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Excel Clustered Bar Chart (Tables of Contents)

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Clustered Bar Chart in Excel

Clustered Bar Chart in Excel is shown as horizontal bars parallel to X-Axis, also used for comparing the values across different categories. We can access It from the Insert menu under the Charts section in the Bar Chart Section, available in both 2D and 3D types of charts. To create Clustered Bar, we must have 2 values for a one-parameter to compare those values before and after or in a different time frame.

The below image shows the difference between the COLUMN & BAR charts.

Types of Bar Charts in Excel

A total of 5 types of bar charts available in Excel 2010.

2-D Bar and 2-D stacked Bar chart

3-D Bar and 3-d stacked Bar chart

Cylinder Bar chart

Cone Bar chart

Pyramid Bar chart

How to Create a Clustered Bar Chart in Excel?

It is very simple and easy to use. Let us now see how to create a Clustered Bar Chart with the help of some examples.

You can download this Clustered Bar Chart Excel Template here – Clustered Bar Chart Excel Template

Example #1

In this example, I have 4 years of data with a break-up each quarter each year.

Step 1: The dataset should look like this.

As soon as you insert the chart, it will look like this.

Oh! This looks ugly, man. We need to beautify it.

Go to fill and select Vary colors by point.

Step 4: As of now, it looks better than the previous one. We need to format our vertical axis. We need to rearrange the data as shown in the below image.

Make the Gap Width 0%. Series Overlap to 0%.

Ok, our clustered bar chart is ready, and we can just read the numbers from the graph itself.

Interpretation of the Chart:

Q1 of 2023 is the highest sales period, generating revenue of more than 12 lakhs.

Q1 of 2023 is the lowest point in revenue generation. That particular quarter generated only 5.14 lakhs.

In 2014 after a dismal show in Q2 & Q3, there was a steep rise in revenue. Currently, this quarter’s revenue is the second-highest revenue period.

Our final looks like this.

Example #2

I am using Target vs Actual data for this example.

Step 1: Arrange the data in the below format.

Initially, your chart looks like this.

Do the formatting by following the below steps.

Remove City & Year from the list.

And select City & Year for this series.

So now, your chart will look like this.

And select the Line Chart.

So our chart is ready to convey the message now, and it looks like this.


Easy to make and understand.

We can compare the multiple categories subcategories easily.

We can spot the changes very easily.

Very useful if the data categories are small.

It creates confusion if the data is too large.

There are chances of overlapping many subseries.

I May not be able to fit everything in one chart.

Things to Remember

Arrange the data before creating a Clustered Bar Chart.

If the data is too large, choose a different chart.

Avoid 3D effects.

Construct the chart carefully so that it will not overlap with other categories.

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Chart With Point Addition Capability

Chart with Point Addition Capability

We have already seen the configuration used to draw a chart in Highcharts Configuration Syntax chapter.

An example of a Chart with point addition capability is given below.


Let us now see the additional configurations/steps taken. chart: { events: { var x = e.xAxis[0].value, y = e.yAxis[0].value, series = this.series[0]; series.addPoint([x, y]); } } } Example $(document).ready(function() { var chart = { type: 'scatter', margin: [70, 50, 60, 80], events: { var x = e.xAxis[0].value, y = e.yAxis[0].value, series = this.series[0]; series.addPoint([x, y]); } } }; var title = { text: 'User supplied data' }; var subtitle = { }; var xAxis = { gridLineWidth: 1, minPadding: 0.2, maxPadding: 0.2, maxZoom: 60 }; var yAxis = { title: { text: 'Value' }, minPadding: 0.2, maxPadding: 0.2, maxZoom: 60, plotLines: [{ value: 0, width: 1, color: '#808080' }] }; var legend = { enabled: false }; var exporting = { enabled: false }; var plotOptions = { series: { lineWidth: 1, point: { events: { this.remove(); } } } } } }; var series = [{ data: [[20, 20], [80, 80]] }]; var json = {}; json.chart = chart; json.title = title; json.subtitle = subtitle; json.xAxis = xAxis; json.yAxis = yAxis; json.legend = legend; json.exporting = exporting; json.series = series; json.plotOptions = plotOptions; $('#container').highcharts(json); }); Result

Verify the result.



How To Hide Or Remove The Volume Bar In Windows 11

Windows 11 comes with a sleek and modern interface that has been designed to offer a seamless user experience. However, some features can be annoying to some users, such as the volume bar or slider pop-up that appears on the screen when adjusting the volume in Windows 11. The constant appearance of the volume pop-up can be a nuisance and can ruin the user experience.

In this article, we’ll discuss two methods on how to remove or hide the volume bar in Windows 11 so that it doesn’t appear on the screen whenever you adjust the volume of your computer.

The volume pop-up or slider may appear at the top left or sometimes middle of the screen when you adjust the volume. This can be frustrating because the app you’re using may not be usable in the several seconds when the volume pop-up appears on the screen.

This can be especially problematic if you’re playing a game, watching a movie, or making a video call where interruptions can be very annoying. The constant appearance of the volume bar whenever you change your computer’s volume can be a nuisance and can ruin the user experience.

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Here are two ways to remove or hide the volume bar pop-up in Windows 11.

One way to remove the volume bar in Windows 11 is to use a third-party tool called HideVolumeOSD. This tool is free and open-source, and it allows you to hide the volume pop-up in Windows 11 when you adjust the volume.

Download HideVolumeOSD.

Once downloaded, run the executable file named “HideVolumeOSD-1.4.exe”

(the name may be different depending on the version).

Choose the Tray icon version during the installation setup, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation of Hide Volume OSD.

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ModernFlyouts is a third-party open-source tool that replaces the default Windows 11 flyouts, including the volume pop-up. It provides a more modern and customizable experience for the flyouts, including the ability to customize the colors, layout, and behavior of the volume pop-up.

To use ModernFlyouts to change the behaviors of the volume bar in Windows 11, follow these steps:

Download and install ModernFlyouts from the GitHub page.

Run the installer and follow the prompts to install the software.

Once installed, open ModernFlyouts from the Start menu.

Simply adjust your volume and see how the new flyouts look.

Change and adjust the settings according to your needs. The changes will be applied immediately.

Alternatively, you can also customize the volume pop-up’s behavior by changing the layout, colors, and other settings. By using ModernFlyouts, you can have more control over the volume pop-up’s behavior and appearance, making it more personalized and less intrusive.

Another way to remove the volume pop-up in Windows 11 is to remap the volume keys using AHK (AutoHotkey), which is a free and open-source software that allows you to automate repetitive tasks and remap keys in Windows.

You can remap the volume keys using the following approach.

Volume_Up::SoundSet, +10 Volume_Down::SoundSet, -10

With this method, you can adjust the volume in Windows 11 without the volume bar popping up.

The volume bar pop-up in Windows 11 can be an annoyance for many users, but with the solutions outlined in this article, you can easily remove or control it. By using HideVolumeOSD, ModernFlyouts, AHK, or other third-party volume controllers, you can remove or customize the behavior of the Windows 11 volume pop-up to your liking.

All About Xbox Games Bar

All About Xbox Game Bar How to use Xbox Game Bar:

At first it was called just Game Bar; however, they changed the name to Xbox Game Bar. When it was called Game bar it was just a normal bar with 2 to 3 tools in it. Now it is changed, and will appear all over your desktop with different tools.

Tools included in the Xbox Game Bar:

Game Play Recording and Broadcasting using Broadcast and capture:

Broadcast and Capture lets you record any screen apart from desktop and file manager. This tool is for the gamers who broadcast their games or upload their gameplay over video streaming website like YouTube.

This small tool will let you capture screenshots, records video, turn the mic off while recording and broadcasting.

Adjust Volume for different applications:

This tool will help you change the volume for any running applications. Which is helpful for gamers as well as normal users. User can mute any application or adjust volume directly using this tool.


Xbox Game Bar shows you information about running performance of CPU, GPU, and RAM. You can see the information of CPU, GPU, and RAM for 60 seconds so that you can monitor the usage of these three over 60 seconds.

When playing a game you can just press Windows + G key to check performance.

You can check performance from the Task Manager also, however, pressing Windows + G key proves to be a fast method.

Use Spotify:

Xbox Game Bar now comes with Spotify integration, which means that you can play games while playing games and now you do not need to use Alt + Tab button to jump from one application to another.

Now you can set your favorite, shuffle, play, pause, forward and backward for Spotify widget directly.

Pin any widget to the desktop:

From Xbox game bar you can now pin any of the widgets onto the main screen. Providing you the quick access of the same.

If you have pinned Spotify widget it will stay in the same place even if the Gamebar is minimized.

This will allow you to see the widget without opening Xbox Game Bar. Make sure that you set the widget from the Xbox Game Bar overlay because you can only move in from the screen overlay.

Chat on Xbox Live:

Using Xbox Game Bar, you can now chat with your friends online. Xbox Social lets you connect with your friends online. You just have to sign in to your Xbox account and start chatting just like you chat in Xbox.

This feature is most useful for the gamers who play on both Xbox and PC.

Microsoft is improving its gaming division. Which means we will see more improvement in the Game Bar. This tool is dedicated to all PC and Xbox gamers who love to play games on PC and Xbox.

Everything you need to know about Xbox One: Privacy settings, Online Security and More

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Learn How To Create G

Introduction to Inkscape G-code

G-code is a popular numerical computer programming code that is used in machinery and industries. Machines such as 3D Printers, laser cutting machines, vinyl printers, and cutters and machines used mills and factories use G-code. These machines are computerized and use G-code to identify the speed, variation, and nature of the material. Inkscape is a vector program that has a special extension to create and prepare G-code programming with utmost accuracy.

How to create G-code in Inkscape?

Chiefly, G-code is used by the machines to designate coordinates or vertices of X, Y, and Z positions. The main purpose of having this programming language is to command and direct the instruments such as a marker pen, or razor blades, drilling tools in mills, or cords emission tools that perform and create required results.

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G-code is not a program but a code language used specifically by machines only. The Files used by G-code are determined by the projects and results that are expected out of the machines. For instance; a 3D printer will only support 3D files while a wending or cutting machine will require a 2D file.

With the 1st method, users can create G-Code for Inkscape files with the Plugins and Extensions already available in the program.

While in the 2nd method the users will require an additional program to convert and view the G-code and the output.

Method 1

Since we all know that Inkscape is not a 3d program. So, to use G-code for 3D printers we need to create a 3D effect to get the desired results. This technique is proficient but, it may sometimes be a confusing or time-consuming process for the users. Still, without utilizing any external program, Inkscape is capable to create G-code for machine purposes.

Following are the steps to create G-code in Inkscape:-

Launch Inkscape

Create a new file

Create any shape on this layer

Again add a layer and copy the same shape on this layer

The shapes should be adjusted in such a conduct that they appear as a 3D shape with hard edges.

Similarly, different boxes will be created with the other layers as well. The user can modify the settings from the boxes.

Wait for the process to be completed and you will get a program for the 3D printer to print your design.

Method -2

In this method, we will create a 2D vector shape on Inkscape, save the file in SVG format. Then, we download an additional open-source program called Slic3r to convert our file into a G-code program for printing purposes.

Following are the steps to create a G-code file:

Launch Inkscape and create a new File.

Save the file in .svg file format

This is an online website that converts the .SVG files to 3D shapes in .STL formats.

Import the .SVG File on the website, edit the depth of the shape, and export the same to .STL file format.

Next, download a third party open source program Slic3r.

Import the .STL file in the program

The file will be exported in G-Code format for printing purposes.


Creating programs and codes using G-code language can be a puzzle if all the steps are not performed systematically and incorrect order. Very different from other vector programs, Inkscape provides a hassle-free platform for the users to generate G-codes for 3D machine printing. On the whole, Inkscape is an accomplished program having multiple functions and tools for every purpose.

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How To Create A Water

For occasions like pool parties, weddings, or other outdoor activities, it’s imperative to create water-resistant cosmetics look. Makeup that is water-resistant may be exposed to perspiration, humidity, and water without melting or smearing. Use long-lasting, waterproof makeup, and set it with a powder or spray setting spray to obtain this look.

Additionally, layering your makeup and using a primer can both assist to keep your makeup in place. You can get a gorgeous, long-lasting, water-resistant makeup look that will keep you looking your best all day with the appropriate tools and methods.

Step by Step Instructions to Create a Water-Resistant Makeup Look

Follow these easy steps for a water-resistant makeup look that will last all day if you want to create a makeup look that will withstand moisture or humidity.

Start With a Clean, Moisturized Face

For a water-resistant makeup look, it is essential to start with a clean, moisturized face. While moisturizing gives the skin a smooth surface for the makeup to adhere to, cleansing the skin guarantees that any dirt or oils that could break down the makeup are gone. Your makeup will stay on better and look smoother and more perfect if you apply it on a clean, moisturized base.

Apply a Water-Resistant Foundation

It’s crucial to utilize a water-resistant foundation while creating a water-resistant cosmetic look. These foundations are created with unique chemicals that fend off moisture, perspiration, and humidity, keeping your makeup in place. Applying a water-resistant foundation also gives the remainder of your makeup a smooth, even base, which improves its ability to stick to your skin. For a flawless finish, use a colour that complements your skin tone and blend it thoroughly.

Use a Water-Resistant Concealer to Cover Any Blemishes or Dark Circles

When putting on a water-proof makeup look, a concealer that is resistant to water is the ideal choice for hiding any imperfections or dark circles. These concealers are made to be long-lasting, so even when exposed to moisture or water, they won’t smear or fade. For a finish that looks natural and lasts all day, dab a little quantity of concealer on the troublesome areas and blend thoroughly with a brush or sponge.

Set Your Foundation and Concealer with a Water-Resistant Powder

A long-lasting, water-resistant makeup look requires setting your foundation and concealer with a water-resistant powder. These powders are designed to soak up extra oil and moisture, keeping your foundation and concealer in place even when in contact with water or perspiration. Apply a little amount of powder to your face with a fluffy brush, paying special attention to the T-zone and other oil-prone regions. This process aids in sealing in your makeup and keeps it from rubbing off or smearing.

Apply a Water-Resistant Blush or Bronzer

A long-lasting, water-resistant makeup look requires the use of a bronzer or blush that is water-resistant. These products are made to resist fading or smudging even after being in contact with water or perspiration. To get a natural look, dab a small amount of blush or bronzer with a fluffy brush on your cheekbones or along the apples of your cheeks. To prevent harsh lines, make sure the product is thoroughly blended. Your cheeks will have a lovely, natural-looking glow with a water-resistant blush or bronzer that stays in place all day.

Use a Water-Resistant Eyebrow Product to Fill in and Shape Your Brows

For a water-resistant makeup appearance, using a water-resistant eyebrow product is essential. These products are made to endure a long time and prevent fading or smudging even after being in contact with water or perspiration. Use a product that matches the colour of your brows and make short, hair-like strokes to fill in any bald spots or define the contour of your brows. For a natural finish, mix the product using a spoolie brush. If you use a water-resistant eyebrow product, you can be confident that no matter the weather, your brows will stay in place and look wonderful all day.

Apply a Water-Resistant Eyeshadow Primer

A long-lasting, water-resistant makeup look requires the use of a water-resistant eyeshadow primer. These primers are made to grip your eyeshadow and keep it from smudging or creasing, even after being in contact with water or perspiration. Your eyelids should receive a small amount of primer, which you should combine with your fingers or a brush. Your eyeshadow will remain in place and look vivid all day long if you use a water-resistant primer.

Use Water-Resistant Eyeshadow and Eyeliner

Use water-resistant eyeshadow and eyeliner for creating a cosmetic look that is water-resistant. Even when exposed to moisture or water, these products are designed to prevent fading or smudging. Apply eyeshadow and eyeliner as desired, being sure to use small, exact strokes for a tidy result. Your eye makeup will stay in place and look amazing all day long if you use water-resistant eyeshadow and eyeliner.

Curl Your Lashes and Apply a Water-Resistant Mascara

The final step in creating a water-resistant makeup look is curling your lashes and using water-resistant mascara. To give your lashes more volume and length, curl them with an eyelash curler before coating them in water-resistant mascara. Since these mascaras are designed to prevent smearing and flaking, your lashes will stay gorgeous all day long, even when they are in contact with water or perspiration.

Finish With a Water-Resistant Setting Spray to Lock Everything in Place

To maintain your water-resistant makeup appearance, use a setting spray that is water-resistant. These sprays are designed to produce a shield that keeps your makeup in place even in the presence of moisture, sweat, or humidity. Holding the bottle a few inches from your skin, spray the solution evenly over your face. Your makeup will remain in place and look beautiful all day with a water-resistant setting spray.


For activities or events involving water, it’s imperative to create a water-resistant cosmetics appearance. To achieve this effect, waterproof and long-lasting cosmetics are required. Using a powder or spray to set the makeup helps to seal in the components and keeps them from smearing or melting off. Using a primer also provides a smooth surface for makeup to cling to, and layering methods can assist increase coverage and prolong wear. By following these instructions, you can create a gorgeous, water-resistant makeup look that will survive perspiration, humidity, and contact with water while keeping you looking immaculate all day.

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