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What is the Dark Web?

Dark Web is a part or division of the Deep web which is intentionally hidden from normal search engines. All its data is encrypted. To access its data, you need special software, configurations, or authorization. It uses masked IP addresses that are accessible only with a specific web browser. For example, Tor, I2P, etc.

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How to access the Dark Web?

In this example, we will try to open this link in both ways using Google and Tor browser.

Step 2)Here, we are trying to open this link using a regular Google Browser. Below given image shows that it is not accessible.

Step 3) Now, we will open the same link in the Tor browser and do the same.

You can see that the hidden wiki link is now open, a part of the dark web.

However, these .onion websites are never displayed in Google search results. You cannot just Google and hope to land on the dark website.

Step 4) Use a Virtual Private Network service:

Virtual Private Networks are servers that help you to connect through to access the web. VPN software helps to mask your origin and may imitate locations from many other places in the world. However, TOR masks your identity. It hides your location.

Best VPN for Dark Web:

Although there are many VPNs available, you might as well sign up with one of the best: Nord VPN. This VPN is recommended when you are surfing the Dark Web. This adds an extra level of security to your data. It also hides your location. With Nord VPN, you can stay safe when browsing the Dark Web.

Here are steps to access a hidden site on the dark web:

Here are the steps to hide your IP address using NordVPN:

Step 2) NordVPN provides 3 plans: 1) 1 month, 2) 1 year, and 3) 2 years.

Select 1 Month plan

The payment page will open up

Step 6) Select the United States country,

To change your IP address.

The following error will be displayed in your browser.

Step 8) Now access your Tor Browser and open the same link. You will see the site is now become accessible on your screen with the help of Nord VPN securely.

What is on the Dark Web?

The darknet web operates with a high degree of privacy as it hosts safe activities and content and criminal ones. For example, a dark web website might offer complex riddles. Another might be a type of book club that makes eBooks more professional. It also offers a forum for people who believe their freedom of speech is threatened. However, the dark web is best known for dark content, which is illegal and sometimes disturbing.

Here is a sample of illegal things you can find on the dark web.

Stolen information: When there has been a data breach, there is a chance they accessed information. Information like Social Security numbers to a bank card is available for sale on the dark web. You can also purchase stuff like log-in password information for paid software, hacked Netflix accounts, and more. However, it is strictly illegal and can get you into legal trouble.

Illicit substances: Illegal drugs are peddled on the dark web. You can also find toxic chemicals that can cause other types of damage.

Dangerous items and services: It can get ugly fast. Things like murderers-for-hire, abuse speeches, human trafficking, guns, etc., for sale can be found on the dark web.

Dark Web Search Engine:

Dark search engines exist, but you will not find specific data even with the best search engine’s help. For example, even one of the best search engines, called Grams, returns to provide mostly repetitive and often irrelevant results to the query.

Link lists like the Hidden Wiki are the best example of this. Still, even indices also return high numbers of timed-out connections and also provide 404 errors. Some useful darknet search engines that indicate .onion sites include NotEvil, Candle, Ahmia, and Torch.

Dark Web Sites

Dark web sites are looking the same as any other website available on the Internet. However, when you see them closely, you will find the differences like name structure.

The second major difference is a scrambled naming structure that creates URLs that are difficult to remember. For example, an eCommerce website, Dream Market, goes by the hidden address of “eajwlvm3z2lcca76.onion.”

Scammers set up numerous darknet websites, so they constantly move around to avoid their identity.

Even commercial websites that may have existed for years can suddenly not available if the owners decide to escape with the escrow money they are holding on behalf of customers.

Here are some examples of Darknet websites:

The Hidden Wiki





Commerce on the Dark Web

The dark web has prospered with the help of various bitcoin wallets. It helps two parties to carry out the trusted transaction without recognizing each other. Almost all dark websites conduct transactions in bitcoin or some variant, but that does not mean it is safe to do business there.

In fact, Darknet commerce sites have the same features as any e-retail operation. This site offers normal functionalities like ratings/reviews, shopping carts, and forums.

However, another major difference between darknet commerce site and regular commerce site is quality control. As both buyers and sellers are anonymous, the credibility of any rating system is surely ambiguous. In this type of website, ratings are easily manipulated. Even sellers with good track records can suddenly disappear with their customers’ crypto-coins to set up shop later under a different alias.

Most e-commerce service providers offer escrow service that holds the customer funds until the product is delivered. However, at the time of the dispute, you should not expect any smooth refund process. Every communication you have to do in the dark web is encrypted, so simple transactions also need a PGP key.

Moreover, the completion of a transaction is no guarantee that the goods will arrive. Most items ordered from the darknet websites may need to cross international borders. It is also checked by customs officials, which may crackdown on suspicious parcels. The dark web news site DeepDot is always full of stories of buyers who have been arrested or jailed for attempting illegal purchases.

Dark Web Email

Now that you are ready to go, you need to sign up for an untraceable email address. A known email service provider like Gmail or Outlook are certainly out of the question. To do this, you need an email address to register for many .onion websites.

Here are a few email service providers available on the Dark web:

Why does the Dark Web exist?

The darknet world operates on the principle of total privacy. So taking precautions like using a VPN, your system cannot be tracked or traced. For some people, privacy is a big concern on the Internet. They want to take control over personal information.

Freedom of speech is also an issue. Some people would argue for privacy and anonymity based on the First Amendment. That is one reason why law-abiding people value the privacy of Tor and other dark web browsers. Anonymity can have positive effects, like being able to express views that are unpopular but not illegal.

Why is the Dark Web hidden?

In the case of the deep web personal records, government documents are not meant for public view in the first place. Those should be kept safe. However, they are mostly connected to the Internet since much of that information forms an ecosystem for surface web applications.

On the other hand, Dark Web is mostly run on private server networks that allow communication only via specific means. This provides you a high degree of anonymity and makes it difficult for authorities to shut down.

FAQ ❓ What is Tor Project?

Tor is an anonymous browsing network. It uses the Onion routing method. In this method, messages and communications are encapsulated in encryption layers, like onion layers, which are hard to detect. It is a special kind of browser that provides individuals with the ability to communicate anonymously.

The Tor browser can run on your computer device, keeping you safe on the Internet. It also protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network.

It prevents other people from accessing your Internet connection and also prevents websites from knowing about your physical location.

Tor directs Internet traffic consisting of more than seven thousand relays. This helps you hide a user’s location and stops anyone from conducting traffic analysis or network surveillance.

⚡ Can you be tracked on Tor?

Using the Tor network makes your identity difficult to be tracked, but not impossible. Therefore, it is safer to use dedicated VPN service provider tools.

🏅 Who uses Tor?

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How To Get Access To Counter

Valve finally put the rumors to rest and announced Counter-Strike 2, a replacement to the critically-acclaimed tactical FPS shooter CS:GO that refuses to die. Well, even more gamers are now playing Counter-Strike, thanks to the Counter-Strike 2 hype and its upcoming release in the summer of 2023. By the way, if you are wondering what’s new, here’s all you need to know about Counter Strike 2. But in this guide, we will explain how to play CS2 beta and tips on how to increase your chances of being invited to test out the game. With that said, it’s time to look at the steps to get access to the Counter-Strike 2 limited beta test.

How to Play Counter-Strike 2 Beta (2023)

Anyone can get an invitation to the Counter-Strike 2 beta test as long as the player passes a few basic factors. We will discuss those in the next section, where we tell you how to increase your chances of getting into the Counter-Strike 2 limited test. For now, here is how you can check whether you’ve been invited to the Counter-Strike 2 Beta:

1. First, open Steam. Download and install Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Free) if you haven’t. While CS:GO will be replaced by Counter-Strike 2 later, it will still be available for now. Players can get invites to CS2 only through the existing game. I am assuming that you already have Steam, but if you don’t, you can download it using the link here.

2. Proceed to launch Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. I’m assuming you are already a Steam user and have played CS:GO before. If you haven’t, it’s probably going to be a long time until you can get access to CS2 Beta. This is because currently, Valve is offering it to players with a good trust factor already established in CS:GO. Your recent playtime on official Valve servers matters too.

How many of you have received an invite to @CounterStrike 2 Limited Test? 🧐 chúng tôi chúng tôi (@HLTVorg) March 22, 2023

How to Increase Your Chances to Play Counter Strike 2

Well, if you didn’t get access to the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test, fret not, as Valve has confirmed that they will be adding more players to the testing very soon. They have not mentioned anything about requiring a Prime status, so even if you don’t have it, you could get access to CS2 Beta. Here is what Valve has to say about how players get selected for the CS2 Beta:

Players are selected for the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test based on a number of factors deemed important by the Counter-Strike 2 development team, including (but not limited to) recent playtime on Valve official servers, trust factor, and Steam account standing.— CS2 (@CounterStrike) March 22, 2023

Play more Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on official Valve servers. Play as much as you can in competitive matchmaking or casual modes. This will increase your playtime and is one of the major factors (but not the only one) that affects whether you get access to CS2. Avoid playing on community servers, as they don’t count as playtime on the Valve official servers. Try to play every day and do check the main menu often for the CS2 beta test invite.

Be a good sport and ask players or friends to commend you. Playing in a non-toxic way, being a good teammate, and helping others will definitely increase your trust factor.

Ensure your Steam account is in good standing by not having any VAC bans. And if you do have one, you might be avoided as a potential CS2 beta tester.

To be honest with you, I have been playing Counter-Strike for 10+ years (and also have CS 1.6 on my Steam account). In CS:GO, I have over 2,000 hours, a 5 years service medal, and over 500+ competitive wins. With the release of Counter-Strike 2, I rushed to download the game again and check if I have access. I even played a competitive game and unlocked the Gold Nova Master rank.

However, I have not received an invitation for the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test yet. To increase my chances, we have been playing every day since the announcement in hopes to get enrolled in the CS2 beta soon. If you have been a loyal Counter-Strike player for years and did not get into the beta, we feel for you. But, as stated before, Valve confirmed that they will let more players into the Counter-Strike 2 Beta as we move forward.

Beware of Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test Scams

It’s very important to note that there are NO official keys for Counter-Strike 2. You can only get access to the game via the prompt on CS:GO’s main menu screen. There are tons of videos and websites going around trying to lure people into surrendering their Steam account or paying them to buy keys to get into the limited beta test of Counter-Strike 2. You must be careful and avoid these scams at all costs. You should be extremely wary as people have been impersonating Valve to fool others. Here is Valve’s official stance on the scam situation:

Frequently Asked Questions

Access Denied, You Don’t Have Permission To Access On This Server

If you get stuck with an Access Denied message when opening a particular website, then it’s probably because there is some network-related issue in the browser only. The full error message would say, “Access Denied, You don’t have permission to access on this server,” along with a URL that you cannot be accessed with a reference number. I recently faced this issue when I tried to visit chúng tôi with my Firefox browser. Let’s see how to resolve this issue.

Why do I see access denied on this server?

The Access Denied error appears when your Firefox browser uses a different proxy setting or VPN instead of what’s really set on your Windows 10 PC. This error is most likely caused by some network-related issue in your browser and occurs on Firefox browsers. Thus, when a website detected that there is something wrong with your browser cookies or your network, it blocks you which is why you can’t open it.

How can I fix the Access Denied error?

To fix the Access Denied error, disable the VPN Software. Try clearing browser data, data for a specific website in Firefox, or reset your browser. If these fixes don’t help you, you may turn off VPN extensions, or use a premium VPN service.

Access Denied, You don’t have permission to access

The issue occurs when Firefox uses different proxy settings or VPN instead of what is set on your Windows computer. Whenever a website figures that there is something wrong with your network or browser cookies, etc., it blocks you.

Here are a few things to do if you face this issue in Firefox.

Clear Everything about the website

Turn off VPN or VPN Extensions

Disable Proxy

Use a Premium VPN Service

Clear all data for a specific website in Firefox

Reset Browser

Similar things can be done in any other browser too.

1] Clear Everything about the website

Launch Firefox, and press CTRL + H

Select Forget about this site.

This option deletes all data, including history, cache and cookies, and passwords. So if you have a password or any important website data, save it – else, use another method to clear the browser cache.

If you are using VPN software or have installed any third-party VPN extension in Firefox, turn it off. Once it’s turned off, Firefox will pass through whatever is configured on the computer, and you should be able to access it. These extensions should be easy to turn on and off to help you figure out the problem.

3] Disable Proxy in the browser

If you do not have any VPN extension, we need to check your browser’s proxy settings.

Select Options. You can also type “about:preferences” in the address bar to open it.

This will open Connection Settings and select “Use system proxy settings”.

This will make sure that Firefox now uses the same network settings configured on your Windows computer. Removing any proxy server from the configuration will make sure there is nothing between the internet and the computer.

4] Use a Premium VPN Service

There are many free VPN services that you can use. Still, it is highly recommended to use a premium VPN service to keep you anonymous and puts no limitation on accessing anything. If the website can figure out you are using a blocked VPN, it will not allow you to access the website.

However, when you use a premium VPN service, the websites will have a tough time identifying and block the VPN IP. You can even think of a Private VPN service using software that allows you to access those websites.

5] Clear all data for a specific website in Firefox

A misconfigured file or settings which is specific to the website can also restrict access. It is because the way the request to access the website is made makes it suspicious. You can go to Firefox Settings and clear all data such as cache, cookies, and offline files.

Try to access the website and check if the issue is resolved.

6] Reset Browser

You can also try resetting the network adapter by accessing it through Control Panel to rule out the last thing. If it does not help, use another browser to access the website.

Related: Server not accessible, You might not have permission to use this network

7] Check with Domain Controller

If your computer is connected to a corporate domain, you may need to check with the destination domain controller or the default domain controller. If the server is blocking because of proxy settings, you will need to get in touch with your IT admin to resolve it. There can be a policy in place which could be blocking the access.

8] Deselect the proxy server option in LAN Settings

LAN settings have their own setting for Proxy Server. It can be changed manually or through a script. You can check if there is any change and choose to disable it.

I hope the post was easy to follow, and you were able to access the website by resolving—Access Denied, You don’t have permission to access on this Server—error

Related read: Remove Access Denied error when accessing files or folders.

How To Clear Any Web Browser’s History

Whenever you surf the internet, your browser records the addresses of every web page you come across in its history. That allows you to keep track of past activity and also helps you revisit websites quickly.

However, a browser’s history can pose issues to your privacy. For example, if you share a desktop or mobile device with others (or if you’re worried about someone snooping around), you might want to clear it. In this article, you’ll learn how to clear browser history on five major browsers—Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Opera. 

Table of Contents

Optionally, you can choose to delete additional forms of browsing data such as cached web content, site cookies, and autofill info to safeguard your privacy further.

Clear Browser History in Google Chrome

Google Chrome allows you to delete individual entries from the browsing history via its History panel. But if you want to delete everything (or the activity related to a specific period), you must dig into the browser’s settings.

If you use a Google Account to sync browsing data, deleting your history will also remove it from other devices.

Google Chrome — Windows & Mac

1. Open Chrome’s More menu (select icon with three dots) from the screen’s top-right corner and choose Settings.

2. Scroll down to the Privacy and security section and select Clear browsing data.

3. Open the pull-down menu next to Time range and pick a time duration. Available options include Last hour, Last 24 hours, Last 7 days, Last 4 weeks, and All time.

4. Check the box next to Browsing history.

If you want to delete the cache and cookies, select Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files, respectively. You can also switch to the Advanced tab to delete the download history, autofill data, passwords, and more.

5. Select Clear data.

Tip: You can also get to the Clear browsing data screen faster by pressing Shift + Control + Delete (Windows) or Shift + Command + Delete (Mac).

Google Chrome — Android and iOS

1. Open Chrome’s More menu from the top-right (Android) or the bottom-right (iOS) of the screen. Then, select Settings.

3. Tap Time Range and specify a time duration—e.g., All Time. 

4. Select Browsing History.

5. Tap Clear Browsing Data.

Tip: You can stop Chrome from adding sites to its browsing history by surfing in Incognito mode.

Clear Browser History in Mozilla Firefox

In Mozilla Firefox, you can clear your browser history on both its desktop and mobile apps by briefly diving into the Options or Settings pane. If you use a Firefox Account to sync your data, deleting your history on one device will remove it from other devices as well.

Mozilla Firefox — Windows & Mac

1. Open the Firefox menu (select icon with three stacked lines) and select Options.

2. Select Privacy & Security on the sidebar.

3. Scroll down to the History section and select Clear History.

4. Set Time range to clear to Everything. Other available time ranges include Last Hour, Last Two Hours, Last Four Hours, and Today.

5. Check the box next to Browsing & Download History.

6. Select OK.

Mozilla Firefox — Android & iOS

1. Open the Firefox menu and tap Settings.

2. Select Clear private data (Android) or Data Management (iOS).

3. Turn on the switch next to Browsing History.

4. Tap Clear data (Android) or Clear Private Data (iOS).

5. Tap OK to confirm.

Tip: Going forward, you can use Private windows for sessions where you want to stop Firefox from recording your activity. You can also install Firefox Focus on your Android or iOS smartphone for a dedicated private browsing experience.

Clear Browser History in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge provides comprehensive protection against privacy threats online with its integrated Tracking Prevention module. But if you have any concerns offline, you should start by clearing your browsing history.

Microsoft Edge — Windows & Mac

1. Open the Edge menu and select Settings.

2. Switch to the Privacy, search, and services side tab.

3. Under the Clear browsing data section, select Choose what to clear.

4. Open the pull-down menu under Time range and pick an available time range—e.g., All time. 

5. Select Browsing history.

6. Select Clear now.

Microsoft Edge — Android & iOS

1. Open the Edge menu (tap icon with three dots at the bottom of the screen) and select Settings.

3. Select Browsing History.

4. Select Clear browsing data.

5. Tap Clear to confirm.

Clear Browser History in Apple Safari

Apple’s native Safari browser for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad allows you to delete its browsing history easily. However, if you’ve configured the browser to sync your data over your Apple ID, clearing the browser history on a single device will delete it everywhere.

Apple Safari — Mac

1. Hold down the Option key and select Safari on the menu bar. Then, select Clear History Without Deleting Browsing Data.

2. Set Clear to all history or another appropriate time range.

3. Select Clear History.

Tip: If you want to delete all browsing data in Safari (which includes cached data and cookies), just open the Safari menu without holding down the Option key and select Clear History.

Apple Safari — iPhone & iPad

Unlike on the Mac, you can’t clear your browser history only in Safari for the iPhone & iPad. Clearing your history will also remove cached site data and cookies.

1. Tap the Bookmark icon to the bottom (iPhone) or the top-right corner (iPad) within any Safari tab. 

2. Switch to the History tab.

3. Tap Clear and select a time range—All time, Today and yesterday, Today, or The last hour.

Safari will immediately clear the history, cache, and cookies relevant to the time period you selected.

Clear Browser History in Opera Browser

If you use Opera as your go-to web browser, you can clear your browser history by accessing the browser’s privacy and security settings.

Opera Browser — Windows & Mac

1. Open the Opera Menu from the top-left corner of the screen and select Settings.

2. Scroll down to the Privacy and security section and select Clear browsing data.

3. Check the box next to Browsing history.

4. Set Time range to All Time.

5. Tap Clear data.

Opera Browser — Android & iOS

1. Open the Opera menu and tap Settings.

2. Tap Clear Browser Data and tap Browsing History.

3. Tap Clear.

Don’t Forget to Browse in Private

Clearing your browser history is easy, but it’s a hassle to do that repeatedly. Thankfully, every major web browser comes with an option to browse in private, so don’t forget to use it the next time you want to stay anonymous. You can also create private browsing shortcuts in Chrome, Firefox, and Opera to make preserving your privacy even more convenient.

How To Access And Sign In To Your Hotmail Account

Founded in the mid-90s, Hotmail is one of the oldest email addresses that continues to be used by many. However, it is no longer a separate webmail service, as Microsoft’s Outlook handles all Hotmail accounts. This is confusing to users who are wondering if Hotmail is still around and whether it will remain operational in the future.

The following guide covers how you can access and sign in to your Hotmail account and discusses methods to retrieve an inactive Hotmail account, create a Hotmail username, delete it, and change a Hotmail email to Outlook.

Where Is My Hotmail Account?

As active Hotmail users know already, the famous email address hasn’t disappeared. It remains operational, just like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo. A Hotmail email account can be used with the Outlook email client, Microsoft Teams, Skype, OneDrive, Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and even the Windows Insider Program.

However, in its blog posts and videos, Microsoft insists on a transition from chúng tôi to chúng tôi While you can do that, there is nothing stopping users from accessing Hotmail on a browser or via Outlook’s Android/iOS apps.

How to Access Your Hotmail Account in Outlook

All of the other Microsoft email addresses, such as chúng tôi chúng tôi and chúng tôi as well as their country-specific subdomains, are directly accessible from chúng tôi and can only be opened from Outlook’s webmail or desktop/mobile clients.

On the “Manage how you sign in to Microsoft” page, you can see a list of aliases attached to your Microsoft account. This will give you any Hotmail email accounts that you are currently using. It will have been saved as a primary or secondary alias.

You can add multiple aliases to your Microsoft account. If you’ve never used an chúng tôi email account, Hotmail will show up as the only available alias. While you can always create a new Hotmail account, Microsoft doesn’t let you add it as a secondary alias since it is part of a reserved domain. Only chúng tôi email addresses support creating new aliases.

How to Retrieve Your Old Hotmail Account

Do you have an old Hotmail account that you no longer have access to? There are different ways to retrieve it, depending on your most recent account activity and other factors.

1. Last Account Activity

If you’ve logged in once during a calendar year (slightly less than 365 days) and still remember the password, then it is quite easy to regain access to Hotmail/Outlook.

Go to the Outlook sign-in page and enter your username and password.

After entering the login credentials, you may be allowed to directly access your inbox. But if you haven’t logged in for a long time, you may need a phone number or alternate email address to receive a verification code.

If the verification code matches what was sent to your device, your old Hotmail account will be retrieved.

If you don’t remember your password, an alternate email or device can help you regain access to your Hotmail account.

2. Hotmail Account Deleted After Inactivity

If you did not use your Hotmail account for two years or more, Microsoft may have deleted it for inactivity. All of your emails, contacts, and other stored data would have been removed permanently. These deleted email accounts have a 60-day waiting period before the email address can be assigned to someone else.

If you don’t want someone else to use your inactive Hotmail username, find out whether you can still recover it through an alternate email address or phone number on the Microsoft recovery page.

The above will generate a code that is sent to the alternate email address or phone number.

To recover your username, you will find all of the email addresses associated with your recovery email account/phone number. Pieces of them are hidden for privacy reasons.

The next screen should confirm that the alternate email address is an existing Microsoft account. Try logging in with your Hotmail password if you remember it. You’ll be able to view basic information about your account.

3. Recover Deleted Hotmail Account

If it’s been a long time since your last login, and you forgot the alternate email address, your Hotmail/Outlook account may have been deleted. To recover it, you can create another Hotmail account with the same username. While the old inbox items and contacts are erased, you can use the legacy Hotmail username to log in to any third-party service you used in the past.

How to Create a New Hotmail Account

Apart from recovering a deleted Hotmail username, it is possible to create a Hotmail email account from scratch.

Go to the “Create one” option on the Outlook sign-in page.

Choose your username from among the Outlook and Hotmail email domains and enter it.

To set up the new account, enter your full name followed by your birthday and region.

Solve a simple puzzle to validate your new account request.

The tests can be tricky but only take a while to complete.

You should see a “Verification complete” message that validates the user account creation. After the new Hotmail account has been created, you can choose to stay logged in and access your Outlook web email and mobile apps.

Rename Hotmail Account to Outlook

You can easily change your email address from Hotmail to chúng tôi while retaining the existing username. This would allow any emails to continue being delivered to the older Hotmail address while you log on using the new chúng tôi address. Your password would remain unchanged.

Go to the Microsoft Account Profile and select “Edit account info” in the “Account info” section.

Choose a new email alias with chúng tôi It can be the same as your old Hotmail username.

You may be asked to reenter your Hotmail password to confirm the new Outlook alias.

Once the new chúng tôi email address has been created with the same username as Hotmail, you can make it your primary email address. It can take up to 48 hours for this new primary alias to appear on all Microsoft products and services. Also, some of your friends may appear to be offline until they sign out and sign back in.

All previous Hotmail emails will continue to be redirected to the new Outlook email inbox. Do not remove the old Hotmail account from secondary aliases, even though there is an option to do it.

How to Delete Your Hotmail Account

It’s very easy to delete a Hotmail or Outlook email account, but you will permanently lose access to any digital games or subscriptions you’ve purchased on that account, including Xbox Game Pass. All of your emails will be wiped clean and the friends list erased.

If you decide to proceed, follow these instructions to delete your account.

If you have never added security information to your Microsoft account, you have to do it now to delete your account. Choose whether you want to use an alternate email address or phone number.

Enter the code sent to your alternate email address or phone to add the secondary device.

You may get another verification code to proceed with deleting your Hotmail account. Eventually, you will come to a checklist screen that says: “Hotmail account is ready to close.”

Choose a rejoining period: either 30 or 60 days.

Can’t Remember Your Hotmail Password or Backup Phone/Email?

Not remembering your password and secret questions or answers is a fairly common issue, especially with old and inactive Hotmail accounts. You can try to recover your account from an alternate email address first. A code is sent to help you reset the password and log back in again.

If you still can’t gain access from account recovery, go to the “Create one” option on the chúng tôi sign-in page.

How to Link an Old Hotmail Account to a New Email Client

You can link an old Hotmail account to any email client of your choice. We will demonstrate how to add Hotmail to the Mail app in Windows 11.

Select the Mail app from a Start menu search.

From the suggested account choices, select chúng tôi which also covers chúng tôi Hotmail, MSN and other Microsoft email services.

Sign in with your Hotmail username and password.

Your Hotmail account will be successfully set up with your Windows 11 desktop client.

To send or receive email via the client, use its rich text editor.

The same process can be used to integrate Hotmail with mobile email clients.

Frequently Asked Questions Is Hotmail email unprofessional?

Hotmail may no longer give a very professional impression for business or employment. It is considered chic among gamers and the tech crowd but does not feel appropriate for sending out resumes, so it is better to use Gmail or chúng tôi or even a custom domain email. Having said this, Hotmail is a valid email service that supports everything from Microsoft Teams to SharePoint.

When does Microsoft delete inactive accounts? Is there a way to regain access?

Microsoft considers any account inactive if it has been unused for more than two years. There are a few ways to access this account, despite prolonged inactivity: it was used to purchase an active Microsoft product or service, there is an unused Microsoft account balance from a gift card or credit, the account has been used to publish to the Microsoft Store, and the Hotmail account has earned a training certification from Microsoft.

Why is my Hotmail account blocked? How can I get it unblocked?

Microsoft may block your Outlook or Hotmail account due to unusual sign-in activity to prevent abuse. To unblock your Hotmail account, reset your password using Microsoft’s password recovery page.

How do I know if my Hotmail account is still active?

One of the easiest ways is through the “Create account” section on the chúng tôi homepage. Try to create a new account using the username you’re testing for inactivity. If the account is inactive, you will see a status that says: “Looks like you don’t have an account with us. We’ll create one using the old username.”

If your Hotmail account is active, you can use it to schedule emails on Outlook and other clients.

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How To Install Web Llm For Your Website

Web LLM is a project that enables language model chats to be accessed directly through web browsers without the need for server support. This innovative technology is accelerated with WebGPU, offering lightning-fast performance while also ensuring user privacy. With Web LLM, building AI assistants and exploring the possibilities of language models have never been easier.


This project integrates language model chats into web browsers. Everything is done in the browser, with no server assistance, and is accelerated via WebGPU. We can introduce a lot of exciting options for everyone to develop AI helpers and enable privacy while enjoying GPU acceleration. Check out the demo webpage to try it out!

These models are often large and computationally intensive. A large cluster will be required to run an inference server while clients submit queries to servers and obtain the inference output. In addition, we must generally operate on a certain sort of GPU where popular deep-learning frameworks are easily available.

This project adds to the ecosystem’s variety. for example, build LLMs straight into the client side and execute them inside a browser? If that is realized, we will be able to provide support for client personal AI models with the benefits of cost reduction, personalization enhancement, and privacy protection. The client side is becoming increasingly strong.

Wouldn’t it be even more great if we could simply open a browser and bring AI immediately to your browser tab? The ecology is prepared to some extent. WebGPU, which enables native GPU operations in the browser, has recently been released.

Still, there are significant obstacles to overcome, to name a few:

We need to transport the models somewhere that does not have the necessary GPU-accelerated Python libraries.

The majority of AI frameworks rely significantly on optimized calculated libraries supplied by hardware vendors. We must begin from scratch.

Memory utilization must be carefully planned, and weights must be aggressively compressed in order to fit the models into memory.

We also don’t want to limit ourselves to just one model. Instead, we’d want to propose a repeatable and hackable workflow that allows anybody to quickly construct and optimize these models in a productive Python-first method, and then deploy them globally, including on the web.

This project, in addition to supporting WebGPU, offers the harness for other types of GPU backends that TVM supports (such as CUDA, OpenCL, and Vulkan) and truly enables accessible deployment of LLM models.

Instructions for local deployment

1. Install TVM Unity. Open wheels for more version.

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Also Read how to install MLC LLM.

2. Install all the prerequisite for web deployment:

emscripten. It is an LLVM-based compiler which compiles C/C++ source code to Web Assembly.

Follow the installation instruction to install the latest emsdk.

Source by source path/to/, so that emcc is reachable from PATH and the command emcc works.


wasm-pack. It helps build Rust-generated WebAssembly, which used for tokenizer in our case here.

Install jekyll by following the official guides. It is the package we use for website.

Install jekyll-remote-theme by command. Try gem mirror if install blocked.

gem install jekyll-remote-theme

6. Install Chrome Canary. It is a developer version of Chrome that enables the use of WebGPU.

We can verify the success installation by trying out emcc, jekyll and wasm-pack in terminal respectively.

3. Import, optimize and build the LLM model:

Get Model Weight

Currently we support LLaMA and Vicuna.

Get the original LLaMA weights in the huggingface format by following the instructions here.

Use instructions here to get vicuna weights.

Create a soft link to the model path under dist/models

mkdir -p dist/models ln -s your_model_path dist/models/model_name # For example: # ln -s path/to/vicuna-7b-v1 dist/models/vicuna-7b-v1

Optimize and build model to webgpu backend and export the executable to disk in the WebAssembly file format.

python3 chúng tôi --target webgpu

By default, takes vicuna-7b-v1 as model name. You can also specify model name as

python3 chúng tôi --target webgpu --model llama-7b

Note: chúng tôi can be run on MacOS with 32GB memory and other OS with at least 50GB CPU memory. We are currently optimizing the memory usage to enable more people to try out locally.

4. Deploy the model on web with WebGPU runtime

Prepare all the necessary dependencies for web build:


The last thing to do is setting up the site with


With the site set up, you can go to localhost:8888/web-llm/ in Chrome Canary to try out the demo on your local machine. Remember: you will need 6.4G GPU memory to run the demo. Don’t forget to use.

/Applications/Google Chrome chúng tôi Chrome Canary --enable-dawn-features=disable_robustness

To launch Chrome Canary to turn off the robustness check from Chrome.

How We Deploy Machine Learning Models on the Web with Machine Learning Compilation (MLC)

MLC (machine learning compilation) is the essential technique here. Our solution is built on the shoulders of the open-source ecosystem, which includes Hugging Face, LLaMA and Vicuna model variations, wasm, and WebGPU. The primary flow is based on Apache TVM Unity, a fascinating developing project in the Apache TVM Community.

We bake an IRModule from a language model in TVM with native dynamic shape support, eliminating the requirement for padding to max length and decreasing both computation amount and memory use.

Each function in TVM’s IRModule can be further transformed to generate runnable code that can be deployed universally on any environment that supports the minimum tvm runtime (one of which is JavaScript).

TensorIR is the primary approach for producing optimized programs. We deliver results by fast changing TensorIR programs using a mix of expert knowledge and an automated scheduler.

Heuristics are utilized to decrease engineering pressure while optimizing light-weight operators.

The model weights are compressed using int4 quantization techniques so that they can fit into memory.

To reuse memory across various levels, we provide static memory planning optimizations.

Emscripten and TypeScript are used to create a TVM web runtime that can deploy created modules.

We also used a wasm port of SentencePiece tokenizer.

All portions of this workflow are written in Python, with the exception of the last phase, which creates a 600 loc JavaScript app that links everything. This is also a fascinating participatory development process that results in new models.

All of this is made possible by the open-source environment on which we rely. We make extensive use of TVM unity, a thrilling new invention in the TVM project that enables such Python-first interactive MLC development experiences, allowing us to quickly construct new optimizations, completely in Python, and progressively push our app to the web.

TVM unity also makes it simple to create new solutions in the ecosystem. We will continue to deliver other optimizations, such as fused quantization kernels, to more systems.

The dynamic nature of LLM models is one of its unique characteristics. Because the decoding and encoding processes rely on computations that scale with token size, we use TVM unity’s first-class dynamic shape support, which represents sequence dimensions as symbolic integers. This allows us to plan ahead and allocate all of the memory required for the sequence window of interest statically, without padding.

We also used tensor expression integration to easily define partial-tensor calculations like rotational embedding without converting them to full-tensor matrix computations.

In addition to the WebGPU runtime, we provide native deployment alternatives with local GPU runtime. As a result, they may be used as both a tool for native deployment and a reference point for comparing native GPU driver performance with WebGPU performance.

WebGPU functions by converting WGSL shaders to native shaders. We discovered chances to close the gap between the WebGPU runtime and the native environment.

Some of the current gaps are caused by Chrome’s WebGPU implementation inserts bound clips for all array index access, such that a[i] becomes a[min(i, a.size)]. This can be optimized out as the WebGPU support continues to mature.

You can get around this by using a special flag to launch Chrome by exiting Chrome completely, then in command line, type

/path/to/Chrome --enable-dawn-features=disable_robustness

The execution speed will thereafter be as fast as the native GPU environment. We expect this issue to be rectified when WebGPU evolves. WebGPU has just arrived, and we are thrilled to explore what potential it can open up. There are also many exciting forthcoming features that we can use to enhance things, such as fp16 extensions.

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