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Two years back, notifications were a huge problem both in Android and iOS. It was way too cluttered and unmanageable for the end-user. With the release of Android Oreo, Google brought Notification channels which streamlined notifications through native APIs. Following Google’s footstep, Apple also brought grouped notifications with iOS 12. In all of this, messaging apps like WhatsApp got a slew of new features including granular control over notifications. Now users can customize WhatsApp notifications based on individual contacts with custom time and notification tone. In this article, we will go through all the options and learn how to customize WhatsApp notification on Android and iOS devices.

Customize WhatsApp Notification

In this article, we are going to see how you can customize WhatsApp notifications using both in-app settings and individual notification settings that come with Android and iOS operating systems. Feel free to jump to the section that you want to read.

Customize WhatsApp Notification with Notification Channels on Android

1. Open the Settings app and tap on Apps and Notifications. Here, look for WhatsApp and open it.

2. Now, tap on App notifications to get all the customization options. Here, you can can go ahead and disable any type of notification you don’t want to receive.

4. Based on your choice, you will get notifications either with sound, no sound or just no disturbance. If you choose “urgent” then both sound and pop-up message will alert you. You can also customize other options like notification dot, message on the lock screen and DND override.

5. Similarly, for individual chats, you can customize the notification by tapping on Message notifications. Here, choose the importance level and sound. You can go through other options as well.

Customize WhatsApp Notification with In-App Settings

2. To set custom notification for a contact, tap on “Custom notifications” and enable “Use custom notifications”. Here, you can choose notification tone, vibration mode, message pop-up and everything for that particular contact. You can personalize the call notifications as well. 3. To globally manage notifications on WhatsApp, open WhatsApp Settings and tap on Notifications. You can choose to disable conversation tones and other settings based on individual chat, groups messages and calls.

Customize WhatsApp Notification on iOS

1. Open Settings and then tap on Notifications. Scroll down and tap on WhatsApp.

There are options for sounds and badges as well which you can set as per your preference. You can also set how you want to group notifications in your Notification Center. Selecting “Automatic” will group notifications by contact while selecting “By app” will group all WhatsApp notifications into one.

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Customize WhatsApp Notification and Save Your Time

These are some neat ways you can personalize your WhatsApp notifications and save time from checking unnecessary messages. In India, WhatsApp is used by almost everyone so there is a deluge of information being forwarded from one contact to another. You can mute the notification for contacts which constantly send you unsolicited messages or customize notification for contacts which are important to you. All in all, you should definitely make changes to your notification settings so that you remain undisturbed.

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Turn Off Onedrive On This Day Notification On Windows, Android And Ios

Like Google Photos and Facebook, OneDrive also shows a notification displaying what you uploaded last year on the same day (month/day) as it is today. However, if you do not want to get them, you can turn off OneDrive On this day memories are available notifications on Windows 11/10 PC, Android phones, iPhone or iOS devices using this tutorial.

OneDrive shows an “On this day” notification for photos and videos that you uploaded on the same day last year to let you know what you did earlier. Some people find it useful as it allows you to relive the memories again. However, if you find it unnecessary, this step-by-step guide will be handy for you.

Turn off OneDrive On this day notification on PC

There are two methods to disable On this day notification of OneDrive on Windows PC – using the in-built OneDrive option and using Registry Editor. No matter which way you follow, you will get the same result.

To turn off OneDrive On this day notification on Windows 11/10, follow these steps-

Switch to the Settings tab.

Uncheck When “On this day” memories are available checkbox.

How to make OneDrive stop emailing Memories

It opens up OneDrive’s settings panel.

You need to switch to the Settings tab and remove the tick from the When “On this day” memories are available checkbox.

That’s all! From now onward, OneDrive won’t show the On this day notification on your Windows PC.

In case you want to revert the change, you need to open the same OneDrive settings panel and tick the same checkbox as mentioned above.

Disable OneDrive On this day notification using Registry

To disable OneDrive On this day notification on Windows 11/10 PC, follow these steps-

Press Win+R to display the Run prompt.

Type regedit and press the Enter button.

Navigate to Personal in HKEY_CURRENT_USER.

Name it as OnThisDayPhotoNotificationDisabled.

Before heading to the REGEDIT steps, it is recommended to create a System Restore point.


Then, name it as OnThisDayPhotoNotificationDisabled.

If you want to get the original setting back, open the same REG_DWORD value, and set the Value data as 0.

Alternatively, you can delete this REG_DWORD value as well.

If you want to disable OneDrive On this day notifications on Android and iOS, here is how you can do it via Notification settings. OneDrive offers an in-built option, you do not have to use ADB, or root your Android phone or jailbreak your iPhone to get it done.

Various apps and websites such as Google Photos, Facebook, etc., show a notification containing all the activities, photos, videos, etc., that you uploaded in previous years on the same day. It is pretty handy for a party or a trip with friends. However, if you do not want to receive such notifications on your mobile for any reason, you can disable On this day notifications within moments.

Turn off OneDrive On this day notifications on Android

We have explained the method on a Stock Android device. However, you can use the same steps on any custom ROM or phone, including One UI, MIUI, OxygenOS, etc.

To disable OneDrive On this day notifications on Android, follow these steps-

Open the OneDrive app on your phone.

Tap on the Me icon.

Select the Settings option.

Tap on the Personal settings.

Toggle the Show photos and videos from this day in previous years button.

First, you have to open the OneDrive app on your phone and switch to the Me section. For that, tap on the Me icon visible in the bottom-right corner.

Then, select the Settings option from the list, and tap on the Personal menu. Here you can find a setting called Show photos and videos from this day in previous years.

You have to toggle the respective button to disable OneDrive On this day notifications on Android. Apart from that, toggle the I have memories from this day button as well.

You can find this option under the GET NOTIFICATIONS WHEN heading.

For your information, you can do the same on iOS. Although the OneDrive app for iOS doesn’t show the Show photos and videos from this day in previous years button option, you can find the I Have Memories From This Day setting.

How to disable OneDrive On this day notifications on iOS

To disable OneDrive On this day notifications on iOS, follow these steps-

Open the OneDrive on your iPhone.

Tap on your profile picture.

Toggle the I Have Memories From This Day button.

At first, open the OneDrive app on your iOS device and tap on your profile picture visible in the top-right corner.

Now, select the Settings menu, and tap on the Notifications option.

Here you can find a setting called I Have Memories From This Day.

Toggle the corresponding button to disable OneDrive On this day notifications on iOS.

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How To Change The Notification Sound On Telegram

Just like other instant messaging apps, Telegram allows you to disable your notifications or not. If you decide to keep them, you can personalize them by choosing what sound you want them to have. You can choose from the long list of ringtones the app has to offer, but you can also choose to add a new one.

Whenever you get tired of them, you can always change them as many times as you want. Since you’ll be hearing the notification sound when you get your messages, it’s only natural that you want to like the sound you hear. Let’s see how you can finally change that notification sound.

How to Choose New Notification Sound on Telegram

Once the app is open, tap on the three-lined menu at the top left. Go to Settings, followed by the Notifications and Sounds option.

In Notifications and Sounds, you will see everything you can change the notification sound for. For example, you can change the sound for private chats, groups, Channels, and calls. All the options have the same things you can change. At the top, you’ll see the option to turn off those kinds of notifications altogether.

In the Settings section, You can adjust options such as:

Message Preview

Light Color


Popup notifications



Tap on the Sound option, and at the top, you’ll see the option to upload a sound. If you tap on it, you can choose to upload the file from the internal storage of your Android device. Or, if you have Telegram installed, you can also select audio files.

Towards the bottom, you’ll see all the sounds you can choose from without installing a third-party app. If you want more options for notifications sounds, you can always try an app called Zedge. Besides having a large variety of wallpapers, there is also a long list of fun notifications sounds. There is one more way you can change the notification sound for Telegram.

How to Change the Notification Sound for Telegram Using Settings

Whatever method you use is up to you, but you need to have all the options to make the right choice. If you go into your Android device’s settings, you can also change the notification sound for Telegram. Once in Settings, go to Apps and Notifications and look for Telegram. If it’s one of the apps you recently used, you should find it at the top. If not, tap on See all X apps and search for Telegram.

In Telegram notifications, you can set the notifications for three things: Other, Private chats, and Internal Notifications. At the top, you’ll find the Other section. If it’s disabled, go ahead and toggle it on so the other options can appear. Since it will be set to silent by default, tap on where it says Silent and choose the Default option.

Towards the bottom, you’ll see the Sound option. If you don’t see it, tap on the Advanced option dropdown menu to reveal more options, including the Sound option. Tap on it and choose how you want to add the notification sound. If you installed the Zedge app, you could add from there. The Complete action using the sounds option will reveal your device’s integrated sounds. If you don’t see any you like, you’ll see the option to add a sound yourself.


Create Ios And Android App On Blockchain Technology Based

Focus on the Interface

Blockchain development may be used to make all kinds of invaluable iOS and Android programs, but for all these apps to achieve their whole potential, programmers need to stay concentrated on the interface. Not considering the consumer’s experience throughout the evolution process could decrease the amount of effect of this program.

Is your front-end programming language functional? Is the blockchain program that’s vital for operating this speech contained? Is the correct application management being included during the evolution procedure?

All of these are questions which have to be answered so that the program developer can produce an excellent design for your own user interface. Identifying the correct analytics can also be crucial. It also gets more difficult for programmers to spot the ideal system. Assembling an admin console is an integral measure of this procedure too.

Take a Good Look at the Value of Architecture

If a blockchain program has been made to be employed within an iPhone or Android apparatus, programmers must take a better look at the planned architecture so they can prevent common mistakes. Alas, a lot of aspects are not always believed, and they frequently involve additional procedures that may add extra time to the procedure.

By way of instance, individuals that are considering developing a hybrid program will have to get certain permissions first. The more programmers understand the needed parameters which were established, the greater their odds of producing a program which will be helpful to people who rely on blockchain tech every day.

The chips, size, operational and memory systems have to be configured correctly, and such configurations all fall beneath the architectural umbrella.

Proper Machine Use

If it’s the programmer decides to select Ethereum, Quorum or another platform completely, it compels them to take some opportunity to examine the benefits and pitfalls of each, particularly when blockchain technology has been used.

Recognizing the Importance of Consensus Mechanisms

Is your program being decentralized? This is only one of the chief questions that have to be answered before this procedure can be finished. An iOS or Android program that’s reliant on blockchain desires a consensus mechanism to operate in the right way once it’s established.

With no decentralization along with also a consensus mechanism, lots of the normal issues and problems that arise aren’t as simple to address. The machine used to link and offer a connection requires a suitable consensus. With no consensus mechanism, the system’s capability to perform each the vital tasks is badly compromised.

Identification of Aims

Last but definitely not least, programmers must identify their aims. What’s the goal they’re trying to do by creating this program? What job is blockchain technology likely to perform with? Are all the essential blockchain growth fundamentals being adhered to? Is the problem that will be solved being created absolutely obvious?

Answering these questions in a timely fashion permits a programmer to choose the right strategy. The very same principles that apply throughout the development of any other program nevertheless come into play when blockchain programs are being designed for iOS and Android users. The issue that’s being solved with the introduction of this program has to be clearly defined.

Are the problems being caused by information reduction? What tools are being supplied that weren’t previously offered? For the most from this evolution process, the problems and the related goals have to be analyzed carefully.

How To Report Messages On Whatsapp

WhatsApp has a chat moderation feature that lets you report suspicious conversations. The feature is intended to curb hate speech and misinformation in the platform, along with reducing spam. While the messaging app has allowed users to report contacts for a long time, WhatsApp is now rolling out the ability to report individual messages as well. So to give you a better look at how to tackle spam, abuse, or misinformation, we have compiled an in-depth guide on how to report WhatsApp messages.

Report Messages on WhatsApp: A Step-by-Step Guide (2023)

First spotted by tipster WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is currently testing the option to report individual messages in beta. It’s live on WhatsApp beta version and newer. If you are not using the beta version, we have also added steps to report a contact, which in turn shares five recent messages with WhatsApp. So without further, let’s jump right in!

Why Should You Report WhatsApp Messages?

Reporting a WhatsApp message helps avoid unwanted interactions on the platform. You could report a message if it is problematic in nature or is a spam message. Once you submit a report, WhatsApp’s moderators will review it and may even ban the user if they violate the company’s Terms of Service.

Moreover, contrary to recent reports, reporting a spam message or contact doesn’t undermine WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption (E2EE) practice. The messaging app submits a copy of the last five messages of the contact you report. It does not share the entire chat history and break end-to-end encryption in any way.

How to Report Individual WhatsApp Messages

2. Press the new ‘Report’ option to proceed further. It’s worth mentioning that the Report option will appear only when you select a single message. Reporting multiple messages is not supported right now, but there’s a workaround in the next section.

3. A pop-up will now appear clarifying that the message will be forwarded to WhatsApp, but rest assured, it will not notify the said contact. Press the ‘Report’ button to flag the potentially harmful message. You can also choose to block the contact from right this screen by selecting the ‘Block contact’ checkbox.

How to Report a WhatsApp View Once Photo or Video

WhatsApp recently rolled out the option to send disappearing photos and videos called View Once to users worldwide. These photos and videos self-destruct once you have viewed the content. Now, if someone shares potentially sensitive or harmful content using View Once with you, report such photos and videos with ease. Follow the steps below:

1. Open a conversation window and long-press on a View Once message. Then, tap on the three dot menu icon on the top right corner of the screen. Select the ‘Report’ option here to share the contents of that disappearing message with WhatsApp.

3. Alternatively, you can also report contacts while viewing the disappearing photo or video. Simply tap the three dot menu icon at the top right and select the ‘Report [contact name] option.

If a chat has multiple messages you would like to report, choose to report the contact instead. This way, the last five messages from the person will get forwarded to WhatsApp.

1. To get started, open the chat window, tap on the three dots menu icon, and choose ‘More’.

2. Then, tap on ‘Report’ and press ‘Report’ again from the pop-up that appears. You can block the contact and delete the conversation on your end by selecting the ‘Block contact and delete chat’ checkbox.

1. Open a conversation, tap on the three dot icon at the top right corner. From the drop-down menu, select ‘Menu’, followed by the ‘Block’ option.

2. From the pop-up menu that now appears, tap the ‘Block’ option. You can also choose to report the contact once again while blocking them at the same time by selecting the ‘Report and Block’ option.

3. Alternatively, you can tap on the contact’s name or phone number at the top and scroll down to the bottom to find the ‘Block’ option.

Report WhatsApp Messages in Easy Steps

You could consider reporting individual messages when it’s clearly a spam message. For other conversations, we suggest using the report contact option to report multiple messages at once would be a better option to give moderators some context. So yeah, considering it is in beta, it shouldn’t be long before the company brings the individual message reporting feature to all users via the stable version. Once you have reported the message, you can continue using all the best WhatsApp tricks, including the option to use WhatsApp as 2FA on Instagram.

How To Customize Apple News App On Mac

The Apple News app has been around for nearly five years and, in that time, has become a quiet giant. With the opportunity to see top feeds curated by human editors, trending stories suggested by Siri or stories popular with other readers, there is something for everyone. The more time you spend in Apple News, the more personalized the stories become. If you have not tried the app, you really are missing out on a customizable experience. What if you want to really make the Apple News app “your own”? Try these settings to customize your Apple News app.

Adding Channels

The first thing you want to do is start adding channels. If it’s your first time opening the News app, “Discover Channels & Topics” is down on the left side of the screen. If you have already been using the News app to add topics, go to File on the menu bar and select “Discover Channels & Topics.”

When the popup opens, the app essentially wants you to choose your favorite topics or news sites to follow. When going through these options, there is a fairly endless scroll taking you through a variety of news, celebrity, gaming, science, politics, culture and other sources or topics. As the Apple News app starts to recognize you are selecting a lot of gaming sites to follow, you will start to see more gaming options appear.

Unfollowing Channels Restricted View

As noted above, Apple News is something of a combination of human editors plus your own selection of topics or channels to follow. Perhaps you want to cut out of a lot of the superfluous activity that is not of interest to you. That might be the top stories around politics, world events or sports. Either way, you can make this happen easily by restricting the stories you to see to only those that come from the channels or topics you follow.

Voting on Stories

Among other options, you will see two choices to either “Suggest More Like This” or “Suggest Less Like This.” Each of these choices will help the News app algorithm learn your interests and help you discover more stories on your own that might be of interest. The more you select either of these two options, the more the system can learn and help customize the type of news and sources you see on a daily basis.

Manage Notifications

Like the mobile Apple News app, the Mac app can send as many or as few notifications as you would like. Do you want to see notifications from every topic or site you follow or just a few? If you choose the former, you could potentially get inundated with notifications all day long. In that case, it is good to manage your notifications and limit to specific channels or topics.

To get started, head to File in the Mac menu bar and select “Manage Notifications & Email.” When the small pop-up opens, you can scroll through and select which channels you want to receive notifications from. You will have the option of both channels or topics you selected or “More Channels,” which is full of sites you have previously read or voted for.

It is easy to customize the Apple News app on Mac, as it allows for plenty of control over who and what you follow. If you are on iOS, here is how you can sign up for a new subscription in your iPhone.

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