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Day 1: Public Safety and Security

Did you know that there are special programs from the FAA to account for law enforcement, search and rescue, and fire rescue drone? You can get involved, just don’t try flying your drone around an emergency situation, you’d be endangering lives and risking some serious fines.

Day 2: Business – Photography, Real Estate, Insurance

What you really need to know is simple: You can fly your drone for fun, or you can fly your drone for pay. The moment you accept compensation for your flight, or for photos and videos captured from the sky, that is a commercial operation, requiring you to have your Part 107 Certification, and to follow a few different rules in the sky.

Day 3: Business – Infrastructure and Agriculture

Using drones to inspect radio towers, rail lines, power lines and large buildings is a huge business, at least it might be when the drone industry satisfies the line-of-sight rule we have to follow for drone flight. That’s right, whether you fly for fun or for pay, you must be able to see your drone in the sky at all times.

Day 4: Business – Commercial and Medical Package Delivery

We’re all excited for drone deliveries, having Amazon drop off our next package right at our doorstep sounds super cool! That said, think about your home, is there really a safe place for a drone to fly in, land, leave a package and take off again? There are a number of difficult tasks a drone delivery needs to overcome before it can deliver stuff to you, but we’re getting there, and that’s very exciting.

Day 5: Education and STEM Day 6: Recreational Flyers

There are enough rules and safety guidelines for hobby pilots that we needed two days. Day one for recreational flyers covers the tasks you need to accomplish before you fly. We hope you know that you need to register most drones with the FAA before you fly, and you’ll need to affix that registration number to the outside of the craft. The hardest part some days is learning the airspace restrictions — You cannot fly anywhere you want, you must be aware of airspace designations, then acquire authorization to fly in controlled airspace. If you live within five miles or so of an airport, you are likely in controlled airspace.

Check out Drone Rush’s airspace map for more details.

Day 7: Recreational Flyers

Day two for hobby pilots, and the final day of the safety week, wraps up the recreational flight rules. Some of the basics include the 400 foot altitude limit, do not fly over people, stay away from emergency situations, don;t fly over stadiums, and more. Most of all, safety is in your hands, following the line-of-sight rules ensures you can see your craft and navigate it to a safe place when and if there are obstacles in the sky. Remember, you do not have the right of way if a manned aircraft comes around, you must get out of the way.

We invite you over to Drone Rush for all this and lists of the best drones for your needs. Whether you are looking for mini drones, 4K camera drones, commercial drones or more, we’ve got you covered.

Fly safe!

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Reliving The Highlights, Records, Titles, From Bu’s 2023

Reliving the Highlights, Records, Titles, from BU’s 2023-2023 Athletics Season Here are 11 moments to remember from this past year

Members of the BU Terriers women’s ice hockey team celebrate and carry the Beanpot trophy after winning the 41st annual Beanpot championship. Photo by Cydney Scott

The 2023-2023 BU Athletics season in a nutshell: highs, lows, new records, championships, turnarounds, and yes, some disappointments along the way. Here are 11 memorable highlights of the year in sports for Boston University:

August 27—Men’s soccer’s Matt McDonnell nets a hat trick against Boston College

It’s always a feat when you score a hat trick—three goals in a single game—in soccer. You also get bonus points for accomplishing it against your archrival. But junior Matt McDonnell (Questrom) scored that third goal against BC and what made it all the more remarkable was that it was the first Terrier hat trick since Shaun Taylor (Sargent’10) did it in 2008.

November 4—BU women dominate conference in two sports

Winning a championship is a great accomplishment, but when a school claims two on a single day? That’s a whole new level of impressive. That’s exactly what the Terriers did on November 4, when BU’s field hockey and women’s soccer teams won their Patriot League titles just hours apart.

December 1—Sarah Cicchetti breaks 31-year-old weight throw record

When you break a 31-year-old school record, you’ve done something right. Women’s track and field’s Sarah Cicchetti (Questrom’19) threw for 17.27 meters in December to break the record of 16.54 meters. She’s beaten her own record twice more since, with the latest record standing at 17.97 meters. Read BU Today’s Q&A with Cicchetti here.

February 12—BU claims the Women’s Beanpot title

After 38 years of waiting, the BU women’s ice hockey team finally reclaimed the Beanpot trophy. It marks the Terriers’ first Beanpot win as a varsity program and only their second title ever. BU had to overcome Northeastern, then the third-ranked team in the country, and host team Harvard along the way. BU Today’s photo essay captured the emotion and excitement.

February 23—Swimmer Erin Nabney breaks three school records at Patriot League Championships

Approaching the final meet of her collegiate swimming career, Erin Nabney (COM’19) told BU Today that her goal in the conference championships was to break a school record. Well, she broke three of them: 200 IM (2:01.22), 100 breast (1:02.74), and 400 free relays (3:22.26).

April 12—Men’s ice hockey’s Joel Farabee named national Rookie of the Year

Freshman Joel Farabee (CGS) became the third Terrier in five years to win the Tim Taylor Award, given to the best freshman in the country. When your name is in the same group as Clayton Keller (2023) and Hoby Baker winner Jack Eichel (2023), you’re doing something right. Before departing to join the Philadelphia Flyers, Farabee led the Terriers with 36 points.

April 13—Men’s lacrosse upsets No. 2 Loyola, 18-11

The BU men’s lacrosse team enjoyed a strong season that was upended in a narrow 10-9 loss to Lehigh in the conference semifinals. But along the way, the team saw some spectacular moments, among them a blowout of second-seeded Loyola Maryland. Led by James Burr (Questrom’19), who scored a career-high nine points (five goals, four assists) and broke the program’s career goals record, the Terriers claimed their first top-five win in program history.

April 21—Hanako Kawasaki becomes first rookie to win Patriot League Golfer of the Year

Freshman Hanako Kawasaki (Questrom) is on a mission to become the greatest golfer in BU history, and she might just finish as the greatest ever in Patriot League history. In a season that saw her set new 36-hole and 54-hole program records, Kawasaki became the first rookie ever to win the Patriot League Championship, and she was named both Rookie of the Year and Player of the Year. Along with Kawasaki’s individual conference title, BU also won the Patriot League Championship as a team.

April 30—Larosse’s Chris Gray scores his 100th point of the season

Speaking of becoming a sports program’s greatest, men’s lacrosse’s sophomore Chris Gray (CGS) also seems to be bound for that spot. The attacker finished the season with a best-in-the-nation 111 points on 49 goals and 62 assists. Gray’s 100th point of the season in the Patriot League Tournament quarterfinals made him the first player in conference history to reach that mark and the 18th ever in NCAA history.

May 5—Lightweight rowing wins Eastern Sprints

The BU women’s lightweight rowers are ranked the third-best team in the country—an impressive feat on its own. But facing a tough field that included several nationally ranked teams, the Terriers needed their best efforts to claim the regatta win. BU ultimately edged second-ranked Princeton University to claim its second-ever Eastern Sprints title.

May 11—Record-breaking softball team defends Patriot League title

Last season, the BU softball team swept the Patriot League awards. The Terriers weren’t able to repeat that feat this season, but in equally impressive fashion, 10 Terriers landed on an All-Conference Team: 7 on the First Team and another 3 on the Second Team. That talent helped the Terriers win back-to-back conference championships, their third in four years, and catapulted them into the NCAA tournament. The softball Terriers lost 3-0 to No. 5 Florida in the first tournament game May 17 and the next day bowed to Stanford 13-2.

Jonathan Chang (COM’19) can be reached at [email protected]; follow him on Twitter at @jonathanychang.

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The #Phonepocalypse Is Over, Here Are The Highlights From October Launches

October 3 — LG V40 ThinQ

LG launched the LG V40 ThinQ on October 3. The V40 ThinQ continues the trends of LG’s V-series phones with its ultra-premium features, including a triple-lensed rear camera, a 32-bit DAC (with a headphone jack), two front-facing lenses for superior selfies, and more.

The LG V40 ThinQ specs include the expected flagship details: a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, 6GB of RAM, 64 or 128GB of internal storage, IP68 certification, and a 6.4-inch OLED display.

October 4 — Nokia 7.1

October 9 — Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

Google Pixel 3: Where to buy, when, and how much (Update: General sales begin)


Other than that, most of the specs and information we already knew from the multiple leaks. If you somehow missed all that, you can see a full rundown of the specs for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL here.

Google also significantly raised the price for the Pixel 3 while slightly increasing the price of the Pixel 3 XL. The Google Pixel 3 starts at $799 for the 64GB model and the 128GB model goes for $899 (the Pixel 2 was $649 and $749 respectively). The Google Pixel 3 XL price-raising is less extreme, starting at $899 for the 64GB variant and going all the way up to $999 for the 128GB model (the Pixel 2 XL was $849 and $949 respectively)

Additionally, Google launched a new tablet called the Pixel Slate and a new smart display called the Google Home Hub. No other new hardware items were announced.

And in case you missed it, we recorded a podcast immediately following the event. You can listen to it here:

October 10 — Razer Phone 2

Samsung Galaxy A9 (2023) announced: Four rear cameras, but there is more to like


The Samsung Galaxy A9 comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chipset — the Nokia 7 Plus and BlackBerry Key2 notably feature the same processor — and 6GB or 8GB of RAM. There’s also 128GB of internal storage, which you can expand even more with the microSD slot. Everything is powered by an impressive 3,800mAh battery and the phone runs Android 8.1 Oreo.

Normally, a phone like this from Samsung — which features many similar specs as its flagship devices — would cost an arm and a leg. While Samsung isn’t selling the Galaxy A9 for the low prices the likes of OnePlus will offer, it is at least getting closer to the right ballpark: the Galaxy A9 starts at 599 euros in Europe and 549 pounds in the U.K., which is about $725 in the U.S. Once again, still too expensive, but Samsung is at least getting better.

October 15 — Palm Phone

October 16 — HUAWEI Mate 20 series

October 18 — ASUS ROG Phone

Hands-on: The ASUS ROG gaming phone is a beast


However, the ASUS ROG Phone looks a lot more like a “gaming” phone, with built-in air triggers which you can map how you like, conveniently-placed ports for charging while you are playing in landscape mode, and a suite of accessories which push the idea that the ROG Phone means serious gaming business.

The ASUS ROG Phone also looks a lot more like a phone designed specifically for gamers, whereas the Razer Phone 2 is more of a comfortable middle ground between a mass market smartphone and a gaming phone.

You’ll have two choices when you buy your ASUS ROG Phone: a 128GB storage variant, or a 512GB storage variant. Both devices come with 8GB of RAM and the same relative specs, with the 128GB variant costing $899 and the 512GB variant costing $1,099. The 128GB variant is available to pre-order now, while the 512GB variant will start pre-orders in November.

October 25 — Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

October 29 — OnePlus 6T Other Devices

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The Parameters Of Data Safety In Business?

In any business sector, data is important. Data or business information is the crucial component that helps you make a decision, and run the organization. Keeping the data safe and secure must be the responsibility so that competitors do not use them to beat you in business. In today’s post, we will highlight the safety parameters of data security.

Before going for data safety parameters, you must learn what data safety is and what kinds of data generate in business, and why it’s so important part of any business. Let’s learn.

What is Data Safety?

Data or information safety is a practice that safeguards digital information from cyber criminals and their unlawful activities. The notions ensure that your company’s valuable information is never shared with any third party without your consent.

Data safety is a strategy that every organization adapts to protect their data and prevent malpractices. The safeguard works in the physical security of hardware, administrative access of storage devices, access controls of digital storage, and platforms and software applications.

Data breach causes several reasons, including human errors, cyber prying, application malfunctions, etc. There must be a protection strategy to save the valuable information shared with any third-party vendors.

The Main Elements of Data Protection

In an organization, specific departments fall under the high-security zone because those departments store essential data, and leakage may be a nightmare for a company. The three elements that help to safeguard the data are Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability, which are known as the ‘CIA triad’. These three components play a key role in data safety and prevent serious damage to the company.

Why is Data Safety Essential?

Maintaining the soft copies of every necessary file in this digital time is challenging for any organization. The words float in the business world, and digital files and documents are accessible from anywhere if you know how to crack the password. Here lies its importance, as data theft not only puts down the company name and fame, it can also bring darkness into its employees’ personal life. Further, your investors’ and clients’ details would also be at stake. So, let’s learn why data safety is important.

It can be Harmful to a Business’s Reputation

The data breach is a genuine threat to your company’s reputation. Competitors can use the data against your company and compromise confidential information with others.

Clients’ details Should not be Compromised

Your clients’ details are the most valuable data which needs high security. If the data leaks out, it can harm your company’s and your client’s reputation. It may bring down the business relationship with your clients forever, and you will never regain their trust.

Your Employees’ Details are Important

Your employees’ personal and financial information is crucial that include their bank account details, salary details, etc. It may bring difficulties as cybercriminals can use the data against them and steal money from their account. Further, personal details also can be used for unethical practices.

Financial Loss

A data breach can bring a huge monetary loss for your company. If cyber thefts crack down on the data security code, they can steal your company’s funds. And the consequences are dangerous.

Data breach is unlawful activities that cybercriminals prefer to do. As an owner of your business, it’s your responsibility to safeguard all the information you need to run the show. Online businesses, specifically, are more prone to data breach threats.

Unlike the loops in the system, there are safety parameters for the high security of your essential business data. You need to maintain safety measures each time you use the applications and educate your employees to use them to maintain confidentiality. Let’s learn the safety measures so that you can also protect your business and scale it up.

How to Save Your Business Data?

Hackers are everywhere and spying on your privacy. There are techniques you can apply to protect your organization and safeguard your business. If you’re using Microsoft, opt for the right configuration and support system and run safely. There are firewalls, trained employees, and malware detection software to prevent a data breach. However, you must be updated about all the safety parameters to protect the data. Let’s learn −

Keep Everything Encrypted

Encryption comes with codes and password combinations. Ensure your employees are educated enough to use the encrypted applications, and before logging out from the system, remember to lock all the digital storage. Encryption, especially in the case of phishing emails, malware attacks prevent well by notifying you and alerting you about the consequences. Make sure you change the encryption code every 15 days or monthly so that hackers can’t achieve their targets.

Enable Antivirus Scan

No software is 100% genuine, and the application has a loophole. You must check each application under high security by enabling antivirus scan mode. If malware or any threat detect, stop the use of it. Regular scanning is important even if the applications have been used for a long time because you need to know when hackers or attackers are phishing the software to get into your digital system. Better safeguard all the applications with high-level scanning.

Check Your Wifi Connectivity

Keep the Wi-Fi safe and secured and connect to all employees at once. Make the connection encrypted so that anyone who tries to connect a new device needs approval from the authentic source. Keep your technician team ready to prevent any suspicious activity, so you can be alert at the need of the hour.

Keep Changing the Encryption Code Keep File Sharing Limited

When you share files through servers and networks, it gets exposure. More exposure attracts more vulnerability. It would be the best option if you limit the file sharing and prevent the network and server from being exposed. You can use cloud services and enable its encrypted file-sharing options.

Remove Previous data if Selling old Equipment

Most business houses welcome unwanted cyber-attacks when they sell their old equipment to a third party. Cause the buyers can use the saved data against you anytime. So, only sell equipment by removing the data stored inside it.

Keep Monitoring the Network

Modern hackers target the network to steal valuable information into your system. You must keep monitoring the network and prevent internet malware functions.

Use Screen Lock Devices

Employees often forget to log out from the application or their laptops during short breaks and keep them in sleep mode or open. It could be dangerous. Here, screen lock options can save their devices and the data, both at a time.


Modern equipment and applications bring new threats to the business. Use them as needed with proper encryptions. An organization cannot sustain itself alone, as it’s teamwork to run the show. Ensure that your team members are well aware of cyber security and its importance so that they can work to maintain high security and prevent data breaching.

Improving Brand Awareness & Ctr With On

As search marketers, we all want to own as much SERP real estate as possible, because it means more visibility and more traffic.

Trouble is, page one is steadily changing.

In this article, you will:

Understand the challenge of competitive SERPs.

Learn how to use On-SERP SEO effectively.

Develop a “Traffic Potential” mindset.

Get seven actionable tactics to boost your search presence right now.

Understand The Challenge Of Competitive SERPs

Search engine result pages (SERPs) are more competitive than ever.

We’re starting to see many different types of media elements ranking.

The decline of organic traffic for top-performing keywords is rooted in the presence of new elements on page one.

We, therefore, call these elements “position zero” because they outrank even the top organic results.

So, how can SEO professionals stay effective when the SERPs are becoming more competitive?

Use On-SERP SEO To Stay Competitive Against Position Zero SERPs

On-SERP SEO is the work of optimizing the entire first page.

The goal is to take up as much real estate on page one as possible, thus increasing CTR and generating more organic traffic.

On-SERP SEO requires a paradigm shift for SEO professionals.

It is an integrated strategy to increase search appearance and brand awareness on page one.

It is the SEO taking ownership of Google traffic, no matter which SERP elements it comes from.

To be competitive in the world of zero position SERPs, this means SEO pros must coordinate all kinds of different media sources to dominate every relevant aspect of page one.

The ‘Traffic Potential’ Mindset You Need To Succeed In SEO Today

When doing your keyword research, defining your target pages and selecting target search terms, there’s one important mindset shift to make to future-proof your SEO strategy:

Factor in the new SERP reality.

In traditional SEO analysis, you’re used to reviewing:

Search terms.

Monthly search volumes.

Keyword difficulty.

Today, however, you must adapt your efforts to factor in:

The presence of featured snippets.

Other media elements.

Decreased CTR for organic results.

Therefore, you must now include CTR in your keyword research and decision-making.

To do this, most SEO tools include a traffic potential factor you can use.

Only then will you receive the best CTR and true organic traffic gains for the content you create.

7 Actionable Tactics To Optimize Your Website In Competitive SERPs

Now that we’ve altered your mindset, let’s discuss tactics to boost your search presence right now.

1. Optimize Your Top 10 Ranking Keywords To Win A Featured Snippet

Optimizing to win featured snippets is not an exact science, but art in and of itself.

It seems to be the case that Google usually pulls data out of the current top 10 rankings to populate the featured snippet.

So, the first step is to check your current organic rankings and determine which of those keywords already displays a featured snippet (using tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, etc.).

Those will identify your target keywords and target pages to optimize for featured snippets.

There are four main types of featured snippets, depending on the query intent:





Your second step is to note what kind of featured snippet is displayed for each of your target keywords.

Featured snippets are usually displayed for long-tail queries and, more often than not, question queries.

To optimize for the featured snippet, add such questions or keyword terms as a subheadline to your content.

Immediately beneath the subheadline, create a precise answer.

This can be one paragraph (around 45 words on average), a list (ordered or unordered) or a table, depending on what Google favours for that keyword.

The more precise and factual you can get, the better.

Google likes pulling lists and data directly into the search results.

You can even use schema to markup lists and comparison tables.

2. Optimize For Google Sitelinks

Sitelinks increase the visual space of your search results by displaying the most important pages of your website directly within your search result.

Although you can’t force Google to display sitelinks, you can create a clear navigational structure – with strong internal links to the core pages, as well as anchors and alt tags that are descriptive – to increase your chances of Google displaying your sitelinks.

3. Add Schema Markup When Appropriate

Product, business, and review schema markup help Google to understand what your pages and content are about.

You can review the types of schema markup at chúng tôi and implement them on your pages.

The review schema markup can allow Google to display a star rating within your organic search results, which increases truth, credibility, and CTR.

4. Use & Optimize Google Business Profile

You can win a lot of space for local searches by verifying and optimizing your Google Business Profile.

This will also help your presence in Google Maps.

All features, amenities, and details of your business should be listed and displayed to make your Google Business Profile listing visually longer and provide important information.

Collecting reviews for the listing will also allow you to use it for the review schema markup mentioned above.

Bonus: Make sure to collect and answer questions on your listing! This will add valuable length to your listing.

5. Run Branded PPC Ads

Don’t ever let someone else occupy your valuable ad space.

A basic branded Google Ads campaign should always be running for your brand name terms.

Make sure to fill out all available fields and add relevant ad extensions for maximum visual impact.

6. Optimize Your Knowledge Panel

The purpose of Google’s knowledge panels is to display all information about your business in one condensed spot.

They are available to display for companies, nonprofit organizations, influential people, local businesses, media (movies, TV, books, music), nutritional information, and products.

If your company falls into one of the above categories you stand to benefit greatly from optimizing your Knowledge panel.

7. Optimize Images To Appear In SERPs & Featured Snippets

It’s important to review your target keywords and see if images are included in their SERPs.

Why? Because a lot of SERPs feature images.

If so, proceed with some basic image SEO to increase the chances of your relevant images ranking.

Make sure to include such images on a page where the headline and URL match the image target keyword.

For your information, image SEO ranking factors include:

The image file names and alt tags: Choose appropriate and keyword-optimized names.

Image context: Place your image on a part of the website where the surrounding content matches the keyword intent.

Image captions with short and relevant descriptions.

Image sizes with common dimensions (e.g., 900 pixels wide and 16:9)

Following these seven tactics will allow you to achieve effective wins on page one that goes beyond position one rankings.

The Future Of SERPs & How To Win With On-SERP SEO

On-SERP SEO is a perfect example of this.

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The Faa’s Drone Registry Is Live, And It’s Ridiculously Easy

The FAA’s new drone registration system went live on Monday, and it’s ridiculously easy to use. Shortly after it went live at 3pm EST, I signed up and the whole process only took a few minutes.

The drone registration requirement was announced by the Federal Aviation Administration last week and mandates anyone flying a drone that weighs over 250 grams (0.55 pounds) register through the new website. (Details of drones that are and are not covered are included in a handy PDF file)

It comes as thousands of new drones take flight in U.S. skies everyday and concerns rise that some pilots are not flying their craft safely.

Users are first asked to create an account on the system using their email address. A simple verification process follows where a link is sent via email to the address provided.

Martyn Williams

Setting up an account

That brings up the actual registration page, which asks for a name and address. There’s a field for a phone number, but that’s optional.

Once completed, registrants are asked to acknowledge the basics of safe drone flying: flight below 400 feets, within visual line of sight, not over people or stadiums or sporting events, with knowledge of airspace rules, not close to emergency response efforts, not near aircraft and airports and not while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Martyn Williams

Safety acknowledgements are an important part of the system

When it announced the registration scheme, the FAA said one of the main objectives is to drum into pilots that they need to be responsible users of the airspace system, and safety is a top priority, so these acknowledgements are important.

Next up, registrants are asked to pay $5. This is a bit of a strange step since registrations are free for the first 30 days of the database. The FAA says it will refund any payments made, so presumably this is a necessary because federal law demands a payment be made for registration. This was the most “government” part of the entire process. Martyn Williams

You still have to pay, even though it’s initially free

Something the payment process highlighted is that the registration is good for three years. That wasn’t mentioned last week when the registration scheme was first announced.

And finally, registrants are given their drone registry number and instructions for marking their drone. Many consumer drones don’t have a large amount of space on the base or sides, so it’s questionable whether such a marking would ever be clearly visible from the ground. But it would enable the owner of a crashed drone to be identified. Martyn Williams

Upon completiton, the registrant is given their number and shown how to mark their drone.

Users are also emailed a copy of their drone registration ID. Under the FAA’s regulations, a printed or digital copy is required to be carried at all times while flying a drone.

What wasn’t asked for? Any details of the drone itself. The FAA isn’t asking pilots to identify the drones they are flying, perhaps because it’s more concerned with safe piloting that the regulatory aspects of the actual craft in the air, especially as it doesn’t carry people.

Update the detailed information about Highlights From The Faa Drone Safety Awareness Week on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!