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Normally, the laptop’s battery lives the shortest when compared with other components. Its lifespan decreases even more when we keep its charge to 100% most of the time.

Batteries work by the movement of ions (charged particles) that are generated due to the chemical reaction inside them. At full charge, the ions pack tightly and exert more pressure inside the battery. This causes the discharge rate to increase and reduce the life over time. So, the Lithium-ion battery of a laptop works best if you keep it charged between 30 to 80 %.

You can limit the battery charge by enabling the battery optimization features in your laptop. In this guide, we have provided the method to set the charging threshold for different laptops.

The method to limit battery charge varies with laptop brands. Some provide the option to tweak the feature in the BIOS page, while others have their desktop application manage this function. Please not that few laptops do not even have this feature.

So, let’s look at different laptop brands and the way to limit battery charge on them.

MSI provides the feature to limit charging in the MSI Dragon Center or Creator Center application. Let’s see how to use it.

Your battery charging will halt at 80 % and starts again when it goes below 70% in Balanced mode, while the threshold is 60% and 50% in Best for Battery mode.

You can keep the battery charging process within the limit for your Acer laptop by assigning the threshold value in the Acer Care Center application.

Let’s see how you can do it.

Your laptop will automatically stop charging after it reaches 80 % battery level.

You will have to install the Dell Power Manager app on your Dell laptop to configure the charging threshold settings.

Please follow the instructions given below to do this.

The battery charging limit will be activated on your laptop.

HP laptops have the feature on their BIOS page. You can follow the steps given below to achieve the battery charge limit.

You should find your HP laptop stop charging after 80 percent.

Lenovo provides an app called Lenovo Vantage app that has the feature of setting a charging threshold. You can keep the limit to start the charging and the value for stopping the charging process.

Let’s see how you can do it on your Lenovo laptop.

Your Lenovo laptop will now charge only to the mentioned limit and start charging after the battery percentage drops below the mentioned value.

ASUS has the MyASUS app to modify the battery charging configuration. However, you can only do this if your system supports the functionality. Let’s see how you can use this app to limit charging on your Asus laptop.

Your battery health will now be optimized by preventing it from charging to a high level.                                                                 

You will have to boot into the UEFI page on Microsoft Surface devices. Here is the way to limit the charging of Surface devices.

Different models of Macbooks may have varying ways to open the Battery settings. However, the option is similar in each of them. So, we have provided the general steps for Mac devices to set the charging limit here.

Let’s go through the steps in enabling the battery care function to limit the charge using Vaio Control Center in Sony laptops.

Your system’s battery will now stop charging when it reaches 50 % or 80 %, depending on the setting you choose.

Alienware laptops also provide the feature in their BIOS. Let’s see how you can use it.

Your system will now optimize your battery health.

Not all laptop supports the function of setting the battery charging limit. If your PC falls in that category, you will have to manually unplug the laptop when it charges to a particular battery percentage.

But it can be quite impractical to monitor the battery percentage yourself every moment. So, you can make use of third-party applications that notify you when the battery crosses above or below a certain threshold. And you can unplug the charger after it reaches the limit and re-plug it to charge the laptop after it goes below the set value.

Some of the applications that help you do this are Battery Optimizer, Battery Limiter, etc.

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5 Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Laptop Battery And Safety

Laptop devices stand as one of the most popular investments for many reasons. If you’ve purchased a laptop for work or just wanted it for personal activities, you might know how important it is to maintain battery life expectancy.

Battery life and safety may depend on various factors. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand how laptop batteries work in the first place and what you can do to extend their life expectancy to have the best possible experience.

If you aren’t sure what you should exactly do to take care of your laptop’s battery and safety, this article will guide you through the essential tips on how to take care of your laptop battery and maintain safety along the way.

The way laptop batteries and their life expectancy work are that every laptop battery has a limited number of full charging cycles it can experience. You can charge most laptop batteries for 500 to 1000 charge cycles.

Once it goes past the limited number of charge cycles, it may harm your computer’s operating performance. Therefore, if you’ve had your laptop for some time now and seem to experience malfunctioning due to poor battery health, maybe now’s the time to get a new one.

One of the biggest problems associated with battery life and health is how you treat your machine and if you give it a chance to breathe.

Maintaining your laptop’s temperature is necessary if you want to experience the full potential of your laptop device.

Your laptop may overheat if you render or use applications that require the processor to work to its full capacity.

If not treated on time, you may experience your laptop overheating, and your hardware may consequently stop working after some time.

Therefore, you can get quality coolers to maintain the processor’s temperature.

You can also pay attention to how you use your laptop and whether it’s overheating due to keeping your charger plugged in and letting your device overcharge.

If you haven’t heard about the 40/80 rule, this is the best time to learn about it and start implementing it daily, as it can extend your battery life expectancy and help you maintain good battery health.

The trick is keeping the battery charged between 40% and 80%, which will make it last longer than keeping it running low or overcharging.

Although the 40/80 rule applies to once used nickel-based batteries, it may also save lithium-ion batteries.

However, the 40/80 rule may be challenging as it requires you to keep it on that level all the time when, sometimes, you must charge your laptop to the fullest.

Although it may seem odd, updating your operating system can drastically extend your battery life. It’s simple – when you update your system, the update patches help each app function using less processor power than usual.

Always keep your system up to date – it can help you foresee any potential computer performance problems.

Your system can also tell you what you need to do to maintain the best possible computer health.

Also, keeping your operating system up to date does not only save your battery but also saves your machine from malware activity and unwanted processes.

Vulnerability patches are critical if you want to avoid infections that could drastically hinder laptop performance.

Furthermore, you can get a VPN for PC to deal with many digital threats.

For one, a Virtual Private Network is key in bringing more privacy and security when browsing. Some applications also include features for blocking access to likely dangerous websites.

If you’ve used your laptop for some time and noticed that your battery doesn’t perform as it used to, it’s most likely that your battery life has reached its lowest limits and may require a replacement as soon as possible.

Don’t let this scare you! Inevitably, batteries lose their capacity due to poor battery maintenance, bad charging habits, and computer performance in general.

Therefore, purchasing a new battery can save you a lot of time and nerves you would waste with a bad one.

Laptop batteries require care and good maintenance. Sometimes, you won’t notice how fast your battery loses its capacity. That’s why we want to encourage you to pay close attention to your battery and how you treat it.

Saving your battery can help you save money on purchasing a new one and also give your computer the chance to show its abilities without interference. Therefore, we wish you the best of luck on your journey, and we hope this article was helpful.

How To Improve And Optimize Windows Laptop Battery Life

While laptop is good for mobile use, its miserable battery life is always its Achilles’ heel. If you are a power user, the standard laptop battery can usually last about 2 to 3 hours whereas a standard user can see his/her battery run for about 4 -5 hours. Today, we will show you how to improve and optimize your Windows laptop battery life.

Improving Laptop Battery Life

Normally, the laptop LCD screen consumes the most battery power. Windows gives us an option to adjust the brightness of the screen. Reducing the screen brightness to even one point will usually improve the battery time by 10%.

You can adjust the screen brightness by moving the slider left or right.

You may also want to pause or stop some applications and services that are not needed when the laptop is not plugged in. Choosing which services to disable and which applications to close is the tricky part. If you are doing it manually, you will have to go through each and every service in order to be sure that you are disabling only unnecessary services.

Windows offers another way to configure this by using different power plans. You can go to Windows Power Options to select from three pre-configured power options:


Power saver

High performance

There are third party software which will be able to do all the settings discussed above automatically. We only have to configure the settings in the software and everything else will be automatic. The software discussed above, BatteryBar, also does this but these settings are included in the paid version. We will be using another free software for this purpose.

In the settings, we will be able to adjust different optimizations like disabling the sidebar gadgets and aero theme, pausing Windows services on battery mode. You can check each item which you want to disable. This will save some power.

Another great feature of BatteryCare is that it can automatically switch to a different power option when the laptop goes without power. For example, normally my laptop is set to high performance when power is plugged in but when it’s on battery, it will automatically shift to power saver mode.

Another feature of BatteryCare is the calculation of calibration time. It will automatically notify you when your laptop battery has reached 30 discharge cycles. After that you can calibrate your battery which will improve the overall life of the battery.

Hopefully these tips and utilities will keep your informed about the condition of your battery. You will be able to replace it in time without any problems.

Usman Khurshid

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How To Get Your Airpods Battery Replaced

The battery of all electronic devices degrade over time, and AirPods are no exception. If your AirPods batteries are old, you’ll probably need to get them replaced. Here are a few different ways to get that done.

Follow the recommendations below if your AirPods battery does not last long, and these 12 AirPods battery-saving tips fail to bring any meaningful improvement.

Get AirPods battery replaced by Apple

Apple offers AirPods battery service.

Like other Apple products, AirPods have a one-year warranty in the United States and most other countries. On top of that, you can buy AppleCare+ to extend it to two years. Additionally, in some regions like the European Union, Australia, Saudi Arabia, you get two years of warranty due to the local consumer laws, and with AppleCare+, that may go to three years.

If your AirPods are under any of the above warranty programs, Apple will most likely replace your AirPods or fix the battery issue for free. However, if there aren’t manufacturing defects, AirPods battery mostly degrades and performs significantly poorly only after about one or two years of use. So, for most people, that means out of warranty!

If your AirPods with old, degraded, or damaged batteries are out of warranty, Apple can service them for you.

Apple charges the following battery service fee for AirPods:

AirPods 1st and 2nd generation: $49 for each AirPod

AirPods Pro: $49 for each AirPod

AirPods Max: $79

Any AirPods Charging Case: $49

Any AirPods Wireless Charging Case: $49

The above prices do not include tax or shipping fees, which can be about $6.95.

Note: AirPods 3rd generation released in October 2023, which means the standard one year warranty is still in place for those truly wireless headphones.

How to check if your AirPods are covered by warranty or not

Here’s how to see your AirPods warranty status:

1) Get your AirPods serial number. To do that:

If you can’t pair your AirPods, open the charging case lid and shine a bright light inside the lid. You’ll see the AirPods serial number. It’s 12 digits long.

You can also find the serial number on the AirPods original box.

Note: On iPhone, the Apple Support App Clip might show a card. You can tap View in Safari.

3) Here, you can see if Repairs and Service Coverage is expired or active.

Related: How to check the warranty status of your devices with the Apple Support app

What to do before taking your AirPods for battery repair to an Apple Store

Do the following to get your AirPods ready for service:

Along with the AirPods, make sure you take its Charging Case to the Apple Store. Do the same if you’re shipping the AirPods for service.

There is no need to bring or ship the Smart Case if you’re servicing your AirPods Max.

If you’re shipping AirPods Pro for service, remove the ear tips. If you ship them, the Apple service center may not return them.

You do not need to ship the Lightning cable or the charger.

Using Apple’s Check Coverage page, it’s easy to check your remaining warranty. However, if you believe that the facts shown there are incorrect, make sure you take your valid AirPods proof of purchase (bill, receipt) along with you to the Apple Store.

With AirPods battery service, will Apple provide new or refurbished AirPods?

There’s no definitive answer for this, and it depends on your case and the Apple Service Center. You will receive a definite answer from the in-store Apple technician after they have inspected your AirPods.

Besides battery service, you also have other options like replacing a single or both lost AirPod(s) or the charging case. You can learn all about it on this official support page.

Use The Swap Club

With The Swap Club (formerly Podswap), you can “swap your current AirPods for a pair of the same generation with restored battery life.”

Here’s how it works:

1) Visit their website and choose AirPods Battery Replacement Swap (from $44.99) or Extra Loved AirPods Replacement Swap (from $39.99). With the latter slightly cheaper option, the AirPods you get have extra wear and tear on the outside while remaining “perfectly functional” in other aspects.

2) Choose 1st or 2nd generation of AirPods and place the order. You can also add the Charging Case.

3) You should receive AirPods from The Swap Club in about 3 to 5 days.

4) Test the received AirPods for a couple of days.

5) Return your old AirPods to The Swap Club within 5 days from the date of delivery of the AirPods you received from them. If you fail to ship your AirPods within 5 days, it will incur extra fees. To ship the AirPods, use the same Swap Club box in which you received the AirPods. The Swap Club already provides you with a prepaid shipping label. Just pack your AirPods and drop it at any USPS location or USPS drop box/collection box.

The Swap Club will replace the battery of your AirPods and sell it to someone else.

If you have any questions, you can reach their official support. Plus, before placing the order, make sure you read their AirPods swap eligibility requirements.

Note: The Swap Club is only available in the United States, and you can only swap AirPods 1st or 2nd generation. You can’t yet swap AirPods Pro or AirPods 3rd generation.

Related: How to pair and unpair AirPods with iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Replace AirPods battery yourself

However, if you’re one with the required skills, iFixit has a handy guide with pictures and instructions to help you replace your AirPods battery.

Check out next:

Top Tips To Save Battery Life On Your Iphone

If there is one thing iPhone owners can all agree on, it’s that the iPhone battery should last longer. While that may require some breakthroughs in battery technology, all hope is not lost. With a few smart tips or tweaks in iOS settings, your battery life can last most, if not the entire day, even with heavy use. Follow the guide below for the best ways to save battery life on an iPhone and leave the charger at home.

Battery-Hogging Apps

There is a strong likelihood this list may be full of apps that surprise you, including fan favorites like Facebook. Deleting the Facebook app and accessing the Web version of Facebook via Safari can help significantly with battery life. This list will also help you see how addicted you are to other apps or games that are quickly draining the battery. When you know the prime suspects, reducing their usage or finding alternatives could improve battery life in a big way.

Disable Background App Refresh

One of the best and worst features of the iPhone is Background App Refresh. Basically, this feature enables apps to update in the background so that when you next open the app, everything is already loaded. It comes in handy for critical apps like Email apps or Maps (Google or Apple) but is definitely not necessary for most other apps.

You do not have to disable it across the board for every app, but the more you disable, the more battery life you can gain back. To check which apps have this feature enabled:

1. Open the Settings app.

3. Scroll through the app list and disable the feature for any apps that you do not frequently use or need.

Wi-Fi Over Cellular Connectivity Low Power Mode

Low power mode places the phone into a mode that preserves power by disabling or limiting a variety of functions.

When this feature is on, the battery in the status bar turns yellow. Once your iPhone is charged to 80% or higher, Low Power Mode is automatically disabled.

Use Dark Mode Limit Notifications

Cutting down on the number of notifications is a quick way to save a little battery life. Every time a notification arrives, the phone has to light up and make a connection to Wi-Fi or cellular towers.

To reduce the number of notifications:

1. Open the Settings app and tap on notifications.

2. Go through each app individually (yes, this could be a lot of apps) and adjust whether or not you want to receive notifications through banners, sounds, badges, etc.

3. The more you disable, the more battery life you can win back.

Reduce Device Brightness

Turning up the brightness on your iPhone has a negative impact on your battery. The higher the brightness, the more battery it uses.

Turn Off Location Services

Location and GPS tracking can be incredibly useful with apps, especially map applications, but using it frequently can impact battery life.

To get to these location functions:

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Scroll until you see the Privacy option.

3. Tap on “Location Services.”

Now you have an opportunity to go through the list app by app and see what is using your location information. Weather, email, and retail store apps are likely to want to know your info to serve you better. Other apps may not necessitate such access, so disabling them will allow you to preserve battery life. You can also disable Location Services entirely, but that also prevents critical apps like Maps from assisting you while driving.

As you can see, it is easy to save battery life on an iPhone. Smaller, less impactful options like Siri or dynamic wallpapers can also eat up small amounts of battery life each day, so you may want to disable them, too.

David Joz

David is a freelance tech writer with over 15 years of experience in the tech industry. He loves all things Nintendo.

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How To Manage The Data Usage Limit On Windows 11/10

Windows 11/10 features an easy way to monitor and control data usage. If you do not have an unlimited data package or plan to monitor the amount of data a computer is consuming, then this feature comes in handy. This feature comes in handy to monitor kids’ PC in terms of data usage since Microsoft Family doesn’t tell anything about it. In this post, we will show you how to view, set up, remove, reset, edit, manage the Data Usage Limit on Windows 11/10.

Manage Data Usage Limit on Windows 11/10

Data usage tracking is not new in Windows 10, but it has been reorganized in May 2004 Feature Update. In some ways, it has taken a step back, but their new features are useful in terms of usage. When you open Network and Internet settings, data usage details are upfront for the connected network. It represents 30 days of usage and clearly gives the message that if you are on a limited network, you can manage it by following the data usage button.

View data usage

Setup and view the remaining data

FAQ’s Windows 11/10 Data Usage

How to view data usage on Windows 11

To view data usage on Windows 11, follow these steps:

Press Win+I to open Windows Settings.

How to set up data usage limit on Windows 11

To set up data usage limit on Windows 11, follow these steps:

Open Windows Settings.

Go to Network & internet tab.

Select the Data usage option.

Choose a network.

Choose Limit type (Monthly, One time, Unlimited), Monthly reset date, data limit, etc.

How to view data usage on Windows 10

Windows 10 monitors network traffic on all the adapters connected to Windows 10 PC. If you have both ethernet and wifi adapters, you can view data usage on a per adapter basis. The data usage that is shown upfront is one with which you are connected at that moment.

Open Settings ( Win + I)

It will open the Data Usage section where you can select the network from the drop-down menu.

Once selected, it will show details of per-app data usage, and the option to configure the data limit for that network.

How to set up data usage limit on Windows 10

Then press the Enter Limit button.

It will open a pop-up window where you can set the limiting factors:

Limit Type: Monthly, One Time, Unlimited

Monthly reset date: Make sure to match it with the billing cycle

Data Limit in terms of GB or MB

Time left until reset with the exact date.

Data used

Data Remaining.

It is interesting to note that data was always monitored, and only when you enable the option, it is shown differently. Do note that the data is only calculated for this device. Most of the homes have a setup router, and if you want to tally it with ISP stats, it is better to look at data logged in the router. This setting is only to understand the data usage of the computer and on a per-application basis.

Conserve 3G & LTE Data Usage on Windows PC

Metered connection limits the number of apps that connect to the Internet. This works really well, so expect to save a few MBs throughout the day.

TIP: These Free Bandwidth Monitoring Tools may also interest some of you.

Windows 11/10 Data Usage FAQ How to remove the data usage limit in Windows?

Post this; no warning will be displayed about data usage even though it will be collected in the background if you ever wish to see it.

How to reset data usage on Windows 11/10? How to view remaining data? How to edit data usage for a network?

I hope you like the new feature of data usage in Windows 11/10. Earlier, there was a dedicated section of data usage in the Network and Usage section. It offered a dashboard and a centric approach to data usage management. But now Microsoft has decided to change things.

Update the detailed information about How To Limit Battery Charge On Your Laptop? on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!