Apple, the company is not ruling out the idea for the future.

CCS Insight also predicted that Apple’s first foldable device will cost around $2,500, much more expensive than current iPhones. But at the same time, foldable devices from other companies are not cheap either. Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 starts at $1,799. Google’s new Pixel Fold also comes with a price tag of $1,799.

Are foldable phones worth it?

Some people think foldable devices are nothing more than a gimmick, while others really see the potential in this technology. I had the opportunity to test Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip, and while I wouldn’t use it as my main phone, it made me realize that there’s some room for these kinds of phones.

Samsung has been doing a great job with its foldable phones, and these devices open up a lot of new possibilities. For some people, it’s all about making large phones fit into a pocket or purse. For others, it’s about new ways to interact with the phone when it’s folded. I had fun taking selfies with my Z Flip without having to hold it or put it on a stand.

At the same time, these devices still look more like prototypes than devices for end users. There’s still the crease where the display bends and they’re still quite fragile. These are things that Apple can change with its own foldable device.

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How To Track Sleep On Apple Watch In Watchos 9

Things to know:

With watchOS 9, Apple has improved the efficiency of sleep tracking.

Apple Watch should have more than 30 percent charge to use this feature.

You can get sleep-tracking data from the Sleep app on your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Experiencing the Apple ecosystem is bliss for many, thanks to how each device is integrated. Individually, all have their specialties because of the integrated hardware and software features. If you own an Apple Watch, you may have heard about the new and improved sleep tracking with watchOS 9.

So how can you use your Apple Watch to track sleep? Well, that’s what we are going to explore in this guide.

How does sleep tracking work on Apple Watch?

Sleep tracking is a feature integrated with the Sleep app on iPhone. With this app, you can use your Apple Watch for sleep tracking and get information such as the time spent on each sleep stage, REM, and even tips on improving your sleep.

Your Apple Watch will kick off sleep tracking depending on your motion data. Sleep tracking automatically occurs once you have activated the app and enabled the sleep schedule. Now that you know what sleep tracking is, let’s look at how you can set up and track sleep with watchOS 9.

Set up Sleep app on Apple Watch

To track your sleep using Apple Watch, you must first set up the Sleep app.

If you haven’t used the app yet, here’s how to do it:

Open the Sleep app on your Apple watch.

Tap Next.

How to enable sleep tracking on Apple Watch

Before proceeding, make sure Sleep Tracking is toggled on your Apple Watch. Go to Settings → Sleep → toggle on Sleep Tracking.

Now, you need to enable a Sleep Schedule to start tracking your sleep. Here’s how you can do so:

Unlock your Apple Watch and open the Sleep app.

Scroll down and tap Full Schedule.

View your recent sleep data on Apple Watch

When you wake up after every sleep, you can see the details regarding sleep on the Apple Watch. Here’s how you can view sleep-tracking data on Apple Watch:

Open the Sleep app on your Apple Watch

Scroll down, and you can see the amount of sleep you got the last night.

Besides that, you can also see the time spent in each sleep stage and the sleep average for the last 14 days.

View your sleep data on your iPhone

Along with Apple Watch, if you have paired it to an iPhone, you can access the sleep data from your iPhone. Here’s how:

Open the Health app.

Tap Browse.

Scroll down and tap Sleep.

Here, you can see your past couple of sleep and the option to see it based on week, month, and even past 6 months.

Create, change, or delete sleep schedule on Apple Watch

By default, there will be a sleep schedule. You can either change it or create a new one.

Tips: The changes made to the sleep schedule will be reflected in your iPhone and vice versa. So you are only required to make these changes only on one of the devices.

Create a new sleep schedule

Open the Sleep app.

If you are adding the schedule:

First time: Tap Set Your First Schedule.

If there’s already a schedule: Tap Add Schedule.

Edit or delete sleep schedule

Open the Sleep app on your Apple Watch.

Scroll down and tap Full Schedule.

Here, you can do the following:

Change Schedule: If you have an existing schedule, select it and make the required changes.

Create, edit or delete sleep schedule on iPhone

You can also create, change, or delete the sleep schedule on your iPhone. Here’s how:

Create sleep schedule

Open the Health app on your iPhone.

Tap Browse.

Select Sleep.

Select Set Your First Schedule/Add under Your Schedule if you don’t have a sleep schedule.

Tap Full Schedule & Options and select Add Schedule if you want to add another schedule.

Edit Sleep Schedule

Open the Health app on your iPhone.

Tap Browse.

Select Sleep.

Make necessary changes and tap Done.

Delete sleep schedule

Go to Health → Browse → Sleep.

Here, tap Full Schedule & Options.

Now, tap Edit under the schedule you want to delete.

Change Sleep options on Apple Watch

Open Settings.

Scroll down and tap Sleep.

Here, you can play around with the following settings:

Wind Down: Wind down is a feature that minimizes distractions around your bedtime by creating and maintaining a personalized evening routine based on your favorite meditation app, relaxing music, etc.

Sleep Screen: Use this to reduce distractions on your Apple Watch and iPhone Lock Screens.

Show Time: You will only see the date and time on your iPhone and Apple Watch while the Sleep Focus is active.

Charging Reminders: Turn this in if you want your Apple Watch to remind you to charge it before bedtime.

You can also change these sleep options on your iPhone. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone → tap My Watch → Sleep.

How to turn off Sleep Tracking on Apple Watch

There is no doubt that Apple users are privacy-focused, and while Apple is taking necessary measures to protect its user data, some things are done from the user side, too, to ensure your data stays with you.

While the sleep data stored in iCloud is encrypted, if you don’t want to store your sleep data anywhere, here’s how you can disable sleep tracking on your Apple watch.

Go to Settings → Sleep.

By turning it off, your Apple Watch won’t track your sleep, share it with your iPhone or store the sleep data in iCloud.


Q. Does the Apple Watch track sleep automatically?

If you have enabled the Sleep Schedule or the Sleep focus, Apple will automatically start to keep track of your sleep.

Q. What to do when sleep tracking on Apple Watch is not working?

Make sure you have enabled Sleep focus and Sleep Schedule from Full Schedule on Apple Watch or toggle on Sleep Schedule under the Full Schedule option in the Sleep section of the health app on iPhone.

That’s it!

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Latest Office Build Adds New Features In Excel And Powerpoint

Latest Office build adds new features in Excel and PowerPoint




Microsoft has released a new Office build for for Insiders in the Fast Ring.

The new Office version 1909, build 12026.20000, brings a lot of fixes and improvements, but also some new features for Excel and PowerPoint.

You can now use XLOOKUP and save slides as SVG files

Excel gets a new XLOOKUP function that comes as an improvement for the older VLOOKUP. It has the ability too look vertically, but also horizontally, which means that it replaces HLOOKUP, as well.

With XLOOKUP you’ll only need three arguments: lookup_value, lookup_array, and return_array.

As for PowerPoint, from now on you’ll have the ability to save an illustration or a slide as SVG.

Because SVG is a vector-based image that does not use pixels to render and instead uses vectors, you’ll be able to save charts, shapes, icons, or slides as a scalable vector graphic (SVG) for a cleaner and sharper image.

New Office v1909 build 12026.20000 brings a lot of changes

Here’s the full list of fixes and improvements to all the Office suite apps:


We fixed an issue which prevented CSV from appearing as a supported file type

We fixed an issue that occurred while working on a shared workbook when trying to save.

We fixed an issue when Excel only lists the first 16 addins located in the ‘ExcelAdd-in Manager’ registry values.

We fixed an issue where the function Frequency returns incorrect results.

We fixed an issue where the name of some fonts were not displayed correctly.

We have significantly improved the performance of filtering by color.

We fixed an issue which prevented keyboard navigation in the Find/Replace dialog box.

We fixed an issue where the keytip for Sensitivity was conflicting with another keytip.

We fixed an issue to prevent GeometryCommand from putting a non-connector shape type in the Geometry of a Connector.

We fixed an issue that caused a problem  when using dock/undock from multiple external displays.


We fixed an issue which would affect the rotation orientation of a 3D Turntable.

We fixed an issue which prevented some hyperlinks from working if they contained special characters.

We fixed an issue to prevent GeometryCommand from putting a non-connector shape type in the Geometry of a Connector.

We fixed an issue that caused a problem  when using dock/undock from multiple external displays.


We fixed an issue which could sometimes cause a crash after printing a Team Planner view.


We fixed an issue where Japanese post card and greeting card related add-in resources are not found when the user takes action in the add-in wizard.

We fixed an issue where multi-byte characters in vertical text box are shown overlapped in reading view.

We fixed an issue where Word would occasionally crash in AListMarkerUtility.SetListDomAttributes.

We fixed an issue to prevent GeometryCommand from putting a non-connector shape type in the Geometry of a Connector.

We fixed an issue that caused a problem  when using dock/undock from multiple external displays.


We fixed an issue which prevented HTML content from appearing for some POP3 users.

We fixed an issue to remove non-functional ‘Planner’ link from the overflow menu in the contact card when working in environments where it is not available.


We fixed an issue where users could receive an “inconsistent state” error when using a shared database.

We fixed an issue which could cause the date picker to appear when it shouldn’t.

It’s worth mentioning that OneNote and Visio didn’t get any new changes. Also, there are no known issues with any of the Office apps.

The update should roll out automatically, but you can also manually check for updates to see if you’re on the latest version.

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The Top 5 New Features In Ios 13.3 For Your Iphone And Ipad

Apple yesterday released iOS 13.3 and iPadOS 13.3 to the public. We thought iDownloadBlog readers might want to know what’s new so we’ve put together a nice little hands-on video walkthrough taking you through the best new iPhone and iPad features enabled by the update.

Video: the top 5 new features in iOS 13.3

Our video editor Harris Craycraft does a nice job walking you through the most important changes in iOS 13.3 in a relaxed manner so watch his video embedded right ahead.

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Continue reading for more detailed feature descriptions.

An overview of the top 5 features in iOS 13.3

Here are the highlights from the video.

Keyboard toggle for Memoji Stickers

You can now optionally get rid of the Memoji Stickers section in the stock emoji keyboard that tends to take up a significant portion of the keyboard screen real estate.

If you don’t care about using Animoji or Memoji while messaging, go to Settings → General → Keyboard and disable Memoji Stickers underneath the Emoji heading at the screen bottom.

Communication Limits in Screen Time

Parents now have another way to keep their children safer on their iPhone or iPad by setting up communication limits in the Screen Time settings and specifying there who their kids can and cannot talk to, both during screen time and downtime.

To get started, simply launch the Settings app on your child’s iPhone or iPad, then choose Screen Time → Communication Limits and go from there.

Liking stories in News

Aside from new layout for stories from The Wall Street Journal and other newspapers, the News app in iOS 13.3 and iPadOS 13.3 now finally makes it easy to like or dislike stories with a tap of the new thumbs-up or thumbs-down icon found at the bottom of the screen.

Also, there are now handy forward and backward arrows at the bottom for quickly navigating to the next or previous story. And if you’re located in Canada and like to read Apple News stories in the Stocks app, you can now enjoy them in either English or French.

Saving trimmed videos in Photos

iOS 13.3 has restored the ability to keep a trimmed clip alongside the original video.

Since iOS 13 enables non-destructive video editing in the Photos app, a trimmed video doesn’t need to be saved as a separate clip because you can restore the original, non-trimmed video with a tap. But if you want to, you can now save a trimmed clip as a new video (you’ll be asked to make your choice after tapping the Done button).

iPad hot corners

On iPad, you now get hot corners as a brand-new assistive feature.

What that does is similar to the macOS hot corners feature that has existed on the Mac for years. After setting up this feature in Settings and connecting a mouse to your iPhone or iPad, you will be able to move the cursor to a corner of the screen to perform a quick action you can configure, such as invoking the iOS app switcher or performing a custom Siri Shortcut.

TUTORIAL: How to use hot corners on your Mac

This is a major productivity boost that makes the iPad feel more like a traditional computer in terms of window management but, again, you’ll need to use a mouse.

Your take

To find out about all the other feature changes or additions, improvements and bug fixes in iOS 13.3 and iPadOS 13.3, read Apple’s release notes and check out the update’s security content.

What’s your favorite new feature afforded by the iOS 13.3 update, and why?

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