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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone numbers can be more difficult to track as they use the Internet to make calls instead of using traditional landline phone service. So, if you miss an important call or keep getting harassing calls, you need to find the owner of a specific VoIP number.

Some companies allow anonymous calls, while other numbers are not linked to physical addresses like landline phone numbers. These factors make it more challenging to find the name behind the phone number. If you need to know how to find the owner of a VoIP number, there are several methods you can try.

Method 1: Set Up Caller ID on Your Device

Smartphones have Caller ID by default, but you can also install this option on your other devices. If you’re using a VoIP service, you can set up the Caller ID within the account settings menu. The other person’s VoIP service provider can also activate the Caller ID, which will show you the name and number of the calls coming through.

However, it’s possible to spoof Caller ID by manipulating it to show inaccurate information. Spam calls frequently use spoofing to show a number similar to yours or the same area code, increasing the likelihood that you’ll answer.

Method 2: With the help of the VoIP Service Provider

When you get an unknown call, note the time and phone number, then contact your VoIP service provider. Using this information, they can track the owner of the number that called you. However, if they don’t register the number or use a fake IP or third-party service to make the call, the VoIP provider might not have access to the information.

Method 3: Using Hardphone or Softphone Packet Analyzers

Hardphones and softphones are types of phones that are commonly used in call centers. These phones use a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and connect to a server or proxy.

You can connect to a proxy or server and use a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). This approach lets you use a packet analyzer to trace the VoIP phone number. These phones are connected to a Local Area Network (LAN), where they manage all incoming calls. For this, they use VoIP software to establish a connection to the telephone network.

However, you will need to download and install a packet analyzer on a softphone to trace the VoIP number. You can apply a SIP filter to your calls and see the IP where each call originates, including their name, if they entered it.

Method 4: Do a Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse phone detective VoIP is the easier and fastest way to get hold of the VoIP number you’re looking for. You just need to enter the number into a VoIP phone number lookup app, which will show the owner’s address and name.

Moreover, you don’t require to download or install software on your device. There are some online programs where you can do this for free, or you can buy some premium services.

Method 5: Perform an IP Address Lookup

In this method, you need the IP address to find the caller’s information. Many VoIP providers show the IP address on other phone screens because it connects the call. Once you have the necessary information, use it to run a WHOIS search. The results include the IP owner, location, Internet Service Provider, and contact information.

Method 6: Using the VoIP Address Domain

The VoIP provider has an address domain associated with each call, which shows up in your phone’s call logs. You’ll see a phone number or the VoIP address in a format resembling an email address. You should look at the domain name on the address and use it to trace the VoIP provider. After that, find the specific user.

Method 7: CNAM Lookup to Find the Owner of a VoIP Number

You must go to the VoIP service provider and tell them you must conduct the VoIP number lookup because you have received threatening calls, spam, or even prank calls. If the justification is insufficient, your VoIP number lookup will certainly fail.

However, if you don’t have a VoIP phone number, this method won’t work for you. Given how easy it can be to fake the caller’s ID, the provider would ask you to give them the CNAM you’re looking for. But you can only perform a CNAM search if you have the proper skills in coding.

Method 8: How to trace VoIP Number Using Call Logs

Phone bills show all calls you made and received during a billing cycle. VoIP service providers work the same way, so you can check your VoIP call logs to see your incoming calls. Look at the specific time of the call and pull the data to track the owner online with methods from this list.

Method 9: Use the Automated Service *69

Dialing “*69” on your phone will take you to the automated service. This number gives info about the last call, like the time of the call, the VoIP number, and where the call came from. If you use this method, you can find the owner of a VoIP number, even if the ID is blocked or hidden.

Method 10: Talk to Law Enforcement

You can also inform the local law enforcement department that you have been receiving spam phone calls, prank calls that are disturbing your mental health, or if you suspect they may be trying to scam you or extort you, they can help in finding the owner of the VoIP phone number.

Phishing scams are illegal, and the FBI needs to know about them to ensure that scammers don’t find more victims. Give you all the data you can pull from your call logs. They are sure to do something about it and, most likely, inform you who is the owner of the VoIP number.


You’ve learned how to find the owner of a VoIP phone number, but if you need more information, check out the answers to these frequently asked questions.

The main difference between fixed and non-fixed VoIP phone numbers is that fixed ones are far harder to use for fraudulent activities and scams like phishing. However, they only work on a few devices.

On the other hand, non-fixed numbers don’t have an actual address because they’re linked to a virtual system. People can also opt to use a number belonging to a location where they don’t live, a virtual one.

The North American Numbering Plan (NANP) assigns VoIP numbers based on the location and geography of area codes. However, people don’t need to live in those area codes to register with their service provider.

The main reason why people can keep their same phone numbers or landline numbers is that they have one VoIP account, and they can contact the NANP to make the necessary changes and adjustments.


VoIP technology has become more streamlined and popular, so you’ll likely get calls from this type of phone number. While it might be a challenging process, these methods will help you learn how to find the owner of a VoIP number.

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Javascript Program To Find Closest Number In Array

We will write a JavaScript program to find the closest number in an array by comparing each element with the target number and keeping track of the closest one. The program will use a loop to go through each element in the array and use a conditional statement to compare the difference between the target number and the current element. If the difference is smaller than the current closest difference, we will update the closest number. The result of this program will be the closest number to the target in the given array.


This program finds the closest number to a target value in an array of numbers −

Define a variable to store the difference between the target value and the current value in the loop.

Set the difference to a very high number, so that any number in the array will be smaller and become the new closest number.

Loop through the array of numbers, and for each number, calculate the absolute difference between the target value and the current number.

If the current difference is smaller than the stored difference, update the stored difference to the current difference and store the current number as the closest number.

Repeat the process for all numbers in the array.

After the loop, the closest number to the target value is the number stored in the variable.


Here is an example of a JavaScript function that takes an array of numbers and a target number as input and returns the closest number in the array to the target number −

function findClosest(numbers, target) { let closest = numbers[0]; let closestDiff = Math.abs(target - closest); for (let i = 1; i < numbers.length; i++) { let current = numbers[i]; let currentDiff = Math.abs(target - current); if (currentDiff < closestDiff) { closest = current; closestDiff = currentDiff; } } return closest; } const arr = [45, 23, 25, 78, 32, 56, 12]; const target = 50; console.log(findClosest(arr, target)); Explanation

The function findClosest takes two arguments: an array of numbers and a target number target.

We create a variable closest and set it equal to the first number in the numbers array, and assume that this is the closest number to the target.

We also create a variable closestDiff which calculates the difference between the target number and the closest number using Math.abs(). Math.abs() returns the absolute value of a number, ensuring that the difference is always positive.

We then use a for loop to iterate through the numbers array. For each iteration, we store the current number in the current variable and calculate the difference between the target and current number in currentDiff.

If currentDiff is less than closestDiff, we update closest to be current and closestDiff to be currentDiff.

Finally, the function returns the closest number to the target.

Type In Phone Number And Find The Location Free

Searching for the location of a phone number may be crucial for child safety, employee monitoring, online dating, criminal investigations, and other use cases. It helps you to determine the region or country in which the number is located. For example, if you select a business phone number, then knowing the company’s geolocation is surely beneficial in your search.

Searching for a phone number’s location can be time-consuming and difficult when you don’t know where it is. However, there are various ways to search for a phone number location. Here, the best method is to use your phone’s GPS location tracking capabilities.

Best Free Apps to Type in Phone Number and Find Location in the USA

1) GEOfinder – Best for overall finding phone number location

GEOfinder is a web-based platform that enables you to type in a phone number and locate the place. It also wraps a sharing link into a convincing SMS text. It’s a very simple system that requires little effort. Geofinder only costs a dollar to activate a 2-day trial with unlimited SMS.

It is one of the location finder apps which runs on all phones and configurations of all brands. Using this web-based service, you can trace a device via a phone number.


Run across platforms: It works across all mobile network operators.

Track phone location by number: Helps you to track the targeted phone location by phone number.

Customize message: You can customize the message you want the recipient to receive.

Provides location request: Provides unlimited geolocation requests.

Detailed Location: You will get detailed locations on the map.

Supported devices: ioS and Android devices.

Unlimited Geolocation request: It allows you to send unlimited geolocation requests.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It helps you to locate anyone by entering their number Geofinder is slow in providing the location and coordinates of the targeted device.

You can track cell phone locations anonymously.

Works with all mobile network operators to trace the phone number of anyone.

Key Specs:

Refund policy: Full refund if canceled within 48 hours.

2) chúng tôi – Best for discreet locating is a location finder app that helps you to search for a device by phone number. It is one of the ideal phone tracker applications that do discreet locating.

This application lets you locate anyone worldwide by entering their phone number, and it works on any operating system. It is also better if you remember that you must install this app on the particular device you want to locate.


Discreet text message: The recipient receives a discreet text message that will share the location.

Locate anyone anywhere: It works on any network, meaning it can locate anyone anywhere.

Get email notification: You will get an instant notification in your email and will see the location on a map.

Find an exact Location: Find the exact location with this type in phone number and find location for free online app.

Number Locator: Locate anyone by entering their number.

Supported device: You can use it on Android and iOS.

Create customer messages: Let’s you create custom messages.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

The phone owner won’t know who tried to locate them. It does not offer many features.

You will not require to install anything on your end.

Does not need any jailbreak.

You don’t require to know their phone model to find them.

Key Specs:

Price: $0.89 for 1 Day Trial

3) Intelius – Best for Offering high-level customer security and privacy

Intelius is a free phone tracker app that allows you to track anyone with their phone number by searching for their location in the public records. On this reverse search website, your searches remain confidential. Its confidentiality helps you ensure that they’re not shared with anyone else.

This application is built for both Android and iOS phones. Intelius helps you search phone number locations accurately and robustly.


Anonymity: Maintains the anonymity of their subscribers.

Identify the phone owner: You can identify the owner of an unknown number.

Unlimited searches: It offers unlimited service to search a phone number location for paying customers.

Reliable use data: Get reliable user data in seconds.

Detailed report: This type in phone number and find location for free in the USA service gives an in-depth report of the unknown user.

Supported devices: It works efficiently on both iOS and Android devices.

Re-connect with old friends: It helps you rekindle your friendship with your long-time pals.

Check criminal records: Let’s you check someone’s criminal record.

Quickly find relevant information: You will get accurate information to make the right decisions.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

You can look up potential relationships. It doesn’t reveal the prices anywhere on its website.

Offers features for reverse phone lookup and address lookup. Does not give a proper name and a proper address.

It helps you to keep your current contact list.

You can track public and criminal records.

Key Specs:

Price: Plans start at $24.86 a month.

4) Spokeo – Best for Providing Detailed information on caller ID

Spokeo is one of the ideal apps for tracking phone number location online. You can find important information about the phone number’s owner. It shows details like the current address, the name used to register, and the exact location.

Moreover, you can search locations by phone number, address, name, and email.

This app helps you search through millions of phone records, including landline and cell phone numbers. It searches phone lookup results in seconds, letting you know when the app found matching records, such as name, address, country, state, etc.

Spokeo helps you to save time searching with special filtering options. This enables you to pinpoint the person or information you’re looking for.


Free quick search: It offers free quick search.

Produces accurate data: You can produce accurate data in seconds.

Identify spam callers: This cellphone location tracker helps you to identify spam callers easily.

Supported device: It supports both iOS and Android.

Analyzes 12 billion public records: You can analyze 12 billion public records and 100+ social media networks.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Spokeo is fast in processing search queries. Only available in the US.

It helps with the safety of your loved ones. It does not give comprehensive information about a number.

It offers unlimited search on paid membership.

Provides top-notch security and privacy for their users.

Key Specs:

Price: Plans start at $0.95 cents for 7-days, and monthly plan starts at $19.95.

5) PeopleFinders – Best for accessing billions of data points in a few seconds

PeopleFinders is one of the best phone trackers that help you access billions of data points. It lets you identify who is behind unknown calls. The quick search feature returns only the caller’s location. It also provides details like address, age, and social media profiles are available for paid plans.

PeopleFinders also helps you to uncover useful information about your caller, like location and address, age, email address, and various social media profiles.


Find current address: You can find the current address and address history.

Associated phone number: Provides associated phone numbers.

Track phone numbers: Accessing Public Records information helps you track phone numbers.

Supported platforms: iPhone, Android, iPad, and even Apple Watches.

Check your spam score: This allows you to check your spam score.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Saves time by processing queries fast. This app is only available for US customers.

It has a simple interface.

Scam-consciousness resources.

Key Specs:

Price: Plans start at $24.95 a month

6) mSpy – Best for location tracking

Furthermore, you can also check the GPS location of the device. It also provides activity updates of the targeted phone every 5 minutes.


Real-time location tracking: You can restrict geodome, i.e. when the person leaves the zone, the user will get the notification.

Background mode: It works in background mode.

Data Protection: This application encrypts and protects your data.

Supported platforms: Any iOS and Android device.

Activity updates: Provides activity updates of the targeted phone every 5 minutes.

Read messages: You can read incoming or outgoing text messages.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

You can track your child’s activities to encrypt and protect your data. Not a very cheap family tracking app.

Enables you to check deleted messages and photos.

Gives instant notifications when specific blocked words are used on the target family member’s phone.

Key Specs:

Price: Plans start at $11.66/ month. Discounts on Yearly payments.


Here are the significant points that you should look for in the best phone tracker app:

Locate an individual’s Current Location: You should look for an application that helps you find your spouse’s or child’s present location.

Monitor Activity of Employees: Helps you track the employees’ location for several purposes. It enables you to ensure that they are safe at the job site and they are at the right location.

Find the Lost Device: This feature lets you locate the correct spot of a missing device. So, if you know the location, it becomes easy to locate your phone.

Geofencing: Using geofencing technology helps you to build a digital wall for a target device. It sends you an alert when there is a security breach, and your target phone crosses a specific boundary.

Yes, you can, as the service providers have been doing this; hence, it is possible. When a call is received, the location is pinned from the cell phone tower. However, you can visit free phone number tracker websites, type the mobile number, and wait for their location to appear.


You can track a cell phone location tracker for free online for multiple reasons. For example, some of us may have developed Nomophobia–the fear of losing our mobile phone. This fear is real, as nowadays, we tend to store photos, documents, and important information like passwords on our phones.

Therefore, it is a big relief to know that there are free cell phone tracking apps like GEOfinder, chúng tôi and Intelius available. Thus, we can easily know the whereabouts of the targeted device.

How To Find Wake Timers In Windows 11/10

In this tutorial, we will show you how to find wake timers in Windows 11/10. A wake timer is a timed event in Windows 11/10 that wakes your system from sleep at the specified time or scheduled time. For example, if you have set a task (created in Task Scheduler) with the condition to Wake the computer to run this task, then such a task is known as a timed event. If you are wondering what causes your computer to wake randomly, then most probably it happens because of a wake timer.

This post will help you check the list of wake timers or an upcoming wake timer on your Windows 11/10 computer using two different ways so that you can disable or change the condition of events or services that use wake timers. Where finding the wake timers from the entire list of scheduled tasks in Task Scheduler could be difficult and time-consuming, the options covered in this post make it easier.

How to find Wake Timers in Windows 11/10

To find wake timers in Windows 11/10, you can take the help of two built-in options. These are:

Command Prompt

Windows PowerShell.

Before using any of these two options, do note that you must log in as an administrator to your Windows 11/10 computer to use these options. Now let’s have a look at these options.

1] Find an Active Wake Timer in Windows 11/10 using Command Prompt

The steps are as follows:

Type cmd

Execute the following command:

Powercfg -waketimers

This command will show the upcoming wake timer or timed event that will wake your computer. You will also be able to see the date and time when the event will trigger and you will also see the reason why Windows will execute that scheduled task.

Once the time for that wake timer expires, you can execute the same command to find the next or upcoming wake timer.

2] Find all Active Wake Timers in Windows 11/10 using Windows PowerShell

This option is more helpful as it will help you see a list of all active wake timers along with their paths, task name, and state (Ready or Disabled), just like visible in the screenshot above. The steps to use this option are as follows:

Open Windows 11/10 Search box

Type powershell in the Search box

When the elevated PowerShell window is opened, execute this command:

Wait for a moment to complete the command. After that, a new window will open where it will show a list of scheduled tasks with a wake timer that is either ready or disabled.

What is Allow wake timers in Windows 11?

Allow wake timers is a feature in Windows 11/10 that makes an event trigger an action to wake your computer from sleep automatically at the scheduled time. If a scheduled task with a wake timer option enabled and pending Windows updates are able to wake up your computer at the scheduled time automatically in Windows 11/10, then Allow wake timers feature could be the reason behind that. You can also enable or disable Allow wake timers on Windows as per your needs.

How do I turn off auto wake on Windows 11?

If your computer is automatically waking up from sleep, then you can turn off this auto-wake function using the following ways:

Disable wake timers using the Power Options window

Prevent devices from waking up your computer using Command Prompt

Using Power troubleshooter

Disable Wake on Magic Packet for Network Adapters

Find and uninstall programs that are causing your system to wake automatically, etc.

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How To Adjust The Number Of Ticks In Seaborn Plots?


Ticks are tiny symbols that Matplotlib uses to represent the positions of data points on both axes of a plot. They may be positioned to best fit the data range and are used to highlight certain locations on the x and y axes. Usually, ticks may be labeled to indicate the precise values they stand for. In the python package Seaborn, there are two functions, namely, xticks() and yticks() that can be used for adjusting the ticks of a given graph.


To adjust the number of ticks in Seaborn plots, we can use the following syntax −

# Set the tick locations and labels for the x-axis ax.set_xticks([tick1, tick2, ...]) ax.set_xticklabels([label1, label2, ...]) # Set the tick locations and labels for the y-axis ax.set_yticks([tick1, tick2, ...]) ax.set_yticklabels([label1, label2, ...])

Both methods also have an optional minor parameter to set major or minor ticks. Here, ax is the axis object returned by the Seaborn plot function, and tick1, tick2, … are the desired tick locations, and label1, label2, … are the corresponding tick labels.


The general step-by-step algorithm to adjust the number of ticks in Seaborn plots is as follows −

Choose the Seaborn plotting function you want to use such as sns.scatterplot().

Create some data or load some of your own.

The sns.set() and sns.set style() routines can be used to change the Seaborn theme and style.

To plot the data, utilize the chosen Seaborn plotting function.

Make a variable that points to the plot’s axes object.

To set the number of ticks on the x and/or y axes, use the set xticks() and/or set yticks() methods. A list of tick locations is the parameter for these functions.

To set the labels for the ticks on the x and/or y axes, use the set xticklabels() and/or set yticklabels() methods. A parameter for these functions is a list of tick labels.

Plot it on the window with show() method.


Follow along the example below to make your own Seaborn boxplot with custom tick locations and labels on the x-axis.

import seaborn as sns import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import numpy as np # Generate some random data data = np.random.randn(20) # Set up the Seaborn plot sns.set() sns.set_style("whitegrid") ax = sns.boxplot(x=data) # Set the tick locations and labels, can also use np array here ax.set_xticks([0, 1]) ax.set_xticklabels(["A", "B"]) # Show the plot

Using the random.randn function in NumPy, we first create some random data. The set and set style functions are then used to set the visual style for the Seaborn plot.

By using the boxplot function on the data and saving the generated axis object in the variable axe, we can build a boxplot. The set xticks and set xticklabels methods of the axis object axe are then used to set the tick locations and labels for the x-axis.

In this instance, we are designating the tick locations as “A” and “B” and setting them to be at positions 0 and 1, respectively. Lastly, we use the pyplot module of matplotlib’s show function to display the plot. Be aware that the final plot may not seem particularly fascinating if you execute this code.

Due to the fact that we are just charting 20 randomly selected data points with just two ticks on the x-axis, the plot that is produced if you execute this code might not appear that fascinating. To produce more illuminating graphs, you may change the code to utilize your own data and adjust the tick placements and labels.


import seaborn as sns import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import numpy as np # Generate some random data data = np.random.randn(20) # Set up the Seaborn line plot sns.set() sns.set_style("whitegrid") ax = sns.lineplot(x=[0, 1, 2], y=[1, 2, 3]) # Set the ytick locations and labels, can also use np array here ax.set_yticks([0, 1, 2, 3, 4]) ax.set_yticklabels(["A", "B", "C", "D", "E"]) # Show the plot

Here, we are generating a line plot using the Seaborn library in Python. The plot has 5 y-ticks with labels “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, and “E”.

Firstly, the Seaborn library is imported along with the Matplotlib library. Then, a NumPy array of random data is generated using the np.random.randn() method.

Next, the plot is set up using Seaborn with a whitegrid style. The line plot is generated using the sns.lineplot() method with the x-values and y-values specified.

To adjust the y-ticks, the ax.set_yticks() method is called with a list of values for the y-tick locations. The ax.set_yticklabels() method is then called with a list of labels for the y-ticks.

Finally, the plot is shown using the method.


How To Find The Seed Of A Minecraft Server

The seed of a Minecraft server is the world upon which all else is built. Suppose you’ve ever stepped onto someone else’s server and found fascinating landscapes and easily-accessible biomes.

In that case, you know that creating a world with the same base as another player’s can be desirable. However, it isn’t always a simple matter to find the ID of a seed. The ease depends on who’s running the server.

Minecraft seeds are case-sensitive. You must follow the exact structure, including positive or negative numbers and lowercase or capital letters. If the seed is a word or a phrase.

Minecraft seeds don’t automatically include structures. Turning on the “Generate Structure” option on the “Create New World” page where you input seed is the only way to create villages, temples, and other similar places.

Keep in mind that Minecraft seeds aren’t the same for different editions of the game. If you’re playing the Bedrock edition but want to copy a seed from Java, it likely won’t work. 

Minecraft uses an algorithm called Perlin noise to generate the worlds for the game. Since the developers update the algorithm between versions, chunks from the old seed don’t match those on the new seeds. This is why seeds are often incompatible between versions. 

Finding the Minecraft seed of a server, you’re playing on depends on what level of access you have. For example, you might not be able to use the seed command on a server you don’t have admin rights.

The simplest way to find the seed of a Minecraft server is to use the command box.

Load into the Minecraft world with the seed you want to copy.

Press “/” to open the console. The / should remain in the text line once it’s opened.

Type “seed” without quotes. This should be immediately after the forward-slash. If the forward-slash doesn’t appear, type “/seed” without quotes.

Press Enter.

Copy down the seed code that appears in the chat window. 

You must have admin rights to be able to complete these steps.

There is no command to find a seed in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft. Instead, you have to use a specific menu to find it.

Save the seed before deleting the world unless you want to go through the process again.

To get the seed of a Minecraft multiplayer server, you have two options. The first is to ask for it from one of the admins. The second is to become an admin yourself and use the commands or procedures for the version of the game you’re on.

Sometimes, your server admin with administrator rights cannot access the server and give you the seed. If this is the case, someone needs to log into the server settings and give someone else admin powers over the server. That person can then give you the seed. It is the only way to get the seed without express guidance from someone with those powers. 

If you’ve tried to get the seed from people with admin powers and aren’t having luck, some use a mod to download the world and then get the seed. Since the world can be saved to your computer and opened while you have complete control, this might enable you to get the seed. 

There are a few ways to install it, but the best one is probably using MultiMC, a popular Minecraft launcher. 

Having MultiMC on your computer helps you do more than just manage mods. It’s also a good backup for when the launcher is down or broken. 

Once you have MultiMC installed, you can use it to run World Downloader Mod.

Once you have it installed, you can navigate to a server and use World Downloader to save it on your computer, open it, and find the seed. It won’t always work because some servers have protections against this type of mod.

You will have to open chests and containers to save them. Villager trades require opening the view menu if you want them. Command blocks also need to be opened, but only someone with access rights can do so.

Once you have the world downloaded to your computer, open it like any downloaded world and use the seed command to get your information.

While this may not get you the exact seed you want, it will copy all the areas that you traveled to and give you a full map of what’s in the overworld, above and below. 

There is no good way to find the seed of a server without being an operator. The best thing you can do is message the mods and other people with access and ask for the seed. 

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