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There are different ways to add captcha protection to website forms. Adding an auto generated image or math question using a PHP script is an easy way. On other hand, the most popular Google reCAPTCHA helps to protect your forms from spammers and bots. You can show a checkbox for the user to select and Google will automatically show image verification when detecting suspicious activities. When there is a captcha image shown, users need to identify or enter the correct answer for allowing them to submit the form. Though this is a useful way to protect your site, sometimes it will annoy you by not showing captcha image in Google Chrome. In this article, we will explain some of the possible solutions to fix captcha image not showing issues in Google Chrome. Generally, you can follow the similar instructions in other browsers like Firefox, Edge and Safari.

Captcha Image Not Showing

Below is one of the login form we use with captcha using PHP script. As you can see, the image did not load and showing as a broken link image in Chrome. On browsers like Safari, you will see a question mark indicating the failure to load captcha image.

Google reCaptcha on Login Form

How to Fix Captcha Image Not Showing?

Here are some of the options you can try to fix the issue.

1. Refresh or Reopen the Browser

If that does not work, you can refresh the browser or close and reopen to try again. However, this will delete all the filled form content and you have to fill the details again. If the form has many fields, first check whether captcha is loading before start filling up to avoid double work.

2. Clear Browser’s Cache

Delete History and Cookies in Chrome

Now, close and reopen the browser and try to check whether captcha image is showing. This solution works most of the time as the corrupted cached data can cause the captcha image not showing on the forms.

3. Check and Enable Cookies

Unblock and Delete Cookies

As explained above, when you clear the browsing history, make sure to select the options “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files”. These options will delete the cached cookies and images. You can reload the page and check the captcha image is showing on the form.

4. Disable Ad Blocker

Therefore, if you are using ad blocker on Chrome, simply disable and reload the page to check the captcha image is showing.

Disable Ad Blocker

5. VPN and Proxy

VPN and proxy services are useful to access the internet anonymously by hiding your IP information. However, it can create unforeseen problems like blocking captcha image from loading. Disable your VPN or proxy and check it can help to resolve the problem.

For both VPN/proxy and ad blocker, you can any time enable them back after checking the captcha issue.

6. Open Another Captcha Form

Captcha in Another PageCaptcha Started Working

7. Type Correct Website Version 8. Tips for Google reCAPTCHA Setup

If you are a site owner struggling to properly setup Google reCAPTCHA protection, here are some of the tips for you:

Google reCAPTCHA site key and secret key will work only for a specific domain you have added in the account setup. Therefore, you need to use the correct keys for the setup to work.

You can use invisible captcha v2 or v3 with no user interaction to avoid showing additional box in the forms.

Generally, Google reCAPTCHA works well with caching. If you notice a problem, clear your browser and website’s cache before trying again.

Most of the time Analytics section will not immediately show data. It will take some time or when there are large number of attempts using the service.

Final Words

Captcha is helpful for blocking bots. However, it is annoying for a real user to find correct images or typing the text showing on a scrambled image. On top of that, you will be frustrated if the captcha image is not showing while logging in or submitting contact form. You can try the above listed options and hope one of them would have worked for you.

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How To Fix Http Error 431 In Google Chrome? – Webnots

Browsers like Google Chrome will send HTTP requests to server whenever you open a webpage. In the backend, there are useful information sent in the request header as well as received in the response header. However, you will not see all these header information and Chrome will only show the response of the body from the server. During this communication there could be lot of glitches and HTTP error 431 is one such a problem. If you are frequently seeing 431 code in Chrome, here is how to fix the issue.

HTTP Status Code 431  

Status code 431 indicates “Request Header Fields Too Large” and the server denied processing the request due this reason. Since all 4xx status codes are due to wrong request from the browser, troubleshooting of 431 error needs to start from analyzing the HTTP request headers sent from Chrome. In addition, there are other possible reasons for 431 error. Try the following fixes and check whether it could help to resolve the issue in Chrome.

Note: Some of these fixes are highly technical and meant for website owners who try to fix 431 HTTP error on their own site.  

1. Check HTTP Request Headers Size

Though there are no size limit for the individual and total HTTP header sizes, web servers may reject larger requests due to safety reasons. You can easily check the header size in Chrome Developer Tools to understand whether the size is the root cause.

Generally, each header request should be of few KBs to few hundred KBs in size. If you see very large size request then that could be the reason for 431 error. If you are the website owner, test the site by removing the request from your site or use testing extensions like ModHeader to confirm the problem. If you are not the site owner, then you can inform the site owner through social media accounts and ask for the fix.

2. Delete Browser Cache and Cookies

Find Cookie Used on Webpage Document Level

Sometimes, this cookie length can be extremely long and dynamic like when you login to membership websites. The best option is to delete all the cookies in Chrome and check if that helps to fix 431 error. Remember to log out of all other sites before deleting cookies. Otherwise, you will be forcibly logged out as deleting the cookie will lead to session expiry.

Delete Cookies in Chrome

3. Delete Referrer Query Parameters in URL 4. Disable All Extensions

Generally, extensions will not cause 431 error in Chrome. However, there could be mistakes while using certain extensions like HTTP header modification extensions. If you have mistaken applied the modifications for the all the sites you visit, then there are chances you get unexpected errors like 431. Check your extensions and add filters to apply the HTTP modifications for only required URLs. Otherwise, simply go to “chrome://extensions/” page and disable all extensions. Now check the pages are loading without any error.

Disable All Chrome Extensions

If installed extensions are causing the problem, you may need to enable one by one to narrow down the item that causes the error. Once you find the problematic extension, uninstall it and find another alternative.  

Final Words

Cookies and lengthy referral URLs are the most common reasons causing 431 HTTP error in Chrome. However, if you are a website owner or developer testing HTTP headers, then there are lot of possibilities the tool or extension you are using is causing the issue. In such a case, disable all extensions and check the HTTP header size to troubleshoot the problem.

Google Chrome Sound Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It

When you have sound issues on Chrome, it most likely means either the sound isn’t coming from a particular Chrome tab or it’s disabled all over the Chrome app.

In both cases, a misconfigured Chrome setting called “Don’t allow sites to play sound” is the major reason. So, using the correct settings should resolve the problem right away.

However, you can still face issues for other reasons, such as using an outdated Chrome application, corrupt cache, faulty extension, etc. Nevertheless, we have compiled a list of applicable solutions that can cure various kinds of sound issues on Chrome.

Before moving on to the fixes, play any audio on a different browser to check if the audio isn’t working on Chrome specifically. Also, if you use an external device like a speaker for the audio, ensure it’s working fine. 

Once you are sure, it’s not the audio hardware causing the issue, apply the following fixes until the sound issue is resolved.

In case you have enabled a setting that prevents sites from playing sound, you won’t be able to hear anything on Chrome. The specific setting can even block audio for some sites only. So to fix it, you need to configure the setting and remove all the sites from its block list.

Here’s how to do it.

Likewise, if you are facing sound issues on Chrome for some specific sites only,

On a Windows system, one can enable/disable audio from a specific app, such as Chrome, from the “volume mixer”. And, if you are receiving sound output only from the Chrome app, it’s probably disabled there.

You can re-enable Chrome volume as follows.

Despite having all the correct sound settings on Google Chrome, you might still have audio issues because of the audio device. In other words, it means you are using the wrong device for audio output. 

Generally, these issues occur when you have connected multiple audio devices, like earphones, microphones, speakers, etc., to your system. So, consider only keeping the audio device you use frequently and disconnect the others, if any. Also, turn off BlueTooth on your device, as it might be connected to another BlueTooth audio device.

Now, to set the correct device, you want to hear the audio from,

On Windows

On Mac

If you are using an older version of Chrome, an unresolved bug could stop it from playing any sound. In that case, you should update the app.

Whether a corrupt cache or a faulty Chrome extension is causing the issue, you can resolve both simultaneously by resetting your Chrome settings. And, since doing so returns the app to its initial configuration, other sound issues are also fixed during the process.

In case none of the solutions worked, you can reinstall Chrome as a final option. By doing so, the Chrome app gets a fresh start, and the unknown issues are also resolved automatically.

However, reinstalling can delete all your saved passwords, browsing history, and all your Chrome settings. But you can sync all your data on the new Chrome app once you sign in to a Google account or your Chrome profile.

How To Fix Chatgpt Not Working In Chrome?

It’s been a while since ChatGPT has been in the AI game, so we don’t even need an introduction for our mighty ChatGPT.

With its millions of daily users, you will find sometimes it is not working in your Chrome browser.

The potential reasons for ChatGPT not working on your Chrome can be compatibility issues with your Chrome version, network issues in your PC, browser settings, bugs & errors and server issues in the ChatGPT.

However, you don’t need to be anxious if you encounter these issues; you can quickly fix those problems with a few strategies.

Continue reading to learn why ChatGPT is not working on Chrome and ways to fix those issues.

Why Is ChatGPT Not Working On Chrome?

As a Language model, ChatGPT does not have specific issues with the Google Chrome browser.

However, there could be several reasons you are experiencing issues, specifically with the Chrome Browser.

1. Compatibility Issues

ChatGPT works fine with most of the web browsers available on the internet.

However, compatibility issues with the specific version of Chrome, especially an outdated version, can cause this error or stop ChatGPT from loading.

Therefore, updating your Chrome browser may fix the compatibility issue with ChaGPT.

2. Network Issues

Sometimes, network issues such as slow internet, DNS (Domain Name System) errors and firewall settings may prevent ChatGPT from loading correctly.

This can be a potential reason for ChatGPT not working on Chrome.

Furthermore, you can encounter “ChaGPT Error Code 1020” if ChatGPT detects unusual about your network.

Therefore, enabling or disabling your VPN can fix the issue, depending on the requirements.

3. Browser Settings

There is a possibility that specific browser settings such as ad-blockers, extensions and security settings could be preventing you from using ChatGPT on Chrome.

You must adjust the settings and disable extensions or ad-blockers to see if that solves the issue.

4. Bugs And Errors

Exposure to bugs and errors can be another reason ChatGPT is not working on Chrome.

Like any software application, ChatGPT is subject to bugs and errors in the code, which can cause the system to behave unusually.

5. Server Issues

ChatGPT is a cloud-based platform with a load of millions of users daily on the servers, which can cause many server issues.

Server issues like “ChatGPT is at capacity error,” and server overloading can be reasons for ChatGPT not working in Chrome.

Furthermore, ensure a stable internet connection before going on to the fixes.

You can check the speed of your internet connection on chúng tôi or

Furthermore, try the fixes below if your system is experiencing a poor and unstable connection.

Restart your router and modem.

Change your Wi-Fi frequency channel.

Install ISP, which offers higher bandwidth.

Read on to learn how to fix a slow internet connection on Laptop and how to work from home with slow internet.

7 Ways To Fix ChatGPT Not Working On Chrome

You can follow the fixes below if ChatGPT is not working in your Chrome.

1. Check The Server Status

You should check the server status of OpenAI before going through any of the fixes below.

It is essential to check the status because the server may be non-operational while accessing ChatGPT.

You should only access ChatGPT when the status says Operational.

2. Use Incognito Mode

The incognito mode in Chrome helps your browsing private and makes it look like you are accessing ChatGPT as a new user.

Therefore, using incognito mode can fix the issue if you cannot access ChatGPT on the standard mode of Chrome.

To enable the incognito mode in Chrome, follow the steps below.

Additionally, you can use the shortcut keys “Ctrl + Shift + N” to enable the incognito mode.

If you are using an outdated or specific version of Chrome, you may find that Chrome is not supporting ChatGPT.

Upgrading your browser can fix this issue. Here is how you can do it;

Go to “Help” and open “About Google Chrome.”

After the update, relaunch Chrome and see whether the issue is fixed.

4. Enable Or Disable VPN

Network issues on your connection can be another reason why ChatGPT is not working on your Chrome.

Those issues can be fixed by enabling or disabling VPN on your system, depending on the requirements.

You can enable or disable VPN following the guide below.

To Enable VPN

ChatGPT may not be accessible if you are using an unsafe network.

However, using a VPN can help fix this issue. You can follow the steps below to enable VPN on your device.

Download and install a VPN.

Among the VPN services available online, Proton VPN is one of the best and is cost-free.

After installing, create an account and connect to any available server.

After connecting your device with a VPN, reload your Chrome and try if the ChatGPT works.

To Disable VPN

Sometimes, using a VPN can be the reason for ChatGPT not working in your Chrome.

In that case, disabling your VPN can fix the issue. Follow the steps below to disable your VPN.

Now, go to Chrome and check if the ChatGPT is working after disabling the services.

Read on to learn how to change the location using VPN and why you should never go online without VPN.

5. Remove Chrome Extensions

Using extensions can be helpful and extends the functionality of a browser. However, the extensions still use the same old data and files when we update our browsers.

Therefore, clearing those data is necessary for working in a browser smoothly.

You can wipe the Chrome extensions by following the steps below.

Then go to Extensions and remove all the Extensions.

Read on to learn more about top ChatGPT Chrome extensions and how to bypass paywalls using extensions.

6. Use A Different Browser

If removing the extensions didn’t fix the issue, try using a different browser.

Some of the best alternatives to Chrome browsers are Opera, Mozilla and Microsoft Edge.

In addition, you just need to download and install it on your device and set the installed browser as default.

Now, try accessing the ChatGPT with the new browser and see if the issue is fixed.

If none of the above ways fix the issue, the Help Center of OpenAI is always available.

You can send messages directly to OpenAI (the parent Company of ChatGPT) and report any issues.

Lastly, you may be unable to access the service if you have reached your daily limit.

Therefore, you can upgrade to ChatGPT Plus or try some of the best ChatGPT alternatives.

The Bottom Line

You will find that ChatGPT is not working in Chrome due to several network, compatibility and server issues.

Using ChatGPT for your work or study won’t be enjoyable if it is not working in your Chrome browser.

Hopefully, the above fixes will overcome the issue in your device.

Read on to learn how to troubleshoot ChatGPT 403 forbidden error and fix the ChatGPT network error.

Fix: Google Drive Not Showing All Files And Folders

Fix: Google Drive Not Showing all Files and Folders This is usually a sync-related issue




If Google Drive is not showing all your files, it might be because of corrupt browser data.

A quick yet effective solution to this problem is to resync the files.

Another surefire fix is to pause and resume the syncing process.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Google Drive is one of the leading cloud storage, and it has wide acceptance thanks to being free and easily accessible. However, it is not without issues, with users complaining that Google Drive is not showing all files.

Thankfully, it is an issue that can be easily fixed, as we will show in the subsequent sections of this guide.

Why are not all my files showing up in Google Drive?

Listed below are some of the reasons for the Google Drive Drive not showing all files issue:

Faulty browser cache: In some cases, this issue can be due to a corrupt browser cache. You need to clear the cache to solve this.

Firewall interference: Often, Google Drive files might not be showing up on your PC because your firewall is blocking it. You need to disable your firewall and antivirus software to eliminate the problem.

What can I do if Google Drive is not showing all files?

Before delving into the sophisticated solutions in this section, below are some preliminary steps to try:

Run Google backup as administrator and re-sign in

Restart your PC, and Google sync

Use incognito mode on your browser

Search for missing files

1. Pause and resume Google Drive

If Google Drive not showing all folders and files or just files with link on your PC, you should try to pause and resume sync. This will eliminate the glitches that might be causing it to misbehave.

2. View unsynced files online

In some cases, the Google Drive files that are not showing might not be synced. The solution is to open the files online and try to sync them again.

3. Make sure all folders are checked to sync 4. Clear browser cache

Sometimes, this issue can be due to corrupt browser data. This happens when your Google Drive cache and cookies accumulate on your browser.

What you need to do is to clear your data.

5. Disable firewall and antivirus temporarily

If the Google Drive folder is not showing all files, it might be because of your firewall or antivirus. The security tool might flag the files wrongly.

What you need to do here is to disable your antivirus and firewall temporarily.

With this, we can conclude this guide on Google Drive not showing all files issue. You should now be able to solve the problem for good, provided you follow the steps therein.

Similarly, if you do not see shared files on Google Drive, check our comprehensive guide to restore normalcy.

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Ark Server Not Showing Up? How To Fix It

Every ARK server owner or even player knows the difficulty of trying to connect to a server that isn’t showing up in the server browser. Sometimes, even hosted servers run by companies won’t show up despite that being the easiest way to have an unofficial server listed.

However, there are fixes available for both server owners and players to help them either put the server on the list or find another way to connect to it.

Why Isn’t My ARK Server Showing Up?

The server isn’t running on the host machine. Sometimes a server stops during an update or refuses to start. This problem can occur for people hosting their own servers or people on hosted servers.

The game updated, but the version running on the server didn’t update. Server owners should update the server quickly after the game updates, or else players who did update won’t be able to join.

You’ve selected the wrong filters and options on the server browser. If they don’t match the settings on the server, it won’t appear.

You haven’t selected enough filters. There are so many servers running ARK: Survivor that they can’t all be displayed. The ones that appear for any given set of filters and search terms are random – though some say you’re more likely to appear to a player if the server is low ping for them.

You are trying to find the server through an alternative list like the Steam server browser. Sometimes, that method can fail to see the server, and the normal ARK browser displays it.

The server name is written in a way that makes it more difficult to find. For example, some hosts say that using special characters makes it less likely for your server to appear quickly.

These are just some of the reasons a server might not appear. It seems like a complex issue, but once you start checking for the cause, you’ll find that it’s often easy to remedy.

There are many reasons why a server might not be showing up in the server browser.These are just some of the reasons a server might not appear. It seems like a complex issue, but once you start checking for the cause, you’ll find that it’s often easy to remedy.

How to Fix ARK Server Not Showing Up

The reasons why your server might not appear vary depending on whether you’re a player, a server host, or the owner of a server hosted by a third-party company.

A server owner should attempt the fixes that the owner of a hosted server needs to do – but the person who pays a host won’t have to do all the same troubleshooting as someone managing their own server at home.

However, the best way to figure out why your server isn’t showing up is to start from a player’s perspective. Do everything you can to make it appear as a player to ensure none of those issues are interfering with it. Otherwise, you might do a lot of server troubleshooting when issues with the launcher were the problem.

Fixes for Players

Understanding how the server browser and filters work is beneficial for anyone trying to find an elusive ARK server. Start at the top left with the name filter.

The name filter looks for certain words that you type in the box. If you’re looking for a server called “Dinosaurs and Axes,” you might use the word “Axes” so that the server browser only displays sessions with the word Axes in the title.

You can also select a specific map using the map drop-down. You can only choose one at a time unless you search for all maps. Selecting the one your server is on can help narrow down a long list of results.

The game mode drop-down menu lets you choose from PvP, PvE, or either.

You can choose how to sort the servers, too. It’s usually on Ping when you start. Choose one of the other options to see a different sort and potentially help you find your server.

Check that Auto Favorite Played Sessions is checked to make finding servers easier in the future.

Make sure Hide Full Sessions isn’t checked unless you’re sure the server you’re trying to find isn’t full.

Use the session filter to choose what kind of server you’re looking for. This one trips up a lot of newer players. If you’re looking for a server you’re hosting but have Official servers selected, your server won’t appear no matter what other filters you’re using.

You can also choose to sort by ascending or descending order of results in the upper right side.

Knowing that all your filters are correct is the first step to ensuring that ARK is up-to-date. Next, make sure your game and mods are updated. Often, the game or a mod will update, and your computer won’t automatically follow suit. It also helps to ensure that the server will appear for you because your setup is compatible with it.

This setup will completely remove and then re-install all of your mods. If you know a particular mod is updated, only unsubscribe from that one. If no mods updated but the game did, you can simply skip the sets involving the mod workshop. 

Fixes for People Running Servers

If you’re running your own server, you have to manually update the game, forward specific ports, and ensure your mod files are the latest version. These can prevent the server from appearing in the server browser list.

Now the server should be configured so that it will appear on the server browser. Remember that it takes a while for the server to come up and register on the browser, so don’t expect it to appear right away. 

Fixes for Dedicated Server Hosted Games

If you pay for a dedicated server, it’s straightforward to manage and update the files for ARK. Most server hosts should offer to do this automatically and then restart the server after.

However, that doesn’t always happen. My last server host would often not automatically update the game and would lag on the restart until the server stopped completely. 

Steps vary by the server host company. However, these general fixes should be available no matter who hosts your ARK server.

Other Tips

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