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How to Fix It When a Chromebook Touchscreen is Not Working

You can always perform the basic workarounds first and see if the problem gets resolved.

Why Does A Chromebook Touchscreen Stops Functioning?

Lets see what can be the possible reasons:

● Chromebook Touchscreen Has Dirt On It:

If you use your Chromebook at a place which is susceptible to dirt, chances are the screen may stop working. Similar is the case when you work with wet/dirty hands.

● Problems Related To Software: ● System Settings:

Chromebook has a specific setting which when enabled let you use the touchscreen. However, if you have accidentally disaled it, you will face the Chromebook touchscreen not working error.

● Hardware Issues:

Cases when there is a faulty driver or hardware installed the Chromebook touchscreen wont work.

Now that we know the possible reasons behind Chromebook touchscreen not working, lets learn about how to fix touch screen on Chromebook.

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Learn How To Fix Chromebook Touchscreen Not Working:

Now that we know the most probable reasons behind a Chromebook touchscreen not working, let’s discuss their solutions. Many of them are easy and do not require any technical expertise to perform.

Lets begin with cleaning the touchscreen to remove the dirt and then subsequently try the other methods and learn how to fix the touch screen on Chromebook.

Clean The ChromeBook Screen:

This is the first step towards resolving Chromebook touchscreen not working. To do so:

Completely shut down your Chromebook and then clean it with a lint-free cloth. Make sure while cleaning your Chromebook touchscreen you clean the entire screen and remove any kind of dirt, hair, sticky substances as well as any water marks.

If a lint-free cloth is not proving to be useful, you can also use an LCD cleaning solution. Do note in this case you will have to use a microfiber cloth and pour very little solution on it and then clean the screen with it. Be cautious of not spilling the solution on the keyboard. Once done, wipe the screen dry with another cloth.

Another point to be noted is that usage of any solution having ammonia, alcohol or acetone is strictly prohibited.

Once you have cleaned the Chromebook touchscreen, clean your hands and then wipe them dry and then see if the Chromebook touchscreen not working problem is resolved.

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How To Check The Chromebook Touch Screen Is Enabled

The second step towards learning how to fix the touch screen on Chromebook is to see if the touchscreen setting is working properly.

To do so;

On your Chromebook touchscreen press Search + Shift + t simultaneously. As soon as you perform this, the Chromebook touchscreen will be activated.

If you do not succeed in the above, navigate to chrome://flags/#ash-debug-shortcuts.

Here look for debugging keyboard shortcuts and enable them to activate the Chromebook touchscreen.

How To Hard Reset Your Chromebook:

This is another resort towards learning how to fix the touchscreen on Chromebook. If you have tried all the above methods and still can’t fix the Chromebook touchscreen problem here is what you should do next:

Power off your Chromebook

Now look for the Refresh key and then press and hold it.

While the Refresh key is on hold, press the Power button.

Once the Chromebook starts, you can release the Refresh key.

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Why Is Character Ai Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It

To understand how Character AI works, it’s important to know that it uses neural language models to generate text responses that mimic human-like conversations. These “characters” have their own unique personalities, which are created by describing them from their perspective and through their welcoming message. The characters’ personalities can be further developed through dialogues, which are used as examples and adapted to fit the desired dialect and identity. The chatbots are powered by machine learning algorithms that generate responses based on the input received from the user. The platform allows users to generate new characters, shape their personalities, and set specific parameters to give them a unique persona. It’s worth noting that all conversations with the characters are fictional, and users should not take anything they say too seriously.

Here are the possible reasons of Character AI not working:

The service may be down or experiencing technical difficulties, which may affect some or all users. This could happen due to server maintenance or other technical issues that the service provider is working on fixing. In this case, users can try again later when the service is restored.

The app may be running slow due to factors such as corrupted browser caches, high traffic, poor internet connectivity, technical issues in the system, or server maintenance. If the app is running slowly, users may experience delays in loading, generating responses, or accessing certain features. In this case, users can try clearing their browser cache and cookies, checking their internet connectivity, or waiting for the app to run more smoothly.

The character AI may require a significant amount of computing resources, such as memory and processing power, which could cause the system to become overwhelmed and fail to respond. This could happen if the AI is being used by too many users at once or if the hardware is outdated and needs upgrading.

The character AI may not be compatible with certain operating systems, web browsers, or devices. This could cause the AI to malfunction or not work at all. Users may need to update their software or switch to a different device to use the AI.

The character AI may not be able to generate accurate responses due to poor quality input data. For example, if the AI is trained on biased or incomplete data, it may not be able to provide accurate responses to certain queries. This could require the AI to be retrained on better quality data.

The character AI may not be working due to user error, such as incorrect input or incorrect usage of the app. Users may need to review the instructions or seek assistance from customer support to resolve the issue.

The character AI may not be working due to security issues, such as hacking attempts or malware attacks. This could cause the system to malfunction or shut down entirely. In this case, users should contact customer support and follow security best practices to protect their data.

The app may be restricted in certain regions due to server overload, and using a VPN service could help resolve the problem. In some cases, the app may be restricted in certain regions due to high traffic or server overload. In this case, users can try using a VPN service to access the app from a different region where the app is not restricted.

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here are step-by-step solutions that you can try to fix issues with Character AI:

Make sure that your internet connection is stable and not causing any connectivity issues that could be impacting the app’s functionality.

If the service is down or experiencing issues for other users, you may need to wait until the issue is resolved on the server’s end.

Try clearing your browser cache. This can resolve issues caused by faulty or incorrectly loaded files that may be preventing the app from functioning correctly.

Disable any browser plug-ins that could be interfering with the app’s algorithm.

Popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge all load sites differently, and using a different browser may allow you to access Character AI.

Some firewall or antivirus software may interfere with the functioning of character AI. Try temporarily disabling these software and see if it solves the issue.

Sometimes, a simple restart of your computer or device can resolve connectivity issues, and may also clear any temporary glitches that might be affecting the character AI.

If you’re using a desktop or mobile application for character AI, check for any available updates. Sometimes, an outdated app may not function correctly and require an update.

If none of the above solutions work, reach out to the customer support team for the character AI application. They may have additional troubleshooting steps or be able to identify an issue on their end that requires fixing.

If none of these solutions work, it’s possible that the issue is on Character AI’s end and you may need to wait for their team to resolve the problem.

In conclusion, Character AI is an artificial intelligence application that enables users to create and engage with AI-generated characters, but it can sometimes encounter problems that result in a negative user experience. The reasons for this can vary from technical difficulties, data quality issues, compatibility problems, insufficient resources, user error, and security issues. However, there are several troubleshooting solutions that users can try, such as checking their internet connection, clearing their browser cache, disabling browser plug-ins or firewall and antivirus software, restarting their device, and contacting customer support. It’s important to note that the conversations with these characters are purely fictional and should not be taken too seriously. Users can access the platform for free by registering for a free account and can use the app to create their own chatbots and shape their personalities while setting specific parameters to give them a unique persona.

Q: What is Character AI?

A: Character AI is an artificial intelligence application that enables users to create and engage with AI-generated characters.

Q: How does Character AI work?

A: Character AI uses neural language models to generate text responses that mimic human-like conversations. The chatbots are powered by machine learning algorithms that generate responses based on the input received from the user.

Q: What are some possible reasons why Character AI is not working?

A: Some possible reasons why Character AI is not working include technical difficulties, running slow, insufficient resources, compatibility issues, data quality issues, user error, security issues, and app restrictions in certain regions.

Q: What are some troubleshooting solutions to fix Character AI not working errors?

A: Some troubleshooting solutions to fix Character AI not working errors include checking your internet connection, clearing your browser cache, disabling browser plug-ins or firewall and antivirus software, restarting your device, and contacting customer support.

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Why Is My Ring App Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It

Ring doesn’t just manage your doorbell. The app handles so many essential functions that it can prevent you from overseeing everything from your Amazon key delivery to your lights and temperatures when it stops working.

Since it’s such an essential app for so many services, Ring has excellent uptime, and there are rarely problems with the service itself, so you should be able to fix most problems on your end. 

Here’s our compilation of the causes and the ways to fix the issue of Ring app not working.

Why Isn’t My Ring App Working?

If your Ring app isn’t working, there are a few likely culprits. Focusing on these should help you fix the problem without too much struggle. 

Your network connection is messed up, and it cannot connect to the online services.

The app itself has experienced a failure. Sometimes the Ring network goes down. This isn’t something you can fix. Instead, check periodically to see whether it’s working again. You can check Ring’s status here.

The app isn’t updated to the latest version and must be to work with the latest features.

Your phone is experiencing issues preventing the app from working.

Whatever the reason, getting the app to work is essential for networking with your connected Ring devices. If one way of tackling the issue doesn’t resolve it, simply move on to the next until you figure out exactly why it isn’t functioning correctly. 

How to Fix My Ring App Not Working

The best way to troubleshoot any problem you discover with the Ring app is to work your way from the simplest to the most complex solutions. You don’t waste a lot of effort when a bit of work would have done the trick. 

Restart Your Phone

One of the easiest ways to fix a recalcitrant app is to restart your phone. This will clear anything in the phone’s RAM and let each program start fresh. The Ring app might have experienced a problem that needs a complete reboot to fix. 

Since it only takes a few moments and doesn’t require any changes, restarting your phone is the best way to approach any problem you’re having with an app. Many times it will resolve the issue without any other work. 

Check Your Phone’s Connection

When the app appears blurry or isn’t functioning correctly, the Ring app might not load or be as functional as it is typically. Check the speed on your phone to see whether it’s adequate.

If your internet speed is too slow, you won’t be able to connect to the app properly. If restarting doesn’t improve your speed, you could try to restart your phone or switch to a wireless network. If you aren’t on a 5G network, upgrading your data plan might help. 

Sign Out of the Ring App

You can also sign out of the app and reconnect with your account. Sometimes simply signing out and then logging back in will fix any problem an app has. Make sure you know the username and password you use before doing so.

This should work for both Android and iOS devices.

Once you’re back in the app, try to do the operation you were doing again. If it isn’t working, move to the next step in the troubleshooting process. 

Clear the Ring App Cache

Your phone stores information about the apps that you use. If you’re having trouble with the Ring app, one way to clear out old data and make room for new information is to clear this storage.

On iOS

On Android

Remember that Android phone instructions will vary depending on your model and operating system. However, it should be the same for any model with perhaps a few changes.

You may not have both options available, and that’s okay. If you don’t, just select and confirm the options available. 

You will have to sign back into the app once you’ve completed these steps. Once you do, try to complete the task that wasn’t working to see whether clearing the app’s cache worked.

Remove and Reinstall the Ring App

If clearing the cache doesn’t work, remove the Ring app and reinstall it. One benefit of this is that you don’t have to update the app or check whether it needs an update. Plus, you’re assured that you have the latest version in a clean installation that shouldn’t have any issues.

On iOS

Press the Ring app and hold it until a menu appears.

Choose Remove App.

Tap Delete App.

Tap Delete.

On Android

Once you’ve removed the app, reinstall it as you did the first time. You may get fresh updates or fix any bugs preventing it from working correctly. 

Connect Devices Without Scanning

If you’re having trouble connecting a device, it might be the scanning function. Sometimes, the camera doesn’t want to translate what it’s seeing to the app directly. Instead of repeatedly trying to make them connect with scanning, go about it the long way.

If your device still doesn’t connect and encounters errors, you may need to contact the device manufacturer. Sometimes a device error will prevent it from connecting at all, and it may need to be replaced.

Check Your Router Signal Strength

You need to have a high-quality signal strength to operate the Ring devices. If you’re having trouble using one via the app, it might be because it isn’t connecting to your network. Check your signal strength and make the changes you need to improve it if it isn’t excellent. 

If the signal strength is low, you need to find a way to increase it. Often the position of your router is the issue. You can do a few things to improve the signal strength between your device and your wireless signal, which will help the app work if it appears like the device isn’t connected or useable.

Look for electronic devices between your router and the Ring device. If there are too many, the signal might degrade before reaching your device.

Thick, solid materials like brick, stucco, and metal can block the wireless signal. 

Too many corners and walls can prevent the signal from reaching your device. Consider moving the router if you’re having difficulty getting a signal and controlling the device via the Ring app.

No matter which problem plagues your Ring app, it should be relatively easy to fix. Remember, if you’re ever having difficulties you can’t solve at home, you can reach out to a Ring customer support technician to help you. 

Aio Pump Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It

An AIO pump is responsible for circulating liquid throughout the cooler and needs to run at a constant rate. If it fails to work, you’ll notice a sudden rise in the CPU temperature. To prevent further damage, the heat sensors will cut the power and the PC will eventually shut down before you even enter the login screen.

Although an AIO (All-In-One) cooler is comparatively easy to set up than custom-built liquid cooling systems, beginners may find it challenging to recognize and manage the connections. Apart from that, unconfigured BIOS settings and mounting positions could also be responsible for a problematic pump.

Before anything else, we recommend adjusting the right fan mode and setting its speed to 100%. In case the AIO pump is not showing in BIOS, you can move ahead and examine the cables, headers, and their connectivity. Without further delay, let’s look into each of these fixes in detail.

You need to connect the pump cable to its dedicated AIO_PUMP header. Since this might be absent on some motherboards, you may opt for a fan header instead. In most cases, the pump works fine, but there can be times when you’ll need to manually change the fan speed.

While high-end motherboards support 4-pin headers, some only come with three pins. This means that the latter doesn’t support PWM. Regarding the same, if you’re attaching a 3-pin connector to a 4-pin header, you should opt for the DC mode. But for a 4-pin connector attached to a 4-pin header, you can set it to the PWM mode.

Depending on the pump connector’s pin configuration, kindly set the fan mode and speed in BIOS as narrated below:

Start your computer and press the boot menu key as soon as you see the manufacturer’s logo. This should take you to the BIOS interface.

Finally, save this setting, and the AIO pump should now function.

Note: Since you’ve increased the speed, you may even start hearing bubbling or gurgling noises. If you’re not a big fan of this sound, kindly reduce the speed slightly.

If you’ve installed AIO for the first time or recently replaced the pump, we recommend flashing a new BIOS. This adds compatibility to the new component and fixes any bug that could be tinkering with the pump.

Caution: Power interruptions during an update can corrupt your BIOS and in the worst case, brick the motherboard.

Use another PC to download the latest BIOS version for your motherboard.

Now, transfer all the downloaded contents to your drive, and unplug it.

Once done, restart your target computer, and get into the BIOS using the dedicated boot key.

Once the update is complete, your computer will reboot and the AIO pump should also start running.

CHA_FAN3/W_PUMP header in ASRock X370 Taichi for AIO pump connection

Sometimes, your PC won’t recognize the pump even after a BIOS update. If that’s the case, there are probably issues with the motherboard connection.

Along with SATA, you also require plugging the tach cable (3-pin or 4-pin) into the dedicated AIO_PUMP header. The labels might be different based on your motherboard. For example, the ASRock X370 Taichi has a CHA_FAN3/W_PUMP label for your AIO pump connection. 

Since such headers may not be embedded on all motherboards, it’s best to refer to your AIO manual to know the right one. Otherwise, you can utilize any fan header (CPU_FAN, SYS_FAN, CHA_FAN, CPU_OPT, etc.,) as all of them are capable of powering your AIO pump.

In case it doesn’t work or you experience other issues, try an alternative one, which should do the trick. In general, it’s best to use the CPU_FAN header for your radiators and an optional one for the pump.

Connecting an AIO pump and radiator fan to a FAN HUB

Some even prefer connecting all the components to a FAN HUB. For example, most Corsair-based AIOs provide their users with Commander Core, where you can plug in all the pump, fans, and RGB cables. So, if it’s actually a power issue, the RGB and radiators will also stop working.

For this purpose, kindly ensure connecting the hub cables (SATA or Tach or both) to the respective motherboard headers. You may even join the power connectors like SATA or Molex directly to the PSU.

Note: Some AIO coolers also come with a Micro USB-B connector. This is responsible for controlling the RGB on the cooler. Thus, if you’re experiencing issues only with the AIO pump lights, ensure you’ve securely connected it to the dedicated USB header.

Check for damaged AIO pump cables

When ensuring proper connectivity, you may notice that the tach cable or the headers might be damaged. In that instance, your PC may not recognize the components, and the AIO pump will simply not work.

To confirm this, kindly examine each header and cable. Look for worn-out wires or bent/broken pins on your motherboard. While you’re at it, also check whether the locking mechanism in fan headers is damaged.

Air bubbles may get injected inside if you haven’t mounted the AIO pump correctly. Clearly, this is a bad sign and in the worst case can permanently damage the component. In such scenarios, you might even hear a grinding or shredding noise from the pump.

A basic solution is to lay down the PC on one side for a few minutes and sit it up again. Repeat the process several times, hoping for the air bubbles to come out of the pump and for the void to be filled with liquid.

An AIO cooling system with radiator fans vertically placed and tubing at the bottom

If the general technique doesn’t help, you’ve probably mounted the AIO inappropriately. So, we recommend reconnecting all the cables and reseating the pump. While doing so, kindly mount it conveniently such that no air bubbles get trapped inside. Also, do not forget to reapply the thermal paste when reseating the pump.

You may learn and adopt different positions for the pump, radiators, and tubings. Ensure you mount them appropriately considering the casing size. An ideal position is to place the radiators in front with the tubes down. Also, you may opt for the radiators at the top (above the pump) and tubes facing downwards.

Although there’s no rule to mounting an AIO cooling system, there are definitely a few positions you should avoid. Usually, we do not recommend placing radiators vertically or downwards with tubing at the top. Instead, you can opt for any of the mounting positions mentioned in your AIO manual for the best results.

If none of the solutions worked out, your AIO pump is probably dead due to different reasons. While it’s possible to repair the component, you may require professional skills for the same.

Also, this depends on the AIO pump’s construction. You might need to clean, reassemble, or even replace the heat plates, impeller, and other bearings. Therefore, it’s best to check the warranty and contact the hardware shop from where you got the AIO.

3 Ways To Fix Maxthon’s Adblocker When It’s Not Working




Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera One daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

Here’s what Opera One can do:

Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Brave

AI and User Friendly: New feature directly accessible from the sidebar

Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

⇒ Get Opera One

While a simple restart of the Maxthon browser could do the trick for some users, for others, this could not be the case.

This is where this guide comes into the picture. Here, we will explain to you 3 solutions that will help you fix the Maxthon browser adblocker not working issue. Let us get right into it.

Why is my Adblock not working?

There can be different reasons for software or extension to not work properly or malfunction. After some research, we found the below to be the most common causes for Maxthon browser Adblock not working issue:

The Maxthon browser isn’t up to date

Due to the presence of a corrupt cache or data

Another extension is conflicting with the adblocker

You have turned the adblocker off

The adblocker isn’t updated

Mostly, the Maxthon browser adblocker not working issue is caused by general reasons. Let us check out the 3 effective solutions that will help you resolve the problem.

What is the best adblocker for my browser?

AdBlock Plus is one of the best adblockers that is used widely across web browsers by people because of its efficient adblocking features.

You can find below several solutions that will help you use the adblocker again.

Quick Tip:

Use a browser with an integrated adblocker option. We recommend Opera because it’s light and has a very low error rate.


Improve your online experience with built adblock and other modern features!

Free Visit website

How do I fix my Adblock in Maxthon? 1. Re-install Adblocker

Often, due to problematic installation, you will come across several issues with programs installed on your browser. Reinstall it and check if it fixes the issue or not.

2. Clear cache and data

Corrupt cache and data files not only prevent the browser from smooth functioning but also conflict with the in-browser apps and impact their functionalities.

If you have not cleared the cache files or data files for quite some time in your Maxthon browser, then you should clear it and give it a breather and check if this fixes the Maxthon adblocker not working issue.

Adblockers such as AdBlock Plus let you update the filter lists with a simple tap of a button. One of the best solutions to make the blocker work back would be to simply manually update the filter list and check if this fixes the issue or not.

4. Remove other adblockers (Bonus tip)

If you have installed multiple adblockers on your browser, then there is a high chance that either of the adblockers will malfunction and not work properly.

There you have it from us in this guide. If you are still experiencing issues with Maxthon browser, then we would suggest you check out guide on the best browsers that you can install on your PC, and switch over to a new browser.

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Google Chrome Sound Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It

When you have sound issues on Chrome, it most likely means either the sound isn’t coming from a particular Chrome tab or it’s disabled all over the Chrome app.

In both cases, a misconfigured Chrome setting called “Don’t allow sites to play sound” is the major reason. So, using the correct settings should resolve the problem right away.

However, you can still face issues for other reasons, such as using an outdated Chrome application, corrupt cache, faulty extension, etc. Nevertheless, we have compiled a list of applicable solutions that can cure various kinds of sound issues on Chrome.

Before moving on to the fixes, play any audio on a different browser to check if the audio isn’t working on Chrome specifically. Also, if you use an external device like a speaker for the audio, ensure it’s working fine. 

Once you are sure, it’s not the audio hardware causing the issue, apply the following fixes until the sound issue is resolved.

In case you have enabled a setting that prevents sites from playing sound, you won’t be able to hear anything on Chrome. The specific setting can even block audio for some sites only. So to fix it, you need to configure the setting and remove all the sites from its block list.

Here’s how to do it.

Likewise, if you are facing sound issues on Chrome for some specific sites only,

On a Windows system, one can enable/disable audio from a specific app, such as Chrome, from the “volume mixer”. And, if you are receiving sound output only from the Chrome app, it’s probably disabled there.

You can re-enable Chrome volume as follows.

Despite having all the correct sound settings on Google Chrome, you might still have audio issues because of the audio device. In other words, it means you are using the wrong device for audio output. 

Generally, these issues occur when you have connected multiple audio devices, like earphones, microphones, speakers, etc., to your system. So, consider only keeping the audio device you use frequently and disconnect the others, if any. Also, turn off BlueTooth on your device, as it might be connected to another BlueTooth audio device.

Now, to set the correct device, you want to hear the audio from,

On Windows

On Mac

If you are using an older version of Chrome, an unresolved bug could stop it from playing any sound. In that case, you should update the app.

Whether a corrupt cache or a faulty Chrome extension is causing the issue, you can resolve both simultaneously by resetting your Chrome settings. And, since doing so returns the app to its initial configuration, other sound issues are also fixed during the process.

In case none of the solutions worked, you can reinstall Chrome as a final option. By doing so, the Chrome app gets a fresh start, and the unknown issues are also resolved automatically.

However, reinstalling can delete all your saved passwords, browsing history, and all your Chrome settings. But you can sync all your data on the new Chrome app once you sign in to a Google account or your Chrome profile.

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