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How To Fix The ‘Unfortunately, App Has Stopped’ Messages Why You Get Such Errors?

Clean Your RAM

The most basic step is to clean RAM to remove ‘Unfortunately, App Has Stopped’ error message on Android smartphones. Several apps running in the background eats up a lot of RAM. It may be possible that there is less RAM available to run the application due to which the app keeps stopping repeatedly and shows ‘Unfortunately, App Has Stopped’ error.

Clear Cache Memory

Cleaning the cache memory of the faulty application is also a good idea to resolve ‘Unfortunately, App Has Stopped’ error message. Cache files are one of the most common reasons to generate such kind of errors. Cleaning cache should solve most of the major issues with an application as it restarts the application with fresh files associated with it.

To clear cache files, open ‘Settings’ of your device and go to ‘Applications’ or ‘Apps’. Select ‘All’ to list all Apps and navigate to the app that is creating issues. Go to the ‘Storage’ section and then tap on ‘Clear Data’ or ‘Clear Cache’. If needed you may also ‘Force stop’ the app to give it a new start.

Smart Phone Cleaner will ensure that your App works properly and you do not encounter such error messages due to system issues.

Restart Your Device

Restarting your device is known as a soft reset that can also fix the issue as when you turn off the device, it closes all the apps and cleans the cache files and on a restart, the app will ignite with a fresh cache. This is one of the most basic troubleshooting which you should perform whenever you feel that your device is not listening to you.

Uninstall & Re-install the App

At times, data packets of newly installed Apps don’t unbox properly and hence the app keeps stopping and crashes repeatedly. It may be due to hardware or software compatibility resulting in ‘Unfortunately, App Has Stopped’ error message or any other failure. It is recommended to uninstall the App and then reinstall it back from Google Play Store and see if it still gives an error. If you still get the same error, that clearly indicates that the App is not compatible with the available software and hardware configurations of the device.

Perform a Factory Reset

Performing a factory reset should be the last step while troubleshooting issues related to the device you are using. Just one faulty app should not trigger a factory reset as if one app isn’t working, that can be the issue with the app. If multiple apps are not functioning properly, you should factory reset the settings and make them as good as new.

Before performing a Factory Reset, it is highly recommended to take proper backup of your device as Factory reset will erase all the files, folders, app updates, contacts, messages, pictures music, and everything you installed on the device. It will be as good as a new device and you will need to install everything back on the device. Go to ‘Settings’ and navigate to ‘Backup and Restore’ menu once you have taken a proper backup, you can tap on ‘Factory Reset’ to get the device back to original factory settings.

Backup Your Device with Right Backup

If you are looking for a permanent backup solution and want to ensure that all your files, folders, app updates, contacts, messages, pictures music, and everything you installed on the device remain intact with a proper backup, it is highly recommended to use ‘Right Backup Anywhere – Online Cloud Storage’ app. This is the most intelligent app to automatically take a backup of everything on your device on a realtime basis.

Using Right Backup, You can ensure that all your data is safe on the cloud storage and you can share files of any size after performing a security check. You can take a backup anytime and restore it back on your device after Factory Reset without any sort of data loss.

Summing Up

If your Google Play service keeps stopping, or you get ‘unfortunately, app has stopped’ error message while using Android Apps, the above steps can help fix these Android problems. We have reviewed various reasons why app keeps stopping and how to fix such android problems and smart ways to get rid of ‘unfortunately, app has stopped’ error message.

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The Device Has Either Stopped Responding Or Has Been Disconnected

If you are trying to transfer files from a phone to PC or vice versa and you see a message The device has either stopped responding or has been disconnected continuously, here are some troubleshooting solutions that may help you fix your problem. This error message mainly appears when a user tries to copy a lot of files together or does multiple tasks at a time with the phone or SD card or USB drive.

The device has either stopped responding or has been disconnected

If you are trying to copy or transfer files from a Moto, iPhone, OnePlus, Samsung phone to PC or vice versa & you see a message The device has either stopped responding or has been disconnected continuously, then try the following suggestions:

1] Reconnect the device

This is a basic yet working solution to this problem. If the device is busy doing something in the background and you try to copy files or do something else, your phone may get slowed down. Hence, a reconnect could fix this issue.

2] Do one task at a time

If you continuously get the same issue, you should reduce your tasks. For example, do not try to delete a file when the “transfer” window is running. Similarly, do not try to use the phone when you are copying files from one device to another.

If these two solutions have not worked for you and the problem still exists, you can try the following.

3] Verify USB cable/port

Sometimes the USB port, as well as the cable, can create problems. It would therefore be a good idea to check them on other systems before trying anything else. Plug another USB into the same port, and check if it works or not. Next, use the same USB cable to connect to another device and check whether it is working or not. If you find a problem in either case, you know that the fault lies with the cable/port.

4] Uninstall and reinstall USB controllers

You will see a popup window where you need to select the Uninstall option. Next, unplug the device, restart your computer and plug the device in. If it shows an installation prompt, follow it and install the controller again.

5] Use Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter

You may also run the USB Troubleshooter and see if that helps.

What does it mean when it says a device attached to the system is not functioning?

When you see a message saying “A device attached to the system is not functioning,” it means that the device that you have connected to your computer stopped working properly. The most common cause of such types of problems is the corrupted device driver. Open the Device Manager and see if the device driver is showing a warning message. To resolve this problem, update or reinstall your device driver.

What to do if a device is not connecting?

If a USB device is not connecting to your Windows 11/10 computer, check your USB cable. Use another USB cable (if available). It is also possible that the USB device you want to connect to the computer has malfunctioned. If your Bluetooth device is not connecting to your PC, check the status of the Bluetooth Support Service and update your Bluetooth device driver.

All the best!

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Fix: Microsoft Photos App Has Disappeared

FIX: Microsoft Photos app has disappeared




Microsoft Photos can sometimes crash and become unresponsive, and that’s when measures need to be taken.

If the M

icrosoft Photos app is missing, then, as a first step, you should run the troubleshooter. 

Another solution is to download and run an alternative photo viewer.

Continue reading this helpful guide to find out more information on how to fix this issue.

Did Microsoft Photos app disappear on your Windows 10 computer? Don’t panic, we can help you fix this problem.

The famous Windows Photos application is a multipurpose image viewer available as a built-in program on Windows 8, Windows 10, and Xbox One.

This program allows you to view, organize, and edit your videos and images.

However, some Windows users reported that things go unusual and Microsoft Photos app disappeared on their PC.

Also, they get the error message Element not found whenever they try to open images on their PC.

What should I do if Microsoft Photos app has disappeared?

First off, try running the Windows Store Apps troubleshooter. Photos app is a Windows Store app and running the troubleshooter might help.

Alternatively, you can try downloading the Photos app by using PowerShell and Windows Store.

What can I do if the Windows 10 Photos app is missing? 1. Run the app troubleshooter

If Microsoft Photos app has disappeared, you can fix the problem by using the application troubleshooter.

With the app troubleshooter, you can check for errors related to Microsoft Photos and then resolve them automatically.

Check to see if Microsoft Photos appears on your Windows PC after the restart. If not, you may proceed to the next step.

2. Download an alternative photo viewer

Download Lightroom free.

Make sure you register for a free 7-day trial.

Install Adobe Lightroom on your PC.

Press Start.

Go to Settings.

Choose Apps.

Go to Default Apps.

In the Photo viewer section choose Adobe Lightroom.

If Photo Viewer doesn’t work, then maybe it’s time you try out an alternative photo viewing tool, one good example being Adobe Lightroom.

Not only is this Adobe product an excellent photo viewer, but it comes with all the editing tools you will ever need to enhance and doctor photos.

In fact, this program can be considered a lightweight version of Adobe Photoshop, but without the complicated UI.

3. Clear the Windows Store cache

Press the Windows + R keys to launch the Run program.

In the Run dialog box, type chúng tôi and hit the Enter key.

Restart your PC.

Clearing the Windows Store can effectively resolve the missing Microsoft Photos problem.

Check to see if the issue is resolved after restarting your computer. If not, you should try the next solution.

4. Download and Install Microsoft Photos

Microsoft Photos may have been accidentally or manually uninstalled on your Windows PC.

However, you can manually install Microsoft Photos on your Windows PC from the official Microsoft Photos website or from the Microsoft Store.

5. Use PowerShell

PowerShell –ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted $manifest = (Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.WindowsStore).InstallLocation + ‘AppxManifest.xml’ Add-AppxPackage –DisableDevelopmentMode –Register $manifest

Restart your PC, and launch the Microsoft Store.

Search for Microsoft Photos to download and install it on your system.

PowerShell can also help if Microsoft Photos app has disappeared. 

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How To Unhide Messages On Messenger App And Website (And Facebook)

Facebook Messenger, as we all know, is Facebook’s standalone messaging service, which has created its own identity over the last few years. However, its newfound identity has also created confusion in some key areas, and today, we’re going to tackle one such issue — the act of unhiding a message on Messenger.

So, if you are dying to read the messages you had hidden, archived, or ignored, be sure to follow the guide below. You will need to unhide the chat that you hid earlier, or unhide the ignored/archived chats, or unhide ignored message requests, as relevant to your case.

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How to unhide messages on Messenger?

As mentioned, Facebook has allowed Messenger to have its own identity, which has led to the inception of its very own website, chúng tôi This is the perfect place to chat and video call, devoid of the distractions of Facebook’s decorated news feed.

If you’ve hidden someone on Messenger Web, and want to see them back on your regular chat list, the solution is rather simple, as given below. However, you can’t unhide someone on the Messenger app — you will have to use the Messenger website to unhide any chats you hid earlier.

First, visit chúng tôi and then log in to your Messenger account. Now, tap on the gear (Settings) icon at the top of the page and go to ‘Hidden chats.’

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“Hiding” works differently on the Messenger app and Facebook Web. Neither Facebook Web nor the Messenger app gives you the option of “hiding” a chat like chúng tôi Here, the desired results are attained through one of the two methods: Archive, and Ignore.

Can’t find the chat in the “Hidden Chats” list, look below for the fix.

How to unhide messages from Archived Chats by searching for it

If you “ignored” or archived someone’s chat, then it won’t show in the “Hidden Chats” option we covered above.  But getting them back is easy. To unarchive a chat, all you have to do is search for the name of the person and send them any message on the chat to unhide it. You can do this on Facebook’s website and app, as well as Messenger website and app.

In the guide below, we are using the Messenger website. Go to chúng tôi Then in the “Search Messenger” field, type the name of the person you wish to bring back the ignored chat of.

But if you want to bring back the chat permanently in your Chat List, then you can send them any message on this chat.

How to Unhide Message Requests on chúng tôi on PC

Finally, locate the chat you want to restore and send a reply. A simple reply would move the conversation back to the regular ‘Chats’ folder.

How to Unhide Message Requests on chúng tôi on PC

Here, you’ll see the conversations you’re currently ignoring. Simply open a chat and send a message to restore it to the regular chats folder.

How to Unhide Message Requests on the Messenger app on iPhone and Android

On Android, your ignored messages are sent straight to the ‘Spam’ folder. To restore, first, fire up Messenger, tap on your profile picture at the top-left corner of the app, and go to ‘Message requests.’

Now, head over to the ‘Spam’ tab and tap on the conversation you want to restore.

Then, simply reply to their text and the message would be moved out of the ‘Spam’ folder.

What is the difference between archiving and ignoring?

Before you start archiving or ignoring conversations, we believe it’s important to know the distinction.

The former — archiving — is a much lighter process and doesn’t necessarily protect you from spammers or irrelevant conversations. Even if you archive a message, you would still be notified when a new message pushes through. So, it’s only useful if you don’t want to see a conversation on your Messenger dashboard. For all other purposes, it’s hardly useful.

Ignoring, on the other hand, takes care of serial texters a lot more effectively. By moving the chat to the Spam (Filtered Requests) folder, it makes sure you’re not notified of any new messages. You can, however, safely go back to an ignored conversation to read messages without letting the sender know.

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What does muting do and how to unmute someone?

Muting doesn’t make a conversation disappear, per se, but it still is an effective tool against annoying texters. If you mute a user, you will not be notified of every text they send. They will still pop up on your Messenger dashboard, but it’ll definitely become easier to ignore them.

Muted a conversation by mistake or want to hear from them again? Follow these steps to unmute a conversation.

On the Messenger app

Fire up the Messenger app and press and hold the conversation you want to unmute. When the menu pops up, tap on ‘Unmute notifications.’

That’s it.


The Connection Has Timed Out: How To Fix It On All Browsers

The Connection Has Timed Out: How to Fix it on All Browsers Changing the system’s internet default time out is a quick solution




Connection time-outs usually make you unable to connect to a particular website.

Today we are looking at why this happens and solutions to fix them.

You may try to adjust LAN settings, test your browser, and troubleshoot your router.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

One of the most annoying things when trying to access your favorite website is a connection timed-out error, which can happen on all browsers.

It’s usually not your fault because the server of the site you want to access is probably not available at the moment, so sometimes, all you can do is wait.

But, sometimes, users cause connection timed-out errors by consciously or unconsciously changing Windows settings.

So, follow the instructions from this article to ensure you didn’t cause this error and find out how to solve the problem.

What does it mean when it says the connection has timed out?

When a connection timeout occurs on the client’s end, it often means that the client has lost contact with the server or is unable to connect to it for some other reason, such as a distant firewall blocking traffic or the web server going down.

What can cause a connection timeout?

Most web browsers seem to feature a few-minute timeout or keep-alive setting. This implies that the browser will immediately sever the connection if there is no network activity between it and the server hosting the web page.

Connection timed out can be a problematic error, but users reported the following errors as well:

Connection timed out WiFi – This error message can appear on any PC, but according to users, it’s most common while using a WiFi connection.

Your connection either timed out or was lost – This is a standard variation of this message, and it appears mostly if your Internet connection is unresponsive.

Connection timeout TCP – In some rare cases, this error can be caused by your TCP configuration. To fix this problem, you need to edit your TCP configuration manually.

Connection error timed out – This is another variation of this error, and you can fix it simply by using one of the solutions from this article.

The connection request timed out – This error message can sometimes appear, and your network configuration usually causes it. To fix it, you’ll need to adjust your network settings.

Connection attempt timed out – Sometimes, your connection can get timed out due to network issues. After diagnosing and fixing the issue, the problem should be resolved.

Connection server timed out – This problem usually appears if the server doesn’t respond in time, and according to users, the issue is generally caused by a network problem.

The connection has been reset, closed by the server – Sometimes, this error can occur simply because your connection was closed by the server. If your configuration isn’t correct, the server might reject your connection.

Connection timed out Firefox, Chrome – Users reported this problem on all major browsers – According to them, this issue appears mostly on Firefox and Chrome.

Is your current browser using too many PC resources? It’s time for an upgrade

Opera GX is the first gaming browser that allows custom control over resources. It lets you set a custom limit for how much RAM and CPU each tab can use.

You can also limit bandwidth usage and benefit from online privacy with a free, unlimited VPN. Enabling battery mode, dark mode and the adblocker can also help load pages faster.

Opera GX

Surf the web error-free with this lightweight browser with customizable performance features!

Free Get Opera GX

How do I fix the connection has timed out error? 1. Change the default timeout setting

Browsers usually have a timeout limit for the site’s server to respond, and they automatically show a connection timed-out warning if the server doesn’t respond.

So, if you think your favorite site’s server will respond in, let’s say, 20 minutes, and the timeout limit is set to 10, you’ll get the error.

There’s a way to change the default timeout limit in Windows, and it’s not that complicated. So all you have to do is to perform one Registry fix.

But since sites usually don’t take 20 minutes to load, this probably won’t solve the problem (at least you learned how to change your timeout limit, in case you need it). So, check out some of the following solutions.

2. Adjust LAN Settings

Try to reaccess your favorite site after changing LAN Settings, and if the error shows again, try the next solution.

3. Edit Windows Hosts File

There’s a chance you’ve blocked a specific website in your Host’s file, so logically, you cannot access it now.

4. Renew DNS and IP

DNS cache could also cause a connection timed-out error, so we’ll clear the cache, just in case.

5. Disable problematic extensions

Many users use various extensions, but sometimes your extensions can interfere with your browser and cause Connection timed out a message to appear.

To fix the problem, you need to find and disable the problematic extension.

Users reported that the HTTPS Everywhere extension was the cause of this problem, so if you use it, be sure to disable it and check if that solves the problem.

If you use the problematic extension frequently, update it to the latest version and check if that solves the problem.

6. Reset your browser to default

After that, your browser will be reset, and all your cookies, history, and extensions will be removed.

If you’re getting the Connection has timed out message, you might want to try resetting your browser settings to default, and this can be done in all browsers.

7. Run your browser in Compatibility mode

Sometimes you can fix Connection timed out message simply by running your browser in Compatibility mode.

After setting the compatibility mode, the problem should be resolved. However, remember that you might have to experience different settings to find the location that works for you.

8. Remove Trusteer Rapport

Expert tip:

This software offers an extra layer of security, but many users reported that it usually interferes with your browser, causing this error to appear.

To fix the issue, users are recommending thoroughly uninstalling Trusteer Rapport. After removing the application, the problem should be resolved entirely.

9. Make sure that you’re using the 64-bit version of your browser

Most PCs today support 64-bit architecture, and to achieve maximum performance, it’s recommended to use 64-bit applications on your PC.

Users reported the Connection timed out message while using a 32-bit version of Chrome on a 64-bit Windows.

We recommend removing your browser and installing the 64-bit version to fix the issue. After doing that, the problem should be resolved entirely.

10. Restart your router

According to users, you might be able to fix the problem simply by restarting your router.

To do that, press the power button on your router to turn it off. Then, you can disconnect all the cables from your router and leave it for a minute.

Now reconnect and press the power button to turn your router on again. After that, wait while your router starts and check if the problem is resolved.

This is a simple solution, and several users reported that it works, so feel free to try it out. However, in some cases, users found that the router was the issue, so you might consider getting a new one.

11. Make sure that your browser is up to date

Sometimes the Connection timed out message can appear if your browser is out of date. This is because outdated software can have compatibility issues and bugs that can cause this and other errors.

To fix the problem, ensure your browser is up to date.

After you update the browser, check if the issue persists. If the problem still appears, you might want to download and install a beta version of your browser.

Several users reported that installing Google Canary fixed the problem, so be sure to try that.

Alternatively, you can try a browser we can’t recommend enough, making all the Chrome-induced aches a thing of the past.

Opera is a great alternative solution that offers smooth browsing and safety online.

⇒ Get Opera

12. Clear your browsing data

After clearing your cache, restart your browser and check again. Sometimes, the Connection has timed-out message can appear due to an old cache, and removing the cache may fix it on all browsers.

13. Use Google’s DNS

After doing that, check if the error message still appears.

14. Disable IPv6

Once your PC restarts, check if the problem still appears. If any new issues appear after disabling IPv6, be sure to enable it back again.

How do I fix the connection has timed out on Windows 11?

Fixing the connection has timed out error on Windows 11 is pretty straightforward. The causes are similar to Windows 10, and the solutions are basically the same.

Hence, go through the list of fixes in this guide and apply them accordingly on Windows 11.

Why am I getting the connection has timed out on all browsers?

If you are getting the connection timed out error on all browsers, it is likely due to problems with the server of the site you are trying to visit.

This is because browsers have a limited time for a website’s server to respond. So if the server does not answer, you will get the connection timed out error.

Also, it might be down to issues with your network. So, you need to make sure it is solid and active.

That’s about it; once again, performing all these solutions doesn’t mean you’ll be able to access the site because it’s often their error.

Note that you will be able to apply these solutions also if the network connection has timed out on AnyDesk, or if you get the error message connection timed out: no further information.

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How To Fix The Xbox Youtube App If It’s Not Working

How to Fix the Xbox YouTube App if it’s Not Working [Guide] Solve the issue and watch YouTube on Xbox freely






Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

If the YouTube app is not working on your Xbox One, check out this article for a working solution. This issue may manifest in different ways: YouTube won’t launch, the video won’t play when you resume it, an error code may also appear on the screen, and more.

Here’s how one user describes these annoying YouTube app launch issues on the Xbox One:

I use the Xbox One YouTube app daily. About a month ago while I was watching a video, my power went out. When it came back on, I went to resume my video and it wouldn’t play. I closed the app and went to my history to replay it but it won’t start. Not from the beginning or from where I left off. […]

Nothing will play and it is just a black screen with the play time at 0:00 no matter how long the video it is. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

How do I fix my Xbox One’s YouTube app?

The quickest way to solve the issue is by restarting your console. In most cases, this is just a temporary bug. If that doesn’t work, check your Xbox Live account and then uninstall and reinstall the YouTube app.

If you want to know how to do that, check the steps below.

What to do if YouTube won’t work on Xbox One: Solution 1 – Launch the YouTube app again

If the app is available on the Home screen, highlight that tile with your controller but don’t select it.

Press the Menu button  on the controller.

If the option to Quit is present, select it. If there is no Quit option, this means that the app is not currently running.

Launch YouTube again by selecting it from the recently used tiles or from My games & apps.

Solution 2 – Check your Xbox Live account

Make sure that you are the only one signed into Xbox Live. Sign out any other guest accounts and profiles because there could be some interfering settings.

Also, there could be some user conflicts that affect how apps work. The best solution is to keep only your account connected.

Solution 3 – Restart your Xbox One console

To turn off you console, you can also press and hold the Xbox button for 10 seconds.

Solution 4 – Uninstall and reinstall the YouTube app

If the issue still persists, try uninstalling the YouTube app and then reinstalling it.

Update: Microsoft is aware of the issue and rolled out some updates that entirely solved the problem. It seems that for now, there are no more reported issues with the YouTube app on Xbox.

From now on, if you bump into this problem again, be sure to try the solutions above as they will most certainly help you resolve it.


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