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When your streaming session is in progress, you may stumble upon Twitch Network error 2000. It may interfere with your video game live streaming or stop it altogether. If you don’t want your experience to be ruined by this message, fix it by following the instructions given in the post.

Why does Twitch keep giving me 2000 error?

When Twitch servers are unable to securely establish a connection with your computer it stops live streaming of videos, resulting in the error message. This can occur due to multiple reasons like a poor Internet connection or interference in the network connection by Antivirus apps and Ad Blockers.

How do I fix error 2000 on Twitch?

Twitch is a popular online service for watching and streaming digital video shows. You can stream via multiple browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, etc. But, when the Twitch 2000 Network Error occurs, your streaming session is abruptly ended and the screen goes blank. Here are the ways to fix it:

Refresh the stream.

Clear browser cache.

Check your network connection.

Check If the Twitch server is down.

Disable ad-blocking or other conflicting plugins.

Run the browser in Incognito Mode.

Disable VPN.

Use another browser.

Use the Twitch Desktop App.

Now let us see these suggestions in detail.

1] Refresh the Stream

Before proceeding with any of the solutions outlined above, the very first thing you must try is to simply refresh the Twitch stream you were watching. It works most of the time. When it fails, try these solutions.

2] Clear browser cache

Sometimes, uncleared cache and cookies may result in showing this error. This can be fixed easily by removing them all. Note – You must select All Time from the Time Range drop-down menu and check all the empty boxes (including Cookies and other site data). Here’s how to clear the cache in Chrome and Firefox browsers. Refer to this post to delete Cookies, Data, and Cache in the Edge browser.

3] Check your Network connection 4] Check if Twitch Server is down

Twitch is live and running most of the time —except for when it’s not. So, if it’s having a bit of a rough day, you can’t do much about it. Just wait until the service is up and running again. You can visit the Twitch Help portal and check for ‘Systems‘ entries.  If you see All Systems Operational notification, it means the problem lies elsewhere. Then, skip to other solutions.

5] Disable ad-blocking or other conflicting plugins

Then, find and remove the extension.

6] Run the browser in Incognito Mode

When the video fails to load despite clearing cache and disabling extensions and all you see is a black screen, try running the browser in Incognito Mode.

7] Use or disable VPN

If you are using any VPN services, you can try disabling them. VPNs are known to block high-traffic content like video streaming. As such, it can lead to the Twitch Error.

8] Use another browser

Sometimes, merely switching to a different browser can resolve the issue. So, if you have any other browser (apart from the one causing the issue) installed on your system, launch it and try connecting to the service again.

9] Use the Twitch Desktop App

If you find the web version of Twitch is prone to occasional glitches and performance issues, try using the Twitch Desktop app for Windows. It is known to offer better performance.

Hope it helps!

How do I fix my Twitch error?

If you face Twitch error 1000 when playing a video, then you should reset your router, hard refresh the webpage using Ctrl+F5 hotkey, clear the browser cache, etc. On the other hand, if you face Twitch error 6000 because of an unsupported browser, then use a compatible browser, check the server status, use Twitch in private or incognito mode, or check your internet speed.

How do I fix error 2000 Twitch on Firefox?

Whether you face Twitch error 2000 on Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or another browser, there are some handy options to fix this error. You can use solutions like refreshing the Twitch stream, disabling content-blocking or ad-blocking extensions, using or disabling VPN, clearing browser cache, and more. All these solutions are added in this post above. Check them out.

What is a 2000 error?

Error 2000 in Twitch is a network error. You may face this issue if the internet connection is unstable or the connection is not secured or there could be some other possible reason. Thankfully, there are fixes to get rid of such an error. We have covered all those helpful fixes in this article with the necessary instructions for each individual fix separately.

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How To Fix Minecraft Error 503?

A recent error on the hugely popular sandbox game ‘Minecraft’ has left players annoyed as they cannot access their realms to play online. Realms are personal servers created by Minecraft that allow you to decide who you would like to play with.

If you are affected by the Error 503 on Minecraft, here are some ways you can fix it.

What is Error 503 on Minecraft?

Error 503 seems to have recently popped up for a number of players. The error seems to be in relation to connectivity. The realms function of Minecraft is mainly affected by this error, with players not being able to access their realms. However, not all players seem to be affected. Some players have brought to light the fact that their friends can access their realms but they themselves cannot.

Error 503 prevents players from accessing their realms menu altogether. It brings up a black screen with the following line: ‘An error occurred (503): Retry Operation‘. However, no matter how many times you retry, the error persists.

The error does not prevent players from accessing single-player mode or even joining servers. It seems to only prevent players from accessing their realms menu.

Possible fixes for Error 503

Before we talk about the fixes, let’s talk about where the problem could lie first.

Glitch at Minecraft?

Error 503 is usually linked to the Minecraft server being down, and thus, it is not able to authenticate your account. It’s easily possible that a glitch at Minecraft’s end is causing the issue and there is nothing you can do on that end to overcome the issue.

However, if the problem persists, here are some possible fixes.  If one doesn’t work, do try the others. Hopefully one of them does the trick!

Check your VPN

VPNs are known to cause connection issues with Minecraft servers. If you are currently using a VPN, try temporarily disabling it, and signing into the game. If this works, you might have to create an exception for your VPN to allow the game through.

Check your internet

Since Error 503 seems to be related to a connectivity problem, it’s a good idea to check your internet connection. If you are experiencing the problem while connected to a wireless network, try using an ethernet cable instead. This should ensure that your connection is stable.

Make sure there are no running apps that are utilizing your bandwidth.

Check your antivirus

You should also check to make sure that your antivirus program is up-to-date. If your antivirus is quarantining a file from Minecraft, it could lead to a connection error spelled out in Error 503.

Simply launch your antivirus program and check for updates. While you’re at it, run a full scan to make sure none of your Minecraft files are infected.

Revert back from Beta

If you are currently on the Beta version of Minecraft, try reverting back to the stable version and signing in. The Beta version currently does not support realms.

Restart the game

Yes, this is a no-brainer. But it should be mentioned, that each time you try a solution, remember to restart the game. This makes sure that any changes that you made reflect in the game.

Restart your device

As simple as the solution sounds, it often just works! So, do give it a try.

Minecraft should automatically update itself on all consoles. However, if you notice that your version of the game is outdated, you should make sure that the game has access to the internet.

If on a PC, launch the Microsoft Store, locate the game, and update it. Microsoft Store apps are known to fall short when it comes to auto-updating.

Uninstall conflicting programs

The error could be caused by another program conflicting with Minecraft. If you noticed the error appear after updating or installing a new program, try uninstalling that program and logging in again.

Also, make sure that there are no programs running when you launch Minecraft, as they could also conflict the game.

How To Fix Configuring Roblox Loop Error

ROBLOX users may find that their screen is stuck on Configuring ROBLOX or that it goes in a loop. If you see this error, then this post will be able to help you fix the problem.

Roblox is a popular platform that lets the users create and play games. It has gained popularity among gamers for this unique reason. They can create the game they want to play and build on their instincts and creativity easily with Roblox. There are some users who are reporting that they are seeing Roblox configuring loop error while trying to configure the app on their PC. A bad internet connection, the over-protective antivirus, geo-blocks, etc might be the cause of this loop error on Roblox. In this guide, we have a few solutions that can help you fix the error.

What does it mean when Roblox is configuring?

During the installation of Roblox on your PC, it shows configuring on screen. Roblox is actually settings itself up to your PC and the configuration for a better experience. It copies the necessary files and components onto your PC for the Roblox to run smoothly.

How to fix Configuring ROBLOX Loop Error

Roblox stuck in Configuring ROBLOX screen can be fixed in the following ways:

Turn off antivirus

Check your internet connection

Use a VPN

Clear the Roblox cache

Reinstall Roblox application

Let’s get into the details of each method and fix the loop error on Roblox.

1] Turn off antivirus

Roblox configuring loop error might have been caused by the antivirus you have installed on your PC. It might be acting against Roblox program and blocking its configuration. Turn off antivirus for the time being and try configuring it again.

2] Check your internet connection

A bad internet connection can play its part in creating issues on Roblox. Roblox is a platform that relies on data transfers between your PC and its servers. You need to have a good internet connection with good speeds. Also, check if your internet connection is working fine without any trouble.

3] Use a VPN

Roblox’s configuration loop error might have occurred due to geo-blocks that are in-place in your region. Use a VPN and try configuring Roblox. Even if your nearest server is down, using a VPN can help you connect to another server of the location you choose on the VPN.

4] Clear the Roblox cache

To clear the Roblox cache, press Win + R and type %Temp%Roblox and hit Enter. Now press Ctrl + A and delete everything in the folder.

5] Reinstall Roblox application

Uninstall Roblox application from your PC and clear its cache and data. After that, reinstall Roblox and try configuring Roblox again. Remember, you must clear the cache and data before installing it again on your PC.

This is how you can fix Roblox stuck in configuring (loop error).

How do you fix a stuck Roblox update?

If the Roblox update is stuck, try installing the update by downloading it from the official site, clear app cache, check your internet connection, turn off antivirus until the update is installed completely.

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How To Fix Windows Mail App Error 0X8007139F.

If you have recently updated from Windows 10 version 1709 to 1803 (April Update) and are trying to set up a new email account but are receiving error 0x8007139f, this guide will show you how to fix the issue and get the mail app working normally again.

How to Filter and Hide Unwanted Content on Facebook.

The Windows 10 Mail app is probably the most useful of the preinstalled default apps on the operating system. It allows you to quickly and easily setup a variety of different email accounts and manage them all from a safe user-friendly location. Although the Mail app usually escapes update bugs, this time around it wasn’t so lucky, with error 0x8007139f making a Mail app appearance.

Anyone familiar with Windows knows Microsoft has a terrible track record when it comes to Windows 10 updates. No major update or even minor update so far has been without some kind of issue, the Windows 10 April update holds strong to this tradition. Although most update issues and errors can be fixed easily there is one major problem identified in the April update that everyone should be aware of and is linked to a previous Windows 10 automatic update error, which caused Error 0x80070002.

When manually updating to Windows 10 version 1803 from an older version stuck with cumulative update error 0x80070002, Windows becomes corrupted beyond repair and requires a fresh install. Although this is in no way related to the mail app issue, it is something I think everyone should be aware of, especially since most people have more than one Windows 10 device in their household. So if you have a computer that has this error message, make sure you make a backup of your system before installing the April Update.

Note: There are many “possible” fixes for cumulative update error 0x80070002, however, none of them are guaranteed to work. The magic fix was thought to be manually updating to 1803 using the official Microsoft Manual Update Tools.

Getting back on topic, the issue with the Windows Mail app isn’t a serious error and can be fixed by simply toggling a few newly added/rearranged settings in the Privacy menu. For anyone accustomed to using Windows 10 and its fondness for tracking, there is a good chance you have accidentally disabled a setting the mail app needs to function.

How to Fix Windows 10 Mail App Error 0x8007139f.

To begin open the Settings menu go to Privacy, then select Email from the list of options in the left-hand pane. Next, enable Allow Apps to Access Your Email and make sure the Mail and Calendar option below is also enabled. If these options are already enabled when you enter the menu, disable them, Restart your computer, then re-enable them. After your computer restarts, the Windows Mail app will allow you to use the app without error 0x8007139f.

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How to Disable Notification From the Windows 10 Mail App.

How to Backup Emails in the Windows 10 Mail App.

How To Fix Rtc Connecting On Discord Error?

When you are in the mood to chat with your friends but you find that you are being stuck on RTC connecting error then it is indeed annoying.

At times, while making a voice call, you may encounter RTC Connection Discord. Discord No Route error is another one which prevents the users from joining voice channels.

But if you are ready to make a few changes to your network configuration then you can easily fix the RTC Connection Discord issue.

Go through the write-up in detail and solve this issue by troubleshooting.

Keep reading!

In short, it means Discord is experiencing issues while you are trying to connect to a remote server.

This error message gets displayed in different ways:

ICE Checking


RTC Connecting

No Route Error

These are the potential causes of RTC Connecting errors:

DNS Problem

Incorrect Server Region

The Discord App Is Outdated

Admin Disabled Discord

Outdated Network Driver

Unstable Internet Connection

Dynamic IP

VPN Without UDP

Discord Quarantined By Your Antivirus

Server Problems

In this article, I will share different fixes for troubleshooting the no-route Discord errors.

There are quite a few things that you can do can guarantee your connection.

You need to simply try the fixes for resolving your issue.

Let’s get started!

Make sure you have a stable internet connection if you want Discord to function properly.

You can check the internet speed from

If required, contact the ISP for resolving the connectivity-related issues.

You can also restart your pc and router to resolve connectivity issues. A simple restart can often fix minor bugs and errors that can be responsible to trigger RTC connecting on Discord error.

Unplug the power cords on the back of the router and modem.

After waiting for a few minutes, turn back the device and then again plug the cords and check for the signals on the indicator.

Don’t forget to unplug the computer from the power source and wait for a few minutes before you restart the device.

Once your PC restarts, open Discord and check if this could fix the problem. If not, then run the internet troubleshooter.

The RTC Connecting error is a network-related error and can be easily fixed by running the Internet troubleshooter.

To run the internet troubleshooter follow the steps given below:

Then, navigate to “Troubleshoot” on the left sidebar and then select “Other troubleshooters”.

Wait till the process finishes. Now open Discord and check if the issue is fixed. If you get the same error on Discord, check if the date & time on your device is set correctly.

Setting up the correct date and time is essential on your computer because the wrong date and time can likely cause these kinds of issues.

This is how you can change the date and time:

Then, select the “Set Time Automatically” toggle to turn it Off.

Select the Change Date and Time manually option.

Set the date and time and then select Change to confirm. Now check if this could fix the issue. If not, enable or disable your VPN.

VPN configuration can also be responsible to improve the overall internet connection.

So, if you are using a VPN service disable it for the time being. Open Discord and check if this could fix the issue.

If you are not using a VPN, you can try using one and see if this could help fix the error.

The “RTC Connecting” error indicates that there are chances of something wrong with the browser.

This generally happens when the user has installed some conflicted plugins or if the cache is preventing the site from working properly.

Using modern browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Opera can help in fixing the issue.

If the problem persists on other browsers, then flush the DNS cache.

When you flush the DNS cache then all the previously stored IP addresses get cleared.

Fresh fetching can help in establishing a more stable connection with the servers and this is how it can be done:

Open the elevated command prompt by typing cmd on the search button.

Now, type “ipconfig/flushdns” in the elevated Command Prompt window and hit Enter.

Finally, restart your PC and check if the problem is resolved.

If it doesn’t fix the problem, then consider changing the DNS servers.

Discord RTC connecting issues can be fixed by changing the DNS servers.

Here is how you can change it:

How Do I Fix Stuck On RTC Connecting?

If you are stuck on an RTC Connecting error then try to restart Discord on your PC first.

This restart will help in recovering from connection problems, app freezing, or any other issues.

What To Do When It Says RTC Connecting?

In this case, you need to end Discord in Task Manager and then Restart Discord.

What Happens When The RTC Battery Dies?

If the RTC battery dies then the computer will give an incorrect date and time.

BIOS passwords will be reset and the computer is known to throw a boot error.

How To Fix Xbox One Error Code 0X97E107Df

Often users report different types of Xbox error codes appearing on their computer screen. One such error code that is quite common in recent days is 0x97e107df. This error code basically occurs when users attempt to start a game on Xbox One gaming consoles. It might occur due to having some temporary glitch with licensing validation. The error message that appears on your computer screen bears a small description –

Something went wrong, Give it another try. If this happens again, visit chúng tôi and enter the following code: 0x97e107df

If you’ve also come across this problem and are now searching for a resolution, read this post. In this guide, we have included all the possible ways to help you fix this error code. So let’s find out.

Xbox One Error Code 0x97e107df

To fix Xbox One Error 0x97e107df, follow the below suggestions one by one. Also, note down the method that helps you resolve this problem so that you could apply it directly if you face it the next time.

Check the Xbox Live Services

Test your Network Connection

Log out and log in again

Perform a Hard Restart On Xbox One

Run Online Xbox Troubleshooter.

Make sure to check on Internet Connection Status and any hardware wired connection network before going ahead. Let us see them in detail:

1] Check the Xbox Live Status

Xbox Services Status sometimes goes down, which might be one of the major causes appear this problem. It will help you to fix this error if you wait till the live status gets normal.

So, to get the Xbox Live Status, launch your default browser and open the official Xbox Live Status webpage.

Once you open the corresponding page, you will get complete explanations about Xbox Live Status or related service status.

Check if any of the services are down. If all services are looking good, it means the problem is fixed now.

2] Signing out then back in again

If the live status is good, but you’re still getting the error code, try to sign out of your Xbox account and then sign in again. The process renews the license validation of your account. To do so, follow the below suggestion:

Press the Xbox button on the controller to turn on the console.

From the left sidebar, select the Settings (gear) icon.

Now restart your console using the Xbox button and then sign in again.

Once you follow the procedure, check if it fixes the error issue.

3] Test your Network Connection

If you’re still persisting in this problem, then reset your network settings and see if it resolves the problem. However, make sure that you don’t have any loose wired connection issues. It is one of the common errors or mistakes that is overlooked.

To do so, you first need to press the Xbox One button on your controller.

Now you need to reset the MAC address.

So, open the guide menu again using the Xbox button.

Then you to apply the changes, you will have to restart the console. This will reset all wireless connections, and when you are back, it should work.

So, press and hold the Xbox Guide button or and then select the Restart console button. You can also long-press the console power button to achieve the same.

4] Perform a Hard Restart On Xbox One

If none of the above methods fix this issue, you will have to restart your Xbox One hard. This will clear out all cached data thoroughly that might be the reason to cause this problem. Here is a quick guide to do:

Press and hold the power button for up to 10 seconds.

This will take a while (approximately 1 min) to turn off the console, so wait for it.

Thereafter again, power on the console, and at this time, you’ll see a green start-up screen.

Once it starts up, check if this method helps you to resolves the problem.

5] Run Online Xbox Troubleshooter

Run the Online Xbox Troubleshooter and see if it helps you. This online troubleshooter could help you all error codes including 0x803f9007, 0x80bd0009, 0x87e00005, 0x91d7000a and more!

I hope this guide helps you fix this Xbox error code.

What Does Corrupt Mean on Xbox One?

It is related to game saves. If you see a message when opening a saved game that points out corruption, it means that the game was not saved properly or is a bad save. There is no solution to this, but you need to restart the game from the last restore point.

Why Is My Ethernet Not Working on Xbox?

The first step to resolve this is to check the wired ethernet connection between the router and the Xbox. You can unplug and plug it back to be certain. Next, you can try a different wire to ensure there is no problem with it. Finally, check if the wireless connection is working. If yes, then you need to take the Xbox to a service center to get it checked.

How Can I Factory Reset My Xbox One?

To reset Xbox to factory default, follow the steps as below:

Press the Xbox Guide button on the controller.

Wait for the process to complete, and set up the Xbox One again.

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